The Secret Music Hearers of the Divine...Are You One?

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It's a crazy world out there, but only if you focus on the shadows instead of the light breaking through. You've got to transcend the density to find the dream state, the one that's more real than reality - I'm speaking of the quantum field before everything crystallises. It's where you hear the secret music, and if you channel it through you, if you let it animate your being, then it will fill your life's landscape with uplifting joy and positivity. So are you one of the secret music hearers?

Into the Intangible

When I'm travelling through the 3D density, I just love to have my music on shuffle - the lyrics and rhythms never fail to relate to the deeper meaning and message - they speak into the flow itself. Mostly, people are busy in their own mobile metaverse, the one that's capturing the flow into a closed eddy current. But every now and then, you'll catch that knowing smile or the unspoken glint in someone's eye. Yes - they're hearing the secret music too...the one that the divine is singing to us.

The secret music is everywhere, it's always on. It's a harmonic weave and a dance, that transcends time and space. But don't expect to find it if you're hurrying and tight - if your mind is focused on the objective or distracted by that constant flurry of incoming texts. You've got to feel through it all into the intangible.

And that's the challenge. In the beginning the mind turns you off to it, with it's need for quick fixes, objectives, outcomes and needy answers. That's the secret you see - the secret music is found in the question, not the answer: what would you like to show me now?

A message of Love

The secret music is a message of love. It's that softly spoken feeling, which if you're open to it, simply melts you into one. So your heart must be open, first appreciating the magnificent beauty in all things - even the synchronicity on a billboard or that chance connection with a fellow traveler.

I was standing at an airpot security check-in one time, and noticed a lady back in the snaking queue behind me, something struck me about her, she had a warm smile and shining twinkle in her eyes - it felt like an angelic presence.

As it came to my turn to present my boarding pass, the unthinkable had happened - somewhere I'd dropped it in the bustle of the stuff we all have to carry. Shit! But then just as 'all' seemed lost, the words, "is this what you're looking for?" sounded in my ear - it was the angelic lady with my boarding pass in hand. Clearly, she was hearing the secret music!

7 Prime Ways to Hear the Secret Music

Want to know how to increase the Secret Music in your life? Here are 7 prime ways...

1) You may have to make that 'flight connection' yes, but how can you build more time in so there's more flexibility of movement?

2) It helps greatly to streamline your life as much as possible, to take out the clutter, an focus on what's really important - that way, there's more time to notice.

3) Take extra time to pause, breathe, even if for a few moments, open your mind and heart, then watch.

4) You have a particular destination yes, but just like the stream flowing down the mountain, it can take different flows - watch for these and respond. It could simply be taking a different queue through security.

5) Notice the people around you at any given moment - what are the patterns you draw? What colours of clothing spike? What's the feeling of the reflections you get?

6) Watch for signs in advertising, in 'elevator music', the words of your fellow passenger stood next to you.

7) Be open to connecting with people. Wherever the pull draws you, the Law of Attraction is in flow. So be open to connection possibilities.

So if my sharing inspires you, then brilliant! You'll join the 'clan' of the secret music hearers. This guy is clearly hearing the secret music - take a peek, be inspired...

Secret Music Hearers at Avalon Rising 22

Music, dance and joy are such big parts of the shift. That's why they will feature majorly at Avalon Rising 22, where we'll have you dancing and singing your hearts out. There's still time to pick up an early bird...

Avalon Rising 22: World Ascension Summit

Dance and sing with you there!

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All my life I have been inspired of the universal music. It is not «secret» to me. It is the safe zone I log into when I am in a crowd, when I am alone on the beach, when I write music. It is where the melodies is ready to be picked up, interpreted by poets and artists like my self. I have been singing my whole life and that was where I first felt the presence which now is an intergrated part of my life. 🙏❤️

Have a blessed journey Open✨


Post Eclipse I have been processing pain almost non stop. It has been heavy work . Yet today after I dropped my kid off to school an old not very dear friend of mine suggested we walk together. We started talking about trees and went around my condo noticing and with heartfelt love for each tree . It was almost as if they heard us ! I felt each tree respond and acknowledge us . The flowers also seemed to connect . It was such a heart expanding experience and toward the end I felt as if I could hear the colours of the flowers .And the song Secret Garden us one of my personal favourites. Amazing !


3 times? Wow. He's got some powerful stuff there. I've never been really listening to him but sounds like his music is worth a little deeper exploration. Thanks for reminding me.
I enjoy reading the life stories of known characters, especially musicians, even if I wouldn't know their work that well. So many of them seem to be bipolar, I believe Bruce too. Makes me wonder if that's the price people pay for heightened creativity and why it couldn't be balanced.


OMG! Dancing in the Dark! One of my favourite songs! Love it!

Hard not to start a fire when with all those sparks flying off the sexy Boss in this video! :D

You're definitely not dancing all by yourself, Open!

x Cathy (aka Secret Music Hearer)


Hey everyone - great to know I'm not just dancing all by myself! Cheers to the Secret Music Hearers. And speaking Springsteen, on my way back, this track "Dancing in the Dark" appeared three times....

  • "you can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark, this gun's for hire, even if we're just dancing in the dark!"


Here's "The Boss" for you dancers in the dark...


Haha, on Friday I just bought Bruce Springsteen's autobiographical book from the airport while making my way to the Helsinki workshop. I just love synchronicity and getting confirmations. Thanks <3


I have started to listen to the secret music and its getting louder! <3