Soul Mates and Twin Flames

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Birds of a feather or feathers off the same bird? We've been receiving many questions of late concerning the subject of Soul Mates. It seems many are out to find their "ideal" partner in life. So what's it all about? Do we meet on a dreamy white cloud and sail off into an eternal sunset whilst cherubims play their sweet soul music? Or is there a bit more to it than that? Both Trinity and myself are Soul Mates who have joined in union in this incarnation to help one another. We felt compelled to write this joint article which you might like to read if the subject interests you...

The Twin Flame

The subject of Soul Mate would be totally incomplete with out first addressing the phenomenon of the "Twin Flame" because the former arises from the later. Please allow us to share... The purpose of our soul (from our perspective) is to undergo countless incarnations in order that it may fully and completely express itself as a unique glorification of the One Life. In order to do this, the soul needs a powerful mirror. It achieves this by dividing into two. The division is notional just as all separation between individual parts of the One Life is an illusion. Both are complete, whole and yet the soul is comprised of two complimentary parts. Yes it's a paradox of creation - the ultimate divine paradox that generates the experience of relativity and therefore the miraculous experience of life itself.

The purpose of Twin Flames is balance; they are directly complimentary to one another. This polar equation is necessary to create momentum and direction on the path of a soul. Without it, our journey would likely be random, chaotic and meaningless or even non-existent. Our Twin Flame draws us back to the source like a universal magnet; it is our memory of the original condition of absolute completeness expressed through the finest quintessence of form; she is almost, but not quite, completely formless.

Upon incarnation, one half of the soul remains in the highest levels of consciousness close to the source. Its purpose is to continually draw the other back to its true nature. It does this by manifesting reflections of itself through the weave of life surrounding its 'other half'. For example, the half that is incarnated may suddenly find themselves drawn to a particular cloud formation, the awesome beauty of an animal or the miracle of mother nature. As we feel the stirrings of love, joy and harmony within, it is our Twin Flame that we're likely connecting with reminding us of who and what we are. 'She/he' creates our pathway and the beauty we experience on it. The connection generates safe, unattached passage through the external drama and helps unwind the conditioning that limits our limitlessness.

When we finally realise the presence and beauty of our Twin Flame, rather than getting engrossed within the mirror of them (believing our partner is our Twin Flame for example and attaching to that), we are blessed with the most profoundly magical state of being possible within incarnation. It is as if a hundred thousand angels are constantly positioned all around us, helping, guiding, nurturing and above all, unconditionally loving us. When the essence of our Twin Flame draws close, it is as if a divine being is sitting above our heads pouring a continual cascade of love downwards through our being. We will only feel this fully though when we give up the external search for an object of our love (a Soul Mate for example). If there is still residual need for another half to make the whole complete, this magical experience of divine-self-love is not possible.

Frequently the Twin Flame will appear in symbolic representation - a spiritual vision for example, perhaps some mythical creature. Sometimes it will appear in the people we are attracted to or form relationships with. A Twin Flame may even cast an energetic 'enhancement' (a rose tinted filter) around someone close to us in order that we may see the reflection and find the self love within. Earlier in our journey, it is likely we'll be seduced into thinking this partner is our Twin Flame. Indeed we may get duped in this way many times thinking "this is it", "I've met the partner I've been looking for through countless incarnations". If we have such feelings, what may have happened, is that we've possibly met up with our ultimate Soul Mate. So what exactly is a Soul Mate and how does it relate to the Twin Flame?

Soul Mates

The term Soul Mate has a tendency to arouse romantic images of a pre-destined, ideal mate, upon which reunion results in the blissful, harmonious 'answer to all things'. However, (at least in our experience) the truth is very different indeed. So what is the purpose of our Soul Mate? From our perspective it is this...

A true Soul Mate represents the closest reflection of the Twin Flame that is possible in physical incarnation. The Soul Mate is not our Twin Flame, but has agreed to partner through many incarnations to help us connect with our ultimate 'holy grail'.

So the True Soul Mate presents a continually updating mirror to their partner in order that we may peel away distortions, find inner completeness and dissolve into union with our Twin Flame. Of course looking into the mirror is not always something we wish to do - especially if what we see doesn't agree with us! To intensify matters, there is simply no escaping the mirror once its shown to us - all of our buttons seem to get pressed at once. We are continually exposed to the 'good', the 'bad' and the 'ugly'! We might be forgiven for wanting to run a mile, but then the love that unites both by a common cause pulls them back together for another round of intense navel gazing.

For a soul that is just beginning to emerge, this process would be too destructive and so union with our Soul Mate doesn't usually happen at the same place or time until they have released sufficient karma and let go of remaining emotional attachments along the path. From our experience, Soul Mates don't incarnate together at all until each are ready to move on a higher plane of existence as part of their spiritual journey.

When Soul Mates unite, there is no allowance for anything other than pure honesty and clarity between them. Remaining distortions surface, rendering union almost incomprehensible before most of our 'stuff' has been released. It doesn't serve any of us to connect before we are ready. Frequently people go through many relationships that help fine tune and release attachments until they are sufficiently evolved to move on to higher paradigms with their Soul Mate. Of course we may often experience deeply fulfilling relationships with someone other than our Soul Mate before we get there. It is all part of the grand unfolding of a unique soul.

In conclusion

Frequently we read of people searching for their true Soul Mate. Unfortunately this is just another alluring deception of the matrix in which we live, attaching us to the endless spinning wheel of need or desire for physical and emotional fullfilment through something external to the divine within (which is our Twin Flame). When we release our attachment and reconnect with who we really are, peel away our distortions and allow our beingness to magically and effortlessly shape our reality, then first our Twin Flame will come calling, inviting us to unite in solitude. When this divinely magical event takes place, we may well be blessed by an encounter with our True Soul Mate in order that we may experience divine union in physical form but that's unlikely to happen if we're efforting for it. It may well be a long wait, and the journey may be winding, but from our experience, it's definitely a destination worth not striving for!

In loving support
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Thanks for your wonderful sharing.

I think its important to reiterate that according to my (our) experience, the Twin Flame does not incarnate at the same time as we do. Rather, the Twin Flame will act through another person (and indeed through all things).

In my experience, our True Soul mate is the closest physical manifestation of the Twin Flame.

I've also found that if there's something being blocked within my soul mate, its actually because there's a blockage within me and that if I watch for that blockage and clear it, then I find my soul mate tends to change to the new harmony.

Maybe reflecting on this might help make things even more harmonious.

Open :smile:

Hi all,

What is the relationship to your twin flame pre-transfiguration?
From my understanding it would be hard to recognise the energy of your twin flame if your soul was not fully integrated in this realm. Could you mis-interpret what you feel to be your twin flame as actually aspects of your higher self that you have not integrated yet.

From my experience and being pre-transfigured, I have had tastes of what feels like a divine energetic union, where I feel so complete and fulfilled in myself., as though I am making love to myself, but not in a physical way. I guess this is what being united with your twin flame feels like, although maybe for me it's actually my higher self, in which case if it gets better than that, then, WOW!


It's a great point David. Yes for me, the connection to higher divinity prior to Transfiguration was definitely to my Higher Self (which I'd not embodied) and only after that did the connection to my Twin Flame begin in earnest.

Indeed I'd say there's a great deal of confusion about what we're really connecting with up in the higher dimensions. Prior to Transfiguration, the connection to the Higher Self can seem strongly as if we're connecting to a being other than ourselves. That's why in my observation many people confuse their own Higher Self with a guardian angel for example.

Also people speak of meeting their physical incarnation of the Twin Flame, which to me is to greatly misunderstand what the Twin Flame is and its purpose. The Twin Flame is that part of yourself which stays out of incarnation acting as the 'magnet' for your higher evolution and Ascension.

Despite the confusion, I believe you can still make the Twin Flame connection prior to Transfiguration although it is not likely to be hugely strong - because it's vibration is at a much higher frequency than your Higher Self.

Still, the practice of seeing yourself reflected in the world around you, feeling empathic love for what you encounter, sending your love out, but then also bringing it back inside, is not only a powerful way to connect with your Twin Flame, but also to embody your Higher Self too.

Whether the Higher Self or Twin Flame, the path is always about feeling it and experiencing it on the inside. As we evolve through the Gateways and embody more of our soul, the distinction of what we're experiencing becomes ever clearer.

Open :smile:

Thanks for your reply

I really resonate with what you said in your last paragraph:

"Whether the Higher Self or Twin Flame, the path is always about feeling it and experiencing it on the inside. As we evolve through the Gateways and embody more of our soul, the distinction of what we're experiencing becomes ever clearer."

I guess the distinction is not really important, we will connect with the higher aspects of ourselves that we are ready to connect with according to where we are on our journey. For me tasting my higher aspects inspires such a drive and passion to keep unfolding like nothing else. It's like tasting the most sweetest nectar of life imaginable. Pure bliss.


Thanks Open for reposting this one ; i had the feeling i had to dig more into this important aspect of " walking the path " and re-alignment with the Higher Self . Few deep openings came up during these last 2 weeks and it really was beyond words . J-M