22 Characteristics of the Spiritual Warrior - Embodying The Warrior Spirit

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What the world needs most of all right now, is for the new breed of 'Spiritual Warriors' to step up and step out. It needs people to dive into centre stream; to take a risk, that we can truly change the worldwide reality by having the courage to change our own. It is said that... "madness is doing the same thing day in day out and yet expecting a different result." Well, there's plenty of madness out there right now.

So where do you stand? Are you one of the New Spirit Warriors?
Here's how to hone your warrior spirit...

22 Characteristics of the Spiritual Warrior:

1) A Spiritual Warrior recognises that they, and only they, create their reality. In other words, they fearlessly embrace every person, situation and circumstance that they have drawn, as their own manifestation. And they're prepared to deal with that (see Law of Attraction unveiled).

2) A Spiritual Warrior realises that 'fearlessness' is not to be without fear; rather it is to be continually confronting and breaking through fear in the moment it arises.

3) A Spiritual Warrior does not blame or project at others. Not even the crazy situation we now witness in the world. She accepts the outer mirror created by group karma, and works tirelessly to unravel it (understanding karma).

4) A Spiritual Warrior doesn't complain or constantly try to fix the 'pain'. They recognise that the pain is the place where the light enters, and that transcendence of the physical is the path to immortality. Therefore, of the pain they say... "bring it on!"

5) A Spiritual Warrior is not afraid to let go of a creation or manifestation once it has served its purpose. Which could mean moving on from a de-energising relationship, job or location. Even when the path forwards is uncertain, they dive all in (see Manifesting Miracles with White Magic).

6) A Spiritual Warrior knows the difference between surrender and giving up. Surrender is aligning with the truth that they can feel unfolding, whereas giving up is being wishy washy, and too easily accepting of 'anything goes'.

7) A Spiritual Warrior knows the difference between judgment and discernment. It's vitally important to call reality the way it is, in order to navigate the path between the obstacles in life. But to judge another or a particular circumstance as always being the same, is to 'condemn' it, and then form a fixed relationship to it (see The Ray 4 Diplomat in You).

8) A Spiritual Warrior is careful with the word 'never', so as not to condemn a particular situation to a particular fate. He is aware that 'always' may change.

9) A Spiritual Warrior is not afraid to go against the herd, even at the risk of getting trampled by it.

10) A Spiritual Warrior is not afraid to suffer, or to die, for a cause greater than themselves.

11) A Spiritual Warrior knows that death is merely the passage into a new life. And therefore fearlessly lives the life they now have.

12) A Spiritual Warrior is profoundly honest with themselves.

13) A Spiritual Warrior is not afraid of the truth.

14) A Spiritual Warrior fearlessly expresses themselves, no matter what the outcome. Yes, diplomacy and tact are important to them too, but that doesn't mean compromising your own soul. It's all about 'the dance', finding the most accessible and appropriate way to express your truth (see The Seven Rays of Divine Impulse).

15) A Spiritual Warrior is selfless, yet not afraid to express the self. The self is far from being some bland, colourless or wishy washy existence. It is vibrant, alive, full of animation, charisma, colour and expression.

16) A Spiritual Warrior is forgiving of himself and others. She recongises that all life's circumstances are created for learning purposes: that there is no such thing as evil intent. All create according to the reality model that has been built up inside. Forgiveness helps unravel the distortions that people hold onto (see radical forgiveness).

17) A Spiritual Warrior understands the difference between non-efforting and commitment to a cause. Yes, it is essential to let go of struggle and attachment. But nevertheless, it is going to take commitment, patience and perseverance to bring light through the darkness.

18) A Spiritual Warrior knows when to put something down, and when to pick something up. She chooses her 'battles' or rather - allows the battles to choose her.

19) A Spiritual Warrior lives day to day, moment by moment from their intuition. They're constantly tuning within and asking "what would you have me do now?" and "how would you have me do it?"

20) A Spiritual Warrior is constantly witnessing the objectivity of synchronicity, allowing it to reveal what's really going on in the moment, not accepting the filter the ego might be placing on it.

21) A Spiritual Warrior allows others to make their own mistakes and walk their own path. He may lend support, but doesn't disempower by taking ownership of their issue.

22) A Spiritual Warrior truly understands the nature of love: overcoming that which separates oneself from other sentient life, and instead compassionately embracing that which unites all (see video Who are You, and How to Be That?).

The Spiritual Warriors are here!

There's a new era of Spiritual Warriors emerging. These spiritual warriors are not afraid to feel their fear. They have the courage to be vulnerable through the deepest challenges and to be profoundly honest with themselves. They are committed with every fibre of their being to unravel the layers that keep them bound to the lower paradigm, no matter what it takes! They come from all walks of life, of all ages, joining hands, finding a common thread of beingness and are hiding NO MORE!...

In loving support

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Can we just nail this distinction a little more, really land it? I sort of feel the subtle difference but maybe something small needs to click. You said;

‘A Spiritual Warrior understands the difference between non-efforting and commitment to a cause. Yes, it is essential to let go of struggle and attachment. But nevertheless, it is going to take commitment, patience and perseverance to bring light through the darkness.‘

I think the difference is the ego strategizes and the soul commits. Commitment would be more a case of allowing what naturally happens, but being determined to remove obstacles. The ego would short circuit this process, although well intentioned, by derailing the flow of self by way of it’s own filter of understanding. Commitment is the more flexible term, allowing expression from the torus. Stratergy is more rigid and based on prediction.


Amazing post, Open, a real sharpner! Very envigorating, very resonant. I’m feeling an acceleration in the field, vibration can rise or plummet more powerfully. But I have a sense of more support. For me, the warrior ethos manifests as challenging my sense of grounding, the core of my being, any view of the world or existence beyond it being a hostile place. So I’m constantly freewheeling country to country. And that magnifies fears of existentialism, can I survive, will I screw up, where is my true home? Confronting the fear of that here is intense on a physical, emotional and mental level, but I sense this relates to my deepest karma, the right to exist without fear and control. Choose your battlegrounds, yes, because there has to be balance. I’m conscious of this becoming a stratergy. Feeling into my essence, my soul wishes to explore, be free and move around freely. My soul is uncomfortable being contained, controlled or held back. For me the real mastery is acceptance of the limitation of embodiment and full expression through that. I find equalising with the sheer unconsciousness I witness, people behave like cattle, is difficult to accept and not judge. It’s as if there’s a powerful, well entrenched layer of consciousness that won’t go away. But it is growing less potent. Maybe a very significant warrior attribute, for me, is patience.


Dear Open,

I am in agreement and resonance with everything but one point you have made.

In characteristic #16, you write “there is no such thing as evil intent.” To this point I have to say, I have been the target and recipient of evil intent and this, know in my heart that it does in fact exist.

Evil intent is not a human trait, but is a spirit force that exists in this realm, is devoid of love, and wishes nothing more or less than to bring about the destruction and downfall of humanity.

Either way, whether we know or believe that evil intent exists, the 22 characteristics of a spiritual warrior that you list are, to me, perfectly described.

I would like to shine a spotlight, however, on #22, most especially: understanding the nature of love.

When we set our intention on aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with divine love, then with time, patience, sincerity and dedication, we will be led by the divine forces in this realm to learn first hand about all 22 characteristics you have described.

My personal journey to align with love (including my awakening to the existence of evil intent) is chronicled in a spiritual memoir I just released on Amazon this week called “Nine Ghosts.” I love your work, have for many years, and hope you will check it out.

In solidarity, God bless,



10/04/2024 Shift Update: Warrior Spirit

I'm hearing from people around the world that karma is activating and deep processing is necessary - my heart goes out to you ❤️

We know that surrender can get you a long way on the spiritual path, and just about every process requires bundles of it. But don't forget the warrior spirit too - it's about turning into these challenging experiences and boldy working them through. Feel any dissonance inside, work to let go of buried attachment, and set the soul free. That's my encouragement to all, today in my article above, with 22 characteristics of the spiritual warrior you can call upon. What forges your spiritual will?

It seems like many moons ago now, but I do believe the essence of this was captured well in this Openhand seminar video...


that first bit is wild, reminds me: was on a break but had to get back into the fray. kept having dreams about a vast, swift-moving river. at first too scared to get back in so avoided. next river dream did get in but found current too fast so went back to shore. a fella in the stream commented i was a strong swimmer but i didnt believe him; ive never felt strong. so much stress over past year i stopped rememembering my dreams till recently. one of first dreams i remember is a swift, turbulent river, but this time im calm confident and hop in fearlesslessly, popping onto the far bank effortlessly, "going with the flow". Today it happened: i had breakdown? breakthrough? both? a mirror got held up to me and my life and it crumbled, and i cracked. and now everything looks so different. im hesitant, this is so new and what if i fall back down there again? somehow though its not so scary anymore. dont want to hope too much but i think i might be ok...better than maybe. like finally waking up on february 3rd...gratitude to you💜💜💜

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Hi Barb - great to hear from you and by no means underestimate your breakthrough - it sounds powerful Thumbs Up Sign

When you get into the flow this way, it doesn't mean things will all be plain sailing - I'm sure you appreciate. You'll keep hitting density and closing down again, so breakthrough needs to become a continual process as the density arises.

You could try incorporating the Openhand Bow into your Breakthrough process. I shared a demo of it in this video below.

Much love Heart...

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i believe the bow is what has not only been helping me get through all the pain and releasing of it, but helping me flow through the densities and get to where i got to last night! so terrifying yet so liberating! im so grateful! it's a relief when you say its going to be up and down as i find myself today guarded again as if expecting pain and a bit scared to surrender like i did last night. knowing that its safe to fall back down makes me much less afraid to do so. and now i see that i can survive it, im not as afraid to face it again. but for heavens sake i need a breather! that was a doozie lol! so much love!💜💜💜


I think it's important to reflect upon these 22 characteristics of the spiritual warrior right now (see above). The warrior spirit is definitely called for in these times. Wether it's to break through your own karmic density or deal with challenging life change or else simply not consenting to some of the unwarranted pandemic measures - like wearing masks which have no scientific basis for example. Importanrly, in this regard though, a warrior chooses her battles or rather, let's them choose you. It becomes clear by the rising of spirit when you're supposed to take a stand. You feel it well up within you, then as long as you contain and embody it, you'll find the aligned expression of it.

Another related and supported Openhand video to compliment this approach is Healing the Divine Warrior - the "Wounded Dragon"...


Just spoke emphatically for a minute in front of 6000 people . And I am writing something that will  uncover the inherent misogyny in Medicine as it is practiced today. 

( Salute) 




Dear Open,

Most timely article Open. I am ,right now,in the thick of drumminrg up support for a peaceful protest through my city to shake my apathetic government to do something about the gas chamber we call Delhi. And yes ,I am just being me. Fiery ,honest and very truthfully me. And people that I had never expected to join in are doing so. Tomorrow an estimated ten thousand people will be part of the protests . 

As an Openhander I often pause and recognize the Truth that there is nothing I can do to change the way things are going . I can see ,perhaps deeper than some others that the causes are deep and foundational . The very struts of this civilization are rotten . How can I expect this house not to fall. And yet ,I am firmly coming out in support . 

As I have shared before ,this whole gas chamber situation feels karmic. I am often panic stricken ,angry and very afraid given the fact that no one is moving a finger despite the fact that millions are at risky. Within this very tumultuous time though ,I am trying to remember to feel through it. And while feeling into the RAGE I am feeling ,I can tell this is karmic. It just flashed I to my mind recently . I incarnated into this situation ,at this time BECAUSE I was meant to be here. To feel all these emotions ,in this particular way ,in this situation.

It's so interesting . I am due to fly out to South Africa on Thursday . This visa is supposed to be the easiest one ever ( my friend got it in 2 days ) and because of several reasons ,it's still not arrived . I'm still not sure whether or not I am  flying out . That too ,hangs in the balance . 

I am breathing and listening to this 


As I travel the world meeting and connecting with people stepping forwards into the crucible of alchemical change, it definitely takes the will of the warrior to illuminate and walk the path forwards. You can do it. You're seeded to do it. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and unravelling internally what gets in the way. Miraculously, you'll find your reality will then shape around you.

Here's a great Mary Oliver poem to inspire you on your way today...

One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,
though the voices around you
kept shouting their bad advice –
though the whole house began to tremble
and you felt the old tug at your ankles.
“Mend my life!” each voice cried. But you didn’t stop.
You knew what you had to do,
though the wind pried with its stiff fingers at the very foundations,
though their melancholy was terrible.
It was already late enough, and a wild night,
and the road full of fallen branches and stones.
But little by little, as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own,
that kept you company as you strode deeper and deeper into the world,
determined to do the only thing you could do – determined to save the only life you could save.

In loving support

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Dear Open, Wow, what a divine delight to be have "stumbled' upon your site, I have been asking the Universe to show me! 4 Years ago I was watching a documentary on dolphins being slaughtered in Japan - suddenly an immense feeling of sadness and despair fell on me -into me, I was channelling into the pain of these beautiful creatures. I have never cried as much as I did - finishing an entire box of tissues at once. It pretty much then started to unravel for me. I ended up leaving my job - a very glamorous highly paid existence and fell in a deep despair. I questioned everything - nothing made sense anymore. Days would go by and I wouldn't even see the light of day. I was using all kinds of substances to numb the pain and "escape". I lost control of who and what I was. I started seeing energy forms, some good, some bad. I channelled Mahatma Ghandi and Shirdi Baba - I started seeing dead people in my lounge wanting to "share" their pain and story with me. It was mayhem. I went from contract jobs to being unemployed to losing my life savings in a business that collapsed after 3 months. I was so lost and alone and scared. I couldn't make sense of anything. Through a close friend and spiritual human master - I started to experience some sort of "sense" of what was happening. I had white misty beings touch me and laugh and tease in my room where I had to pinch myself to see if I was really seeing what I was seeing. I have also tapped into the most beautiful guides - a Red Indian warrior and a monk with a white flowing beard. I started to be able to read peoples minds and do channellings - often revealing facts and instances of peoples lives much to their amazement. I believed at that point I was a way shower. Flashes and twinkles of light and beings from other realms I assume became part of my daily life. I delved into various books about clairvoyance and one night whilst attempting the pendulum method to my absolute terror managed to open a portal for some "unwelcome" energies to regain entry back to Earth. I was explicitly warned by my human spirit master to NEVER delve into anything like that again as I could open portals that could allow forth much more detrimental energies. I met Shainal in 2013 - we had the initial twin flame recognition and embarked on a romance that was a divine experience from day 1. One night him and I were lying on the bed and we saw this mist - as we zoned in it started taking a shapes and forms. It was unbelievable, it was a golden mist and took on whatever shape we imagined in our minds. Doing the research we realised it was Creator Light/God Particle perhaps? It became part of our lives and existence. Then it would change colours ranging from the most beautiful blues and greens and reds and pinks, just breath taking particles of light that would manifest in what we imagined it to be. Beams of light emanate from our fingers and we would be able to create little balls of light within our palms. It is truly otherworldly and is a part of our lives now. I then was very attracted to the Arcturian messages and there were many synchronistic signs from them that I could possibly be from that star constellation. I started seeing these circular abstract flashes of radiant light in my periphery - like patterns of light - it was exactly like the shapes I would see related to the Arcturians. I also see a tunnel vision effect in my peripheral where the light curves into a shadow effect. I assume this is the 5D. Nonetheless for all my abilities - and tapping into other realms - I have read and followed many spiritual channellers as well - my divinity always seemed to not be serving me much. That is until I found your site. And it feels like home. I wanted to introduce myself and get your understanding on my path. Am I an empath? I am still seeking clarity on that. I have shut off my ability to tap into energies as it was very very heavy for me and was causing a lot of distress. I have had a 2 jobs since which had a high raptor conscience flowing within and just resigned today from the current one. I have picked up raptor energy forces and it has been very very dense for me. I am feeling a sense of something since I found your site...I know this has been divinely guided and the journey has only begun for me. I have resonated alot with your path as a catalyst - perhaps you can enlighten or guide me to understand what my gifts and abilities and purpose means. With Thanks and Gratitude, Nivasha South Africa


Awesome - thankyou :-) I find for me, the real challenge - and the real joy - is finding that aloneness with everyone!

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A quote by Henry David Thoreau about his self-imposed solitude...

"It's not that we love to be alone, but that we love to soar, and when we do soar, the company grows thinner and thinner until there is none at all. It is either the Tribune on the plain, a sermon on the mount, or a very private ecstasy still higher up. We are not the less to aim for the summits, though the multitude does not ascend them."


Bring forth the spirit warriors.....such exciting times for the planet and changes everywhere, maybe a little bumpy at first...but enjoy the journey and keep those spirits high and positive.....WE ARE THIS MOMENT ,WE ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD AND RE-ALIGN WITH MOTHER EARTH .blessing to all earths children , may you all walk in peace

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Your words "a little bumpy at first" resonate deep within and describe my journey thus far. I am truly opening up and beginning to feel the spirit within. The calling to be a Spirit Warrior is strong and I'm giving in. Thank you for this comment. Hope is rising!


Holy Moly Geoff, what an awesome post! To simply say I resonate with it would be an understatement. The synchronistic choosing of John O'Donohue's question "Is the unknown your closest companion?” is awesome for you guys. It took me back to the summer of 2013 when while asking for support from Guidance I repeatedly heard the statement Crave Uncertainty. My response was "Are you kidding me? Why would anyone crave uncertainty!!" I thought Benevolence was playing a cosmic joke with me. HA! Little did I know. At the time I was approaching Guidance to ask for direction. My realignment had taken place and my life had changed significantly on multiple levels. Being in flow was too damn uncomfortable. I needed to sink my teeth into DOING something. A few days later I visited the mailbox, pulled out a flyer and across the top in 2" letters was the word CRAVE. I cut these words out and they are taped to the wall in clear view as I type this post. This synchronicity allowed me to be open to the possibility that one could possibly crave uncertainty and still maintain their sanity. Almost two years later and I get it! The unknown can't harm me so why not bring it on.



What an amazing sharing Geoff - you move my heart. Yes, there is nothing quite like diving into the flow and surrendering to its pull. Over the years, I've frequently felt quite alone on the 'soap box' extolling the virtues of that one. Finally the dyke is bursting and a few other souls are diving into the mainstream - what else is there? And yes - yihah! - let's enjoy the ride, where ever it goes.

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Both Jan and I have been drawn to the statement that you, Open, made: “it is the questions that raise consciousness”. So off we went down that rabbit hole, unaware we even carried with us the baggage of: the intention of needing a desired outcome. Finally after bumping off the walls of the warren and coming to a place of egoic exhaustion, we realized that the question already was and had always been there to discover. It simply took us to see the forest for the trees. It just popped up and laughingly said “Here I am”.
It was synchronicity that revealed the question. We had felt called to perform a ceremony to honour the energy, space and soul of our new yurt. Named Anam Cara (soul friend), long before she materialized, we were pulled to read from the book 'Anam Cara' by John O'Donohue. What was chosen by each of us was 'randomly' selected by just opening the book to where we were drawn to do so. Jan read the question: Is the unknown your closest companion?”
Pondering this to depth had us let go of the chronic 'push the rock up to the top of the hill mentality'. With this surrender came a realization that we shared the birthing of a profound commitment: that of saying yes to mindfully being in the here and now and saying yes to our highest excitement while watching all unfold. We saw at a visceral level what you are guiding all of us to do which, to me, is to follow this unfolding and let every experience land in us no matter what – welcome what arises – eh?
This has been a huge awakening for me as I had been pushing life... way too much wasted energy! Now the energy expended is no longer directed on the desire for an outcome and instead there is a profound 'yes' to the flow. What has been surrendered is the need to control our future for fear it may bring us to our knees if we don't subdue it and control it. This new sense of vulnerability actually feels 100% more secure than all the armour that, before, I had surrounded myself in. We still may be brought to our knees -- which we are open to. What a paradox!
It is curious to me that after twenty – five years of teaching T'ai Chi I am just waking up to a whole new depth of the meaning of one of its tenets: 'one only truly leads by following'. This includes even the notion of leading.
So we are now actually on our bicycle for the first time, somewhat wobbly and apprehensive and yet alive and with the excitement of riding with, our closest companion, the unknown. The real danger is that of looking over our shoulders for the 'how and why'. So it's eyes on the road and enjoy the ride. Distortions will be met with the 'yes' of exploration.
Thank you Open for bringing Jan and me the gift of Divinicus 'A Path Between Worlds' levels I & II. The seeds you showed us to sow have germinated and fresh green leaves are now pushing through the soil into the light.


Holy Smokes, Batman! Such a powerfully inspiring article! I'm "full-on" committed to my ongoing journey of letting go of who I am not and becoming who I truly am. Indeed, I am a Spirit Warrior. These 22 signposts help to guide the way. Thank you for leading the Light Brigade!

(Rise up, rise up) Oh, rise and show your power
(Rise up, rise up) We're dancing into the sun
(Rise up, rise up) It's time for celebration
(Rise up, rise up) Spirit's time has come

~Lyrics/Rise Up/Parachute Club

xxx Catherine


Thank you for the video and article. I have watched the video several times since it was posted yesterday, and just read the spirit warrior piece. I'm not there...YET....but I'm happy to see that I am feeling progress in all those areas, some more than others, but forward movement nevertheless. Surrendering...happily so....especially since Florida.


There is a rising Warrior Spirit anchoring here on our West Coast. Path Between Worlds gave us renewed strength and illuminated the spark within. The gift we all share, back at home, is keeping that spark glowing. Open and Trinity you are true, courageous Spirit Warriors keeping the beacon lit and blinking for a new rising world.

Paul Luftenegger's lyrics, written in Hawaii, help me to continue engaging my own Warrior Spirit as life unfolds in front of me.

'You are here to help this world grow Love.
You are here to here to help this world grow Light, infused with you."

Gratitude abounds sharing the journey with so MANY souls from around the world through this magic connection. Thank you every One...


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WATCH OUT the spirit warriors are beginning to come into view, its a very magical time & we'r shifting the old ways that have not worked for centuries....and a new beautiful peaceful , loving world is becoming....the people of truth are starting to remember where they come from and the immense power and light they hold within them....Your dogs are beautiful...they hold many keys for you and your growth, watch & listen to their message...they hold even more light for you to tap into ...may the sun always shine on you and yours


Hi Jean, Yes, you've done an excellent job of the open air studio - awesome. It's exceptionally precise and was done with amazing focus and love - a true warrior's work. And now everyone who comes here will get to enjoy the amazing energy.


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Thanks Open: i carefully read the 22 ways of the Spirit Warrior and i loved it with my whole heart . Synchronistically , today saw my Soul's latest accomplishment / task been completed : The" Open Air " Meditation Hall roof is repainted and looks amazing and shining . All beautiful Souls attending the " Transfiguration" workshop next month will enjoy it's new radiant softening color . It was surely far from easy - As the Soul's yearns for challenges as a way to express it's deepest authentic expression , this special task offered me one of the most profound & blessed opportunity to shine ; and it's for a much wider cause than just myself - and i love that so much . It has been a honor to Be part of this very unique experience . Right now , i can even feel like there was no small me doing anything - rather A much Biigger force guiding every step of the work . Path Between worlds in it's next step of unfolding magic . This new Me " vehicle "is taking off ... The Spirit Warrior is rekindled and ready for the next step . Aloha , Namaste , so much love . J-M


Thank you I so resonate with this post. The Spirit Warrior is rising within me. I remember when I first saw The Five Gateways video, Trinity's words resonated deeply within when she said in Gateway 2 "that nothing mattered to me more then following the pull of my soul". I have had a feeling of wanting to explode since I went to Florida. The words kept coming that if I keep doing what I am doing nothing will change. I didn't know exactly what I was suppose to do next so I asked the universe recently to show me. Within hours I was shown something that gave me a very strong pull to make significant changes in my life. I have decided to move across the country to my dream province of British Columbia In July. I will be nestled in the mountains and resting on the shores of a beautiful lake. Everything has been falling into place since. I was given an easy option to relocate but I chose the harder route as the easier option did not sit right with my soul. I feel such a strength coming forth! It just all makes sense! Thank you Openhand my heart is bursting with joy <3

I would also like to mention that I have been receiving sessions from an Openhand Facilitor and significant shifts are happening!

Maureen <3


Open, yet again you hit the core with dedicated purity....every point above brought a shiver down my spine, yes I tick some of the boxes but not all. My own journey is changing direction, thanks to your teaching and although I keep stumbling, there is the desire to get back up and keep running. Thank you for this post.


A totally inspiring post, Open! :)
Thank you both - you make an awesome team of Spirit Warriors and your call is being heard by other Spirit Warriors finding each other all around the world. Its so wonderful to meet up through Openhand.

I love the number 22. The next 22 coming round on the calendar, is my birthday.