Turn to Openhand when you’re seeking Ascension into 5D Consciousness

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Are you looking to explore your spirituality?
Do you want to shift your focus from 3D to 5D consciousness?

At Openhand we are here to guide you through your spirituality and help you attain evolutionary enlightenment. Our mission is to help people actualise their divine inner being, to come to alignment with the natural flow of the universe and thereby to join our Ascension into 5D consciousness.  

It's about unfolding the new evolution of humanity, what we call DIVINICUS -  the 5D Being.

We have a wide selection of audio clips that will help you empower the shift.

Whether you’re looking to shift from 3D to 5D, work on your breathing meditation or open your chakras, you can find a whole host of audios and podcasts to choose from such as:

- Removing Implants & Entities
- Breakthrough Breathing Meditation

- Chakra Opening & Attunement
- Multidimensional & Kundalini Activation Guided Meditation
- Shifting from 3D to 5D Consciousness (PODCAST)

We also have a selection of videos for your viewing such as:

- How To Actualise Your 5D Destiny
- Ascension is Now: THRIVE in 5D
- How to Raise Your Vibration into 5D?
- Who are the Ascended Masters?

- Light workers and energy workers: what's your mission?

If you’re new to 5D or experienced but want to learn more, the Openhand community welcomes you. You can connect with Openhanders, learn about conscious and healthy food and participate in our forums.

Getting Involved with Openhand

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Take Part in 5D Retreats and Courses: 5D Ascension Program
Download Guided Meditations and Listen to Spiritual Podcasts
Read about the 5D Ascension Process in Openhand's Enlightening Book Trilogy


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