Understanding how to Create in 5D Consciousness...Here and Now

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It's time folks. Procrastination has to fall by the wayside now. Allegiance to a dying system must progressively wither and perish, just as the system itself is doing. There will likely be fear about that. It's okay. Honour it, embrace it, because fear is a tremendous vehicle for growth. It's in the fear where you can honestly touch your identification - the holding on. Where does it get tight inside? Here's the answer your soul is seeking, here's exactly why you created this moment - for this feeling you're having now.

It's through these burning doorways, we blaze a trail into a higher evolutionary 5D reality.
It's possible, it's necessary, it's calling you.

Be all-in

The 3D world is no doubt pervasive. It's the solidity of it, isn't it? You eat solid food, walk on solid ground, everywhere feel solid things. Everything you witness reconfirms what your mind thought about the world you see around you. Even if you're awake, witnessing, testing exploring, still the reflection in the solidity tells you about the reality of the 3D.

In many ways it's a good thing. How else would you enjoy the taste of an apple, the feeling of early morning breath as it expands your chest, or the sun on your face gently soothing?

There's great beauty in this of course. But the more we engross ourselves in it, the more it limits our capacity to see beyond, to feel beyond, to go beyond. I'm not saying not to enjoy what's left of the 3D world, not at all. I'm saying enjoy it like there's no tomorrow.

Be all-in. But here's the key - explore so deeply in, be so present within it,
that you pick up your soul flowing through the experience.

There's so much more than just the physical.

The New Reality Creates from the Question

We know that everything is interconnected by an underlying field of energy. We can't immediately see it with our eyes, but whatever life situations you're currently involved with are subject to a realigning flow that's now gathering in strength. Society tries to make it always about the outcome - what we might want or desire. This in itself has caused the excessive exploitation of our environment. The Universe is beginning to unwind that now, but that doesn't mean new things won't create - even here. They most definitely will. Even more so than before, but now in a different way:

If you have a challenge in your life, don't immediately try to fix it. Hold the question...what's meant to happen now? Bring your awareness and consciousness to bear; watch for and feel the clicking-in of synchronicity. Follow the steps, and work into any tightness that comes up. My friends, you WILL unwind through. Clarity steadily emerges from the confusion. Often, the higher dimensional pathway through the density only makes sense when you look backwards. It all clicks in and finally makes sense.

This is how 5D reality is built. It's not something you aim for 'out there'. It's not something you believe in and hope that it will come true one day. It's not something you create with your mind. And it's definitely not something "you put off till tomorrow" - tomorrow will never come! It's here, now. In your experience, in every experience. It's a lightness, an interconnectedness, a timelessness, a joy. It holds the deeper meaning of the moment, as an interconnective flow. And it speaks through clicking-in synchronicity, like walking a path of golden light.

Follow the Calling

Don't expect it to be easy though. You can do it. Your soul is seeded to do it. This is it's singular destiny and purpose. But in this alluring density, it's not easy. The tantalising temptations will keep pulling you back - if you let them. Don't. Hear the soft voice of the soul and keep following it.

When you follow this calling it unfolds you, it unwinds you, it expands you. Which becomes so clearly the purpose of each unfolding moment. Each moment is like a wave washing up on a welcome shore, making its 'life' and experience complete. Inside yourself, you're washing up on the welcome shores of the one. There's nothing to compare with this sense of completeness. With physicality there is a limit, always a boundary.

But on the shores of The One, there's no limit to its depth, to its completeness, to it's fulfillment. You bathe in it, bask in it, always deepen into it. What else is there?

Go Deeply In

So it begins inside. It must happen in every moment. The deep inner inquiry. The feeling into the contracting limitation of the physical. Where do you get tight? Where do you close down? Where does it own you? Where are you left wanting? Here are all the doorways, all the possibilities. Don't ever simply look past them, for they are the jewels of possibility.

Go deeply in, feel deeply through, look for the wind of soulful expansion that wants to Breakthrough, sweep you up and out of them. You'll be flying high in no time!

I believe the possibility of living in 5D consciousness is straightforward - not easy, but straighforward. You can do it. The time has come. It's necessary...

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In loving support

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Here is a video by the World Economic Forum we all need to take note of. It's the plan for an economic reset the shadow state intend to bring in during 2021. It's out in the open, as a 'solution' to the earth's current problems. Whilst alluding to the need for practical solutions, such as over population, environmental breakdown and climate crisis, the marketed and packaged approach certainly sends shivers up my spine!

That said, I'm in no way fearful of what is to come. On the other hand, I feel great opportunity going forwards because there's a strong flow of 5D energy that's emerging through all of this, particularly recently with the growing consciousness rebellion to such control. Look into the mirror of the shadow state, see that which you are not, then pick up the realigning flows. I guarantee it will be highly successful. We can indeed thrive from 5D by beginning to focus that way right now...

What's the antedote to the 'solution' below?: Avalon Rising World Ascension Summit


I think one of the most important things to realise in creating from 5D consciousness is to come from the question rather than looking for an answer. What do I mean? So you're not sure about the way ahead in a particular situation, be it in your job, relationships or general living circumstances. If it's a challenging situation, the mind may well contract around needing an answer. The key is to open out through this tightness, let go of that need, but still stay attentive to the conundrum. Ask the question, put it out there into the Universe, but then do watch for the synchronistic reflections. Most often it will be about embodying a new aspect of beingness which will then shape reality in a new way.

So how are you finding creating from higher dimensional consciousness?
Do share, I'll happily offer a reflection.

In loving support

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I felt to draw attention to this article today - Understanding how to Create in 5D Consciousness...Here and Now.

I think there are some essential points to bear in mind about how reality is now shifting and shaping...

- everything is interconnected by the underlying flow
- the 3D/4D reality construct is now beginning to unwind
- this will come to effect every situation in our lives, from relationships to careers and living circumstances
- it's not about the outcome of any given situation, we must surrender this conditioning, attachments and addictions
- but new creations will create, all the time, all around us
- it's about exploring into the situations and if you don't know what's being invited, simply ask the question: how does this want to go now? Then bring your attention to bear, tune in, and watch the guiding synchronicity/feeling pull
- be mindful that this approach will take you through inner tightness. But that's the point!

Wishing you all well in your endeavours

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All in...each and every moment! Thank you for sharing that wonderful music. I feel to go back through the door as each time I can take the heat even longer, touch others with love and compassion so that they too may come along to see beyond the physical landscape beyond and breakthrough!

"This is how 5D reality is built. It's not something you aim for 'out there'. It's not something you believe in and hope that it will come true one day. It's not something you create with your mind. And it's definitely not something "you put off till tomorrow" - tomorrow will never come!"

I'm feeling and seeing no matter where the physical being is, 5D is always flowing always within always reflected everywhere in everything in everyone.

Gracious and humble


Open says, "It's time folks. Procrastination has to fall by the wayside now."

Trinity says, "There are two world overlapping right now, but they won't overlap forever - it's time to choose - the choice is there for each of us to make as individuals."

I get this. The 3D matrix is fast disappearing. This morning I did Open's Ascension meditation and Trinity's Higher Paradigm meditation."You've learned what you needed to learn. You don't need it anymore," Trinity says. True. Time to let it go. Time to fly high. I don't need to map out a six-month trek to the New World. It's there in every moment, in every experience that I attract: the open doorway to the Light beyond the fear. The pathless path. I'm all in. To be honest, I felt myself contract writing this sentence, boldly declaring my commitment out loud. Now taking a deep breath, letting go. Ah...so much better.

"Where are you? Here.
What time is it now? Now.
Who are you? This moment."

~Peaceful Warrior

Love to all,



Great article Open and the timing couldn't have been more perfect! M, thanks for sharing your video also. I listened to it a couple of times already. It really resonated with the way I've been feeling too for quite some time now. Here is a little something I wrote back in January 2016:

"Dream, hide; Dream, Hide,
I feel this yearning burning deep inside,
Repressed suppressed,
Always feeling stressed,
No ones awake to give an educated guess,
Deep-rest, Depressed, I must confess,
We collectively co-created this mess.

There is great news, we have the power to choose.
The grid of FEAR runs deep,
It's our choice if we want to take the leap,
The journey within oneself is what we're being called to embark on.
This journey isn't linear,
There also isn't anything to FEAR,
We're aligning with who we truly are;
Divine beings, it's our birth right,
Now is the time to stand up and fight,
Most of us just want to grab our things and take flight,
We lose ourselves in the middle of the night.

This is not a battle in the external world,
This is a battle for our souls,
All it takes is one conscious choice at a time."

I'm all in!



I'm with you, guys! This song expresses what I'm feeling now:

"Dream In My Head"

I got a dream in my head
just waiting for the day
just waiting for the day to be born

I got a seed in my hand
just looking for a way
just looking for a way to grow strong

And I crossed the water
I crossed the land
I let other people lead me blind
and I searched for answers
wanting to find
a way to reveal what lies behind

I have the strongest feeling that I should try
I got to know myself, now I could cry
this is the end of pretending, now I know why
I had to lose my shell, I no longer try to hide

I've got a story to tell
just waiting for the day
just waiting for the day to be told

I got this anger and pain
just waiting for my shame
just waiting for my blame to get old

I saw some children playing with guns
I can't believe what we've become
And I found some letters, written by god
but they were signed with our own blood

And I have the strongest feeling that I decide
I got to know me better, now I could die
this is the end of the way that led me to lie
now I might lose myself, but no longer need
no longer need, no longer need
I no longer need to hide