The Vital Importance of Healing Our Ancestral Karma

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Karma is what's brought us, as Souls, into incarnation so as to heal and integrate. Essentially it's where we lose our memory or full integration as the God Source. We then build erroneous lifestyles and landscapes around us that don't truly serve. We may heal the Soul through past life regression therapy. But healing ancestral karma through our DNA requires an augmented approach. It's about honouring the journey of our Ancestors and making an energetic commitment to change.

The Karmic Bed of the Soul's Stream

Primary karma is that of the Soul - where it identifies upon entry into the lower densities of the 4D and below. In an unrealised Soul (unrealising of the One in given circumstances), then the soul fragments. You could liken it to creating eddy currents in the flow as a mountain stream flows over a boulder. These eddy currents then draw in debris, which creates karmic pain. At a soul level, we must confront the moments where the soul fragments by regressing into them. To then integrate by "reframing" the original incident through acceptance. The fragment of soul is retrieved and the debris then washes away.

That's all well and good. Plenty of approaches are getting used to that. But then there's the karmic bed of the stream itself - with all the "boulders". This can be equated to the physical body itself - the encasement. Specifically one's DNA, which will have been greatly influenced through the ages. Not just from an evolutionary standpoint. But from the Intervention through genetic hybridisation. And then there's ancestral karma of our direct family lineage. Enforced and entrenched behaviourisms cause the DNA to shape in a particular way, creating boulders in the stream. It makes it harder for the soul to flow and be expressed freely.

An example is where a particular family lineage has experienced hardship through war time, for example, then built up poverty consciousness as way of being. Or else there's self worth issues, especially due to the class systems that many of our parents have grown up within. You might feel less than, not good enough. Or else there's the "glass ceiling" in your evolution, which seems almost impossible to break through. Rest assured, these dynamics do not have to limit you. But you must illuminate, confront, dig them up, and deal with them.

What types of Ancestral karma do we need to become vigilant of?

Our Immediate Bloodline Karma

In our immediate bloodline, poverty consciousness will likely be a major theme - the sense and belief that there's "never enough". In many ways, this has been played upon - preyed upon - by the intentional machinations of society. It's gotten to the extent that you can feel it, sometimes, at a cellular level. As if no matter what you do, there's seldom seemingly enough. How to break past this?

Dealing with Bloodline Karma is about direct confrontation - really exploring deep into the reactive feelings that trigger visible ancestral patterns and taking ownership of them. Where there's worry, fear and anxiety. Yes, there'll be Soul Karma to deal with. But then it's actually forging into practice the level of trust in the divine necessary to overcome the difficulties and break into the reocurring patterns in the 3D. You've got to be prepared to allow the feelings of scarcity - not block them out. But build trust in the divine in these situations by direct confrontation - turning positively into the situations that present, which you fear.

If you know a pathway, a step, or an eventline is calling you, then go for it. Do so in spite of the anxiety. But then to work into it, and through it. Keep reminding yourself that you are of the Divine. Your destined expression of soul will be supported. The space-time-continuum will bend around your authentic beingness and you will create a path of light. No doubt this will confront much triggering and tightness, but that's how we rewire - how we rewrite the inner coding. There are no shortcuts. Anyone you witness being successful out there has had to do a high degree of this inner forging, whether cognisant of the soul or not.

Here are 7 Types of Poverty Consciousness to confront and breakthrough 
Apply this Breakthrough Approach to open the space for new Behaviourisms

Here's a list of areas to work with due to typical Bloodline Karma:

1) Poverty consciousness: of believing there isn't enough 
2) Coercion/conformity: being forced into patterns and situations that suit the State, but not your soul 
3) Lack of Sovereignty: being conditioned to take leadership and authority from someone outside of yourself 
4) Worry, fear and anxiety: of the nature of the material and its apparent harshness 
5) Neediness in relationships: believing in the need for another or a partner, to fulfill you in life, as opposed to being able to fulfill yourself 
6) Stifling creativity: people have been conditioned into lifestyles of "doing" rather than "being". And this stifles natural creativity, with its ability to shape the field and carve a physical pathway. Expressed creativity is all about rewiring the brain to look for new opportunities and possibilities 
7) Paternalism and Maternalism: the true father and mother energies are within you. But people have been conditoned to look for, and need, representations of them in the extrernal. This is clearly necessary as the infant grows. But in adulthood, we must ween off this support and find this anchoring of self-love within.

These are just some of the typical patterns prevalent in society. But good spiritual facilitation will encourage regression into more personal patterning and confinements too. When you look back through your immediate generations, what are the typical limiting patterns of behaviour that replicate? Likewise, what are the admirable qualities that you can build upon?

Root Nation Karma

If we were able to trace our lineage all the way back to its beginnings here on the planet, we'd find we each belonged to a particular "Root Nation" with particular skills, traits and qualities. Perhaps all of these will have been endowed with a "sprinkling of stardust". We've had support and help from the Star Being Nations to forge Soul and create the physical encasement of our being. This happened right at the original seeding of humanity during Lemurian times.

Read About the Seeding of Humanity in the Book DIVINICUS

These Lemurian traits are phenomenal to bring alive. We can indeed "go back to the future" and reanimate these divine gifts, to uplift and illuminate our lives. It's something we're heftily focussed on right now in the Openhand work as the Star Being Nations draw ever closer in the Shift. This involves digging up what blocks and gets in the way.

Namely, the Intervention took this original seeded DNA and hybridised it - downgraded it, to fit within the much restricted Homo Sapiens container. It limits the full expression of soul, because the soul struggles to forge through. It's as if the bed of the stream has gotten seized up by excessive boulders and debris.

Here are the kinds of challenges from Root Nation Karma to deal with...

1) Being marginalised and cast out 
2) Being judged for our race, our creed, our unusual gifts and skills or just our very beingness 
3) Being violated and indoctrinated, by religion and belief systems, for example 
4) Being made to feel inadequate, because sometimes it proves difficult to make headway in society with your unusual skills and gifts 
5) Feeling a sense of injustice, as if all the cards are stacked against you 
6) The sense of failure, because your value system is different from the mainstream of society, in which it appears difficult to "win".

If you recognise these traits and patterns, to be clear, there's nothing intrinsically wrong with you! In fact, each of them is going to be concealing incredible gifts of awareness and divine creativity. But we must first recognise the limiting layers, confront and break into them, so as to unleash these astounding gifts. In other words, we must break down the limiting DNA, so as to create space for our more original configuration to breakthrough.

The Outline Process of Healing Ancestral/Root Nation Karma

The process for dealing with these long lineages of karma is intricate, requiring sophisticated work and facilitation. When working by yourself, it's important to take it steady, thread by thread, step by step. What do you recognise that wants to come up now? What embedded pattern is revealing itself for you to work through?

A skilled facilitator or organisation can help you regress into long lineages within sessions so as to speed up the process. Here's an outline of the very latest Openhand Approach:

1) First to anchor yourself in the here and now. This is essential so as not to get unbalanced by the multidimensional 
2) Create a safe energetic vessel in which to journey through - especially so as to remove activating implants and any attached entities 
3) Regress onto the 4D astral plane and begin to visualise the likely patterns that weave deep into the past 
4) Connect with the anchestors and elders that might be woven into those lineages and holding them in place 
5) Honour their pain, and their trauma, but be clear it's time to advance and move on. Even if there's nostalgia for the past, a new future awaits 
6) Work to let go of grief and injustice. Facilitate them to take ownership of their original soul contract with the Intervention - why did they manifest them in the first place? 
7) Help the elders emerge out, to either pass to the angelic realm, ascend and move on, or to now change orientation to act as a bridge for the Shift to the New Paradigm 
8) Once the elders have moved on, then work can be done to reshape and realign the 4D morphic blueprint of one's field, by drawing the light of the Soul into it 
9) Finally, we can visualise breaking the limiting patterns we've inherited, including any "glass ceilings" of our being, and to feel the reanimation of Original Lemurian DNA that can so uplift our lives.

DIVINICUS, the rise of the New Human, into the Golden Age

In conclusion, we are moving on to a new evolution of humanity - what Openhand is given to call DIVINICUS - within a new Golden Age in 5D/6D/7D. But in order to shift there, we must "go back to the future". In other words, we need to reclaim our original roots and heritage at the DNA level. Because it can greatly aid the infusion of our Soul-Ray-Harmonic, to thereby bring new creativity, innovation, and possibility to our lives.

Dealing with ancestral and Root Nation Karma is a sophisticated process. It's definitely manageable over time, but to resolve out this level of density quickly, in a matter of years, will most likely require sophisticated facilitation with much experience in the art.

I trust my article has opened either new, or deeper, awareness into the subject. And if you feel it's high time to dump the limiting patterns of your ancestors, but then also to reactivate Original Lemurian DNA so as to support your Soul emergence, then Openhand is here to help. Come see how a growing wave of people around the world are empowering themselves in the Great Shift to the Golden Age.

Openhand Advanced Course and Events for 2024

Bright Blessings

Open 🙏

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13/06/24 Shift Update: Ancestral Karma

I'm leading a Facilitator Foundation Course right now, with a small group of dedicated and highly tuned in people. We're readily touching the intricacies of the surrounding energy field with the countless soul contracts that have landed and interconnected various groups here. The Sirius explosion of 120 million years ago, for example comes up all the time, with lots of different dynamics each time. But also how various of the Star Being Nations have sent souls here to support human emergence. I have to say I find it totally enthralling and fulfilling work - you're making a real difference in the Shift and planetary emergence.

Everyone here is working through ancestral karma of some kind or other. So I felt to share this article again today for people to review and explore how ancestral karma might be influencing their lives right now, so as to resolve it out.

It is complex work, so if you feel you need support with processing it, reach out to us and we'll team you up with an Openhand Facilitator in our network... contact Tilly.

Bright blessings
<<< Open 💎


One take I have on betrayal, from being on the receiving end of it, other than as you say, it being brought in at a soul contract level by free will, is that it is the straw that broke the camel's back.

It's one thing to chose not to behave, react in certain ways, but, it's another entirely to have resolved those tendancies and drives within so there is no choice needed. For me, a sequence of betrayals pushed me to that, broke me down, made me face up to what I was pushing down within myself and challenge me to really transform my inner landscape 


18/12/2023 Shift Update: Dealing with Betrayal

It seems like Betrayal is coming up with a "vengeance" for people in the Openhand community. No surprises. It's a huge wound to overcome on the path. And personally speaking, I can say, it's a difficult one to unravel and work through - get used to it, because it's most likely to happen to us all at some point. Why so?

The most important question for everyone to consider in such circumstances is,
"Why did I manifest it?"

Because indeed, just like all events and circumstances of our Soul's journey, we co-create everything.

Consider that people come together in friendship, partnership or family groups. We'll all feel a loving commitment to people. And we get so familiar with people, that there tends to form an energetic body of expectation between us. In that, after some time, you kind of expect the other person to behave in a particular way. Crucially then, you stop always honouring how you really feel in different engagements with them. There's a tendency to "turn a blind eye" in key circumstances.

Now, bear in mind that the Soul is here to fulfill its journey. The risk is that as the ego identity, you may have made commitments you can't actually honour. Likewise, those around you who are in relation to you. At some point then, the commitment of the Soul will cause them to break the promises. Indeed, you may even have a Soul-Contract with people to do exactly that. It's so that we learn to always be authentic and truthful in our engagements with people.

In truth then, it is actually not possible to be "betrayed by another". We betray ourselves - because we're not fully honouring the truth of the Soul in authentic expression.

Every time I've experienced this happening to me, and there have been one or two deeply poigant ones, I've found it greatly healing to ask, "Why did I manifest that? How did I betray myself?"

It makes it easier and speedier to process through.

I offer the view for your contemplation and healing where you feel you might have been betrayed. Regress into the experiences, feel the tightness, which is often in the sacrum or solar plexus, and then take ownership. Knowing that you manifested it, let go through the tightness, feel the integration of soul, and then ask, what new aspect of Beingness or awareness is ready to come awake in you?

Bright blessings

Open 💎

In reply to by Open


Betrayal is one of my core wounds.  I sat with this topic all day yesterday and came to some deep realizations.  

"How could you betray me?" That's the identity asking and I felt it in my sacrum.  "How could I let myself be betrayed?"  More at the soul level and I felt it in the solar plexus.  "How did I betray myself?"  I felt lots of confusion and empty space.  So going deeper into that I realized I have a lot of Pleiadian in my make up.  And it's part of the Pleiadian essence to be authentic and truthful.  As odd as this may seem, we don't know how to be any other way.  Yet many times this leads to being taken advantage of and feeling deeply betrayed.  (There are many times I've put others needs above my own but to me that is more of being an empath and feeling others pain.)

So I sat with the word betrayal without adding any context around it.  I felt this in every cell of my being and even in my field.  And that led to a bigger question showing up.  What if I've been tasked with clearing the karmic would betrayal through the Pleidian lineage?  The Pleidians were one of the original groups sent here.  So even though they are not one of the original root nations what if betrayal has been passed through the lineage similar to ancestral karma being passed through human dna?  How do the Pleidians work through and release karmic betrayal without losing their essence?  Authentic, truthful, trusting, joyful these characteristics are part of their make up.  They don't know how to be any other way.  So how do you clear the karmic wound and not be as vulnerable going forward without losing the essence of who you are?

I don't have any answers but this is starting to feel like a big part of my role in the shift.

In reply to by Ann B


So awesome to see these realizations coming to you. Finding your deeper meaning, your deeper purpose. Very inspiring. When I hear people speak of Pleiadians, I feel like I resonate in many ways, but still working through lower chakras and this fogginess and even just committing more to have any deep insight. Would be nice to get back to my true nature and connect with a kindred. Would be nice to just let go, relax, be me but with healthy boundaries and letting any anger towards me when I say no not phase me. Let it roll off like water on a duck's back. Lots of anger towards myself and inauthenticity is a huge reason. Your last question really resonates too because I feel like ive pushed aside that part of me because of how vulnerable and defensive I feel being in an environment that doesn't quite jive. A feeling of whenever I let my guard down the parasites latch on to my giving nature. So I close down again. Thank you for sharing and I would love to know how your explorations go.🙏🤍✨

In reply to by Ann B


Betrayal is a big theme for me as well. I can imagine betrayal and separation is passed on to us. Tracing back its roots for me was when I was born on earth for the first time and came into my physical body. Quite a shock as you can believe; from unity and unconditional love being catapulted into this 3D world felt like I was being left alone and betrayed. 

Clearing and healing this wound would ask tonnes of unconditional love for myself and others. Finding back the connection with source / divine is crucial in this process and then work through all the distortions and blockages. When supported by authentic, thruthful and trusting energies as you say, I would still feel vulnerable but also safe to step into this. 

In reply to by Ann B


It's very moving when you share this Ann - it definitely resonates that you are healing Pleiadian ancestral karma. Especially because you're able to touch the core wounding of the group and yet still be inquiring with it - expressing out into the ether.

What stands out for me is this...

And it's part of the Pleiadian essence to be authentic and truthful.  As odd as this may seem, we don't know how to be any other way.  Yet many times this leads to being taken advantage of and feeling deeply betrayed.

What is "truthful"?

In the relativistic reality we exist within, in the manifest, truth is only ever a perception. You cannot accurately say, "absolutely this" or "absolutely that". Because only the absolute is absolute.

And so, I would say, the Pleiadians manifested those who would knowingly deceive and take advantage of them. It's the reflection of the Pleiadians deceiving themselves.

How exactly? By being too literal with their prognoses of the field and of reality.
We must always hold the possibility that we could see it another way, from a different viewpoint or perspective.

Whenever I look at reality, I'm always allowing at least a 5% grey area of unknown. "It could be this, or it could be that". And then as things shift or transform, one is not deceived by the rigidity one might have held.

I trust this helps.

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

I find this very interesting.  When you said "the Pleiadians manifested those who would knowingly deceive and take advantage of them. It's the reflection of the Pleiadians deceiving themselves." it caused a huge reaction in my field.

It reminded me of a similar statement and reaction with the First Nations group in Sedona.  There is a big difference in the process though.  The First Nations group was able to accept the truth in that statement and it catalyzed a huge process for them.

The Pleiadians equate truth (their truth) with purity of vibrational frequency.  And there is an attachment to maintaining the purity of their frequency.  It feels like a big attachment and the question "Who would we be without our unique frequency" showed up.  I don't know if this makes sense but the attachment to being who they are as a frequency feels as big as the karmic wound of betrayal.

Ann Praying Emoji

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For the Pleiadians - they're not a frequency. They are like everyone else - what precedes the frequency. I would say therein lies the attachment.

Frequency is always relativistic and therefore not absolute, not "pure".

Further still, it has to come through a vehicle of some form of separation consciousness.

I find knowing this actually relieves some pressure - in the relativistic, we will never be perfect. And therefore the game becomes about continual fine attunement - getting closer and closer to perfection, but losing the need to attain the impossible.

If one settles in a relativistic "truth" believing that's some kind of perfection, then for certain, one is fooling oneself.

Well wishes

Open 💎


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What a lovely, illuminating enquiry you are having with Ann, open, I'm really enjoying it. For me it is saying that a particular archetypal vibration, such as 'Pleiadian', will only ever be true to itself. Being a unique, archetypal essence, it's nature will be true to itself. As soon as anything is true to it's nature, it is relatively untrue to the nature of another archetype. We have already explored a split between Andromedan and Annunaki. What was 'true' to one was not so true to the other. The difference lies in whether a consciousness is trying to remain true to it's nature, or self realise. Self realisation would be the soul's pull back to a state of limitless potential but nothing else. So, in trying to retain a nature or truth, one is behaving relativistically and manifesting Karmic push back. That is saying, to me, that all forms of identity need to be constantly challenged, even Star nation archetype, if self realisation is the goal. But we don't even talk of goals in self realisation. So, for me, we're left with the soul's pull back towards source, like a river towards the sea.

In reply to by Ann B


This is ringing some bells. For me there is a drive for perfectionism to always find the best way to do anything. Always finding the balance and organization that creates the purest flow. I get caught up on it often and spend energy being critical of the apparent lack of respect for this flow, this balanced organization. Idk if it even is Pleiadian but i feel it resonates with your inquiry. With me it gets distorted through the attachment to it, an almost imperialistic superiority. But also there is an element of wanting to avoid being criticized too. If I can't achieve this "purity of flow", this balance, I just give up. This all-or-nothing attitude has been a huge detriment in my life as I've "thrown the baby out with the bath water" with too many important things. Basically thrown myself out. And I feel this is a big distortion to learn and unravel: the ability to just let things be as they are. Accept myself as I am.To let go and focus on the potential in the moment rather that trying to make it what I think it should be, the perceived "right way". To allow wiggle room for more than one truth, or even imperfection. Thanks, this is illuminating!🙏🤍✨

In reply to by Ann B


Hi Ann - I felt given to add this particular part that might support the unfolding. But I do know it's likely to be triggering.

It's a dynamic I wrote about in 5GATEWAYS called, "The Imposter of the Soul" or the Shadow Identity. What's this about?

It's where a karmic filter forms along one of the 7 rays of consciousness. As a Soul works to pass into the Void of Presence, there can form attachment to a particular ray of consciousness - a subtle identity. The identity knows how to act and be, from an enlightened standpoint - but it's actually copying that, shadowing it, as a subtle echo of the real thing.

It can be a degree tough to smoke out, because it's the trickster too. The Being believes, correctly, it is coming from the Source. But it gets subtly owned through that particular ray. In order to deal with it, there needs to be some kind of "crash" to split out the false light. 

I felt to add this in support of the inquiry.

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

Confusion, triggering, and overwhelm, that's what is mostly happening now.  To accept your words they need to be able to experience what you speak of.  They do not know how to experience themselves preceding their frequency.  Perhaps from attachment and also not knowing when or if they've attained that state because they don't know what it feels like to precede their frequency.  And because of the attachment to purity of frequency there is some push back.  They counter "without their frequency how would they be distinguished from other star being groups?"

The labels "Imposter of the Soul" and "Shadow Identity" are highly triggering.  They are interpreting the labels as implying they are being less than authentic at the soul level, something that does not resonate at all.  But then moving past the label into the explanation takes them into a state of complete overwhelm.  What comes up around this is "how could any being even know if this is happening?"  They also don't view it as an attachment to a ray of consciousness but kind of view the rays as homing devices and they and others "land" on the rays that are most comfortable to them.  They feel they aren't meant to be strong in all the rays but to express from their part of the whole through the ray(s) that have resonance.

I'm just holding a container and space for all of this.  A lot to process and unravel but they are listening which seems like a good first step.

Ann Praying Emoji


In reply to by Ann B


Hi Ann, and for everyone tuning in - more on the "Imposter of the Soul".

Firstly it's a very fine deception because it only happens after the ego identity is gone. The Being already feels pure. There is connection to the Source and there is alignment with the frequencies of the Soul - the Soul-Ray-Harmonic. But when that soul energy comes through in its fullness, subtle refraction can happen around key frequencies - as when light passes through a prism. Or probably a better analogy is where the light refracts through water, but there's still a shimmer in the water. So there's still a distortion but it's very fine. And because the being is determined to be self-sovereign at this point, then the echo, the eddy, the shadow can easily be missed.

Crucially, the Imposter develops because it knows how to be. But there's a second-guessing of it, a second attenuation. It's a slight time delay in transmission. And this is what can cause the Imposter to develop. The word "Imposter" is probably too harsh, although is is a recognised term. I prefer to use the term "Shadow".

The question is, how to smoke it out and work with it?

As I described in the 5GATEWAYS book, you've just got to trust in the flow itself and go with it 100%. Do you hit anything that triggers? Like the Pleiadians are here having this conversation now. It's triggering for them, which I well know - that's why they manifested it. Therefore the key is to own it, and turn into it - to work with it.

This is insightful, you said...

view the rays as homing devices and they and others "land" on the rays

The point is not "land on the rays". It is to land in the Source. And to centre in that. The rays will then flow.

And here's another to contemplate....

I came across a species that was the polar opposite of the Pleiadians. I got that they had formed because the Pleiadians didn't fully own their own shadow.

That would also be worth exploring.

With all love and respect

Open 💎

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Hi Open and all,

this exploration around betrayal and the imposter of the soul is super interesting to me at the moment. 🙏🏼

Two days ago, I was driving my new car to a friend and the car suddenly displayed several warning messages. Once the seatbelt/airbag safety system warning came on. Then immediately the engine symbol with the message "Engine power is reduced".

The reduced power is also immediately noticeable, as the car suddenly only seems to have half as much power. My first thought is whether I can still have full confidence in my vehicle? But I immediately see through this (self-)doubt, because I have full confidence that I'm on the right track - and don't take any more risks for the rest of the journey - because I can't judge the performance very well at the moment and want to protect the vehicle.

The other thought is, why is the safety system now signalling and sounding the alarm? In addition, there are two "collision warning" messages, which I can only make sense of when I consider the entire system of on-board assistants as a safety net or safety buffer - which no longer seems to be there. An unreliable seatbelt and a collision warning ... that sounds rather serious.


What's that all about?

The thought "this and that still needs to be done" has such a strong effect on me that I usually can't resist it for long. Just the day before I spent an excessive and totally exhausting amount of time with a card game that I so love since my youth. So I give in to it, am no longer present and thus open a door for whatever energies want to come into my field. It blocks me at the top of my head and drains my energy at every opportunity - an energy vampire, so to speak. And I keep opening all the doors for it ...

My head felt totally clouded, as if there is a dark fog around my skull. I know this feeling well and I have always assumed that it comes from the physical tension in my brain. I have now been able to scrutinise this for the first time and understand directly that this is not the case. I will now pay more attention to this. What else am I striving for?

>>> Everything starts with the thought that I still have to do something! <<<

It feels like what needs to be done to the car is an upgrade or an update. As if the car still needs something to fully fulfil me. And i still need something to fully fulfil me! 

Is that something that can be related to the imposter?

Much love,
Thomas 🙏🏼

In reply to by ThomasK


Hey Thomas, interesting stuff going on with you. I can relate to losing myself and letting entities in. Same fog and just always zoned out, so hard to stay focused and present. . I at times feel the crown tingling and getting heavy which I think Open said was Ra doing something, have to re-read it. Hope you get some answers. Thanks for sharing🙏

In reply to by ThomasK


Hi Thomas - it's definitely an Imposter of the Soul - to be clear, it's NOT just as simple or straightforward as an ego layer. I know you're well beyond that.

The warning alarm is definitely signaling that, and how the power in the flow is being lost.

Here's what stood out from what you said...

But I immediately see through this (self-)doubt, because I have full confidence that I'm on the right track - and don't take any more risks for the rest of the journey - because I can't judge the performance very well at the moment and want to protect the vehicle.

I'd say the Imposter creates between the dynamic of the Ray 1 and the Ray 3. The Ray 3 often prevents us "taking risks" because it over processes the moment. Which could, in certain circumstances be a good thing - but taking risks is also necessary. You will never know 100% that the reality you step into is perfect for you - because there's no such thing. You can only know with about 95% accuracy. That's the nature of relativity for you. So there's always a risk. The Ray 1 helps you take that risk without hesitancy. But the Ray 3 is also an important focussing mechanism - testing you're on the right alignment. So it's not ditching that altogether - just softening it.

I would say the way to break it, would be to be prepared to keep stepping into the unknown, without overquestioning.

I wish you well on that one.

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

thank you - this clarifies many things.

I also realised I sometimes totally get caught up in collective energies. My sense of empathy is becoming more clear and I frequently find myself not entirely clear whether it's my energy or someone else's.

I noticed this recently when there was a half meter of snow coming down in one night, which threw society off its regular agenda. Now I feel there is something along what I expressed in my previous post - something about "having to get stuff done". I realise that this is my thing, yes - And a collective energy at this time of year, where this once thoughtful season has turned into a collective feeling of overwhelm ...

That said - I wish everyone in the Openhand community a mindful and relaxing holidays 🎄🌸

Much love,

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What's coming up for me is that could very well be a situation for me, but I'm still unclear as to what's really going on. Feeling into it I would say there's a shadow on my 3rd plain, that feels a lot like just not wanting to let go of itself. I feel it could come from a lifetime of feeling intellectually inferior; disassociative disorder from trauma had my brain freezing in any situation where I felt like I was expected to perform, and social anxiety had me insecure about everything. The stress of fearing the consequences of failing caused these fritzes. And because of that I didn't feel smart for a long time which in turn made me feel even more insecure and defeated. After some experiences I began to understand things better and gained confidence and a greater ability for abstract thought and understanding. I came to think of myself as a highly intellectual person because of how deep my inquiries could go,and the realizations that came with it. Weed helped a lot with this, interestingly. What I think is this is where I subconsciously am attached. This shadow knows that in order to evolve it has to "die", or at least take the back seat. And that is one of the things I struggle with the most, stepping aside for higher self to come through and take the wheel. On the one hand I am eager for this,but on the other this part of me just doesnt trust it enough and is still attached to the pleasure of feeling some sense of intelligence. And then wanting to fit in, I learn everything I can about soul evolution say, because it is something I've been seeking most of my life, but subconsciously not willing to hand over the reigns and give up who I identify with the most. And this also ties in with the desire to connect with and receive acceptance from my father, who was an intellectual. What's cool is at your urging, I pulled out my Chakra tarot and the card I got was the tower. Yikes! But not really as the tower has been showing up since all the tower stuff started a few years back. I know why I need the tower,but I'm resisting. Doing it half-assed,like ok I'll meditate but first just a quick peak at FB which becomes a couple hours etc. The interesting thing is in this deck, the tower is associated with the solar plexus Chakra and mercury retrograde which we are in rn. What it tells me is this is exactly where I need to work on. I actually pulled it reversed and in the picture of this particular deck, the devil is rising. Or maybe the shadow. Pulling it is telling me what to work on. So my question comes up: what will it take for me to finally crack. What "crash" do I need to get the ball rolling so I don't stay stuck in this reality? So that's what I'm going to start facing this winter. I simply can't keep running away everytime it gets hard. Discipline and courage are being asked of me here, and much more. Time to dive deep into the abyss. And this not just be all talk, as usual. Oh another interesting thing; snoozing and a vision of a being came up. Pigment-less skin, no hair, very large eyes that glowed an unusual pale blue with the irises taking up the whole eye, no whites. But the pupils were like reptile eyes, and I wonder if this my lineage, a Pleiadian mixed with reptilian? Don't need an answer; I feel it's time I start looking to myself for answers. But it would explain A LOT. I do sense some Arcturian from my father's side. At the old apartment I was on the 5th floor and many an evening watched Arcturus follow the sun past the horizon and would get a sense of familiarity and comfort. Will explore further. Made my intentions at the lake this eve, watching Sol set. Just the beginning. Will I remain, or will I move onwards and upwards? BTW, got sick today,not the vid, so I did the yogis trick of cleansing my nostrils with water and baking soda. Other than some fatigue, no more symptoms. Highly recommend it! Best and brightest Solstice blessings to you all!🏂🏔️❄️🌨️🌞

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Hi everyone,


The discussion about betrayal struck a strong chord for me, especially in terms of the Pleiadian connection.


As Ann mentioned in one of her posts,


"Authentic, truthful, trusting, joyful these characteristics are part of their make up. They don't know how to be any other way"


Though having said that, my authenticity is not a given or fixed attribute, as with all aspects of our journey through life as soulful beings. Why? Because, for example, it might be distorted by people pleasing for approval, or using the rays of consciousness (such as Ray 4 - The Diplomat) to keep the peace and avoid rejection, rather than truly respecting the other's point of view.


It's all been brought into sharp focus following some recent changes in family relationships. A lack of respect shown towards me (or at least that's how it felt at the time), being excluded/frozen out and a door closing on me (literally) just after the other person very grudgingly acknowledged what I was saying, after being prompted.


At the end of the exchange, some unexpected anger was triggered and I have since apologised. It has now had a knock on effect with Christmas arrangements planned in the days ahead, exacerbating my sense of lack of belonging. So the question arises: do I need the social contact or can I be comfortable in my own skin?


Christmas can bring a host of thorny challenges such as when invited for a meal in someone else's house or issues around present giving.


In a recent family discussion, most views expressed on a topic were in opposition to the host. I gave my honest input which happened to be with the majority but was quickly asked to leave the property by the head of the household in what might be described pressing the 'nuclear' button, even if it was possibly a response to feeling ganged up on by others. I left as requested but felt it was an extreme reaction on her part.


A sibling clearly enunciated her wish regarding a planned present from me in the form of cash "I don't want your money" (said twice). When I mentioned this to my sister, her primary response was to disbelieve what I was saying (you must have misheard, she's not like that).


To compound the situation the sibling then proceeded to simultaneously claim she had cashed/not paid in a previous cheque from me in an apparent attempt to disprove my version of events and provoke a reaction (this was witnessed by four family members).


Related posts have indicated that the concept of truth is relativistic rather than absolute which is at the core of the human experience but what about the crossover when meeting authenticity? Is this is an invitation to see beyond the blinkered labels of right and wrong?


Best wishes,





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Hey Andy, I'm with you on the fam dynamics. My sister with her usual manipulation technique of giving without asking in an attempt to reel me in so I feel like I can let my guard down, then does something to trigger me so she gets an ego boost. My fault for leaning on her for help so many times when I should have done on my own, and naively thinking this time she'll be different, that we could be friends. I fell for this so many times until a doozy last November. I'd been telling her since I was going to keep to myself ie not give her a fix anymore and she recently, as expected, tried the anger, guilt and ultimatum card along with the usual I gave you this so you OWE me. All of which I ignored as it was an obvious manipulation tactic. The bright side is she told me she was blocking me because she wasn't taking any more of my "hate" lol, which was just me finally setting boundaries with her. Very typical gas lighting etc It's always my fault, she will never own her part. So I understand some of what you're going through. Hoping you find some closure too.🙏

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Hi Andy,

What stood out for me most from your sharing was this...

In a recent family discussion, most views expressed on a topic were in opposition to the host. I gave my honest input which happened to be with the majority but was quickly asked to leave the property by the head of the household in what might be described pressing the 'nuclear' button, even if it was possibly a response to feeling ganged up on by others. I left as requested but felt it was an extreme reaction on her part.

It seems to me you might well be ending up in situations and circumstances that don't serve you to be there.

Why are you going to a particular place - what drives the motivation? 

I think this would be a useful inquiry to dissolve any layers of ego.

Very best wishes

Open 💎

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Dear Open ,

I am having deep explorations with the theme of self betrayal and hence also mistrust of owns own self as a result of self judging myself for being “ wrong” . At the heart is the avoidance of a deep fear of abandonment . The abandonment wound is a deep with echoes in almost all my lower chakras including my heart ( Sirius is what the karma originated ,I think ) . When do I betray myself ? What do I want from another which I am not giving myself  . In a very visual way it’s almost as if I am looking for something or attached to the idea of something outside myself and immediately the universe reflects my lack . As soon as I “catch “ this which for me takes many cycles /spirals of sifting through deep emotional sensations ,the realisation dawns that I already have this . Suddenly there is a reclamation of energy as the being “ remembers” the Truth within this emotional maelstrom. It’s me . I need me .I ALWAYS have whatever I need .  

Today after weeks of what I can only describe as a whirlwind of emotions ,I felt into the emotion of neediness within relationships . And I closed the loop because I realise what I need ,is my own true self . Something in my heart came alive when I felt into this . 

I have also been contemplating the role of ancestral karma - I believe I have touched on every one of those massive boulders obstructing the stream of my soul. From poverty consciousness to neediness and mistrust . This needs so much awareness because this is exactly what the self thinks of ,well ,its own self .

Thank you for both the articles . The emotions also meant I was feeling blocked from writing on this forum and it feels as though that resistance has somewhat melted now . 

Deep bow to all the souls doing this work 


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Way to go Megha! Your progress is inspiring and helps me see that it's possible to process these things out. I often feel I won't make it. Which is ok too. I just want to give myself a fighting chance. Your insights help me see I have one, if I apply myself. Thank you!🙏🤍✨


Betrayal by my family is a huge issue I've been carrying and it came up huge this week. I got into this subconscious contract where I live, with the workers as parents and me as the child, giving my sovereignty to them, because I thought it was what I had to do to earn my apartment. People pleasing and giving my power away for the right to basic needs of life. Like my mother (mostly) taught me. Like she learned from her mother. Well I got betrayed by one of the workers this week. It was a lesson in boundaries yes, but the way it was done was so disrespectful I changed how I see her now. But where I really got stuck today is the pain of it. The core wound of my mother's rejection. Still so much pain but at what point do I say ok it's time to move on? How do I know I'm not self-indulgent vs purging? Im not sure I'm making progress purging the pain. How long does it take? Am I being too impatient with myself? Then there's another huge block for me: the insecure narcissist. I am a fucking magnet for them and am livid at myself for the million times I let them get the better of me. I no surprise have the "worst" one living right beside me, just like the one I finally managed to get away from at the last place I lived. At least this time the playing field is more level. But I still let myself get pulled into the bullshit with my anger defense mech, which doesn't even work, just keeps me bound to them. So big push to pull my attention away and stay present and that being such a minute by minute battle I know I've lost some of my soul. Its like I'm a zombie in a constant daze. Diet changes are helping so I need to step that up. But the biggest thing I'm seeing is how my anger at myself for my weakness and letting myself be intimidated and always on the defensive and the self pity that I'm being treated that way is I think the hardest thing on me. Self betrayal. I have heart issues and today I had an episode which is tachycardia chest pain and shortness of breath. Pre-heart attack situation. Many times during one of these episodes I've managed to relax my body to the degree my heart corrected itself. Today I struggled for a few minutes and then remembered often these episodes have an emotional basis, like today's emotionalism. When I remembered this I told my heart "they (insecure narcissists) don't matter! We are stronger than them!" Before I even finished this statement my heart corrected itself. So how do I know when to allow the emotions for purging purposes and when to let them be? Physically I had over done it but getting out of the house helped so much. Stuck between a rock and a hard place with my poor health. But another issue too: egoic resentment. Being told harshly (in my mind anyway) when I was in victim mode and looking for sympathy and understanding that I was the problem was absolutely the honest truth, but letting the next door narcissist rile me put me in attack mode and everyone who very justly didn't support me the way I wanted, as a coddled child, was up for attack. Realizing I would have reacted the same way to anyone coming at me with the self-pity. That's maybe why the military does it that way, to push that childishness out of them. But I managed at least to get myself out of that state of mind by repeating to myself "But they're right, I am clingy and needy and I create situations with my crappy attitude and people pleasing and then cry when I get beat up for it. I asked for it, period." I myself am the insecure narcissist. But then seeing the opportunity of becoming someone I can be proud of because I will no longer participate in this ego tug of war, I will not allow myself to be pulled into others anger. I will not blame others for not picking up the baggage that is my own. The huge invitation to no longer need validation or company, to become the lone wolf I always wanted to be. To be able to stand on my own two feet and not need anyone to tell me I'm worthy. I determine my worth. I direct my life, I don't hand it over to others who don't even see me. I KNOW I'm stronger than these things, but still letting myself get dragged back down. Realizing as I write that, it's exactly what has to happen, until I no longer let it happen. And giving myself a hard time about it is immensely counter-productive. Hard day but some good work coming out of it. Thanks for listening.🙏🤍✨

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Hi Sylvanheart, you asked a couple of important questions about betrayal and how to process through...

I got betrayed by one of the workers this week. It was a lesson in boundaries yes, but the way it was done was so disrespectful I changed how I see her now. But where I really got stuck today is the pain of it. The core wound of my mother's rejection. Still so much pain but at what point do I say ok it's time to move on? How do I know I'm not self-indulgent vs purging?

Firstly, whenever we feel disrespected, ask, "how am I disrespecting myself?"
Because of your perceived Mother's rejection, how are you reaching out to people in a way that isn't actually serving you?
How are you rejecting the Mother principle in yourself - by seeking or craving it in the external?
And so then, how do you project this filter onto others, which they can't possibly fulfill?
It's all about finding the Mother (and Father) energetic principles inside ourselves.

When is it time to move on?

You can only move on when you've processed it out. So we keep recreating similar patterns, making similar flawed connections until we break down the inner filtering that we project onto others and then feel betrayed by - because the other cannot fulfill the unconsciously projected expectation of them. In fact they're likely to feel put upon, obligated, or constrained by the energy. They're even more likely to explode and push you away.

In these situations, "processing" becomes self-indulgent if we're still expressing grief at "what the other did to us". Whereas when you take ownership, the processing is likely to generate internal integration - through self-acceptance, forgiving oneself.

The key is to find that sense of completeness in yourself - that doesn't become expecting or clingy of others. When you've mastered this, then your relationships will become more authentic and then fulfilling. "Betrayal" stops happening, because you're no longer betraying yourself and therefore are not needing to manifest the "betrayer" in your external.

I trust this makes some sense.

Open 💎


I had to read it two times to actually digest the message. At first there was a feeling of overwhelm, processing all of these is beyond me,but yes have been doing it for some considerable years and whether it like it or not , my life is influenced by it and I'm processing it as well. So why not go fully in. 

What really stood out for me is poverty consciousness from family lineage and feelings not being good enough created due to the class system. The later has been much prevalent when I grew up with my family. I also resonate with what you wrote - you have to allow yourself to feel into scarcity - and not block them out. I think there are ways to block them out by adopting particular behaviourism of dependency to the external or a life of doing. But soul leaves no choice by direct confrontation which feels right. And there has been some pretty good breakthrough in that regard - witnessing how opportunities and support comes from a place where mind cannot imagine. And that feels good - to take ownership and responsibility of the self by knowing I'm creating both the shadow and the aligned aspects of myself. And the more I see it, there's more impulse to turn into the aligned aspect and test it a little more! 

I have been really enjoying my creative process for the last few weeks, months through music, blogs etc. But I can also see how this creativity becomes stifled as it's directed towards an outcome the mind perceives. I know it's never about the outcome and it's a continues process of letting go. In the last gathering, I had experienced, the golden tara energy of dancing light where it's just creating for the sake of creating and not need anything beyond that. But if we are building up a platform for example, then there's a sense of direction and it can be easily misdirected. It's a bit complex to discern what is my aligned impulse and what is an intervention. 

I have been fascinated with what AI can do regarding the creative process like it can create any image in the world in a few seconds with a prompt which is pretty impressive. I wonder if you give energy to it, then if it can influence us through the field by implanting images. I had a sleepless night with this energy. What is naturally coming through the inquiry is to allow space for natural spontaneity to rise by immersing myself more into the unknown and let creativity shape from there. That could be the antidote. And ofcourse patience. 

Vimal 🙏


I've been around thr Openhand work for some years now. I feel that I've gained greater clarity and perspectives about what is unfolding on our planet at this time. There is one thing that is a common theme, things are changing rapidly on this planet and it is seen in the world and felt within.

I feel that have intellectually understood the concept of karma and how Open has described it in his writings and the Openhand work. This has only taken me so far along my journey.

My soul was yearning for movement for some time now. I could feel the energy building over the days, months and years. I have several writings about this expanding and contracting process. Giving myself permission to feel it all and come fully alive and contracting down and playing small over the years. Diminishing the love and light that wanted to emerge through my being. Something had to give something had to shift. 

I think about the cliffs edge and there being several options once on that cliffs edge; you can fall off of it, you can jump off of it or you can be pushed off of it. There is also the option of retreating and convincing yourself that right now is not the best time and you retreat from the cliffs edge altogether. I've been at that edge many times over the years and I've retreated back into old ways of being, hiding and playing small.

Through recent life experiences within my relationship I have been pushed off that cliffs edge into the unknown.

With that being said a lot of different karma has popped off inside my being. The biggest one that I'm experiencing is betrayal in this life and in past lives. This betrayal has filled me up with so much anger and rage over the years. But an awareness came to me through all of this and it's the biggest betrayal of all; the betrayal of my true authentic self. Over the years I let my energy seep out of my being and I handed over to others, situations and life over and over again! Man thats a fucking exhausting way to live, actually I would say that's not living at all! 

With all of this being said this energy feels so big and overwhelming to work with but I'm navigating the way forward with all the tools and awarenesses that I've learned over the years. At the moment of writing this I feel grounded and connected to the essence of my being. I will have to go back and read the article to articulate some of the other karmic threads that are coming up for me at this time. This feels good and aligned to share with everyone in the community.


With Love and peace,





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Thanks for sharing this, I've been having a similar journey in the intense feeling of just wanting to GO, just be a hermit crab with an RV and just go, taking my home with me. I've also been working through lots of rage as well, and the realization of how much I give my power and sovereignty away and that it's time to take my life back and become fully responsible for it. Time to grow up and stand on my own two feet. Also coming to that cliff's edge and the feeling I'm getting closer to jumping off it, but not quite yet. It's nice to know others are having similar journeys. I wish you well with yours, sounds like you're on the right track. barb 🙏🤍✨

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I'm with you Chad - those bloodline ancestral lineages go way back, are repetitive, and can cause great sense of anger and frustration.

Why are they so challenging and enduring?

I sense what you're touching has to do with the seeding of Original Humanity with Star Soul frequencies so as to support the emergence when the timing was right.

We're shifting out of the history of the past and into a new Rainbow Tribe of the 5D. But you could say there's likely to be a strong sense of loyalty and honour for those who came before us. We must also recognise that, unlike us, plenty are set in their ways and will be unlikely to move with us. It can cause a good degree of internal frustration: one aspect of the soul is compassionate and caring for them, whilst another is yearning to evolve and move on. I've experienced this myself as excessive compassion caused by a distorted Ray 4.

Ultimately, what will serve all, is by us each stepping into our full power and acceptance of our unique gifts. No matter what.
We lose the frustration, don't need others to follow, and thereby paradoxically, become a better reflection that might encourage more to follow the path of the Soul.

It's great to see you progressively emerging out!

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎


On the two upcoming retreats leading into 2024, on Zoom and on La Palma, I'm going to be journeying people through the essential processing of our Ancestral and Bloodline karma - breaking the DNA bonds that tie us to outdated patterns and lifestyles - breaking through any barriers that prevent full expression of Soul.

If you're intrigued, discover more...

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Unmissable Lifetime Experience.


You've been quiet Openhanders, on this important topic of processing our Ancestral Karma.
Perhaps you're contemplative about it 🤔

So what are your thoughts? What are your feelings about it?
Have you looked into the patterns of your ancestors that you might be carrying here?

Do share. I'll be more than happy to offer a reflection.

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Truth is I'm not connected enough with higher self yet to confidently make these inquiries. Still teaching myself presence and dwelling in sgob. Returning back to myself everytime something out there distracts me or I'm triggered. I feel I've had inadvertent glimpses of what seemed to be past lives but how can I know they weren't just my imagination or something I saw on the tube? I had a dream once I was in a place where the sky and water were green, with red, rocky projections similar to those in Navajo country. How can I tell if this was "real" or imagination? And if real, how can I dive deeper to investigate? I seem to glean higher information passively. I fall into the flow without intending it and things come to me. But if I consciously set out to receive info, it doesn't come. More practice.

Doesn't "healing" our distortions realign our ancestors distortions automatically? Is it possible we could have been our own ancestors at some point? I feel there's a lot of pride coming from my father that covers deep hurt and betrayal, and taking on an imperialistic and entitled attitude to cover up insecurities and fears. Being so consumed by appearances. And intellectual elitism. I feel thats part of what's been passed to me. My mother being traumatized and rejected by her own mother and not having known stability or self-reliance and thus becoming needy and clinging to anyone who would take care of her. Such a deep fear of not knowing how to take care of herself and depending so much on my father. And that people-pleasing/controlling that comes from deep insecurity and rejection. I wonder how far back this goes. My parents were in Prague when the Nazis rolled in. Or was it the Russians? It may have been both, but point is my family knew war first-hand. My father was told by his mother that when she was pregnant with him he would jump in her womb every time a bomb dropped. He struggled with demons (hope it's ok I'm telling people your story mom and dad) and drank since a young age.

I know I have prophetic dreams, but am I able to access my remote memory, and again: how do I know if it's real? And the few glimpses I may have had don't go that far, maybe a couple hundred years the most. 

I wonder if any of my ancestors are around? I feel like maybe my father is sometimes, I do still talk to him. I had a vision or dream recently, can't remember which, that my mother (she passed over 20 years ago) was sitting in front of me with her head turned away and the sense was she was presenting herself to me but wasn't sure if I'd reject her or not, because ive had a lot of anger towards her. So I guess the way to go is start where you are and work you way back?

Some positive traits I carry are the love of nature and animals, almost an affinity. I never feel better anywhere than when I'm in nature. Evergreen trees in particular make me feel like I'm surrounded by friends and protectors. I was walking my dog once at a campground and when we went to the back area we were encircled by several small owls and they seemed to be very fascinated by me and a couple of them swooped down so close to me I actually ducked. I went to the zoo and a seal seemed riveted by me, my friend even commented on it. Walking home in the middle of the night in my teens I saw 3 guys approaching. Right then a white dog came out of nowhere it seemed and trotted along with me until the guys passed. And water. I live close to a big Lake and sometimes I'll unexpectedly catch a glimpse of the water and get this intense feeling of joy and excitement, like seeing home after a long travel. 

And I always felt drawn to performing, which I started to pursue at one point in my life until I convinced myself it was ego-driven and I was only doing it to get the attention I felt I lacked from my parents. Which was partly true, but the desire to perform has always been part of my nature, since my first school play when I was 5-6. I did another play later and despite some stage-fright before I came on, felt so at ease and in my element it's like I was made for it. Could this have been a past life? No one else in my immediate family had this calling. 

Some of my karma seems to be to let go of the need and sense of obligation to protect and take care of my children and let them find their own way. Ive come to believe of late that my sisters followed me from a past life as my children and one of them literally still expects me to take care of her and "feed" her my energy. It's a trauma bond for sure but could it be further than this lifetime? And that intense duality of my needy mother and insecure father. I feel like I am both of them inside, and can't integrate the two, they're so different. How far back does it go? 

Very much appreciate any input or thoughts!🙏🤍✨



In this new article, I'm taking an augmented view of regular karma processing, and exploring the intricacy of Ancestral and Bloodline Karma that goes all the way back to the Original Root Nations. What is it? How are you likely to be experiencing it? And why is it so important to process out at this critical juncture in the evolution of humanity?

Do dive into the inquiry. And if you have any questions or viewpoints to share, feel free to comment below.

Bright blessings

Open 💎