Writing inspired by retreat

Shared this via email with the group from Seattle but was encouraged to post on site as well. One of the main lessons that resonated with me from 5gateways movie and at the retreat also was that we will be drawn into tightness during the unfolding and that I must feel my way through. Recovering the fragments of soul requires persistence and courage but it is well worth it. There is no other way for me. I started writing this poem at the retreat and then was hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest and ran across a tree that, with a little imagination, looked like a ghost with long flowing hair and a cloak. I finished the poem later that day drawing inspiration from the Ghost that I crossed paths with.

Forest of the Night

In the forest of night
Deprived of my sight
I begged for the light

To lead me away

The darkness in me
Said you must see
To find your way free

So here I must stay

But then there appeared
With a long flowing beard
The ghost I had feared

And learned to obey

With a dark mane of hair
And a menacing stare
He said don’t you dare

Pass through this way

With arms stretching wide
He said you must hide
From all that’s inside

It will lead you astray

So, I waited instead
‘Til I could be led
Past all that I dread

To God I shall pray

I called out His name
But light never came
It seemed such a shame

Why all this delay

I then heard His voice
He said it’s your choice
To fear or rejoice

What serves you today

For light doesn’t lead
Those who just plead
And yet have no need

A price you must pay

In darkness you’ll find
That if you don’t mind
You’ll leave it behind

Believe what I say

The night is in you
And what you must do
Is feel your way through

There’s no other way

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I love poetic expression of a journey and your poem (though from a while back) really felt true to my recent experience, for which I wrote a poem to express.  Below is my sharing; it has more word "play" than rhyme, but I love how yours rhymes so beautifully!  This time, for some reason, my words literally strayed from most of the rhymes I attempted, though a few snuck in there, lol!  So, this is it:


A poem by Aphroheidi


Gutted myself, ugly, karmic gifts (presents)

The depths are now surfaced

Soul lifts (presence);

Embracing life’s purpose

Now, not when it’s over

Like seeing the phoenixes rise before the fall,

Being high on music when you’re sober

Giving density your all,

Feel tingling all over

Responding to the call,

Nomadic mind-rover

Wanting to feel it all.

Over and over and over

Until you’re through,

No time to stall. 

Unearthing “demons”, falling without the slip.

A massive exodus of constructed karmic grip.

Ego, not “tistical”, but a human trip,

From the skin, low meets high in torus courtship

Planets bending, you’re not pretending, it’s never-ending…

The freedom.

Until the next karmic “gift”.







"This light of mine is your reflection"



I could feel the tightness twisting, turning then the unwinding as a resolution of it all became clear with a different focus all done within on this exploration! Thank you for sharing and the photo was superb on the group email. What a presence within that picture. Much love, Erica


Hi Gary,

A wonderful poem, thank you for sharing here. It could feel the energy of it ripple through me, a lovely piece of inspiration as I start my day.

One of my all time favourite quotes with a similar theme is by Rumi
"Seek not for love,
Rather to remove the blocks
to the awareness of love's presence"

With gratitude, Fiona


Thank you Gary for sharing this creative gem. I have an affinity for this honest, vulnerable and poetic kind of sharing =). So lovely to meet and connect with you in Seattle. With love, Jen