5D Ascension: Openhand's Sword and the Stone Vlog

Submitted by Open on Wed, 01/13/2021 - 05:59

We're back in lockdown here in the UK and many parts of the World. However I'm being called to take off around Britain to help get the energy moving here and further afield. What came to me was to "draw the sword from the stone" - a reference to the Arthurian legend, where in this case, Excalibur refers to the Sword of the Soul. So I'm going to be touring high energy sites and doing essential energy work, getting the consciousness moving.

And most importantly, I'm inviting you all to join in. Work the energy wherever you are, leave an uplifting comment here in the vlog, share your inspiring music and send me you video clips for me to weave in. The into video explains what it's all about. Let's unleash a ripple of light around the world!

Update 23/01/21 - Index of all the Videos:

1. Moving The Torus
2. Singing Chakras
3. Warrior in the Heart

4. The Green Tara
5. The Lady and the Lake
6. Exaclibur
7. Times Like These

8. Sovereign Pathways
9. Light Up!

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Hello Open, 

Inspired from your posts and some YouTube videos I found, I took a print out of the mask exemption card and liability notice provided here and went to a decathlon store in the city without a mask. It felt excitingly good doing all that , so thank you for that extra push. However at the store despite of all the documents, and the explanation I provided of my rights, they wouldn't let me enter. I didnt go there just to have an argument or prove myself but I was thinking about getting a hiking equipment for so long. They would have accepted if I had an exemption notice from a qualified doctor that I have medical reasons. That doesn't feel right though. I could easily forge one as well! I could also empathize with their dilemma that they would have to close down the store if they go against the govt and police orders. I don't think the police have any control over such a big cooperation but that's what the manager thinks. Finally they allowed to bring the goods outside and I left there without buying anything. So to sum up it didnt succeed on the levels of getting any desired outcome but I felt good about taking a step in that direction. 

Vimal 🙏


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That's excellent Vimal - the point is NOT the difficulty we encounter by challenging the narrative. The difficulty is the forging of soul.

Sometimes pathways will remain blocked. That's okay. The point is you tried.

Have you thought about going to a doctor and getting an official exemption?

You said you could have forged the exemption document. Do you have an issue with doing that? Is it unspiritual to be duplicitous with a system that is of itself lying so as to limit your consciousness?

Open Praying Emoji

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Hi Open, 

It's interesting you replied that way. By just reading the comment header I thought you might be reacting to the forging of the document. Ofcourse I realize it's only my reaction. I don't know if it's any spiritual judgment I'm holding. But If I'm to lie my way around by stating on the medical certificate that I have asthma or something , then how is that challenging the system? I think such a document along with the liability one would most definitely help me get through some places that I will encounter while travelling. I think I was kind of waiting for some permission from you(!) , but I will be looking around for getting one. 

Vimal Smliing

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Hi Vimal - to me, it's not strictly challenging the system that is the issue. For me, it's maintaining my freedom and expressing it. And I don't feel any requirement to be transparent with the system, because it is of itself a lie and being duplicitous to try to constrain consciousness. Having said that, I claim the exemption on health grounds, because it's unhealthy to wear a mask.

I have a mask exemption badge that I bought - I didn't see a doctor to get one. If I go into a place that insists on people having them, then I will wear it and people stop asking. I do believe it encourages other people to explore getting one. Now there are plenty of sources where you can get the badges - simply do a search.

Best wishes

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Hi Vimal, 

I'm inspired by your determination and just wanted to share my thoughts. Like you, and for most of us here in this community, the issue of masks is huge on so many levels, and in the beginning I fought it with everything I had. As things tightened up, I had some big choices to make... and what I've come to realize is that when I go to my local stores, I will have to wear a mask, although I never cover my nose and often wear it as a chin guard.

The way it is here in Canada is that if I choose to step onto private property, the owner of that property has the right to make conditions upon my entry. Eg: 'no shirt, no shoes, no service'. If I step onto public property (owned by 'my' government, should be 'mine' ha!), then I can wear my Exempt button because the exemptions in the provincial 'health orders' include medical reasons, which no one has the right to question me about. Of course, there have been many issues here with public transportation, etc, but I don't live in the city so I have not yet had to take that stand. 

It did take me awhile but my focus now is on understanding exactly what my rights are, and then 'pulling out my sword' and standing firm in that place, should I feel it necessary. So far, confrontation has not been my path, but it quite likely could be in the future. 

At this point, I realize that shopkeepers give me the option of still buying their goods without entering their premises, and this is definitely not their choice, but it is their right. Each of them is, like all of us, forging their own path in this new world. 

I will be interested to hear if it is the same for you and your world?


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Hi Janet, 

It's so beautiful you had the courage to be sovereign in your decisions. You know your rights only because of that. It would have been much easier to just blindly follow without questioning. 

Things are definitely different here. India is  huge country with a huge population. I wouldn't say I got the sense how it works here. So far I have found the rules and rigidity is different in different places. For example when I was in the valley of Kodaikanal farms , I haven't seen anyone wearing it. But when I came back to kerala I'm the only one not wearing it. But to me , it feels that people are not wearing it for health reasons but for the fear of being fined. Why invite unnecessary trouble? Like for example we went to this KTm store and the first thing the guy says is that you should be wary of the police . No one has ever said to me, that you should be wary of the VIR. I guess people have the sense to look at the figures and think for themselves.  But still life is largely governed by fear of survival. 

I don't really need to go to a supermarket or a cooperate institution for my needs. There are plenty of local stores and their owners who wears masks on their chin and has never questioned me. I'm mostly travelling on my bike and not using public transport , so I don't really know how strict it is there. 

Unlike the west, I think the exemptions are not clearly defined. I have to do more research on it. I don't think badges or anything works here. I'm totally ok with confronting people, it's only the police that makes me anxious. 

I'm still thinking about getting a medical certificate which I think may work for a while. Forging one and then getting in trouble for that will be totally different than standing in your truth and then getting in trouble.  

Vimal Praying Emoji

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Thanks so much for sharing Vimal, it's so interesting to hear how the mask situation varies in different parts of India. And yet I'm struck by how the basic underlying motivation is exactly the same - loss of freedom via fear of police/authority. 

This is the core of it all, isn't it? This is what we share. Here we (as individuals and shopkeepers) are forced to comply with these non-sensical 'health orders' because of crippling fines and even jail sentences - this is the same the world over. The mask is the symbol and that also, is the same. 

Each of us will have to dig deep and choose, moment to moment, I think. There doesn't seem to be a 'one size fits all' solution, not here in my world, anyway.

You seem to be very grounded in your own sovereignty and that's the sweet spot, isn't it? I would love to hear how this unfolds for you....


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Hi Janet , 

You said,  

Each of us will have to dig deep and choose, moment to moment, I think. There doesn't seem to be a 'one size fits all' solution, not here in my world, anyway

I couldn't agree more. That's why I take everything here as reflections and forge my own path. Our situations and beingness is different and hence requires different approach. 

Today I went ahead and made the certificate that I think would help me. Coming out from the cafe the first sign that spiked my attention said " Enjoy your new freedom". I saw a protest outside which reflected my own protestation against this. There was again a car in front of me with a number 1111. I was a little doubtfull about the whole idea of making a certificate. The divine didnt think so! Wink Emoji

And also for everyone reading , following Opens post about dolores Ca-hill and the world freedom alliance I found this very informing documentary on the coming new world order, the planned tyrannical govt and how this Plandemonium is intended to lead to that. I encourage everyone to watch it. 


Vimal ❤

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Thank you Open and Openhand for providing the space in this website to express ourselves not only gain from the information given. This is a beautiful heartfelt exchange within the community (at least).

I feel to add to this video that consciousness is always speaking in symbols even though we might not be aware of that while doing / making something.

Upon finishing this video, which took some long hours for me to join the separately filmed pieces into blocks then change the speed, add the music, then to "sew" together again those made blocks into short movie, I thought - ohh! I missed to include this and that. But after I reviewed it a few times only then realized the symbolism within this film which wasn't intended. The beautiful white house far in the field drew my attention strongly while driving, particularly that wind-power turbine which makes to me an impression of being self-sustainable and that all spacious land surrounding that house as well as the sea behind it gave some feeling of freedom and independency. Also, it might represent the new 5D consciousness... And those ruins on the other side of the road strongly speak to me of the old 3D consciousness falling apart and being useless. Then I notice the traffic on the motorway flowing in two opposite directions saying this is up to everyone to choose which way to go. Interestingly, that I included the voice of navigation "Your destination is on the right" - that beautiful white house was exactly on the right side of the road when driving. I just would replace the word "destination" with the word "direction"...

Love visiting new places and discovering various corners of the area and country I live in. The Soul feels free when I'm driving, when my eyes see the horizon, when I'm dancing and singing, when climbing up the mountain, when I Love and much more...


With love Heart


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Beautiful reflections.

What i noticed immediately was the length fo the video - 2:22, which is a Twin Flame number.
Interestingly, when you upload videos to youtube (as I did this one), the program always automatically adds a second. But it didn't in this case.

Open Praying Emoji

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This is exactly the point of "putting yourself out there".

You don't get these kinds of reflections and feedback loops if you don't.

And the more feedback loops you generate, it's like filling a well - it build and builds until steadily, trust in the divine reaches a tipping point,
beyond which, there is no going back.

That's the point of self-expression.
That's the point of commitment.
Thanks for demonstrating that to everyone.

Open Praying Emoji

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Unbelievable! I just made another discovery that couple of days before that day I took a photo of my car odometer because of the interesting numbers - the trip meter (that one for individual travel) was showing 77.7 and there where also numbers 66 and 99 in the main odometer. I do remember that I haven't been driving those couple of days, so that was my starting point. When I came back after this journey the trip meter now was on 177.7 - I made exactly 100km and the odometer still had 66 and 99. That's for sure, but I took a photo two days later before starting the next drive. How crazy things are!!!


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In my experience 7s are high numbers of magic and resources flowing your way.

When 6 and 9 appear together, then often it's because you're receiving higher dimensional downloads - upgrades!

Open Praying Emoji

Here's a great little video that Gwyn and Martin recorded on their smart phone to share with us all. It has a beautiful energy from a place they visited called "Harmony Park" - the vibe simply carried me there. And there's even a cameo inclusion of Richard Attenborough. Thanks Gwyn and Martin - you're stars! HeartThe Sun Emoji...

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The trail design on the land of Harmony Farms in Kansas. Spider medicine whispering loudly.

A glimpse of the trails recently this season after the snow fell.                https://www.facebook.com/PaulRudyHugntheEarth

Paul Rudy, owner of the land of Harmony Farms, a musician and healer,  he wrote the following about the shift of the design on his land over the years. 
"In 2019, the dragonfly shape-shifted into spider. In 2021, the web will fade into the wind. Spider is the bringer of language and communication.
She takes her home wherever she goes. She recycles, repairs, and when absolutely necessary, moves on and rebuilds. Powerful lessons for 2020.
If you look closely, you can see all the paths of her offspring surrounding the temple.  Her legacy will live on through lessons learned."

I am starting to feel the global symphony here at Openhand. It is a sensational one, as the individual vlogging unfolds, everyone here so far has shared a bit from their world perspective. The beauty of this world's landscapes, the creations of the people, the words of expression, AND the subtle, vibrational energy-melody reverberating outward and back inward--it is a grand oratorio.   

What I am moved to say is ALLOW and joyously ACEEPT all that comes to you.  
SOME are moved to express; they can not do anything else but put themselves out there.  
OTHERS hold the space and gleefully celebrate the which is shared.
MOST feel the pull to look outward for something inspiring.
ALL are invited to look within to meet at the gathering space. 
( I like to think of that reunion as a grand music festival with an inexhaustible bonfire, exotic dancing, and joyful singing and storytelling. )



Thank you Open for all the news - I am often out in the countryside feeling the energies. I live near Findhorn and there are lovely open vistas all around and not too much of the Gestapo here as it's fairly sparsely populated compared to the South. luckily I am retired and so not so affected like some, but it's sad to see so many small cafes, shops etc closed down. You can't even get a takeaway drink without this click and collect even if it's right in front of you. So insane it's almost funny. Hope I'm still around for when things get better.

So here's Vimal, from India, reminding us all why we started the journey. Thanks so much for putting this together Vimal - it's simply great to see people sharing energy from where they are in the world - helps amp the vibes no end. Fond blessings to you...

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Wow, that was awesome.  Loved the cow, I believe they're sacred in India.  It looked pretty tame on that rope, I'd have been rubbing its nose since I love cows. lol  I loved the scenery,  that river, and loved that when he meditated, he didn't care what the people thought of him.  I used to give my power away by being concerned what others would think, now I no longer care.

When I forget why I started the journey I have to remind myself I still have a purpose and a journey to complete.  Thank you Vimal for the reminder.  Thank you Open for sharing these with us.

Namaste, Praying EmojiHeart



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Hi Sherry and Open, 

Thank you for your kind words. I was not feeling that great before making the video but interestingly the video making and editing process was so uplifting and felt good afterwards I think especially because it was effortless and I was not trying to present or achieve anything. I kept thinking why do I have to choose this place when I could have filmed many beautiful places that I have been before but somehow it felt right. I would encourage everyone to just try it out, wherever you are. It's easier than you think!

Love to you all 

Vimal <3


In reply to by Vimal V

That was fab, Vimal! 

I felt like I was walking with you. Do you think he was a baby water buffalo?

The music you chose really drew me in, and the story of the rubble crusher was great and so unexpected! I haven't discovered how to add music yet. Maybe if I make another video. I agree, It is definitely easier than one would imagine. More please Wink Emoji


23/01/21 Sword and the Stone Vlog: So here it is, my final sharing from the Sword and the Stone Tour. It was an all-nighter to get this one out for this morning, but it felt like it needed to be done. I trust you're inspired by it.

Much love to all....

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Hi Open, Thankyou for all you do, what an awesome opportunity to be a part of all this! I thought this quite informative and also synchronistic with what we are experiencing personally and collectively. It makes so much sense, the illusion of the system is still in place for those choosing to stay with it but as you say, when you wake up to it and challenge it, you see the alternative story being played out....the two worlds!




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Very very inspiring journey! I feel as if I've gone through it too :) and continue going. For me this second vlog-story feels even more powerful than the first one.

Thank you, Open, for showing the way and making us feel we are not alone on the path.

Sharing below how do I ride on my spiritual journey and through the life Smliing. Have fun watching and listening:

Love you all

Praying EmojiHeart

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Hi Open,  That was wonderful and inspiring.  Many times I think the density is so great that nobody cares about anything but their cell phones.   I don't own any smart phones so I don't know what the attraction is inside those things.   But when I go to town I always speak something off the top of my head when the urge comes over me and usually someone will connect and respond and we share laughter.  So I still feel my offering to the people at this time is humor.  People are hungry for connection and have fears, so I speak what comes up and they thank me for inspiring them and giving them hope.  Even though I feel like it's so little, it's enough for them.

Myself, I feel like my waking hours aren't always productive, but my dream time at night is filled with all kinds of things, equations that I understand in sleep, events that may be past life or yet to come.  Seems my busy work is in my sleep.  So I still try to rest in the knowing that I'm doing my part to keep shining the light.  Synchronicity always brings things when I'm out and about, and the timings of connecting with people that need something is spot on.  I pay very close attention when I'm driving and get the urge to go someplace I had not planned on going to.  That's when many of those unexpected connections happen.

So I keep on hanging in there in the midst of the dense density and making people laugh.  I've always made and drawn clowns since childhood, love their bright colors and silly faces.  Now I clown around to keep the energies brighter wherever I go.  

As for our police in my town, they are loved and supported by the townspeople and last week there was a big crowd along the highway with huge flags.  I thought it was a protest that had come to town but realized the people had huge flags supporting the police here.  Big signs saying we love and support our police.  Our officers are kind and patient, I stop to talk with them often and we share much laughter when I teasingly provoke them.  I always tell them I love them all each time I leave and wave at every one of them when I'm driving through town and see them.  Many times I feel they are angels in disguise, they just have a glow about them.  There are portals in this ocean side town and many souls are drawn here, some in my soul group and surely there are light workers besides myself too.  Someone coined this small town the City of Light.  Interesting for sure.

Namaste Praying EmojiHeart


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I do feel the tour delivered the message Open.

I'm not sure how that translates though. I feel like I'm doing what I feel to not be held captive, I drove to London and back last week, yet I don't feel like I'm making much impact. The educated, professional people I know, think my views are lunatic, so many of them are holding this in place and actively rolling out the agenda. It feels like the official narrative has really stitched people up. The shutters come down when I offer information to corroborate my perspective.

I'm holding the enquiry, how is everybody else doing?

Tilly x

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Yes I feel the conundrum too. The primary lesson that came from the tour for me is the definite sense of a "two speed world". There is this strong higher flow (which I know you feel too). So I'd say being in that is the key.

The question is what about the 3D?

There are pockets of rebellion against the narrative and they do appear to be growing, although of course you don't see them in the mainstream media. And by application of the Co-man Law (purposefully mispelled!), then we can actually navigate through the system. It does however require some knowledge gained through research and the courage to apply it....

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

Let's reclaim our freedom and live the higher vibe!

Open Praying Emojivoltage emoji icon


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Hello Tilly and Open, 

Thanks for the question Tilly. To me it feels like a conundrum. I can share something from my recent experience. 
Two of my friends and I was preparing to camp along the Varkala beach. Suddenly the police came and asked us what we were doing and where are our masks? It was clear to me that it has now become a way of the police to exert power and have greater control over the subject so that they are much more pliable. Little  do they know they are being controlled by their own ignorance. I thought about sharing my perspective but different things crossed my mind. By protesting this now I could ruin the camping for my friends, I could be booked and arrested and even beaten up. I have seen viral videos of police in India beating up their subjects on the streets for not complying on the lockdown rules. I could also be booked and my bike could be confiscated for not carrying certain documents that I'm legally required to carry while riding the bike. Now all this for what ‐ for not pretending to be a responsible citizen? Ofcourse the police or anyone would think I'm a lunatic if I share the science. Even some of my open minded friends thinks so. "What does this guy know in comparison to the million other qualified doctors of this country?" It didnt seen worth all this. It would be much easier to just get on with it. 

Some years before , the Indian govt made it mandatory to stand up in movie theaters for the song called national anthem they played before the movie started. It was supposed to be an expression of patriotism. How stupid can the Indian legal department become? I have sat and protested when I was supposed to stand up and at times quietly complied. I have felt less than what I really am whenever I conformed and sovereign when I didn't. 
On the same note, is it not my right whether to wear a seat belt, helmet  carry driving licence etc and many other things. Would I start protesting for it as well?  There might also be other things that I allow without consent like using this smart phone for instance. 

I understand to wear the mask or not , to protest or not are all expressions ones one's sovereignty and courage. Nothing can be forced and everyone's on their unique journey. Its interesting I misspelled forged instead of forced. Through these situation the soul can be forged!

I know Openhand is not asking anyone to be one way or another and it's all a reflection. So I thought I would provide a reflection of my thoughts on this as well. 

Vimal 🙏


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I absolutely understand the dilemma Vimal - where it comes to challenging the lockdown measures such as masks.

Let me offer an observation: the more we acquiesce to the lockdown measures, the stronger they seem to be getting - right?
Clearly that's because of a hidden agenda of controlling society and also manipulating our health/DNA etc.
So the question in any given circumstance would be: firstly, what does my soul say? Secondly, how much freedom am I prepared to give away for an apparent cost?

So in your example, you list the apparent cost...

By protesting this now I could ruin the camping for my friends, I could be booked and arrested and even beaten up.

Yes, any of this might be possible. But the same question holds - what is the price of your soul? And your freedom?
I also definitely believe it's right to "choose your battles". But if as a society we continue to acquiesce, then humanity will progressively lose his freedom and democratic rights. I find the teaching of Gandhi against the British Empire in India an inetersting analogy. BUT it is a different situation for sure. I do still believe the lesson holds true...

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So here's a related situation of a Police Officer actually assaulting a chap on a tube in the UK for not wearing a mask. The guy rejects strongly, and whilst I don't advocate the aggression, nevetheless, the police officer is assualting him by man-handling him and he has every right under the law to defend himself.

If people understand the common law, this can much more readily be dealt with using the following statements...

I. I am exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons.
2. It's against the equality act to try to force me to do so.
3. I have no contract with you.
4. I do not consent to the coronavirus act.
5. I stand under the jurisdiction of the common law.
6. If you arrest me under the act, that is false arrest and kidnapping.
7. If you put your hands on me, that is assault.
8. What is your name and number?
9. I hereby serve you a personal notice of liability to the tune of £10k for assaulting me.
10. I hereby serve you a personal notice of liability of £20k if you conduct a false arrest on me.

This is what we must learn and be prepared to act upon. Notice in the video how the fellow passengers come to his support. In Italy right now, 50,000 shop keepers are defying the lockdown and opening their businesses. Where the police go into the shops and try to close them, they're finding themselves surrounded by customers who are strongly protesting.

So again, I ask the questions: what is the cost of your freedom? What is the price of your soul?
Only your soul can answer that in any given situation. But we need to be clear that we're not simply compromising through fear of the potential outcome.

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Hi Open

For the past week I've been working with a choice that seems impossible to make.  I've said from the beginning of all this that I will not get tested and so far have been able to maintain sovereignty with that decision.  I have not wavered even though friends and family have gotten tested and officials have been recommending it even if you have no symptoms.

My son is graduating from medical school this spring and has been applying to residency programs.  Here in the States there is a Match Day.  Every graduating medical student in the country finds out on the same day where they are going.  Each medical school holds a ceremony and one at a time they find out.  It is a huge deal, bigger than graduation.  To date this will be the most important event in his (3D) life and I truly want to be there to support him.

Last week I found out every person who attends (and this year it is limited to only 2 people per student) has to bring proof of a negative test done within a week of the event and wear a mask the entire time (something else I've not been doing).  When you say firstly, what does my soul say - it feels like I'm being ripped apart.  Getting tested does not feel like something I'm able to do and wearing a mask feels like giving up soul sovereignty.  Yet when I think about not going I feel immense pain at the soul level.  Because I can't choose I've been working with that and with what's coming up.  It's a lot with no break throughs so far.  Then when you said I also definitely believe it's right to "choose your battles" I could breathe again.  I know you don't mean just give in but to me those words meant it's ok if I consciously choose to attend.  I still have to work through all the tightness and make sure it's truly the right answer and I'm not just using your words as a permission slip.  Plus even if I decide to go, I don't know that I can actually go through with getting tested.  

Not sure if any of this is even making sense as I'm still in the thick of it all.


In reply to by Ann B

Yes it's truly tough out there Ann. Yes, there will be plenty of impossible choices to confront.

And so there's masses to gain from the inquiry - whichever way you go.

A couple of things to consider: 1) we are at war. This is World War 111, where a sureptitious consciousness is trying to gain control of our lives. It is no less serious than war and it will most definitely play on the emotional plane - that's where most people have maximum investment. 2) The phrase "support him" popped strongly out. What does that mean to you exactly? And what would truly aligned support for his soul's path mean?

I do most definitely empathise with the challenges.

Much love

Open HeartPraying Emoji

Somehow this tickles me. When the world no longer makes sense, well, we can dance!...

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This just made me jump off the couch and dance Heart

Dance! Dance! Dance! Till the mind gets completely empty Smliing


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Brings back fond memories of hanging out under the night sky with Tjinder Singh at Glastonbury Festival many years ago.

I had no idea who he was until his friend told me. The best way to meet somebody "famous". 

LOVE the song AND the dancing!

Second posting aaargh!
Lost the first one just as I was finishing it grrr! 😲
So I'm  typing it up and copying and pasting this time ha haaaa!

Firstly I want to share something that happened a few months ago.
I had to go to the local doctor and arrived at the clinic door only to have the secretary lunge at my head with an infrared temp gadget which I refused. I put my wrist up instead and she said it had to be the head. So I said she could use my personal digital themometer under my tongue instead, she went all weird like I was a nutter and said she'd  check with her boss. It was have the zap to the head or no entry!!!!!
So I had my consult in the backyard of the clinic under the Jacaranda trees in full bloom, quite pleasant really. Much nicer than  the gloomy clinic.  
Then a month later my horse kicked me in the legs and broke one of them, so off to the hospital (o joy, NOT) So I was once again subjected to the gadget to the head but i put up my wrist and they did it on that and gave me a mask, which I wore under my chin like a beard, as its very hard to cry with a mask on as it gets sucked up ones nostrils on the in breath. I was in so much pain I didnt want to cause a scene if I refused to take the mask. I must say I was scared they wouldnt treat me if I didnt take the damn thing to be honest. I wasnt that courageous at the time.
I had an oxymeter thing on my finger once in the cubicle and did an experiment wearing the mask to see how my oxygen level was compared to no mask. Well the difference was quite significant. So people are depriving themselves of oxygen wearing masks!
Fast forward to today. I felt to put on some music and sing with my rusty voice and as I proceeded I felt a strong urge to put on some D&B very loud and went ballistic dancing and singing at the top of my lungs for about an hour n half non stop waahoo!
It was incredible!  I felt like as I was doing it I was breaking up or through, dense energy or something! I have never experienced anything quite like that before. Afterwards I felt so exhilarated (and just a wee bit nauseated  prob from such vigorous movement, anyway it subsided not long after)
I will be doing some more of that for sure.
I also have been led to connect to two very ancient standing people that reside side by side on my property they must be hundreds o years old as they are humongous! very grounding indeed and amazing energy but next time I wont be taking the dogs with me as they are too beserk to allow deep listening lol.
So I will be exploring with them in the coming days. 
I feel very blessed.
I would love to video them as they are magnificent, my phone is too old and scratched for that though. I will see if I can do it on my tablet fingers crossed.
So that's some of my latest goings on.
Much love and big hugs
Erin 💚🌳🐎


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Hi Zee - you cannot imagine how many times when I've come to make these films that somehow the technology failed, someone walked in front of the camera, the batteries packed up at a key moment or it started to rain so heavy I couldn't record. This morning shooting my final film, it was so cold, I thought I'd get frost bite in my fingers!! So I greatly admire and support your persistance - it's an essential part of the soul - hence the rat medicine. The Sun Emoji

Hats off to you for challenging the bogus sicence. Thumbs Up Sign

A good thing to do next time (for everyone tuning into the same issue) is to ask them to quote the scientific evidence that masks actually help and not hinder, that temp tests are just as effective on the wrist as the head, that DNA can be gathered from anywhere - one's pee, or inside the mouth, are just as effective as up the nose - so why do they need to go that far? Ask them to explain the science of why they're doing it. And if they want to persist anyway, issue them a notice of liability - get their name and explain that should you come to any harm, you'll hold them personably liable. Ask them to sign a disclaimer. I wrote about all of this including where to get the notice of liability forms in this main article I wrote months ago. If you do this firmly, but with empathy, you may well find they become more accomodating to your alternative suggestions. Will it fail? Yes, probably plenty of times. Is that then worth giving up? It depends on how much one values one's open and connected consciousness.

Here's the lead article on that...
Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

We can't pay lip service to this anymore if we are to succeed and thrive. We must take positive action. And I can tell you, where people are issuing notices of liability, it is working, even with the police.

This is what I mean by taking sovereignty - yes, we will have to put ourselves out.
What we need to realise a war is being conducted on our consciousness. What can be more important than finding ways to navigate that?

Blessings and much support to you and everyone tuning in.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

22/01/21 Sword and the Stone Vlog: I'm close to home now, nearing the completion of this tremendous experience. I do hope you've all been gaining from it too. My purpose has been to motivate and inspire, to share pathways through this enfolding density and to show that it CAN BE DONE! The immaculate feeling all the way through, has been that the higher 5D light is rippling strongly through the density. You can pick it up and ride it for all its worth. And that truly is an enthralling white knuckle ride. It brings you alive!

I find nature speaking, oh so strongly. Which is shear paradise when it happens. The guidance of creatures out there is abound and abundant - thankyou blessed mother Gaia! Heart

And humour.
Lest we forgot this was all really a game!
So find the space to laugh and smile at it all.

With that all in mind, I trust you'll enjoy my latest sharing...


Open HeartPraying Emoji

Hi Open,

I did nothing to try to fix not being able to get in here for 2 days due to a revoked security code error, since I'm not tech savvy at all.  But tonight I clicked the link and things are magically restored.  I'm in.  lol  Sometimes when google chrome has issues, I guess people complain enough that they fix the issues.  Happy to be back and can watch the vlogs now.

Namaste, Praying EmojiHeart


Can you feel the way the world has shifted of late?
What will it take now?
It'll take plenty of 5D lightworkers, in their makeshift crafts,
to get the "troops" off the 3D beaches.
Could you be one of those?

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I had no idea these two guys had ever recorded together, I loved that!

Such acceptance, yet still a powerful sense of forging on. 

Thank you for sharing Heart Eyes Emoji


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Ok, just one more, can't resist this masterpiece, it's so uplifting...

Van Morrison himself said, "'Beside You' is the kind of song that you'd sing to a kid or somebody you love. It's basically a love song, just a song about being spiritually beside somebody."

For me, it's about freedom - to express, to explore, to breathe, to be. Exactly opposite of control, of opposing consciousness.


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Give us a break, Open! We're not all techie film buffs Smiling With Sweat Emoji

I had so many contemplations between the first exploration and making a video:

On your last tour I felt like maybe I'm holding myself back by not having a decent phone? So I went through the tech-resistance and looked for what to buy. Got one, tried making a video and sending it to you and it got "lost in the ether" so never arrived. Crying

So What? At least I'd tried, quite a revelatory moment, I realised I'd enjoyed it! I now started talking into my phone at least a couple of times a week. Near home, far from home, in my home, anything I was contemplating, feeling, looking at. How to hold the phone? Is my arm long enough? Do I look at the camera or not? What do I say? Well, anything that arises, seems like the place to start!! Just pulling on the thread of creativity. Between Christmas and New Year I went to visit the Singing Ringing Tree, I'd seen a photo of it in my local bank of all places! So that would be why my banking app didn't work and led me into the bank, thank you Universe Praying Emoji Else I'd never have visited that incredible place, a real Spirit-lifter in full lockdown, a "forbidden" excursion. What utter and total tosh!!!! NO-ONE CAN KEEP ME FROM EXPLORING THE LAND I LOVE Heart Anyway, I tried editing bits of my film, I had no idea I should have shielded the phone from the wind. Were such loud ripping wind sounds even possible to make a video with? In the end I loved the noise, it seemed to evoke memories of Open telling me about his etheric trip through a black hole, getting shredded more and more and ever more. Just what needs to happen to all the gloopy, dense, stagnant, controlling energy . Perfect! But what to do with the clips I'd put together? It didn't seem to have anywhere to go...

Then yesterday, I could hear your heartfelt plea for us to join you in video making, to express and amplify the energy. Yet I had no pull to go out anywhere, what to do? Last night I decided to trawl through my meanderings of the last couple of months, and there it was, the half-done starting point, and pretty much on topic! So I literally got the creative bug, stayed up all night adding bits and figuring out how to add text etc. Then I even went so far as to learn how to put it on YouTube, I am the original tech numpty, so if I can do it all by watching a few "How To" videos, anyone can. Just start talking to your phone guys!! I got such a sense of satisfaction from it and it literally is all there on your phone, everything you need, in my case just the camera and the iMovie app. (I bought an iPhone 11, just the basic one. Its the last version to NOT be 5G enabled.)

I got even more satisfaction just now, as someone said today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st Century, what a great day to create my You Tube channel and my first video. Feels really auspicious. Thank you Open for all the inspiration. It feels like some kind of 100th monkey effect took place that I could make a video, or maybe its 100th video effect from watching yours Smiling Face with Closed eyes

Big love and encouragement to all, time to step up and step out!!!!!!


Tilly x



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Hi Tilly - I definitely do understand the challenge with technology - yes. Slightly SmilingHeartOK Hand Sign
BUT, I'm NOT buying it!

I know plenty of people enjoy this material and say they're uplifted by it. But where's the feedback loop? Where's the shared light of a simple comment?
Yet at the same time, (and I've witnessed it plenty), there'll be a happy tick, tick, tick on Facebook - liking this and that. On a government owned website that is tracking people's EVERY move - and it doesn't matter if you have an anonymous name on there, they track you by your IP address, which connects them  directly back to your computer and into everything: what you surf, your bank accounts, what you spend, the people you connect with.

For me, what I feel is that people have been far too distracted, this way and that. Hesitant, yes, which I understand, but we must overcome that.
At a plantary level, this lack of commitment is coming home to roost in a spectacular way now. Those tech giants that people inadvertenatly tune into (facebook, google, youtube, twitter, etc etc) and acquiesce to, everytime they use a smart phone, have simply lapped up the energy and taken over. Sucking people in. And then they censor alternative sites like this out of existence (or at least they're trying to!).

I so often hear people say they enjoy the Openhand site - that they gain masses from it. But yet won't even share a comment or share a link to something that motivates them and could resonate some uplifting light with the community. So I ask them to share articles and videos with other people. But do they? Seldomly according to the stats.

I can only call it how i see it.
Don't get me worng - I love everyone. Special, special people. Heart
But thus far, at a group level, we've been really poor at working together to ripple the light.
I've had to surrender a great deal to that over the years - a deep internal letting go.
Many times I asked myself, "what's the point?"
In the end, I resolved to do it simply as a form or personal expression, and to connect with you lovely souls who do show up. The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

I know I will have rattled a few cages in saying this,
but hey,
that's my job!

Fond blessings to all.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Dear Open ,

Thank you for all you do ! You are absolutely right. We need to step out more and do more ! 

It is time to get off our backsides and Freedom ain't free ! 

( I am currently working through a severe social back lash because I'm the n of 1 that's not submitting to the fake vaxx or the fake agenda . Oh and I have been told not to post about it on social media either - while everyone else takes selfies after the jab . ) Many many people are getting fever and chills after- which is what they were preventing  . I agree with Heather ,it feels like I am in some weird movie. Its so obviously crazy ! 

Thank you for being a veritable beacon in this crazy time . 


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Well, my excuse is that I don't go in for all this synthetic 2D stimulation (really). I realise and appreciate, that great art in the form of music, film, poetry, story telling, painting, sculpture, even fashion, and so on, from the Minds and Hearts of the Awakened ARE the means to create the Soul Shift, to awaken the Soul. But, I administer them only as and when, to myself. The sky, the animals, nature, the leaves dancing in the trees, the water rippling on the surface, people, the people shuffling around in their muzzles (only kidding - I Love them really), they are my staple muse. The ego defences at play here, are so seemingly impenetrable, I know only through my own. I stopped telling anybody anything a long time ago. A person needs to be brought to the place where they're ready to enquire. And as I say, the creations of the awakened, the ways of being of the awakened, the fruits of their expression, are the boats they will board. 

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Hey Heather,

Not sure exactly what you mean by "2D synthetic stimulation"? Are you referring to what's going on here? I can't believe that you are. Because it is anything but Slightly Smiling

I totally concur in the beauty of sharing with the sky, animals and nature. Absolutely, yes. However, I'm sure it hasn't escaped your attention that who is really in desperate need of this interconnective light right now is humanity. Homo Sapiens is destroying everything in nature that we hold dear, by ignorance and unconsciousness. So maybe giving just a little bit of that energy we connect so lovingly with, in the direction of humanity, might not be such a bad idea. What do you think?

Open Praying Emoji

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Through 2D screens, I don't spend much time with them.

I've worked with people directly most of my adult life.

They get plenty of my energy, and then some..


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Hi Heather - great to have you tune in, wonderful that you're doing healing work - the world needs it for sure. Slightly Smiling
If you were somehow under the impression that what we're doing here is merely 2D expression, then you'd be missing the point. What we often find is that mind and emotions are a way into the karmic layers of 4D and beyond. It's where they're blocked or avoided that further passage is thwarted.

Wishing you well.

Open Praying Emoji


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I can assure you. I'm well aware that what you're doing is multidimensional to the very nth degree! It's my computer that's 2D, to me! Maybe I'm blocked because I don't go online much anymore, it's possible. Thanks for the insight.

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And that's the crazy thing about the 3D isn't it - things get lost in translation!
Big bundle of love your way - it's by far easier to express!

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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Well, I'd put it down to those ego-defences again, but that's just me. Hahahaha...

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I have a large space where I operate my business from. I sculpt, draw, paint, make energetic structural devices, and make music, mostly piano. Although it's cathartic, art facilitates a state change, we all know that, it can transmute the energy of the observer. So it's definitely worthwhile cultivating whatever medium you chose to do that through. And it helps me dissipate the tensions generated by working, often with difficult people, and rising to the challenges the Universe often thrusts upon me. I hope that makes sense y'all..


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Yes, Open, Mr Catalyst, I totally get that. 

Since I took over the admin role with Openhand only a few weeks ago, it's obvious people do like to ask questions, but sometimes do it "behind the scenes". Even about the current thread, or latest Vlog, yet they send an email rather than write a post! It does rather bypass the purpose of the website! And even when I ask them to copy and paste their question onto the website, with profuse promises to do so, they then ........ don't! CryingAnguishedCrying SOOO pleeeease, if you have a question (that's not actually a booking enquiry) but a spiritual life dilemma, lack of clarity, experience of any sort, pleeeease, post  it to the website, you can use an alias name and do so in complete privacy, but it all adds to that feedback loop and movement of energy. It also means you will get a one-to-one answer from Open, and maybe some other lovely people around the world too! And do share videos and tell people about us, these are challenging times to network through the net! There's so much upkeep involved guys in keeping a big site going, so please reflect the value of it to you by interacting. 

AND, please, if you haven't been on a course yet, do join us!!! There just is no substitute for experiencing the work, and to being in the company of so many people who are on the same page is intensely uplifting in these dense times. Plus you are supporting Openhand to keep the work going. We have three coming up in quick succession See here:


The times in UK for this one are 3pm until 8.30pm


The times in UK for this one are 7am until 12.30pm

We have an in person Retreat planned for Devon in April, subject to the venue being functional again:


Do come, be inspired, be wrung out and re-filled, be enlightened, be YOU!! Let us know you are out there, let's connect! There is no time to waste!

WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU WITH OPEN ARMS Star EmojiHeartMoon emoji iconThe Sun EmojiHeartStar Emoji

Tilly Kiss


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Although I have been encouraged at your courage to tour at this time, Open, I did feel somewhat irritated by being goaded into sharing more and being told that we're not doing enough as a group, which means, via your site. I read occasionally; this is why and I why I don't usually comment.


I also found irony in your stating, rightly, that facebook tracks us all, but yet you use it and post all your videos via YouTube and use recaptcha, which are both google, and equally spying on us. 


I would ask that people use alternatives to these platforms, for they're not part of the light and are censoring many that are.


Perhaps we are doing our lightworking in other ways, but the fact that we visit here is something. I also note that the fact you're keeping stats on us is also a form of watching and ask if this is necessary and in line with what you purport to be?

In reply to by Mitchell (not verified)

Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for your honesty. Allow me to respond, equally honestly.

Firstly, there is a huge difference between "goading" (people to post) and encouraging. And if you feel irritated by it then I would reflect that irritation is a reaction, and therefore something to be owned and worked with. Secondly, you are perfectly free not to frequent the site.

Yes, the drupal program, which our platform is built upon, does record stats of what pages are visited - that's as far as it goes. The program is an open source one that has no central authority and no agenda other than to produce a user-friendly content management system - actually state of the art. We do not have the resources to track what IP belongs to what person, even should we want to. The only person that views the colated stats at all, is me. And the only thing I'm paying attention to, is what external websites link to our articles - so we can make connections to alternative and otherwise censored organisations. We use captcha on our comment forms only to prevent automated spam postings and denial of service attacks by automated robots.

This is a HUGE cry from the likes of facebook, google and youtube, who track your IP and from that your actual identity, your various usage of the web in general, who you connect with, what you watch across all platforms, what you spend, who you bank with etc etc etc. To compare us with them, is to compare a single fishing line with a fleet of trawlers.

So why do we still use them ourselves? A good question - one that we're constantly monitoring. It just so happens that billions of people still use them - the very people we're working to connect with. But yes, we are looking at other platforms too, such as telegram and bitchute. The likelihood is we'll move off the mainstream media platforms in due course. Right now though, Openhandweb is being heavily censored and so we're using the best means we can to connect with people where they are. I would like it to be different, but that's how things are right now.

If you find any of this disagreeable Mitchell, then you're perfectly free of course to go elsewhere.

Best wishes

Open Praying Emoji

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I tackled the same dilemma recently wanting to switch my accounts of communication and information from big-tech platforms to alternatives. Ironically, when invited my friends from the big platform everyone is using currently to move with me to alternative one only three or four out of one hundred did that straight away, two more asked where do I "move" (thinking physical location :) )... I get that others even have no little idea what I am talking about! This privacy taking over is not happening first day or first year. I am sitting with this dilemma for couple of years at least. But enough is enough! Even though we are still being tracked from other places but for me is a matter of principle - will move away from "giants" once I set up new alternative networks what I am looking at right now.

We need to be patient, very patient, not irritated. It's the time of realignment - that's how do I see things...

Best wishes to all and let's stay peaceful and friendly

Oodles of love HeartHeartHeart



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I gravitated toward Openhand initially, as I had some psychic detritus to process. Openhand reminded me of a Spider in a web in the early days, if I'm honest. The videos would speak of such softness, kindness and community. Then when you posted, it was humiliating, hurtful, I'd go so far as to say re-traumatising, not just for me. That's what fascinated me about it, witnessing the transactions, it simply fascinated me, as have many other shadows. I was also over in the SouthWest for three years studying Counselling and Psychoanalysis in Bristol, so I hung out in Glastonbury. I was a way down the path of awakening, awakening senses and perceptions, that give rise to numerous abilities. I don't know anyone from here personally, but from what I gather from videos and so on, I am the antithesis of the Openhander, in every possible way. It's like a sharp suit on Glastonbury High Street, it doesn't belong. And that was me hurting myself. I wanted to belong to a community, I thought I needed to belong to a community. But I found myself an outsider, on the road to becoming an Individual. I check in every few years of late, and it feels like meeting an old friend. No harm done.

In reply to by Open

Continuing on. For me, the experience here, was definitely re-traumatising, so so painful. I was beyond taking my own life at this stage, but I wouldn't assume others are Open. I can only talk about this now, because I'm so certain it was a necessary part of my life. I was severely abused by alcoholic parents, until my mid-teens when I ran away. Emotionally, physically and environmentally. Starved of adequate resources, clothing, books, company, friends, I wasn't allowed out. My father used to get drunk, then a session with me could go on for hours every day of my growing up. I was a disturbed child, I had to have extra help in school to get me reading and writing. I was a little retarded you might say. Into early adulthood, you can imagine, gravitating to abusers, the situation got worse. I started attempting suicide from the age of 7, but I was scared to die. I didn't know would happen if I killed myself, what was beyond. i just wanted to pain so desperately to stop. My brain was moulded by this, all it could generate from within was despair. I would most certainly be dead now if it wasn't for a sound wave therapy, a little like the singing bowls only via audio. I started listening every day for an hour, sometimes two, about fifteen years ago, and gradually, my brain rewired. Rarely do I witness the level of compassion that I am personally capable of, in the world around me. My shrink teacher in Bristol once said that the best therapists had the most terrible starts in life. I think he intuited, and I believed him. I go amongst rude, or stinking, or arrogant, or scruffy, or greedy, or whatever, people, and I feel such a compassion from my being my eyes hold back burning tears. I would never wish to cause any pain to another being no matter who they were. And for those in pain, I can connect with them, and understand them, in a way you couldn't, if you didn't know. Believe it or not, my life isn't about me anymore. It's about all the others. I'm here to be of benefit to the world in my every word and act. Rest assured, we ARE OUT HERE. We ARE making a difference. That's WHY we're here! And I couldn't think of anything better to do.  

In reply to by Open

Such wonderful, wonderful people, so special, to be sure! How wonderful in conclusion, I've found in myself now, so much more!

Bye Folks - Keep shining!

In reply to by Heather (not verified)

Heather - it's for sure courageous that you managed to show a glimpse of your earlier experiences here - that is for sure commendable. And that anyone should have to suffer such experiences, for me demonstrates that there is still a great deal of karma to be processed. I feel for everyone out there who still has this kind of density to go through. Heart

I see this kind of thing all the time in the karmic regressions that people go through and the Openhand work helps them come to terms with. Whilst the childhood abuse you've suffered has been clearly traumtic, and ultimately no one should have to suffer, neverthless it is widespread, and I've seen far far worse than you've described - people having suffered ongoing satanic sexual ritual as children for example. And what we've hardly scratched the surface of, is how humanity was hybridised in the first place - which is why so many women (especially) carry birthing trauma. This still has to be processed to be cleared on a broad scale at a human level - still so much work to be done.

Heather you said that you're experience here was "was definitely re-traumatising, so so painful". Do you mean this thread has done that, and my challenges about people in spiritual mainstream generally not stepping up to the plate - is that what you mean? It's not clear. But generally I would say to anyone, that true healing is not reframing the experience or politely ignoring unpaletable truths or perspectives. No matter how painful, to truly heal, is to go right into the epi centre of the original karmic wound. What Openhand has developed are processes to help people regress into these places and to compassionately hold them there, in the knowing that they are not alone, until they can truly equalise with it. Only then does true healing take place because that fragment of soul that was stuck in the karma is met and integrated. If a wound contiunes to open, or continues to re-traumatise, then it is not yet healed.

Yes, I've come across plenty of people on the verge of suicide. The approach is the same: to be courageous enough as a healer to allow them to explore the experience, and the likely consequences, without talking them out of it or judging. Often a healer fears to go into this place with them and this then communicates energetically to the person, which actually makes it worse, it only perpetuates the attachment they have to it. However if, as a healer, you can hold the space for it, without energetically retracting yourself, they'll feel your rock steady confidence. Then to explore with them, "what is it now that is worth living for?" When someone is truly suicidal, it's actually only in the pit, where they discover the will to live - and for that to be lasting, it must be their own will, not that induced or reframed by the healer. They have to be held in it, until they find the will to live for themselves. Then they can truly heal.

I wish you well on your journey Heather, and may you grace the Openhand shores as and when the path guides.

Open HeartPraying Emoji

In reply to by Open

I wanted to write a quick message, as I guess many people will be reading this thread, may be triggered by some of the things that were written.

Reading words on a screen is such a limited way of communicating - we read these squiggly lines on the screen and attach all kinds of projection onto them according to our own perception of reality and our own karma. 

Sometimes, the words that Open writes can be interpreted as challenging, triggering, perhaps even judgmental. But, anyone who's come to a retreat will have felt the compassionate and non-judgmental energy behind the words, even when the words themselves can seem harsh. Open has never once during the many retreats I've been on expected others to to blindly agree to his views, excluded anyone from the work, or rejected or judged anyone's own truth. At least not in my perception. When he has challenged a truth it's always been within a framework of inquiry and with a mix of focus and compassion - what comes up from that is just a mirror - an opportunity for us all to work through our own stuff and formulate our own, fluid truths on the other side. 

Just though I'd add that - words very rarely convey the depth of feeling behind them - it's always helpful to be aware of how your own karma affects your perception of those words. 

In reply to by Richard W

Thanks for sharing the reflection Rich - appreciated. HeartPraying Emoji
Yes the words are often trigger points. And I share them because I'm given to - it's always given by the calling I can feel from the other soul, even if the wounded aspect does not want to go there. However it is always coming from a connection at a soul level.

We have to get real with what's going on in the world now, and with the true meaning of the shift.
As I said in one of the videos, the 5D is an extremely fast vibration that is much misunderstood. It's loving and compassionate yes, however it's extremely fast too (in comparisson to 3D). What does this mean exactly? It means that wherever a being languishes in some kind of physical or karmic attachment, the speed of vibration would immediately bounce them out of 5D consciousness. Hence, sometimes you may appear to be being cruel by being kind (in calling the karmic density).

Much love to all

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Stella Donnelly (not verified)

Hi Stella - a good question.

I would say the problem is not the spying, it's what they do with the intel. What I see happening (and plenty of others too), is a highly sophisticated (AI) gathering of informartion on psychology to then subert behaviourisms to suck people unconsciously into a synethetic agenda - the 4th Industrial Revolution. That's the problem!

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Stella Donnelly (not verified)

Hi Stella,

To answer whether being spied upon matters, you may want to spend time getting familiar with the work of Alison McDowell.

It's complex. A big subject, I've heard at least 6 hours of her interviews with different people. She's extremely knowledgeable about why being spied on is going to define the future unless we take back our sovereignty pretty damn quick and start saying, "No, No, No" in whatever way we can. Just whet your appetite by listening to 4mins36secs through to 6mins10secs. Then put some serious time aside to hear the full explanation.


Her blog is https://wrenchinthegears.com

She will blow your mind!



21/01/21 Sword and the Stone Vlog: Here we go then, today's sharing. Excuse me if I'm a little late, but I've been having a long drive! Come and enjoy, and be inspired by, my encounter with Excalibur...

I'm just about to jump into the nearest lake AFIRE with sheer abandon! I would send the footage, only I have an dumb old Nokia 3310. 

It'd be GREAT! to see video footage, walk and talks and adventures from other Openhander's on this blog! I've set the intention to do so myself!

I don't know anybody in the flesh who doesn't believe hook line and sinker in this scammed-demic, yet it's almost not a part of my reality (like all the other BULLSHIT).

After all the simply weird or impossible events I've been through on my awakening, this situation, I still cannot come to terms with, I have to pinch myself to believe it's happening.

I'm ready to give my life if I have to, it's as simple as that.

Hey Openhanders, I have a question - where are you?

Where are your video snippets?
How are you expressing your freedom?
I've just had one clip from you all so far (thanks Gwyn & Martin - I'll post soon Heart).

Do you get what we're doing here?
In a world gone crazy, where the majority are cowering behind masks of submission,
it's time to decide, time to make a statement.

Who am I?
How do I dare to be?
What can I express?

Can you feel the separation of the two worlds now?

We can do this.
I can tell you from my tour thus far through the 5 nations of Great Britain,
all in full lockdown,
That the light DOES break through, and it CAN carry you.
It bobs and weaves, ducks and dives, blends and emerges,

dances and designs,
and above all,

Where's your attrention? Social media? The next BIG story that the next BIG leader is going to resolve for you?
It's all just a ploy to keep you cosy on the sofa. YOU are the President now!

So what will you do with your appointment?
How will you make this moment sing?
Can you feel this energy that Openhand is opening up?
Come and make this trail of light broader, deeper, stronger.
Show the world how free you are. And shoot a clip with that ridiculously smart Phone of yours -
do something useful with it!

So I ask, as the BS now hits the fan on a global level, where will you be?...


Open HeartPraying Emoji

In reply to by Open

It wouldn't surprise me if humanity continues on it's current trajectory for quite some time, and that more loss of life and liberty will occur, than at any other point in history. I know that may sound pessimistic, but I'm prepared for what might transpire, what is already happening. I guess that gives us a great opportunity to cultivate our beings! evolve our souls! grow ever beyond!

Open, thank-you for your wonderful uplifting videos, the remedy to every ill, answer to every question

Is authentic beingness!!

For sure X

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Hi Heather - yes, humanity has unconsciously chosen a path into darkness by blind acquiescence to supposed authority and handing over power to the tech giants. I see that too. The next few years are going to be very challenging indeed as a result.

That said, as I've shared again and again in this vlog (I trust it comes across), personally I am still completely optimistic for the future.

Because the future is NOT ABOUT 3D EARTH!
That will all be cleansed in due course.
The only question remaining now is, "who will take the opportunity to see they're own karmic shadow and unravel out into 5D?
Time for us to send out the Dunkirk lifeboats - get the "troops" off the beaches!

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Wow Open! I can’t believe you jumped into the cold water. It must have been freezing!

I see the cold dip as an invitation, an invitation to all of us to level up our game, because sooner or later, we will have to come face with face with what’s taking place in the world nowadays, anyway. We are already seeing humanity being trapped on a scale unprecedented in our times, and it might seem like we are in the wildest times in human history, but it is only going to get wilder.

Gaia is prepping for a fundamental shift of monumental proportions, activating the “chakra centres” and “meridians” of her physical body. And as she shifts and grows her consciousness back into being fully awake and aware, we will be seeing the collapse of the archaic system on a much larger scale. For many people, they will look at this process over the next years as the “end times”…and they are.

I travelled with the dragon energy a few nights ago (after watching one of the vlog videos), and the energy took me to the Rocket temple, outside Ubud in Bali. It is a very dear place of mine, where the multidimensional knowing vibrates from every stone and piece of land.

It is there where the two dragons (the feminine energy, or also called the Rainbow Serpent and the masculine energy, known as the Plumed Serpent) meet. For the people who are not familiar with the dragon cycles I just want to explain that the sacred places on Earth are connected through ley lines. I like to call them mother earth’s veins because they spread energy and information from place to place. J Where two or more lines pass each other it is said to be a sacred and powerful, even a healing place. Many describe some of these places as earth’s chakras.

As both dragons travel across the planet crossing the earth’s chakras they only meet twice at chakra two, Lake Titicaca and at the world purification centre, Bali.

Anyway, back to my meditation - I initially wondered why the energy took me there. Yes, it is a place that I love and have visited many times, but it didn’t make sense to me, at first, how this was connected to Sword and the Stone vlog journeys. The temple comprises a collection of ancient shrines carved into the face of a rock cliff and Buddhist monks used to live and meditate there. There is a cascading waterfall that you can walk behind, and it was there where years ago I experienced what I can only describe as sitting in “time-space capsule” or “frozen piece of time”. 

Slowly, as I stopped paying attention to the mind and deepened into the meditation, I started seeing more - the place used to be Bali’s valley of kings. I could clearly see a sword, its shape wasn’t straight but rather meandering - nothing that I had seen before or could compare to. So the first thing I did on the next morning was to google Balinese swords and there it was the exact sword I saw in my meditation.

 It’s called Keris, and it is a double-edged dagger used by the Malay royalty as both a weapon and a ritual object widely believed to be endowed with mystical powers. Many people had been quoted to have seen fire from a burning shipping vessel transferred to the mainland simply by using the keris and owners of keris were required to conduct special ceremonies to retain the weapon's supernatural powers.

That day, while walking outside I also saw the Keris in the sky. I’m attaching both images. J


Love, Desi  

Balinese sword (Keris) via Google


Balinese sword (Keris) via the Universe and the law of synchronicity :)