The Adventure of Your Lifetime is here...Let's Make it Epic

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Pause for a few moments. Put on some soulful music. Breathe. Let breath carry you deep within. Imagine you're taking a flight to a favourite destination. Take the seat belt off this one though, and feel the roaring power of the engines sweeping you steadily aloft into the clouds. Where are you going? Where will it lead? The Great 5D Shift has begun its inexorable ascent. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime. Let's make it epic!

Embrace any fear as an Inspirational Doorway

On 3D earth we've now crossed the rubicon, stepped into unknown territory within this Great 5D Shift of Consciousness. Accelerating transformation of our biosphere (brought on by galactic and solar cycles); society in tumultuous transition; the "Sixth Mass Moving On" of life is well underway, with species leaving at the phenomenal rate of up to 200 per day. Wow.

Are you afraid? Anxious? It's okay. It's understandable. The fight or flight mechanism is sparked by such transformational catalytic energy. The mind will likely react often, forming judgments about what that might mean. Will I be hurt? Maybe I'll die? It's okay. From the moment you were born, you were already embarked on a pathway to your passing on - the transformation into another form of existence.

It's totally natural to feel the contraction of fear, it's what we do with it that counts. Embrace it and feel into it. Explore how it might hold you back and contract you down - soften through. When you do so, with complete surrender, always a magical doorway opens into vast expansiveness on the other side.

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Contemplate that next time it happens to you; feel into it. Soften into the deep presence at the core of it, then direct the energy to unwind through. It becomes incredible, breathtaking, epic…

Like the Gazelle swiftly scampering across the savannah, the buffalo stampeding and the salmon leaping up the stream back to its source. What incredible energy. Close your eyes, visualise it now, feel it coursing through your own veins. Let it surge through you by feeling into it.

Nothing to Lose - except the sense of loss itself

Are you concerned about loss? Most likely about loved ones. But it could be a cherished home or our once beautiful habitat. Yes it's understandable, but loss is not possible to The One in You. Everything is contained within. The love you feel was, and always is, in your heart. Furthermore, it always gets recreated, remanifested, down the flow. It's only in this moment that the mind can diminish the feeling of connection and inloveness, by needing it to be in a particular form - this way or that. And only this causes sense of loss.

The paradox is, when you let go of your need for it to be a certain way, you open up to the potential that it can be a multitude of ways - the experience always improving, always evolving.

So what about change? Are you resistant to that? It's understandable too. The ego likes predictability, it likes the soft comforts that placate it. But in a universe of constant change, change is the only constant. Pause once more. Embrace that. Look for change, feel for it in your life. And let inevitable change confront and unravel the places you get tight, where you're still hanging on. Feel the ties unwinding and stripping away inside.

You find that where you realise you have absolutely nothing to lose,
because you know you can't control the Universe or what transpires,
then it can liberate you to live in complete soulful freedom from consequence.
That's when you have an enormous opportunity just to say...
"Well, I might as well just get on with it, and take life as it comes."
And then another realisation:
"Why not take the gloves off and make my journey epic!"

Taking the gloves off

Keep going my friends. Keep digging. Keep delving deep into all those areas which limit and restrict. Visualise yourself taking the gloves off. Feel as deep as you can into the moment. Penetrate it with intimate sensitivity. Explore - feel through your skin into the tingling energy. Transcend. And as you do, you pick up the flow of the moment - the real one. The one which is now steadily rising and breaking through the foundations of this old reality. Like a flooding river, bursting through its banks.

Let the current take you.

This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime - of all lifetimes. You have a front-row seat. You're going to witness the most spectacular sights imaginable. Take the blinkers off. See reality the way it really is - life transforming into something new. And as you break through the limitations of what's contracting you into the consequence of the old, a whooshing feeling comes through you. Of amazing power. Like a tsunami. The restraints are breaking. Let the energy increasingly surge through you.

How do you feel to be? How do you want to express? What do you feel to do in this moment?
That's the awesome opportunity when you realise 'tomorrow' may not happen.
It's the inspiration to commit to an epic life right now.

Authentic Creation follows Authentic Expression

Let the surge carry you to your passion. What brings you alive? What would you die for - do you know yet? Find it, and then live for it, as if there's no tomorrow.

Here's the tremendous opportunity: living your true passion, connects the dots of 5D consciousness, your souls longing, which is immensely creative, weaving new possibility as the old unravels itself.

So whatever it is, begin it now. Where you are. With exactly what you've got. You already have exactly what you need to begin. And authentic creation follows authentic expression.

If you truly are in the flow of your passion, the right resources will come to meet you, because the New Paradigm is already shaping around you. Begin it, now. The adventure of your lifetime is here. So in whatever you do, in whatever small way you can, make it epic!

Openhand Ascension Portal: An Epic Adventure...

Here at Openhand we're tremendously inspired in this tumultuous shift to help you live a blessed and adventurous journey; one that unleashes the maximum spiritual potential in you. it's what fuels our passion. Inspired? Then dive in and join people around the world making their lives epic...

Openhand Ascension Portal: Your Epic Adventure Begins Here

Bright Blessings

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As of late these articles are speaking to me in a different way.  Each sentence there is a clicking into place, ahhh yes that feels right and make sense deep inside my being.  

My soul was craving for movement and boy that is exactly what I co-created.  An opportunity to bring the mental chatter to a stop and assess and reevaluate how I've been living my life up until this point.  Playing small and hiding at every turn.  The tension in the solar plexus continues to tighten inwards.  

I've now reached a choice point in my journey.  The thought of going back to playing small and hiding is not an option.  That old way if being has finally reached it's expiration date!

I'm now filled up with this fire inside of me.   Burning away the tension and knots in my solar plexus, one conscious breath at a time.  I sit with the tension of opposites within me and become a midwife for this energy to move through me.  

Things are beginning to click within and without.  The mind finally softening it's grip that it has had on me all of these years.  Beginning to see people, places, situations and things with new eyes.  It's almost as if I'm able to bypass the mental chatter and peer into another's soul just by looking into their eyes.

I feel that everything that I've learned and explored here has prepared me for this particular point in time.  This feels much deeper than intelectualizing the material, I feel it in my bones.

With all this being said, I look back and realize that there is no going back.  That old reality is on fire, internally and externally.   

I look to the future with new eyes.  Feeling inspired, encouraged and empowered just to be wholeheartedly me in every moment.  

Looking forward to the adventure a head!

Thank you Open and the community!

With deep love and gratitude,



10/11/2023 When You've Got Nothing to Lose:

I'd say the most tremendous state of being possible in the Universe is when you know you've got nothing to lose. When you've accepted that and settled into it. Why so?

You're no longer efforting, grasping or striving.
This is powerful. It means you're unlikely to distort the soul's signals that come through.

And the soul will come through.
You've created the space. Let go of every manifestation and so, you've opened into infinite potential.
Now anything, literally anything can happen.

You and I are currently engaged in the greatest unravelling mechanism in this planet's history. The Opposing Consciousness continues its shenanigans desperately trying to hang onto the reins of the old reality a while longer. But ultimately it will fail. The galactic forces arrayed against it are simply too overwhelming.

Where does that leave us?

With the most enormous opportunity simply to be, do and express.
Settle in the Sacred Ground of Being - deepen into that as much as you can.
Ride the flows of authentic soul that you can feel emerging from there.
As you feel the wave building in you, jump onto it, with all your vigour, aliveness and commitment.
You're catching the universe beginning to course through you, like a surfer riding a wave.
This is how to make every moment epic.

And why not? You have simply nothing to lose!

Open 🏄‍♀️

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Dear Open ,

As I write this ,I have just returned into the heavy constricted vibration of Delhi from a place of very high vibration in the Himalayas . 

A lot in my life is at the crux of breaking down. A lot of new aspects in relationships and work seem to be gathering force and speed . 

It is both unnerving and exhilarating . In the mountain I was blessed with a chance to visit a remote temple deep inside old forests . In my mind's eye I could see that the whole valley is presided over by this large ancient renunciate and his tiger . The feminine energies were of fairies to which locals leave bindis and bangles . That along with the old trees was a heady mix . 

At the top of the climb is the temple which seemed to lift me up into the eighth chakra. I sensed a grand battle being fought in the ether for ownership of this powerful energy site . From my end I just stood in my own torus and aligned my self with benevolence. On our way back ,a fairy ....a butterfly big as my hand came to visit . 

These are interesting times to be alive ! 

Megha The temple at 10,000 feet



I had this realisation a month ago now. I just figured that we might not have that much longer left, so I need to go for it! Get cracking on all those things I want to do, and relationships I want to enjoy and make good. And since then, I've been having a great time! It's coincided with some rare periods where I've had a bit of time off parenting responsibilities, and I've let go of the need to be busy all the time, and have been going with the flow whatever that means. It's funny because tonights news is all about recessions and the extent of plastic pollution and crazy weather, and then I remember it's often all about paradoxes. It feels like the world is ending, but somehow it feels like something is just beginning too, and it's exciting! Sometimes terrifying but exciting too! And I feel very alive right now :) 


I felt to repost this motivational article again today - synchronicity asked me to...

The Adventure of a Lifetime is here...Make it Epic (scroll to the top)

Maybe you have a pause this summer. Take time out to consider what would make your life epic in the months and years ahead. I'm taking off on personal retreat in my camper next week, and for me, I can already feel what would make my life epic is to live in a more mobile fashion. So I'll embody that and see where the subsequent signs and synchronicity point to.

What about you? What do you feel in your soul that would make your life more epic right now?


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What would make my life more epic right now would be the return of my furry family member and an insight into where the gold is in his disappearance. 

Coz I cant see it at the moment. Any clues anyone????????

Erin 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭



Thank you for the energetic support I can certainly feel it and am eternally grateful.


Really glad to hear my own feelings of inspiredness resonating with you! Life is just too precious to waste on the appeasing the status quo. Man it can get dense here can’t it? I had quite the matrix of a morning with my attention being demanded this way... that way... this person, that person - it feels like my buttons are all being pushed by the universe simultaneously and I’ve been interestingly finding a lot of humor in it.  The gloves are off and instead of ducking and weaving or punching back I’m just transmuting the sh*t by emanating Me. It’s quite entertaining to see my own mischievous reflection in the eyes of others.

I particularly love that Jim Carrey father comment and just watched that bio documentary within the last month or so!

The squirrel that just popped up out of nowhere in the parking lot next to me is telling me to wrap it up and share something with you. The message is straight out of the movie (lol!) Risky Business:

“Sometimes, you just gotta say what the f***!”



This article definitely catalyzed Ray One in me. I felt energy surge up through my nervous system and cascade down around my crown.

I appreciate the support especially as I go into the density of the business world this week to deliver my truth.  It feels like everyone there is waiting on me and already assumes that I will embrace theirs - like the whole of the universe is holding its breath while everyone I know expects me to take the no-brainer, guaranteed path to success. To lead them how they want to be led. To be what they want me to be instead of who I am.




Freedom.  I would die for freedom. I have no idea what it looks like but I know what it feels like - and nothing less will ever do. 


I felt to draw attention to this article again today to make an important point....
The Adventure of a Lifetime is here...Make it Epic

I had the premonition not so long ago, that a time would come, when suddenly the veils fell away and many people became aware of the tremendous earth transformation now happening - especially in relation to abrupt climate change.

It's so important to equalise and normalise in that. AND AT THE SAME TIME, see the enormous opportunity in it. What do we honestly now have to lose? When you know you can't control the reality around you, why not take the gloves off and just live an authentic and adventurous life right now?

That's my encouragement to all. Let's feel within, express ourselves fully, and make our journey here epic.

Do check out the article, I'd love to build some energy around it by getting your feedback.

Much love to all

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Awesome!! Thank you for this sharing.

"This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime - of all lifetimes. You have a front row seat. You're going to witness the most spectacular sights imaginable. Take the blinkers off. See reality the way it really is. As you break through the limitations, a whooshing feeling comes through you. Of amazing power. Like a tsunami. The retraints are breaking. Let the energy increasingly surge through you."

Oh my!!!!its been forever since I broke something in the physical world, I'm always healing, piecing the puzzle together to create a sense of whole ness. A few days ago, a glass dish fell from my hand and shattered into a thousand pieces.. Then yesterday another glass bowl flew from my hand and shattered into a thousand pieces.... I felt sad at the loss, looking at the remnants of what was once configured to serve a perceived valuable purpose then my emotional attachment to the memories of serving food with loved ones, many since who have passed on. I felt a surge. Then today, I recalled the smashing sound, I recalled the sight of all the pieces in their own space, with their own edges clearly defined. Then I re read your sharing and all I see is breakthrough.. Break break break break... Through. I feel so incredibly much in this earth vessel. It is natural to be feeling seeing through the 3D veil, moving the body feeling fully within it as the separation is so evident these days. It all beaks!

Thank you for the inspiration!!

Much love

This song came on the radio today and it's been years since I heard it and today I really listened to the words and watched this video... Our energy is contagious in so many ways just allowing it to break through naturally and move us authentically!


Thanks open. I have taken steps and found the lanscape move in that direction with the support that i need with in the line of work that im doing. But this energy/feeling of not wanting to continue has been there for more than a year now. I want to stop efforting for the things that doesnt matter to me. I have learned what i needed to learn , its time to let these go. I could work on something else within me. Whatever steps i take its the same thing over and over again. Having to meet all expectation and getting fired for not meeting it. I think i have stopped progressing. I have once jumped into the heart of uncertainity to be in this space now. While posting i also get the part of me wanting change in these feelings but not what i have created in my reality. It wants to cling on to this certainity and yet wants to feel differrent


Hey Vimal - maybe you need to look for a step? To do something different - change the narrative. Then I'm sure the universal will move to meet you.

Open *OK*


Its a great article. Powerfull and inspiring or meant to be. But in thruth i dont feel any of these even fear or maybe its just that im not aware of it.I wish if i could. I feel a little excited coz of the change it will bring to the monotonous lifes. What am i missing. Im sure many can relate to this. Maybe its ignornce because of the powerlessness im feeling. I hope this brings surrender for the things im effortig for in my daily life.