Becoming the Alchemist: Creating the Conditions for Higher Alchemy to Flow

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One of the most influential and loved spiritual books out there is The Alchemist by Paulo Choelo. It's a marvellous demonstration of how you create alchemy by coming into the natural flow of the Universe. Paradoxically there's no longer a 'you' creating as such, alchemy is flowing through you and the landscape is then shaping around you. So how might we create the right conditions to amplify this universal phenomenon for maximum possibility? How might you become the alchemist?...

Sacred Ground of Being

There's a paradox and a balance to hold on the spiritual path if you yearn to infuse higher alchemy into your life. Firstly there's the requirement to open into the infinite potential of the Universe, which requires complete acceptance of what is - you come deep into your Sacred Ground of Being. But then the soul will emerge from there and begin to infuse your life on multiple dimensional levels.

In the lower dimensions of the physical, emotional and mental, the vibrations are pretty dense, and in the convolutions of the Old Paradigm we're living in, it can be hard for this alchemy of higher being to come through. Therefore we need to give the embodiment some attention and support. In other words, we need to give some "umph" to let the magic penetrate!

I find it helps enormously to take yourself off from time to time, to meditate and "vision quest". You go and hold a sacred space, sit consciously in it, bring heaven down the earth and then follow the signs and synchronicity. In fact that's what I'm doing right now, in the energetic fields of Avebury close to Stonehenge. I encourage you also to take time out in this way to connect up. It will help alchemy flow into your life in a marvellous way.

The Ocean Dissolves into the Drop

How do you work this alchemy?

First, it's crucial to break past any small self-identity that will definitely come up when you sit in the stillness for any period of time. As you turn down the background noise all the small self-identifications you're dealing with at the time tend to activate. No matter, if we embrace this and let it animate, but then drop through it as the witnesser, then we break down the identification and it dissolves away.

You're equalising with it. At that point, it becomes possible to expand through it, like passing through the eye of the needle. Someone on Openhandweb put it succinctly in forum the other day...

I realised it was also about being really conscious with it and normalising in the discomfort, not trying to make it go away asap (it even got to the point where I actually invited maximum discomfort)...Hannah

So this is my first point: that first in any given situation is to completely accept it as The One. And inviting maximum discomfort ensures to deeply equalise with the feeling of it, every nuance of it. This means you equalise with it. At this point, you're so as one with it, that you can step through this as The One.

What Inspiration Arises from the Infinite Potential?

But then after you've equalised, to be the alchemist in the situation is not to continue to dwell there, or even to wallow there, because there's so much more possibility to the moment. What synchronicities do you see? What inspiration comes your way? How is the field flowing that you can pick up through subtle perceptions, nuances, signs and synchronicity?

At this point, out in the rain, the flow was engaging me strongly, first this way, then that. I'm seeing painted murals on walls, birds darting and diving on the wind, trees rustling their leaves at me. I can feel an air of excitement and adventure, which I then work to embody. And as I embraced this universal feedback loop, guess what happened? The rain stopped, a hole in the clouds appeared and the sun shone through!

Not that I needed the sun, but it felt like a tremendous reflection of the mood that I'd opened into.

The flow took me to a candle-lit well, which is underneath the Tor in Glastonbury where I live. It was magically lit up and felt like a grotto of pixie energy. Sure enough, despite the freezingly cold water, there were people bathing naked in there. Again, there was an air of alchemy about the place. People deciding NOT to be conditioned, controlled and owned by the purely 3D landscape, the weather and environment - essentially, they were making a commitment, an opening, to a higher possibility. The sense of it created a wonderful feeling of alchemy.

The Secret of Happiness

As I recount my experience, it reminds me of a great clip from The Alchemist, about the lead character's meeting with the 'wisest man in the world'...

The story begins with the boy heading off into the desert, wanting to learn the secret of happiness from the ‘wisest man in world’. He travels for many a day until finally….he reaches a beautiful castle, the home of the wise man.

As the boy enters the magnificent castle, he is surrounded by hundreds of people, every group from tradespeople and guests to musicians. After the boy has waited patiently, the wise man finally speaks to him. He asks the young boy who is in search of himself, why he has come to him.

The wise man advises that he is unable to discuss the boy’s quest at this very moment. Instead, he tells the boy to take a walk around his beautiful palace and come back to him a few hours. Before the boy left, the wise man handed him a spoon that held two drops of oil, “As you wander around, carry this spoon with you without allowing the oil to spill,’ the wise man instructs.

After two hours, the boy returns to the wise man. “Well,” asked the wise man, “did you see the Persian tapestries that are hanging in my dining hall? Did you see the garden that took the master gardener ten years to create? Did you notice the beautiful parchments in my library?’

The boy was embarrassed and confessed he had observed nothing as he was only focused on not spilling the oil the wise man had given him.

“Then go back and observe the marvels of my world,” said the wise man. Relieved, the boy picked up the spoon and began exploring this palace once more, this time observing everything, from the garden to the amazing art work and the breathtaking views of the mountains all around the castle. The boy once again returned to the wise man, this time relating everything he had seen in great detail.

“But where are the drops of oil I entrusted to you?” asked the wise man. Looking down at the spoon he held, the boy saw that the oil was gone.

“Well there is only one piece of advice I can give you,” said the wise man.

“The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never forget the drops of oil on the spoon,”

When I've read this previously, the drops of oil, to me, refer to the well of presence within, and to be always attentive and opening into it, which is what I call the Sacred Ground of Being. AND AT THE SAME TIME, to be engaged with the outer, witnessing the colour, the majesty and the spectacle. To be engaged in it, but not lost in it. In this way, you start to experience the full colour and majesty of our multidimensional landscape, because you're not lost or defined by any singular or limited aspect of it.

5 Essential Keys to Unlocking Alchemy

Here are 5 essential keys to unlocking alchemy in your life which I felt to add to the article...

1. The first key is acceptance and equalisation with the situation.
2 The second key is breaking through any inner density and becoming the One.
3. The third key is to watch for signs and synchronicity activating beingness
4. The fourth key is to give energy to the expression of beingness and amplify it.
5. The fifth key is to follow the emerging flow building energy feedback loops.

Let the Alchemy Flood in and Sweep You Up

Just to be clear, this has NOTHING to do with intentional manifesting, which can (and often does) cut across the natural spontaneity of soul energy and higher alchemy. There is making a commitment to normalise with the outer, yes. And there is committing to open an internal space for the higher, yes. But then you're simply responding to what wants to come in. You'll have to give some energy to the inquiry, yes - that's my main point - there'll need to be that sense of adventure. So you've created the landscape for the alchemy. Now let it flood in and sweep you up.

What do you see?
What do you feel?
What do you witness?

Keep being attentive to the feedback loops, the signs and synchronicity. Keep embodying the feelings of natural beingness. Keep looking for new possibility. Now you're being the alchemist, opening a channel to higher dimensions of creativity. Now the lower 3D landscape will shape around you. You simply won't be able to stop the magic pouring in.

Becoming an Alchemist in life is central to the Openhand work. If you resonate with the article, then explore how our Ascension Portal can support your journey...

Openhand Ascension Portal

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11/06/2024 Shift Update: High Alchemy

The great Albert Einstein said,

"There are two ways to live your life...
As if nothing is a miracle,
Or, as if everything is!"

Here at Openhand we definitely choose the latter! The field is changing strongly around us in the Great Shift of Ages. Although many are still embroiled in the shadow agenda, there's much light streaming into our planet. How can we best infuse that energy for maximum creativity in our lives? That's why I felt to share this article above today...

Becoming the Alchemist: Creating the Conditions for Higher Alchemy to Flow

It's all about "alchemising" our lives!...


Birds singing the sweetest melodies

Unaffected by superficial memories

Body feels deliciously fluid in flight

Emergent the sacred plasmic light

Seeing the path ahead crystal clear

Let it loose, not loosh, be as you are

You've come to live this life a deitie

Unencumbered, unobstructed, free

In loving energy beyond all measure

A soulful synergy of quantum treasure

Miraculous happenings all around

Extraordinary discoveries abound

These things some meant just for you

Emanate the morphic waves its true

Love only the divine and keep it secret

My Holy Valentine 

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This is wonderful Starsky! You have an impressive way with words; very rich in expression and symbolism, and quite inspiring! Excellent work, thank you! barb🙏


That was great Open.  It reminded me that I've read the Alchemist a couple of times but it's been a long time, so I felt to call my library right away and they had the book, so I went and checked it out.  I always get something new every time I re-read a good book.  I'm getting better at feeling into the anxieties and things and not just finding ways to make it go away quickly.  What a process!

I also re-read your books periodically too and always something new stands out!  Amazing how that happens huh?    Praying EmojiHeart



28/06/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I felt to share this article today, about becoming the divine alchemist in your life. I'm always inspired that way in the energy field of Avebury where I am camping right now. I'm getting plenty of guidance on the way forwards in the Openhand community and the next phase of the shift. It's early days, but something pretty powerful is weaving which I'll surely share in due course - I'm intrigued to see if the theme will be reflected into the crop circles - I have a sense that will happen 🤞

In the meantime, do check out the article above which includes 5 essential keys to unlock divine alchemy into your life and a wonderful story about the secret of happiness.

It's high time for us to light up our lives. That's what I was working to express in this video from the Sword and the Stone Tour last summer, where I camped out at the place I'm staying right now. Enjoy. Be inspired. Be uplfited!

Bright blessings to all

Open 💙🙏


22/02/2021: Journal Update: I've just spent an all nighter producing the first in a new Vlog series called Fellowship of the Rings, about my current travels in the UK during lockdown. This time the video got blocked on youtube (as opposed to simply being censored in searches), so you'll just have to bear with me while I check out alternative platforms. Fingers crossed I'll have things sorted today. Love to all. Open HeartPraying Emoji


19/02/2021 Activating the Magic of Merlin: I've been guided to head down into South West England this weekend in search of the Magic of Merlin. We're at a precarious point here in Great Britain. They're rolling out the "jibjab" at a ridiculous rate, amongst the very young too, and even more alarming is the desire of the populas to get jabbed. It's a deep concern because of what will come as a result - the risk of the marginalisation and loss of freedoms of those who don't comply. As yet, to my mind, not nearly enough is being done here to challenge the narrative in a practical sense. Some courageous souls are indeed challenging through their actions, but this needs to grow in strength if we're to protect civil liberties. I reflect that observation out to many countries around the world. It's time for action, not just fine words.

With this in heart, Merlin has been calling me these last few days. I know exactly where to find that energy here in the UK - down in the area of Tintagel on the Cornwall Coast - so that's where I'll be going and summoning that energy within - before rippling it further afield.

To me it's all about embodying the Torus but in a multidimensional way. I believe what will help spread the awakening is to come from higher consciousness, especially the 4D where much of the intervention is taking place. We need to open channels of light and ripple them around the planet. It's about feeling the cycle of kundalini coming through you and holding that as an energy that inspires change, uprising, rebellion against restriction, in a myriad of ways.

I invite you to join me this weekend, to tune in to the sense of what I've described and the Openhand energy; to get the kundalini of the torus moving through you that we may inspire a wider shift. Do check out my lead article above...

Becoming the Alchemist: Creating the Conditions for Higher Alchemy to Flow

These days it's important for us all to help work the field and get the light flowing through the density...

See you in the field!

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Comment fact it's the perfect storm. It's pointing to something very strong happening in the energy field right now. A lot being churned up at a planetary level.
I've been out on Dartmoor UK feeling into it and working with it. A storm is brewing alright. A huge amount of movement. "Fasten your seatbelts Dorothy, cos..."

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They say Gods also speak to us through music. Bob Dylan once said that he doesn't know where all these words are coming from, he certainly couldn't write them all by himself.

"The world don't need any more songs... As a matter of fact, if nobody wrote any songs from this day on, the world ain't gonna suffer for it... There's enough songs for people to listen to, if they want to listen to songs. For every man, woman and child on earth, they could be sent, probably, each of them, a hundred songs, and never be repeated... Unless someone's gonna come along with a pure heart and has something to say. That's a different story.” ― Bob Dylan

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Hi Open,

I was enjoying your video and doing the Toroidal flow activation with you and a loud knocking got my attention.  Tilly was there bringing Merlin.  That was awesome.  I've always been drawn to the Sword & the Stone story since early childhood.

I've noticed we're having historical record breaking cold and ice storms in the U.S.  and it's causing many vaxx sites to be shut down and people are very upset.  I think it's awesome that the weather is slowing down the plan to jab everyone and shutting down vax sites for a while.  I hope some of mankind will be saved from that.  I feel an excitement around all the extreme weather and feel Gaia is moving strongly.  I celebrate it.

Also, I found it funny that the website was sending out lots of blank emails to everyone recently.  I see things in strange ways and thought it was invisible messages coming from your site. lol  I got a good laugh from it.  Feel free to send me 20 more blank "NO SUBJECT" emails and make my day. hahaha  Laughter is so awesome and I love it.

Namaste Praying EmojiHeart


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21/02/2021 Magic of Merlin On Board: I'm sitting out here on Dartmoor in Southern England in the pouring rain. It feels mystical, alchemical, and I've been having some wonderful journies with the Merlin Magic. I don't have time to share right now, but will do soon, as the energy prepares me for another journey around Britain during these crazy times of lockdown. Thanks so much to you all tuning in and already feeling it - good to have you onboard.

Of course Merlin has manifested in many different guises through the aeons, in more recent stories as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, and I always felt that Morpheus in the Matrix represented the Merlin alchemy too. Afterall, he is the one who found the "King". So as the dark veil has drawn itself across society in the guise of the planedmonium, what might he have to encourage everyone with? It's probably been embedded on a zillion websites over the years, but I find this scene is probably event more relevant to today's situation in society than ever has been and it never fails to inspire...

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Great sharing Open! Thumbs Up Sign

To me, the name Morpheus also speaks volumes of the flowing and transforming nature of the soul. After all, we are not here to ascent as a rigid ego-mind construct - there will be many "drop offs" along the way where the soul will "morph" and express anew, leaving much of what we once thought we knew behind.

Interestingly, I also saw Morpheus in dreams last night. A message from Merlin for sure. Fingers Crossed voltage emoji iconThe Sun Emoji

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25/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: Greetings fellow cosmic time travellers! How are you doing in this incredible shift? Well I trust Slightly Smiling

I felt to share this article above today, based on how to become the divine alchemist, including 5 essential keys. We're moving through times of dramatic change where everything is shifting and transforming. It's because the energy field that forms the bedrock of society is actually terraforming. A lot of people will go into fear, anxiety and doubt about that as their lives are required to change. However, anxiety is the other side of the coin to adventure and excitement - they're quite similar experiences, the difference being how you respond or react to them.

Here's a phenomenal opportunity in life that doesn't come around too often - where everything is changing to let go, and come back into the infinite potential inside of you. You will need to soften and surrender into that. You do it by recognising those places where you get tight and anxious. Breathe, soften the body in movement, calm the mind, be present in this moment of now; realise you're involved in a journey of self discovery. Now as you breathe, let active attention be drawn to signs and synchronicity - where to place your attention now. Ask, "show me!" Then wait for the Universe to respond. It always does. Next is to step boldy in that direction which starts to materialise - the path will speak into your relationhsips, how to live and work. Now you're flowing with the soul, which will be supported by the universe and highly alchemical.

Finally I felt to share this lovely little video story with you all by way of encouragemnt to go with this transforming flow. It's about the "Little Boat". Enjoy...

In loving support

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When you experience alchemy flowing, it's good to share, because it builds trust and those positive feedback loops with the Universe.

So what alchemy is happening in your life right now?

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I have been feeling to share here for a while as others been happening lately  both internally and externally. I have been travelling and nowadays it feels more like living and settling than moving. The flow took me to gokarna which is a beautiful beach in karnataka. I was camping there and feeling into a lot of density related to the feeling of aloneness, purposelessness etc. I could feel it slowly opening up through my process of acceptance. I meditated at this beautiful energetic shiva cave and felt into the new emerging beingness , one of power and confidence. And the new feeling always guides to something and I met this amazing musician and spiritual traveller at gokarna who was brimming with creative energy and I have been travelling with him for the last few weeks. My soul was soaring while I was there and I found it really easy to express through music and words. It felt amazing to embody that creative energy. At the moment, I'm at goa which is a very crowded place. You would laugh if you think about Rona or masks or anything here. There's isn't any sign of control or fear which is a very liberating and welcoming reflection. People are happy and enjoying and expressing themselves here. Actually I have rarely seen masks since I have left my place in Kerala. But I'm also hitting a lot of density at the moment here. Choosing the soul is a continuous process isn't it ? Are you sure there isn't a quick fix or anything? :D 

Is this Openhand band idea still ON? I would like to dedicate this tune and lyrics I wrote. I can share it through email. 

Vimal 🙏


I felt it important to write this article on Alchemy because of the view that you 'just wait for it to happen'. Which in some ways is true, but essentially, you also have to create the conditons for it to flow. Particularly in this density.

So here are 5 essential keys to unlocking alchemy in your life which I felt to add to the article...

1. The first key is acceptance and equalisation with the situation.
2 The second key is breaking through any inner density and becoming the One.
3. The third key is to watch for signs and synchronicity activating beingness
4. The fourth key is to give energy to the expression of beingness and amplify it.
5. The fifth key is to follow the emerging flow building energy feedback loops.

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Hey, Open... some powerful keys you share here!

I felt to say also what a powerful alchemical force - and a force for change - we each become as we do the inner work to break through the layers of density inside and start to embody more soul in our lives. Every last one of us!

Good to hear about the work you are doing on your latest roadtrip. Let's each follow the flow to continue to embody our own unique essence at this challenging time. To continue to walk through the fire. As we do, we activate divine alchemy and magic can happen. We can each make a difference! Love to you all. <3