Combating psychic attack

What is psychic attack and how do we combat it? We frequently get asked about it so feel free to engage and ask questions here...

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Lately, I've had pressure in my head. Could be because I'm not grounded or could it be that I'm becoming Psychic or is a Psychic attack?


Do you think marijuana or mushrooms are good for spiritual development it is such a pressure and I am aware of all the consciousness traps alien mach8nery and entites and feel maybe its not the best thing to do


Hi Cathy :)

Thank you for writing. Longing... mmm... is not the driving force anymore! :) Yey. There is no need in it at some point. Longing kinda disappears together with the rest of symptoms of human perceived incompleteness and a tendency to drag the past into the present and the future and the future into the present n'all that mess and then spin around in this false mental dreaming in melancholy, depression, anxiety, fear... Looping in it around and around.

What can be the longing of somebody who saw the 'end result'? There is just trust that becomes automatic as the processing of karma propagates. There is a potential in the field that flows and shifts, which is much more effective in driving the souls around the universe :) And there is a prophetic landscape that changes all the time also because the reality gets destroyed for you again and again. It is very comfy when you're that relaxed.

It is when the contractions happen that the soul gets stuck in a certain reality for more than just a glimpse because in this glimpse the whole lifetime of the world is seen; if it chooses to get lost and play for a while to have fun with more souls that choose to participate in the co-creation and the destruction of it; and the last known to me is the driving of the choice-less souls to places where souls got stuck in trauma beginning to create black holes in consciousness (this is the lowest chakra I recognise here on earth too, btw.), i.e. going back to the previous case :D only this time souls win a choice and can create realities freely after the finish line... Choiceless souls can be very primitive to serve in mirroring and get a chance of evolution and an upgrade in level, or hyper evolved to such extent that they barely exist. Those who didn't make it - to the bin. Cuz ONE has to move on. Let's say we wanna watch a new movie every moment, rather than watching the same one again and again, on all levels.

Mmm drifting... drifting..

So karma is a funny one. Yep. But only from that far away. Otherwise it can be a bit sad sometimes. For a moment. This is how it goes more or less.

Gentleness and brutality - two distortions of female and male aspects respectively... There is a risk of being overly gentle and feminine and it is not any less 'problematic' than exaggerated male expressions. For instance, codependence and narcissism... respectively again! :D Being too passive or too active are both gonna create a feedback in the field, like... the mirrors are going to shift to point at it, at both

Gentle is the balance between the two and it is so fragile in its sensitivity to the death of every moment ;)

Indeed it is forged by pain :)

Then refined on later on... on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... :D



Open, What you put forward about our karmic history and genetic manipulation through Opposing Consciousness feels true in all densities and dimensions, including multi-dimensional, logic and deep feeling included.

You said in part:

"Many women carry the karma of having their offspring taken from them because of these events. And many had very challenging births too. Which is why so many are still carrying these influences today, and why birthing can be so traumatic, when it should be, and can be, so beautiful.

I find that when we can help people understand something about the karmic history, it provides a reason why people are feeling what they're feeling and that eases the process. I look forwards to the day when we can discuss what went on even more openly."

For me it most certainly eases the process to understand why I'm feeling the way I do in relation to my/our karmic history. I, too, look forwards to the day we can discuss what went on more openly. That will no doubt result in massive healing for so many. I am deeply grateful for your courage in putting it out there.

Fiona, I have the deepest appreciation and respect for the work you do with women. What a wealth of understanding and karmic experience you bring to your work with such great compassion and caring. Thank you for sharing your own experiences and for your kind support. If you ever decide to take your workshops on the road internationally, do let us know. I'm feeling there are many women out there who would respond.

Lia, I feel the longing behind your words about expressing pain without the drama and without causing suffering to others. Due to my conditioning, blind spots, lack of consciousness, and lack of presence, I haven't always been able to do that. Let us be gentle with ourselves as become more conscious and present. "The love we withhold is a measure of the pain we carry." These words from Openhand resonate deeply as I continue to more fully forgive myself and my own mother and father.

Aspasia, Thank you for sharing the insights on grief from Francis Weller. I am connected to Francis as a Facebook Friend although I've not met him face-to-face yet. When I read his writings several years ago, I connected so deeply with what he said about grief, sensing at that time that I had much grief to process. Befriending the darkness and finding the presence of the sacred there. Yes. So inspiring and uplifting to read these words.

Deep gratitude to all of you for being here and for understanding.

Much Love,



Cathy, your karmic regression felt experiencing makes me feel warm inside and very inspired!
Let me say that I do not directly relate to your story because I do not have children and never felt the need for a child. BUT I relate to the desire to protect who we love and the feelings of immense loss in being separated from the ones we love in this and other lifetimes and in whatever conditions. In my case, it’s mostly the unspeakable grief I feel for the loss of animals and the Earth. Is this karmic? May be it is.
I have found Francis Weller’s insights on grief very heart warming. Here is one I love from his book: “Whatever the experience, grief offers a revelation: in the midst of great loss, we find ourselves in the presence of the sacred … the darkness we enter when we are overwhelmed by the swell of grief is a place of belonging … Learning to befriend the darkness offers us a holding space where we are able to do the necessary work of metabolising sorrow … Coming to trust the darkness takes time and often involves many visits to the land. Our arrival here is rarely a chosen thing … What we make of this visit is up to us. Recalling that the darkness is also a dwelling place of the sacred allows us to find value in the descent. In this place of lightness, we develop a second sight”.
Your karmic regression sharing is a beautiful illustration of the above: of courage, deep understanding, strength and boundless heart in engaging with the ‘darkness’. An illustration of the process of recognising the sacred in darkness and the opening that comes from all that (second sight). Thank you again for this sharing.

Much love


Aren't karmic cartoons spooky, ha? :) Boo! lol

But such pain, such pain to sink into and rest in, also when totally blinded.

Drama, action, horror, whatever you like, for free, and not just with 3D glasses, but rather the direct full-blown experience offered, for free, to ourselves, from ourselves. Anyway...

There is a karmic history with humanity. There is cosmic karma, from the beginning of creation (fragmentation of the whole) and there are many processes that are mirrored in the events that followed in realities that were built to resolve it. All the history of the whole universe. One of them is what happened on earth. That was the first one for me to deal with, the loss of the unborn child (in this lifetime) as a reflection of one of the karmic bugs.

At some point it doesn't matter why it happened and why the darkness and disconnection was formed to protect from pain and trauma. The pain itself, or the experience matter only and only because of the fact that going into the pain is the only way to not cause pain to others!

Therefore, the question is why go in? We've been hunting for our own peace and happiness for a long time. Now there is no such worry anymore. But there is a great anxiety and some effort still, because of the knowing of not being yet and the awareness of the damage it does. This is the driving force and one of the keys to resolving karma, in my technical observation of the process. It might help those who experience and process karma while still transfiguring. It will not be resolved until G3 is passed through. So again, RELAX, if you can, and breathe. It is the only thing that helps anyway. Plus, it will also be beneficial for everybody around. They will see and it will show them example that it is ok and might want to try. But when I am all dramatic, it does not invite to participate at all. Deep inside we just want to be and play out of that, freely. Not to film and show others our drama movies.

Before G4 it was like worrying about myself a lot, and about the pain I felt and boohoooing about it, a lot. All the time. Seeing nobody but my fake self and expecting others to understand and contain me. But now it is a maturity moment, when self-absorbed perception must move aside and the truth sinks in right away, together with the experiential 'entertainment' without popcorn hhh and the immediate change in behaviours, perceptions and realities around it.

The debugging is actually done by stopping pulling the blanket to ME and realising that everybody around reflects my own cartoon to me and that they and the Mirrorland hold the key to the truth about me (this is how it looks during Transfiguration, because there is an obvious ME there). Later it is just going back to presence, again, and again, and again, through the invisible, until it is seen. If I want to find it out, I must start watching all of that very carefully and agree to pain with no conditions or doubts or expectations or whatever. Boring old thing... It's just agreeing that it will hurt like hell and relax into this knowing. Because...

Love is the driving force of G4 (for me at least), not self-interest. It is great news in comparison to other 3 gateways and a great relative ease too. So it is worth wandering in horror through the blind hellish corridors of transfiguration ;)

The second important thing that I found is the whole reflection of motherhood and childbirth.

1. I felt such love when I was pregnant. Love I did not know before. But it was choice-less. Love for children is choice-less and it hits the initial karma of female aspect being so soft that it almost disappears and does not participate at all. It doesn't make choices, it doesn't choose to love, be loved, create... It does not create. The little incapable Frankenstein then has to grow a pair, stop scaring everybody around to prevent and reject love :) (like birth-control pills for instance and all our behaviours and cartoons too)... a hint...

Choicelessness of love is reflected also in getting pregnant and what it means. That women had no conscious choice - if you make love, you get pregnant. Disempowering.

2. A choice to love is choosing to love someone or something foreign as if he/she would be your child and learning to love things that cause pain (seemingly). Unconditional love for life, for people, and then, through the mirrors it all locks itself back into itself. Love is the choice that is made on every step of the karmic stage. Love or separation?
Love demands sacrifice. Sacrifice of the cartoons to a different reality, to any reality of choice.

3. This is why I now see childbirth as the final signal of having the right to be a mother, to offer love to another soul, which is possible only after attaining constant presence and alignment of the bodymind. If I am whole and love life with my whole being with no conditions at all, if I am able to create every moment anew, then I can afford to bring life into the reality I create. So unconsciousness of society about its condition and living out distortions are manifested to me as an immense irresponsibility. It also was reflected in my pain for my mothers inability to love me as a child and teach me live from love (which is being or presence itself to me). We see it all around.

"I want a child" or "We want a child" - is it a valid motivation? Or I want sex because I want to revel in physical pleasure or even love, if you wish, but I will deny the possible outcome. The 'mirror' shows this blind spot. I want chocolate, I want Mersedes. Can I? Am I capable? What are the possible consequences of my choice right now?
And if I don't mind giving birth, then what do I have to offer as a mother? for some it is enough to offer a set up for the souls to come in and play out their distortions. To me, love is the only interesting thing, always was. So the question here is am I free when I make my choices? When I behave the way I behave? React the way I react? If I am free, then what kind of mother experience I am yearning for?

Everybody has a path of its own. Karmic stuff helps refine all this and then nailed with realignment, the choice disappears because we just know we can trust ourselves 100%.

And the last one - if I cannot experience my pain in such way that it will not shatter others, then I am better find ways to deal with it in a less dramatic way. So learning to contain the pain without turning it into a theatrical success in an attempt to get the whole of the audience involved, jumping out of their sits and get unstable like me, it might be very helpful to spare our loved ones the spilling of our crap and finding better ways. It is not walking on eggshells and preventing others from working their stuff, but it is respecting the space of others and stop confusing between "me" and "them". The prize is: you grow a pair and learn to take a stone in a ball like Daniel Craig's James Bond.

Entities are really a gift here, so thanks to the monsters for the service. After setting them free from at least my cartoon. You know, those who suck our energy are not any less victim of ours than us to them. We are bound together and it is up to me only whether I hold an entity a prisoner to prevent myself from being present, creating pain and turmoil in and around me... or not.

Ok. There is so much, but this is all to be said hhh

Have fun there, and-eh... it is a kind of computer game, with levels and deaths and all that stuff. Supposed to be kinda intense hhh

This series really reflect a lot to me about karma and its connection to transfigurational stuff (reflections in the current lifetime). Needless to say it is pretty dark :)



As a woman who has experienced much karma associated with childbirth and childloss and being controlled and manipulated in those circumstances, I would like to thank you Open for acknowledging this here. It feels very deep and I have been working with layers around it for a long time. I have met and worked with other women who have had similar experiences and to anyone out there experiencing such karma you are not alone.

Cathy - I hear your loss, thank you for sharing and bringing up this important issue (f) This line really hit home for me "my karmic experience of the tragic and traumatic separation of a loving mother from her precious child" That's immense!

Namaste, Fiona


Hi Cathy - I witness this karmic story in so many people, especially women. Homo Sapiens was literally modified from original humans through genetic intervention by the Opposing Consciousness during the epoch of what some call "Atlantis", some 250,000 years ago - at the same time as the fossil records show Homo Sapiens suddenly appearing.

When you look at the genetic changes at that time, they were dramatic, happening all of a sudden. Like a reduction in brain capacity (from Cro Magnon), a 50% reduction in muscle strength and bone thickness - how was this a possible evolutionary advantage when the world at large was still very natural?

Essentially original humans were abducted and then genetically modified off-planet, before being reinserted at various locations around the world. The evidence is very clear in the sudden changes to DNA, in the genetics and the chromosome story (all of which I've covered in DIVINICUS). This accounts for why the fossil records show BOTH a lineage that all came from Africa (original human form), AND a sudden emergence in several different locations around the world (anthropologists still struggle with this conundrum - the pieces of the jigsaw don't add up for them).

Many women carry the karma of having their offspring taken from them because of these events. And many had very challenging births too. Which is why so many are still carrying these influences today, and why birthing can be so traumatic, when it should be, and can be, so beautiful.

I find that when we can help people understand something about the karmic history, it provides a reason why people are feeling what they're feeling and that eases the process. I look forwards to the day when we can discuss what went on even more openly.




Since posting above about my recent experience with my precious child, my awareness has been deepening about what's behind my strong emotions and what some would call an over-the-top reaction to a minor incident. Yet it pulled me down into a black hole of anguish and despair beyond what I can capture in words. My heart felt completely shattered, and I didn't have enough tears to express the loss I was feeling.

I feel now that I'm experiencing a karmic regression around the horrific loss of my child through OC intervention long, long ago.

The person I was feeling so pissed at this week was separated from her son who was adopted when she was only a teenager. So now I'm understanding her longing to connect to my child although that doesn't mean that I accept her manipulative behaviour. However, my heart is opening up to her with compassion and forgiveness.

It's really, really hard for my loved ones to understand what's going on when it appears my reaction is so out of proportion and I appear to be "crazy". I have been judging myself for being crazy, too. Now that I'm digging much deeper into the darkness and connecting the dots down through the eons, I'm better equipped to heal my karmic experience of the tragic and traumatic separation of a loving mother from her precious child, the essence of which is reverberating in this lifetime.

I felt to share further about this since I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who might relate to what I'm experiencing. Perhaps it will help others to heal.

x Cathy


So glad you got to laugh, what a great feeling. I am afraid that I will never have TMJ, not with this unprogrammable old The matrix's is fighting a battle it will never win with me. I can see it is losing it's fight with you as well and many other openhanders. Keep on keeping on.

Love, Charlie *music2* [:-} [:} [:-}


And you are an inspiration to me too Faye! Well, great minds/hearts think/feel alike! I love that you always speak from your heart and that you express your truth fearlessly! And in the process, others are always called upon to reflect on their blind spots! Very catalytic! You are aslo oozing with kindness and light, so look forwards to seeing you and to listen to your insights.

Much love


Hi Again,

I wanted to write again after I took time to properly read through all the amazing comments on here. I think they have answered my questions, and given me clarity on what could be happening and the techniques I need to employ. I can see that I certainly have a weak spot in my psyche from a tough childhood, and at times unhealthy relationship with my mother. She does have some energetic hooks in me for sure-I do love her very much and she has helped me a lot in the last few years-especially since I became a single mum-she has helped look after my little girl, which has been wonderful. I do feel a sense of indebtedness which I can see I have to be very careful how I handle-I need to employ love care and compassion with strong boundaries I think! I think it is these energetic hooks and still unresolved issues that I have that allowed the psychic attack to happen-I think it came from outside-not my mum. I think my issues were / are a catalyst. I got a cold sore last week. I hate them! It seems similar. My immune system was down so the virus got in!! Anyways to Open and to all of you thank you so much for taking the time to write about this and offer so much support and insight. It really is very very helpful. :)


The posts from this week are really striking a chord with me-it is uncanny! First of all I am on holiday in L Gomera-next to La Palma-with my mum! After an amazing first day, on day 2 I found myself feeling uncharacteristically uncomfortable uptight hittable and under a sustained onslaught of negative grumpy thoughts-and a constant anxious feeling in my solar plexus area. Grrr! I have been feeling pretty capable of surfing my emotions and thoughts pretty consistently for a while now-even with quite a lot of ups and downs in my life. I put it down to being in close company with family members who I love dearly, but in whose company I guess I feel a pull to be my old self with old issues and old thought patterns and tendencies-that when Im on my own I don't have-I am my new evolving self! So I have been looking at this week as an opportunity for development. It was really useful to read the post this week about aliens and energy implants etc. I have an open mind about what could be going on-experientially i can imagine there is something else in my consciousness field... I can become as nothing in the field (almost like I turn sideways and become invisible) and this has brought relief from the negativeness, and I have had a much better day since practicing this. Sometimes it does feel like there is something clinging on inside me-a feeling of denseness i can feel when I do a body scan-reaching right down from my solar plexus rooting down into my pelvic area somehow. When I have gotten upset about something it has felt like a whirlwind -like it has become alive and gets bigger and powerful under certain circumstances. Aliens or long lasting anxiety-I really don't know. I hope it goes one day! I will keep practicing mindfulness and Openhand techniques. Im very interested to hear people's thoughts about dealing with family members when evolving and changing as we are doing. I love them and don't want to leave them behind, and they are accepting of me and my changes, though there are ingrained pattens-most likely in my own brain-that are activated in their company. I spent the first half of my life running away from my family and avoiding them... Its only been in the last few years that I have returned to spend time with them. It feels right. I think developing and resolving these relationships is part of my path. I think this week has just stirred the pot and given me some things to work on. And if Open is right about entities being present in the Canary Islands-maybe I got a dose of them as well. I am in a village right inside a great big old volcano crater!

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Faye, I just wanted to acknowledge your presence :) It's so lovely to 'see' you here and look forwards to seeing you 'in flesh' and share about entities etc in a couple of weeks time!

Lots of love xx

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Aspasia! Thank you for your words. Yes-I am very much looking forwards to seeing you soon! Your strong clear presence is amazing. You are an inspiration to me :) XXXXX



Thank you for raising this topic on responsibility vis a vis family members. Open, I resonate strongly with your comments around finding the correct boundary in each situation. It's been my experience that my close, emotive, family connections challenge me the most in maximizing my opportunities for spiritual growth. And oh how easy it is for disrespect and dishonour to creep in as we turn a blind eye to what's going on. The Grays feast on distorted family dynamics. I'm really feeling them moving in on my vulnerabilities and insecurities these days.

When I was much younger, I was involved with a group whose spiritual mantra was: "Mind your own spiritual business." I recall taking a stand around that time in my workplace where the company owner wanted to use my work to compromise the just treatment of my client. I refused to allow that and took a strong stand. In return I was fired and paid a stiff penalty with all that led to, financial instability included. I was told at the time by someone in my spiritual group that I should have minded my own spiritual business. Another way of saying to just accept that anything goes.

So when do we accept the path of a loved one and when do we speak up to help catalyze a shift? I'm in a mess of anguish these days over finding the right balance. I have a peace-loving precious one who dislikes any discord or confrontation. He has a heart full of love, compassion, and kindness. But I can see how easily he can be taken advantage of. A person close to his partner is clever at masking manipulation and control behind a shiny, happy, social face that promises love. Some of her actions towards others in her life have been blatantly cruel. She gives love when others succumb to her control and withdraws it when she can't control. So recently I intuited the manipulation behind the surface gestures of love towards my precious one that hit me like a ton of bricks since it was meant to send a message to me, as well i.e. I'm the chosen one in charge here. Never tell a Mother Bear that. I could see through the tactics and felt much heartache about what the future might hold for my loved one. At first I decided to stay silent so as not to 'stir' things up. But I felt literally torn in two about this. So I chose to express my feelings and perceptions. There's no doubt that I could have used more of the Ray 4 when I did so. I've beat myself up enough already for that. My loved one was not receptive although he said he was not discounting my feelings. Just that he disagreed with my take on the situation and told me he would prefer I remain silent since it causes him anxiety when I question the benevolent behaviour of others in his life.

So then I got into questioning my motives. Am I being authentic? Distorted? When all is said and done, I feel I'm coming from a place of love although I confess I was pissed at the manipulation. I have decided it's important to honour the energy I intuit and speak up when I feel the well-being of a family member is ultimately being compromised. Of course, I have no control of the outcomes after I do so. And the risk is I may 'lose' my loved ones in the process. My partner told me to mind my own business, for example. That said, I got a lovely feedback loop from my precious one when he agreed happily to spend more fun, enjoyable one-on-one time together apart from others close to him.

It's tricky fine-tuning the right balance between respecting another's soul journey and expressing when it feels right to do so, not accepting that anything goes, and finding the correct boundary in the situation. It's far easier to mind my own spiritual business.

I'm aware I could have done better, and I'm continuing to let go of self-judgment about that. Tuning into the wisdom and energy of this quote by Maya Angelou helps to soothe my soul.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

This is a timely topic for me. Thank you for the discussion. I'm open to any insights others care to offer about challenging situations such as these.

x Cathy

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Hi Cathy, my 2 cents to your post, sorry no more pennies so it will have to be my nickel's I really could see the wisdom in your writing here. By the time i got to the end I noticed that you my friend had dealt with the matter the only way Cathy could deal with it. What a beautiful outcome. You see my friend I found myself in a similar situation just the other day. I to question whether I should just keep my big mouth shut.The thing was that it came to me, that was not me, I am who I am and if I didn't give my nickels worth I would not be true to myself, who I am and why I am. As We Lay out our concerns to our loved ones what we find is that after the fact we could have laid it out in a more loving way and that is where we learn. Sometimes the problem with being authentic, it pushes people away from you that are dear to your heart and a sadness comes over you. And like what you experienced true love will prevail. So my friend I would say keep on being you, we learn from our mistakes and that's what makes us caring and loving humans. Onward and upward.

Much Love

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Charlie, you made me laugh when you were questioning whether to keep your "big mouth shut". I so relate! The matrix does it best to get us to do just that. The karmic fear of opening my mouth has manifested in the past in a diagnosis called TMJ Disorder, which meant my jaw would lock at times! I'm happy to hear you didn't lock your jaw when expressing what felt right to your loved one!

Thank you for your kind understanding and support. Very much appreciated. Like fine wine, we get better as we go! :)

x Cathy


Hi Tom - welcome to Openhand. Warm greetings *give_rose*

Firstly you ask a very poignant question with regards to boundaries and psychic attack...

    "When one talks of boundaries, why do they not seem to apply to those who one is close to?"

I think because you are close to them, it means they're an important part of your personal inquiry and evolution. There's an emotive connection - that if you're being honest with yourself - you can't simply ditch.

These are the maximum opportunities for growth. You're close to another, yet somehow they seem to always pull you down. What happens, I believe, is that you build a generalised consciousness landscape in which both (or more) family parties act. There's often then a 'switching off', a kind of unspoken acceptance of anything goes. Like putting on a comfy pair of old slippers - you don't question if they're going to be comfortable.

And so you're pulled into this 'comfy' state and you blindly accept what goes on, even as disrepect or dishonouring happens. Or else because someone close to you has always known you a certain way, they expect you to always be that way, so it becomes hard to change in their proximity. Inadvertently you're accepting the imposed limitation. This is where the boundaries get blurred. It's then utterly essential to step back, at least for a while, or make sure there are plenty of things you do separately that raise your own unique vibe.

The when you come back into the relationship, you have to define yourself very accurately, and compassionately require that others embrace your new expression, your new truth about who you now are. You simply don't accept the old judgments and limitations imposed upon you. This helps define the boundaries without shutting people out.

I'd like to pick up on another key thing you said...

    "How much responsibility do we have to another, in order to energetically support them, whereupon they may pull from us? For that energetic support, appears to heal them, but at a compromise to ourselves. However if we are going to heal society, then some of us may need to allow others some of our light, until they are able to uncover their own."

Implied in your question, I agree, we have a great responsibility to help others in society - to give of our light. And the risk is, that can diminish ones light, because of the energy it requires to uplift.

However, from the Openhand perspective at least, it's clear that there's a group that is ascending into a higher vibrational paradigm of greater equity and justice, plus also, there's the majority who are blatantly resisting this possibility. I'm sure like all of us, you encounter them day in, day out.

This is where boundaries become so important. And where we need to watch our own distortions as energy workers. So for example, where does aligned responsibility become the burden of perceived obligation? (which clearly pulls people down). It is for each to peel away such distortion and find the authentic alignment in their own behaviours in society.

In so doing, it means we can help those who are ready to help themselves. What happens then, is that you build mutually supporting and uplifting feedback loops between you which are ultimately energising.

So it's essential to begin to make these distinctions, to find the correct boundaries in each situation. If our light is being overly depleted, then we have nothing to give!

Thanks for the very relevant and poignant questions - much love

Open *OK*


With Open's initial post regard psychic attack based upon the bond he shared with his mother, others commenting on the parent/child bond, and the mention of co-dependency in this thread, these situations strike me as more lasting, permanent exchanges than those temporary interactions with a stranger on the street or a conversation in the office. Therein, when one talks of boundaries, why do they not seem to apply to those who one is close to?

There is an amble amount of transparent beauty which arrives with these more permanent bonds, but also a glowing responsibility. How does one re-exert their will over their life and claim their sovereignty? I am all for shared healing, but when one person can be such a dominate, in fact energetically draining bond void of physical presence, what would those boundaries be? And is intuition distorted as product of the strength of one's attachments and their intentions? How much responsibility do we have to another, in order to energetically support them, whereupon they may pull from us? For that energetic support, appears to heal them, but at a compromise to ourselves. However if we are going to heal society, then some of us may need to allow others some of our light, until they are able to uncover their own.

What are others thoughts on this? I live in America, and I have noticed this rapid saddening shift towards an egoistic nature these past many years since the early 2000's (9/11, globalization, internet, cheap products, lower wages, low nutrition food, etc), and in all that entails; diminished depth, emotional instability, narcissism, lack of self-worth, coddling -- which affects all of us. It is impossible to not be affected by it, to be insulated from it, as other's radiance affects one's writing, craft, or attitude, and it is encouraging me to strengthen my boundaries, and I am trying to determine what that means, without being too insulated from my attachments.

Cheers everyone!



Hello Open,
First of all I would like to thank you for this open space in which everyone can support each other during their spiritual emergence. I am so grateful to have found this page in particular since I experienced something and began to doubt my sanity, yet when I found this page, I realised that it is a part of our consensual reality.

In this life I have always struggled with 'connections' or friendships - it's almost as if I'm this floating person who observes life from afar and sees all the games - that's why I write. I chatted with my housemates about this and they said that a 'likeable' person is easy going. I just don't think it's that simple - I just think that we all have different purposes - I mean if Einstein was a socialite, he wouldn't have been coming up with theories would he? However, I know that making connections is deeply important for my soul - I don't make many connections, (I usually get a sense with people if it is worth my time/energy from the first glance) however the connections I do make I feel deeply, as if there might be some kind of past life connection even. I do remember one particularly powerful vision I received from spirit - it explained that everyone I met and interacted with were part of my journey back to spirit.

These days I feel like my pool of friends are diminishing rapidly. Friends don't bother replying to me - I'm starting to feel like a ghost. I've noticed Jeanette's post above - is it another test?

The other thing is that I recently experienced a psychic attack - my housemate is into esoteric wisdom and is very keen to ascend, she seems very powerful psychically. One night before bed, I felt her presence inside me, it was as if she was trying to take over my third eye. At one stage I felt as if I wasn't sure who I was anymore. Losing control over myself taught me an important lesson - that I am so grateful that I am in control over this body and where I place my attention. It was another lesson, a painful lesson, yet it served its purpose. I know sense this lady quite regularly, appearing in my field without invitation and I am trying the techniques suggested of observing without judgement and also repeating over and over "I am love, I am returning to love" and then I feel her disappearing. At my latest qi gong class I was also attacked by a lady right at the beginning of the class - I knew how it would work - I would be spending the whole class thinking of this woman, sending my energy to her instead of to my body for healing. In the end when I meditated, I tried to observe her without judgement and again repeated "I am love" and she began to leave, yet only after I had been exhausted throughout the whole class. THe lesson I learnt from this was that now I really appreciate that I get to choose where I place my energy and I want to get to a place where I don't have to have it stolen, that I can make the decision about where I place my energy. I am accepting that I might occasionally be thrown of balance, but I am getting better and better at being able to divert my attention from a demander. I am doing this by turning gaze with out generating any thoughts and saying to myself 'relax and wait for inspiration', trying to carry on as normal if you like. It is hard, but I feel that I'm getting better at it, as I remember that it has nothing to do with me, yet is just a technique used to gain my energy.
I just wanted to share this because I do not have anyone to talk to about this kind of thing and I am finding this forum very helpful.
Thank you,


Neil - love the apple story - these synchronicities are just priceless. *OK*

Geoff and Jeanette (yes cute name), you guys are an inspiration. I know it's not easy in all the denseness, but at least here you have a 'tribe' - and we can encourage oneanother.

Big etheric hug

Open :-)


Hi Open - this is perfect timing. I woke up this morning with a thought to look up this article on psychic attack to bring in some reinforcement to the outpost here... (and here you are...).
Geoff and I have been discussing this very thing over the past several days. As we 'fight the good fight' it is coming at us from all angles. Contacts disappear, resources dry up, another unexpected step along the way is thrown at us. Our Ray 1 Warrior energy is on full, high status and alert and still it keeps coming.
Sometimes I play in my imagination to keep myself putting one foot in front of the other and return myself to a place of relative calm. I see myself as a Freedom Fighter (picture a cute, young French girl, with a jaunty tam, in the Resistance movement :) )- ducking behind buildings, swiftly running just out of reach of what is trying to take us all down - on a Cosmic Mission for the benefit of all of Humanity. Geoff described it well the other day. The 'enemy' Matrix is gargantuan and we are darting between its legs staying just out of reach.
When I see this stronger picture of myself, tasked to completion, I sit up straighter, able to breathe more deeply with purpose. What I see is that we are being forced into the moment - its the only place that there is any real relief to strengthen my resolve not to quit - not to give up and leave it to someone else to finish the job.
We are fully aware that we have created all of this for self-realization, but holy shit... we are riding the Dragon with everything that we have and the Raptor is coming up swiftly behind us - Geoff says, to chase us back to heaven and he is finding it an exciting ride amid the blood, sweat and tears. (He truly is my hero... )
I can't claim the same excitement yet, so I hold space, cook conscious food for the 'troops' and breathe into my belly - where the beast wants to reside.
If there truly is an unseen war going on for our Consciousness, then I have chosen my side.
Jeanette (my cute French name....)


Greetings Neil - you're welcome here.

These experiences are by no means uncommon. The surrounding field is awash with such 'entities'. They work to enter people's fields, linger there and drain energy. I know that sounds pretty unpleasant, but nevertheless it goes on.

It's important to realise, they can only enter where there is essentially unconsciousness - where one might have a consciousness 'blind spot'.

It definitely sounds like you're becoming very conscious of the 4D field - where they reside. And it sounds like you're beginning to natural intuit the right counteractions.

Key is to accept it is happening; work not to go into fear or panic at all. Just accept that it's there. From the place of acceptance, then be really clear throughout your field that such entities don't belong.

Be also really careful of the 'good' feeling ones. If you find your consciousness beginning to leave your body as a result, then that's not necessarily good at all - because something else can slip in whilst you're vacated. It could be a 'trojan horse'.

So keep accepting, but work to infuse your consciousness throughout your body with the breath. Be really clear in your mind and heart that nothing belongs in your field that doesn't serve your highest good.

You might find this of value...…

Best wishes


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Hello Open,

Thank you very much for having time for me. I had been inspired originally to come and ask you after reading your recent "Empath Catalyst" article and that is helping me to. I have looked at the link page you suggested and had forgotten I'd read it back in April so I'm thankful for the pointer and refocus. A little synchronicity happened while I just watched the video and made me laugh. At the bit about eight or so minutes in "revelling in physicality" you talk about taking a bite out of the apple, a big one. Just before this I had paused the video for a snack and guess what I went and got? Yes a nice juicy organic apple and I had just taken a very big bite of it and had it in my hand when I pressed play. To see you them mention the apple straight away was funny but I get the message, neat.

Regarding Trojan's that's a very welcome peace of advice and looking back at my recent dream I think that may be correct as the lovely sensation wasn't quite like the previous ones and was immediately followed by not nice ones. Also I was in deep meditation lying on my back a couple of days ago and something physically caused my body to spasm. I described it to someone that it was as if a rope had been attached to my solar plexus and violently pulled me up off the floor, or perhaps like an electric shock. So you pointing out "blind spots" in my consciousness is a very welcome guide. I'm glad I got up the courage to come on the forum and share now and glad that you are welcoming.

Best Wishes,


Heya Paul It may be worthy to note some of us are here to work with such energies as well.
If I was trying to keep things positive focus on UC and not attract OC I would be denying my purpose.
This field is being transmuted by consciousness so some of us may take that role. I welcome OC the same as I do all experience. Its got a prodigal son vibe. They always have a seat at my table if their game enough to join me.
Acceptance and faith in the flow NO MATTER where she goes is a ride of constant surprises for me way better than I could have ever thought.

Massive hi to my sister Katie here too!!


Hi BurtonD - I just felt a pull to write. There's a lot of info here on how to be within your current experience. It can feel really confusing and disorientating going through this, many do and it seems like a part of the path - to move through a phase where we are highly vulnerable to these experiences. I also went through a very rough time - I had no clue at the time why or how I was going to live through it but slowly as I learnt to just accept it, and not judge it - feel though the emotions it was causing - it started to dissolve. Like you mentioned it seems unreal to have to experience these things but it's strengthening to know you are supported and that the more you can literally soften into and relax into what they trigger in you, the easier it gets. Open also at times suggests becoming 'as nothing' in it. This might resonate a little - try to feel what this means and the impact this has, I've found its very helpful. These things happen as we open up - that's probably why you're addressing this, harness your faith and know it will be just fine as you continue to evolve - and the fear around the opening will fall away :) katie

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Thanks for your comments. Some of your language goes right over my head. I read Open's article on "Combating Physic Attack" and he had some practical actions that helped me. I'm new to this so I don't understand some of what is said. I think I need to take some courses.


I'd say there's an important aspect missing from your analysis Paul - why did you attract the intervention in the first place? How were you being unconscious? Then instead of forming an intention to distance yourself from it, feel into it, feel the source of your unconsciousness. An attack only comes into this area and will keep coming in until you have made the dark visible.

Best wishes



I realised a couple of weeks ago that the feeling of attack whilst very real is just another ego identity form and attachment. People of all frequencies were telling me "you need to protect yourself" your light at tracks the unwanted are dark. I bought crystals I performed mantra and affirmations and then I realised what I was doing! I was through my own focus manifesting all of this so that I could realise the true nature of it. So my advice, if you wish to have it, is clean your space, keep it clean with positive feelings and if possible a higher frequency, and then only focus on unity consciousness. Forget separation consciousness and all its trappings. Breath away your tension, make space, fill it with warmth and love, fill it with acceptance and forgiveness, learn the lessons quickly, let the vessels or learning go with gratitude and then expand. Always expand! There is a wave new energy (well very old actually) cresting this month and the final 1/4 of this year is going to be awesome. Much love


Hey Burtond

I may have something. The malevolant entities I've crossed differ quite a lot.
Kinda like humans, from the schoolyard bully to the warlord.
They got their own agendas and means of achieving them.
Some work in packs.
Some lurk behind the shadows and are rarely noticed.
Some are pretty badass.

They got their silver lining but, I drew them too me so they were all great teachers of something.
A good approach is to accept them. Ghandi style. The less resistance the less they have to work with. Boost soul too its fearless.

I've made friends with a few. They were alright. Made me laugh. They can change too.
We're all equal.
Anyway peace


I consider myself a "targeted individual" as I am being gang-stalked for a number of years now. Prior to the stalking, my life was very simple. I was unaware of all this type of spiritual activity, in fact, I didn't believe is could happen. I am a Christian so I do believe in the spiritual realm, however, I had no understanding of negative energy projection. I am constantly under attack in my home and outside the home. I know it's coming from an organized group. It seems I was put on their hit list.

What I don't understand is how is it that I could have lived 50 years without being susceptible to these energies and one day I am. How could all these people most of whom I do not know have an attachment to be able to inflict me with their negative energy? I consulted a psychic and she told me there was a hole in my chakra which allows all sort of energies to enter my spiritual space.

What can I do to close this opening that I cannot be affected by psychic attack?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



U always have me at a loss for words in how you can explain and express yourself and of course your beingness and enlightenment is.... I can find no word.... Your last sharing and that video are priceless and once again your guidance for me is immeasurable and a blessing.


Well, I'm going to be chewing on that one for a while. Along with the video. That's for sure : )
My name is Heather by the way. I'm new and I'm excited to meet you all this October. I had a session with Kim and she's amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing her again. I'm thrilled that I found Openhand. I always knew you all were out there..... Somewhere. Yay! lol


Hi Dandelion,

Yes it's a difficult conundrum - but there are some big clues that can make it easier.

Firstly, there is no 'right direction' as you put it. It's an erroneous view in the spiritual mainstream that synchronicity points to some destined outcome in which 'all will be well' (or something of that kind). The flow is working to reveal beingness - destiny is unveiling the fullness of who you are and synchronicity lets you know when you're aligned with that energy.

Yes we are all creating our reality: both the aligned part and the distorted part. We're creating mirrors by which to see ourselves; to unravel the distortions that expose themselves and unleash our gifts of beingness.

The higher flow will land (generally) in a couple of ways: either direction landing as knowing, like a flash of inspiration - engage here now (in order to reveal you). Or it may be as a pull through the heart - the sense of a direction (but always the direction is leading in a way to invite you to express you).

This higher flow descends into subconscious - lower - mind, through the solar plexus chakra. But on this journey down through the dimensions, the creative flash frequently gets sidetracked in most people: it gets distorted by their desires, attachments and fears. It's like putting a magnet next to a TV screen - all the pixels condense in the direction of the magnet.

This creates the lower flow - the matrix - which is the expression of human karma working to resolve itself out. The solar plexus often gets tight when we're expressing a distortion like this (the sacrum too). It's a way to know when you're in a distortion and experiencing interference. You have to work into the tightness which usually revolves around the need for some kind of outcome, or else the resistance to what the flow is actually inviting.

You may find this video of help...

best wishes



Hi, I have a question.
Earlier Kim said that she felt guidance come in through the heart, the mind and the solar plexus. And she's having trouble deciphering what's coming from higher and what's coming from lower. Open answered and said "The solar plexus is where we integrate the higher flow into the lower one. So when people feel an intervention they often feel tightness in the solar plexus and nausea."
In the end I still didn't understand which was coming from the higher guidance? Was it the heart? Or the mind? Or the solar plexus?
Also I get confused, since we are creating our environment and it's a mirror of us. We are also suppose to be aware of syncronisitie's in our environment as confirmation we are moving in the right direction. Yet, I am the one creating all of this and most likely from my lower self? Soooo....How do I know I'm not just leading myself astray all the time? Which honestly is what it feels like. I hop back and forth between these two all day until honestly I'm just mentally exhausted. Directionless. What does one do for that?
I hope this makes sense. A lot of this is over my head, but I'm really trying to track along. Thank you : )


Hey Kim,

Maybe there's an internal confusing of what 'responsibility' means?

So there's a responsibility to be you, and to express that out into the world, including other people - we did indeed draw each other to co-create experiences. But the edges can then get blurred as to whether we might feel responsible for their self realisation.

One of the hardest challenges, is to engage energetically with another that you love, in the deepest of ways, yet still be able to draw your energy back inside yourself.

We have to be able to really dance with another, in their issue (assuming it's invited), but still be expressing our own dance.

I know it's not easy :-)



Hi Cynthia,
I feel like that is what I was expressing. That i am just uncovering my Self and if that is helping others, great. The "not worry about whether others catch it or not? " is probably the feeling of responsibility that I am working on letting go of.


I'm wondering Kim - would it be possible to accept the strength and respect within yourself and not worry about whether others catch it or not? Just do it for you? You may or may not provide an inadvertent mirror for others, but if you can't find it within...well have nothing to share with others and can't help them anyway.
So.....delight in finding and nurturing Self?


For me it is this feeling of responsibility that I know is my Karma. This is bringing up a lot for me, so much sadness I can't stop crying. There is this pressure in my head.
Yes holding the space for someone is helpful, leading by example is helpful, but I can't help feeling like I can't help anyone, I am the one sinking in the mud. If I just focus on self realizing myself it may be helpful to another someone but I do not want to feel like I am helping them.


Open your words do not sound cold or harsh, just true. I am guessing these bonds will be there or just keep coming back until we are free from all attachment. Trinity, thanks for the support. There is so much to let go of and yes it can be extra challenging because of this bond. I found this very helpful, "Often the best thing I can do is hold the space so that he feels safe to feel and explore what he is feeling - not to make it better, but to help him find his own way through it. It feels much stronger in the long run. " I do have this strong feeling like I need to help but have to keep remembering that I am really helping no one. Only self realization going on!
Much love to you both


It's a great question and one of those immensely challenging situations. And what it does most of all, is kind of 'call your bluff' about who you really think you are. Are you being an expression of the One beyond all attachment? How is your soul being bought right now?

Let me put it like this: you hold out a hand to someone who is sinking, yet you're not standing on firm ground yourself. What's more, because they trust you and have taken your hand, you give them the erroneous belief that they're now safe.

You have to be the solid rock - whole and complete, within yourself. You can't save anyone if you're not solid yourself. If your soul can be bought, then it can bleed energy. I know this may sound really harsh, cold even, but I assure you it is not.

If I am solid as a rock, in any given situation, even as my loved ones are being challenged or in some kind of peril, only then am I really able to help.

If you have this fixed energetic bond, then it becomes a co-dependency. And if the other goes down energetically, then it takes you down with it.

But being the solid rock doesn't make us cold - not at all. It provides the capacity to keep holding the energy, no matter what is going on. In which case, you're encouraging the other to see the light in you and find it in themselves. And it's not about how intellectually old the other person is. Who knows, perhaps your daughter - as a soul - is even older than you!

Cutting the fixed bond doesn't mean you cut the compassion. Not at all. It means your soul is not governed by the actions of another. It means you're actually able to give more, not less.

But yes, I'm not saying it's easy. Mastery never is!


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Sometimes the level of compassion that comes forth within me is simply astounding. You never forget those moments. And never would you believe you'd find yourself back down, in the pits, almost a nihilist, almost given up. Finding some people veeeeery difficult to love...

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One more post before I go on my way..

I realised this year something that was quite difficult to come to terms with, personally. That there comes a point in evolution, where the connections between one consciousness and another are completely severed. You might share the same outer appearance, eat the same food, like many of the same things. But actually, you're a different species entirely. I've stopped any attempts to bridge these gaps. To make people see things my way, because i've deluded myself into thinking that my way is 'better'. I have a profound respect for other peoples free will. I've come to realise that free will, our actions, knowingly or otherwise, are the only thing really have in life. So I fully allow others to be as they are, good, bad and ugly. And I work with maintaining the love and respect I can only hope would be afforded to me. I believe it is called unconditional love. And I find my entire existence far more peaceful in carrying it out. God bless X


I had a psychic attack yesterday that I was aware of for the first time. My youngest daughter has been coming home from school for the last couple of days and throwing really intense tantrums about the littlest things.
Later I was asking her what has been going on, what she is noticing when this happens, and I told her next time to see if she could remember to feel in her body. Not long afterwards I was feeling nauseous and later got this really bad headache. It persisted and I remembered I had seen this article again recently. I was not able to read it until after swim lessons, soccer tryouts, dinner and bedtime so by this time I had been feeling it for over 4 hours! Finally, when the kids went to bed I reread the article and had time to work with several things that you shared. I felt so much going on that I was able to work with and process that I am grateful for the experience.
When reading about cutting the energetic ties I was resistant. I felt it was connected to my daughter and the part where you said "my mother's consciousness might suffer from the removal of the bridge," the energy work I have done that says you naturally have this connection with your kids and an idea that maybe I somehow could help process it and it would help her too (I would choose to suffer rather than her) kept me from doing this part. After sitting with this today I see this is all just my own fear and attachment. I am wondering though wouldn't the cord just reattach between us rather quickly anyway or do both parties have to need something from it? Is it EVER helpful or ok to have an energetic connection to you kids or anyone else?