In Service of the Divine - Being a Bridge Between Worlds

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Plenty are waking up and realising just how defunct society has become. The heart quickly yearns for a higher truth, a higher harmony. You realise it is already there in 5D. But how can you live it with so many others still in the collective coma? Here's where a shift in perception is necessary: you're becoming a bridge, with one foot on both banks. By integrating the diplomatic quality of the soul, the "Ray 4", you can find a way to harmonise with both realities.

The fuel of Inner Alchemy

It is no secret that we live in a world that is horrendously out of balance with nature and therefore out of alignment with the natural harmony of the universe. In a universe of cause and effect, such misalignment will always draw a realigning force. Major change is already underway, but don't be surprised as the mud at the bottom of the stream gets churned up first.

As separation consciousness exploded outwards at the "Bigbang" and then condensed into form, so Unity Consciousness continues to destabilise outdated structures, it stirs them up and strips out the old density so it can then crystallise a higher harmony. Unity Consciousness is the universe's organising energy, the pull of love, which you can feel in your heart when you surrender to the natural flow of life.

Many people have now awakened, and more than ever, are feeling the inner compulsion to 'be the change'. It involves honouring and expressing your heartfelt truth in every moment, not just with words, but in every physical, emotional and mental action that you take. It leads to an internal cleansing of blocked energy and outdated, distorted behaviour patterns. This form of love is the fuel of inner alchemy, which supports the progressive transformation of our world as it shifts into 5D.

21 Signs You're Shifting to 5D Consciousness

5 Key Indicators of "Right Action"

After awakening, the first realignment is to connect up to this never-ending flow of truth and love, realising that whatever may appear to be happening on the surface of reality, it is finding, honouring and expressing your truth as Right Action which truly counts. In this sense, "Right" does not mean a judgment of 'good' and 'evil' or 'right' and 'wrong'. It means: an action that is aligned with the universal flow. How do you know if you are in this flow of "Rightness"? Here are 5 key indicators:

1) They confront, challenge and break down the ego within you and within others with whom you're engaged.

2) Actions in rightness ultimately lead to an inner sense of expandedness, connection and openness, once you've broken through any tightness or resistance to expressing your truth.

3) When aligned with the flow, you tend to observe supportive synchronicity as the universe clicks into place around you.

4) When you're in "Rightness", it just feels right. It's like being in love. No one can tell you if you're in love. There's no logic to it. You just know.

5) A choice made in rightness will feel like destiny.

The Sweet Spot of Life

This destiny of rightness that the soul is reading, is not so much about making a choice of doing 'this' or 'that' (although rightness does lead to right choices). It is more about finding and expressing lost aspects of your true nature, and in so doing you are channeling the universe. At the deepest level, you are the One, which does not need a particular outcome because it already has everything...

What The One in you is truly looking for, is the nectar of life itself: to find the fullest, grandest, most complete expression possible and to actualise it here and now. This defines the purpose of the soul. And there is absolutely nothing else going on. When you're in this, you're hitting the sweet spot of life itself.

So if you can make a point of continually working to feel the universal truth, flowing through the core of your soul, then you will align with destiny. With each expression of it, life will become increasingly magical, mystical and simply divine, even and especially when you're still in the old karmic density. You are fulfilling true purpose: the emergence of light through the density. Thus you've touched the sweet spot of life itself.

Breaking the Dam in the Flow

It's not always easy to express the soul. The soul will lead you into confrontation and sometimes even conflict as you challenge the ways of old. It's especially challenging these days as society moves to an ever more synthetic and disconnected state. Rest assured though, its tenure on the earth will be short-lived.

The matrix is a huge 'eddy current' within the stream, which has been purposefully designed to capture the flowing energy, retard it into a box, and then to disconnect from the flow of rightness, riding roughshod over the natural harmony of life in the process. It's like a dam has blocked up the stream, influencing, controlling and manipulating all life it catches in its net. However, it forgets that everything is interconnected. And so this miniscule dam is drawing a humungous universal realigning force, which is gathering in strength with each passing day.

Yet still, as the old reality persists a while longer, it has become a tremendous challenge to all those wanting to express and live the higher truth. You feel a pull beyond the high-tech synthetic manipulation, but where you step out of line the matrix conspires to punish you for it. With escalating rules and regulations, control and censorship, deadlines and dogma - there's every reason why not to express the truth. Not only that, but the matrix currently owns all the resources. If you want to survive, most will have to interact with it in some way. And what about your families, loved ones and colleagues who are not feeling the revelation of truth as you are? It can feel like an impossible juggling act.

Rest assured, there is a way to mediate through the conundrum.
You become a bridge between worlds.

The "Ray 4" Diplomat: Bridge Between Worlds

In the Openhand Approach, we observe that the soul as a blend of seven particular characteristics - a soul ray harmonic - and that all expressions of beingness blend these particular rays of consciousness, just like playing a chord on a guitar. The Ray 4 is the diplomat aspect of the soul, which helps you blend with multiple realities, to empathise but also influence. It accepts another's honest truth unconditionally but also catalyzes to shift it higher. This Ray 4 is the "Bridge between Worlds"...

Where you cannot force another to adopt a particular truth, instead you hold this diplomat energy in your being. You honour your perspective yet not dishonour the other. You don't rush to resolutions, but instead have the courage to hold the unresolution. The Ray 4 will then play its divine role and manifest a realigning solution that honours both. You're not adopting the other's reality, but not disparaging it either. In this crucible of change, it becomes possible for both to shift a degree, from which resolution can then happen. Or else you agree to disagree.

The key is in the unresolution itself and here is the greatest challenge to beingness. You'll find yourself caught up in impossible situations. The mind will want to go one way, the emotions the other. Meanwhile, the soul is wanting to hold a steady line. The key is to hold yourself in this cauldron, feel the energies, not rush to solutions but not disengage either. This is where you're opening up to the organising power of the Ray 4.

Discover the 7 Rays of Soul Beingness: life's game-changer

The 'gear-box' that harmonises power with reality

Understanding and fine-tuning your Ray 4, is like the gearbox that transforms the raw power of the universal engine, into manageable torsion to turn the external wheels. But this gearbox does need to be well-oiled. If you can fine-tune your particular blend, then you will go a long way toward facilitating your flow through life as an essential Bridge between Worlds. So what does this mean in a practical sense?

7 Ways to Be The Bridge Between Worlds:

1) Firstly acknowledge that you're here to influence and change the nature of reality. You're not supposed to be cooped up in a box. Even if people around you react with projection towards you, fear and anger, recognise it is their own distortion they're activating - otherwise they'd be able to calmly accept you as you are. As you realise this in your mind, feel a waterfall of flowing calmness descend around your expression of truth.

2) Secondly, in order to facilitate the greatest amount of positive change, there needs to be open doorways through the density of the field, that may touch something deep within another. In other words, whilst we stand our ground, we must recognise and honour the truth in another. Even if you notice their's is a lower vibrational truth, it is still their truth and real to them. If you're given to influence, you won't get anywhere by riding roughshod over them.

3) Catalysing and therefore unwinding means first working to recognise the 'ancient light' at the core of a distortion. So all actions have begun with an authentic exploration of reality by the soul. It's just that the ego then distorted the purity. So first work to empathise with the truth at the core of their distortion and honour this with them. But still embody what you consider to the the more aligned truth. If you've done this accurately, they'll be on your side and much more open to change.

4) Recongise that the stream will always find different pathways back to the ocean. If you try one approach and it doesn't work or if you then feel disconnected because you couldn't fully honour the flow, work not to judge yourself for it. Benevolence doesn't blame you! Instead keep softening into the place you are now at, pausing to reconnect again.

5) Compromise but don't ever compromise the soul. Yes it may seem like an impossible paradox. But it is not. How can you make your truth the most understandable, the most reasonable, the most tactile, the most accessible and without any extra energy? If you can do this, you'll find you don't have to compromise your truth. Increasingly you'll be accepted.

6) Don't tell others what you know to be their truth (this can be a big button pusher!). Instead work to facilitate an increase in realisation by asking an empowering question. One that is open ended, one that causes them to explore and feel for themselves.

7) Accept that sometimes you will be in a minority of one. It does not make your truth untruth. Know and accept when it is time to stand your ground, come what May. This will always test your level of trust in the divine. So be it. Take it as an opportunity to evolve and grow.

RESURRECTION - Reclaiming our Divinity

We're living in two worlds at the moment. The higher paradigm is to be found by transcending this lower world, working to transform it. Those who are already carrying the light will frequently find it challenging. The old world values are so used to living in the shadows and fear the light. There's a clinging to the easy-to-understand, in-the-box expediency and soft comfort. There's a strong dependence on the crutch of old behaviours.

Despite this, there comes a point where you simply cannot compromise your soul a moment longer. You realise the illusion and that the only real purpose of life is the expression of you. In mastering the Ray 4 Diplomat - an interwoven aspect of your soul - it means you can still be living and breathing the higher realm, whilst acting in this one. It means you can stay in the truth.

As you walk your path, you shine the light into the New Paradigm. You're not simply telling others this truth, you're actively resurrecting it. In this way, even though the reactivity of the ego may at first deny you, nevertheless you become highly compelling simply by your energy and nature. Thus you have become a Bridge between the Worlds.

If you recognise these qualities emerging in you and would like support integrating them, explore the myriad of resources contained within Openhand's revolutionary Ascension Portal:

Openhand Ascension Portal

In loving support

Open 🙏

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02/05/2024 Openhand Shift Update

There's a growing chasm between the synthetic reality of the shadowstate and the new 5D reality which plenty are blossoming into. How do you possibly live with these two conflicting realities? I'm sure many are asking this essential question of our times as society gets increasingly confused and crazy. That's why I felt to rework this Openhand article above and incorporate some useful advice that has worked for me...

In Service of the Divine - Being a Bridge Between Worlds

The means to be able to fulfill this comes from being a Bridge between worlds. What does that mean exactly? The article incorporates an understanding of the "Ray 4" diplomat aspect of the soul, which we've been exploring in relation to dealing with Opposing Consciousness of the deep field. If you recognise you have a role to play in Divine Service within the transformation of our world to a higher harmony, then I believe the realisations contained within it might well help.

Keep the faith. The world is transforming and a bright new reality will ultimately reveal itself from the ashes of the old.

In Service of the Divine - Being a Bridge Between Worlds

Blessings to all

Open 🙏

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It's absolutely no secret to those with the eyes to see: we live in a broken 3D world. And if you've truly awakened to soul, you'll start to get the sense there's a much better way to live - to do so from your own infusing higher consciousness. But it's definitely not an easy process being this "Bridge between Worlds". How do you live the higher paradigm now - essentially with a foot on each bank?

This is what we'll be uncovering during these two upcoming retreats with Openhand, where we'll be applying the acclaimed DIVINICUS work to help you resurrect the energies of your higher self and then bridge them into this old-world construct. It will help you make better sense of your life and gain uplifting divine support through the various twists and turns of daily living. If the prospect intrigues you, explore what's on offer...

6th-11th May: DIVINICUS in the Desert:ZOOM
It's time to activate your Spirit Light Body for 5D Ascension, and navigate from it in your daily life. Dive deep into the "Desert of the Real" with Open, strip away any distraction, journey multidimensionally and shed the layers of ancient Human karma. This is Openhand's jewel in the crown stage 3 course, in the energetic harmony of your own home.
Unmissable Lifetime Experience.

17th-24th May: DIVINICUS in Snowdonia: WALES
This is Openhand's jewel in the crown stage 3 course, high up in the remote mountains of Snowdonia at the Lord of the Rings eco-village Cae Mabon. Dive deep into the profound nature of being, process ancient human karma, activate your 5D Divine Being for the Shift. Participate in soul-stirring sacred ceremony and enjoy high vibe vegan cuisine.
Unmissable Lifetime Experience.


I am so grateful for your posts.

You put into words what I am experiencing enabling me to understand what's happening.  That understanding facilitates acceptance, allowing and an ease with the momentum I feel building within.

This, in turn, nurtures and supports the love and, almost effortlessly, the feeling builds and increases.  Feeding itself in power and positivity.  Tapping into flow and expanding more each day.

This article and reference to a 'bridge between 2 worlds' is divinely synchronistic to me at this time.  It was only a few days ago (before reading this article) that I described myself as feeling that way to someone.  I've  experienced this before and only recently become aware of it... felt it.

The energy and love I've been experiencing is indescribable and almost too much for my physical body to channel.  I mostly feel alone in this state of ever-expanding change/growth/evolution I'm going through.  But - no matter.  The 'pull' to right action is undeniable.  So I go.  The work you do and the message is share is Life.

Again, I am most grateful


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Jill, your feedback is most heartwarming indeed ♥️

It's all too easy to under appreciate the power of an expressed feedback loop where something resonates. Such loops connect out into the field and channel light. That way, we're supporting each other in our growth and through the shift.

Well wishes to you. It's going to be an alchemical uplifting ride for you.

Open 💙


14/08/2023: Shift Update - We, the Bridges Between Worlds

Sometimes you'll look up to the heavens and wonder where the divine support is? Let me say to you: YOU, are that divine support! It's YOU that came here to be grounded and earthed, yet reaching up internally and forming the bridge into the higher dimensions. That way, it is us - we break through the density and establish the template for an unravelling flow that then uplifts all life around us.

Review the Openhand Lead Article on Being a Bridge Between Worlds

After all our hard work in the Avebury area this summer, it seemed for a while that the Star Beings abandoned us - with a dearth of authentic crop circles. What I'm told is that there were electromagnetic influences going on, particularly from the Tall Whites, that was preventing that work from being possible - from anchoring. Many times I saw curious partial crop circles, created in wave shape forms, but not coherent enough to generate sacred geometry. These mysterious patterns appeared in the middle of fields, with no access point. My sense is that many times they were attempted, but failed.

(the patterns were like the undulating waves in Roundway Hill which you see in the first few seconds of the video below)

No worries. We all keep doing what we are meant to do. Just as the Bee keeps gathering pollen and making honey, so will we. It's what we do. Even if things get delayed, the crystallisation of authentic expression is always worth the wait. And so here we are - a spectacular authentic crop circle at Roundway Hill which appeared yesterday. It's highly significant for a number of reasons: 1) It's at Oliver's Castle, which is a short walk from the Facilitator Retreat House 2) It shows the interplay between higher and mid-range dimensions - the numerology of 9 is very strong, where 18=1+8=9, which represents completion, but not an ending; and the hexagon, representing number 6 and a connection into the Middle Realm and the new paradigm 3) It seems to me that the design is very Andromedan, a group that had been particularly interfered with by the Tall Whites.

Here it is, sit back and enjoy. Feel the divine beauty of it, that heavenly bridge. Then do share what you feel...

Better late than never!
Bright blessings

Open 💎


Hi Open,

A man here in town, who has never got the jabs, has been feeding the seagulls for a few years but the city decided it was no longer allowed, even on the beach where they had no jurisdiction.  The city had spies taking pics of him feeding the gulls.  They cited him, he went to court, they played games with not setting a date when he had to pay fines.

Finally they had an officer deliver his punishment.  He had to go to court and the judge had decided there were more fines.  He ended up being charged $7,000 dollars!! which he paid without question.  He told me he was not going to stop caring for those seagulls because he loved them dearly.  They were so tame with him, he could touch their noses and pet some of them, and they followed his van around town when they saw him.  It was really funny in a way, you knew it was him when he drove through this small town as those birds flew along with him.  They stayed on his rooftop at his shop when he was working.  The city hated it though.  I think it's just really sad the city felt to be so heartless.  People have always fed the gulls and there used to be photos on the city tourist website.  It's claimed by a citizens group that the city employees are very corrupt right now and they're pushing for investigations and publishing things in the local little paper.  So the issue is very real here.

I drive to the jetty to see the ocean and sometimes people would be trying to lure the seagulls and had golf clubs to try to hit and injure or kill the birds.  Sometimes I see a dead seagull in the parking lot.  Lately the birds have gone somewhere, they were always in the parking lot in groups.  I've not seen any the last few times I went to see the ocean.

For my part, I still have all kinds of fruit trees and bushes, bee houses, and grow everything organically so hopefully the bees will still survive.  All the EMF wifi masts and satellites are making it harder for bees and birds to survive so I do what I can.

I do have a question...  Are these people who have had 2 or 3 jabs still able to wake up at all now or are they doomed to be moved off to Mars or elsewhere?  I'll be working to remember the Ray 4 Diplomat as I see people in town.

Sherri The Sun EmojiPraying EmojiHeart


In reply to by Sherri Sunnygirl


Hi Sherri - you ask if people can heal after taking the jab and realising they made a mistake. I believe yes, it's absolutely possible. But it will require a committed regime of daily detox.

There's a great forum thread linked below packed with commentary and advice...


Essential Cleansing and Detox from the "Plandemonium"

Open 💙



Thank you Open for posting this today! Lately I have been feeling the ray 4 coming through strongly as to bring up and resolve distortions within a family situation, but ahh damn it's terrifying. I carefully started the conversation but now I have to take a next step, and I notice I'm having a hard time to blend it with empathy and compassion, to see the 'ancient light' behind it, and just want to blurt out my truth in an angry and blaming way. Not to mention the challenges of feeling if the other is ready to hear something or not. And I keep trying to use all this as excuses why not to talk and to keep postponing the conversation. Before I could still convince myself I don't care but I DO. I guess it comes down to feeling some compassion towards my own distortions first, to let go of the need to be liked or to maintain "harmony", and not wanting to rush to a conclusion but sit with all the messiness. Pff it's hard. Smiling Face with Closed eyes

Praying EmojiFlexed Biceps Hannah


I felt to repost this article again today...
Discovering the 'Ray 4 Diplomat' of Your Soul-Ray-Harmonic: A Bridge between Worlds (scroll to the top)

On the recently completed Living the Shift World Tour, it was clearly one of the greatest challenges people face - following your own soul calling and yet bridging into other people's realities too, such as friends and family around you who might not get the connection to the divine and where the underlying flow is heading.

The ray 4 aspect of the soul is all about holding multiple truths in a cauldron of inquiry and holding the space for truth to emerge. But crucially, without dishonouring what's right for you. It takes a lot to work with and master. You will likely butt into the ego that wants to use compassion as an excuse not to follow right action, or else supress your own expression so as not to offend another. All of these distortions will need to be worked with to unleash aligned ray 4.


Open Praying Emoji


I felt to revise and repost this article above today on "Discovering the 'Ray 4 Diplomat' of Your Soul-Ray-Harmonic: A Bridge between Worlds". I know plenty of people are finding it challenging out there at the moment. How do you live the new paradigm, yet also engage with friends, family and colleagues around you who are still living in the old reality construct. I believe understanding the nature of the Ray4 aspect of the soul can greatly help.

What are your experiences and thoughts?

Open Praying Emoji


I reached for this article and exchange this morning because of the battle that is going on within me...separation and a reoccuring level, the opposite of ''sweet spot in my life'' that manifests as ''the weak spot in my life''. At times I sense the negative energies ascerbating the vulnerability. The ego wants an outcome...a specific outcome...more than ''wants'', thinks it NEEDS...all off, I know, but the battle rages. I know enough from the Florida retreat to surrender into it, but I seem to drag the baggage with me. This morning it was particularly heavy as i moved from sleep to awake. Is this completely within me or is it also the battle between separation consciousness and unity consciousness on the planet as well? Within and without? I feel I am separated from both, in a very dark place alone..I am no bridge, not even walking between two worlds..but rather the place,the exact point where separation wants to move outward, away from Source, and unity wants to move inward, towards Source. And it feels like a ''big bang'' physically, mentally and spiritually. In all this ongoing explosion, the seems to be there, quietly somewhere


I love this article - it speaks right to where I am working right fact it feels like the ray that is most commonly apparent for me. I had a dream a few days ago that really stuck with me of a bridge and I am holding onto these two cables and climbing up and over ...people are falling off every which way and I just keep on going. I reach a point where there is a knot in the cables and a man in front of me so I can't keep going, I have to work with this knot and be patient with this man in front of me, who is also going over the bridge, but with less awareness - he could go either way, stay on or fall off because he's not really aware that he is on a bridge at all. I am aware at that time of the song "Rainbow Connection" (by Kermit the Frog =)). This article and that dream speak volumes to me on what I am working with - this bridge and attuning to the full spectrum of the soul ray frequencies (the rainbow connection). Presently, I am being asked within my relationship to lighten up a bit, to not keep driving through...I have had a tendency within the relationship to keep probing deeper into what is real for my partnern (and for me), what this or that in his life feels like for him, what it is showing him etc and he is clearly stating that he is not sure if this path is for him or not...sometimes he just wants to believe the matrix is all there is and he doesn't want to "be invited into his feelings" as he puts it =). I feel for now I am working with a greater degree of sensitivity to what someone is open to...still penetrating through but also holding more space for them to be just how they are right now and still find a way to express authentically as well. I am seeing that I can come across as very intense and serious, looking at and feeling for the deeper meaning all the time and at times have a hard time engaging with others on the surface or even allowing a lighter sense of joy to inspire a more playful aspect of my beingness. It also seems that I just keep getting lesson over and over that I don't need to say everything that I hear or see happening for someone,(and might I add that it's as much for me to see something about myself and how I am being). I can contain that and engage where that person is inviting moment to moment - seeing what is for me and not needing to explore it with the person. Thank you for bringing this awesome article up today - it's incredibly illuminating for me!!! WIth love, Jen


Thanks a lot Open,
yes it is a challenging time and i really want to get rid of this matrix!!! I have enough of that and by observing this, the mechanism, the manipulation, everything made to control the mass. Poah, and than, to stay in it, sometimes, no, the most of time, i am not able to, because it makes me angry, sad, aghast and often shocked. I am studying social work in Germany and i am in a very big resistance about... not with the others students, but with the learning content. I know that i won´t be able to work in this job or in one of these jobs. From now on i am more and more able to "understand" this system, it is like a puzzle and for me it is unbearable, especially the field about the german law and the implementation of that. "To have right, is not to get right!" Puuuh everything seems to be totally reversed and i have to be careful not to go permanent in resistance or stay in an inner fight. I am so thankful about your words, and looking forward to the divinicus book, hoping it will arrive in a few days. Ok, so on, continue in this theater by opening my mind and my heart, my soul, but.... it seems to be a really big lunacy there in the outside, Really! In the inside there is an idea and sometimes also a feeling of peace, but, a friend said to me: "Be careful and awake, and don´t do sugar on the shit!" Exactly, that is the point... currently i am barely able to go to school and follow my studying because of this resistance in me... what shall i do? Acceptance, hm, yes, no, yes, no... in this sense, thanks to all of you, with love


I am reading it and feeling like it existed here all this time for me to read it now hhhh

Recently I am learning to 'drive the machine'. So many things are going on... I feel like I am finally activated, can see all the buttons and learn how to navigate this thing I am living in. And it reflects itself on so many things, like some crazy mirror: I also learn to drive a car now, play piano (also very metaphoric), study harmony and how to operate all kinds of gear relevant to music, and I just feel totally in my place, with the research I am engaged in now (expansion of a previously restrained system in an incompressible medium... what a metaphor!) and writing and recording music, which makes me explore every little part of my being and express it through sounds, through music, through voice, both darkness and the light. And I can see how perfect and balanced they are.

Life is totally exciting and amazing. I love it! I love this whole experience, including the pain and discomfort of human body.

But with all these, some issues get enhanced. One of them is my relationship with humans.

I thought in past that as I will open, grow and evolve, it will bring me closer to them. I was always looking for this bridge, for some way to connect, communicate... To my disappointment (which I deserve), as I evolve, I feel more and more distant from them, and, funnily, while recognizing how similar we are. How I have everything they have. Everything I see in them - I have it all.

So how come it doesn't make me more compassionate, more connected? How come that my realization of my own dark nature and theirs doesn't make me feel more connected, more understanding?

I often feel like I see people stripped. I see the mechanisms, I see the automatic loops at work, and I just don't even try to be polite or nice or anything. I just put it out into space. I sometimes feel like I have become mmmm 'evil' in my total lack of interest. So predictable, so empty. I often find myself turn around and leave without saying anything, leaving people with mouth open.

And I am looking at it, and work hard to see if this is right. What is going on?

It feels like I am spread to two extremes: one is searching for this diplomatic frequency, looking to connect, and the other is turning its back on them, on everything, feeling like just leaving them to keep playing their silly games (including war) and eating each other. I feel fed up and done with this specie. I feel don't belong, I feel we speak different languages, but at the same time I feel we're so alike.

And then there is sadness and some idiotic idea that maybe things might be different, maybe a miracle could happen and everything would change.

I am holding all these pieces, and waiting for the resolution. What will arise out of all this mess?

Often I see where things go. Not this time. I just don't know what this exploration will lead me to.

But one thing I am observing consistently: looks like humans don't understand 'good'... just like animals. Part of the learning process is suffering and pain, confusion and great discomfort, which they experience both when new, unfamiliar boundaries are introduced, or, when old boundaries, rules, expectations or perceptions are broken.

And I find myself, over the last two years, gaining strength to watch myself causing them suffering and pain, and being strong enough and patient enough, to allow it to happen, and then watch them unravel out of this discomfort and pain.

And one of the spikes are that I might be still unhappy with this effect I am having on people, and, maybe, this is why I prefer to hide from them rather than face and connect to them.

Maybe, it is my weakness, fear and a great sense of discomfort I am experiencing when stirring all these rotten pots, including myself, that push me to reject and avoid them. Maybe this is what makes me be harsh towards them recently... What's the point to pretend and try to soften and make it look more nicely? They don't get it the nice way. But when you spit in their faces, or hit them with an axe right on their head, oh, they do get it, very fast, on the spot. Suddenly the blindness is over, smart-ass debates are over. They just stand there, eyes open, shocked, and innocent again, at least for some moments.

So I don't know. I really don't know what and how I am meant to be, diplomatic, or cruel... But I am ready to accept both, even if not feeling so happy about it.

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If you are still 'young' in human terms, you may yet find a balance between these two extremes coupled with a much clearer sense of your role here and how very needed you are xxxxxx


Thanks for the feedback guys :-) Whatever people may say in spiritual circles about the so-called 'mass-awakening' amongst humanity, the reality on the surface is that's not happening. The matrix continues because the majority are still plugged into it. Why is that? As I'll go onto explain in detail in the Divinicus Work, Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species - there's strong evidence of that, both spiritual and scientific. He's been programmed to be a part of this system. So even if many people complain about the injustice and inequity of it, the majority still choose the system because it supports them and they're not able to live fully sustainably outside if it. The majority continue to give energy to it, so it continues to control them. Let's be honest about what we see, because only then we can truly work with it. What about the planetary shift? The planetary shift is happening and nothing will stop it. The old consciousness will be stripped from the Earth over a period of decades. Because Gaia has processed her karma, she no longer needs that lower consciousness living on her surface - I explain in the book how it will be stripped from the Earth and broken up. So what about we that are waking up and evolving? This planetary shift will be like a 'rolling wave'; it will constantly break down the old fear-based reality in waves. The powers-that-be will keep plugging the dyke with their 'New World Order', but it will keep becoming unstable again. Over time, it will be a continual breaking down process. That said, the system still owns all the resources, and as long as the masses continue to support the reordering system, it will continue to keep reshaping in different guises. It'll be the same system, just different veils of acceptability - like the eco-friendly band wagon many of the corporations are riding. This has a very important consequence for us to get our heads around... Most of the awakening movement will have to accept living in the matrix for some time to come. It means we'll also probably have to be supported by it, in most cases - not-with-standing those that go off-grid and form sustainable communities. But even with those, my observation is that many still require some interaction with the system for some resources. So my advice is this: try not to see the system and the old consciousness as something separate from yourself - in a physical sense. Or you'll just end up fighting with your own tail! It needs to be a steady internal transition of consciousness - 'Alchemy of Transcendence' - again, I talk about this in Divinicus Work. The old consciousness will be steadily broken down and swept from the Earth - including the old, hybridised Homo Sapiens form. What this means is that we're going to have to accept the Matrix in our lives, whilst we're still in this form. Allow it to support you yes, in a physical way, but, make the internal transitions of consciousness - penetrate the density and the tightness; infuse your soul into all the blind spots; compromise, but don't compromise the soul. If you're watching your inner world all the time, then you'll get to know if you behave in a way that isn't aligned. So yes, by all means, continue to work in the Matrix - but nevertheless, keep shining the light! My heart goes out to you all Open *OK*


"You can live your truth, honour the alternative truth of another, yet not compromise your soul...
A tall order? Yes indeed. But it is definitely possible. Mastering this "Ray 4" Diplomat in you, is certainly a path to mastery."

It's a fine balance embracing and expressing the ray 4 diplomat in me -- integrating empathy and catalysis just rightly so. I find myself swinging too far to either side many times: pouring out my heart in an anything goes mode without helping to catalyze shifts -- or being too emboldened and aggressive about shaking things up without enough acceptance and compassion for where the person is at. Onwards and upwards. Thank you for the inspiring article, Open. x Catherine


Two years ago when I had left my company job I thought I would never go back to the Matrix. (This was right before my kundalini awakening.) During the last two years I had been feeling that the Matrix was 'bad', my job was 'bad' and I would do something 'wrong' if went back. "No, I'm supposed to do something 'good' instead: write, teach, charity etc." Even the thought of going back had caused me physical pain.

And then a few weeks ago something interesting happened. Something has changed inside me. And shortly after this the Matrix called me back. After a long time I found myself again sitting in job interviews. Feeling the old contractions because of the possibility of doing something 'bad' - but these contractions just came and then they wanished. I went into them: I went into my fears. And now here I am hired again - right at the eye of the Matrix! But everything - a lot of synchronicities - during the process seemed to have helped me to find this job. Or the job to find me for that matter. For me, it has definitely felt as rightness. The whole process was simply magical.

In my view, there has been no right or wrong in this - the only thing is that somehow I am SUPPOSED to do it. The job does not SOUND spiritual at all - I still feel that I have work to do here. To bring light and to face my fears, for instance. It is very good that the job provides money to live on but it is not the money I am going back for. It is beacause it feels right.

It's not going to be easy I know. I dunno how long it is going to work. But I feel the two worlds have now met and merged inside me: who knows, maybe I am supposed to anchor down one in the other in the external as well. Let's see how it turns out: I am starting in two week's time.

With love, Mark


Thanks for this posting as it is exactly what I am going through. The gap seems to be widening for me to a point were I feel totally frustrated, I have been remembering myself before I woke up and the person who I was then compared to the person who I am now(6yrs ago) I do not resemble the old me at all. I have recently felt the shift to a point were I felt like screaming its been there for a while now, but more over the last month. This is with family, friends and work colleagues. I understand I need to have compassion as I remember were I was on a consciousness level before my awakening and feel the understanding of showing this, but I think it must be a skill of which I am trying to grasp. I sense I need to express my truth in a more sophisticated way and not feel the frustration that old behaviour patterns and attitudes of others brings. Having the understanding of the two worlds helps me, I think I do know this, but reading your posting supports me. I feel this week has brought me a big lesson to have compassion and to also let others express their truth without me been attached to an outcome to allow their expression even it is from the ego and even if they are struggling with situations in their life.An example of this is my sister who is a Jehovah's witness, I have not spoken very much about my awakening to her due to her fixed belief system, this week I did. My sister did have some understanding of my awakening which happened with a serious illness, she helped me at this time in my life, but refused to take on board what happened to me on a spiritual level. To me my life was never going to be the same again, however my sister remained to think I was the same Ruth as before even though outwardly I changed my life. So having spoke to my sister this week about who I am now it came to her as a shock to say the least. In retrospect I think I could have been more tactful or compassionate, however I have to be truthful and express the real me not pretend or not talk about my truth just because it does not fit into other belief structures. Just to add she hasn't been in touch since, but like you said Chris both parties have something to learn.
Thanks Chris,


I love the way this is written - just dances me right through it - and this is how it has felt lately...the more I get out of the way and the less I need anything or anyone to change the more I am able to feel how to be in the moment. I am noticing the opening or closing in people around me and feeling for where I can "enter" - really feeling for an invitation of sorts...noticing how beautiful it is to allow others the space to really hear themselves - and either by reflecting it back to them or saying nothing at all they hear there own distortions. Also, feel that often people are offering up exactly the answers that they (and I) are asking for. On the other hand there sometimes feels like a concrete wall there and no invitation is extended below the surface...somehow though even these times seem to have something to show me about myself - something they say that triggers a connection for me. I can also say that I am still not certain if that concrete wall is me or them at times...there is some protection that comes up for me and sometimes it's a fear of confrontation and other times it is a cue to not go further...developing discernment on this you said is it ego or soul and if it is fear based you can know the source of it.

I sense this kind of drawing in closer but in a larger field of connection - when I am sitting in a connected space and the other joins me there - and I am enjoying seeing the multitude of ways that one can relate and go deeper.

So, I feel like I am learning to dance and I am grateful for guidance on the steps!!



When we're in the bridge Erica, then consciousness (as you rightly say) "expands and contracts". In other words, it flows between empathy and catalysis, open acceptance and focusing initiation. When we can do this effortlessly, and without attachment to either, then it's possible to be a true diplomat!

Open *OK*


Amazing writing which flows to my perceived consciousness so fluently. The "rift" as I have come to term it. I've been visualizing a bridge for a few weeks but without your sense of clarity. In this surrendered state of being, words just come, effort is barely palpable, thinking is separate from seeing. For me, the matrix provides so many earth shattering oppotunities by defining the rightness of the flow so clearly. I feel the shear density, distortion, distraction, discord, division, dissension that in those moments my perceived field strenthens and expands out as much as in where this centering occurs. Expressing eye to eye is so natural. Almost don't even absorb specifics anymore but a collective impression that initially forms than molds freely.
Sometimes the alonenss overwhelms but actually magnifies how words or reflections of specifics can lead to projection or a perceived need of validation. I don't yet understand the scanning or processing that feels disconnected after meditation, it will come on its own. The One provides divinely as the expressions radiate effortlessly yet if "their" reference points are solely in the physical realm, the "rift" is always there. It expands and contracts but it is ALWAYS there, ergo the expansion of the field fluctuates with these interactions.
Pausing.........stillness. The bullet points directly hit, so gracious to read these words at this moment. Glorious day!


Thanks for shedding some clarity on this important subject! It's a delight to read and so many things fall into place for me. I often bump into this wall of society's matrix and am wondering if it's my ego, if it's exactly where my soul wants me to be or a conflict between different worlds which cannot be reconciled. Your article reminds me that they can be reconciled as long as I find the right way (often the diplomat for me). When you've discover a new paradigm you often want to shout it out to the world forgetting you once didn't see it either. And then you're in fighting the others 'mode' again. Presenting my truth without showing empathy is something I will definitely work on.


It's great they're working for you Jaq. The only way that's going to happen, is if one is already beginning to touch the places we're talking about. They don't make sense otherwise! Blessings Open


Really want to express how enriching and supportive the latest wave of articles are. They are speaking to me on so many levels.

At a time when my life is changing rapidly Openhand's energetic presence is really making a difference. The guidance and invitations to 'be' true to my Soul are incredibly powerful.

With all my heart thank you.


You're most welcome. It's something I'm working with myself actually - I often feel like a 'gearbox', working to squeeze energy through this place - so it's no problem writing!


Thank you for this huge piece of work. It is so much to digest: just like spanning the two worlds and the transition between them.
Thank you