Richard West (Austria)

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Rich - Openhand facilitator


What an interesting, complex and challenging phenomenon this thing called life really is! Since I was a child I have observed life (often quietly) and how we humans fit into it. As a child I found people rather confusing and always felt somewhat ‘different’. Then, in my late teens/early 20’s I dedicated more and more of myself to penetrating the mysteries of my own inner being and it’s relation to the outside world. The ‘bigger picture’ world of spirituality became part of my life and since then, as my inner being changed and flowed, so the outside world has been an ever changing flow. After many years of experimenting with different aspects of spirituality, I discovered Openhand, and boy did things start clicking into place! The philosophies and the application of practice in daily life have catalysed so much within me.

Working together

As a result, my soul is really singing as I have connected with my soul's true expression: working to facilitate others (and myself), gently penetrating the layers and finding the aligned expression – unleashing the truly expansive feeling of riding down the rainbow of your soul! People I work with generally experience me as grounding and non-judgemental. In a session we will delve deep into the issue through open questioning and discussion. I often use guided meditations to help to get back to the source of the issue, and to process whatever arises. Then we can unlock the doors to the aligned expression of you. I have a practical approach which helps you to go away with a clear idea of how to take the energy forwards into your daily life.

Pricing and contact

I offer sessions over skype with additional support through email. A 60-90 minute session is priced at £40, however I am flexible if the cost is an issue. For more about me or the services I offer, please visit my website: Comebacktothesource Contact me at:

Openhand stage 2 facilitator

Rich has worked with the Openhand Approach some considerable time. He's shown immense aptitude for all matters spirituality and thrown himself fully into the work. He has a strong and solid presence, but is also empathic and gentle with it. (He has a good deal of "bear" energy!). So people feel held and safe, whilst at the same time, able to go deep and express their issues. Rich is also developing a specialty in helping people pass on consciously. Check out his website for full info...Comebacktothesource


Wow thanks for all the beautiful words guys. It means a lot to have the support from you guys and feel the love from the Openhand community. It feels great to be on here, and I'm really excited about the next stage in my adventure.

Lots of love all round

It is wonderful to see you featured here, Richard. I'm happy and excited for you and I also really like the blog posts on your website. How wonderful that your gifts can be now shared with the world!!

For me, your special talent lies in that you are able to create and hold the aliveness and safety within the relational field, despite the pain of the present moment. This allows for deeper expression and self-realization. Also, Richard, thank you for making me laugh until I hurt and holding the space when I cried until there was no pain anymore.

Fly high, my friend!


Great to see you here as an Openhand Facilitator, Richard. I saw your website on Facebook. It's grand. I'm particularly happy to see you offer conscious dying services. So needed. You have wonderful gifts to share as you embrace others with your kind, safe, and solid bear energy. North, south, east, west: you've got it covered! :)

Very Best Wishes,

x Cathy

Big welcome Richard to the Facilitator's team. I really enjoyed getting to know you last year on the Transfiguration course. You have such a calm, grounded and gentle presence. ItZ allows others to feel comfortable to share and open up. I love the clarity and depth when you express and your ability to sprinkle in a bit of humor in life adding to the lightness. Your gifts will no doubt help many others. Great job on the new website!
With love,

I am blessed to be in the presents of the beautiful beings here at openhand, even if it is not in person and just by web or the ether. I just checked out Richard's site as well ( Comebacktothesource ) and right from the first I felt warm and at home. Jen and Trinity, like you and the team, Richard does have an incredible gift. Thanks for being you.

To infinity and beyond
Much Love

Hi Rich! I just checked out your amazing website and it has such a great feeling to it. Conscious dying - what a beautiful service...and like you say on your site...this is a constant process.

A truly rich offering of divine service and feels great to have you on the Facilitator Team!

With love,