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Rich - Openhand facilitator


Life has always been an experiential study for me. Even as a child feeling like this reality was somehow alien to me, I observed and inquired about the nature of life here on Earth and what this human form was really about. Many described me as sensitive but it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I discovered what strength this trait held, embracing my honesty and vulnerability.

It was always important to me, despite feeling very comfortable in my own company, to go out and experience as much of life as possible. As a result my life has seemed to flow at break-neck pace through varying experiences – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Discovering Openhand has been the greatest catalyst for me to step into a natural way of being for that I hid from the world for so long – facilitation! Now I truly feel presence coming through me. Being totally in the world but absolutely not of it gives such a sense of freedom, balance and empowerment around the aliveness of the moment.

“I would like to encourage everyone out there. You are not alone. Dive into the unknown, and you will know your soul! Embrace your challenges and you will know passion. Step through your fears and you will know love. Die a little each day and you will know life!”

Co-creating a more aligned and empowered YOU

As a facilitator I often find myself in role of ‘weaver of stories’. This means that I can put together the different pieces of the puzzle and point my finger on what’s really going on for you at a deeper level. People mostly experience me as grounding and non-judgemental. Sessions can often take you deep into your pain while also leaving room for lightness and perspective.

Though my background is in psychology, I’m aware of its limitations and therefore apply a wholistic approach focusing on what the energy is doing on a spiritual level and using the body as compass pointing us toward the blockage that needs to be unraveled.

In particular I feel given to support people in the following areas:

For further support and information in overcoming these issues, please check out:

My book: Awakening through Change

My main website: Parting the Waves

My sister website: Back to the Source

Join my Facebook Community:


Pricing and contact

Sessions over Skype or Zoom usually last 1 hour and can sometimes go for 90 minutes. For anyone who wants to meet in person, I live near Linz in Austria. My rate is €65 (£60 / $70 US)

Openhand stage 2 facilitator

Rich has a strong and comforting energy to work with. You'll feel safely held as you explore into life's most challenging of karmic issues (he's affectionately known to some as 'the bear'!). He also has a greatly loving and empathic supportive energy, able to cut to the chase and locate the energetic source of the problem. With a complementary career background, plus a great richness of life experience (especially around family relationships), he brings a crafted wisdom to client engagements. He's also effectively developing starsoul bridges, to greatly amplify the realigning nature of his work. So people feel held and safe, whilst at the same time, able to go deep and unveil their consciousness.

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Wow thanks for all the beautiful words guys. It means a lot to have the support from you guys and feel the love from the Openhand community. It feels great to be on here, and I'm really excited about the next stage in my adventure.

Lots of love all round

It is wonderful to see you featured here, Richard. I'm happy and excited for you and I also really like the blog posts on your website. How wonderful that your gifts can be now shared with the world!!

For me, your special talent lies in that you are able to create and hold the aliveness and safety within the relational field, despite the pain of the present moment. This allows for deeper expression and self-realization. Also, Richard, thank you for making me laugh until I hurt and holding the space when I cried until there was no pain anymore.

Fly high, my friend!


Great to see you here as an Openhand Facilitator, Richard. I saw your website on Facebook. It's grand. I'm particularly happy to see you offer conscious dying services. So needed. You have wonderful gifts to share as you embrace others with your kind, safe, and solid bear energy. North, south, east, west: you've got it covered! :)

Very Best Wishes,

x Cathy

Big welcome Richard to the Facilitator's team. I really enjoyed getting to know you last year on the Transfiguration course. You have such a calm, grounded and gentle presence. ItZ allows others to feel comfortable to share and open up. I love the clarity and depth when you express and your ability to sprinkle in a bit of humor in life adding to the lightness. Your gifts will no doubt help many others. Great job on the new website!
With love,

I am blessed to be in the presents of the beautiful beings here at openhand, even if it is not in person and just by web or the ether. I just checked out Richard's site as well ( Comebacktothesource ) and right from the first I felt warm and at home. Jen and Trinity, like you and the team, Richard does have an incredible gift. Thanks for being you.

To infinity and beyond
Much Love

Hi Rich! I just checked out your amazing website and it has such a great feeling to it. Conscious dying - what a beautiful service...and like you say on your site...this is a constant process.

A truly rich offering of divine service and feels great to have you on the Facilitator Team!

With love,