The Incredible Power of "Transmutation" on the Spiritual Path

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I have to pinch myself sometimes, being here in this physical body. I know well a higher dimensional existence of pure light, where thought and creativity happen at lightning speed; where you feel completely interconnected with sentient life and can travel through the cosmos in the blink of the third eye. But I am here in this dense - and wonderful! - physical body. And I'm reminded that light can still change it. In fact, consciousness can change all our 3D experiences and creations.

Everything is of consciousness - nothing is fixed and rigid

It's natural to want to change one's life for the better, in an authentic way, meaning: to find greater alignment with the natural flow of the moment; to create magically as one with the Universe; to be more sovereign and empowered; to unfurl a deeper degree of inner harmony and peace. All of these become immediately possible when we remember, and embody in our lives, one fundamental truth...

That everything is of consciousness, of energy, even the physical body, and therefore it is not fixed and rigid in time and space. It is ever changing, and has the possibility to transform for the better, by the infusion of Unity Consciousness through your soul.

Infusion of soul is the key to Transmutation. If we can soften the body and mind from its rigid judgments of reality, then we'll open up an alchemical vessel through which to infuse soul. Soul is your interconnection with the Universe, and when you're truly in it, then the infinite possibility of the Universe becomes available to you.

All know that the drop merges into the ocean.
But few know that the ocean merges into the drop!


What might we experience when soul begins to infuse into the bodymind?

Here are some of the experiences that become possible...

  1. Expansion of inner peace, as you connect up to the timeless nature of existence
  2. Enhanced intuition, as you become increasingly aware of the natural flow of the moment
  3. Greater inner harmony, as you realign battered DNA
  4. Expansion into higher dimensions of consciousness and existence
  5. Feeling guided and supported by your own 'Team' of Higher dimensional guides

So a Universe of infinite possibility opens up as we infuse soul. But we will have to work at it. We will have to be committed and persevere with great patience. Reality is a complex illusion, designed to make the sense of it very real. Pain and discomfort are real experiences, that can create doubt and mistrust when we don't necessarily get what we think we might want. Doubt and mistrust are the very antithesis of Transmutation. If you believe that reality is going to work in a particular way, then the strong likelihood is you'll create that. Likewise with unconsciousness - if you're unconsciously conditioned through karma to create reality in a particular way, then so you shall.

Developing empowering spiritual practice

That's why it's essential to develop a spiritual practice that takes you deep into the layers of body and mind - that cause you to confront, and 'normalise' in the phenomena, so that you begin to treat them merely as relativistic experiences and not fixed or absolute. With each venture into your inner world, you'll encounter the limitations of judgment and fixed belief, be they physical, emotional, mental or karmic. It's in these places some form of fixed limitation has been established. But as we penetrate deep into them with the light of pure awareness, then they become malleable, and flexible to change.

Here's the point: as I soften the inner world and progressively render it more pliable, then like a gentle flower through withering concrete, the soul will penetrate into any crusty judgments, 'compost' them down and transform the landscape with infinite possibility. Crucially this then begins to reflect into our outer world to change all aspects of it: from our relationships to how we live and work. This is the incredible possibility of alchemical transmutation.

At Openhand, one of the key practices we apply for alchemical Transmutation possibility, is what we call the "Openhand Bow", which has been developed from the ancient practice of Kriya Yoga (introduced in "Autobiography of Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda). It's where you bend deep into any tightness, discomfort, resistance or judgment of the moment, and intensify it, so that you have the possibility to redefine your experience of it.

You surrender into it and discover the pure presence of the One, so the limitation no longer defines you.
I have recorded a download meditation for you to sample and purchase at this link.

You can also gain free video guidance of the Openhand Bow, and additional perspectives on the phenomena of "Transmutation" in this Shift Diary here below. It's around 20 minutes long, so do put some quality time aside - your transmutation into a more evolved form is greatly worth it! Besides, I've illuminated the video with some tremendous inspirational timelapse photography of our blessed Mother Nature. Enjoy and be inspired...

We regularly guide the Openhand Bow and other transformational meditations on our Worldwide Events and Courses...Discover More

Be the change!

Open 🦋

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04/04/24 Shift Update:

Wow, just look at the numerology of this Shift update - to me it speaks strongly of karmic transfromation in the air.

With that in mind, let's not forget the incredible power of transmutation on the spiritual path this Easter, and especially when considering catalytic consciousness is coming active in the field, which is highly alchemical. Let's remember - and test - that EVERYTHING is of consciousness and although things appear rigid and solid, they are not. Everything can change. We have to soften the mind to allow that, to accept infinite possibility in any given moment. Then things really can take off for you.

The whole world is the process of fundamental change right now, on all levels. With this in mind, do read through the lead article above and if it resonates, apply the meditations to open up your inner space. Let the soul flood in. Then just watch how the landscape starts to shape around you.

The Incredible Power of Transmutation on The Spiritual Path

This video shares the sense of what I'm expressing. Go out into nature this Easter, and let the Shiv-Shakti in you dance!...

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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We have two deeply transmutational retreats coming up in May - they are the pinnacle of our core course program.

Resonate? See you there 🙏...

6th-11th May: DIVINICUS in the Desert:ZOOM
It's time to activate your Spirit Light Body for 5D Ascension, and navigate from it in your daily life. Dive deep into the "Desert of the Real" with Open, strip away any distraction, journey multidimensionally and shed the layers of ancient Human karma. This is Openhand's jewel in the crown stage 3 course, in the energetic harmony of your own home.
Unmissable Lifetime Experience.

17th-24th May: DIVINICUS in Snowdonia: WALES
This is Openhand's jewel in the crown stage 3 course, high up in the remote mountains of Snowdonia at the Lord of the Rings eco-village Cae Mabon. Dive deep into the profound nature of being, process ancient human karma, activate your 5D Divine Being for the Shift. Participate in soul-stirring sacred ceremony and enjoy high vibe vegan cuisine.
Unmissable Lifetime Experience.

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Dear Openhand,

I knew this video. It gives me that surreal feeling one often gets in the dream scape.

People often say that there is nothing new under the sun, often a brilliant being, being humble about their work. I always wonder, what about the moon? This is a subtle reminder, a small nudge, that there is always another iteration.

Iterations of the path, iterations of what should be, or what will be. My knowing is that these choice’s and questions, the iterations themselves, are merely smoke and mirrors. They are the carrot we ourselves place on the stick to amuse ourselves.

Whether it be ego or soul, setting down the concern with what one should be doing, or with what somebody else should be doing, is liberating for everybody, that alone attunes one to the source that is directing the entire theodrama.

I must’ve witnessed ten thousand dialogues whereby one entity is telling another entity that they are an ego. It’s become the most absurd interplay I’ve ever known in all creation. I have to adjust my GodTube feed.

I’ve never witnessed one entity tell another entity, you are an immortal soul, an eternal being, you are living out an illusory character, like a child play’s an imaginary game, remember? Whatever a being is, the other beings are going to project anyway. That is how it is, until you’re so sovereign that it doesn’t matter if you’re hung up on a cross and crucified over it.

Let it not come to that. Whatever a being subconsciously attempts to obtain from outside itself, without its own knowledge. It will be withheld, until one no longer requires it, and then it will be given. Require nothing, want nothing, need nothing. YOU ARE IT.

Open, you are a brilliant writer, I look forward to reading your new book.

And now, for the transitory avatar that wrote these very words, it’s into the sacrificial fire, forever, and a day.

Amen 🙏


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Hey Open, 

Over the Easter break I listened to the fac con sessions and I gained illuminations like snowfakes falling. 

It was so encouraging after so many months/years of hard slog and wondering if I was making any progress at all. At times feeling like I was walking in the dark yet my soul kept urging me on step by step.

Today on my way over to feed my chooks my attention was drawn to a glorious dragonfruit flower the first I've ever seen. I felt like it was a gift from the universe so I stayed with that feeling of gratefullness.

Then on my way to my pottery class so many rosellas were flying across the road all the way to the highway, it was a sign to me that I was loved n cherished. 

I started class with a renewed inspiration and flowed into my zone. 

Then I got a call from the flood recovery support people saying  I am eligible for assistance to get my poor old leaking mouldy caravan fixed!! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude I shed a few tears. 

Wow when the universe comes through it is truly awesome! It makes all the mud wading so worth it! 

I am so grateful to you, the team and the lovely community for all the love, support and encouragement. Thankyou so much. 

Much love n big hugs

Erin 💚🌺

Dragonfruit flower



30/08/2021 Openhand Journal Update

It's Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, a public holiday, which is hailed as the last day of our summer. I've been up on the stunning Dartmoor in South West England ahead of our new academic year commencing with a retreat here at the marvellous Eden Rise.

My time here reminded me of a video I captured at one of the places I've been camping. It's all about the power of transmutation through the art of transcendence. Whether you have a holiday today or not, I share it as a means of inspiration to experience transcendence today, by feeling through any density that arises, or any negativity, and dance free as the soul through the ether.

So do refresh my article today to garner some inspiration, especially the video at the end from the marvellous Dartmoor. It contains a demonstration of the Openhand Bow which is so powerful for unleashing your deep inner self...

The Incredible Power of "Transmutation" on the Spiritual Path

Have a wonderful day!

Open 🙏


Here's an inspiring reflection back to Trafalgar Square 2015 BEFORE the plandemonium, BEFORE people were terrified by viruses, BEFORE social distancing and masks. What the world needs right now are plenty of these flash meditations to break down the fear and control. I can feel it coming folks. In my meditation this morning I could feel it coming...


Never doubt that we have inordinate power to change our lives and the world through the inner work that we do. Everything is of consciousness - it is one space-time-continuum. If you can work to align your inner consciousness with the flow of the soul, then you connect up to the infinite organising power of the source. You channel that energy through you, which is going to have a tremendously beneficial effect around you.

Right now on the Openhanders private Facebook Group, there's a group of Openhanders conducting a six month bow challenge - they are actively changing their lives and the world in the process.

Check out the Openhanders Facebook Group and ask to join



For anyone coming to Openhand for the first time, or are fairly new here, this article on progressive 'Transmutation' to unveil the True Inner Self would be a good one to begin with and connect the dots of the philosophy.

Nice to see you.

Open Heart



Hi Desi - nice to see you here - welcome The Sun Emoji

I think you raise a valuable point. For sure the vibe gets very high at these events, and everyone starts to reflect that back to oneanother - plenty of uplifting feedback loops. I believe there are two reasons a 'crash' might happen afterwards: (1) the importance of connecting to the centredness through is all - the ups and the downs so as to attach or identify with neither. So not attaching to a 'light based' experience just as one might also want to distance from the density - this can create a 'yo yo' effect. (2) When you do strongly activate the light of the soul, it's also going to dredge up the shadow side identity - because fragments of soul have become disconnected into that. And the shadow identity will have created at least some of the environment we find ourselves living in.

I do witness though, then when we commit to the path and realise the ups and the downs of it, then more and more people embrace the density as a necessary part of progression. We move through it more easily and rapidly.

Big hug your way

Open Praying Emoji



Hi Everyone,

Now that we are in peak vacation season, I wanted to share something I recently became aware of. This phenomena doesn’t happen to everyone, but I think it’s very common. 

It’s when we have an energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual crash after an inspiring and powerful event or retreat.  And this is not limited to spiritual events. It can be an uplifting business event, a social event, a holiday (in my case), or any other event where our level of happiness, vibrational frequency, inspiration, and energy were stimulated and raised.

I have been looking at the reasons for this to happen, and I am still not clear as to why it does happen.  Mostly, it feels like the vibrational frequency between our own personal lives and that of the event are so different that when we get back to our personal lives unless we continue with a strong high frequency practice, the familiarity of our old lives pulls us back down.  The frequency falling even a little bit is so devastating that we then crash.  Once we come out of the crash, back to how our lives used to be before the event does not feel so bad after all. 

Another reason of course could be that during the event, we were surrounded by a group of individuals who were also at that high vibrational frequency intent and thus generating high frequencies with us, so when we remove ourselves from that field of collective awareness, we feel disconnected from what is our true nature’s “normal” state, and crash. Any suggestions?  



Hi Bianca,

It's great to have you a part of the community Heart

My sense is you've hit the nail on the head (so to speak). Feeling "guilty" does spike quite strongly in the field. So that would be something to look into. At a soul level, everyone chooses the circumstances they need in which to wake up and evolve - these can be the most challenging thing. It's essential that we don't somehow try to remove the circumstances they've created - but rather hold the space for them to experience what they need to experience.

Emotionally taking on the burden of others, could actually prevent them from waking up - because they don't touch the source of the pain within. The best is to hold the space for them to feel deeply. And, most importantly, to shine your own light - which is hard to do if we're carrying the burden!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with feeling what you're feeling - it's entirely right to be awake and expanded. So I'd say confront the feeling of guilt, explore into it, and work to let it go. Then you'll feel better and actually be able to support in a more aligned and effective way.

Sending love, wishing you well

Open Heart

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Dear Open ,

Even though I have read these comments several times, they really landed strongly for me today as I am feeling into Deep childhood wounding . I can see how much I resist feeling these feelings just as they are without any mind embellishments. How much I try and fix and dramatise or put labels on it. I know this intellectually but I am witnessing how much my intellectual knowing actually means nothing until I experience it . 

At a soul level, everyone chooses the circumstances they need in which to wake up and evolve - these can be the most challenging thing. It's essential that we don't somehow try to remove the circumstances they've created - but rather hold the space for them to experience what they need to experience.

In so many ways I have avoided this -going into saviour mode or non acceptance . And its astonishing that despite my practice its only today morning that I was able to make space to feel (some of )the pain of being in a very emotionally immature environment as a child . And I resonate with the guilt as well ! I am so much more expanded than my birth family that I feel as if its a mistake somehow . I remind myself again and again :

The best is to hold the space for them to feel deeply. And, most importantly, to shine your own light - which is hard to do if we're carrying the burden!

Thank you so much . I think ,it is doing the bow and bending into challenges again and again that is allowing these very deep layers to come up into the light . 





Hi Open and everyone,

I feel blessed to be part of this community.

As an empath I have used numbness and disconnection to avoid taking on energies and responsabilities that are not mine. I now find myself in a place where I'm opening up more and feeling more and I'm scared of feeling people out because then I'll feel obliged to want to help them and take on tasks that aren't meant for me. At the moment my mum is in hospital and I feel there is some pressure for me to help out more. I'm not sure if its real pressure or if it's my guilt. I feel guilty for having found peace and so when people are telling me about their challenges its a challenge to feel it all and trust that they will find a way. 




That's amazing - what a gift he has - probably my favourite poet too.

Loved this...


Just beyond yourself. It’s where you need to be.

Half a step into self-forgetting and the rest restored by what you’ll meet.

Just wow!

Open OK Hand Sign



I came across this amazing poem today by my favourite poet David Whyte, which deeply speaks and also captures the great power of transmutation in life - SO beautiful for the Sunday vibe.


Just beyond 

It’s where 
you need 
to be.

Half a step 
and the rest
by what 
you’ll meet.

There is a road 
always beckoning.

When you see
the two sides 
of it
closing together
at that far horizon
and deep in 
the foundations
of your own 
at exactly
the same

that’s how
you know 
it's where
to go.

That’s how
you know
it’s the road
to follow.

That’s how
you know
you have
to go.

how you know.

It’s just beyond
where you 
need to be.

from the upcoming book