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"The Ascent" is the inner journey of the soul, reflected into our outer lives. What's involved? How will you best navigate the trials and tribulations? The Shift of Gaia is now well underway and we're being called to liberate the soul and begin the journey back to the Source. Be inspired...

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Hi Aproheidi - when I put the video together, I felt I just had to include the clip of you boogying - what a joy! The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

Hi Marije, you asked...

I am still wondering about physical ailment that seems to manifest when I am going through or right after big shifts internally. Is that like having to purge the imbalance first through physical ailment before the soul can then infuse in a balanced way?

I'd say imagine the physical body like a 'fuse box', where you're putting much more energy through it. It actually needs to transform in order for the soul consciousness to fully come in. And so it is going to manifest as physical ailments and sickness. Often people get colds and flu for example. But it can also be much more intense than that.

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So, I wrote this (on my way to work using Siri on my phone Friday morning after having seen the video) "I cannot believe how thrilled I am right now :-) every single morning I have been going to the website to view one of the videos or diaries.  I had already finished them and gone through them again , so this morning I thought I would go to YouTube to see what I could find… My subscription updated me that there was a new video… I watched it and I was enjoying it so much (really loving the content) and then I saw us, my beloved peeps from the New York intensive… then I saw myself dancing and didn’t cringe at the sight… As a matter of fact, I re-experienced the extreme joy that I felt when that was happening and I am filled with gratitude and love!!!!!"
After that I got to work and have been crazy busy since (in the most positive of ways:).  I only now had time to get on here to post this and read all of the posts above, which actually are quite synchronistic with my last few days.  After seeing the video I was thinking about how joyful the dancing has made me after meditation lately (since the release and joyous movement at the intensive in NY), but that doing it alone was not quite as fulfilling.  I had found a "conscious dance" group in Tacoma, but it takes me almost 2 hours to get there and another 2 to get back 6 days a week and I did not want to do it on Sunday.  I live in a city that is more in tune with spirituality than many in this area, so I looked online to see if they offered it here.  I found a session that began at 10:30 a.m. this morning.  I was running late and did not want to interrupt meditation and come in late, especially on my first time, and I was just about to divert to the gym to work out and dance alone again this evening when a song came on (it was in my play list, but not a song that I know...I am making audio vision board options and it was about dance, so it made its way into my music app) called ""Lose yourself to Dance".  I decided to let the Universe make the call and when I pulled up there were others still walking in and I was very excited at the opportunity to join.  There were over 100 people!!!!!  You would not believe the energy; I could literally see it everywhere visually and I was in joyous awe.  After the movement began I found myself dancing very differently than I do alone and found myself weaving in and out of the crowd dancing and not touching another soul (physically ;).  I felt wrapped in the energy all around me and then all of the sudden felt like I was choking, like I could not breathe at all and moved to the side near the fan to try and take a minute...it was then that I suddenly felt hot everywhere, my throat dried, my heart pounded, my stomach started burning and as it moved down the ailment behind it seemed to flow out like colors from my body.  The energy then rested in my base chakra and it felt like fire.  It felt very sexual and I almost succumbed to embarrassment when an adorable man with orange painted toenails said "are you ok?"  When I looked up I was smiling (I could feel it on my face, but it was not purposeful)...I only noticed when a large smile crossed his face and he said "I guess you are more than ok."  He then laughed, reached out his hand for me to grab (although it was said that we should not touch unless there was consent, I did not hesitate) and he led me to the middle of the crowd.  Suddenly we were dancing as if we were an artistic version of the music; I felt so utterly alive.  For a second I felt that it was odd because I was feeling more masculine and his energy was more feminine, but the balance was so perfect I did not think on it long.  The music flowed from one song to another and we continued without end for over an hour.  I was completely disheveled, sweaty, black mascara under my eyes and utterly on fire with love.  The most wonderful thing about it is that my new friend has a boyfriend whom is also a dancer and they have a traveling conscious dance group!  When it was all over we decided to hang out at the park next to the dance place and the day was exquisite!  The sun felt different on my skin and the love pouring from us was noticeable to others, some who joined us in conversation and so many amazing things are coming of this union; everything that I had been hoping for my community just spontaneously combusted into a mushroom cloud confetti of unity and love.  I am overwhelmed with joy, understanding the kundalini...not sure why my pain did not last long or even seem real for some reason...still observing the events in my mind as I write this.  

I guess the point of my post is that I can completely understand all of what you are sharing and I am grateful for the insight.  The Open experience has been the best thing that ever happened to me and I am filled with abundant gratitude!  I used to think that I could not decide what my favorite thing in the "whole world" (lol, my childhood statement of enchantment) was, but it was usually going to either be music or dance...I guess it is an entwined and simultaneous exploration of meditation/music/dance and a freedom of expression that I never knew could exist for me...I am sending the energy I raise to all of you lovelies and I hope that your exploration continues to move you through your ecstatic journey...even then pain is worth it and knowing that it will come again is not even scary, it is delightful :)

With eternal love to the highest in each of us,


"This light of mine is your reflection"



Hi Open,

Thanks for your thoughts on this! I get what you mean by illness being a result of imbalances in the way the soul is (or is not) infusing. However, I am still wondering about physical ailment that seems to manifest when I am going through or right after big shifts internally. Is that like having to purge the imbalance first through physical ailment before the soul can then infuse in a balanced way? Because the imbalance was surely already there before the big shifting without necessarily any physical symptoms? 


Wow guys - deep internal explorations indeed! Thumbs Up Sign

Where to begin?!

Marye I'm not surprised that having something "as simple as a foot nassage" would spark things off. Let's be clear, you can go merriily along outside of the flow for some time and apparently everything works okay, that is until you keel over for some various reason. When you start to open up, basically you're starting to engage with the infusion of soul - because you're now conscious of the soul, you become conscious of where it starts to infuse.

So when you massage the souls of the feet, you're massaging the reflexology points to all the internal organs. And so I imagine you were bringing consciousness into them. Hence the impact - you're starting to be conscious in them for the first time. You could probably do it again yourself, then notice which points spark internally. Then by checking a chart, you'd know which organs you're infusing consciousness into.

This brings me to a general point, which I'm reticent generally about sharing, because of in the past how people have taken it, or then not fully applied it. But here goes: I would say that ALL physical illness comes from imbalances in the way the soul is, or is not, infusing. You could go to a doctor for some ailment, but I've seldom come across one who actually deals with the cause, or even understands the cause - which is imbalanced soul infusion.

I recall a guy calling me after a workshop once in a very accusatioinal mode - he had heart pains as if in heart attack, and very worriedly had gone to A&E. Having calmed him down, I asked him to tell me about his life: it quickly became clear, in just about EVERY aspect, he was going against the movement of his heart. So no surprises!

Several months back, just before a course, all the ligaments in one knee exploded, so I could hardly walk. But rather than getting surgery or some kind of medical analysis, I asked the flow to "show me". Martial arts was the key, and years of unconscious conditioning. So the body tightens. But when youy stop doing the conditioning aspects, the body will naturally unwind. But by bringing consciousness to the feelings around the knee, and crucially NOT JUDGING the feelings around it.... like, "I won't walk properly again", or "I should take all weight off it and just rest", I simply allowed soul consciousness to flood in by paying attention. Over a period of a few weeks, the knee rebuilt itself, in a new more aligned way.

So as kundalini starts to flow into various parts of the body, and as you let go of conditioning of the past, you'll get all manner of real physical pain, illness and challenge. I'd say the first thing is not to judge the condition but ask, "show me". Then witness why the misalignment happened. The final part being having the commitment to change behaviorisms and now follow what the soul is inviting.

Remember, WHATEVER is going on, there is only self-realisation!

In loving support

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Dear Open ,


Being a participant sometimes reticently in ''modern medicine' ,I have to agree with you 100 percent. In my own personal life I have seen how periods of deep emotional cleansing often cause deep pain in my body or fevers . 

I did a lot of reading around back pain and even I have come to the conclusion that all processes in the body in terms of pain and disease are occurring because of far deeper processes in consciousness. And our body can easily show us ,if we would but ask. 

For much of my life I have been divorced from my body's innate wisdom . I am learning to come back to it and connect with it once more. 

Thank you all !! 



So I ended up doing the Openhand chakra attunement meditation (thanks for the encouragement Jean!) and am a little baffled by how this has changed things inside! (I often put things like this off, because when the agony is so strong, I am convinced it won't help anyhow). After enormous fits of unpleasant dry heaving throughout pretty much the whole meditation, particularly when breathing into the heart chakra (I started over about 3-4 times, because by the time I finished heaving the recording had already moved through the remaining chakras), it feels as if an enormous heaviness and turbulence has lifted now.... There is still quite some internal movement remaining, but in a 'manageable' and bearable way, compared to earlier....  These things keep on amazing me....!

At the same time, there is some self-judgement arising.... 'Why didn't you do this meditation earlier? You could have saved yourself so much agony, you silly woman!'

Hi Megha,

I can relate very well with what you write about the challenge of staying present with strong movements of energy in the body and particularly the physical pain that can come with it. Being on my own with it is one thing, but particularly when functioning in interaction with others in the 3D experience, I find it most challenging. At the same time I am still a bit puzzled by all the physical pain that can come with strong shifts of energy and what to ‘do’ when it happens, because within the 3D framework it would come most close to ‘illness’ (which can sometimes be an excuse to hide behind to have time off to process it). And although at a subconscious level I know it is just strong energies moving, there is still a part of me that attaches to the physical discomfort of the experience that is looking for reassurance that it is nothing to worry about. At the same time, I have been amazed by how quickly the experience can shift. Like last week after working through some things in a session with Open, I had two days of the most incredible back pain that I couldn’t imagine it would ever fully go away, and then on the third day it had completely vanished into nowhere that I almost couldn’t believe it and I felt absolutely great. After a ‘high’ for about 1.5 week, I had a foot reflexology massage on Friday that seems to have stirred things up again and I have physically felt in agony since, with strange headaches, lightheadness, extreme fatigue, feeling feverish although I don’t have fever, nausea, etc..

Open, I know you have already reassured me on multiple occasions about some of these physical ‘symptoms’ being part of big shifts, but it would be great if you would be willing to elaborate a bit more of what some of these physical symptoms represent, for example flu-like/cold symptoms, digestive problems, back pains, headaches, etc. I am sure others would benefit from that as well!



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I'm so with you Marye . I don't perceive these movements as painful in the classical meaning of the term. But I do tend to find them very uncomfortable as the energy seems to bounce all around my body . I am trying to just allow myself to feel all this - go into deep surrender and then it seems to settle for a bit . 

Aspasia ,I am also feeling deeply sexual and loving energies thrumming through me at sometimes very inopportune times :) . Recently I felt wave after wave of pleasure from my base to my heart . I confess I was about get very attached to that very pleasant energy when the energy hurricane broke . :) 

I am very interested to read Opens response to your query ,Marye . As far as my energetic blocks are concerned ,what do you think would be a good way to actually work with them ? I try and soften into them but it only works occasionally .

Lots of love to all of you on this extremely unique journey !


Hi Megha - we're right there with you. Praying Emoji

Sounds like the movement of Kundalini, flowing strongly and then hitting internal blockages which can cause a fair degree of pain, like a fuse system needing to expand.

This that you said is key...

Staying present with such strong movements of energy is proving very challenging. When I meditate even for a few minutes I shake very violently. I am doing my usual yoga

We need to keep adapting, keep innovating the practice - not getting stuck in a partcular practice. So what about meditating in movement? Put some music on and move the body, integrate fully through the body. Dance and move to flexibility and openness - the crown chakra, moving beyond rigid patterns into free flowing spontaneity.

The baby Megha synchronicity? I'd say new Megha wants to be born in you!

I'm at a favourite coffee shop in town reading this, and what's just come on in the background is this... "Move to the Music".
I know not everyone particularly likes Madonna, but to me, she's always challenged stereotypes, taboo and rigidity..."Let your body go with the flow"..

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Thanks Open ,Aspasia and Marye. It's so beneficial to be able to just talk about this stuff ! . I went and danced a lot yesterday in fact . In India we are in the middle of the Nine days of the Goddess,Aspasia . So that sharing about how 'she' wants to move is very helpful . 

Open what I suppressed while sharing is how I can't seem to free wheel as well as others do here. I have shared before that I seem adept at actually feeling the movement of energy within and without but the synchronous loops that everyone seems to be experiencing are fewer and far in between for me. I occasionally glimpse many more layers of information but it quickly gets seived out by what you call rigidity of old patterns . And yes ,the baby is a very interesting happenstance . They actually went to another hospital( the premier institution in India ,actually)  because I told them I had no experience and would be doing this form of treatment for the first time - and then returned to my little unit. 

There is another baby Megha - he just got operated on because he was born without the front of the abdominal wall. He underwent surgery recently to fix his penis. Interesting that I saw him today as well - seems like I am learning simultaneously to integrate my sacral chakra especially the deformed masculine part and make a connection with the wider aspects via the crown chakra. 

My heart chakra seems to open in the presence of a man who I know killed me in a past life. Even thinking about it and it's like my whole chest and back is on fire . I can literally feel waves of energy erupting through it . 

I will try and dance with the energy . Thank you so much for the empathy again !




In the last week I am feeling waves of energy moving from my heart chakra to my skull . Also something seems to be opening up on the top of my head . I am also feeling intermittently like my  uterus is full of warm light . Staying present with such strong movements of energy is proving very challenging. When I meditate even for a few minutes I shake very violently. I am doing my usual yoga ,journalling and deep breathing ground this energy influx for now though I intermittently go into numbing strategies as well. During yoga I tend to cry deeply. 

On the outside my third dimensional life is very good. I have only when patient who interestingly has seizures recalcitrant to all medications. I have since the last three days started her on diet treatment. Never ever seen such a patient and I am finding the nerve to give the family some hope. This baby's mom has the same name as me so she is called Baby of Megha  . The Universe is trying tell me something I think .

I am not sure what has triggered these energy influxes. From tomorrow I am planning to do a cleanse as well . . I would be grateful for any insights . 


Thank you ! 


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Megha, I would like to share my experience with you because it is so synchronistic. And I totally resonate!

The movement of 'kundalini' has been quite strong (violent also) for me for...well, over a year now! And indeed, I found out that it needs to be approached (not controlled) in a variety of ways so as to allow 'her' to move. It/she shifts and moves and 'breaks through'!  I like personalising the energy at times, just for fun. So, 'She' is my inner divine snake - I love all snakes :)

Yesterday, I was meditating (seated) with the sound of some extraordinary music. My awareness embraced the sound of the music, 'her' energetic movements, the physicality of the experience and the breath, which at times would go deeper without me controlling it. Even the breath will/can move in various ways! Well, the inner snake started moving WITH the sound of the music. And I/my attention (awareness) was in it fully. I could feel emotional energies arising too, like love and sexual energies. It was remarkable to feel how 'she' is a 'creature' of movement, like water. And I kept surrendering to how the energy showed me the way to go deeper into inner discoveries and outer creations!

When the energy moves violently, awareness can embrace and accept and can find stillness in the movement. Feeling it from the inside.

While in movement (dance, yoga etc), i tend to pay attention deeply to how the energy moves and accompany it with breath. 'She' does show me as I keep listening and surrendering, how 'she' wants to move. All sorts of 'stuff' (emotional etc) can come up to the surface.

Massage helps a lot too. And being in Nature.

The energy is really transformative on many levels. For me, it invites a deep Trust in 'her' unfolding.

Sending loving energy <3




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