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Submitted by Open on Wed, 03/25/2020 - 08:02

Hi friends of Openhand, what incredible times these are! The Openhand work was especially crafted to mediate through them. But we could use your help too. How so? We live in a curious system of control, which doesn't become obvious until you get close to the truth of what's going on and share it. Then you notice how search engine alogrithms are turned against you. Like when I wrote about the impact of FiveGee and the likely intentions behind it, the Openhand traffic from search engines plummeted a whopping 40% over night!

That won't deter us, it'll only spur us on, but we could use a little help and support. Here's how...

Spectacular Emergence of Consciousness

Actually, as I write this, I'm not in anyway daunted by what's unfolding out there in the 3D at the moment. Quite the reverse. I do believe this pandemic has been purposefully concocted to control and reshape society, or at least ramped up, to try to close this amazing awakening down; to try to fit us all back into the corporate box. I have the sense that it will backfire spectacularly. I sense that plenty of people will see through the veils, especially of how it's being handled. They'll pinch themselves more fully awake and realise the bankruptcy of the current system. That it doesn't serve our emergence of consciousness. I already feel a growing wave of people turning deeper inwards and towards their Ascension into a New 5D Paradigm of Being.

That must surely be the way forwards for awakened people right now.

I realise there's plenty to integrate on that journey, which will take time and dedicated practice. I realise the 'end goal' of the New Paradigm will seem distant in the beginning. That's because it's realised progressively in each step - we deepen into it with every choice and action, in every unfolding moment. That's how the 'ship' ultimately appears on the horizon. So you don't have to be clear on the destination. Just that you feel to head in the direction of ascending consciousness. The rest will become clear and unfold along the way as you deepen the journey.

Hence the Openhand focus is now all about deepening the inquiry into ascending consciousness.

How might you help us to help others?

Sharing the Light

Personal recommendation and word of mouth are by far the best way to connect with new people: to point people to the right material that can help them. Over the years we've reached some beautiful souls and helped spur them along their way. But as times change, we do require help to ripple the light further afield now. In the past, people who've come through the work have often been shy about sharing. I think it's because people felt it put them a bit 'out there'. Well I would say now is the time to find allegiance to your expression of soul and the shift. To step out and step up. That's what's going to help the emergence of soul no end. We can explode the myth of the 3D limitation by shinging our light.

So if you feel moved to, how you may help Openhand to help others is to forward on articles, videos, audio meditations and events that you resonate with and think might help someone else. Below every entry, be it article, video, audio or event, you'll find social media buttons including a new one, which is to be able to easily email a link to someone at the click of a button. Check out the image below and you'll see it in orange...

New Commentary System

We also have a new commentary process, whereby visitors to the website may comment without being logged in. Although of course these comments do go through a capatcha proceedure and need to be approved by the moderators (so as to avoid spam). It helps enormously to ripple the light when we share our views and feeback. So let's get weaving together and give a degree of umph to the Shift. That's what is needed right now.

Thankyou so much for all the love and kindness you've shown Openhand over the years.

It fills the heart and is tremendously appreciated!

Much love to all

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Thank you for acknowledging the purposeful concoction. It has looked that way from the beginning. And yes, the “Let’s just let it happen” manipulation is shredding at the seams. The light is inventing new lives even as the virus spreads and sometimes precisely because it IS spreading.


Hi Open and Everyone,


Taking the time as well to go inward and process what comes up. Trying to assist those in our sphere to process as well in their own way and in their own time. Just trying to paint the bigger picture as best we can to those we come in contact with. Many in our environment are seeing the potential upside to things and realizing there's something bigger going on without necessarily knowing exactly what.


We found this quote that we thought was most appropriate for the times at hand:


A Verse for Our Time

We must eradicate from the soul
All fear and terror of what comes towards man out of the future.

We must acquire serenity
In all feelings and sensations about the future.

We must look forward with absolute equanimity
To everything that may come.

And we must think only that whatever comes
Is given to us by a world-directive full of wisdom.

It is part of what we must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure trust,
Without any security in existence.

Trust in the ever present help 
Of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do
If our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening from within ourselves
Every morning and every evening.

                  - Rudolf Steiner


Hi everyone! 

Betsy, Megha, Mark and Open - thank you for all of your wonderful insights. I've been following with interest!

For me things are getting a touch challenging in the 3D. Both myself and the mother of my kids are 'front line workers' and it's getting very hard to find childcare for the kids. It's a great practice in the breakthrough process as each day there seems to be a new challenge - but really feeling the contraction, normalising it, moving it and coming back to presence so often means the momentum is really revving my engine!! Sure, to get to 5th gear and cruise through at it greater speed you have to go through all the other gears first :-) 

The mother of my kids has been tested for corona today and we're waiting for the results. If she's positive then I will have to get tested too. And thinking about it today I suddenly realised that either result is fine with me with all of its different consequences. One thing I'm also wondering through - if this virus was different and was infecting children, I imagine it might find it harder not to react in fear for my children. Something to work on there.

Here's an observation I've had from the current corona panic:

- It's really enhancing this 'parting of the waves' effect. The people caught up in fear are angry with those who aren't because they see them as being irresponsible or for ignoring the suffering. AND many of those not caught up in fear are judging those who are for being controlled and not seeing the bigger picture. In fact I'd say that's one of the biggest shadows to look out for from the 'ascending crowd' right now - it would be easy for the judgement of being 'more evolved' or 'holier than' to creep in. In actual fact, being 'spiritual' or even 'conscious' has very little to do with it - I observe many people who I thought to be fairly conscious still descending into fear and buying the narative being told. I also see many people who are not outwardly spiritual or conscious handling the situation and the stresses very well and making the best of the situation. 

For me in among the occasional frustrated moment and contraction over loss of outer freedoms, there's an incredible feeling of aliveness. For the first time in my life I'm spending a significant amount of time in meditation, not because I feel pressure to do this to ascend (also something to watch out for), but because I really WANT to.  

I imagine during these times of upheaval and change that this is exactly what I signed up for! 

With much love to all,


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I totally concur Richard - what I find really odd, like just happened now coming home after a walk, are some who feel they need to go off the pavement and into the road just to pass me. Wow! How the fear machine is conditioning people.

And the point is that the virus is a frequency, that is attracted by toxicity and fear. We manifest what we're afraid of.

On the other side of the coin, I'm connecting with plenty of people who're actually going into euphoria - literally so. Because the requirement to go along with the daily ridiculousness of the matrix has fallen away.

Also you're right though, there's a feeling to honour those that are in the fear. That's their experience too.

One way or another, how ever it came about, everyone is being shown the most incredible mirrors.

Thanks for your sharing.

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Dear Openhand family, 

Really this is place is like a beacon of hope right now.

Richard, your sharing really resonated with me. It took me 2 days and lots of anger at control and also at a couple of conscious people I was very good friends with to really 'get' what my role is here. In Delhi right now we are on lock down for 21 days. It's Day 3 of daily meditations and IF for me to really understand that feeling into this deep FEAR and grief is exactly what I need to do right now. And I loved about what you have written about the judgements we pass on being holier or better than anyone else 

Open you wrote, about how right now one has to just be okay with complete loss of freedoms because they have the resources, and I can tell you that really hit home for me. 

Betsy, I want to hug you! I am in a dense spot here  but managing Covid positive cases in ICU is as 3 D as it gets right now! 'My' babies  and my work seems  to soothe me much more than challenge me right now and I feel you are being such an amazing bridge right now between 3 and 5 D. Lots of love and care across the ether to you ❤️. 

Mark, I saw a Grey too recently. I was meditating on what seemed to be a tentacle in my left ear. And then I saw him and looked straight into his eyes and told him to leave. He did. 

All in all its taken me 3 days of struggle to accept that this is where I am at right now. Karma seems to have been kicked off. I am deeply in grief about the multitudes that will die of hunger and joblessness in my country. I am very sad about that and Fearful of it too. It seems like it's a repeat of the situation I have faced before. And yet, all I can do right now is just Be with all the sensations and normalize through all of them. And now that I am focused internally in that task, everything else seems to be just white noise much more easy to tune out. 

I am taking long walks ( the powers that be are also mulling not allowing us that privilege 🙄) and it's so beautiful with the flowers and the sky and today with the slight sliver of the moon. 

My synchronicity of the day was that my daughter is watching Harry Potter and the Oreded of the Phoenix. 

So much of the story actually seems to reflect on the reality of right now. The orders being posted on the board by people that are enjoying control. The few students learning Defence against the Dark arts surreptitiously. The reptilian attacks. The internal fight Harry is fighting. 

Thank you for all your support. I feel it. 



Hi Open and family, ! (Long post)

Wow! Aren't these times fascinating? This is what you have been teaching about and I could feel the excitement from you in your video, What on Earth is going on? I feel the same indeed!

I was in a place of fear after work yesterday- putting on the hazmat suit at work and taking care of these folks can make my mind go deep into the 3D - but reconnecting with my galactic light guides , fasting and meditation brought me back to higher consciousness realms. 

this is the time to shine and I am putting my self out there in regards to ascension and if people think I am nuts- screw it! haha. I have been very busy connecting with my benevolent galactic light beings- via light language, telepathy, writing light language as well. I have also had very intense conversation with beings on the negative alien agenda side (greys, some annunaki and I think reptilians) and it was interesting how leading up to this a couple of months ago, there were some greys and others I helped to cross over to benevolent side. I am setting protection boundaries against the negative alien ( as they try to knock me down at times, especially at my job as a nurse)   as they are a little pissed off that there are so many of us  are finally awakening!  

I want to share a message from my benevolent galactic light beings yesterday. This is what came through and only take what resonates with you-

Me: So what you are saying is there is a virus but it was programmed to affect those of spiritual weakness?

Light:  Yes, it is 2 fold- it was created by the NAA (negative alien agenda - hoping to knock those of us starseeds, and higher consciousness beings down) funded by reptilians on earth. The federation of galactic light beings are aware. WE knew the spiritual virus had to be released for the shift to happen.

Me: so the NAA had one plan but obviously another plan was within the plan?

Light: Yes exactly. Those with higher consciousness actually are the ones protected from it. It has backfired on them so they created panic and dysharmony (lockdown) hoping to bring the awakened ones down but it will not work- those actually who are caught up in the 3D system and not consciously connected will actually be most affected.  It is time for star seeds like yourself to work even harder at this time. you will be singled out-meaning you will be protected from the virus (as long as we keep meditating and connecting to higher consciousness and living the  Ascension 5D) You may be questioned how you survived, to some extent you will be prejudiced against.

Me: Yes because I am against the system . Is this their way of trying to wean us out (shut us down)?

Light: Yes but it will have the opposite effect which is why we let this occur. You will need to ride out the storm, but know you are protected. 

SO I know that is a long post but I had to share- (that was only some of the conversation) it is so important to share this! 

And real quick- I am raising my vibrations the following ways:

Intermittent fasting, plant based diet, meditation! getting out in the sunshine, exercising, yoga ( I am going to start to practice Gyan Chakra Kriya as well) . ( And I was also told I can lay off the panic of all the double dose of hand gel and bleach wipes at work as that had some effects on my lungs- I share that because that is the 3D side of me that came out at work and I will be in a different state of mind when I go back tomorrow- it is easy to get caught up in the fear if we aren't practicing 5D constantly :) 

Open , I welcome your feedback if you have any space left after my long post lol .  and I could keep writing more ( vaccine agenda, total dependence on government, 5G rollout at this same time) but will stop for now..

stay strong divine beings- lots of love!


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Dear Betsy and Mark, 

Thank you so much, both of you.

I'm a Neonatologist in India and we are in the middle of a massive surge of a control epidemic. And Mark as you beautifully wrote, it has kicked off deep karma. I have been in this position before, being almost ostracized because I was telling them and they wouldn't listen! I'm in a minority of a few people that aren't afraid and want people to stop panicking. I am really not afraid of the virus which people are very perturbed by. I am however for seeing food riots and army on the streets because so many people are going to lose their livelihood.

And yet, reading all of the above reminds me this is what I came here for. I love your title Mark, 'Time to come Forward'. It indeed is!

I have started offering Zoom meditations for contacts in which I am basically getting them to do Breakthrough Breathing and embodiment as best as I can over the net. Even this makes me feel exposed. As if 'they' will figure out who I am and have me killed.

Betsy, lovely to connect with another r medical professional during these times. The atmosphere in the hospital is pretty dense as of now. I too have started meditating and fasting with a great fervour. 

So much karma is being kicked off right now, I'm a complete mess. And yet, I'm grateful to have you guys even if through the Web. 

Take care everyone. Hope I see you soon ❤️


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Dear Megha,

Thank you, let me just say that I admire the great warrior energies you radiate even amidst fear. Having read your comment, I stumbled upon this quote in a Youtube video.

“The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity.”
― Carlos Castaneda

Keep shining your light... <3


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It is so nice to hear from someone on the front lines like myself who are in the thick of it- We are the exception to the rule- meaning we have a very 3D job, but I think we are in it for this very reason- to bring the ascension 5D awareness to those around us. It certainly is not an easy situation to be in and I find I have to practice 5D mentality constantly at work- while those around me are engaging in the fear aspect of this. 

you know , when I am in a room with a covid patient on a ventilator - me in my PAPR mask and my patient laying lifeless in front of me- I talk to them about what is going on in the 3D world and let them know about the 5D ascension- I would probably not be able to do that unless I was in this exact situation-  it has become an interesting situation for me to say the least. 

Anyway, know you are not alone and have light beings protecting you at this time. It is so nice to connect and I will be thinking of you daily and sending you love through the ether- 

Stay strong divine one and thank you for what you do.

lots of love


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Wow, that's stunning and beautiful Betsy. I am deeply moved by it and would encourage all to read it carefully through - to digest it.

Personally I don't recieve transmissions in words, but in vibrational frequency which stimulates increased awareness. I can say that the realisations that are landing with me, completely concur with what you've shared.

There are several dynamics going on...

1. Yes, the virus was created by the NAA (negative alien agenda), principally the greys. Because they were losing control of the collective consciousness and because of the increased impetus to accelerate their agenda due to the convergence of earth, solar and galactic factors.
2. The virus is a frequency, that is switched on by frequency - by toxicity, emf, identification with the physical and most importantly, activated by FEAR. It becomes the message you are telling your mind and body. If you fear it, you'll create the effect of the fear.
3. I was given and encouraged a couple of days ago to shift focus to raising vibration and Ascension, inwardly. This takes you beyond the frequency of fear. You become unaffected by it.
4. So the control is, in some ways right now, backfiring, yes. But not completely. Some have gone into fear, even plenty of conscious people who previously spoke of 'love and light'. But others are letting go. The more people that can let go, the stronger the wave of rising consciousness will be.
5. There is another great benefit that's come with the virus - a breathing window for Gaia, nature and those who are ready to take advantage of the space created. It's a great opportunity to look at what you are not, and decide that you are spiritual by your actions. Then beliefs form around the actions. So there's a window of opportunity here too.

So here's the encouragement: (1) don't buy into the fear. Or if you do, immediately recognise, own and work with it. For here is the gateway to immortality. (2) Raise your vibration by connecting inwardly with the movement of Ascension - become a part of that growing wave. (3) Look for ways to adapt your life in the 3D. To become more flexible and innovative. The flow of 5D consciousness will help you.

Do share more of your realisations - it's great to hear other people's perspectives on it too - it ripples the light!

Much love and gratitude

Open The Sun Emojivoltage emoji iconPraying Emoji


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Thank you Open,

 Thank you for the breakdown points- sometimes messages come in so fast for me telepathically that it is hard to make the bullets but you summed them up perfectly …

I am definitely recognizing when I get into that 3D fear at work- and yes,  to own it is to set it free! The days ahead will be interesting indeed to see the unfolding.  

sending much love and I am so comforted to know the Openhand family is here with me- 


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Dear Betsy, Open

Many thanks for sharing your insights on the possible alien connection. What I personally experienced some 10 days ago was that one night when I went to sleep, as soon as I closed my eyes, a - seemingly female - reptilian appeared in my inner vision. A green ray was coming out of her third eye, right into mine. It was only two or three days later that the penny dropped, and I understood that this vison was about the ongoing media and political hysteria to keep the planet's consciousness in a cage. 

with lots of love <3


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Hi Mark,

I just wanted to acknowledge that I appreciate you sharing your dream/vision as well. It does have a lot of reptilian components to it- as I feel they are a big part of the hysteria going on right now as they funded / created this energy virus to begin with. In my opinion, the reptilians, while not to be trusted, are very smart within their colony and have a very close knit network. We have to be very aware of their presence as they like to discretely attach to you at various chakra points in the body- I would encourage you to perhaps do the removing implants and entities meditation by Open. Especially since this reptilian female in your vision made contact with you at the third eye chakra level. 

Stay strong and sending you much love-



Hi Open/Openhanders

First, in the current situation it is getting clearer what my vivid dreams in the recent months were all about. And now is the time to come forward, absolutely! I am prepairing a lengthy post in Hungarian about the opportunities the pandemic and social distancing creates: that we can now turn inwards and be curious and open to all the feelings it activates, be it deeply supressed karmic fears and conditionings, 'epigenetic' or even in-utero traumas, and embrace it all without judgement. To me, this is openness is what 'Do not judge, and you will not be judged' (by your reality) is really all about.

Right from the start I already decided to incorporate a link to your work with a recommendation. Hopefully I finish it in a few days.

Many thanks for all the invaluable help and knowledge you've been sharing! <3