Close Encounters with the Tall White Aliens of Orion

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Day by day tremendous shifts and unwindings are happening in the field that will beneficially affect sentient life on the planet as we climax into the Shift. What needs to be hoisted on board, is the diverse and complex interdimensional intervention that's been going on here that has locked life in a control system. It's from the field itself that this is happening and the Tall Whites of Orion are a leading layer of the intervention. I can report they are now being confronted and helped to realign.

Intervention: Why Can't You See it?

The challenge for human life on the planet is to come to the realisation that there are purposeful, alien influences projecting into the psyche and emotions to marshall people in a particular direction, a particular agenda. The ETs are not "out there". Too many are looking in the wrong direction. They are very much "in here" - meaning they've gotten into the human field through purposeful DNA manipulation that goes right back to the inception of hybridised Homo Sapiens during the epoch we can call, Atlantis.

If it's so prevalent and systematic, why can't you see it?

The intervention is complex and multifaceted. It's highly sophisticated and "clever". It recognises the many desires and directives of human consciousness, including that of the soul, and it's learned how to channel them in particular ways - to condition them. You think you're free. You think you're making your own sovereign choices, but so few truly are. It's not until you go deep within, confront and pull apart the impulses that make you take a certain direction and pathway, that you get a sense of these alien influences.

How do you know if it's happening to you, and what's the antedote?

Although the situation is complex, actually the solution is straightforward. It's not necessarily easy, but it is straightforward.

Two Basic Streams of Influence within your Being

To get an understanding of it, you could break it down to two streams of influence and impulse: 1) those that contract you down into needing some kind of outcome or desire - those that make you feel tight in some way with some sense of lack that must be fulfilled. 2) Those impulses that take you in a direction of expansiveness, joy, love, surrender and a sense of "rightness" of being.

If you begin this way by looking at what's motivating you internally in any given moment, then some pretty phenomenal things will start to happen. Firstly, you'll start to interrupt and break down the alien influences that don't have your highest interests at heart. After that, you'll deepen into the soul and start to perceive interdimensionally - you'll start to see, perceive and intuit the influences that have been happening. Prepare for some big shocks!

Through such deep interdimensional journeying here, over a 20 year period, it's clear to me that life has been greatly controlled and marshalled by several alien groups that have formed an alliance at the time of Atlantis - when Homo Sapiens was introduced about 250,000 years ago. The Reptilians were here first, many millions of years previous, but then along came the Annunaki from Nibiru, who had with them two slave species that they'd synthesised from their exploits in the constellation of Orion. These are the greys and their taller controlling cousins, the so-called "Tall Whites". The Annunaki were the architects of the intervention, the greys the technicians of it, and the Tall Whites their more intelligent stewards.

Explore the Full Nature of the Intervention on Earth

The Nature of the Tall Whites

Recently, in the Openhand movement, we have experienced several poignant close encounters with the Tall Whites, communication channels opened and we got to understand them and their agenda. It's highly illuminating, speaking directly into the current situation on planet earth and why so many are suffering here. We first need to understand the nature of these beings. I had my previous suspicions, but much clarification came as channels were opened and they worked to exert their influence.

My experience in communications with them was that the Tall Whites act directly from the plane of the intellect. They are sophisticated, consider themselves elite, with a highly mathematical configuration. They were synthesised to enact the agenda, a mission (of the Annunaki), which of itself to them, is like their lifeblood. They will do anything they can to fulfill it. Their collective mind doesn't compute an alternative possibility. And they have no emotional empathy whatsoever. It's not that they don't care about the suffering of others due to their mission, they simply can't feel or relate to it. It has no bearing in their equation.

That's why they can bring about such as the recent bogus pandemic on earth, cause immense suffering (that humanity has only started to touch the surface of) and yet feel no iota of remorse. It is simply a part of their plan to compel humanity into their metaverse, the "pandemic" being a systematic experiment of how readily vast swathes of the population could be consumed within it through genetic manipulation. Although I felt much disdain, and even at times disgust in their presence, it was hard to feel angry. They were just doing what they were programmed for.

How the Tall Whites Influence the Human Field

Crucially, for life on earth, we need to understand their agenda here. We can put it very simply, as was confirmed by the close encounters: to exploit the genetics of humanity so as to create a 3D slave species that could help plunder the earth of its natural resources before they move elsewhere in the cosmos. It's as clinical, systematic and synthetic as that. They don't care about life on planet earth. They don't have the means to care.

The question is, how do we deal with this agenda? How might we unravel it?
And to be abundantly clear, just as elsewhere in the galaxy where it has been confronted by benevolence, it will fail!

It's most essential to understand NOT to fight, demonise or polarise. That's how you lose your power in their presence. That's how you cause them to persist. These are mathematical beings, synthesised on a distorted truth that can only exist in your field by the extraction of energy. And it is the expression of truth, into their midst, that unwinds them and reconnects them with the source.

I'd experienced them come into my field several times in recent months in the dreamtime. I'd felt a curious and subtle sheath of vibration around me. You have to apply highly questioning perception - what exactly is it doing? You could easily pass it off simply as the vibration of 4D unity consciousness. But this had a steady depleting effect. And on one or two occasions I was artificially sexually aroused at the physical level that had not been inspired from the soul. This energy sheath was clearly extracting energy from my field - as if I'd become a battery for their purposes. I would say countless people are being unconsciously exploited in this way, particularly at nighttime.

To be clear though, they also greatly influence when awake. Where you get too heavily focussed in the logical mind or conditioned in programmed behaviour patterns in society, where you become too focussed on a material outcome of some mission or desire, that's when they can come into your psyche.

Work to Break Down Intervention in Your Field with the Openhand Approach

Unravelling Tall White intervention

Once conscious of the influence, it was fairly straightforward to interrupt - I breathed deep into the chakras and centred in the presence of the Torus, whereupon the Tall Whites disappeared quickly: they cannot sustain in the speed and free flowing openness of the Torus, that cannot be defined in simple mathematics. It unravels the equation that binds them together.

On other occasions, I was guided to visualise the sacred geometry of hexagons, woven of golden amber light around my room - again they disappeared in seconds. The Andromedans and Archangel Metatron are a strong antidote to this consciousness.

A party of Tall Whites recently entered an Openhand Ascension Exchanges Seminar - I was made aware by benevolence they likely would. They were trying to influence, misdirect and control. As is their synthetic orientation. As a part of a benevolent mission, we engaged them directly with a straightforward exploration of truth. Where, for example, did they perceive their mission came from? Also, through the law of cause and effect, any being that enacts suffering on others is causing harm to themselves - had they considered that? An exploration of how basic mathematical equations break down as we enter the singularity of the One.

This approach caused a discombobulating, shattering effect on the collectivised consciousness - memes of truth that rippled as an unravelling virus through their coherency. The Tall White group broke apart, whereupon several empathic members of the Openhand gathering were able to reconnect them with the source and bring them back to the light. In the immediate days that followed, I also experienced close proximity with realigned Tall Whites helping to recover their grey cousins from their karmic amnesia.

Explore How Metatron Energy is Working to Support Your Shift

Uplifting Waves of Freedom

It was powerful to behold and experience. The unravelling of this group of Tall Whites will no doubt have a very beneficial impact on earth's surrounding field and I share it so that a wider understanding may unfold through the Shift - so that plenty more field energy and lightworkers may explore the approach at dispatching this layer of the intervention.

These are highly illuminating and revelatory times. I experienced an uplifting wave of freedom coming through my surrounding field in the aftermath - a crystal clear clarity, deep sense of inspiration and revolutionary freedom. For those that dig deep, that possibility awaits. It's exciting, adventurous and alchemical to be alive on the planet at this time. Widespread liberation is possible.

For anyone inspired by my sharing, reach out to Openhand and consider getting involved with our work...

Explore the Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Linda Moulton Howe recently praised the Tall Whites on her channel 'Earth Files' and said that they are helping Earth and its people.

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Hi Gerry - greetings and welcome to Openhand 🙏

What we need to understand is just how deceptive these intervention energies are and how they work. You can look at whole media channels, like Gaia TV, where deception is being unknowingly applied by the intervention. The spiritual mainstream is the intervention's last line of defence - it's where they're most active to prevent liberation and instead tie the awakening movement up in knots - otherwise the awakening would be threatening to their agenda. Thus far, they have succeeded.

Let's say the ego wants to create something technological to "overcome the problems we face on earth right now". And that ETs can provide that. Sounds benevolent and reasonable right? But what if that's NOT the divine destiny for humanity and the planet. What if it's all being applied and used to wrap people up, including and especially the spiritual mainstream, into a synthetic metaverse? You'd apply the technology and the said ETs would appear to be working for you. Except it's the other way around. You become subtly enslaved by them, who work your consciousness to continually adjust your path in their direction.

It's clear their agenda is to take dominion of humanity and the planet's resources. It's their modus operendi from other constellations. They are highly skilled with technology and genetic manipulation - at controlling civilisations through deceptive measures. For them the stakes are high and humanity pawns in that game. Just look at the systemic level of deception that happened with the bogus pandemic for example. The same now in the resource and banking sectors.

What we need to be aware of is that when you become a leader or a spokesperson for the various ET nations, you become a target by the intervention energies who will come into your consciousness and try to pervert your message in their direction - they've tried it many times with me. You've got to be prepared to keep stripping back what you think you know, right back to zero, and testing what then reforms against the natural laws and principles of the Universe - like protecting the free will and sovereignty of all life.

Take so-called "Free Energy". The compulsion to harness it right now is very prevalent in mainstream spirituality to "fix earth's energy problems". You see it spoken of everywhere. But nothing is actually "free", in the sense that when you harness energy and apply it into a closed system, it has an effect on all life there. Did nature get a vote? We've already decimated the natural eco-systems with a 69% breakdown. Free-energy has a quantum field impact - that's what was NOT understood on Sirius 120 million years ago, where the civilisaition inadvertently accelerated its breakdown. What the earth needs now is not new technology, it's a return to harmony and balance with nature - not overriding it.

As the Hopi elders prophecised, there will be two paths for humanity: the first a high-tech one that goes off a cliff into oblivion; the second, naturally following the path of Ascension into 5D and restoring the earth's natural harmony.

Right now, many in the mainstream are being duped and deceived down the wrong path.

Very best wishes

Open 💎


Thank you for this thread. I have been affected by a "buzzing" vibration as I go to sleep for the last couple of nights. Even after a solid 8 hours of sleep I wake up feeling drained and depleted and "heavy lidded" in the eyes. Could this be the reason. I will have to explore this further.

Thank you.

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Hi John - what I can reflect is that yes, when Tall Whites come into your field, especially during sleep, there's a buzzing vibrational feeling with them.

I tend to sleep lightly. So in recent times, I've awoken on plenty of occasions where I've felt this curious vibration, often around the chest or heart. It also stimulates physical sexual feelings. And it's very depleting - you feel drained the next morning.

What's happening is that we're confronting that layer of the intervention field that's always been there but has been, as yet, unrecognised. Now we're seeing it and calling it out.

How to manage it?

What I found is, that if I formed a density, the vibration would draw into it. So I formed a fist and cupped my other hand around it - with a martial arts sense of determination. The vibration was drawn down into my arms and around my fist. But it didn't leave entirely. So then I took my obsidian stone and embraced it in my fist. I focussed on taking the energy all the way to the galactic core. Then it disappeared quickly.

This is something we're going to be working on in the facilitator work and at the Openhand events going forward.

Well wishes

Open 💎


09/03/2023 Essential Shift Update

What we need to understand about these pesky Tall Whites is how they can read a person's field, and the flow of 4D consciousness, and then "adjust" it to their ends. Essentially these are 4D synthetic beings. When they look into the field they see especially the 4D karmic layer (and thought energy of the 3D). They know how to spike certain pathways and load particular junctions just like railways. Inadvertently you get sucked in by your karma without realising it.

I came across this great film called "The Adjustment Bureau" which I found a powerful metpahor of how they function, bearing in mind they are more 4D etheric beings - illumination of the phenomenon is the key. And the power of passionate soul - which breaks down the intervention in the movie...

That's why it's essential to get into your karmic density and break it down.
Then you can interrupt the interruption!

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Open - That is a great clip! I am wondering if you can give us a more specific example of what this might look like in someone's life?  Say someone has karma around being abandoned/isolated. The karma would naturally attract circumstances that bring up this feeling and the soul could then have the opportunity to breakthrough the identification with the experience.

Where would the tall whites influence this?

Could this energy cause the human mind to try to avoid this experience to keep one more identified with the karma and never confronting it?

You said it would "spike certain pathways and load particular junctions just like railways. Inadvertently you get sucked in by your karma without realising it" - so one would be encouraged toward acting out the retraction from the experience? 

Thanks for any clarification!!

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These are great questions. Here are some examples that happen all the time...

1. Someone feels a genuine pull to come on an Openhand course, they book on, but then suddenly just before they get feelings of doubt. Or they have a mystery illness or the car breaks down on the way, or mysteriously they get kicked off a flight
2. A person feels they really want to change a job or end a relationship, but fear and guilt pull them back in
3. A new pathway opens to break away from the old construct and patterns but you run out of energy or resources to go forwards
4. You feel like changing a position in life to take a more risky option, and suddenly your boss offers you a pay increase to stay where you are
5. In spiritual circles, intense application of pressure causes you to go out of body a degree and disengage. Now you can't fully follow the authentic soul's path.

I've been in situations where I knew in my soul a particular direction was the right one, but then obstacle after obstacle was thrown in my way - intense complexities, that make it appear like you're following the wrong path.

In this way, the intervention creates inertia and a locking into the old karmic reality.

Open 💙

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Hi Open, This sounds like the white intervention is literally creating physical circumstances to derail people. Is it more true to say that they are creating energetic dissonances inside peoples field and these dissonances are creating mirroring circumstances outside?

How is white energy different from black snake energy? Many of these attributes I have linked previously to the black snake energy. 

I'm having an inquiry around the mind crystallizing around the feeling energy of the soul. So feel the natural frequency and energy of the soul but when it comes through the filter of the mind , then it passes through many desires, attachments , fears etc. The more we chase those desires , life becomes dissonant because we are trying to flow against the natural flow of life. But here's the thing the crystallization has formed from the soul and hence true in many sense. My question is how much do you trust in these crystallization which happens as visions or future landing?

What I'm experiencing at the moment is that , there is a knowing, feeling, yearning backed up visions to go in a particular direction to a particular place. But when I follow that its not working out the way I had expected it to which creates disease. This is a great point to surrender and let go the need for it to be a certain way. But then the feeling , knowing also change in another direction. Now the signs and synchronicities are clicking more readily in the new direction. In many ways , this new clicking in of synchronicities feels better. They are reflecting new qualities like spontaneity, joy , connections for instance. 

There is a questioning from the mind - can living like this from the flow actually work. Does it deliver the things that I really need? Functioning in the world from this new place feels different. But you only know it by testing it! Every situation , engagement feels like an opportunity to surrender the original intention of the mind and to go with the flow that is being presented. Does the white interventions play a part in creating intention in the mind? It seems to me intentions will be there because of karma, fears and attachments. 

Vimal Praying Emoji



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Hi Openhand,

This strikes such a chord. I've been following a particular direction and there has been obstacle after obstacle. I kept hearing that if it was meant to be it would be easy, like surfing a wave. Yet I known in my heart and soul, this is the right way I am going. There are no intentions, it is not a goal or mission. It is simply my destiny, the outcome is inevitable. So many nuances to reflect ourselves against. Just reading through how to process karma, on that, not so sure. I've really fallen off the wagon in terms of functioning lately, exercise, diet, in fact I feel disabled. There have been times I don't know what to do with myself, nothing will suffice. I see this tall intervention in my life, especially the inertia, repetitive cycles to save the time and energy of innovating each time. Then getting stuck in the old habits, old karma coming up. I will be tuning in to get myself clear. Hopefully, I will make it to a retreat! refresh the paradigm.

Uncomfortably strung, Len.😅

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Hi Open,

When I walk through the streets sometimes, it reminds me of a zombie apocalypse. And, if I venture into a supermarket, it's as if time has slowed down, the energy is so low, the pace is so slow. I'm sorry, but the spirit of the people reminds me of that of the caged industrialised cows that I've devastatingly witnessed, thousands upon thousands lined up. The people, as animals, are enslaved, manipulated and controlled. It's difficult to convey the human condition in words. Although, maybe what scares me the most, is that, this is all my reflection. Having some amazing synchronicities since coming on this site.


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Hi Len - yes I totally get this - I see it all around me too, in the streets and the shops.
But I'm choosing to focus on the emergent light. Not to disregard the density, but to transcend it 🧚‍♀️

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Hey Open,

How fantastic! I cannot wait to see the Messengers Series on Ickonic!

I had a shamanic journeying experience through a long long and disused mining tunnel yesterday. It is as dark and dank as night in there - and represented several things. One of which was the emergence of myself from and through any experience of life. When presented with that surreal feeling on the streets and in the shops - I will see the emergent light - and I will see myself. I'm being blocked from my emails? House electronics are not working? I had smoke alarms going off then mysteriously stopping themselves. Awesome 😆



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That's super helpful! Thank you Praying Emoji!

This number 5 is incredibly interesting to me as that has typically been my experience at gatherings. It feels like the volume is turned up 1000 on the existing tendency toward perfectionism and fear of being ridiculed. This makes everything feel so intense and tends to feel like I am disconnected from my senses and my voice...the feeling is of loud drum just beating inside me and blasting out anything else - especially felt through the ears so that I can't hear things or understand them. The ears are also the first place I felt a connection to the soul...the first time I meditated and connected to an inner sound that seemed to be everywhere and spiraled upward and downward.

This is a key piece for me to these already challenging pieces (due to karma/conditioning) can be exacerbated through energetic interference. 

For a long time I have felt that acknowledging this interference is an avoidance of what is already karmically here ...but I see how both are true - the karma needs to be worked through but also awareness of the influences that exacerbate these experiences is supportive. 

Thank you! Star Emoji Jen




This time, I feel to begin the narrative by sharing more aspects through my personal story, as I believe it can assist others that might be in a similar process. I hope it can add another piece of the puzzle to this story, that is coming more to the surface. My wish is to bring greater awareness to the topic at hand, rather tham call for any attention about my personal affairs.

The early influence in my life

One has to look at the (obvious) signs to get the impression what this is all about. If I would to translate the surname, I was given at birth it might sound like “whitish”. When I read about the origin of “Tall Whites”, it was said to be in theOrion Nebula M42. This was yet another similarity that touched me deeply, house number 42 is the address of my childhood home. Obviously, there has been the conondrum of this energy even in my societal identity. There is a sense, that I was definitely on the radar of this energy, since coming into this life.

The operating system through inserting their thoughts

I can remember hearing the voice, that would be giving me some instructions, when engaging in seemingly mundane activities in my teenage years. There was an exact order in how to dress up for example, or walk through the streets, even in interacting with people I would be guided to follow certain rules. In my “weirdness”, I didn’t came as far as to develop some obvious OCD symptoms, yet I can clearly see how this can be just a manifestation of this energy, through daily life of an “ordinary human.”

Colonizing the field, there is more than “just me” existing in my field

My societal expression has been all about two things. One was about the intense immersion into the sports and striving for constant performance in that area. Another was through perfecting the intellectual capacities, developing and implementing my the capacity of logical thinking. To my current understanding, there has been some kind of intervention even in my body-mind system. For considerable amount of time, there was more than just one Soul residing in this body-mind system. The intensity of energies happening through me found different ways of expression.

Becoming Conscious of itself

The Soul, that I’ve been co-existing with seemed to have had even some actual alliance (through particular karmic wound) with the “Tall Whites”. This whole dynamic turned out to be the ingenious mechanism of reversing their mission. Perfecting the mathematical thinking and developing an intellectual capacity actually contained a seed, that can meet this energy with some resonance. In my personal journey, I’ve literally dissociated from my societal identity over the phase of my own awakening. Once I’ve broke open by coming “into the woods” and leaving my societal expression behind, there was not much that would be calling me back.

The game of smoke and mirrors

In this moment it sounds way easier to express, in comparisson to what has been actually going on. My journey since, has been about the continuous emergence of real me. Through the lenses of my energy field, it seemed to be pushing the Consciousness of Whites towards the edges. Especially in the last few months, conjoined with the OH retreat, it’s all coming to the surface. On different occasions it was felt basically like 24/7 process, yet I have been in the clear awareness of being in the driving seat. On the level of body-mind system it’s many times felt as some kind of shock therapy. Those that have been immersing in the hot/cold plunges on La Palma experience could witness how seriously surrendered I’m to this process. Eventually, there isn’t much left to it.

Some thoughts about re-alignment and their entering point into the human field

If I look back to the story of my life and recognize the threads of “white intervention”, there is basically no real compassion towards this expression of energy. It’s eventually a life suffocating force that draws energy out of the human system for the purpose of feeding/creating an artificial system. The culmination of it has been reflected to me through a recent session with a client/friend that addressed a direct “inquiry of the suicidal attempt” to me. Once I was able to establish an eye contact and (telepathically) connect with the Soul, I could let them know that I’m not there to stop it. This alone opened the field, so that the energy can be reclaimed and processed further. Although the experience has been deeply challenging to the empathic part of myself, I recognized that this is the energy that actually perfected itself in manipulation. It basically wanted to twist me until it’s bitter end.

I’ve came to understand that the energy can hook into any distorted perception of this reality. This can easily happen through any traumatic experiences and most of the humans carry the seed of it within themselves. In other words, it is the unprocessed pain of our own human experience that “invites” this energy to colonize our field.

The bigger picture and what might be the actual Truth in it?

I can strongly concur with Open’s sharing and exposing the role that Whites have been playing in the human story. When it comes to nature of our current existence, they are the rulers of our “lower-mind” thinking. You simply can’t outsmart this program, it has to be happen through different layer.

I can recognize them as some kind of Supervisors in the “Homo sapiens experiment”. In some way they are like the program that became conscious of itself and therefore keeps implementing and developing their mission. However it’s still an artificially created program, and it seems to be just hitting the outreach of its own expression.

How is it going to affect this aspect of “human program” that is still active in all of Us?

In some way they’ve entertained the more natural process of expansion and evolution, as the energy is condensing into matter. There is the artificial “switch off the Unity Consciousness button” that was inserted in their mission. When hitting this blind spot, it probably became clear even to themselves, that any form of artificial manipulation of the energy flow is eventually Self defeating and derails oneself.

After some processing in the recent days, I was able to connect with some Souls in the ether that were obviously dropping their “White Suit” on the way of being reclaimed by angelic realm. I could feel the immense sense of pain contained in their beings and a simple recognition of disappointment for the Path that they’ve chosen. Nevertheless there was a sense of hope, or rather a spark of illumination on their way towards healing.

Why did I create this?

There is a sense of vulnerability in my human expression, that tends to be “unknown” to my higher-dimensional aspect. Through this experience I’ve became able to empathize with Souls that have became trapped even in much more “restrictive environments” that is this human suit of mine with the life in “Matrix.”

When I look back to the story of my own life there was obviously some blind spot where this Consciousness could just “step into” my field. And why would I entertain it even deeper with another Soul expressing through my own sense of Self? On some level there was obviously an invitation for this level of intervention to happen in my field. It doesn’t sound very light to the “human in me” that has gone through this process, but I guess it’s all about unwinding the nature of intervention. In this I am recognizing that it played some kind of “buffer role” in developing the characteristics of my own being.

In terms of the collective construct we are living in, I could gain the awareness of the karmic pain that have bound us all together. In my own experience, there’s been a major part of the “pain of original humanity” and the downgrade of the essential human DNA. In terms of Gaia, it might be the pain and memory of 5 mass extinctions, as part of her own process of settling into this planetary body. Many of Us might be still carrying the imprint of Sirius shift and the massive explosion... In this perspective, “Whites” are merely the reflection that manifested and evolved through the experience of leading Consciousness on that planet at the time. As they originate from some form of Consciousness split, the reverse mechanism can be their only way of salvation.

Stabilizing and harmonizing the energy field

This story within my life has brought me step closer to myself. In the meantime, I’ve started to develop and activate the capacity of holding the space for some deeper energy transmissions. I’m recognizing the interrelation with the wider galactic movement and the triggering points of “cosmic principles” in relation to the current Shift. As already mentioned in the example of the “White intervention”, there is the energy of Metatron, usually delivered with the assistance of Andromedaen frequencies as the antidote to it all.

In accordance to the “Openway”, the expression of the spiritual compass, this experience seems to be some kind of a playground to prepare me towards my own sense of mission. Aligning the “frequencies of intervention” within my own life, serves as the invitation to keep opening the space for some actual higher dimensional infusions. Whilst the “White intervention” has played on the role of my societal identity, I can recognize that it’s offering me the possibility to truly reclaim the sense of identity/connection to my own Soul. In this regards I want to acknowledge the role that the OH community has played for me in this process. It is definitely a sense of cosmic family to me, one that could heal the pain of separation from my own sense of Self.

At the end I feel to share a song, that came to me just at the end of writing this text. It comes with the sense of Love to all of you.


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Thank you Miha for this powerful and beautiful sharing. Praying Emoji When you said at the start that the sounds of the surname you were given at birth sounds like "whitish" - I thought how interesting as my birth names (first and last) mean white phantom (or fairy) descending. I've never put that together before.

I appreciate, very much your sharings...there is so much wisdom, experience, and insight to reflect upon here...thank you for putting it in words and the music is ahhhhhhhhh Angel Halo Star Emoji Jen

PS noticed the "42" in the center of the time on your post. Wink Emoji

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These are some deep insights into the Tall White energy Miha - I would encourage all to read.

This point stands out strongly...

You simply can’t outsmart this program, it has to happen through different layer.

Yes, resoundingly!!

So, working to come from higher dimensional consciousness so as to create -
1. From the simple "knowing" of higher mind
2. Paying attention to signs and synchronicity that have a deep soul resonance in your being
3. Connection to nature and animal medicine
4. Yes, the Openway compass is designed to interrupt the interference and come from the soul (exactly what we'll be doing on Thrive from 5D)

And breaking down the 4D karmic layer so we're not leaving spiking energy trails in the ether.

Thanks so much for the sharing - they are priceless!

Open 💎


As I wrote my earlier post, I felt movement, breaking down of the tall whites that had shown up in my energy field. Appears that a lot of that energy has realigned. But now I am left with this unaligned tall white energy, it is interesting that as I observe, they are trying to misalign the torus within me, trying to spin it in opposite direction, definitely with the assistance of reptilian energy. I am feeling a buzzing, oppressing vibration in my body. Trying to push it out.


This morning I felt an impulse of love in my heart  for these beings- the tall whites and I could not understand it and was questioning it- why would I feel love for them- this blurb from your post  answers it I think. The love I was feeling was for the realigned tall whites. Along with the tall whites,  I kept feeling a feminine entity's presence. This feminine entity has been in my field for days and appears (is) the character of Neytiri from the new Avatar movie- "the way of the water". The other day she was showing me that she did not like that they gave her a tail in the movie. I have tried to push her out but she keeps coming back and I feel that it is about her children.

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Hi Ruchi - indeed it is very helpful to the shift all round that we help these wayward beings "realign". But let's be really clear what that means.

They are incredibly clever synthetic beings that have many similarities with AI. They are mission orientated - blinkered that way. They are programmed to overcome what they consider to be "divergents" such as you and I. By divergent, I mean those that are breaking away from the program.

I would say the more you work to come into the Torus, and multidimensionally through the chakras, that's a great way of negating their influence and encouraging them to break away - to reconnect with the source too.

Much love and encouragement

Open 💎

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I became the Divergent to overcome this force, and it does then leave you alone. Once Divergent becomes integral to who you are. For me, the neutral field itself is an AI construct, that souls are immersed in until they're ready to move on. It doesn't matter whether that is so or not. It's just that I've been playing consciously with synchronicity and the field for a long time. It appeared too mechanistic to me, too predictable, it lost its romance a long time ago for me.

Whatever I project out into the field it weaves into my reality. It is the soul itself that manifests the unique creative aspect of what occurs, as it breaks through. So amazing to hear you talk about this! I'm consciously aware of my psyche being mined and interfacing often overnight with this and other forces, so the fabric of your reality can be weaved to mesh you in. For example, last night, it was a long interfacing, I was half asleep. It told me it was 'trying to kill me', yawn, good luck with that one, yet this morning it's all resolved, it told me 'live and let live', happy ever after happy clappy. It's so predictable. This is the field. 

Things things are what we make of them. This is why I'm adverse to groups and collectives. Their creation will become your fate.

I'm weaving my own way!


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To be perfectly frank Remy, I think you're deluding yourself if you think you're beyond this kind of intervention.

I don't believe for a moment that you've yet worked through your karmic density. My reflection to you is that there's still avoidance going on (which of course could be subconscious). And whilst there's karmic density to process, one is leaving spiking energy in the 4D field that can easily be read and "adjusted".

You don't like working in groups? Then why are you here?

I think the power of a collective inquiry is in bringing rich and diverse perspectives to explore. Providing that is, there's always encouragement for each to find their own aligned experience and expression of it.

That's definitely the approach within the Openhand community.

Open 🙏


We've been looking at the intervention of Tall White influence in the bodily field -
10 Ways to Know if they're affecting you

Most importantly, here below are 9 ways to break that influence down inside your field and liberate yourself...

1) Self-awareness and inner observation is crucial. Get to know why you do things and where the impulses are truly coming from
2) Work to interrupt repetitive thought patterns that run in circles and don't take you forwards
3) Continually adapt and innovate your day and how you spend your time
4) Freewheel as much as possible
5) Take up creative projects that bring a sense of joy and passion

6) Plentiful direct connection with nature and creatures
7) Being fully infused through the body in deep consciousness bodywork, including hot and cold therapy
8) Regular attuning of the chakras and deep connection into the Torus
9) Learning to visualise protective sacred geometry. Working with genuine Star Being benevolence such as the Andromedans, Lyrans and Venusians.

Essentially you're working consciously to infuse soul on a daily basis and getting to know how to come more from the soul in your daily life and the choices you make - essentially how you're creating reality.

This happens to be the essence of Openhand's THRIVE from 5D work. We'll be diving deeply into all the above areas next week in our online zoom retreat. If you feel a pull, check out the full details below...

13th-17th Mar: THRIVE from 5D: 5-Day Retreat, ZOOM - zones USA/UK/EU/AFRICA/INDIA
Advanced techniques, meditations and approaches to walking the spiritual path through the tumultuous planetary changes. Infusing higher 5D light, navigating the successfully through 3D. Employing accredited 5GATEWAYS route-map to Ascension, from energetic comfort of your own home.
Ground-breaking 5GATEWAYS work


Thanks for your sharings Barb, Remy & Vimal 👍 I know this is not necessarily a rosy "love n light" subject that everyone wants to revel in, BUT, here's where we really make change, here's where we truly break through. This is the spiritual gym, where we go to work. It has maximum opportunity for growth.

Just briefly, how do you know if you're being influenced? (And I would say most people are)...

- If you wake up at times feeling heavy and drained for no reason
1) Where you find yourself stuck in repetitive patterns and loops during the day
2) Where you're getting too focused on a project, goal or mission that makes you tight and takes you out of full embodiment
3) Where you start to feel disconnected from the natural flow
4) Where you're getting very logical, left-brain orientated as opposed to the intuitive
5) If you're losing true empathic feeling for others and nature
6) Where you seem to be losing passion for life in the day to day
7) You're getting a sense there's more creative possibility in your life and the shift but you're not creating new multidimensional landscapes
8) Thought patterns and agendas seem to pop into the mind from nowhere
9) Where your natural discernment of people and situations gets rooted into judgment
10) At times, in the night, physical sexual arousal but not coming from the soul level.

How can we break these?

See the 8 ways to break Down Tall White Intervention listed above

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All of the above influences resonate but especially these ones : 

Where you're getting too focused on a project, goal or mission that makes you tight and takes you out of full embodiment

Where you're getting very logical, left-brain orientated as opposed to the intuitive

 If you're losing true empathic feeling for others and nature

Pheww.. This seems to be a tall order. So many distortions to unravel. But this is where I remind myself that the journey is itself the destination.

I think I will add one more to the list that immediately pops in my mind.

The mind wanting to jump ahead from A to Z and skip all the steps in between. There is curiosity and adventure in the journey and the possibility of authentic creation but mind wants to take ownership of it. 

This simply doesn't allow me to just relax and be. Or the other side of the distortion is that, I simply withdraw from the creative process and rest in the meditative bliss. How can we find a balance between this? This is the question I'm holding. I think trust is a key here. Simply trusting in the creative process and not get owned by doubt and control. 

As the light emerges from the shadows, I'm witnessing beautiful synchronicites and creative possibilities emerging in the field and the natural inquiry around it. I think one key lesson that i got from the past few days of experience of changing location, getting sick and seeking support but learning that I had all the support that I needed already but I wasn't allowing myself to receive that because of expectation of reality to be a certain way, is never try to fix the pain. Pain, sickness are all natural reaction of the body mind to transformation. But simply allow it to happen and through all the self doubt, regrets and physical pain, light of the soul will emerge. And to put it simply we will feel better again. 

Vimal 🙏

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Hi Open and Openhand Community Heart

This past weekend's ascension exchange put some things in place for me. A couple of months ago, I was particularly struck by some synchronicities as you mentioned hexagons which had been suddenly featuring strongly in my dreams. In one dream I was looking down on the earth and saw a large hexagonal shape on the ground with an upward-facing triangle inside it. Next to it was a large square. The two shapes were connected.

In this same period, I was being awakened by an owl in the middle of the night that I thought for sure would be sitting right outside my window because it was so loud =). Soon after that, another owl called out above me as I walked through the woods - and I found a huge owl feather which I put in a special place. I heard you also mention the owl in the ascension exchange. Bees have also been prominent and I dreampt that bees were flying in and out of my body carrying golden honey.

A few months ago I drew the original hexagon with an owl in the center and then drew the hexagon in a more multi-dimensional version. After drawing the owl in the hexagon shape I saw the pictures you posted on Metatron and felt it was connected. However, I can't say I feel able to connect to these kind of energies on a felt level only that it all spikes in my consciousness and brings curiosity and sense of connection. I do notice when I meditate and open to connect to these benevolent energies I feel a lot of pain on the top of my head and through my forehead. I am working to keep breathing, opening, and being conscious in those places - and radiating out anything that is interfering. 

Dream ImagesImage

It was very validating to hear your sharing about the tall whites in the exchange and here on the site. I have become aware over the last few months of some patterns that seem to have become stronger in me than I ever noticed before - although I have had far more energy on the intellectual plane than in the past: 

 - Getting stuck in repetitive patterns of thinking - especially related to disappointment, discontent, comparison, lack 

- Recognize the constant seeking for a father figure over this lifetime to take care of me and the way that continues to create a feeling of discontent and at times anger and despair… which then brings up more mental loops of how to fix it. All of this is being witnessed and felt but the loops are persistent 

- Getting locked in to logical analytical data driven experiences  that seem to create an endless pursuit of information- ex: for a trip with friends I created a 4 page document in alphabetical order of every single thing there was to do - on some level this was enjoyable but clearly not coming from intuition or the flow of the moment

At the same time I have felt natural inclination to :

- stop drinking alcohol

- move to more simplified diet 

- take on projects that I have been "waiting for someone else to do" - so taking initiative and owning my capacity to do what I feel to do without another figure helping me or guiding me 

- Increased synchronicities and moments of surprise when things connect without mental efforting

With the mental patterns I have been catching the locked in thinking patterns and coming into center - bringing consciousness into the chakras and breathing/settling there. In addition, I am being clear as I go to sleep - relaxing into it as you suggested. 

I am curious about the shapes I have dreamt about and also about the influence these beings can have on dreams. My initial sense is that these shapes in the dreams are protective -  although the bees maybe something of a hive mind moving energy in and out of my body. If I imagine the hexagon image from my dream, it feels overly 2 dimensional and sort of "wants to" expand into a multidimensional experience. Perhaps that is the message for me. 

Thank you for listening and for your sharing!!!





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This is an insightful reflection into the Tall White Intervention you've been experiencing Jen - and it's great to hear that others too are naturally coming into awareness of how to overcome it.

A Bee came to me just yesterday - flew close to my hand as I was touching a tree. It landed on the trunk, seemingly with no other purpose than to connect. And so I worked to merge with it. That's when the awareness came that I could call on Bee medicine and energy to help break down Tall White Intervention - of course Bees are well versed in the Hexagon sacred geometry!

Well wishes

Open 🐝

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Hi Jen, you asked a great question: "how to weave sacred geometry"?

All you really have to do it witness it. It's like signs and synchronicity - when we pay attention to them, then they create feedback loops with the universe that create the aligned pathway forwards. Some do it through numerology, some through signs and synchronicity, some through pure feeling or knowing, and these other kinds of Star Beings see reality weaving through geometry.

I would say to simply experiment and play with it!

Open 🙏

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Thank you Open for picking up this question Praying Emoji. This was the key part of my initial inquiry. So much of my attention in the last year has been in the physical and it's felt like I've needed to focus there so as to really get my feet on the ground. However the last few months I've been feeling drawn to bees and hummingbirds, hawks and osprey - so many creatures ascending and descending and bringing attention to opening up to a more full spectrum experience. The breakthrough breathing is incredibly helpful for this! 

Thank you for the insight on how one weaves these elements whatever form they may take that spikes a resonance within us. This opening to higher mind takes a great degree of commitment as the patterns of lower mind are persistent and anchored by interference as well. The lower mind easily begins to believe it understands what is being woven and then finds that in it's experience and misses the 'aligned pathway forward' (as you put it). 

I appreciate you! The Sun EmojiJen

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Well, it's 10 out of 10 for tall white interference. I've experienced all the distortions on the list. i have those days of inertia when I engage in repetitive behaviours, when I'm watching myself in exasperation go through the same sequences. And when I move towards breaking the cycle, with a creative endeavour or movement, it's as if a barrier is erected in my mind and a stern voice cries, 'access denied'! Funnily enough, among other things, being domestically more efficient and widening that to help others in their projects is generating new energy. I find that becoming heart centred on the move, breathing into my heart chakra and expressing gratitude has an immediate uplifting effect. Doing so with a hand placed over my heart amplifies the effect even more. I can clearly see now how blocks on doing things differently have fed into repetition and inertia. I really appreciate how this illumination is joining the dots and providing techniques to counter the interference. I am both fascinated and grateful. Thank you.



That's awesome! Great work! Explains a lot. i feel manipulated and at this point not well equipped to ward them off. Those are excellent and elegantly simple methods to "get right". Like reading my thoughts😉 you help me get past my anger, a very old defense mechanism for feeling weak and powerless. i really did eonder if they were somehow above karma that they thought it eas ok to do this to people/the planet. i would think to myself "they can come down and trade places and then see how they feel after!" You confirm something important for me: The feeling i'm being manipulated sexually. An easy enough one to resist but not always; i have needs too. But i don't like the dark place it goes. My biggest hurdle at this point is is staying calm. The summit of a mountain i don't even know how to start to climb. My reactions are lightning-fast; occur in nanoseconds, and i'm powerless, unthinking in my agitation. There has to be some way to control this? i'm tired of fighting with my sisters! Tired of wasting my energy, tired of being low. Want my heart to open.


On upcoming work, such as our THRIVE from 5D online retreat beginning next Monday 13th, we'll be sure to be stripping out any intervention of Tall Whites that might have been influencing your 3D life. I can tell you it feels utterly immaculate, crystal clear clarity, when you do. Here's what the event is about with link to full info...

13th-17th Mar: THRIVE from 5D: 5-Day Retreat, ZOOM - zones USA/UK/EU/AFRICA/INDIA
Advanced techniques, meditations and approaches to walking the spiritual path through the tumultuous planetary changes. Infusing higher 5D light, navigating the successfully through 3D. Employing accredited 5GATEWAYS route-map to Ascension, from energetic comfort of your own home.
Ground-breaking 5GATEWAYS work


Understandably you might feel some level of disdain and even disgust (as I did) with this layer of the planetary intervention. But since it has been affecting countless people on the planet it's utterly essential to illuminate. And I can happily report it is breaking down, which is likely to feel immensely liberational. With this in mind, do take time to review my sharing above and please do share your own experiences. It's essential for the liberation of humanity.

Thanks and well wishes.

Open 💎

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I experienced some grey influence being dispatched from my field in the gathering. I remember, I have been this intervention karmic experience from early childhood especially when I have fever. 

Just after the gathering, fever kicked off and I'm finding it incredibly challenging to be in the midst of all that. I think it's because, as discussed in the gathering, we are moving through a high energy transition period where we are caused to let go off all the old ways of thinking and attachment to body mind and the physicality. 

While I was shivering with cold and fever in the middle of the night without getting sleep my mind could only ask the question - why is there so much sufferring!? The most challenging is when the mind is trying to compute why did I create such a situation and how can I fix it!? Well I know fixing it is not a permanent solution. Today morning I woke with another question - what have I got to lose?! Nothing actually! I know at soul level I have asked for this experience and at such times the only options really we have is to surrender. Surrender all intentions, needing reality to be a certain way and have the courage to take it one step at a time. 

I think I have identified with this grey energy amplifying and distorting the intellect to get what it wants or avoid any uncomfortable experience. Maybe this is how we let go and heal these distorting influence at a cellular level, and be comfortable in the uncertainty and unresolution and trust that it will make much more sense in the immediate future. 

Vimal ✨

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Hi Open,

I will dig deep - although I'm sure there a no Tall-whites or Grey's in my field, although there may be a reptilian or two under the rug 😁

I saw a life-like image of the Tall-whites up close in mucous covered flesh - which could have elicited a reaction had it not been for a meditative state. It could be that they showed up because a veil is present in my field. The only way a 'healthy' individual could resonate is when the ego defence mechanism 'Out of sight, Out of mind' is in play. When your subjective experience and trajectory are so 'harmonious' things feel so 'blissful' - but what about those that are suffering terribly? Even if we don't expose ourselves to the news, we go about our lives, we're not immune from the reality that suffering occurs to those around us, if not us ourselves. If we were so open, enough to sense and feel the suffering of others as long as there is suffering in this world, what then? We would 'fix' it right, or would we not? As we formed and reformed our collectives or individually, our natural inclination would be to heal, make well, do 'better'.

Interested to hear how this entities removal translates into the experience of others and the expansions of consciousness that arise 🧡

Another great video BTW

Remy 🙏

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Hi Open,

In some ways, we can thank our mutant stars that they prevent us from seeing things the way they really are. I'm sure many would agree, if we were to open up in one go, the psyche and nervous system very probably couldn't handle it. The level of strength and compassion required to hold all of this, our reality.

Immense. 🧡