Crafting 3D Mind as Your Friend and Ally in the 5D Ascension Shift

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There's a tendency not to speak too much of the 3D mind in terms of alignment with the 5D shift, other than letting go of identification with it. But the energy on earth and in society is terraforming strongly through the field, and we can craft the mind as a powerful ally within our creative endeavors. We must also guard against it becoming a surreptitious prison that unconsciously limits our progression.

Let's inquire.

Law of Attraction and Intentional Manifesting

It's clear the mind is an invisible prison cell for many. Plenty are completely unaware of its incredible power to weave 3D reality. Motivational gurus, the world over, speak of focussing and visioning to get the outcomes in life that "you", seek (all too often the "you" is the ego!). Athletes envision the victory they want; business leaders summon the steps to success in the marketplace. And even intentional manifestors in the spiritual mainstream vision the outcome they desire. In many cases it seems to work - if the proponent is committed and disciplined enough, the desired outcomes are materialised - this is often expressed as the "Law of Attraction" - you're intentioning what you want to attract in life.

Of course, there's a big problem with this: who is setting the agenda - where are the impulses coming from? Usually, it's the ego, with shadowy Opposing Consciousness in the field that seeks to lock the soul into a prison, which is interrelated with the matrix itself. You're unwittingly bound into the 3D/4D construct. But likewise, simply "letting go" of the mind completely, can leave you listless and also at the whims and machinations of 3D living.

What we need to do is detach from the mind, become the divine co-creator, AND THEN take ownership of the mind, so that it becomes a powerful ally in the channeling of 5D consciousness in this terraforming landscape.

What does that look like in the day-to-day and how do we achieve it?

Escaping the Mental Prison

Firstly it's essential to spend considerable time, probably even years, softening the mind from the desire for a particular outcome or the fears of what might unfold in the day-to-day. You detach from it by becoming the observer of yourself, whereupon you recognise you are NOT the mind. But this is only the beginning of the story - we must constantly confront the inner tightness that happens when the mind continues to grasp in given situations.

You can literally feel it throughout the body as tightening angst. In particular circumstances of fear or worry, it will shorten the breath and stiffen the gait. If you watch and feel the face, micro-expressions react in relational engagements where the soul's authenticity is being buried. As unpleasant as they are, they happen to be the opportunistic gateways through which to open, release and transcend. They're utterly invaluable.

Explore Openhand's 5GATEWAYS work to help soften the mind and open to the soul...
Openhand 5GATEWAYS

Divine Service and the Merkabah

After some considerable time then, the mind softens as the soul naturally takes over. The soul is channeling through you; you're becoming more aligned with the flow, more authentic, you're co-creating with the divine within the 5D Shift on the planet. Things start to make more sense in a world gone crazy - there's a deepening sense of peace as you centre in the Sacred Ground of Being, that which sits in the heart of the Universal Torus. You feel like you belong to something much bigger than the ego - at times you'll feel very blessed!

From this place you'll likely feel an increasing impulse to want to serve: to help others find their own divinity; to help nature heal; to work with the unraveling in the shift. And so there will most likely be a compulsion to engage in the 3D/4D construct once more. Crucially though, it's essential we approach things in a different way now - that we craft the mind as a powerful ally through which to channel higher dimensional consciousness - this is a crucial part of the marrying between higher and lower self, that leads to the formation of the "Merkabah", which is a key objective here in the Openhand work for the 5D Ascension.

The mind must become synchronised with the infusing higher dimensional consciousness. This can be achieved most effectively by witnessing signs and synchronicity, symbols and sacred geometry. Where this becomes a regular part of your day, then you're actually starting to weave reality here in the 3D/4D by bringing mindful attention to these reflections.

Discover More about interpreting Signs and Synchronicity

Applying Active Attention to Multidimensional Creation

Crucially the mind is still open: in that, you're guided much more by active attention rather than focussed intention. You're playing the tune of the universe, asking, "show me!" whereupon you'll start to notice the instant flash of higher knowing or the heartfelt pull. We'll often use freewheeling on the Openhand gatherings to enhance this effect.

Once you have this flow coming through you, it's highly possible you'll get visions and senses of an idea of where the creative action is wanting to move towards - what the flow itself is wanting to create through you. This happens in all areas of life, from career possibilities to relationships, to how you generally live in the day-to-day.

When you're building reality this way, it's absolutely fine to now hold the vision as a possibility. However, unlike the intentional manifesting approach, the vision must be held lightly. Yes, at times, you'll have to overcome density, blockages, and clear resistance in the field (including Opposing Consciousness) so that you can still move towards the divine vision. But if the signs and synchronicity keep pointing that way, then the divine invitation is still active. In such situations, you'll need to unravel much inner doubt and forge the sense of divine trust - which builds step by step in the daily cauldron of life.

Becoming the Infinite Game Player in Life

It's essential to maintain peripheral vision too. Meaning that as you're moving toward a creative crystallisation, then you're still attentive to the possibility that the goal could naturally shift and change - the soul is constantly flowing and although it will create endlessly, it is not fixated on the need for any particular outcome. To be clear, it yearns to create with the divine, and it will, but inherent in its being, is the knowing that there will always be a way through the external density to actualise the divine. It is the infinite game player, undefeated by any particular twist and turn of events.

I find that nature greatly helps in this regard - when you're confused as to direction, the invitation is to actually find a new aspect of beingness, which often gets reflected back to you by creatures in nature.

Here's an Understanding of the 7 Rays of Consciousness of Authentic Beingness

Over time, you find yourself weaving a heavenly multidimensional landscape around you, where you witness and experience divine feedback loops supporting your steps - plentiful reflections of synchronous connectivity around you. At times things will go deathly quiet where you're working through some particular density, but if you keep opening through the mind and the inner tightness, the fears, worries, and contractions, then the light will flow through once more and you'll pick up the heavenly flow. This is what it means to become the Infinite Game Player of life - you're constantly finding a new way to co-create with the divine.

The Mind: Our Powerful Friend and Ally in the Shift

The mind can thus be your powerful friend and ally in the shift. You can willingly bring it to bear in all your creative endeavors. And then you get to see just what a powerful tool it can really be. I commend to all on the ascending path to dive deeply into cleansing and reacquiring ownership of the 3D mind. It's a crucial aspect of the Merkabah - your divine vehicle through the 5D Ascension Shift.

Crafting the mind in this way is a fundamental aspect of Openhand's work. If you resonate, come and explore further...
Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright Blessings

Open 💙🙏

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05/01/2024: Shift Update

I felt to draw attention and reflection to this Openhand article today about crafting 3D mind as your friend and ally in the 5D Shift, because it's essential when we start getting into quantum manifesting - the mind becomes an essential lower dimensional vessel for the alchemical energy to be expressed through.

3D mind is something we've tended more to soften and open up thus far. Of course, that's absolutely essential if we're to pick up the flow of the soul and have it guide the show. But when it comes to manifesting, when it's time to actualise in the 3D, then the mind is certainly one of the tools to do so. It's power must not be underestimated.

Neuroplasticity: Getting Inside the Negative Loop

I felt to talk about negative patterns of doubt, fear, and limitation that so often derail. When you've been tuning into the soul for some time, you can feel the natural compulsion towards an objective. But so often the mind will reject it as not possible, too difficult or challenging, whereupon the risk is that a spiritual ego twists it into, "there's too much resistance, it can't be in the flow". At this point it's essential to reflect upon the original impulse - was it a knowing or heartfelt pull? In which case, why has the impetus stopped?

This is where to apply the Breakthrough Approach - to go into the fears and contractions to dig up the karmic roots. Controlling the mind at this point only writes over this deep causality and of itself is highly derailing (which is where the intentional manifestors are going wrong). So we express the resistance, fear, doubt and worry to illuminate what the attachment is. By becoming as-one with it, you become "the one" in it, whereupon it becomes possible to empower yourself to let go - thus you dig up the root of the distortion.
Learn more about the Breakthrough Approach Here

This is not the end of the story, however. Because the programmed loops of mental behaviours will still be active in the brain - we must recognise and get inside these loops AS THEY ARE ACTIVATING. Then to interrupt them. You give progressively less and less attention to them and instead do something positive in the direction of the original impulse - maybe pay attention to a power animal or some kind of totem that you've picked up along the way. Maybe write something, sing, chant, move, or dance - with the sense of the original commitment. Now you're breaking down the old limitation. The mind becomes much more flexible and free to express the divine endeavour.

It's called "neuroplasticity" and an essential part of crafting the mind as a willing ally to the soul.


Open 🙏

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I've been noticing an energy in the field attempting to derail.  To me it feels like Tall Whites under the direction of Ra.  In my field Tall Whites used to create mind looping that was loud and so much of an over-reaction that I was able to ask the question "is this actually my thought"?  This energy comes in very subtle and attempts to plant a seed.  It is looping but more of a time released loop instead of constant.

The overall basic "seed" is this path is hard, life was so much easier before I became conscious.  This seems to be customized to be more affective.  For example, life was more fun when I went to parties, drank and danced all night; played video games all day; watched football all weekend, etc.  It's a subtle thought almost like a sigh.  Instead of projecting "meditation (eating organic, detoxing, etc) is a waste of time" which could make you question if it was your thought, it reminds you of when your focus was on unconscious pleasure, fun, entertainment making it seem like you're longing for those times again.

Also coming in so subtly, it may not distract at first, but it keeps looping until it gets your attention.  And to be even more "hidden" sometimes the energy attempts just to create a slippery slope by projecting it won't hurt just once, I need a little break, which could be true.  But it's goal is for just once or the break to lead to a change of focus.

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Yes, I'm well aware of this approach. I've experienced it in the dreamtime too - slightly distorted dreams that try to initiate some kind of emotional desire - a goal or objective for instance.

It's been quite full-on recently, but it is breaking and can readily be broken down.

I find the key is to be steadily building the multidimensional landscape around you - to keep testing and checking in with it. It mustn't be rigid, but nevertheless, it has an architecture. The Soul flows through this. If the feelings spike against the landscape, you know you're on track. Otherwise to reject the incoming information. Then the intervention becomes less able to penetrate in. And also we can call upon new support in the 4D - we'll be looking at the Nordics, for example, in tomorrow's Ascension Exchanges. New ways are coming in to keep the channels clear in the 4D.

Right now, I'm experiencing Benevolence deconstructing Ra where it is encountered. It's high time for unswerving focus. I have every confidence that ultimately, a complete unravelling will happen.


Open 💎



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Well this makes a lot of sense. Thank you for sharing Ann and Open. I think I have been experiencing this energy quite full on for the last few days. Usually there's always truth in this intervention mind loops, I start entertaining them, even though in my heart I know they are not mine. But since it's interelated to how my soul wants to flow and express, I also find it hard to diassociate from it. It can impact as there is still subtle desires of the ego mind which gets attached to a particular objective and then it plays through regret. My process has been to steadily break this down by sitting in the sacred ground. I find cold plunging of great benifit as well as it can quickly help me ground. 

I also find giving energy to the original soul impulse in the distorted energy helpful as it can peel off any illusion around it if this makes sense. But this expression is not to seek any completeness but just an expression of beingness. 

Vimal 🙏

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Thank you Ann, so grateful as this has in fact been coming up for me! Really good to remember not all my thoughts are my own and I should be continuously challenging every one. The good news is I have no interest in going back to my old habits of avoiding myself and my life through mindless pleasure. I still have attachment to food but have already made headway with that and the desire for good health, strength, stamina etc is far outweighing the desire to go back to gluttony. What I recognize now because of your post is there has been attempts at triggering me to smoke weed again, even though there's little desire left. Exactly that energy: "once couldn't hurt"! I actually said today "well maybe if the pain gets too bad, but only edibles". Like I was having a conversation with someone without realizing it. It is so sneaky because I think I'm just talking with myself. But I've been using the OH techniques of BT breathing and movement and am happy to report they're working! So these "seeds" aren't having much effect but could do over time as you said. So so great to be made aware of what's really happening! Very illuminating, huge thank you! 🙏💙


It's entirely understandable you might feel overwhelmed at times with the tremendous amount of energy that's infusing the planet. Sometimes mentally and emotionally you might struggle to cope. Take plenty of rest and time out for quiet and relaxing meditation in nature. I felt to inspire that today with this beautiful video about the elementals of life. Enjoy and find peace...

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Thank you so much for the reminder. Yesterday I was feeling a massive " headache" that seemed to have been caused by infusions into the 6th and 7th chakras . 

I am currently working in deep relational trauma . Working to stay soft in it ,engage with it and unwind it and the karma that seems to have come up. This seems to be the next step before I can actually step into being more effective as a bridge from 3D to 5 D. They have been disparate streams so to speak and this unravelling seems to be setting me up for much more coherency so I can channel more into this density. 

I'm not sure if that makes much sense .  But that is what I felt to write





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Thanks Megha for your last comment,

it speaks very strongly to me, depicting the exact process that is very present to me.

I'm witnessing those two disparate streams in my daily life, which become especially obvious when I am faced with the sense of belonging to any societal structure/relationship. There is a part of me that still feels "cast out" - and due to my own conditioning it's experienced as the feeling of rejection in the partnership. Therefore, there is a tendency in me of  "the guru syndrom" in the name of holding the responsibilty for the spiritual development and well being of another. To me it's trully a lesson about learning a balance in expressing the loving care for another being and holding an open space for the sovereignity of their own choices (that is especially difficult, when I consider the choice of another as "not in allingment"...)

In some situations the rigidity of my mind keeps me locked in my own conditioning. As the Avalon Rising is happening in this moment the freely flowing part of me would wish to be sitting in the container and awakening to the sense of interdimensional connections. Nevertheless, my current identity is still living in some other story, sitting alone in the safe corner of my own house. Processing what feels to be like karmic knots, I am unravelling into the actual truth, that is conatined within the notion of Guru. I am looking forward to the day, when the illusion of freedom is basically taken away from my mind, and actual liberation of one's Soul might simply flow all moments of my life.

I wonder, how much of these seemingly seperate streams can one truly merge as the bridge, would be curious to hear how the unravelling works?  

Also best wishes to everyone at the gathering, there is no doubt to me that "heavens" are streaming through Open...

Praying Emoji💚



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I recognise this one Miha - well expressed.

I would reflect that there is some degree of fragmentation happening, possibly in the energy (4D) body or emotional or a combination of both.

How to heal it?

The key is to maintain the knowing of your aligned higher dimensional orientation, even if you can't always be 100% loyal to that. But then with that orientation, allow yourself to be in the unresolution - especially the feelings of that. Then keep illuminating through it. The knots will progressively untangle and realign out. Then clarity will unfold. You'll be able to make aligned choices from there. Freedom will reign!

Much love and well wishes

Open 🙏

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Thanks megha, Miha and Open for expressing. These are good reflections for me as I'm pasing through something similar. It's interesting Miha used the word guru syndrome as I wrote an article about that, what I saw in spiritual circles and I'm seeing it in myself. I can see that as a thread to hanging on to relationship as it offers some feedback which I perceive as missing. It's also balancing out other distortions of addictions, entertainment and comfort. 

What is my true relationship? When I come into a place of such partnership relationship, I sense the motivation to connect or be of service to the wider world diminishing. My true orientation says, I don't want to do that as passion is also diminished. The room is getting smaller so to speak. Yet I recognise how I have created this reality and sitting in that unresolution seems to be the key now. It's like peeling of layers of what I thought I needed and coming into truth. How would I not create such convolutions in a world where my authenticity and this work is not recognised. I don't have a degree , a position or even a robe. 

It's also quite interesting as I feel universe is kind of playing a joke on me. Especially when something like this as happened the opportunity for a wider and higher service is calling strongly reminding of my orientation. I'm fortunate enough to be in the Openhand energy at this time.

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Ahh Vimal, yes, I can completely empathise with this one...

How would I not create such convolutions in a world where my authenticity and this work is not recognised. I don't have a degree , a position or even a robe?

There's no requirement for you to guide those that need a "guru" in this way.
When the student is ready, the real teacher will arrive!

Bright blessings

Open 💙


In my personal experience, the changes, or what I prefer to call flowering of consciousness, is a process that I'm aware of, within and without, only, it's almost impossible to describe it in words. I agree with this view, that we don't have to intentionally manifest anything. It's as if releasing what's inauthentic is equal to an opening of a door to the inner expansion of self-realisation. It's what I call, growing a new relationship with myself.
Lately, I've been in discussion, almost quarrelling, with family members and in exchange with blog commenters, about the present-day tendency in people to have a short fuse. Like when people feel an emotion, something is stirred inside, and they don't like it, they tend to move in a straight line to a conclusion that "the other person" has caused it. So that it's projected on that other person, without asking a question, for verification, and without the use of self-reflection.
It's almost as if the external impressions, sensations, and what I call "mindfuck" that one seeks after, by means of the smartphone, or a larger blue screen, replaces the ability for that self-reflection. Due to the distraction of what's grown addictive, and entered the nervous system on silent socks. Virtual communication calls for casual making wrong of others, due to anonymity.
There's no one who confronts you, no looks of hurting, no voice expressing that pain. It's as if digital technology prevents the quality of self-knowledge, which is a foundation on firm ground. When I was in a discussion about this subject of accusations flying straight as arrows to others, the well-known blame-game, those who were involved in such bickering, simply didn't see their own doing, their own "mindfuck" and kept feeling entitled to being a victim, feeling bad caused by someone else.
I wonder if such awareness of responsibility for one's own emotions is a topic at the table of families with children, at the age of 10 or older. Stepping into the wide wild world. When there's no sense of inner creating of feeling bad, there's no sense of creating of feeling good either. Hence, says my logical mind, the tendency to demand external methods, magic formulas, so to speak. I'm now reminded of a great postcard I once found in Britain, where a woman sits in lotus position in her home, with a text balloon above her head "Come on, peace of mind, I haven't got all day". That's what sums up what I try to describe, see what I mean? Entitlement to feeling good
To me, the realm of method and measurement is the realm of the logical ego-centred mind. In our Western modern world, there's a tendency to measure results in tangible forms, achieved by planning, designing, and manifesting, a performance that is in itself a measurement of success. The style is welcomed when it's sexy, slick, wrapped in chrome, glass and concrete. That's how the logical mind may feel, at times. Cold, calculating, and located in the headspace, not in the <3
At the same time, now that I'm pondering this human behaviour, also in myself, I'm finding deeper layers of self-made habits, judgements on what's not right in my mind's eye, and the realization of what's the drive underneath them, is dawning day by day. Impatience, with intolerance of everything that is beneath my flagpole of high moral standards with the disclosure of truth in tow. In other words, a superiority issue that is comfortably explained away in an excuse that I can't help my fast forward drive, cutting the crap. More in others than in myself, and that's humour!
And so, I've stepped back from encounters in the virtual world, working on translations, making efforts to share info and present essays, and news online, for those who wish to inform themselves, broadening their point of view. The present time, the end of the year, calls for putting my mind to rest, so that other qualities may raise their voice. I'm called by them now. It's beautiful, for trust, and a knowingness that all will be well, like standing in the eye of the storm, is growing with strength.

All this, what I'm trying to describe, is in essence a bodybuilding exercise for resilience, and a sense of purpose. A sense of being the compass myself, instead of seeking direction outside of myself. And THAt seems to be the bridge between 3D and 5D, the moving through 4D where the stirrings of the astral body, match with the astral realm, where portions of the subconscious mind, and covered up light is present as shadowland. I may be on to something, but not yet there. Winging it ;)
Thank you for your comment on this may be hard to grasp train of thoughts.
(I'm posting this comment as plain text, for copying text isn't allowed in full HTML. I write in Word first, before posting)


Thanks for the priceless feedback loop, Open! Have been deep delving into this very inquiry lately and have come into a similar understanding through many layers and challenges. 



That's a mindful to read, understand and digest. But I feel this is somewhere I'm at the moment. The mind seems to want to create many things but I find many of the things are still coming from ego ,lack of trust ,poverty conciousness and so forth. But still there's the soul pull through them all which cannot be denied. So I go with it and it changes direction because I know when I'm creating from limitations - synchroncities speak. But they won't unless I step into it. It brings up density ,doubt , fear , disappointment but part of the attention is on the feeling of lightness of the soul so theres softness and a letting go at some point and again moving forward with much increased trust. Because how can the steps be wrong when universe is speaking to me. I'm not sure if I have found the real impetus to be of divine service though I can feel I have it in me. A lot of the impetus is still coming from a place of managing this 3D being. When that's taken care of or atleast I have the trust that it is delivered when I step out,maybe then. The mind is also good in inquiring - what is the motivation of the various actions. Yes not judging , not self criticizing I would say is the most important thing for me. That softens the hold of the ego mind to create aligned reality.

Great article 👌


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Vimal - how tremendously wonderful - you're deeply engaged in the necessary work that's so often suppressed or avoided!! 👍

Too many practices simply want to override or "reframe" such experiences with some kind of positive gloss. But that's not the way to take ownership of mind with a truly authentic expression of self.

It's through this thorough self-inquiry approach that you craft mind to be your willing and authentic ally.

Keep going my friend, you're doing exactly what it takes!

Open 💙🙏