Daily Inspiration for the Soul...7 ways to Innovate for Evolutionary Success

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I think there's a huge misunderstanding about the purpose of the soul, and with that, life itself. I put it to you, that the soul is an expression of the One - of pure presence. And it's purpose is to actualise the One in every moment - as an expression. When you hit this sweet spot of life, without needing it to go a particular way, then you channel the enormity of the universal flow through you. It shapes things you couldn't possibly have previously imagined.

The power of making small incremental changes

Right now, with everything that's going on in the world, you simply cannot remain the same - to expect today will turn out just like it did yesterday. The risk is to be caught in the machinations of the shadowside in society - to have to dance to its tune. Instead of making progressive innovations that whilst maybe small, nevertheless lead to big shifts in you, and therefore in your life.

Here's the challenge to truly innovate your life to spiritual success:

Genuinely not needing a specific outcome; instead, giving yourself wholeheartedly, 100%, without reservation to the path that naturally wants to happen.

You feel it in little ways: how to be different in a relationship, either with family or at work; taking a different route to work and seeing what you notice; spending alone time free-wheeling without the need of a particular objective or destination; developing your daily meditation practice; changing your diet; creating things simply for the joy of it.

All of these things will lead to small incremental shifts of consciousness - the progressive embodiment of soul, and therefore new intuitive changes in the way you create your life.

The Power of Intermittant Fasting

Take diet for example, we've been exploring intermittent fasting on Openhandweb, and the incredible amount of energy this can unleash because the body isn't having to work so hard to digest food all the time. Not only is it good for the body, but also unshackles consciousness from constricting inner processes - you can expand more into higher dimensional consciousness.

We've been encouraging the exploration of intermittent fasting, meaning to limit eating to a defined period during the day - reducing to just 6 hours (and even towards just one meal a day). It gives the body greater time to heal and integrate, but especially, it encourages the emergence of soul, by being less consumed within internal physical processes and density. The change is often quite remarkable. Although you will have to overcome cravings, there unleashes a greater sense lightness and relaxedness - the sense of interconnectivity can greatly increase. The sense of universal flow intensifies.

Important Note: such regular fasting can activate karma and will certainly bring up plenty of density in the beginning. And so if working towards such a diet, it's always good to tune in with a facilitator who understands how karma can get activated and how to process it... Openhand Facilitator Network

7 ways to innovate your day, to empower your evolution

I feel the earth's energies changing rapidly now. I can feel the karmic construct of the old paradigm beginning to unwind and amongst the shadows and clouds, a new reality is progressively taking form. It's a flow we can each ride. We can do that by innovation - making small changes to our daily patterns.

Here are 7 key ones to consider and apply...

1) What's the first thing you do when you wake up? It's essential to set the tone at this very moment. If even only for a few minutes, just sit yourself up, breathe, and feel the connection to your soul, and the wider world - open the window, immerse yourself in the birds' morning corus

2) Before beginning to eat, cleanse the bodily system with a warm herbal tea, which is also likely to stem any hunger pangs for a while

3) Each day, take at least 10-15 minutes out to do deep consciousness bodywork: soulmotion for example, gentle stretching and yoga, or bringing your awareness into your core with something like pilates (10-15 minutes per day would be the absolute minimum - with two or three weekly sessions lasting at least an hour)

4) Continually refine your diet - incorporating more plant based eating and as much live (raw) as possible. Be mindful, that as your body shifts, you will have to confront mental cravings... try this breakthrough approach for working into the cravings, totally feeling into them and unwinding through them...4 step Breakthrough Approach

5) Innovate your routines: simple things like changing the route you take to work; how you spend your free time; where you go walking or where you like to hang out. Spend as much time "free wheeling" as possible - simply ask "show me", then follow the pull - watch what signs and synchronicity show up.

6) Reduce time with technology - connection is great, of course, but be clear you're getting maximum value from your time and not simply 'comfort-viewing'. Stop, take time out for meditation, go deeper within, penetrate any resistance and soften through... try using this Openhand Bow Meditation

7) Do something creative, just for the fun of it: creativity can unleash new aspects of soul - music, drumming, painting, drawing, dance, blogging and vlogging. It doesn't matter a jot how successful you might be in an outcome sense - just go with what moves your soul for the fun of it. 

Progressive innovation - the key to success

We are faced with tremendous change upon the planet. But rather than cowering in fear of this, it can instead be a great spur to spiritual growth and life transformation. If someone puts up your energy bills, how does that make you feel?

Perhaps there's anxiety in the beginning - that's understandable. But that's a great opportunity to work it through and let go. Maybe you then get angry? But within the anger is determination to thrive. Then ride that deternination, embody it. Of itself, this new beingness is bound to change things in a beneficial way.

The key to successful change, leading to the integration of soul and thus uplifting your life, is through progressive innovation - making plenty of small changes to the general routines of life that we so easily slip into. Then before you know it, you've made some great leaps and bounds. It's with this in mind that we produced the Openhand video called "Innovation". Take 5 minutes out, watch and ask, "how might it inspire my evolutionary growth this day?"...

If you've resonated with my sharing and would like to explore making progressive step changes to uplift your life, then get involved with the evolutionary work of Openhand:

Explore Essential Openhand and Sign Up today

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11/04/2024 Shift Update

I know that plenty of times you might look at the magnitude of what you feel you must achieve or attain in the shift and balk at the enormity of it. But there's another way to look at your spiritual development. How?

If you've found your way to Openhand, the likelihood is that you're already tuning into the soul and following it to a degree. You'll likely recognise the feeling of activating soul. You'll likely feel the heartfelt pull at times. You may well be meditating, connecting with nature and doing some form of bodywork. You'll likely be exploring conscious eating to some degree. Now here's the key: each day to progressively innovate your patterns and your life; each step tuning into the soul just a little bit more and coming from that place of rightness.

The point being you don't necessarily have to be making giant leaps. Each day just a progressive iteration in the various aspects of your life that you recognise effect your consciousness: just a little be less of the negative influences and a little bit more of the positive.

You'll be chipping away at the density. Then you'll make breakthroughs. Sometimes you won't realise what you've achieved until you stop, look back, and realise you feel differently now - that you don't get hooked into the same things; that you're not recreating the same negative patterns. You'll feel buoyed and refreshed by it, inspired to continue on.

Sometimes you'll have massive recognisable shifts.

Hence I encourage all to read the lead article above today and watch the video at the end. It contains 7 key ways that you can apply on a daily basis to continually innovate your consciousness. Then do share in commentary below - I'd be intrigued to hear how you feel you're changing in the shift?

Bright blessings

Open 🦋

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Hi Open,

thank you for the reminder about reflecting back on one's journey. I do it less often than I would like to but when I do it, it provides incredible assurance and support forward. When I look back through the last year, it's truly amazing what has unfolded in my life. And it's really the smallest decisions to change something about your life that grow into huge motions. Reminds me of the butterfly effect.

There are so many good examples of that in my life through the last year. Coaching, tai chi, walking, OMAD diet (still working on it), vegetarian diet (coming from low carb/keto), writing... Even the fact I'm writing this proves the point that big things tend to grow from the smallest seeds of innovation planted in your life. And it's still so surprising to me, every time! Like with coaching - the idea came around November, I first started slowly with self-learning but then in January a sudden impulse led me to search for official courses (as I found out that the Labour Office can compensate the fees fully). Guess what, I felt guilt for googling the courses instead of what I 'should be' doing - contacting employers and applying for jobs. Yet I felt the rightness of it and it turned into enrolling into an official training of what appears to be now my current passion and light on my path forward. 

I do wonder though, where lies the border between good innovation and indiscipline? How can you find it for yourself? I know that rigidity and dogma is dangerous but so might be disrupting a routine for me. When doing so, there is a danger (at least in my case) of falling into some bad habit instead of beneficial innovation. On the other hand, I usually can't even follow my planned routine day after day and from time to time I have to disrupt it and do something completely unexpected. Sadly, sometimes it's just procrastinating, internet usually. I used to see this fact as my laziness and indiscipline, however, I have been recently feeling that it might also be some inner impulse that invites me to change my perception of discipline and rigidity. Sometimes though, this resignation to a routine takes me away from what I consider to be a right action, too (the word self-sabotage possibly comes up here?). And then guilt arises for not doing anything.

The fact I can't tell the borders of healthy discipline makes it very tiring sometimes. Trying to build discipline, unable to do so, falling down and rising back up. Like a hamster jumping on a fast spinning wheel, being fired out right away, while it somehow might feel it doesn't even need to jump there but is too scared it would be unable to live without a proper order. If that makes any sense.

I will be grateful for any reflections. Thank you Praying Emoji



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Hi Dominik,

First let me encourage you on - the fact that you're inquiring, and exploring in this way is a wonderful thing. It demonstrates commitment and passion. 👍

One distortion of this though, is sometimes to slip into 'beating oneself up. "I'll never be good enough". The point is, that in the soul, in the relativistic, there is no absolute - no perfection. When you can let go of any sense of the need for purity and perfectionism, that will likely be a great help.

You said...

I do wonder though, where lies the border between good innovation and indiscipline? How can you find it for yourself? I know that rigidity and dogma is dangerous but so might be disrupting a routine for me. When doing so, there is a danger (at least in my case) of falling into some bad habit instead of beneficial innovation. On the other hand, I usually can't even follow my planned routine day after day and from time to time I have to disrupt it and do something completely unexpected. Sadly, sometimes it's just procrastinating, internet usually. I used to see this fact as my laziness and indiscipline, however, I have been recently feeling that it might also be some inner impulse that invites me to change my perception of discipline and rigidity.

When you ask a question like this, 'I do wonder though, where lies the border between good innovation and indiscipline?', work to realise that is needs to be rhetorical. Why? Because the question is the answer! Meaning: by holding the question, you get to forge soul through that grey area. It's the only way you can find the clarity.

For my own part, what I see on my path, is a constantly developing rhythm: there are 'programs' approaches, disciplines and meditations I like to use, and I know are necessary to propel me forward. But the risk is they become dogmatic, which of itself, risks unconscious practice. Which is derailing of the soul. So I work to be fully conscious in them: how does this want to develop and grow now? How can I gain the maximum from this moment?

You said, about your 'indiscipline'...

Sadly, sometimes it's just procrastinating, internet usually. I used to see this fact as my laziness and indiscipline.

Okay, so you recognise there's a distortion in the behaviour. How so? It's your reference to internet use. We do actually know when we're straying from what is right and aligned for us, at a soul level. But always, where working with a distortion, ask, "What's the truth in it?" Work to express the truth, and unwind the distortion. That's where to work.

So in procrastination for example, I would say the truth is, being clear before jumping in, that you are meant to do that, the timing is right, and the field is moving with you. But where that becomes unconscious prevarication, or fear of moving forward, or a disconnect from the divine flow, then you know the truth of it is becoming distorted. We must go to work there, by accepting the distortion, honestly owning it, but without self-judging, and then working in those areas of unconsciousness - bringing full awareness to them. Then you unleash the truth through them.

Do be thankful for these areas of unconsciousness - we come to realise, they determine the path!

Finally, I felt to share this Openhand video, that might give some extra impetus to your inquiry...

Bright blessings,

Open 💎

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When I learnt that only 5% of the human mind is conscious, I made it my personal mission to expose it in its entirety. Whilst the human mind may only be able to process on average 5% at any given moment, filtering the rest, I maintain that it can be fully apprehended and known, 100%

A miraculous happening occurred here this morning indicating a collective dispatch of shadow entities I’ve been working with as an adjunct.

I am over the moon! What’s next (Oops) ?!

Have a fantastic time in Mexico!!


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My shadow wouldn't dream of sitting on the sofa of life - but is quite partial to a chaise longe.

Couldn't resist 😁

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Hi Open,

thank you for your encouraging message and a wonderful video. I love how when I think I went through all the Openhand content (how naive!), there is always something new to discover. It's like library full of knowledge, every time you can find the most important personal message for the moment. Sincere appreciation for that.

You mention passion and commitment about my inquiring. Thank you for highlighting that, I have realised on my journey over the last year that inquiring is something I am very passionate about. Exploring to the core and asking questions (hence design and coaching). It really makes me joyful. Not always needing an answer/outcome or finishing an inquiry, just enjoying the process of it.

Inquiring deeper into passion and commitment, I came to a realisation there can be not only passion for the committed action/beingness but also passion for the act of commitment itself. Then the rigidity of discipline can dissolve and transform into a conscious process of passion and inquiry about oneself. Constantly changing and iterating. Word 'rhythm' that you mentioned expresses it appropriately for me.

You said I know on a soul level when I stray from the right action and I can very well notice that with my procrastination. It might have felt good procrastinating in the past but now it just feels plain bad. No benefit at all. At least for the soul, there have to be some benefit for the ego, an attachment. And that's where perfectionism comes to the stage. I feel that procrastinating the right action is a fear of failure, disappointment, not being good enough. Perfection is a big one for me - thank you for shining light in that direction. I noticed it's connected to self-worth and a need for validation from others. That's where for example these 'public' inquiries offer me a great help in self-realisation. For example, I am making sure my comments are flawless before posting, so I can appear in the best light. And then procrastinating on finishing them, either moving to something less uncomfortable or being unable to focus on the activity, doing different things around, getting distracted - so I avoid the pain of committed action. Happens quite often in my life but now I understand it a bit better. 

I should rather stop for now here as I'm hitting my English and mind limits with this deep digging:) Sincere thanks for everything and wishing you all a wonderful rest of the retreat. 




27/10/2022 Shift Update

We're on retreat here in Mexico, and a big theme that's coming up is how the shadowstate is controlling life and resources on the planet. What do you do when your energy bills rocket and the cost of living escalates?

The crucial thing is NOT to allow it to define who you are - that's exactly what they want.
Instead, see it as inspiration and motivation to change.

First, you've got to work through any negative reactivity, fear and anxiety. In Mexico we've been applying the Breakthrough approach to achieve this...

Next ask, "how does my soul feel to be in response?"

Maybe there's determination, a yearning to thrive and succeed.
Embody that feeling. Let it express into your life.
How does it now change the way you approach things.

If you look at life more from beingness, which is now the direct invitation, then the numbers on a bill stay exactly that - only numbers on paper that don't define you. Instead, it becomes the spur to change. Now you've gained greatly from it. You can literally quantum leap your life.

Do explore my lead article today, which details 7 ways in which to innovate your daily life, including an illuminating video...

Daily Inspiration for the Soul...7 ways to Innovate for Evolutionary Success

Bright blessings

Open 🦋


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i begin by committing to prescence and resting as much as possible in SGoB, i commit to healthier, mindful eating and eventually starting intermittent fasting. i commit to a more conscious morning routine of at very least meditation. i commit to moving my body in ways my soul wishes to express. i commit to reducing/ eliminating comfort scrolling. let's see where i go from there.🙏💙


Hi Megha - you have a big heart Heart

You said...

And yet, I find the Universe regularly does this. Puts me in these situations where I have to stand on the edge and literally make a bridge with all I have .

I know exactly what you're talking about - I'm out at the edge plenty myself too - working to create bridges into a vast complexity of realities. It's okay - let the Universe expand the boundaries a degree.

Open Thumbs Up SignThe Sun Emoji


Really loving the video too. Having to innovate big time as a baby I am treating has a weird condition that hasn't been treated with all the drugs we have thrown at her. And (even more amazing) is that I am going to try and do something new - going to try to treat her with a diet . It will need a lot of innovation on my part. And yet, I find the Universe regularly does this. Puts me in these situations where I have to stand on the edge and literally make a bridge with all I have . I really love my life and suspect it's because of these edges I regularly am called to traverse. 


At all times in these situations I have to recall that I am but a small cog in the vast machinery that the baby's circumstances are. And in doing so I let go control . And yet ,being the small cog I am ,I cannot let go of my responsibility . Do do what I can with as much heart and love and intelligence as I can muster . 


Felt called to share ! 


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Hi Megha and Open, 

I can empathise with it to some degree. Nowadays when I play the guitar and sing, I get all manner of tunes coming through me. It's is if I'm expressing beingness through it. Most times it has no structure -  it just flows according to what I'm feeling and the emotions and how I'm moving within it. Yet when i feel it turns to something good, there is attachment to an outcome and I disconnect from the flow. When I try to record it or play in front of other I lose it. I believe I'm horrible at writing lyrics so its just that - I can't produce it into some outcome but still I enjoy it a great deal. I think the universe will only show the next level when I have learned to surrender into what I already have. At least thats how it has been moving for me.

Vimal 👍


'Create but don't worry what the outcome is ' 

This jumped out at me today ( even though I have read this article before ) . In my meditations I often see these beautiful images  - I can almost feel the art insideof me and yet fear of it turning out to be crap ( I am such a horrible artist !) Keeps me from channeling that into canvas . 

And yet that's the point isn't it. The fact that I'm holding onto a thread of soul and allowing it to express it's little tendril from beyond the void into the light of day . To allow the force of that creativity within to cause a ripple in my own body mind . 


Time to paint it would seem ! 




Hey Hey,

Oh that squirrel is just to cute! Gets me every time I see it!


Ditto for me too lately with the fasting. I find myself getting to the point where my I just let my body tell me I'm hungry and in need of sustenance, instead of just .. Oh its noon, time to eat something. Mostly I prefer to let my entire being just tell me what it is that it needs.


Lately I've needed an extra dose of cranberries, but the ridiculous thing about that is this area I live in and the stores only sell them as a seasonal food such as late autumn and early winter. So I did what I could do, I opted for pure cranberry juice. This is not something to drink straight up, its very shocking. But the shock made me laugh, so I tried another drink that way and decided nope. This is no good, time to get innovative and add something to it like bananas and blueberries. Bottles of pure cranberry juice should come with a warning label!! It should read – warning, you might be shocked upon drinking this stuff.. take it slow!


My experience though with number 5. is it loops until somewhere deep inside myself and the entirety of my being fully comprehends exactly what I have been shown. This really is a tedious thing I put myself through and why I do it is just ridiculous. It reminds me of a very old cartoon I saw as a child, where a person kept picking up sand from one pile with a pair of tweezers then looking at the minute grain of sand before setting it down onto a new pile. Only to go through the pile of sand in this manner before the last grain is picked up then turning to the new pile and starting all over again.


I just really needed to relearn a new yet old way to let go of the moments show me so this morning I just let go and I found myself painting with my left hand instead of my right. This is profound! But yet the moment I became aware of what I was doing and how precise my painting was is the moment my left hand went shakey again. Yet I kept at it, and the more I accepted my left side painting the easier the painting went. Therein lies my answer too! Sometimes the most innovative way is to just let go. Find that spot within where everything is just quiet and allow myself to breathe. Now I need to just write myself a memo that says remind yourself of these things every morning so you don't wake up one day and say OHHH yeah, I remember now, that's how you do that. Oh and tell Open thank you for the reminder here! So Thank you!