Grand Galactic Convergence: Herd of Elephants No one is Talking About

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The shadowstate has done its job well. Most are distracted as to the true scope and magnitude of the Grand Galactic Convergence that has just begun to gear up. Especially in spiritual circles, it's high time we address the pressing subject of the herd of elephants in the room that no one is talking about: the infusion of galactic energies into our solar system, at the time of the Grand Solar Magnetic Minimum, AND as Gaia's Pole Shift accelerates to completion. It's high time we engage this crucially pressing issue of our time.

The Galactic Perfect Storm

We're sailing into the perfect storm of galactic, solar and earth-pole-shift cycles, which when complete, will leave no stone unturned on 3D earth. The evidence from the past is clearly available although the science has been purposefully censored. The current climate turmoil, when talked about, is put down to man-made fossil fuel emissions. It's like blaming the huge pile of elephants' dung in your living room on a tiny mouse. As the shift now gears up, in the years ahead, this herd of elephants is going to make covid look like a minor inconvenience.

What concerns me most, is that we're horrendously under prepared for it. Especially in spiritual circles there needs to be a coming together and working through the internal energetic impact of what is clearly building; processing through the karma of similar past life situations; and a preparedness to courageously support one another through tumultuous transition.

We can do it. There are enough souls here with the past life experience. Souls around the planet are beginning to reveal their marvelous light. We must help plenty more to stop focussing merely on the blinding show of the shadowstate drama. Let's see past the charade.

The point is, that when we embrace the enormity of what is unfolding, instead of burying heads in the sand, we can positively equalise with it - we can normalise in it. What you then discover is something quite miraculous - you lose your fear of it. You lose your fear of life. It sets you completely free to be, do and live in a way that brings your soul alive. There simply is no longer any point in playing it small!

Galactic Superwave and the Merkabah

The writing on the wall is clear, that cycles of convergence are upon us. I've shared many times previously that the clear evidence points to it. Personally, I don't need the science because I've witnessed prophetic visions of what is to come: a knowing of future-landing-now resonating through the core of my being. I know that's what I incarnated here to share, and the many past life regressions I've been party to, confirm what souls have previously gone through - the experience of the great flood of Atlantis some 12,000 years ago. We are nearing that cycle of completion once again.

Why then does this still seem to fall on so many deaf ears?
Why are so few either listening or beginning to prepare?

I know plenty are triggered into fear by the contemplation. That's okay, it's to be expected, BUT, what we know is that all fear is where we identify with the physicality of life - and that we are spiritual beings. Therefore ALL circumstances of fear are spiritual doorways through which to pass.

There are powerful processes of spiritual transcendence that take us through this inner triggering density and into the light. This is how we purify the lower self of all contracting karma. It's how we open into the higher chakras and form the Merkabah - a body of light, readying us for 5D Ascension, which becomes ecstatic to reside within.

Galactic Superwave, The Event and 11:11 Synchronicity

Gaia's Stargates Unlock

The messages are abound. In the UK in 2021, the crop circles spoke clearly about Gaia's Stargates unlocking. I know that may seem esoteric and "out there" to plenty, but surely it's pretty straightforwards to correlate that Gaia's energy is shifting and this is converging with a huge increase in storm, earthquake and volcanic action around the planet (visit earthwatchers). This is what happens when the earth's magnetic shield lowers as we converge to the completion of the Pole Shift - which is due in the immediate years ahead.

It's clear from the energy work plenty of sentients have been doing tirelessly around the planet over the last decades, that Gaia's field has been purposefully thwarted, blocked and retarded. This has been done in a multitude of ways: purposefully misplaced megalyths, modern day EMF technology, Chemtrails and GMO, but also, ET technology inserted at the 4D level. Even the Moon has been proven to be artificial and controlling the 4D Morphic Fields of Planet Earth (explore the evidence).

Due to the aforementioned work, the field is opening up in key locations, and this is now being greatly amplified by the lowering of Gaia's magnetic shield - it unleashes stronger flows of energy, especially through those opening gateways. It's why plenty are waking up despite the purposeful distraction. It's exhilarating to behold, especially as you witness this reflected through the sheer magnificence of the crop circles.

DIVINICUS: rise of the Divine Human

If you're reading this it's time to pay attention and to explore. It's a dialogue that we must start having more widely. As the Hopi Elders have said, the only solutions will be spiritual ones. Everything that you witness, struggle and currently strive for in the 3D is set to perish in the near future - the Opposing Consciousness is purposefully distracting from this to keep the human nose to the grindstone. HOWEVER, there is a way to mediate through all of this:

It's about transcending the physical, activating the Merkabah and preparing for Ascension into 5D. You're building the DNA of the new 5D Human. This is the true destiny for the next evolution of humanity, which here at Openhand we call DIVINICUS.

It's a beautiful journey, a powerful one, which not only prepares you for the future, but is also the most resilient and resourceful way to bridge the present. Too few are yet embarked on this journey. In some spiritual circles, yes, some have made it to Everest base camp, with experiences of the True Self and at times Samadhi. But that's only the beginning of the journey. Now is the time to start the real climb - which is the indepth inner inquiry of peeling back the layers in daily life and reclaiming buried fragments of soul: in relationships especially; how you live and work; in the minutiae of daily life.

A Prayer for our Times

Spiritual practice must take priority now. It must be what drives the day rather than something you do when you have time for it. Time is running out! Coming together in mutually supportive groups is paramount. The reflections we're getting in the mainstream are nothing more than the propaganda of where they want to direct attention - directly away from the herd of elephants in the living room. And in spiritual circles, to my mind, too many are still challenging the cloak, rather than considering what it's truly masking. If we come together in energetically supportive groups we can share the true multidimensional landscape we're ascending through - the framework we need to work through.

My deepest prayer is that ears that have so far been shut, will open; that serious contemplation of the real truth that is unfolding will be given requisite attention. In the Dreamtime I have seen spiritual groups connecting together around the globe and exploring this most pressing issue of our time. Explorations like this one need to be urgently considered and shared widely with people and groups who could potentially have an open mind to the content.

I incarnated from the Benevolent Mission in the higher dimensions purposefully to share this perspective. My name is Open and I'm available to anyone or any group that seriously wishes to consider the landscape view I'm given to share.

If you resonate with my sharing:

Explore the Groundbreaking Evolutionary Work of Openhand

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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05/09/2023 Shift Update: Gearing Up for the Shift

I feel at this juncture like I'm in that scene from the movie Interstellar - they've landed on a distant planet to recover a homing beacon left by a Dr Man. They only have a short window of time to be there when one of the group looks up and points to the fabulous mountain range in the distance. But upon deeper inquiry, suddenly, it's realised: "They're not mountains, they're waves!!"

The mainstream points furiously to the wildfires around the planet caused by manmade fossil fuel emissions, to which the alternatives quite rightly cry hoax. But who is calling out the escalating flooding and storms going on?

Check this out from Madrid right now...

Or this from the island of Majorca in the Mediterranean...

Or this from Hong Kong...

This is the real news of what's happening right now, and to my mind it's perfectly clear - it's caused by the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into: a high energy segment of the galaxy at the time of a sunspot maximum when the Earth is lowering its magnetic shield in the culminating Pole Shift.

My point about sharing is not to spread fear. It is to wake people up to the enormity of what's transpiring across our planet right now in the Great 5D Shift.

We must orientate our lives in the right direction - we must commit our focus and our time to go inward and develop strong spiritual practices to prepare for our Ascension to 5D.

We must start to come together in focused and committed groups to help and support one another come to terms with what has begun to unfold.

Yes, we can do it, But only if we start to prepare for it now.

If you're one of those NOT prepared to bury your head in the shifting sands and would like to explore a solution that has been crafted through the aeons exactly for this Grand Galactic Convergence, then inquire and explore further - read the lead article today....

Grand Galactic Convergence: Herd of Elephants No one is Talking About

And then look at the program of groundbreaking events and courses we've got lined up for the rest of 2023...

Activate Your 5D Human...Openhand Autumn Calendar 2023

Explore what a growing number of people around the planet are beginning to get involved with.

Bright blessings

Open 💎



I found Divinicus in a charity shop many years ago in Glastonbury. I then happened to see and recognise Open in the oracle and was delighted to be able to attend the evening recently in Glastonbury town hall. I resonate with everything that was said. I've been asking the universe for guidance, kindred spirit and spiritual teacher. I live in Glastonbury and would love to connect, to learn and to do my bit. Looking forward to meeting again 💖🪷😁🙏


20/01/2023 Shift Update

Congratulations Openhanders - you've started 2023 with a boom!! The exchanges happening here on Openhandweb with your contributions are soul-stirring and heartwarming. Profound Thankyou! ♥️

I felt to respost this article above today about the Grand Galactic Convergence which practically no one out there in the spiritual mainstream or alternatives are talking about. It's high time it becomes the central theme of our landscape in which we're travelling through. Why? Because it is!!

Some will want to bury their heads in the sand when they contemplate it, but this is to miss a golden opportunity that some of you here are now starting to realise: when you work with the magnitude of it, as we do at the Openhand gatherings, then you burst through your fears and equalise with it. You lose your fear. Especially you lose your fear to fully live - to live in the incredible embrace of the divine and let it alchemise your life on any given day.

It causes people to unleash their soul and live magical lives - that's the phenomenal opportunity.

To conclude in inspiration, I felt to share this Openhand video on how to alchemise your life within this Grand Galactic Convergence. Be inspired!...

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏


Hello! It's natural, yet we know that all fear stems from our identification with the physicality of existence and that we are spiritual beings. | drywall removal


 Explorations like this one need to be urgently considered and shared widely with people and groups who could potentially have an open mind to the content


I feel it's really important to normalise this as you say, make it a part of my reality. And yet, to cut off emotionally would also not be right. Seeing it from a more expanded standpoint, and yet still connecting empathically. A fine line indeed.


Some well-known alternatives are suggesting that there's no climate crisis on the planet, that the information is all fabricated by the shadowstate to give them a reason to control the situation. I agree this is happening, and that man-made fossil fuel emissions are not the main problem - However, there are much bigger natural cyclical factors converging: the galactic superwave, Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) and Earth Pole shift.

Probably the biggest impact the Sun has on the Earth (and the rest of the solar system) is through electromagnetic coupling - the impact of ionsed particles and plasma, which is in constant descending and ascending spirals to and from the Earth. During a GSM, although the magnetic shield of the sun lowers, this Solar Wind activity actually increases, because it can more easily escape the sun's atmosphere. It means there's an increase in hot, fast, and highly charged particles hitting the Earth's magnetosphere. These charged particles bounce between the poles, which causes a cascading effect down through the ionosphere, which in turn greatly impacts the jetstreams. The climate impact clearly bears witness to this dynamic, where the meandering jetstreams have not only caused heating in usually cool places, cooling in usually hot ones, but also a strong increase in storms, hurricanes and typhoons. That's not to mention an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity due to earth's reducing magnetic shield.

The Openhand Approach to all of this is NOT to disseminate fear. It is to equalise and thereby normalise with what is actually taking place. When we're properly informed, then we can work into any contracting fears and let them go.

Stories from around the World of Climate Crisis

This is a snapshot from the first few days of May...

Unseasonably heavy rain hits Queensland, Australia
Tropical Cyclone “Asani” intensifies, India
Very rare tornado hits Assam, India
Severe dust storm hits Iraq, forcing more than 5 000 people to seek medical assistance
Heavy rains hit Santa Catarina, affecting more than 40 000 people, Brazil
Major damage after tornadoes rip through parts of Oklahoma and Texas, U.S.
Severe hailstorm decimates apricot crop in Spain
Record-breaking rains hit Valencia, Spain
Exceptionally heavy rainfall hits Guadeloupe, triggering deadly floods and landslides

Severe storms across the Plains – large hail, damaging wind gusts and tornadoes expected, U.S.

The Bigger Picture

I encourage all to scroll up and read my article on the Herd of Elephants in the Room that no one is talking about. We need to orientate ourselves to be in alignment with what's actually unfolding so we can best transition through it. That's what we're dedicated to here at Openhand.


My heart goes out to the folk of La Palma - it's getting more intense there, with ash in the sky, earthquakes and new fissures in the volcano...

Finally, the mainstream have found a real reason to use the masks. How ironic...


Hello! it's to be expected, but, what we know is that all fear is where we identify with the physicality of life and that we are spiritual beings.




Volcanoes are exploding into action around the planet. Besides La Palma, there's explosive action at Mount Etna in Italy, the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland and amongst many others, the Fuego volcano in Guatamala has just exploded into action last night. It's high time we pay attention to this dramatic upsurge in the shift. This is all caused by the convergence of galactic, solar and earth pole shift cycles that I have frequently spoken of. High time to orientate ourselves with the actual movement of consciousness sweeping around our planet. Let's stay calm, overcome any fear, and let the energies liberate us in our daily lives....

Time to Learn how to Ride 5D Consciousness

The Iceland Volcano...

Mount Etna, Italy...


24/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update

For me what's happening on the alchemical island of La Palma right now is highly symbollic and poignant for all of us as we sail forwards through the shift. Make no mistake, life is set to progressively transform and ultimately, the shift will leave no stone unturned. It's going to challenge humanity to the core. It's going to test identification with the physicality of life like nothing else. It's going to invite a deep letting go on multiple levels, in general living circumstances, our jobs and relationships.

Crucially we must learn to illuminate and inform our lives in a completely different way: where we're not attached to the need for an outcome; where we're not afraid of simply flowing and expressing ourselves; where subtle senses of perception and feeling illuminate the way forwards; where life becomes about flow and ingenuity, innovation; where you're focussed more on actualising authentic self in the moment. This liberates the spiritual self from the ashes of conformity.

In this way, the universe always provides the energy for you to take the next step. This is truly what it means to be living the flow of 5D consciousness. It's definitely NOT some temporarily disconnected bubble. It's allowing the universe to flow through you as a wave, and then riding the wave in all the daily nuances of life.

This is the sense I worked to capture in this video below. It's shot completely spotaneously on my way to the airport the last time I was on La Palma, after the conclusion of our last retreat there just before lockdown in 2020. Let's be clear, NO machinations of man and the shadowstate will lockdown this tremendous shift of consciousness that is now moving through the field. It's high time to get with the flow in each of our lives...

Heartfulls of love and empathy to all those challenged by the times and an invitation to step back into the true nature of the divine.

Open 🙏


23/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update

I'm in the midst of leading a Divine Being Activation Online retreat as so much energy continues to sweep across the planet. The depth at which these groups connect with energy these days is simply astounding. What humanity needs to understand is that the surrounding field is awash with ET beings that are trying to mis-direct humanity by curtailing aligned multidimensional connection and harvesting souls into a constrained, limited and highly synthetic reality -

The bogus pandemic is a prime example of that. Fortunately many are rising up and resisting this draconian control at a 3D level, but the main influence is in the energy field itself. That's what these Openhand groups are becoming highly aware of.

Deception on the Spiritual Path

These ET entities of the Opposing Consciousness are highly skilled at manipulating the psyche - implanting visions, desires and fears. They especially play on the egos fear or desire of a particular outcome and amplify them so as to render people controllable. It usually comes in the form of some need or attachment - in relationship for example or to security and comfort. On a bigger scale it could be playing on a spiritual teachers need to "heal the planet" or "heal humanity" but without having explored the conviciton of the bigger picture and the need for realignment for all sentient life on the planet through this great purification underway.

So there's a kind of woolly 'love and light' sympathy that skews and distorts acceptance and alignment with the true shift that's really underway. Such distortions become prime ground for entity invasion who then guide whole communities into limiting belief systems and distorted practice - manifesting abundant 3D realities or intentioning new "time-lines" for example. These are mostly avoidances.

Fortunately there are plenty now able to see into these deceptions, feel the knots of tightness in their own fields where these entities tether and embed, and then to use the will of the soul to eject them. That's happening brilliantly here on retreat. And when you become able to do this in your own field, then you can do so more widely - in a location or through the field itself. Here's Openhand's lead article on overcoming etheric deception...

Deception on the Spiritual Path and how to Overcome It

Great Realignment Underway

A Great Realignment is coming and these entities will be stripped from the planet through the purification process that has begun. But there is a long way to go and so we must each be highly diligent in our own fields and working daily to find alignment and accuracy of expression - working to unravel distortion, such as in distorted sexual expression for example (lustful thoughts or pornography) or excessive consumption or unconscious conditioning of the physical. These kinds of activities feed some of those ET entities as I've expressed in commentary below (Healing the Wounded Dragon).

It's a case of always working to align authentic expression and peeling off distortion. Beware renunciaition too - abstaining and supressing oneself. For this only leads to hardness and blindpots in particular chakras (base for example) which enables entities to then tether and distract with distorted throughts for example. This chakra meditation is designed to help people take full sovereignty within the chakras...

Chakra Opening and Attunement

Your Divine Orientation in the Shift

Being clear about your orientation in life is now utterly crucial. No one can decide that for you of course, it is free will and choice. However it's important to point to a few key illuminations:

1) all life on the planet is in the process of progressive and dramatic upheaval, meaning the 3D is going to greatly change and you cannot control it. 2) Authentic creation arises effortlessly from the Sacred Ground of Being within - your direct connection to the source. 3) By connecting with the soul and aligning with it in your expression, the path naturally unfolds and aligns you with the 5D Shift - signs and synchronicity begin to speak loudly.

So I would strongly suggest exploring your orientation to soul in your life and surrendering to its guidance - explore that within the realigning shift where old out-dated reality constructs in your life are wanting to unravel. Work to come from the centred core of yourself. Watch for new pathways beginning to reveal themselves from this centredness - watch for the signs and synchronicity.

Here's the sense of defining your right orientation in life from a video I shot a couple of years back at the Finca Aurora retreat centre on La Palma...

Do get involved with the work at Openhand's Ascension Academy - the work is perfectly crafted to help you centre in your authentic orientation within the great 5D earth shift...

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings

Open 💙



Ive got a copy of the divinicus! yaaay!


Openhand Journal Update 22/09/2021

Hi Rich - I've known you many years but I had no idea about your dreams of volcanos exploding. Yes I feel much grief too. But I also feel La Palma's historical grief, and that "Isla Bonita" (as she is affectionately known) is now healing through this.

How so?

Tuning into Isla Bonita

I tuned into Isla Bonita last night and felt into the volcano. Doing so eased my grief.
Isla Bonita reminded me of the exploitation of the island by human activity, and reptilian, which the Catholic conquistadors brought with them.

She showed me the pain and grief that these invading catholics had brought to the Island. Here is my interpretation of what I was shown and heard when I was there...

As the Catholic Castillian forces tried to invade, the Originals - the Guanche - took refuge in the mountains - the Caldera. And they used "El Time" (where we have enjoyed a good coffee!) as  a lookout to be aware of the invaders activities. It's where the coffee shop got its name.

Coffee time at El Time...

The conquistadors deceived the Guanche King, Tanausu,  into surrender, who then fasted to death on the boat to Spain in protest.
The Castilian forces marginalised the original population until they were ethnically cleansed away.
Just as has happened with all the First Nation tribes.
(The wall painting of the Guanche is from El Paso, ironically where the current eruption is taking place)

When I lived on La Palma, I used to connect with the lady of the island "Isla Bonita" on a daily basis in meditation. Can you see the lady lying down in the mountain range? This was my daily morning view of Isla Bonita...

Isla Bonita showed me the pain and duplicity of catholicism, and the reptilian entities they had brought with them. She showed me the pain of the chemicals used in the Banana industry for example, which poisons this idyllic paradise.

As I felt the lava building in her, I could feel waves of this nausea releasing, which was very healing.
It's still not clear though. I can feel a dense "rock" in the core somehow.
We'll see how this develops in the days and weeks ahead.
For sure, Isla Bonita is healing her ancient wound.
Let us send her much love and empathy.

PS - I've explored current confrontations with Reptilian Energy and their healing in commentary below...
Confrontations with Reptilians - this is No Negotiation

Open 💙🙏

In reply to by Mark72


Hi Mark - yes I too saw this from La Palma - the lava flow destroying a church. I guess plenty would lament the 'destruction of the house of God', but without putting 2+2 together from the history: that catholic conquistadors invaded the island, subjugated and purged the originals who lived there. Not to mention exploiting the nature of the island through the banana plantations and their poisons. Everything and everyone in the Universe is governed by the equalising law of cause and effect: whatever you put out there will come to revisit you at some point. I see that symetry unfolding on La Palma right now.

Thanks for sharing!

Open 🙏

In reply to by Danniel


With respect, although there's some truth in this video above (about the reptilians and Opposing Consciousness "peace treaties"), it's quite typical of how the intervention works on people and is widely active in spiritual leaders, teachers and commentators on the planet right now - it twists a viewpoint so as to own portions of humanity that are drawn in.

Resolutions of Reptilian/Pleaidan Energies

You do NOT negotiate with reptilians. They will take over your consciousness and own you. Their modus operendi is to consume and thrive at any cost (just as they usurped the Originals of La Palma with the invading catholic conquistadors - see above). They're extremely powerful on the plane of the intellect. That's the current nature of their being. If people show them weakness masquerading as "love", they will simply own that and consume the energy of it - and own you with it! Which is what they do to that typical Pleiadian very trusting (and often naieve) energy. That's an age old dynamic between Pleiadian and Reptilian energies and something the higher dimensionals are bringing attention to, so it may be resolved over time - but it will take time. Many generations.

So if you recognise you have Pleiadian energy, then my advice is to be very careful when connecting with these beings or if you recognise that in someway it might be coming through you - often through distorted physical expression, such as food consumption, lustful or exploitative sex (including being exploited in sex), or excessive conditioning in sport (including unconscious strong yoga practice). To offer some reflections, it's why I made the video "Healing the Wounded Dragon" some years back - before you could even mention the name "reptilian" without people running a mile!
(video below)

Pleiadians and Earth Energies Reconciliation

The Peaceful Power of the Universal Torus

These entities are highly controlling and dangerous to humanity - they infused into human consciousness millions of years ago.

But you can extract from this energy and you can also realign it. You become the strength of the Universal Torus - the natural harmony of life - that which breaks down control and manipulation.

So to the reptilians and to other entites, the key is not to be taken in by their agendas and deceptions - you stand strong in the universal torus and look them square in the eyes (energetically speaking) - above all, you let go of your own fear in their presence. You show them you're not afraid to die.

You show them with your courageous openness and surrender to the flow, that you are not afraid. And you will not compromise this truth or the truth of your own soul. You will NOT distort your soul's calling so as to accommodate their distortions.

Collectively the higher dimensional forces of benevolence are reflecting that to them right now. And that this planet is being returned to the universal brother/sisterhood of light. The volcanos firing off are a perfect example of this. Which I know scares them, because of the natural distruction of realities in the past. For example the comet that destroyed their first incarnation on earth - the rein of the Dinosaurs. I know that they will have to face this karma to realign and that the volcanic action will be triggering this off in them right now.

Nature is being returned to Nature: NO NEGOTAITION!

And to the reptilians I say, nature is begin returned to nature: THIS IS NO NEGOTIATION!

However, what is on offer is a likewise reconnection with the source and realignment back to Draco - where they originally came from. The Draconians are here in the ether to reclaim them.

And in this approach, I'm finding that they surrender themselves - surrender the struggle, surrender the fight.
That's the real "peace treaty" on offer - for them to be shown how to find universal peace inside themselves.
It's the only true peace available in the universe.

As more beings find this inner peace, then peace begins to pervade more widely.
That's the real "treaty" on offer - to find peace with the Universal Torus.
Or else it simply breaks ego, identification, ownership and control apart,
just as we're witnessing with the volcanic action right now.
This is the healing that is now on offer to the Reptilian energy.
And we can all play a part in that...

Here is my personal experience of confrontations and realignments of reptilian energy...
Close Encounters with Reptilian and Draconian Entities in the 5D Earth Shift

Open 🙏


20/09/2021 Openhand Journal Update

Well I was speaking about Elephants in the living room, now it's Canaries in the Coalmine. Some of you will no doubt recall Openhand used to run its New Year retreat on the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, a group of 7 islands off the coast of North Africa in the Atlantic ocean. They are most clearly a Stargate location. La Palma is also a highly significant "lock" too, due to the seismic rift along its backbone, which when (I say when because it's only a question of time) cracks open, will unleash a landslide of billions of tonnes of rock, the size of Manhattan Island, suddenly into the ocean. This would send tsunamis around Europe and across to the eastern coast of the USA.

In recent days the La Palma volcano began to vent. In the last few hours it has been releasing rivers of Magma on the southern part of the island into Los Llanos and El Paso - exactly the location where we used to run our retreats and hang out. Take a snapshot of what's unfolding...

I have been in contact with Maud who hosted the marvellous retreats. Our hearts and prayers go out to all souls there. 💙🙏

The Stargates are unlocking and opening. I've said many times let's NOT sleepwalk forwards. Time to turn away from the mainstream media and embrace the real news on the planet. To let that orientate our way forwards.

Here's a snapshot of some beautiful times spent on the island of La Palma....

Up on the Volcano over the mists...

Feels like you're on top of the world...

The View from the Coffee Shop "El Time" meaning, The Lookout...

Taking a group into the Volcano...

Tremendous energies...

Our last La Palma retreat...

A simply stunning Stargate...

The King and Queen of the mountain!

Love and well wishes to all

Open ♥️🙏

In reply to by Open


I used to live on La Palma - it's a totally magical place to be. So I'm feeling a lot of grief about it right now, even though I know what's unfolding is entirely natural and a part of the shift. Nevertheless you feel it too of course. Here's a video of a wall of lava which is actually going down the street where I used to live - I guess the villa will be no more!...

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I find it eerily strange that the spiritual mainstream cannot put 2+2 together and see just what is happening here.

The crop circles and the opening of the Stargates.

Gaia's energy is gearing up with Volcanoes, earthquakes and storms.

La Palma being a key Stargate. Iceland another.

When the La Palma volcano goes (at some inevitable point), then Tsunamis will whip around Europe and across to the USA.

This is the lead news we should all be talking about.

The masses in the mainstream (including spiritual) are either ignorant or in denial.

It's all kicking off. The shift is hitting the fan.

Very few, if any, realise what the true process of Ascension on our planet is. The majority of teachings and guidance out there are either purposefully deceptive (heavily influenced by the ET intervention) or else are deeply flawed.

I look forwards to a time where many more people have access to the truth about what's really going on here.

And Openhand will be here when more people really start to take note and really begin to wake up.

The time is now. We need to dig deep folks and work hard.

Open 💙


In reply to by Open


Gosh, I'm watching these videos with awe and grief. Such a dramatic impact - unstoppable nature. I've visited La Palma only twice, but it holds a special place in my heart too.

I feel it's really important to normalise this as you say, make it a part of my reality. And yet, to cut off emotionally would also not be right. Seeing it from a more expanded standpoint, and yet still connecting empathically. A fine line indeed.

I have had many "nightmares" both as a child and adult of being surrounded by volcano's exploding, destroying the very landscape around me. Now it's like I'm watching those dreams in video form. 


i will have to reject  this fear in this work  though other things  so close  to me!!!     its been half a day  and half  a night  working through the fear  generated  by i might not make it   if i dont get it right..  im trying as hard as i can  and harder than that even..  now im angry  to think   its still not good enough..   this anger  like a snake   raises  its hood  to   this fear  and hisses  at you Open  and  to  anyone  perpetrating  an end time  darkness  where i might not make it...  its not my fucking fault  the world is insane  and disrespectfull  to my beloved friend  tara  earth..  ive allways been in a good place   and  derailed as fuck  by  the dark..   fine..   just fine..  kill me then GOD..   i couldnt have tried any harder..  and fuck you  too..    i thought this was about love..   ive  tried   my  best!  ill please be 201  exctinct  species..   a quiet  humble  silent  not responsible  death.   if you want   to hurt me  just go ahead..  i have been true... ive given everything  for  you  and you  have to know that..  if death is  your  response  well fine..   go ahead  asshole..   ive sacrificed for you   my entire  life!!!   i cant embrace i havent been enough..    YOU   havent been enough..  with your silent  and hard to  acheive ways..   just fuck you  GOD..   IM SORRY.. thats my highest truth  at this point..  you make it too  hard to  be with you.  something makes it too hard...   i was  and am a willing  heart  .. i do not accept  i might not make it...   

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I thought it was important to publish your post Star, even though it's full of expletives. I do see the honest inquiry underneath it all. ❤️
I think it's important for me to reflect something to you, and for others to take good note of.

Can you see: this IS the Black Snake energy speaking through you that I've spoken widely of? I know I'm actually speaking directly to the source of that entity through you - through your consciousness.

This IS the fear and the resentment of the Black Snake: that "God" is punishing it because of the breakdown of matter: in this case of 3D earth. The energy of the Black Snake consists of quantum strings of consciousness designed to hold a reality together, but it got highly distorted in the process.

This articulates perfectly why so few are ready to contemplate what's becoming clearly obvious through the science, through the past life regressions, and here through my sharings - the consciousness of the Black Snake pervades most leadership here, both in the mainstream and the spiritual mainstream. It doesn't want people exploring this, because it believes it can create an alternate reality - a synthetic one - and go off planet to survive. hence the harvesting through the bogus pandemic.

So I speak directly into this consciousness: All life goes through death and rebirth. It's not a vengeful God doing this. It's the natural flow of life itself: as the space-time-continuum condenses into form, it does so with inherrent instability - even at the atomic level. And so eventually all realities collapse. It's healthy. Because without this cleansing of low harmonies, you could not get new realities of higher ones. In other words, the process of self-realisation and self-actualisation would cease.

The Black Snake slips into the psyche upon your fears. What you fear, it takes a hold of. And this is what I was working to clarify with you.
Work to let go of the fear of "destruction(s)". Know that all destruction is construction when it contains the seeds of the future".
Let go of the sense of victimisation by some greater patriarcal power - the only being that takes your power is yourself.
The only aspect of you that will not make it through all of this is the ego that hangs onto identity. Let go of that. Let it unravel.
True power is becoming as one with the Universe - fearless of how it flows. This is true love. Fearless of death, because of the knowledge of a greater rebirth.
You can either purge these entities from your being or bring them back to the light. Come into the natural Toroidal Flow and the right thing will happen.
This is what I was working to clarify.

In much empathy

Open 🙏

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this is something i've circling the edge of lately, the fear of death and letting go and im beginning to understand what you mean by this, that the torus flows and goes from full to flat and back again. it has to move or there wouldn't be life, there wouldn't be creation. and like the pause at the end of a breath or heartbeat, or at the end of life, the torus flattens too. because the seed is already planted, all it takes is the "spark of life" to animate it, and the torus fires up again. this is the fabric of the universe and we might as well get used to it. easier said than done though!

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i FEEL you Star. i have been there many many times. still go there. they say "when you're in the dark, just turn on the light.", but when we're in the dark it's hard to remember there ever even was a light, and it feels like all there is is everyone wanting to bring you pain and take everything from you. nothing i or anyone can say can bring you back to the light, but the light inside you will turn on again, and you'll remember again. you can't see or feel me, but i'm with you in the dark💜


I hear you, I do. Problem is no one being is at the same place as you, on the path that is.

You can see the, feel and know what is imminent, hardly anyone else does. They may get a glimpse now and then but then hear comes the collective Head in the sand to pull you off line. 

I can feel your frustration, its palpable.  I'll do my best with what I have, I will. So many, so many will not. Sometimes I think how lucky they are not knowing anything.

I have a feeling of bring it on I've had enough.  



My Dear Fellow Travellers, I find myself truly perplexed. Yes of course I get it - the shadowstate has done its job well by distracting everyone in the mainstream with the dreaded "c" word. Wow. What a humungous game of smoke and mirrors it's pulled off. Almost admirable in its grandiosity. Almost. But that leaves the spiritual mainstream. Yes, a valient job has been done punching holes in the cloak. But to my mind, it's still missing the central point, the main thrust, the big (big) picture that the cloak is veiling:

Gaia's energy is ramping up. Just take a browse of the storms, earthquakes and volcanoes all activating (earth watchers). And to me, this was clearly flagged up in the incredible series of crop circles we witnessed here in the UK. No, it's not farmers with boards and ropes - how ridiculous. Just to see the majesty of these great temporary temples; to witness how the crops are carefully folded; to feel the energy as they appear out of nowhere. We're being spoken to. But is anyone truly listening amongst the mother of all distraction going on in the media? It doesn't feel like it. Not even the spiritual media. To my mind there's no real understanding of what Ascension truly means, how to undertake it: that this is aligned human destiny; in our immediate future; a great cleansing unfolding across the earth; and it's happening now.


This is the invitation. Why is it not on everyone's lips?

Okay, a handful of spiritual teachers and leaders have helped some people to Everest base camp - with experiences of the True Self and occasional Samadhi. But now the real climb must begin. It's NOT going out of body and hitting a temporary 4D high. It's NOT intentionally manifesting abundance in the 3D. It's NOT envisioning an eco sustainable 3D planet on "Free Energy". And no, neither will you hit a sustainable 5D high on plant medicine. These are all avoidances and denial of the real truth that is unfolding. 200 species of sentient beings are going extinct daily due to the destruction of the environment. Their consciousness is moving on, ascending. Blessed be.

How will humanity join them?

It's in meditation, yes. It's cleansing the body and daily purging of toxins - especially now, with the cocktail of poison that's washing through society from the jibjabbed. It's deep consciousness body work; a profound connection to nature. It's in all the minutiae of daily challenges in relationships, in jobs, how you live. It's how you're guided with signs and synchronicity in every moment. We must purify the lower self with progressive Breakthrough; activate the Higher Self with sensitivity; then marry the two as the Merkabah, here and now. That's the only viable way to transcend what's unfolding across our earth:


To be ready for the final Ascension,
and help others that still have ears to hear.


It's a truth which has been blinkered, blocked, misinformed and maligned since the time of Jesus. But the story remains and the truth encased within it. Ascension is possible for all of us, to resurrect a bright new being in a bright New Paradigm. But if you're still plugged into the old 3D; still distracted by the purposeful drama that creates ever greater charades daily; still trying to manifest an outcome in a ship that's clearly sinking... then you'll miss all the heavenly glory!
I didn't think for a minute I would find myself speaking so strongly. But someome needs to point to the herd of elephants in the room and the growing mountain of dung on the carpet. I incarnated purposefully to share this message (well not quite like this!). Time to tune in. Time to pay attention. Before it's too late.
Bright blessings to all.
Open 🙏


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Hi Open,

I get what's happening.  I posted about the weather extremes and how it felt inside me but it was removed, I think because I didn't explain well enough.  I suspect that what I call that excitement inside me is the same things others are voicing here...the "come on, Bring it on!" attitude, because some part of me wishes all this to be over.  I'm all alone except for jabbed people around me occasionally and they're pretty toxic.  So it gets hard.  So I see or hear of the extreme weather and think, "ok, my time here is almost over" and that brings that feeling that this sh*tstorm on earth will be over soon.

But I too know I'm not ready enough for the 5D and many times I feel I'll fail before I get it all done right.  I'm right in the thick of that dung with everyone else, feeling like it's not good enough, I'm not good enough to make it to 5D and will be stuck in 4D and I don't want to be there.  But I've not given up!  When it's a dark time and I feel I'm being thwarted, then miracles/blessings come that lift me up again and give me a reason to keep moving forward.  It happened this weekend and now my excitement is that I'll be able to keep doing this work.  Something inside me keeps feeling that we (humans) don't have 30, or 20, or even 10 years left and I feel pressured to "get it right" and "hurry up and get it right!"  That drives me crazy and makes me feel so rebellious with that TO HECK WITH IT attitude.  But I'm still hanging in there.  I'm determined to hang in there and keep working on this.  My mom didn't call me Stubborn for no reason.  

Sometimes I joke that the one new thing I've learned through the scammdemic?  I've learned how to really cuss!  And I have...daily.  But I'll go out in nature, I'm prepping my garden beds to plant my Fall crops, though my soul yearns to move on from this planet.  But I will still make my Fall garden this week because it's calming to me and the critters pop out of raised beds from under the plants and I calm down out there in the greenhouse.  I'm seeing little lizards, a baby snake in my greenhouse, a frog was singing to me in there and it cheered me up.  My yard is full of birds, tons of critters are drawn here.  I put food out for them.  I feel now it's their oasis because I can make that happen as long as I'm here.

I don't mind the hard conversations from you, sometimes I need the kick in the rear.  I know you care.  I care too.  I commented that I love elephants and I truly do.  They're so majestic and I'd love to have one.  My heart would burst with happiness.  But yes, the elephants and dung that nobody talks about is a huge issue.  I get it.  I truly do.

Namaste Praying Emoji





Dear Open, and Openhanders,

Upon reading your latest post, Open, one of the things that jumped out at me, was the exact thing that me and my own little family unit are missing - sense of community with others walking the lesser trodden path.

At a time when a big open-air Whisky/ Beer drinking venue has opened next to our family home, leaving us suffering from sleep deprivation and making it very difficult to meditate and find any sense of peace - it feels like in our little microcosm is a reflection of the overall chaotic macrocosm. Is anybody else experiencing this reflection?

It also drives one to think of a lighter world, where people live together harmoniously, united in the common purpose of discovering what is real (living beautifully), and creating from a higher sense of being (creating beautifully). My wife and I feel very alone, as if our house were swimming in an ocean of suffering and drunkeness. It's all around us. We are, it seems, the only ones we know who wish to walk a different path, We can't help but wonder, where is our Sangha? Will we ever find it? Will it ever come to us? We wish there were just one other family somewhere down the road who we could relate to? Another family to unite with in the spirit of walking a beautiful path.

On a less personal level, we wonder how we might all come together? How will it come about? When will we all take bigger steps towards making this happen? Is the time not now ripe for all who are striving to walk a path of light to be coming together, to be knowing one another and to be co-creating the new ways of being? How will we travel to meet one another? Will the borders fall with the old constructs as I feel they will?

I look forward to hearing back from anyone

Kind thoughts in all directions


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Hi Paul - I feel your heart calling out, a deep inner yearning for "home" that's ignited. Plenty of sentients around the world feel it too, yet they're surrounded by people and communities that have no sense of what truly harmonious living is all about - at-one with the True self, at-one with nature, at-one with each other.

The invitation is to go inwards and upwards. Your true Sangha is to be found there - the inner temple. To find peace in this world, we have to centre with our soul family who are they for us in the ether - to feel at home in that vibration.


In the Great Shift I'm speaking of above, all of the polluting nonsense will be swept from the earth, and the new 5D Paradigm will unfold.

What about between now and then?

As I expressed in the book DIVINICUS, there will be many iterations of the synthetic reality agenda that come and go. It's highly possible that it will all break down in the 3D in the immediate years ahead - this is what I've seen, and from that, growing groups of mutually supportive communities with at least the sense that something monumental is taking place. I call them "Islands in the Storm". I can already witness the early signs of that. My home town of Glastonbury is going more that way with each passing day. But there are others beginning to spring up too. I've no doubt it will be a growing trend around the planet.

Be sure that as you manifest home in the 5D, there will be growing reflections in the 3D too.


Open 🙏

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Dear Open, I just returned from a walk under the stars, to get away from all that's going on next to our house. It was a lovely surprise for my wife and I to find your reply. We need once again to find a space that can facilitate that going inwards you mention. I feel what's happening to us is the catalyst for a whole new adventure, a blessing, letting us know it's time to take the next step in our commitment to healing what needs to be healed and moving into lightness. I look forward to seeing those reflections. :)

Kind Thoughts



Dear Open ,

You said

Now is the time to start the real climb - which is the pains taking inner inquiry of peeling back the layers in daily life and reclaiming buried fragments of soul: in relationships especially; how you live and work; in the minutii of daily life.


I am in the mother of all messes in my personal life . I experienced violence at home ,seperated ,had an intense alchemical relationship with a new guy,was snooped on , found out  in the most embarrassing of ways and now I am living alone ,with a seething husband not to mention a thirteen year old child in the mix . In 3 months ,my life has turned on its head in the most spectacular of fashions ( started during Divinicus ) . 

I am experiencing feelings of lack of safety ,being all alone ,shame and guilt ,fear,regret and a lot of grief . In many ways 'being found out ' is an absolute relief because now I can be honest about everything especially to myself . So much inner child work needs to be done as I deal with patterns of fawning and people pleasing . 

I am trying to mantain perspective as much as possible . But the pace of the changes is pretty overwhelming . In the middle of this effing mess ,I seem to have connected with a karmic soulmate / twin flame reflection  with strong energetic bonds between us . 

Each day seems like a massive roller coaster which seems to be affecting multiple people in my vicinity . I am often to be found sobbing on the floor  . Staying present with all of this is taking every ounce of my energy at the moment . 

I am aware that there seems to be a massive realignment happening in my energy fields and so many people and situations seem to be dropping off . 

Whew  :) 

A big hello from here 🙂





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Wow Megha, you've kicked off a veritable Tornado! I can completely emapthise: that's what happened to my life many years back. But in looking back, I can now clearly see the right things happened. There comes this point where you can do no other but to dive off the edge and into your deepest longing. Yes, that will pull on all the out-dated constructs, trigger people like we never imagined and prove highly challenging - my heart goes out to you ❤️

When you find yourself in this kind of Tornado, and especially as you feel alone in it, there's only one place to go: right into the eye of the storm. As things trigger and activate around you, don't fight it, don't defend. Instead keep settling back right into the stillness, whatever happens. The less you feed the drama, the quicker it will diminish. So take plenty of time in your own stillness. I know this will be hard, but look for the higher dimensional team that are loyal and support you - watch for their reflections and let your Twin Flame guide you.

I mentioned the retreat next week to you - I really do think this will help.
Also I'm feeling to come out to India in January, for my own private retreat but also felt to set up a retreat for others somewhere in India too - the last week of the month most likely. Maybe that's something steadying you'd like to get involved with?

A big bundle of love and support to you. Know that the Openhand family is here for you and all you have to do is reach out.

Much love

Open 🙏

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Wow!  I can relate in so many ways and I know how emotional it all is.  I'm still dealing with my inner child and will be attending the online event this upcoming week.  I hope you can be there too.  I've cried so many tears, I could fill a new ocean!  I feel letting those tears out is good and then the stillness follows.

Without getting into my long similar story, I can say that when the sh*t-storm tornado hits, it may feel like the end of the world and you can't  see a way out in any direction initially,  but my being further down that same path that you are on now, I can look back and see how it was all for the best and for my growth.  I've made many moves around the country as I grow and I'm still learning.  I can certainly empathize with all you are dealing with and wanted to touch base here and let you know to hang in there, knowing your soul family is here with you.  We've all met up for this time to hold each other up, I feel certain of that.  

Sending you much love and hugs.   I see you as a sweet but strong, yet gentle soul.  You can do this!


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You know your projects stand out from the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!