Great Meditation Music (what's your favourite?)

I felt to start this thread to share great meditation music you come across.

What gets you in the "zone"?

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Here's a 30 minute Tibetan Healing meditation to soothe and calm your field - beautiful imagery too. Try meditating, deep breathing, staying focussed on the inner but watching the imagery too. It's sure to help you centre, calm and find harmony...

I love this artist - Leon Bridges. A fantastic voice and a very authentic sound. 

"Surrender to the good Lord and he'll wipe your slate clean. Take me to your River I wanna gooooooo." 

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Kailash, the holy mountain of Tibet is known by plenty as the centre of Gaia's 7th Chakra on Earth. Relax to this great meditation music and video which can inspire the cleansing of your field and the opening of the 7th chakra...

Yes it's going crazier by the day. It seems to happen gradually so it can become the new norm. And of course a lot of it is accepted because of the rationalisation behind it: we need a 95% vaccination coverage because....etc.


There's lots going on out there to stir people up of late. Be mindful not to get lost in continual processing. Take time out, go into deep stillness and peace. Recall your inviolable connection to the infinite. That's what this wonderful 20 minute flute meditation did for me. Kick off your shoes, breathe deep, see how it goes for you...

Hi Open,

Thank you for starting this thread, I’ve been meaning to ask you to share some of the meditation music you used during the N.Y. retreat?