Great Meditation Music (what's your favourite?)

Here's a selection of Great Meditation Music that we often use at the Openhand Events. Do share your own favourite in the forum below. What gets you in the "zone"?

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It's just a short while ago that we had the marvellous Lex Van Someren perform at Avalon Rising - what a blessing! He's doing plenty more livestreams these days and here's the latest from a couple of days ago. I would recommend taking some quality time out to experience it. See it as a meditation practice and let your soul soar...


We're announcing soon, the line-up and details of this year's World Ascension Summit, Avalon Rising. I'm so thrilled we've landed the marvellous Lex Van Someren to headline. Here's one of his performances to give a sense of just how angelic and transcendent his vibe is...


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Thanks Asya.

This reminds me of solfeggio frequencies which I'm now turning to for longer meditations with music.

I wonder if you need utube premium to download videos to this site?

I wanted to put some crickets on....

Andy Heart

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Hi Andy,

You don't need to download YTB videos. Sharing the link is enough. Better to do this by embedding from the above menu when you write the comment (>_ this kind of icon) but for me this works only from the laptop, not from the phone. You can search internet for instructions on how to embed videos from ytb if that's not clear what I write. I hope this helps 🙏.

I think I know the Solfeggio Harmonics you mentioned (if that what it is) - that is highly activational music 👍.

With love



Here's a 30 minute Tibetan Healing meditation to soothe and calm your field - beautiful imagery too. Try meditating, deep breathing, staying focussed on the inner but watching the imagery too. It's sure to help you centre, calm and find harmony...


I love this artist - Leon Bridges. A fantastic voice and a very authentic sound. 

"Surrender to the good Lord and he'll wipe your slate clean. Take me to your River I wanna gooooooo." 

💙 🎼


Kailash, the holy mountain of Tibet is known by plenty as the centre of Gaia's 7th Chakra on Earth. Relax to this great meditation music and video which can inspire the cleansing of your field and the opening of the 7th chakra...


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There's lots going on out there to stir people up of late. Be mindful not to get lost in continual processing. Take time out, go into deep stillness and peace. Recall your inviolable connection to the infinite. That's what this wonderful 20 minute flute meditation did for me. Kick off your shoes, breathe deep, see how it goes for you...