How Do I Best Remove Entities and Implants?

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Entities and implants are certainly a phenomenon we don't shy away from here at Openhand. They are a fact of life in terms of the intervention that has been taking place here on the planet for thousands of years. Basically there is an Opposing Consciousness in the field which is working to control people and society. They work by inserting energetic implants at the 4D field level - it influences the thoughts, feelings, emotions that people have and the choices they make. It's essential to remove them.

The question is how?

Entities & Implants can only exist through Unconsciousness

It's first essential to realise and accept, that in a way, this intervention is doing us a favour. Why? Because at a bigger picture level, it is animating unconsciousness - bringing it to life. The interference can only happen in your field where you go unconscious - in other words, in layers of your own field that you are unware of. This has an essential consequence...

A healer can remove implants and entities, but they will return unless you have been able to infuse those locations in your field with your own soul consciousness. That's exactly why at Openhand our approach is to facilitate your activation of soul in those areas and then support you in removing them yourself.

Over the years, in our course work and meditations, Openhand has perfected ways to elevate consciousness, infuse soul, and eject anything that would derail us from our natural evolutionary path.

For deeper insight, explore our Lead Article: Understanding Entities and Implants

Sample our Popular Removing Implants and Entities meditation

To get a sense of how best to remove entities and implants the Openhand way, explore our populat download meditation, which has worked for many...

"Removing Implants&Entities".
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Removing Entities & Implants on Openhand Retreats

Openhand helps you remove entities and implants from your field through our extensive program of seminars, courses and retreats within what we call our "5D Ascension Program". It's an integrated development approach, both terrestrial and on zoom, that helps you step by step to move with the earth's shift to 5D.

You'll engage in meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, past-life regression journeying, sacred ceremony, and one-on-one assisted self-realisation through inner inquiry. This helps you take sovereignty and full ownership of your own multidimensional field.

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