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How come we still don't have a music thread on the web? :)

C'mon, everybody! Kidding, whoever feels like hhhh, flood this thread with what makes your soul alive, or just resonates with you, or brings an important message, or is just beautiful :D


Wishing all the Openhand-ers Joy on New Year's, shit storms notwithstanding!

Tonight on New Year's Eve, I'm gonna jive to Pink's song, "Raise Your Glass!"

Much Love to everyone at Avalon Rising and to all the cosmic kids far and wide,

x Catherine

"So raise your glass if you are wrong
In all the right ways..."

Here is the Soul Traveller's Top 20 Conscious Music albums of 2015 ❤ There are some goodie's in there worth checking out...

1. JAHNAVI HARRISON- Like a River to the Sea
2. THE HANUMEN- Leaps and Bounds
3. MADI DAS- Bhakti Without Borders
4. DEVA PREMAL & MITEN w/ MANOSE- Songs for the Sangha
5. MC YOGI- Only Love is Real
6. SHANTALA- Living Waters
7. SRI KIRTAN- Time in Love is Never Wasted
8. BRENDA MCMORROW- My Heart Bows Down to You
9. TINA MALIA- Bridge to Vallabha
11. KRISHNA DAS- Laughing at the Moon
12. DAVID NEWMAN- Love is Awake
13. MANOSE- The Call Within
15. JAI-JAGDEESH- Miracles Abound
16. ANANDA MONET- Inevitable Time
18. DONNA DELORY- Universal Light
20. HUDOST- Sufi Kirtan

Enjoy, Fiona

Holy Shit. This is an incredibly powerful version of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" by heavy metal band "Disturbed." The agony of unspoken and unheard words cuts like a knife down through the heart.

The song I'm singing for everyone in here and out there on Valentine's Day <3

"Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry on a mountain high
Love lift us up where we belong
Far from the world below
Where the clear winds blow..."

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Hi Katie,

My daughter recently introduced me to Sia's music. Powerful, deeply moving. Lots of fiery sparks emanate from this song/video. I caught a few. Thank you.

x Catherine

This tune send me somewhere so highly beautiful, it reminded me of my childhood in the 00's.
And I splattrered all these random words out:
Of Back when I was in my native country of Bulgaria,
and where every summer I'd crusade back and forth
to my grandparents high top mountain villas.
with no light pollution,
100s of fireflies come out to dance the sometimes deadly, language of love.
Oh it was beautiful!!!
Home grown fruit blessed with grannys Love!
Naa man I got the tears out now
And I can't just stop writting now:=
coz I don't wanna conceal the thoughts about
the 00's, fuck.... alrite I'll do it,
The vibes from the 00's have gone by innit....
we are now midway past the 10's
but we are now different from then on,
now about to embrace the 20's
as we stand with a nuclear reactor brewing our oceans.
Where we our toilet tubes flush all our shit to;
100% of that excreted saucey-grade fertilizer.
Which then deprives our food from nutrients....
coz it breaks the natural recycle, over the years.
I'm telling you! Them homegrown fruit & veg were something elSe.
grown not on over utilized land, but high in the Bulgarian mountains.
They were something else.... our foods' not rig_t

This song inspires my soul to expand and fill with light ;)

Canada's K.D. Lang sings the most beautiful version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" that I've heard. The agony and the ecstasy.

"Forgetfulness of our real nature is true death. Remembrance of it is rebirth." ~Ramana Maharshi

Happy Easter Sunday! Rise Up!

Love to all,


Blessed We Are: a beautiful song by Peia that comforts and uplifts my soul. Je me souviens. Je me souviens.

"Blessed we are to dance on this ground
With the rhythm of saints to carry the sound
We hold a prayer for the Earth
For the ones yet to come
May you walk in beauty
And remember your song
Remember why you came here
Remember your life is sacred
Remember why you came here
Remember this life is sacred..."

Yes, I agree. I saw this happening in a guided meditation at Openhand in Glastonbury back in 2014. The meaning of this vision wasn't immediately obvious to me: there were two huge hemispheres in the 'movie' I was watching with my eyes closed. One was above and it 'turned out to be' the Sun. The other was below, this was the Earth, covered with black mud and this sludge was continously being sucked into the Sun above. When I recently shared all this with a friend, he responded to me without hesitation: 'What you described here is basically the video Black Hole Sun from Soundgarden'....

Breath taking, simply breath taking Amber. After the Brexit Tsunami, it's the perfect integrational healing music - thanks so much.

Open *OK*

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glad you enjoyed

we just spent the last week dancing it to the mountains in hawaii :D

This song for me is not at all about the relationship between the woman and the man. More about the process of the union of the masculine and the feminine, wich culminates in the final phase called Rubedo or redness, in alchemy, a stage where blood (also as a metaphor for our spiritual essence) and passion enters the work. This leads us towards our Garden of Eden, the spiritual gold we've alwasy been seeking for. But in order to get there, we have to cross our Red Sea (our karma, if you will), and everything we've learnt so far on our path has to be integrated into our daily life. The colour of this sacred union is red (and also white - pls watch also the video). This, for me, is the Blood of Eden.

I caught sight of my reflection
I caught it in the window
I saw the darkness in my heart
I saw the signs of my undoing
They had been there from the start

And the darkness still has work to do
The knotted chord's untying
The heated and the holy
Oh they're sitting there on high
So secure with everything they're buying

In the blood of Eden lie the woman and the man
With the man in the woman and the woman in the man
In the blood of Eden lie the woman and the man
We wanted the the union oh the union of the woman, the woman and the man

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Wow Mark it is wild to be seeing this rigt now as this song (the Peter Gabriel one...Blood of Eden) came to me last Fall...everytime I heard it, it brought me to tears and touched the deep yearning inside. I didn't completely understand why...your words are really beautiful and poignant here...thank you. Jen xxxx

This is a key song for me right now to feel into and let go of stuck, karmic energy. I love the images in the video. Escaping the matrix through the tunnel of darkness into the Light.

For all the misfits out there, here is Kelly Clarkson's warrior song, People Like Us. Soulmotion at its rockin' best -- a crucial piece of Openhand's 9-step process.

Cathy :)

The birds of leaving call to us,
Yet here we stand
Endowed with the fear of flight.

The winds of change consume the land,
While we remain
In the shadow of summers now past.

When all the leaves
Have fallen and turned to dust,
Will we remain
Entrenched within our ways.

The plague that moves throughout this land
Omen signs
In the shapes of things to come.
Tomorrow's child is the only child.

Hi Jen,

Thank you..:) I'm so glad it resonates with you.


I came across this video today - it's such a great use of a Charly Chaplain speech, I love Chris Martins bones - this videos amazing imo xx

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Thanks, Katie. Love this song and video by Coldplay. The yearning, the passion, the Charlie Chaplin synthesis, the courage, the images, the lyrics, the vibes, the feelings, the joy, the freedom. Zoom. Zoom.

"Come Fairies
Take me out of this dull world
For I would ride with you upon the wind
And dance upon the mountains
Like a flame!"
~William Butler Yeats