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How come we still don't have a music thread on the web? :)

C'mon, everybody! Kidding, whoever feels like hhhh, flood this thread with what makes your soul alive, or just resonates with you, or brings an important message, or is just beautiful :D


First off, Thank you Charlie, great video!  It is so great to see and hear so many differing genres and ideas on this site!  The sharing inspires me to branch out to new avenues of investigation spiritually and musically :)

I am posting this video for a couple of reasons.  First, the sharing that everyone has been doing to support one another is so beautiful and it reminded me of this song.  It is my way of saying "as brothers [and sisters] we will stand and hold your are not alone in this."

Second, because I sang this song to my son (when he was in my belly and I did not know who, or what gender, he would be in this world, but I wanted him to have a knowing of the love and support he would always receive from me).  I was the stage manager for a play last year and a gentlemen sang this as his audition piece and sang the last line so mournfully that it made me, for the first time, feel a sadness (negative thought) about the song.  Prior to his signing it I saw the last line "I cannot move the mountains for you" as a statement of "you have your journey and I cannot interfere"...I wanted my son to be supported, yet have his own beautiful life (which is how I raise him now).  After the auditions were over I asked him if he would mind my asking what the song meant to him (I always find it beautiful when a song is interpreted differently with each person and their experience, and even the same person with new experience).  He told me of his brother whom had died of a drug overdoes and he felt such a profound sadness that he was unable to "move the mountains" to save him.  It was then that I knew why the Universe connected us.  I told him, as gently as possible, you supported him and loved him (and you still do), but it was not your mountain to move.  We talked for a couple of hours after that and we are very good friends now.  I have had so many people give me support in the way that the Universe gave him support through me and I just wanted to share this beautiful song to remind us all that we move our own mountains, but with the loving support of those around us...I am holding all of your hands in love and light!

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"This light of mine is not so little"


I feel this song is also about riding the flow, peeling off layers of identification...finding soul gold...Written with so much wisdom...Peter Murphy at his best...

You know the way
It throws about
It takes you in
And spits you out

It spits you out
When you desire
To conquer it
To feel you're higher

To follow it
You must be clean
With mistakes
That you do mean

Move the heart
Switch the pace
Look for what seems out of place

On and on it goes
Calling like a distant wind
Through the zero hour we'll walk
We'll cut the thick and break the thin
No sound to break no moment clear
When all the doubts are crystal clear
Crashing hard into the secret wind

You know the way
It leaves you dry
It cuts you up
And takes you high

You know the way
It's painted gold
Is it honey
Is it gold…

I have recently discovered the beautiful music of Greg Laswell! Today this song, particularly the sentence 'the world is not listening' caught my attention, just thought to share it here. Check his music out!


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Thank you so much for your post Marye (beautiful name too ;)!  I have not yet discovered Greg Laswell and it is always nice to hear something so beautiful...In addition, I need to feed my musical modality for pure release and the beingness that it provides. 

Open, I am also so happy that you posted the Mumford and Son's song with the full orchestra!  Zowie!  I have loved their music for a long time and sang the song "Timshel" to my son every day that he was in my belly ;)  I loved the words "death is at your doorstep and it may steal your innocence, but it will never steal your substance" and especially loved "you are the mother of your baby child, the one to whom you give life and you have your choices and these are what make man great, his ladder to the stars." 

I also thought it was hysterical that this band is an instigator for multiple kids in grade schools happily singing the 'f" word to the song "Little Lion Man", because no one knew there was a clean version...I still laugh out loud about it being so powerful, especially when I usually think it a superlative that people use to fill their sentences when they are not intelligent enough to come up with a useful word...that said, I adore hearing Samuel L. Jackson recite the book for parents of small children called "Go the f to sleep!"...clever usage of the word can be fun ;)  Ok, enough about bad words in a music forum ;) 

I wanted to say that one of the songs that made me realize that meditation is not all about silence and is often about zoning in on music and really being present with what it means for you in that moment.  A song by Floater has the line "Thanks to the crowd and their singing out loud, I can finally not hear myself thinking".  They have a multitude of fabulous songs with wise/clever words that have deep and ever-changing meanings for me...that line made me ponder the fact that I seek out the dissonance/hullabaloo of live music and passionately embrace the emotions that it evokes and use them to self-actualize.  I have done my workshop a few times now called the Audio "Vision" Board and it is becoming a cathartic way for those I serve (those with mental illness/homeless and the justice involved) to use music to self-actualize, much like a Vision Board does for those with more sight oriented thoughts. 

When I saw the video that Marye posted, it made me think of how a person experiences music when they see the words with it (as a poetry form combining with the audio) and how one experiences a song more fully (in an auditory manner) when a full orchestra is played along with the words emerging from the artists' mouth...both were profoundly impactful and beautiful, yet different. 

I just cannot tell you what it means to have this Open place to go to when I feel like my journey is beginning to overwhelm me...I am reminded of the steadfast love, generous support, loving offering (of music and wisdom) and free guidance that comes from those who are "Open" is the soothing melody that opens the gateways of the divine.  I leave you with these from my favorite band (tied with 10 or so that alter spots according to mood and need ;) Floater:  


is my attempt to embed ;) "because the fall makes you break and the breaking makes you see that only the light gives you shape, in the darkness you stay shapeless.  Only love gives you weight, only love can keep you waiting/weighted".  and "gravity is slowly breaking down your will DON'T HOLD IT BACK..." AND, if you want to hear the original it can be found here...every one of their albums is unique and excellent...if you don't like one song you are sure to find another that you do ;)  <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Endless Part II: is the link to the YouTube Video..."All these lives that make no sense, all alone we cry in our defense...all of us go down slow, then we rise again..."

Filled with gratitude for like-minded people who love music and meaning,




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Open Praying Emoji

Youtube just dropped this beautiful song at my doorstep and I thought to share it with you here!

Another great one from Nahko Bear, particularly if you pay attention to the lyrics!

It's a great video indeed Thumbs Up Sign

It would seem like a change of gear for Nahko - speaking louder, more extreme.

I'd say it's entirely necessary - too many people sitting back, not really stepping up to the plate.

I wonder what will it take?


You know how sometimes you hear a song and just can't get it out of your head?!

Here's one by Ian Brown, the ex lead man of the Stone Roses. I just love the funky easy-goingness of the energy...

This song from Jason Mraz really touched me today, I absolutetly love his voice.

(Sorry don't know how to get the whole yt video in here)

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Dear Marije and Open ,

Ever since last week I have been in dense processing mode . The Fasting has accelerated it of course and I have felt into gigantic tears and fears . Today I heard this song on repeat as I went for a walk to clear my head and just move the energy that I felt stuck in. And did stuff move ! 

As soon as I played it the street lights came on as I was walking under ( at the same time that she sings the lights came on) and a strong beautiful tug in my heart and I knew my Twin Flame was dancing right with me. After reading your latest messages about the Galactic Super wave ,I have often asked myself. Why am I here . What am I doing. There has as expected been a lot of Grief and heartache within me as well.  My connection with the angels ( or maybe just my higher self was strong). A clear knowing was - to help guide souls Home . It's why I am here. My ICU is just training to keep my heart open to the angelic realm to be able to do this . 

I am feeling as if a piece of the puzzle has.landed. My small I of course is totally freaking out at this new piece of information . 

What interesting times to come  Alive❤️❤️❤️


Yesterday my brother shared some music of a band called the Flying Colors with me, this song absolutely blew me away.. 

"Just be who you are, you're the radiant star"! ☆╮

I bookmarked this to listen to whenever I need a reminder (which seems to be everyday nowadays, haha) - it's like having a wise friend around to give you a pep talk when down, such amazing lyrics!

Clare  ღ 

Okay, so it's a degree melancholy, but personally I find it inspirational nevertheless.
Do get tired out there sometimes in the shift? Long for home?
Know that you are never alone in your challenges...

I came across this and found it deeply moving in it's awesome simplicity. To me, the 'natural great peace' spoken of in it, reflects the 'Sacred Ground of Being' that I'll be pointing towards during the upcoming Arise Divine Being World Tour. It's that unshakeable, immovable eternal existence at the core of us...