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How come we still don't have a music thread on the web? :)

C'mon, everybody! Kidding, whoever feels like hhhh, flood this thread with what makes your soul alive, or just resonates with you, or brings an important message, or is just beautiful :D


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Just had the chance to watch this Horse, just SO inspiring! My kind of vibe and dare I say lots of other women's too! Thank you for coming up with this gem at the right time.

The authentic feminine power of heart, body and mind embodied here in song, music and imagery. Speaks to me deeply. And at about 1.09 on the video the letter V comes up in the middle of the screen - wow!!

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Today this song from Trevor Hall resonated with something inside:


Thanks Marije, it’s beautiful. Really touches me too. 

You all help it feel like some home here. Thank you ?

Sometimes I dont feel 'at Home' and sometimes I feel the aroma of Home...



Today the lyrics of this song from Jont spoke to me:

When was the last time you turned everything off, even your head with its crazy schemes and plots? You ever spent a few days just trying to be still and did you notice how good it made you feel? And do you feel a tingling on your arms and up your spine when you look around a room of people and see yourself in everybody's eyes? When you feel this connection do you feel it's all ok that there's nothing 'bout this dream we're in you would ever want to change?'

The Soul expresses breaking through stereotypes & archetype identities

The Eyes see the One in the mirror of life in all its unique manifestations

And the Twin Flame sings you back Home = 'No-body in the world'

Such a beautiful song and video doc I came across tonight whilst creating a playlist for a conscious dance session

Hi Marije & Aspasia - for me, both songs you posted were timed perfectly with the culmination of the 5GATEWAYS retreat in Avalon this week.

Aspasia - wow, especially, what a video to find. Seeing one's Twin Flame reflection and celebrating that all around you. And it spoke strongly to me of accepting the physical 'peculiarities' and 'limitations' we each might (think we) have. As I witness any kind of 'peculiarity' in me, anything I might get tight about, it always offers an incredible mirror to expand through, right into the mainstream of the soul - new gifts are always waiting through those doorways.

Awesome - thankyou both.

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Hi Marije! Wow!!! That was amazing! I am really intrigued by the image - love it. Lately music seems to trigger nostalgia and feelings of loss in a way that feels like an old program... THIS was so incredible because there no reference points and emotion still came but without a script... Felt like moving to this music.. Which I haven't felt like doing in a while... Thank you so much for sharing ... Inspires me to touch and feel more of these totally fresh experiences. ? Love, Jen 

Another great and inspiring song from Trevor Hall to enjoy!

I felt to share this song with a message from the hopi elders that touched me, when it kicked off an ecstatic dance night that I attended yesterday... 

Wow, so sobering. Feel tingles, grief and so much truth in us all coming together. ??

Glad you like it Jean-Michel. I was doing some processing with-in and that popped up. It was the first time I heard it and sharing it here was the first thought that came.

much love

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It's a great song Jennaya. I loved the movie too! 

This song has been in my head for some time among others. It feels like I'm waiting - waiting for the lessons I'm yet to learn. Waiting for what will come. It's also great song. Thought you guys should listen if you haven't.

Hi Vimal, 

Yesterday I was feeling frustrated with wanting to express, feel me, for my soul to ‘breakthough’ feeling so  suppressed. 

The sea is where I feel alive and me. :) I liked the song you posted. It hit a few things in me. 

Interesting i woke this morning with a dream of being injected with something in my neck to alter my reality and to control. 

And yesterday when meditating - the karma of the intervention activated quite a bit. All this; but also joy, lightness of dancing, sailing, connecting hey. 

Maybe it’s both together, now. 

Much love, 

Jennaya 💛🙏

Jennaya, Im glad the song resonated. I have been wanting to share this song but somehow it didnt feel right. But then I saw your post and thought how beautifully both complimented each other.

Its a balance isnt it ? A yearning but also a waiting - waiting for the right pieces to land.


I'm feeling more in the waiting side nowadays but that seems to work too! 

Much love <3


Wow! Open, it fits perfectly. This is exactly how i feel :

"So standing in the steady throng of restless hope
You don't feel like an outcast anymore
And something deep inside of you has wakened up
And you know that nothing's gonna be the same again"

It's so damn simple yes - because the flow will manage ,you just have to keep trusting in it !

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Hey everyone - just been through a mamoth task of production for the upcoming PARADIGM SHIFT video. Boy was it tough, many long hours, early starts and late nights. But we're just about ready for the release.... stay tuned.

In the meantime, just came across this video from Snowpatrol, and their appropriately named "Gary Lightbody" lead singer. Interesting...

Wow!  I looked on the first page this morning and in the "recent" posts saw "Xavier Rudd", whom I have seen live more than 11 times and took my kiddos to their first concert of their lives (when he played in Seattle last month) and had a mind blowing, spiritually charged, exciting and fun experience.  When I went to that post I saw the Snow Patrol Song, then Trevor Hall and, needless to say, I am having one of the best mornings of my life!  Namaste to all contributors here...I will be reading (hearing) every single post!!!!!

In Love And Light,


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I love this so much!  Thank you for sharing such a lovely message and joyous song this morning.  Being a flutist myself I was especially excited to see and hear the flute!