Not struggling on the spiritual path

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Great to hear that my post was of value to you, Catherine. I also notice with myself I'm moving steadily to a place where I don't need love or acceptance from anybody. Relationships with heavy energetic dynamics are dissolving. This is quite strange to observe because it's putting me in a place between people where I sometimes feel like a ghost among them. But yesterdayI also got a compliment from someone about my fine energy/vibe and presence maybe because that person felt I wasn't attempting to take energy, allowing that person to let go of any defense mechanisms. So that's clarifying to me that not all is how it appears to be and that moving to a place where hardly anyone resides also holds a beauty on its own. I feel that eventually we become masters and people will seek you out because there's something about you that fascinates them. They might not know exactly what it is but on some level they are asking the question: why is this person not entangled in any energy dynamic?

Hi Apollonius,

I love your reflections. They help me to dig deeper. Thank you. There were a few occasions this past year when I shared with a lifelong friend and a close family member that I was on the edge. I was saddened and surprised that in both cases there was no response, and telepathically I sensed that a great divide had set in and, indeed, was probably always there under my denial. On reflection about what the mirror showed me in those situations, I realized it no longer serves my highest good to "need" love and acceptance -- and to be heard. However, I haven't fully let go of my neediness just yet, but I feel it dissolving away bit by bit as I continue to feel my darkness and sadness about this, and see myself walking away from the density through an open door into the Light. The One needs nothing at all. And I'm observing that the outer mirror is gradually changing. I am attracting others into my life who don't run away in fear when I trust enough to share with honesty and vulnerability -- such as yourself. And in those situations where I honour my cat-like perceptivity and inner knowing that certain others won't understand, I will heed you advice and won't attempt to describe what it means to be exactly where I need to be (ha)! Catherine :)

Thanks for the clarification Open. Catherine, I also often contract with the question of 'how are you?'. It seems I kind of have the same conditioning as you have. I tend to always keep the peace. I thinks it's good to sometimes show other people I'm on the edge. At least that way I'm being authentic. And if I can accept that, then maybe I can accept a lot more about myself. And isn't the whole spiritual experience about being absolutely truthful and realistic about any situation? Great to read you're more and more able to tap into the joy and peace at the heart of your pain. And even if we're not always able to do that we can always respond to people that we're exactly where we're supposed to be. Don't answer them if they ask where that is... *biggrin*

When I read this quote, it felt like fireworks shooting out of my head. It was a moment of instant recognition about my soul's journey and why I've chosen the path of most resistance, and how I'm learning not to struggle no matter how stormy the waters may be around me. Thank you for this most inspiring quote, Open and Trinity. Appolonius, I resonate with what you are saying about your own journey. I've observed myself lately contracting down when asked, "How are you?" I'm feeling this relates to my "need" to explain myself honestly, to be understood by others, and to project my shiny, happy self as I was conditioned to do, so others will like me. Bit by bit, I'm feeling more peace settling deep within myself about all of this as I release these needs and where I'm identifying -- and as I discern who I can truly share my journey with. As for those who would not understand my journey, I'm gradually feeling more able to accept why this is so. And little by little, I'm tapping into the joy and peace at the heart of my pain and struggles, so I can truly and comfortably respond to any questions about my wellbeing with, "I am well." Working in the field is definitely not the path of least resistance as you point out, Open. I appreciate the discussion. x Catherine

Hi Apollonius,

Yes it's a good question - I'd say there are definitely broad 'camps' with different missions amongst us. I see generally the Journey of Ascension going on for the mainstream - at least that's the invitation. And I believe a youngish soul will generally follow this process of Ascension through the dimensions gathering realisation and experience - incarnating in ever higher frequencies on the journey back to the Source.

But then other souls have come 'down' here from higher dimensions. Some are star souls come to have a physically embodied experience in a density they've probably not been used to. Then there are others who've come from higher dimensions to work within the field. So I'd say there's a complex array of different things going on.


...and yes it's quite a relief to see that I'm not alone on this path of 'quite a lot of resistance'. But the flashes of pure freedom are coming more frequently be thrown back into duality once more hahaha...the dance of duality

That's an interesting distinction you make Open between those working through the field and those making there way out of it. Are the latter group, when ascended, really living from pure potential or consciousness? Or are they then in an intermediary zone? It seems there's a group of spiritual beings living on the planet helping to transform the reality we live in and there is, and always has been, a group whose main interest has been to only transcend the world. They seem not to be focussed on creating from out of this pure consciousness. I reckon the traditional Indian schools work like this. Their emphasis lies on escaping the wheel of karma and nothing just observe. How do you see this?

I means the second...

Those on the path are not necessarily on one of most resistance - some are ascending, others are working through the field, where there can be loads of resistance!


Hi Open,

Could you give a bit more clarification to:

" It's definitely different from the majority who are simply ascending - making their way out."

Isn't it those on the path who are ascending and the majority are entertaining, avoiding and denying?
Or you mean those on the path are not necessarily on the path of most resistance?

Thank you.

I totally empathise with you Apollonius.

I believe such 'struggle' happens to those on the difficult path - the one of MOST resistance. These souls are the pathfinders and catalysts. It's challenging - you have to confront and breakdown - with your very consciousness. I find it's like being a gearbox - you have to somehow bridge the power of your engine, into a tough road of twists and turns, brows and dips. It's definitely different from the majority who are simply ascending - making their way out.

But you're definitely not alone!

Open *OK*

Absolutely love this one! I'm definitely on the path of most resistance but am also learning how to master that. When I explain exactly what I'm going through (when someone asks ' how are you?') most people come with solutions thinking that the situation I'm in is bad and in need of fixing. I can says things like:' I'm not feeling well but that's perfect!' Or: 'I feel something is struggling within me and it's quite fascinating to see it so clearly!' There comes a point in your life where you simply can no longer hide behind polarity and you always see the other side of the coin. It sometimes is quite challenging to communicate this to someone else but even there I can learn not to struggle. Just being authentic seems the best way through this.