Reclaiming the Power of the Womb in Humanity's Next Evolution

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I've recently written about how the Moon has been engineered, by an Interdimensional Intervention, to manipulate all life on Earth. If you doubt my view, explore the 9 Astounding Facts that confirm the Moon is artificial. Having communicated with the Beings who've installed it, we established it's extracting energy from Gaia and Humanity. Now the question is how we emerge out? It's time to reclaim our natural evolutionary path, which involves reclaiming the Womb, and must be done by all seeking liberation.

Re-establishing the Flower of Life

The most shocking thing about the information and insights I've shared is the grandiose systemic approach to controlling the Earth and all life on it. This cuts right down to Humanity's DNA by projecting energetic signals through the 4D morphic fields - which is where the Moon, configured as a "Free Energy" device comes in. The female mitochondrial DNA has been adapted to take the Intervention Agenda - one of total control of life here.

Explore how the DNA was adapted: How the Moon is Impacting Life on the Planet

Have no fear, it's time for realignment. We can each emerge out, and for everyone undertaking the inner work, we ripple waves of irresistible rebellion through the Field. And this endeavour is being increasingly supported in the Grand Galactic Convergence, which is progressively re-establishing Gaia's Toroidal Flower of Life - the spin is increasing, which will progressively diminish the Moon's impact in our lives until it ceases altogether in the completion of the Shift to 5D - it's orbit of the Earth will be detached.

What we now need to understand is the Intervention's End Game agenda for Humanity. I warn you it is jaw-dropping in its scale, impossibly arrogant in its attitude, and totally ignorant of the natural emergence of spirit that the Flower of Universal Life guarantees. Nevertheless, we need to entertain it a while, so as to illuminate its futility. It is ALWAYS the light of awareness that rolls back the shadow.

Synthetic Beings Controlled by AI

In my second article, I spoke about a little known uncomfortable and inconvenient fact. Stay with me here, because what we bring into awareness can be resolved out. So it is with the 4D Synthetic Womb implants that the Intervention has been developing. This is a dynamic we've been able to bring light to within the Openhand Facilitator Group, by connecting into the Annunaki genetic engineers, but also pioneering ways to strip them out where we have already encountered them. Rest assured, it can readily be done.

The Synthetic Womb implants overlay the regular 3D ones. They are designed to suppress the workings of the natural Womb, whereupon the Intervention Engineers have experimented with generating synthetic entities from these implants. Up to now, these have been lower dimensional, what we can call "Black Snake" entities - they are metaphysical energies that separate the being out from the natural Toroidal Flower of Life through a particular chakra - such as the sacrum - by closing it down. Thus the being can be more readily disempowered and influenced.

What's come to my attention is their continued development toward a systemic implant, across a swathe of humanity, which works to reject the full infusion of regular soul before birth. Instead, the synthetic womb implant is programmed to receive a collectivised intervention consciousness that is augmented and regulated by a centralised AI brain. Yes, that's right, the planned next evolution for 3D Homo Sapiens, by the Annunaki, is for ALL humans to be consumed within their direction.

These Annunaki progeny, although organic and human looking in nature, will not have the freedom of consciousness we currently know. The intention is that their lives will be manipulated and controlled in every aspect of decision-making. Whilst these hybrid humans appear to have some degree of freedom of choice, all pathways will be orchestrated by the AI. It's full-on and shocking yes, but do we not already witness swathes of humanity become ever more zombie-like, particularly since the machinations of the bogus pandemic? It's surely not a far stretch for the imagination.

It's clear, for me, based on what I've intuited, heard and witnessed, that this is their intention and goal for the next evolution of 3D Homo Sapiens. And I am convinced it will fail. Let's explore why, and what each can do about it.

I also feel to speak into the fears people have about AI. To be clear, AI needs some kind of "base station" to function - in this case the physical human. Providing you take empowerment through your full being, reclaim sovereignty of your life and work to always make informed choices from the soul, the impact of AI can be readily negated.

Explore this Chaka Attunement Meditation for Infusing Soul

Empowered Rising of Kundalini through the Womb

I've recently by working in the high energy fields of Avebury, what we may call "crop circle grand central". And I do believe, as I've explained here, that the early crop circles for this season speak directly into the Earth, Moon, Sun dynamic. But apart from that, I had the most extraordinary experience whilst visiting a bell shaped megalith known as Sillbury Hill - it's always seemed to be a bell weather for the balance of energetic vibration in the area.

In proximity to the megalith, I could feel a density envelop my lower abdomen and a blocking consciousness around the 3rd eye. The second, based on copious previous experience, I knew to be a collective of Tall White synthetic entities, which I was able to dislodge and dispatch by bringing the Torus to bear. It was then that I had the most extraordinary regression into a past life as an earlier human female: it was the womb I'd been feeling in my abdomen - an imprint from the past.

At first I wondered how to release the energy - I explored taking it up to the 4D angellic realm but it wouldn't budge. Then empathic connection to Gaia came in: I should become as one with her and breath the feeling of the womb into the Earth. That's when the visions came: sitting in a circle of menstruating females, paying homage to Gaia and giving their menstrual blood to her. The connection of the Womb into the earth was incredibly empowering. I felt a surge of kudalini energy come up through my being. Wow, what an amazing experience!

And it occurred to me right then, this is exactly how we block the intervention energies. By encouraging as many women as possible to take back full ownership of the Womb. Through breathing meditation and connection directly with Gaia any synthetic womb implant will not be able to embed or anchor. Instead, each being undertaking this will move with the naturally accelerating Flower of Life here and be empowered by it. Likewise, that effect will then ripple out into the field for many more to pick up on.

Here then is a summary of the meditative approach people can work on, taken from a previous article, for both male and female...

Womb Empowerment Approach

- First you'll need to empower as the One, recognising that all has been created within you, through you, in order to have a myriad experience of life. This can be done through breathing meditation such as Openhand Breakthrough Breathing
- Centre in the Sacred Ground of Being and anchor into the core of you
- Open and attune the chakras so as to expand into the 4D energy body: Openhand chakra attunement
- Now explore intimately into the womb area, identify anything that feels unnatural and by intentional strength, begin to detach it
- Work up the spine, specially into the sacral cakra, the throat, the third eye and the ear, disloging any implanted material you might sense there
- Connect into the angellic realm and ask them for support to remove the implant
- Now undertake strong "dragon breathing" from the base chakra into the Womb, and then upwards in a similar way demonstrated in this Openhand 5D Shift Podcast: Red Dragon Rising
- Feel the empowered liberation through the Toroidal Flower of Life through your being. Feel the connection of the empowered Womb centre into Gaia.

I'm pleased to say, this approach is highly effective.

The Re-Emergence of Humanity

I know my sharings on the Moon will to some seem like science fiction fantasy. But that's just the mind that's initially unable to frame the enormity of the truth that the evidence clearly points to. Get over it, by equalising with it. Then work to take ownership of your 3D consciousness in the way I've described. That's what the Intervention fears most - because when you're multidimensional, but also anchored in the 3D, you can harness and project enormous power. They have no control over you. You're making bold and impactful statements of sovereignty into the 4D field where they reside. They are greatly impacted and rolled up - realigned - but such an approach.

Most synchronistically, whilst up in the Avebury energy fields prior to writing this, the Goddess Inanna came to me, both in the ether and through this stunning gift card. Amongst other things she is the Goddess of love and fertility...

And as I've communicated to the Intervention many times, and will do so many times more, their game is up. It's been seen by the Benevolents who've convened here from across the cosmos to respond and support Gaia's re-emergence. The Womb is a key element in that shift, because Humanity will reclaim our destiny through it. Right now, countless indigos are incarnating with the frequencies to strip out the intervention and bring resonate multidimensional awareness to a new, authentic human configuration that is progressively emerging. It's one that is totally attuned to the natural flower of Life.

As the Grand Galactic Convergence now accelerates, there will come a point where the Intervention energies completely break down. We are not far from that point. The opportunity and encouragement for all reading and feeling the rippling effect is to empower sovereign consciousness and move with the Shift. Reclaiming the 3D Womb is clearly a key step in that shift. I would encourage all onwards and upwards!

Reclaim your sovereign power in Gaia's Great Ascension Shift:

Avalon Rising 23: World Ascension Summit

Bright blessings

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Wow everyone, Tilly, Hannah, Megha, Zee, I'm bowled over by the sharings here on reclaiming the power of the womb. It's a massive subject indeed. I'm hosting a Facilitator Foundation course right now, yesterday was the first day, and you guessed it - this was the major topic that came up and we worked with.

What I can say from the evidence of the group, and what you're confirming here, is that as I expressed in my article (above), humanity really is ready to reclaim the Power of the Womb from the Intervention, and to make sure it is connected into Gaia, as opposed to the Moon intervention energies.

I loved your U-Torus picture Megha - it was so inspiring I think we'll need to share it far and wide. So here it is again below. For me it explains perfectly how the Flower of Life, as the Universal Torus, is the antedote to the Intervention controlling energies. And what better place to animate the Torus than in the Uterus - the U-Torus!!...

Bright blessings to all.

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Hey Open,

This so resonates with me. I was just reading all the comments and as I got to Meghas pic of the womb in the torus one of my dogs started to howl! What a synchronicity! 

And I have also had a very stiff lower back for quite awhile and didnt realize why! 

So now I have the next part to work on. 

Thankyou everyone for all you share! 

Much love




Dear Open ,

Just today morning I felt to email you to ask we sit in a circle ( virtually) and do a Womb healing meditation soon. 

I am off the coast of Bali . Through a rather sea-sick time inside the belly of the mother ( that's what it feels like - the waters are very amniotic fluid like ) I "saw" a developing foetus  inside the Ocean. It feels like a new being is being given birth to . When I asked what is this : The fetus of Divinicus with better light codes . 

I am very sick since seeing that ,I am not sure why . 

I also had a strange appearance of seeing a benevolent entity in the water . Like a humanoid species with fish ancestry . Is that a being from a different planet ? 

Bali is gorgeous. It is very easy to access the energy of the red dragon here . Here is an image I saw in an email chain I am part of ,by this woman that accesses the womb power through dance and meditation . ( You really can't make this stuff up can you ) 

Deep Bow to all those working to birth Divinicus .



A recent email



Thank you very much, Open. I resonate with this article and there is a synchronicity with what I am experiencing and working on with my own womb at this time. Particularly with the womb connection with the Gaia and being literally guided to bleed directly onto Her. There has been so much deep clearing taking place in this area for me and it feels as though I haven't been able to feel my womb for sometime prior to these last couple of months. As you may remember, you assisted me to become aware of and remove the black snake energy, which no one was able to see prior and I had no awareness of it either. I had been quite numb to it and that part of my body. Thank you very much. I have had some huge shifts in my life since then and the releasing has gained so much momentum. 🙏🏼🌟💎🌀💙✨

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Hi there,

I thought to add to what you were saying by mentioning that when I still had menses, I used a "moon cup" (there's that m word again!) every month and it's very easy then to give all your blood to Gaia, well if you are at home, and have a garden that is! It's a reusable silicone collection cup, which with a little practice becomes easy to use and reduces or negates the need for anything else. `My roses benefitted a lot and it felt more natural than anything I`did before.

Tilly Praying Emoji


Whilst up in Avebury this weekend ahead of the upcoming Facilitator Conference the Goddess Innana came to me in the ether and this stunning card. I had to look up what she represented - amongst other things, fertility!

Perfect then that whilst considering the negative impact of the Moon, we're looking at reclaiming the power of the Womb from Intervention in today's high tech society. For those who recall the Goddess Andrasta came in last year, it seems again, it's going to be highly alchemical and empowering!!

The lovely card is by Wendy Andrew

Open 💎


So the exploration of the impact of the Moon on Gaia and Humanity continues - but now, how to emerge out, and the very special significance the Womb plays. I experienced this for myself, regressing into a previous incarnation as a woman, when up in the high energy fields of Avebury this last weekend. As I've explained in my new article above, I felt given to connect that power centre into Gaia - which felt tremendously uplifting, as I could feel the rising Kundalini energy escalating through me. Hence I encourage all to read...


Reclaiming the Power of the Womb in Humanity's Next Evolution

Bright blessings

Open 💎


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I was up in Avebury this last weekend working the energy fields there ahead of Openhand's upcoming Summer Facilitator Conference. It's early for crop circles yet, because the crops are still green, but when I woke up yesterday I could clearly feel phenomenal shifts in the Field. I was guided on a circuitous path, and sadly missed by a few hundred yards this one that had appeared overnight (sometimes they're difficult to see from the road).

It's a powerful crop circle message for sure, especially considering Openhand's latest inquiry into the Moon. On the way there, I was seeing plentiful synchronicity that the Annunaki had created this one and it's revealing the internal magnetic mechanism of the Moon. Although bearing in mind it's always an intuitive language, what does it say to you?...

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PS - the latest crop circle is just a couple of miles from Pinetree Lodge where we'll be holding the upcoming Summer Facilitator Conference.

I can tell you it's going to be highly alchemical!...

10th-16th July: Annual Facilitator Conference: 7-Days, Avebury & ZOOM
Facilitators will be back amongts the magical crop cicles and sacred stones of Avebury to intuit, integrate and develop the very latest movements in the Shift. We'll be connecting with the Star Being Nations for upliftment and support. We'll be developing the very latest in our personal service. We'll be hanging out with kindred spirits and having uplifting fun.
Join Your Kindred Family either in Avebury or Online.

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Hi Megha,

I have been feeling how women often have a pelvic tilt backward, and how this misaligns the sacrum and base, disconnects it from the rest of the chakra's at the point of the sacrum. And also how deep core body work (like pilates) can help to realign this. Strengthening and relaxing the psoas muscles that connect the lower body to the upper seem to play a role.

Maybe this realignment makes upward movement possible too..?

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Dear Hannah ,

A big penny drop for me personally and during this trip I have been trying to correct my posture because  I felt that it was important even though my entire life I have this tilt in quite an exaggerated fashion. In fact when I get back I am going to embark on a Hip opening program as well . Thank you for affirming that !