Your synchroncity of the day

OK - here's one JUST FOR FUN!

We all love synchronicity. It comes in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it's life changing; at other times it's the universe having a good old laugh; and then there's the gorgeous synchronicity where it feels like the cosmos is giving you a big etheric hug.

Whatever it is please do feel free to share your 'synchronicity of the day' here below...


I have placed 2 guitars on stands in my living room, ready to sell on ebay.

I have always warned my family prior to sneezing as they can be quite earth shatteringly noisy.

It ticles me pink now as each time i sneeze the earth shattering vibration results in the guitar strings struming their own tune.heart music to my ears.


I have a lovely synchronicity of the day to share with you.

It's festive season and I felt to take off for a couple of days in the Windswept Wilderness of Dartmoor in South West England - it's one of my most favourite places in the world. It's so unspoiled and natural, sitting atop of solid granite rock.

So last night when parking my little camper truck next to a favourite Tor, it was difficult to get the parking right. The guidance was  being very persistent - why so insistent I thought? But nevertheless, I manouvred the vehicle until the feeling of its position was just right.

This morning I found out why...

During the night, the clouds and the mist disappeared, it had snowed and the winds were whistling over and around my van, rocking it from side to side. And I noticed a tune was playing. It had a melody like wind chimes playing. I thought maybe I'd left the computer on or my mobile phone, or perhaps the ignition of the car was still on..... but no, nothing electronic.

Then it dawned on me - the tune was simply created by the wind blowing through and around the camper. But so tunefull was it, that I realised it could only have happened because of the exact alignment of the van in the wind. As the wind changed direction after an hour or so, the chimes stopped playing.

This was amazing - it felt like the moor was playing a tune for me. It melted my heart! heart

To me it signifies the importance of tuning into, and listening to, divine guidance. Sometimes to go here or there, to do it this way or that, may seem of no particular importance. But you have to be in the right place at the right time to pick up the gems of synchronicity. And it's these that can simply light up your life, taking it in a whole new creative direction.

The wind is back in my direction and it's singing to me again. Time to go. But do share your synchronicity of the day.

In loving support

Open yes

Heyas all!
Thought to share one of my recent synchronicity moments. I've been more or less in contemplation regarding who I am, what I am, why I am etc and through this I asked a simple request. For the universe to show me more people like me.
Not only did I get the most beautiful answer, I also got to understand more about myself. Which is never a bad thing.
About two weeks ago I was getting ready to do some painting and I noticed outside my window a young woman had put down a blanket to sit upon and next to her was her cat companion. I live next to an extremely large park, so for someone to sit down outside my little apartment is a bit on the hmm side. I had just the day before decided to how shall I say - Unlock my little area to those that may need sanctuary. So I knew that she was there not only for a bit of respite but also nobody really enters my area without either needing help or me being willing to receive help/information. I gave it about an hour before I intuited the right time to go outside and speak with her.
I sat down as quietly and unobtrusive as I could on my patio and gave it a few more moments before she looked up to notice me. I have a tendency I guess to frighten people and I don't want to do that anymore LOL! They don't seem to see me coming and or I'm quite invisible and I do need to work more on being visible I suppose. As she looked up at me I just smile and said "Hello, are you new here?"
This just brought about an entire afternoon of awesome and much needed conversation! She said she was drawn to my area and needed a quiet place away from her home and that she was very empathic. She had just moved to Oregon, felt drawn here since she was a small child and it brought me alot of happiness inside to just say Welcome to Oregon :)
Throughout our conversation that day, not only did the squirrels come sit by me, but the ladybugs seemed to think I was there post to sit upon. The crows in the trees also thought to chime in an awful lot. I write this down here in telling at least someone else out there that WHOAH yeah, that did happen to me.. I'm still processing it. She did remark alot about it and I honestly was not sure what to make of it all, so I just let it happen. She said I know who you are.. You are Mother Nature. I just smiled, put my hands up in front of me and said no and ok yes.. I am so much more than that. I am an infinite being having a human experience and so too is she!
That afternoon was just extraordinary and later on that night I couldnt help but to just jump up in the air with my hands above my head and quietly just say YES that was a good moment!
Then the next week I was at a local store at the right time. I could feel the tension in the air as I walked toward the building with my husband. Even remarked that perhaps we should not go any further. Yet we continued on. Needless to say people were freaking out left and right in the area. My husband went into the store while I stayed outside with our dogs and I cannot state how extremely uncomfortable I felt. I just have to say Thank YOU for the information here on this site, for the teachings, for everything I have learned. Because if I had not learned some things, I might of been a serious cause to the effect of that moment. My old self, would of just stood up inside and said to everyone and everything around us to just sit the M..F.. down.. Just shhhhh'sh! My old self would of contained everything there and made it all more or less worse. There is a way to deal with things and then there is a way not to deal with things. There may have been a shooting there that day if I had not learned to just go inside myself, breathe, calm me so as to not make outward situations any worse by my own distress.
People came out of the store screaming and yelling at each other, an employee was threatening a patron. The patron was getting into there car threatening bodily damage upon the store employee and the entire world to me seemed to just slow down. In an instant I chose to just say quietly but firmly to the people to STOP, breathe, be calm, no more of this behaviour!!! It worked, they did stop, they looked at me like where did this person come from and I just raised my chin a bit more and stood my ground. Whew!!! The patron drove off spewing obscenities and the employee went back into the store only to come back out again and stand near me so they could just take a break. First words out of her mouth were.. I am an Empath. I just nodded and smiled.
What I told her that day is the same that I told the other woman the week before. It is a good idea when one is feeling extreme external distress to just stop, breath in for 7 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and let out the breathe for 7 seconds. While doing so, use your ears to just hear everything around you. Be in your own self and find your own inner calm.

Sooo, that's my story of a few moments of time. My husband is now looking a bit differently at me though and is asking me why people are now coming out of the woodwork and one of the first things they say to me is "I am an Empath."
Now I think I'll go on a journey of every where I go, every place I visit. I want to raise the vibrational frequency to happiness and joy. Because laughter is never a bad thing hmmm :)

Whooah! What a day it's been! I was free-wheeling about town this morning,
paying attention, and was hit in my core with powerful signs and synchronicity.

First up in my travels was a colourful wall poster on a store shelf that read:

"Do what you love." So I decided to do just that by sharing here on the OH forum.

Second up in my travels was a doormat displayed outside a gift shop with a picture of two owls (twin flames), one on either side of these words:

"Hooo's There?"

I was contemplating that question as I headed to a beach bordered by large mansions with spectacular gardens on a hill overlooking the seaside. I heard a woman speaking angrily, so I glanced over and saw her scolding her dog, a black Labrador, who had apparently been running wild and free in her garden, but was now cowering before her. "YOU COME WHEN I CALL! DO YOU HEAR ME?" she commanded forcefully.

On hearing those words, a rush of images flooded through me from past lives. Images of a ruler who sat on a high and mighty throne, commanding obedience at whatever the cost. I instantly realized that I've attached to subtler threads of that conditioning which I've carried into this lifetime so I can cut them loose. I saw clearly that I expect others to do what I want and say, at times. As that realization dawned, I connected back to the question on the doormat, "Hooo's There?" I answered, "Part despot," as the lyrics from Coldplay's Viva La Vida began to swim through my head:

"I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own...

Hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing
Roman cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can't explain
I know St Peter won't call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world."

"Sweeping the streets I used to own." Yes, indeed, I sit on a much humbler throne nowadays. You can't get much humbler than a raised toilet seat, which I use to compensate for weakness in my right leg and upper body, symbolic of my guilt and sorrow for misusing my power and causing suffering to others in past lives. I have been conscious of the connection between my current physical disempowerment and guilt from past lives for several years now, but I didn't make the connection to how this karma plays out in certain behaviorisms. I feel an urgency around letting this distortion go, but in saying that, I'm aware of how demanding I can be of myself.

Last week, I saw a Great Blue Heron walking lightly in the water. I felt its presence as a message from divine benevolence to walk gently and patiently with myself and others. I'm connecting that message to today's reflections in the outer mirror. I can't command, control, and force letting go. I can only let go when I surrender and soften into all those twisted, gnarly, broken bits inside. As Open often reminds us, there's always a truth behind every distortion. I'm feeling the truth behind misusing power and authority is true empowerment of aligned soul sovereignty. I hear you, St. Peter.

x Cathy

It's great to connect with you Jen. Thanks for this info. I do lose myself sometimes in the fight or flight. I've also been noticing that my fight response is often masked as an aspect that is passionately trying to create a better world because it just cannot accept this one as it is, especially my deepest vulnerabilities. It was great to get some clarity on that one. I found it ironic that one of my darkest places where ive got most resistance is actually a part of me that is obsessed with being of service and its so closed down because I want to find my own way without the help of spirit

Hi Jen, thanks for your sharing. I love this part

"What I feel now is both an acceptance of "where/how" I am with all the places I get stuck too- and also a fiery passionate will to let all that doesn't serve me burn in the deep cauldron within. Smile I feel strongly that the Soul is guiding the journey and though I resist in places, I know the Universe will keep reflecting to me what is going on in me and I will get it and move through it."

I do have self-blame going on. I'm so clear that I know when soemthings about to happen and I've got a habbit of avoiding things but that just keeps me in the same place. Sometime to feel I need to focus with all my energy and sometimes i become a bit obsessive, scared they're going to fade away so easily again. Sometimes to feel things it feels like i need to walk through the fight and flight mode and walk right into the heart of things as theyre happening. Thanks for sharing about compassion because I've fallen for victim mentality in the past I don't find it straightforward how to be with those aspects of me that are a works in progress.

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Hello Bianca =)

Wow - so much of what you are sharing has been (and is) part of my journey too. You said "I don't find it straightforward how to be with those aspects of me that are a works in progress." In my experience I can either work to accept that this is how I am being now- all of it - the work in progess aspects etc or I can be in some sort of resistance to what is. I have found that working to accept that this is how it is now, this is how I feel now with all the sensations (including fight or flight), emotions and situations that I have drawn to me is key, From that place of acceptance, there is openness to feel it all, explore and express it and ways of being naturally arise from that may be compassion for self, for other, it may be courage, persistence, or any of the qualities of Soul.

You said here "Sometimes to feel things it feels like i need to walk through the fight and flight mode and walk right into the heart of things as theyre happening. " Yes - I have found that going right into the heart of things is the way through as well. For me it's about total acceptance of the fight/flight that washes through me (which happens easily for me), yet not allowing it to limit or deter me from feeling and being who I am through it. Connecting to my breath and a sense of an anchor within me - a place where I feel me even as the phsyiology is going crazy is so key for me. Something I have been noticing lately as well is that at times the fight or flight in me kicks in so loudly that it swamps the underlying soft spot that is being triggered...what a big protection mechanism that is - so it's important for me to not get lost in managing the fight/flight and ignoring what uncomfortable feeling was arising before it took off running. Of course, not to discount that many of us have fight/flight in overdrive as sensitive souls in a overstimulated world. Trinity wrote an excellent article related to this...


Hi B - Thanks for sharing the ways in which you resonate with what I shared. I love the title of your post - how true that we accepted the jail we were offered and we break it down.

From what you share it sounds like expressing boundaries has been challenging - I totally get that and it has been a major part of my journey. I too have felt nauseous as I reflected on all that I had allowed when a huge screaming NO was erupting from within. What I feel now is both an acceptance of "where/how" I am with all the places I get stuck too- and also a fiery passionate will to let all that doesn't serve me burn in the deep cauldron within. =) I feel strongly that the Soul is guiding the journey and though I resist in places, I know the Universe will keep reflecting to me what is going on in me and I will get it and move through it.

I could be totally wrong here, but from your sharing I feel some sense of inner blame for where you have not listened to your Soul. I find it important to be honest with myself and take responsibility about what is going on within me, where I get stuck...and it's also so important to have compassion for myself - I may have accepted realities that were out of alignment - but they were exactly what I needed to create to realize I had aspects of myself lost in a particular dynamic. Maybe that resonates, maybe it doesn't but I felt to add it, so just let it fly by if it doesn't land with you =).

With love,

Thanks for your sharing Jen. I resonate with what you're writing. Because I started this life fully awaken with crystal clarity at some points on the path I was hoping I'd go through an awakening, a major shift like many people describe but now I'm unsderstanding in my case all I need to do is to look deeper in those areas I take things so for granted and when I look closer what I find is that I'm following the voice of society not my own and when I go deeper I start to get nauseous, I've accepted things that are so far away from my truth especially with regards to accepting those aspects of the divine feminine that I've ostracized and with regards to the body and pleasure. I've also used my gift against me and over giving in places where I need to be firm and don't actually want to give anything at all. The extremes within me are so that I've got courage to do all this crazy stuff but then for things that really matter I dont know why the energy dissipates. Or rather I do know. I bought into the fear and I understand why because ti was so rampant because practically everyone I'd met had bought into it and at some point it became comfortable not to test it out. Still its hard and I can only face certain things with a fair amount of food.
It saddens me that Chester and Chris moved on. Its crazy to think that there are some people walking around thinking they are replaceable

So I seem to draw people to me that are a bit in between worlds... And apparently mentally unstable. I was sitting outside a whole foods today drawing and having a cup of coffee when a woman rolls up on a electric chair from the grocery and starts up a conversation with me about drawing and then through conversation tells me she is homeless and gets very serious and says "don't fall asleep or they'll put you in jail" . It was a powerful message for me as I have been exploring things around what pain I am avoiding that keeps me from a deeper connection to soul family.... And exploring the ways I numb or got to sleep so that I can continue to live in a way that doesn't feel right. The other day I saw a foot doctor for the thorn that went into my right foot and two clearly placed signs said "save your 'sole'l and "change your life". I feel a wave building under me and am practicing my kickboxing as I walk so that I may have the courage to face whatever I feel. =)


Great synchronisity Alexandros *good*

Here's another synchronisity I had that I felt to share - Last week, I made a last minute decision to attend a dance workshop. Three different things I had scheduled for the weekend had fallen away leaving me with a free weekend.

The workshop was relatively expensive, though it felt really right to go for it. An hour after I paid for it, a friend phoned me and asked me if I had found the money she had put in my bag the previous weekend as payment for some work I had done for her. I hadn't found the money until then and it was half the cost of the dance weekend. It felt like the Universe was affirming my decision to invest in a soulful time dancing. A beautiful gift!

The dance weekend was very powerful and insightful, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to dance and explore. I learn so much about my self and how I interact with the world through 5 rhythms and similar dance practises.

With love and a little boogie, Fiona :dance:

Seems Universe is getting pretty loud in what it's trying to tell me. Or maybe I'm just listening better?

So I'm on my way home last night, walking from the train station to my place. My thoughts drift, over the sunshine, the river, the hills covered in woods, that piece of rubbish lying not three feet from a rubbish bin (I stop, pick it up, and deposit it where it belongs), synchronicities and free-wheeling, how much I loved it at the New Year Retreat and how I haven't really done it since, and why not, I think I should.

My eyes flick to the left, to one of the ubiquitous election posters, and focus on one of the three words on it - machen. In English: do.


It gets better, though. Because the poster says: "Wir machen Schule!" Schule machen is an idiomatic expression, used here to promise improving our schools. The English translation of the idiom is either to become the thing or to catch on.


Hi All! Just popping in to share a little magic today!

This morning, the day unexpectedly opened up space I had not anticipated having - Thank you!!

Instantly, I found myself heading out the door for walk - how good it felt to feel the sun, the breeze, to see all the blooming spring flowers, butterflies and birds bopping around in the neighborhood. I came to a place in the back of the neighborhood that backs up to a preserve where there are clearly marked No Trespassing signs...which somehow have stopped me from actually going exploring in there in the past...a simple sign!! Today I unmistakeably felt to go explore as there was a clear path into the woods cut out by the masses of deer that inhabit the area.

At first there was some hesitation around the snakes that might be in the tall grassy entranceway to the woods - but I cautiously kept going in. I could not believe what I found when I got beyond the grass (the place that stirred my fear) - pure magic...sunlight beaming through tall trees, birds everywhere and just a crystal clear vibe of harmony. Going deeper I looked to the left and saw a massive arcing tree with 10 wooden steps attached to it...I felt sad about the nails in the tree but also clearly invited to step up...I only made it to the 3rd step with my feet...with my head up above the fifth...apprehension kicked in as one of my kids was at home sick by himself and I was already up fairly high in the tree. Funny as a kid I use to climb way way up to the tippy top of the trees but then couldn't find my way mother would have to come out and bring a ladder - lots of scraped up tummies as I nervously scraped my way down.

As I left the woods, I felt so grateful for finding this whole new space just on the edges of my existing one...what a gift! Just as I emerged from the woods a solid black cat dashed in front of me across the road - as if it was closing a portal as I stepped out...that's really the sense I got as crazy as that may sound. Walking home I saw a green anole (type of lizard) - not commonly seen and the only ones native to the area...they are seemingly where they belong. I felt that about the space I entered in the woods.

So so much for me to see in this ...the space and energy that exists right here, right now at the edges of the more boxed in, predictable, routine I was approaching my house, i picked up a branch with two blue olive looking pods on an invitation I olive branch extended to inhabit more of that space, by ascending and descending the tree of life...scraped up tummies and all...lots coming up about trusting support and primarily being that support for myself - in it all, lovingly allowing what needs to arise.

thanks for the space to share!

With love,

Hi Everyone ,
I got a very interesting flow of deep synchronicities that happened 2 weeks ago . Sometimes , i feel i might get a bit too late to an appointment that is important . That day . i left home a bit too late - but as i was heading towards Antwerpen ,i knew i could use the open speed ways in the best ways to close the gap of the delay . At that time , as well , i didnt know ( even intuitively ) that the car's engine was in need of Oil . I had just changed it back in December on my way back from The UK . That aspect of neglect for not checking the oil more regularly nearly cost me the gearbox . So , on my way to Antwerpen , i seriously went up to 95 MPH for the whole 50 miles to be as close as possible to aligned time i need to be . This rarely happens , if not never at all . On my close arrival to the Town , i slowed down the car to 50 MPH - to take time to relax and breath in / out fully and let go of the pressure i did put myself in . I can surely laugh at it now , it was close to a comic movie scene of the Marx Bothers .
But , as i slow down the speed , i hear a very unwelcoming & unpleasant noise coming from the gearbox - a noise that signals something is going wrong here . My heart rate started to go up + some sweat was coming down my fore head . The thoughts " Oh Noooo " appeared in my mind ..... yet , i didnt settle for the drama , not this time around when mechanics start to crumble down . I know it' s a Mercury retrograde phase and that implies some electronics or mechanics mismatch to appear in the quantum soup landscape . I remind myself as well that its always for a learning or a lesson , not about fixing the problem .
Further down the road , as i entered town , i had already been honoring as best as i could some sense of worries , stress , tightnesses and " projections on the near future " . The lower mind's responses can't bring me down this time as i am the Witness of it all . I than let Ray2 high sensitivity / acceptance to guide the way to handle a car with a tightened gearbox and Myself within it . This intuitive move allowed me to drive gently stuck in 3d / 4th gears until i could park it , where i was supposed to go . I went to the appointment with the best Inner version of Myself so i can deal gently with it . When i returned back , the gearbox was very tight to move the gears - so i worked a little on it and was able to go back home . On my way back, on the dashboard , this little red dot lighted itself up to indicate a lack of Oil . My penny suddenly dropped !!! How can i have not checked the Oil before ?? even if it didnt make total sense ....i felt angry at myself somehow even if everything seemed to be perfectly interrelated to deliver a BIGGER Message . Indeed , i am able right now to manifest incredible opportunities to shine many gifts in different sectors since February 2017 . There is a Bigger force at work inside - which feels unlimited and incredibly adaptable and very creative . Bang on , thats the message i can finally pick up now -and all sorts of emotional bursts had already softened due to the Self-realization point . Something else was attracting my attention : The gearbox still works but not like before . I filled in some New Oil and it feels like it can drive for a while longer ...the 1st and 6th make horrible noise when i engage them - but i finally felt intuitively how to use them now ( its been 2 weeks now ) with soft attentiveness and more care .
It didnt stop my willingness to inquire about the prices of second hand cars / and ask the Universe : ' Please show me how this needs to unfold " i will follow with surrendered acceptance . And if this car should brake down soon , how would i be able to go work ( yoga Classes , painting works , garden cleanings , English courses ) did i also ask Myself ? Well , i have no real clue yet and it doesn't matter . It feels like there has been a little Miracle taking shape and i dont need to figure it out completely for now . I feel so happy to be able to read the signs , the deeper meaning , working with the inner feelings and letting the Message land in the heart . It didnt take my inner smile off , Oh No .The last time i checked my e-mails , all my latest clients are fully satisfied from how they felt with My Presence & the quality services i provided . Riding the Souls waves and activating the right Rays to be working together is hard to describe but so fulfilling & uplifting . The day after the incident , i went along with some duties and allowed a space to express some of the pending emotional charges - it allowed a full clearing and felt at Peace with Myself again.
Thank you all for your sharings , i enjoyed them so much .
Open , i see New Mustangs all over the place too .... and often i feel like " I would love to drive one of these with the Big V8 under the bonnet " - That engine reflects so much of what i am living right now .
Big Hugs of Love ,

Fiona, what a profound and lovely synchronicity - may I say very inspiring because I am also looking for a place to live (not full-on yet but exploring!) - thanks for sharing! And I do look forward to seeing you in June. And you too Trinity.

Cathy, love this! "The best way to help free our marine friends is not to eat them!" Powerful! And with gratitude - three bows.

Wynde, I like ‘Infinite Waters’ (by Ralph Smart) youtube video productions, the guy has a warm way about him in sharing his experiences. Great synchro!

Vimal, wow! that's a grand synchronicity of mirrors! And so inquisitive.

Open, engaging sharing and fab song. Often, the historical facts behind songs are very interesting, so I found out and quoting “According to music historian Tom Shannon the song started as a joke when singer Della Reese wanted a new Ford Mustang. Rice called the early version "Mustang Mama" but changed the title after Aretha Franklin suggested "Mustang Sally". Well, well.

Marye, love the song!! Great to dance to! It is now part of my collection. I am always searching for great tunes – thanks for sharing! And I love the description of the band on their fb page: “Napkey is a subaquatic, outer space and desertic journey.” Wow!

And my freewheeling in Avalon ended earlier today…so briefly a few happenings:
*Bumped into a couple of familiar faces that I connected with in the New Year
*Connected with a couple of new people who I met on the street by chance – one of them took me to a live band psychedelic music party! Oh no no no, not my thing.
*Being challenged (well, irritated!) by the pervasiveness of the ‘healing’ and ‘healer’ themes that totally disempowers those who apparently ‘need healing’
*Sang more Hare Krishna songs – great vibe and beauty!
*Got lots of tips about how to ‘survive’ Glasto’s dark energies and break through the 6-month threshold
*Overhearing people talking about Mindfulness and joining in
*Saw someone driving my car (ha ha!) as I was exploring the town streets
*A day of Silent meditation in Chalice Well meeting room – bliss!
*People smiling a lot on the streets – very friendly
*Slept with a cat in a yurt, fed the birds and the lovely robin who is resident – apparently – at the White Spring and shed tears of sadness for the lambs and the cows on sight

Till next time for some more – almost - freewheeling.

Much love people xx

I was taking maths class for a student today and while she was doing a problem i was analyzing the next one because i wanted to look like i know what i'm doing. I guess that's kind of expected. My attention was drawn towards a newspaper this lady was reading on my right side . On the front page were written with big words "Don't overSoch it !" Soch meaning think in hindi. The universe can be a bit funny at times. That was a cue for me to stop preparing all the time, to put the shield down and get vulnerable. Sometimes i get this idea of how deeper this stuff goes and i find myself thinking how's that ever possible. Now i find on my left side is a ladder. I always take ladder as sign of ascending. Good ,atleast i'm taking that step! While i was pondering this stuff a crow landed directly in front of me which is unlikely inside a classroom. I take it to be my shadow side. Mirrors on all side. Fantastic!

I love all of your sharings and looking forward for more. :)


Hi Cathy,

It sounds like a rich exploration and a powerful exchange between you and the crab!

Thanks for the good wishes, love the bit of gaelic in there :)

Go mbeadh sonas i do chroí (may there be wellbeing in your heart)

Le grá, Fiona

Hi Fiona,

Yes, it was a completely heartbreaking exchange with the crab. There's a deeper meaning for me, as well, with this synchronicity that has been percolating within. I eat mostly vegan and have eliminated meat with the exception of fish, which I eat occasionally as I continue to let go of food cravings and addictions, adjust to socializing with friends and family who are meat eaters, and rise to the physical challenges of more intensive food preparation and cooking than I am used to.

The best way to help free our marine friends is not to eat them! That resolute crab, freedom fighter that he is, would not be imprisoned in a small, cramped fish tank if no-one wanted to eat him. Our telepathic exchange has fired up my resolve to progress with compassionate eating and to live in peace and harmony with all sentient life, surrendering to what is, accepting that I am doing the best that I can.

Lovely to hear about your new home! Beannachd Dia dhuit. Blessings of God be with you.

x Cathy

Hi folks,

I'm loving the thread, lovely to read and share our magical stories. Thanks Trinity for initiating it. Here’s one of mine that comes to mind...

Since returning to Edinburgh I had been feeling the desire to find a home in a more rural location, yet within easy access to the city. I went to visit a flat in a village called Polton Mill, while it affirmed my desire to be closer to nature, it didn't feel like quite the right spot... so a couple of days later after a dance class I connected with a friend who happened to be at the dancing class too, she had her dog with her and so invited me to join them for a walk. When she inquired as to where I am living, I told her I had been to see a place in Lasswade though it wasn't quite right (but, it wasn't Lasswade, the location I had visited was a couple of villages further out)!

She then tells me that she is living in Lasswade and potentially looking for a flatmate… When I went to visit her there, the directions stated that it was the third road on the left, as I walked towards my destination, I looked into the houses on the third right admiringly and felt they would make a wonderful home and yes you probably guessed it - this is where she lived on the right side and not the left...

And so I am now settling in to my new home in Lasswade, discovering delightful river and glen walks. This morning a deer and I exchanged a greeting and the bird song here is awesome, including owls hooting at night. I’m loving spending time with the dog, she’s even slept on my bed. I feel ever so blessed and grateful.

I’m very much looking forward to visiting Glastonbury for Trinity’s Empath course next week, sorry to have missed you Aspasia, I look forward to seeing you in June instead or who knows where :) Open, I love the Mustang story – fantastic! Cathy - how heartbreakding for the poor crab :(

With love from my full and grateful heart,


I was grocery shopping with my partner yesterday in a supermarket since we're hosting Easter dinner for family. As we were passing the fish counter, my partner said, "Look at that crab trying to escape the tank!" It was quite astounding. The crab had reached up and grabbed the top of the tank with its claw and was close to scurrying over it. Then it lost its footing and fell to the bottom. But just as quickly, it headed for the top again.

I stood in the aisle transfixed and was startled when the crab looked sideways at me with one eye. We made a telepathic connection. I felt its anguish and its deep yearning to be free to such an extent that I wanted to just stand there and weep under all those ugly, fluorescent lights as the shoppers jostled by.

That crab reflected perfectly how I was feeling. The rest of his buddies had settled apathetically on the bottom of the tank, resigned to their fate. But not this tenacious crab! "Keep going," he seemed to say through the glass. "Because one day we're both going to bust out of these cages. Free at last." Just what I needed to hear since I was feeling discouraged, weary, and out of fire. Such welcomed synchronicity. Thank you, Universe.

So here's a song for my badass friend, the crab, and for all the badass rebels out there.

"I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going
To keep me down!"

BTW, Open, Mustang Sally! One of my absolute faves. A big yes to primal, soulful power and to revving up that Mustang on a speedway one day at the right time and in the right place ha! :)

x Cathy

So, here I am in Avalon. I have been here for a couple of days now and a few synchronicities have occurred. I would like to share one which is, in a way, unfolding.

When I arrived to Glasto the thought arose 'how lovely it would have been to connect with Trinity if she was here and not in Finland'.

Then I read Trinitys post that she is actually in Avalon and not away. I thought cool, a sign? I left it and today as I was checking things out at the local health food shop I happened to come across both of Trinity's cookbooks on one of the selves (one of the books I proudly own :). Well, another sign?

So, Trinity, let's see! I'm going to be around till Monday late afternoon, so if you are available and feel like it, wanna meet? ....

Much love xx

Ahh yes, I love this thread - great idea *OK*

The question is: what does synchronicity show us?

When we were in Florida last year running a Breakthrough workshop, a guy at the hire car company was trying to get me to upgrade the compact that we'd booked to a mustang. Although it felt wasteful, I was sorely tempted - why? Because at the time, I felt like revving some real energy under the Openhand 'bonnet'. And it touched a primal power deep inside. The car seemed to be a great reflection of that. And although I turned the offer down, from that moment during the trip, I was seeing bright red mustangs literally everywhere!

So, on this trip when I found myself in Hawaii on a layover, and hired another small compact car, you should have seen my mouth drop when, unknown to me, they'd switched the compact for..... you guessed it...... a bright red mustang!!!

You should have seen me in the carpark as I realised, yes, that's the car they'd given me - I literally fell about laughing.

Although a part of me was resistant, I did take the car, I figured it was a gift from the universe, that reflected new primal, and powerful, energies that wanted to come through. But the funny thing was, that on the island, despite all the power under the bonnet, you couldn't drive at more than 55mph. And in Honolulu where I first stayed, often not more than 25mph. So here I am, with this massive engine under the bonnet, rumbling and ready to roar, able to speed at 160mph, and yet pootling around the side streets in first gear. So many times I just would have loved to have let rip!

And another funny experience was with judgment. The only place to get good vegan food where I was staying, was at the Hari Krishna temple nearby, where they served a great buffet at lunch time. Can you imagine rocking up to this incredibly spiritual, humble and compassionate temple, in a throbbing bright red mustang?! I can tell you I did get some funny looks, but to their credit, they did handle it well :-)

What I did take from the experience was the sense of power that goes with being in the cosmic self. But you do have to pick the time and place to unleash it!

Many times it brought this song to mind, sung in all its wonderful primal and soulful power...

Get with those vibes!

Open *OK*

Thanks for starting this thread on synchronicities of the day! It has happened to me more often that I felt like posting a special synchronicity, but then I didn't always know where to post it, so great that there is now this space to share.

One of the ways that I get synchronicities is with the words of songs spiking out to me. Today I was amazed when the same song popped up twice on an online radio channel, with the words 'no more oxygen to breathe' jumping out at me:

My ship is out of sight, all alone, this is the real me, with a blinding burning star, to keep me company' There is something about this song that resonates with me, though I wouldn't be able to put words to it....

Much love,


This is so awesome! I love moments like that and really am just happy to see it happen for others too!

I did have one of those moments today as well of synchronicity! I've been a bit down and disheartened lately in trying to figure some things out. So I thought to finish a painting I've been working on and listen to some music on you-tube while doing that.

Well one thing led to another and instead of my music I heard this video start playing that was exactly what I needed to hear today. It reminded me to just be me, be strong and just let whatever be just be! It was a video from Infinite Waters about what mentally strong people do not do. It said to me, I am strong and I got this :)

btw, you came to my mind the other day as well when I was trying to come up with a new kind of treat for my family. I think you helped me create a new dessert! A thin slice of cucumber, with a slice of strawberry on top of that and a mint/strawberry puree drizzled over the top. I haven't tried it yet, but cant wait to do so!