Something Spectacluar is Taking Place in the Field Right Now

Something truly spectacular is happening in the field right now, and I don't mean the c0nc0cted c0r0nav1rus! In response to shadowside agenda, benevolence has come to meet it, and in due course to unravel it, by working through the dimensions. Since the Openhand Virtual Easter Retreat, I've been in near constant multidimensional travel, and feel given to share a perspective, which I'm landing right at this moment. It's tremendously enthralling and exciting. Just as soon as I can do it 3D justification in words and concepts, I'll share it out to the Openhand community. Namaste. Open Praying Emoji

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Well synchronicities are pointing to the sun this weekend with a solar eclipse over the solstice and this sun diving comet. At the very least, I get the sense the energy is building for some activity going forth from this weekend, which could agitate/activate human consciousness. Only time will tell. You get some nice views of the sun diving comet "Picasso" on this video. I wonder what masterpiece the divine has lined up for us?...


I was just reading an update from and couldn't help chuckling at the name of the latest comet 'falling towards the Sun' as they put it (and possibly about to become visible to the naked eye):


Love the name, amazing synchronicity don't you think?

Additional synchronicity is it is following the same path as the previous comet, ATLAS.


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Another synchronicity - Comet NEOWISE is 'trekking' through right now ahead of the huge upcoming Solar Eclipse / Equinox at  Cancer (according to one astrologer I read reports from, the last time this happened was just before 9/11). Big Astrology right now, so thankfully The One is on the way!



This is what I've been referring to and feeling, the reactivation of what's known as Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid, which has been repaired, renewed and augmented by light beings acting in the field and energy workers on the ground. It's something that had been interferred with by the Intervention. And it will take time to filter through to have its peak effect within the shift. Here's Openhand's lead article on it...

Earth Ascension: Gaia's 5D Crystalline Grid Come's Online



Hi Open, after the release and high energies I experienced at the lifestream, I felt to sit with it the next day. Feeling in to it, letting it be, being aware. I told you at an earlier lifestream I have been working for some time (years) with the tightened throat chakra, when I sat with it the day after the lifestream there was a breakthrough. An opening through which an ancient energy came. I felt full of compassion and love. And felt to express gratitude for what it had  given me in my need to become aware of it. I found a place where it could go, another world where it could evolve and we were assisted  in the proces by higher dimensional  beings. I felt so full of love. Then through my throat came a long string of connected beads of energies that could leave now that  an opening out and into the other world was made. Quite an experience. I can feel a shift has been made. The energy flows unhindered. I am excited to learn your experiences. 
love to all openhanders, Anita



Thank you for the wonderful Facebook stream meditation. I could not attend it live but tuned in yesterday. I may not always comment , but know I am tuning in daily either on the website or Facebook,  and I am looking forward to your perspective. 

I have been busy in the 3D world taking care of these patients, but I have been even busier in the 5D- I hope one day to share this experience with the openhand family in person as it has been quite phenomenal... literally being on both sides of the coin;  but has provided such growth, insight, bridging beings together in the 5D realm- it can be quite exhausting but awakening and purposeful at the same time. 

The facebook stream yesterday touched my heart because it took me back to the Seattle retreat this time last year and I remembered how we sang into the chakras when the group was in the forest on our walk. I see it so clearly.....the tree I was leaning on gave me such peace as its spirit wrapped around me …. I am not sure if Seattle will happen this year but I am asking the Universe to show me the answer... hopefully England will happen in June and July. (It is quite synchronistic as well that I did all my name changes, passport, real ID , etc in mid February before the lockdown- although no sign of passport yet, hopefully it will arrive soon) .

 I look forward to your post soon in regards to your perspective- as I write this I know wonderful things are happening up and through this dark agenda (that is failing) .

Sending much love 

BetsyPraying Emoji



Most days now I feel a great sense of joy and an overwhelming warmth, all it takes is consciously opening my heart and I feel the love within me and all around me. Beautiful 💙


Hi Open,

I can certainly feel something beautiful this morning

Love and thanks Heather