How do I raise my Vibration into 5D Consciousness?

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People speak of "raising your vibration into 5D consciousness" but what does that mean exactly and how do we do it here at Openhand?

Each of your inner chakras connects you into a different dimension of consciousness, but for many people, the busyness and toxicity of society has shut down access to these higher dimensions. Through dedicated spiritual practice, such as meditation, and through inner purification, you can open these higher chakras once more.

You start to receive downloads of energy from the Universe, which speaks into your outer world as signs and synchronicity. You feel blessed with guidance and support. You're guided on a deep journey of revelation that brings you back into alignment with the natural flow of the universe.

Ultimately, when your 5D vehicle is open, then this interconnectivity and streaming guidance infuses your life by speaking directly into your intuition. You're guided to a life that is rewarding, fulfilling and abundant. It prepares you for the ultimate physical shift into higher dimensions as a way of living and being.

Watch this Openhand video on raising your vibration...

Shift to 5D Consciousness on an Openhand Seminar or Retreat

Openhand helps you raise your vibration to 5D through an annual program of seminars, courses and retreats within what we call our "5D Ascension Program". It's an integrated development approach, both terrestrial and on zoom, that helps you step by step to move with the earth's shift to 5D.

You'll engage in meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, past-life regression journeying, sacred ceremony, and one-on-one assisted self-realisation through inner inquiry.

Explore Openhand's Advanced Spiritual Program...Quantum Shift Your Consciousness

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This tune was given via a cosmic connection yesterday.

I thought it was such a catchy tune I'd share it  đź’ś