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Dear Openhanders,

Its my passion to connect with presence - our eternal true nature and express myself from that place through music, videos and writings. I feel absolutely blessed to have such a wondrous evolving community of ascending souls to support my journey at this crucial time on our collective evolution. Here are some of my creations. I hope we can inspire each other through this forum. 

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Nammal Itha/We are one (music video)

I bow to you ( music video)


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Dear Openhand community,

I'm thrilled to release the self made music video here with you. The song is called Nammal itha (we are one). Its about the beauty of Gaia and our connection with her. Dolphin

We are not separated from nature because we live in concrete buildings, wear clothes, and travel in vehicles. We, like a bird or a butterfly, are part of nature. Personally, I identify with a flower who expresses herself through fragrance and colour.

It's easy to lose our connection and get stuck in our heads about doing and achieving things during these times of great change. It's invaluable to stay connected with Gaia. She can help us to ground ourselves and reconnect with our essence. I consider myself fortunate to live in such close proximity to her beauty. Many thanks to my beautiful partner Soumya, who assisted me with the camera.The Sun Emoji

I did a rough translation of the Malayalam lyrics and added captions to the video. The song was produced on my computer with the instruments I have. I'm still a fairly inexperienced music producer Smliing, but I had a lot of fun and passion putting this together Angel Halo. Please listen with headphones.


With love
Vimal Heart🙏

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Vimal, I think it's beautiful and very well done.  I love it!  You and Soumya did a great job.  I saw the rainbow in the background too.  I don't have headphones for my laptop but I turned the volume up and it sounded awesome.  You have a very nice voice.  Praying EmojiHeart

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Hi Open, sherri and Cliff, 

Thankyou for your appreciation and words of support. A lot of energy, time and hardwork was spend into it but I was excited and passionate through out the process. It's a great opportunity for me to express like this here in this community where I can receive truthful reflection and then recalibrate myself to further authentic expression. It's interesting, I actually produced this song and shot most of the footage last year but gave up weaving it together because it didn't meet my expectation of what a music video looks like. But then this forum was an inspiration to revisit it and pick up from where I left off. Looking forwards to creating more and sharing here. 

I'm currently in an inquiry about, how can I unveil and express from authentic beingness without an expectation of a particular outcome. It's certainly a dance of flow and commitment. 

A beautiful sunset from where I live 



Vimal 🙏



What does it feel like when we are in our soul?

How can we connect to the feeling sense of the soul and follow it as a daily experience?

A perspective through my lens of experiences. 

How about you? How do you connect with your soul ? 

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I loved this video Vimal. I felt the sense of peace and balance as I watched it, landing less than half way through and feeling present and integrated into the moment as you were making it. It struck me as such a  simple concept, living in the flow of soul. The masculine explores while the feminine grounds the experience. A dynamic of unity, courage and acceptance. It is simple when we use the mind productively and don't fantasise, drawing ourselves away from the experience and into distortion. The purity of your message is that it came across as simple truth. beautifully done. Thank you.

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That was really excellent Vimal!  So much wisdom there, yet spoken simply, to get a deep message across easily.  I really enjoyed the video.  How do I connect with soul?  I think the way that connects me so easily and expands my soul is through art, painting, creating...even creating something in my mind seems to take me deeper as if I was really making the art.  Music is another way and different types of music have a way of opening up creative channels for me where soul flows easily. 

Going out into my forest or to the ocean seems to connect me to my soul easily, especially here in my driveway where I can walk along and feel the leaves of trees that border along the entire stretch of the driveway.  The forest gives off the freshest smell that never fails to get me to inhale very deeply!   I love to touch, smell and commune with "my" trees as I call them.  I talk to trees and plants.  Some people think that's funny but I feel a great connection when touching and talking to my trees and to the plants I grow, including plants inside my house.

Talking to and touching plants seems to make them grow really nicely.  I've got several flowering houseplants that normally would bloom once a year, but I'm always touching them so much I think this is why they bloom 3 or 4 times in a year.   I have happy plants and they bring me happiness and greater soul connection and the feeling of expansion.  One other thing that soul connection brings me is a loss of sense of time.  There is just the present moment when I make the soul connection.

  Thank you so much for sharing. Praying EmojiHeart

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Thankyou for beautiful feedback Open, Andy and Sherri. Your kind words make my heart sing. 

Sherri - what beautiful ways to connect with the soul. I can relate with all of those. I recently took part in a painting workshop. On the first day, I found myself completely immersed in sketching for an hour in nature. Time seemed to disappear. There is yearning to experience more of that and I think I will be painting more. Writing songs, making music is another big one for me. I feel so happy when I come with new songs and play it for others. I'm making some, which I hope to share here in some time. I'm in an inquiry of how not to get attached to the outcome and sustain the juice of the creative process. It's a balance between with vision and flow. Just being and connecting with nature and like minded people is another one. I feel super blessed to be living in a beautiful place connected with nature and spiritually oriented people. 

I'm sharing a sunset I painted few days ago. 

Vimal art

Vimal 🙏

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Hi Vimal,  That's a really nice painting and your trees came out great.  Doing trees ( and also mountains) has caused me to get tight many times but yours look like they just flowed onto the canvas without effort. 

Regarding your inquiry about how not to get attached to an outcome so the creative juices keep flowing, have you considered listening to different types of music when creating art, to see if they help you get in the flow?  I find different types of music seem to open up the flow in different ways.  There's a lot of different music posted on this site and just listening to some of it seems to take me away. 

Before I knew about breathing techniques to open the chakras, when I wanted to paint, I'd sit with the blank canvas for a while just breathing calmly.  If I was going to paint from something in a painting book, I would start out thinking I'd follow the steps but then find once I was into it, the brush kind of developed it's own movements in how it wanted to go.  That's how I can best describe it, something would change and if I stayed relaxed and allowed the brush to guide, then a masterpiece would result.  But it's definitely easy to want the outcome to go a certain way.  I'm sure each of us finds our soul's unique expression and that's what makes it all so neat.  I have to admit I do have a few partially done art on canvas things that started out in the flow and seemed to stagnate so I put them away until something creative speaks to me again.  

I've used different techniques like thinning the paint and then using a toothbrush and my thumb to kind of spray the paint onto the canvas.  I'm intrigued by the splatter techniques and want to just fling the brush with paint going however it wants to go.   Might be a good experiment if one needs to release desire for a certain outcome or just to be wild.  lol  But definitely an outdoor project!  Smliing

I used to write music and poetry long ago but not so much lately.  I look forward to hearing your next creations, you do have a gift with your video work and how you express in it.  Your sharing of your creativity here. along with others too, gives me the desire to create something new.  My soul wants to flow more than I give it time for lately.  I've been in a lazy stage... Spring came a month ago on the calendar but Winter has hung on forever and still more Winter weather coming.  Maybe I need to do a snow scene... haha

Keep enjoying and experimenting and the flow will flow.  This I know.

Much love Praying EmojiHeart

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Hi Sherri - For me creations rarely just flows without boulders. I will have to sit and work through all the tightness the expectation of the outcome causes. So for example , I did have to start from the beginning in this particular painting after going halfway through. I think thats where the openhand philosophy helps - Its never about the outcome, but the actualisation of the soul but paradoxically it can only be found by stepping into a particular outcome/ direction. 

I would love to see some of your painting as well if you can share the pictures or a link to it.

Cheers Angel Halo

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I'm not able to share my artwork, some of my paintings I sold long ago and some that I had pictures of, they've been lost over time and were damaged from moving.  I had some on the old digital camera SD card and it split apart so I lost all the photos on it.  I don't have a smart phone, don't want one unless I'm forced to get one...and probably still won't get one.  The updates from Google make it so I can't find a way to upload from my external drive now.  I'm not tech savvy.

I'm happy you know how to produce and share your music with us here though.  I really enjoy your work. Praying EmojiClapping Hands Emoji

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