Calling on Star Being Support to Lay Down Your Path of Light

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The multidimensional landscape around us in the Shift is terraforming at an incredible rate. The shadowside ramps up its machinations with the metaverse by the day, but likewise, Star Being support is infusing the field ever stronger. We must not sleepwalk into each day, thinking it will be just like yesterday. As ascending people, we must seize the moment and call on the frequencies of the Star Beings to Lay down a path of divine light through our lives. Here's how.

Star Being Nations Here in Support

It would appear that plenty of people have precious little cognisance of just how much life is changing on the planet right now. If they were aware, they'd be doing something positive about it on a daily basis. Plenty are still sleepwalking into today as if it were yesterday. We cannot afford to do that as the energies of the Shift now heighten and the shadow too writhes in its escalating distractive measures.

Have no fear. We can break down these dense field energies around the planet. If we're committed and aware of the various infusions happening, we can summon Star Being support to help infuse and anchor our star soul frequencies. These are the antidote to intervention. We can literally lay down a path of light. You'll feel held and supported in every step you take.

The question is, what do we need to be focussing on?

Watching for Derailment

First and foremost is to establish coherency and clarity of being in the lower dimensions - so you can anchor infusing higher dimensional light without intervention. What we need to hoist on board, is that there are derailing energies adept at channeling soul consciousness down diversionary alleyways of their own agenda - the Tall Whites for example, mathematical beings created by the old Annunaki who can create diversionary energetic pathways that surreptitiously divert the soul. They're using AI to plot these adjusting channels and pathways.

They're tuning into manipulated DNA, from Atlantean times, but also from the various measures of the bogus pandemic. DNA is a receiver/transmitter, through which they can channel derailing influence - you see plenty being drawn into the "metaverse" that way. But it can be broken down and ejected. I've found the aligned Draconian energies extremely effective in doing this. The Draconians are here, principally, to help restore and anchor the Flower of Life on the planet, specifically to reactivate Gaia's natural Torus in the lower densities.

Recently, having experienced Tall White field intervention coming in through old Atlantean DNA (particularly experienced through the throat chakra), I took off to the ancient Dartmoor that sits on Granite rock, with plenty of quartz embedded. I could feel a strong infusion of this dense, coherent and benevolent anchoring frequency. By working with chakra attunement meditation, the interference was readily ejected.

Be aware, you may feel a degree denser by practicing this, and your vibration may lower in the process, but this can be dealt with afterwards. The crucial point being to strip out any surreptitious derailing consciousness in the lower chakras, from the 4D downward.

When I got back to the place I was staying, I inadvertently smashed a white teacup, which fell on the floor and created a face amongst the pieces. I'd ejected Tall White energy! (later, I did help the released soul consciousness align back to the Torus through the angelic realm).

Close Encounters with Tall White Aliens from Orion

Clearing Your Lower Density Field

Clearing the lower densities is going to be a continuous task on a daily basis, because this derailing energy is quite rampant in society at this time, as it's aware of the demise of its old construct and therefore applying AI to continually shapeshift into new iterations. Have no doubt, it can be broken down and stripped out of your being, but it must become a daily practice of meditation, chakra attunement, physical detox and energetically protecting your field with crystal grids, which I'll get to later.

Once you feel clear in the lower chakras and anchored, then by applying breathing meditations, we can open into the higher chakras and call in the supportive higher dimensional frequencies, especially of the Andromedans, who are adept at weaving protective fields from sacred geometry. This is where we can lay down a path of light into our creative endeavours that becomes incredibly uplifting and empowering.

First, we've got to be clear that the infusing flow is authentic and aligned with the divine. Let's say you have particular directions or objectives in day-to-day life to fulfill. But you're unsure exactly how? The key is not to effort the choice and definitely don't intention what to do, as this is a lower dimensional approach that risks derailing intervention. You're beginning by picking up subtle nuances and senses, the beginnings of subtle flows, reflected perhaps in colours, patterns and some initial numerology.

Becoming the Conscious Co-creator

You may have to work with frustration at this point - not necessarily understanding the apparent messages or flow. That's okay - gain a glimpse of the vision, but then offer it back up to the Universe, "show me". Where the creative infusion is authentic, and gathered enough downward flowing energy, then you'll feel it as a movement, a pull, through the heart:

this is what we're doing now;
this is what we're going to create now.

Watch for the sense of rightness, passion, and heartfelt resolve to get something done, and to move in a particular direction. Be open to fluidity, but work not to continually second-guess the inflow through the heart, as this is a classic intervention derailment.

Now's the time to call in higher dimensional support to weave the flow and lay down a path of light. You're literally opening to higher dimensions, through the higher chakras, stepping positively in the creative direction, and drawing down the Star Being energies that are rightly resonating through you. This is where you may weave the path with patterns, flows, numerology and sacred geomtery. Nature can also help - I've found sacred bee medicine highly effective with this, to help weave in the 3D.

Everything is consciousness, and so it's essential, especially now, to become a conscious co-creator with the re-emergent divine flower of life. Note that this is very different from intentioning, which so often falls into the derailing trap. It's surrendering to the infusion of the natural flow, but then stepping into it as a positive co-creator. Thus you're laying down a pathway of light.

6 Specific Areas to Pay Attention to on a Daily Basis

What are the specific areas we need to pay attention to on a daily basis?

Here are 6 key ones...

1). Daily detox and cleansing: the field is awash with toxicity from the bogus measures of the plandemonium and the derailing field energies - of Tall Whites and Greys for example. Make sure you're cleansing the body with daily greens and fortifying it with supplements that build the immune system.
Explore Openhand's detox forum for full info

2). Minimise use of social media: the big social media platforms are integrating AI increasingly by the day. It's purposefully configured to spot user trends and wrap consciousness in through constant, low-level, dopamine hits. Be very aware if this is influencing you and you're getting addicted to it. You'll notice where it starts to bleed the natural juice and joy of life
How to attain Homeostasis and balanced dopamine activation

3) Secure your lower dimensional coherency: through breathing meditations, chakra attunement and deep consciousness bodywork, you're taking sovereign ownership through the lower self. Hot and cold plunging is highly effective at supporting this. Make clear internal statements about your sovereignty of being and that anything which doesn't have your highest interests must leave. Call on Draconian energy in support.
Draconian Star Fleet arrives to level the playing field in the Shift

4) Hold creative flows lightly: where you've been on the spiritual path some while, you'll be used to getting downloads and higher dimensional guidance. You'll be getting flashes of inspiration, plain knowings and even visions of what wants to naturally create. Be wary of intention at this point, unless you start to feel the infusing flow coming through the heart and already beginning to create. Where you're unsure, give the creative flow back up to the universe. Have patience and wait for it to form more solidly.

5) Call in Star Being Support: Once you can feel a growing strength to move in a particular way, move toward an objective or goal, or else to make changes in how you're living or working, then call in higher dimensional Star Being support: the Lyrans, Arcturians and Androemdans for example. Embody the sense of creative empowerment with commitment. Now step positively into the creative flow, watching signs, synchronicity, patterns and sacred geometry. Pay attention to what power creatures, such as the bee, come naturally to you on the path. As you notice these flows, so you're consciousness weaving and co-creating with these divine infusions.
Quantum Manifesting with Star Being Support

6) Creating protective crystal grids: You can enhance the clarity and coherency of your divine landscape by working with crystals. For example, Obsidian, Shungite Granite and Quartz can help anchor lower dimensional energies and keep your field clear. Meanwhile, Laboradite, Lapus Lazuli, Amythyst and Amber can help anchor higher dimensional energies - go with what feels naturally right to you. Remember, you do have to work with them - let them call upon, and animate, that sovereign feeling in you.

The Merkabah in Daily Life

Through these measures I've thus far illuminated, what we're working to do, and ultimately establishing, is what the ancient mystics have called the Merkabah.

You're purifying the lower self, detaching from the matrix and creating an upward facing crucible to receive cascading inflows of higher dimensional light. You're opening the higher self to amplify the nuances and perceptions of the divine, which you're then cascading down through your being.

Explore the activation of your Merkabah

Laying Down Your Pathway of Light

The energies of the Shift heighten by the day. They're positively demanding that we become increasingly conscious and aware of how we're living, what we're being, and how we're consciously co-creating each moment with the divine.

Sleepwalking into today as if it were just like yesterday, is no longer an option. It's all too easy for the soul to get hijacked down diversionary alleyways.

I realise my sharing could sound a degree full-on! But spiritual mastery beckons, and it's high time to go to work: to make our spirituality the daily orientation; and the integration/expansion of soul our life's breath. This is how we reclaim and regenerate the natural flower of life through us and around us in the landscape we're consciously co-creating. The possibility is there to call on our Star Being brothers and sisters to lay down a path of light. We're retaking ownership of this divine planet, to re-establish its natural vibrancy and authenticity. And we have the enormous power of the infusing shift energies to back us up.

Let's call on them, infuse and ground them, to uplift our lives!

If you consider it high time for you to call on Star Being support in your life, then consider getting involved with the ground breaking work of Openhand. Where we bring in the Star Being nations to illuminate the journey through the Shift.

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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Dear Open & Team,

Thankyou for this great work. Due to my high vibrational energy work I seem to have become the magnet for lower vibrational fields trying to derail me which is exhausting. One of the problems is I find myself getting soporific and my  eyes becoming very heavy and then falling asleep in mid reading of a document or a meditation. I do very strong protection, but at night I find myself falling asleep sometimes before I can put this in place and then the next morning I feel zapped and exhausted and I have to start from scratch again to build myself back up.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening and become a master of my power.I'm working on the recordings of your Avalon Rising Summit, but starting late due to other commitments.

Love and blessings



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Hi Carolin,

Greetings and welcome to Openhand 🙏

Yes, it's a fundamental consideration that many people go through in dealing with especially the 4D field which happens to  be awash with derailing and draining entities. How to protect against them?

It's all in understanding exactly what it is we feel we need to protect?
It's a paradox. Only the identity needs protection, justification or validation.
So in the very attempt to protect oneself, you create the target that becomes the magnet that draws them.

So what's the answer?

It's to become that which you truly are - the Torus, and to sit within the vortex of that: the singularity.
This is the presence of the One - the absolute or infinite potential. The Source.
As you become able to soften into this through the chakras, and then to embody this, your very state of being becomes the antidote to intervention.

What we need to realise is that the intervention, and various entities of it, are only there because they're animating our own unconsciousness. They make our darkness visible. In that way, they're actually providing a service. If we can work to become present through the density, and be the source through it, then the intervention will have to leave of its own accord.

That's the way we work at Openhand.
Of course that's easier said than done.
The path is straightforward, although not easy.
But that's the journey itself.

If you get a resonance with this approach, then I'd suggest getting involved with the Openhand work through the autumn program...

Openhand Autumn Events 2023

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

I just felt to share some fieldwork with you. For you to get a sense of it.

I was intuiting 'Lamenting, Lamenting' yesterday. Lamb (Baa) Ment (Mind). And last night it cleared out of my field with quite an exit in terms of entity removal. I felt to go outside and was drawn to a bright start in the sky that was pulsing - by way of confirmation that this is indeed intervention energy. You can see how society elicits victimhood and self-pity over strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Faux grief that strikes me like the acting you see on soaps.

In authentic.

Bye for now 🌟


04/08/2023 Shift Update

Avalon Rising 23 begins today, Openhand's unique Ascension Summit where we're catching the Bow Wave of the infusing energies of the Shift and helping people capitalise. It promises to be a pearler! And we'll be working to ripple the energies far and wide for the benefit of all following the movement.

A key part of our first day will be calling in Star Being Support. They've come from across the cosmos to serve in the Shift: from Lyra, Andromeda, Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius, Venus and aligned groups from Draco. By activating soul frequencies in us and bringing them alive through increased resonance, we can access deeper and more alchemical aspects of our being to create more rewarding and fulfilling lives. We can break down the threads of the matrix around us and set the soul free.

Hence, right from the start, we'll be calling in these groups. Know that you are not alone. With this in mind, I suggest to browse Openhand's article on working with the Star Being Nations above, and gain the sense of that support with this inspiring and uplifting video below. You are not alone!...

Although all live tickets are sold out, it's still possible to get the daily recording tickets. We distribute the recordings the day after the previous day's sessions...

It's sure to be a magical time.

Bright blessings to all.

Open 💎



The 3D world is getting crazier by the day - that's usually the case as we enter the "End Times" of an old reality construct (see this essential video on the Timeline). That's why we must learn to lay down our path of light through it all. That's definitely possible, but it must become our daily orientation now. If you're wondering how, check out Openhand's lead article on it above:

Calling on Star Being Support to Lay Down Your Path of Light

It's my experience the Star Beings are drawing closer with their energies by the day. Expect some miracles and magic in your life, orientate with that openness, and they'll surely come in to support your unfolding pathway.

Bright blessings

Open 💎


Hi Open,

Thank you for the extremely detailed and useful info!

Regarding the crystals, should I go with polished or unpolished ones? And what weight/size should they be? There are too many variations to choose from, so I’m kinda lost here. Smiling With Sweat Emoji

Perhaps there’s already a post on that here in Openhand?


In reply to by Edu Lins


Hi Edu - greetings, welcome to Openhand 🙏

What crystals should we use to protect our space and support divine connection?

Crystals have an aliveness all of their own, they have character and embody sentience. In choosing them, it's like building a relationship. So the most important thing is that they speak to you on a personal level.

It becomes a symbiotic relationship. They activate something in you. Which you then amplify out into your space.

So when choosing, always go with the soulful feeling about them.

Well wishes

Open 💎


20/04/2023 Shift Update: Breaking the Tall White Intervention

How will we break the Tall White intervention when they can read every thought and intention?
When they can take an inspirational divine flow and channel it into their dim shadow metaverse reality?

Let them come in. They already are!
When you feel the juice of life has been draining from you;
When all passion and drive seems mysteriously gone;
When you're relying on social media dopamine hits to keep you marginally happy,
When you're in fear that reality won't support you.
When you're reduced merely to nose at the grindstone,
the daily cyclical loops of thought and constraint,
that's when you know they're inside.

But ask the essential, most empowering question:
Why are they there? Why did you manifest them?

Recognise they're filling some sense of lack:
that which longs for home and belonging outside of yourself,
rather than the singularity of the void;
That which needs an external position, respect or to be loved,
rather than loving the actualisation of self;
That which needs reality to go a certain way or crystallise in a particular way;
That which gives up, because our dreams seem to fail,
and so control seems the only option:
a mathematical solution that delivers what you think you want and need.

Yet, it's only ever a dim shadow, one with all the juice and adventure of the unknown - of life itself - drained from it;
That which is attached to the crystallisation of a particular construct, not seeing it as the mirror to actualisaiton of self.

That's why you've needed the Whites.
That's why you invited them in.

Now ask yourself, which would you prefer: The dim shadow of a make-believe reality?
Or the real juice of living the adventure of the unknown?
What expression of self can you actualise next?
What will that awesome infinite potential deliver now?

When you're ready to live this incredible adventure of life,
Where from one moment to the next, you don't know what's coming,
Where you are prepared to constantly recalibrate your sense of self;
Where you can witness your dreams, hopes and desires all come to naught,
Yet get up with a fresh heart, happiness and the simple joy of creation;
When you can appreciate that simple beauty in everything you do...
Then you are done with the Tall Whites. You need them no longer.
And you can then show them exactly what they've been missing:
the real juice of life.

They will either have to leave immediately,
Or join your ecstatic rebellion,
because there is simply no middle ground.

This is how we liberate ourselves from that layer of intervention.

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎

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Is it right we need the dopamine hits if we deny our truth in the moment? I have been falling way too many times for the notion I need to be some innocent or pure creature, it results in turning daily life into a battlefield. Often I fall for the idea´s the conditioned judgements have reserved for me, with the help of the Whites. It seems to be built on truth at first, and for a while it feels like transcendence, only to recognise again there has been an intervening energy playing around with it. It´s hard to spot, it seems pretty difficult at this level to discern what is truth over what is an agenda. And I'm subtlely pulled in as I try to unravel an addiction for example. I can see the truth in the distortion, but not yet able to authentically transcend it. Maybe more and more, but really not all of the time. Then there is judgement coming in playing on a sense of guilt, mostly coming at night in dreams or some sort of hallucination. I get constantly stuck in an idea of what transcendence or Oneness really is, instead of seeing it is what is right in front of me in all authenticity. It is not some idea of purity I have to attain for sure, but apparently part of me really is invested in that. So I swing back and forth between denying all pleasures of the physical world, or indulging in it with a sense of guilt and judgement. Though I have experienced both ends of the swinging pendulum as one, holding it in a space of non-judgement, and there has the transendence been authentically possible. I have been at a point of exhaustion with this dynamic several times, it seems to find ways to energise itself again. I can only keep observing and learning Slightly Smiling


In reply to by hannah


Dear Hannah - it's tremendously commendable and inspiring the way you're illuminating your inner process and working to unravel the various impulses 💙

What it might help to reflect, is that when you go into the gym and pump weights, the muscles will get soar and tired. What do I mean?

Most people are not even engaging with the source of the various impulses that makes them do what they do and follow a certain path. As we start doing this, we'll quickly realise it's like walking through a minefield. The soul has gotten fragmented into various behaviourisms that are purposefully being played upon, and preyed upon, by the intervention. But the crucial thing to realise and accept in oneself, is that all of these distortions are those of truth. Meaning there was a truthful soul impulse at the heart of them.

So as you peel back the layers, yes you'll get pulled this way and that. And you'll uncover new soul impulses that take you strongly in certain directions. Of course it's not wrong to enjoy pleasure. We need that soul food on a regular basis. Even dopamine releases are a good physical reflection of soulful expression. The crucial difference is that they're coming from an active participation with reality rather than it being from spoonfeeding.

Ultimately it's about finding your middle path. Through constant internal illumination - by being totally present in the behaviours - even where we know we're slipping into distortion, that's okay. You're working to realise where the natural boundaries are. Soft comfort is necessary, but if that's the only expression we entertain, then it becomes a debilitating and demotivating program.

It's essential not to self-judge - because this creates blockages to full immersion in the experience. It's only in the full immersion that we get to experience the natural boundaries. And so it becomes a progressive process of breaking down the density and finding aligned and authentic soul expression through any given activity.

Let's say my passion is mountain climbing - which I really love. I might also enjoy good food, but too much good food means I'm less able to climb. So it's a balance - feeding all aspects of the soul and finding the best background state of homeostasis that supports all of these soulful activities.

You're doing great - keep going!

Open 💎

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Thanks Open I immensely appreciate the encouragement and reflections 🙏 it really helps to soften the mind.

Part of me is somehow afraid that if I let go I won't be able to find natural boundaries or balance. But just now I was reminded - again - that it's not really helpful to hold onto every process, and how it can naturally unfold. For example over the years of doing inner work I naturally started sleeping less and lighter, being less unconscious at night. I could have been really attached to sleep and as the bodymind needs a bit of time to adjust and feels "tired", resist that and start taking stuff to sleep longer and deeper. Or create a spiritual identity around it and effort sleepless nights. But by letting it be without judgement it became a naturally flowing background experience, with a lot of benefits. Okay, this was relatively easy to let go and let it do it's thing. With more investment in the more complex area's of life, it can become a bit more complicated 😇

In essence there is just a yearning to experience the "sweetness of life" in a liberated and connected way. 



(the bug you put in the title of the comment was a really funny synchronicity for me I had a good laugh about, thank you 😆)


Hi Open,

thank you so much for this article - this is exactly the orientation I needed right now.

My life is evolving so fast, and even though I have a good daily practice, I constantly keep slipping into overstraining myself. Even purchasing furniture and setting it up in my room, with all the tidying up to do is so energy intense ... this is really a time for me to create more clarity and more clear boundaries about what feels right to me and what nourishes my soul.

What I am actually comfortable with is the active attention part, not to put weight on intentioning where to go and what to do. 

I feel there is a big shift happening within me, to resolve some large intervention in my solar plexus chakra that is constantly triggered and tightens down when lower mind takes over. I feel that a lot of intense mental activity is very much pulling me down at the moment. And the big challenge here is to stay centered and not derail myself into the next distraction.

These ups and downs are really tough to navigate. Open, how would you handle situations where your energy level drops as low as to allow lower density energies in? I quickly find myself wanting to eat, wanting to watch series, feeling sexual, wanting to distract from the density. I find meditation helps somewhat but I guess that I should look at why I am getting myself into these situations in the first place, right?

Much love,
Thomas 🌸

In reply to by ThomasK


Hi Thomas - thanks for sharing - it's so important right now that we each share our processes and illuminate what's going on. 👍

I know you've changed lifestyle pretty radically since the beginning of 2023. Would you say that your previous occupation caused you to be quite left brained?

I know you have lots of wonderful faculties, and being able to process in a 3D mental way is so important. Yet we must be clear that the inspiration is cascading in from higher dimensions. Where one is making this transition, effectively you're confronting and stripping out an old consciousness - even at a DNA level.

That's bound to be tiring and stressful at times. It's like part of you still wants to pull in the old direction, whilst a new iteration is wanting to open up to greater flexibility. Yes, the internal stress this can cause can lead to a desire to "medicate" - food, distraction, entertainment, overriding sexual urges. I think such "medication" is fine at times, providing we're working to set boundaries in the activities and keep applying oneself to the self-realisation practices... meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, aligned diet and intermittent fasting.

It's a progressive journey of transformation. Two steps forward and at times a step back.

Let openness and flexibility break down the contractions in the solar plexus.

Let me know how that progresses in the coming days.

Well wishes

Open 💎

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Hi Open,

thank you for the reflections, this is very insightful for me 🍀

Yes, you are right, my profession until the end of 2022 was totally left-brained. I worked as a project coordinator in several massive projects, leading a sizable team of experts for the realization of more than one hundred construction sites for agricultural development in Mali. Organizing, structuring, planning, this was all based on logic and rationality. 

Now since the beginning of 2023 my life is changing rapidly and completely, I have moved places again, now being in the neighboring village to where I grew up, in the beginning of march and now start settling into a totally new landscape. The larger decisions are made and now life becomes more internal. I feel the peace and calm coming back, to the degree that I allow myself to regain it - the distraction being the aspect that I slowly let go of to sustainably transit into higher dimensional living.

The solar plexus is already a lot less tight than before, thank you also for your great poetic viewpoint on how to let go of the tall white intervention which I found quite illuminating. The whole thread here feels to me very much like an advanced day-to-day manual on how to navigate the rapidly changing world.

Much love,
Thomas 🙏🏼


19/04/2023 Shift Update: Laying Down Your Path of Light

The surrounding field is terraforming by the day, and it's essential therefore we orientate ourselves accurately and become a conscious co-creator with the divine. That's what I'm focussing on today with this new lead article above...

Calling on Star Being Support to Lay Down Your Path of Light

It includes 6 key areas of focus.

Do share your experiences and reflections on what's happening for you right now? Let's continue to illuminate the pathway forwards through this great shift.

Bright blessings

Open 💎