The Wall: Daily Ascension Snippets

I felt to add this forum thread called "The Wall". Post your one-liner, link or comment of inspiration in our 5D Ascension here. The very latest of what's moving and shaking the 3D world.

Bright Blessings

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There can be nothing like living in the Merkabah.
Nevermind AI.
This is a superconsciousness, that is flexible, innovative and adaptable,
both to daily 3D living and the flow of the quantum field.
There is nothing like it!


The karma of the Sirius shift is coming up for a lot of people. A central aspect of that is the belief and need to control life - not allowing for the natural consequences, freedom and joy of the flow itself. It strangles the juice out of life. That's why we must all work to concede control to the natural flow. We can still engage and "show up". As we intuit the flow, to step positively into it. But definitely not to try to control it.


Folks, breathe a sigh of relief. You don't have to know how the infusing light will create. You just have to infuse and anchor it. Then step positively into the path of light that is clearly revealing itself. Everything else will weave around you...


For when you're experiencing energetic attack, the key is not to resist - it can only attach in the places you react. Be like water, let it flow through. And if you then decide at a soul level to take it on and deal with it, then you can be like a powerful wave and dispatch it...


To truly incarnate and embody here

we must work to break down all dark structures held within.

So that the divine flow of the physical form can naturally rise up from the base

and infuse with the incoming stream of soul consciousness

through the heart and then upwards...


"These mountains that you are carrying,

 you were only supposed to climb."

~ Najwa Zebian


Question: How do you get the Universal Torus moving again through the densities of the elemental realm?

Answer:  (What is) Merkebah?

The difficult part though, for me, is aligning the consciousness of the body (yes the body has a consciousness!) with the higher flow.

Some key pointers:

1) Your inner world creates the outer, not the other way around!

2) Boundaries, boundaries.

P.S, nice track to kick things off. Tremendous energy!

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We were just doing a seminar in Glastonbury Town Hall last night (photos and video to follow hopefully). But one key message was the importance of orientation and focus. Several people commented how we're living in two worlds not one: 1) the various machinations of the shadowstate within the Old Paradigm 2) the infusion of light which is beginning to form the New Paradigm).

What your consciousness attunes to, is essentially what you'll experience and manifest.
Let's stay focussed folks!



I tried to be something that I'm not 

and that didn't work out so well 


I tried all ways to be free when I was already


Stepping into what I'm required courage 

It meant that I will be wierd 


If I knew it I would have accepted it before 


Slowly gradually I would have 

But I didn't. So it took time. It still takes time 


Grateful to have all the blessed souls and teaching that showed me the way 

when I was lost in the darkness of the unknown 


But I started relying on them and forgot, only I can walk my path. 


My karma and lessons are unique and hence can only be walked through my mistakes and losses 


No matter how awakened other is, their path is theirs not mine 


So I welcome 

I welcome my karma. My lessons 

My gifts. My desires 

I welcome me to myself


Vimal 🙏

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This is beautiful Vimal, thanks for sharing. I really feel it, as I am realising more deeply that we are not here to do it 'right'. But to embrace the distortions or rather, misunderstandings of the nature of reality that are alive within us and reflect all the misunderstandings present within humanity and beyond. To express, bring awareness to and realign them, rather than avoid and bury it underneath a neatly managed life within society. That it's okay that things looks messy or weird or out there, that things are misunderstood and judged. Bring it on! 😃

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Love this Hannah. We are not here to do it right. Speaks to my soul. That's the misunderstanding right, there's a right way to live and do things. But maybe there's rightness in living our unique path which includes all the distortions we embody and express. I like the way you have expressed it. There's a lot of acceptance in it. It comes with a lot of freedom to be messy and wierd, joy, not needing to get it right. 


There comes a point in life, and on the path where there is simply NO going back. There can be NO compromising. It is do, or die. It's that simple. We have started to reach that point now with the various machinatons of the Old 3D Paradigm. We will not lose because we cannot lose. Losing only happens when you stop, and stopping is no longer an option.


The 5D Crystalline Gird is strengthening all the time, which is precipitating waves of emergent consciousness from the old paradigm. Just take a look at the mass protests going on against the government in China right now. "It's not the beginning of the end, but could well be the end of the beginning"...

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Upon reflection, I was wrong about my reflection on the widespread China protests yesterday...

"It is not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning".

Actually, I feel it more accurate to say...

"This is not the end, of the old 3D paradigm, but the beginning of the end."

Such is the poignancy of the Chinese population finally rising up against the controllers.

Watch this space.

Open 🙏



That was an illusion. Dont you see? The biggest lie we have been sold since our birth! That we have to be someone or somewhere else. That being yourself is not enough. And we just believed it! Goddammit! We believed it to please others who believed the same lie!

Until one day we woke up. Now the veil has fallen. Freedom is beckoning. Such a relief to finally see the truth! All I have to be is myself. All the effort and trying can rest now. We can take this coat off. All the labels we have put on ourselves can go now. The should and the shouldn'ts. We are natural. We always were. Just how it's meant to be. 

And the most fascinating thing is that, the world which sold this lie to you was begging you to see the truth and show them the light. They wanted the same thing, to be themselves. They wanted to be free as well. No one wants lies. No one wants to effort to be themselves. But now you can show them. Don't need to do any particular thing. Just being yourself. That's all there is! No need to be a healer, a teacher or a guru. Being yourself. Your most rightful expression in this moment. That's all there is.

Being yourself will break down the illusion of others. Just as, you had to break down to get to the truth. They will get uncomfortable. But that's what their soul is calling for. And you are giving that. You stop feeding their illusion anymore. The greatest gift you can offer. The gift of your light. 

The more you do it, the more you will attract people, the right kind of people to you. They will celebrate with you. Your light and the joy of your being! 

The future is in your hand, it's in this moment. Do you choose passion over comfort? Spirit over body? Truth over lie? Red or the blue pill? 

Destiny is waiting patiently. All you have to do is get out of your own way. Take the next step which is presented in this moment. Don't even think about the step after that. Don't need to figure out where it is taking you. The flow will manage that. Trust in it. You are seeded to master this.

Vimal 🙏


"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."    -  Jules, Pulp Fiction, Ezekiel 25:17


Dear Open ,

After the beautiful, almost lyrical contemplation we did with the energies of Divine Feminine and Masculine ,here is what I have missed in my own expression of the Feminine.  


Do you see the intrigues on the global stage?

Rest in peace "Mouse"...