Dawning Age of Aquarius and the 5D Ascension Shift

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A lot has been written and said about the Dawning Age of Aquarius - the subject has been veritably vlogged to death! There's even been plenty of dispute about its true beginning. As I expressed in Openhand's Solstice Journal, it feels very clear to me that the great Saturn/Jupiter conjunct of this winter solstice did indeed mark the beginning of this New Age. It spoke to me through signs and synchronicity, not least the huge water bearing storm Bella, that swept through the UK on Boxing Day: we have moved from the age of Pisces and into that of the water-bearer Aquarius.
What can we intuit about the influence on planetary consciousness?
What does it tell us about how to prepare ourselves going forwards?

Heralding the New Age

Without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 has been a pivotal year, where the dust has not yet even settled on the earth shattering shifts. A shroud of darkness seeks to stretch itself across society. In the name of the bogus pandemic, people's fear has been preyed upon by a shadow consciousness to usher in a system of control in the guise of The 4th Industrial Revolution. The shadow state has just conducted an humungous charade, a game of smoke and mirrors, through which it has blinded many of the world's population. It's divided group against group with the majority policing each other about how we should and shouldn't act in the face of this "terrible disease" (which by all reliable statistics is no worse in impact than seasonal flu). This is not the kind of "Heralding of the New Age" we might have expected!

We must however deal only with the truth as we see it, and not some alternate time line we would rather wish or hope for. And let me quickly add, it is not someone else's truth to behold either, including mine. The first thing we can accurately say about the Dawning Age of Aquarius is that we're moving out of the age of global religion and secular leaders, into a time where each is encouraged to find their own inner guru. That is clearly one very positive shaft of light shining forth through all of this - the encouragement to personal sovereignty. So only take whatever resonates with you at a soul level. But do be open that another my hold some important keys to unlock new doorways of your own truth.

What else might we say about the Dawning Age of Aquarius?

Resolving Your Emotions Through the Baptism of Water

Curiously Aquarius is an air sign and yet symbolised by the water-bearer. When I completed my recent tour of the UK leading into the solstice (second stage yet to come), visting both high and low energy sites, synchronicity spoke of the power of water - of spilt water. Interestingly just after my tour concluded, Britain was battered by storm Bella. To me this is highly significant - we must pass through the plane of the emotions in order to reach the higher vibrations of air.

What does this mean specifically?

We might look at it in terms of the 5GATEWAYS, the five shifts of consciousness leading to human Enlightenment and Ascension into 5D. The first gateway is all about awakening to the soul and with that gaining greater personal sovereignty. The second gateway is about walking the path of the soul and finding realignment with the soul's purpose. It's characterised by the "baptism" - you're being baptised as a disciple of your own soul. And this happens through water, through the plane of emotions. By working through emotional ties into the old consciousness, you start to reach the higher plane of air - or mind.

Do not underestimate the importance of resolving your relationships in this great shift, for it is pivotal.

2020: A Clear Parting of the Waves

2020 has been a highly synchronistic year in terms of numerology. I clearly felt, and stated this time last year, that it would signify a parting of the waves. That was accurate. The shadow state is leading a large swathe of humanity into new high tech synthetic reality. There will be people in your immediate familiy who, through the mask and the vaxx, are willingly sleep walking into the controlled agenda. It's going to invite you to find your inner emotional boundaries like never before.

(Image by Lisa Yount: Parting the Waves)

Remember the difference between empathy and sympathy. To empathise doesn't mean to carry the other's burden for them; it doesn't mean to jump into the flooding trench with them. As tough as this will be, it means forging the emotional strength and freedom of your own soul; aligning with your own higher soul's path. It's only by embodying the light and shining it forwards that you can really help anyone. AND, it is NOT your obligation to help EVERYONE, for not everyone is yet ready or willing to receive real enlightenment at this time.

So Aquarius invites you to forge your soul in the challenging plane of emotions. Break the jug. Let the water flow forth. Let it stir you up so it may cleanse you of attachment.

You'll start to embody more through the plane of mind. Yes, the plane of mind, for it is a higher vibration than the plane of the emotions. Let's not confuse conditioned left-brained rigid behaviourisms, which are physical vibrations, with the clarity of higher thought. The plane of the intellect can be clearly informed by your higher divinity when not clouded with emotional attachment. Now we're getting into the true meaning of the Aquarian Age as an air sign. In the 5GATEWAYS routemap this purification process leads to unification of higher and lower mind through Kundalini Activation. But kundalini can only truly activate once the lower physical and emotional vehicles have been cleansed and realigned.

Aquarius and The Higher Plane of Mind

This is where I feel to depart from the astrology. As with all the other ages, Aquarius will endure just over 2000 years. You don't have to wait that long! The invitation instead is to take the emphasis in which we enter this New Age in the context of the circumstances we find ourselves sailing through. These are highly charged times, pitting person against person, that will challenge family relationships to the core. As difficult as that will be, it's necessary to forge the soul and be able to establish firm emotional boundaries -

You are NOT the others keeper. Just as you wouldn't want another to walk your path for you, so you must lay down the burden of carrying the others karma that only they can process. Are you ready to be that emotional warrior? Can you empathically stand and reflect back the truth that you feel in your heart - can you stay true to that?

As 2020 signalled a parting of the waves, so 2021 will signify focus on the one pathway forwards that is yours and yours alone - one that leads into the 5th Density. For sure you'll have to nagivate the turbulent seas of the emotions. Don't let any "love n light" mantra delude you into thinking it will be easy. It won't. But if you're prepared to face the situations you'll encounter in honesty and truth, then you most definitely will find the pathway through them and it will be the making of you - the forging of soul through the plane of emotions such that you may embody the air sign of the New Age. That's the opportunity 2021 reveals when you strip back the charade of 2020. That's the parting of the waves.

As the New Era dawns it's time to prepare. It's time for focus. The meditation I shared in this Facebook LiveStream is designed to help by opening to the energy and embodying essential new aspects of beingness. See how it might help you...

If you resonate with my sharing and could benefit from some support finding this Aquarian alignment in 2021, consider joining Thrive in 3D/5D Program

In loving support

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Last night I had a dream that I saw a UFO in the sky. Then it dematerialised and completely disappeared. Then a drop of light fell on to my hand. Do you have any idea what this could mean?

Is a symptom of undergoing the shift having a feeling of wanting to leave the physical plane of existence?

How do you activate a toroidal flow?

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Hi Sakib,

That sounds like a wonderfully moving experience Thumbs Up Sign
As with all of this "paranormal" experiences, the key is to begin to interpret what they mean for you?
The sequence could indeed reflect a desire to leave this plane of existence - to "dematrialise". But if you don't get a strong feeling sense of that right away, then keep holding the inquiry until it becomes indeniable and real for you.

If you're wanting to activate the Torus and are new to the journey of Ascension, you might begin with this article here...
The Metaphysics of Our Spirituality within the Universal Toroidal Field

Very best wishes

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I think somewhere in Glastonbury, there is an ancient depiction of the zodiac that you can only see from the air that includes Aquarius.

In reply to by Sakib (not verified)


Yes indeed Sakib - the Zodiac is imprinted in the landscape around Glastonbury. Aquarius happens to be the area around the Tor and Wearyall Hill - where Openhand is based!

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I have been re-reading and meditating on this post for several days now.

"There will be people in your immediate familiy who, through the mask and the vaxx, are willingly sleep walking into the controlled agenda. It's going to invite you to find your inner emotional boundaries like never before." 

This has been true for me in a big way.  I have not seen my parents or siblings in over a year, their choice.  I am able to respect their point of view even though it is different from mine.  I have processed the emotions and am at peace that they are here for their soul journey and are on a different path than me.  From their perspective, my choices don't make sense and are hard for them to accept.  So I don't push my perspective on them and accept that it is possible I may never see them again as we continue to live our truths.

My struggle is I am still not able to get to that place with my children.  On the mental plane I get it.  I get that they are here for their own journey and maybe this lifetime is meant to help them awaken in a future one.  They are both adults and I can't make choices for them.  It's the emotional plane that is so much harder for me to process through.  Although the physical umbilical cord was cut at birth, there seems to be an etheric one that I'm still unable to cut.  Neither are open to anything other than the mainstream narrative.  Yet when I was their age I probably wouldn't have been open to it either.  It took years of life experience to get to where I am now.  I feel if only there was more time they would come around.  Mentally I know they chose to be here at this time when there wouldn't be enough time yet emotionally I want what's best for them and don't want any harm or pain to come their way.  I also get that what's best from them is from my perspective.  I'm just struggling with my emotional body catching up and accepting all of this.  Since before they were born I was their caregiver, cheerleader and biggest fan.  So letting go bearing witness to the path they are choosing is heartbreaking.

 "You are NOT the others keeper. Just as you wouldn't want another to walk your path for you, so you must lay down the burden of carrying the others karma that only they can process. Are you ready to be that emotional warrior? Can you empathically stand and reflect back the truth that you feel in your heart - can you stay true to that?"  Working on this but there seems to be many layers.


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I feel for you Ann in this situation - I really do Heart

And always we have to ask, why did I manifest it? What is it inviting of ME?

Two things jump out energetically from what you say, which I'm able to feel, because whilst I can empathise (I have biological family and kids in a similar situation), I'm definitely not emotionally attached. I've worked hard at this because I recognise the would-be limitation in my ability to serve.

Firstly, "I am not able to cut the etheric ties". How do you interpret "cut". Does that mean cut and push away, in which case is there efforting in that or fear or reactivity? What about instead,

Set an emotional boundary, but be able to stand at that boundary with grace, expressing your energy, and not even needing to change them. You're not even challenging their viewpoint in your words, but you are simply embodying your energy and standing in the boundary. Now that takes the patience of a saint. But maybe that's your path (and plenty of others here too).

Secondly, you said, "I want what's best for them and don't want any harm or pain to come their way." But what if pain and harm is EXACTLY what they need to wake up? What if people wake up BECAUSE they see the impact of the vaxx in those around them?

Again, there's a need to let go of the outcome (for them). Not to carry their burden or walk their path.

I do recognise it's tough.
But that's why you're here.
That's what it takes to be a "saint".

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I felt to draft this article today about the new Aquarian Age, not so much from an astrological point of view, but more from what we can intuit at a consciousness level. Where exactly do we stand as we shift into a new age and a new year at this critical juncture in human history. What do you feel? What is going on in your life and living circumstances?

In reply to by Open


Some apt and truthful writing, thank you.

Well pre solstice I was very edgy and charged, not anger but definitely sensitive.  Then wow huge emotion tears flowing my heart aching at the relief, "there she blows." Sort of feeling.

Now I feel like I did this time last year, sort of hiatus for the new year. Trepidation? No, excitement? No. The song Listen to your Heart by Roxette, in my head for days now. Sorry I'm not very clear but hey just glad to be on my path at this time.