DIVINICUS in the Desert: June 2021

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All this week we're running Openhand's ground-breaking DIVINICUS retreat online, for a group of kindred souls from around the world. I'll be taking them deep into the desert, way past the layers of identity and into the quantum field. I'll be sharing updates with meditations and video daily, so if you want to discover the 5D Being at the core of you, come and join us in the desert, where the veils are thin!

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Divinicus keeps going

(Personal journey/initiation of becoming a human being)


It's been 24 days since I received the invitation for the retreat "Divinicus in the desert". 3X8 days: Preparation and heading towards the experience / 'Retreat time' of immersion and diving deep / Subsequent integration and actualization of the experience - symbolically representing the main three stages of Self-realization.


Who am I, through the lenses of Divinicus? How does Divinicus in me want to express itself? In which way has the alchemical pot of transmutation, held together by the Openhand team, participants and ethereal presence, forged the pathway of my Soul?


If there ever was a reason for me birthing into this reality, if there is such a thing as purpose in one's life... it is for me to appear at this stage at this point in my life. To simply be part of this course.


Would you ask me, if this has been a life-changing experience - I need to be honest and say it wasn't the case. My life has already became magical in its ordinary sense, so it felt more like a celebration of life. Yet there was this continous yearning - how can there be more to it?, throughout the whole process.


And there's been a lot. Embracing and peeling away the layers of never-ending distortions of countless stories in my life as a human. Travelling through closeby and 'distant' experiences that led me to this plane of existence. Exploring the vastness of the Cosmos, far beyond the capacity of my mind that keeps wanting to make sense of it. Feeling into the parts of myself I didn't even know existed in the first place (or might be just buried deep within the sediment of soul's stories), while applying the ultimate prayer of life itself - forgiveness.


As the group process supported my alchmical process, there are countles stories embraced with my inner senses. Inspired by traversing some of it for mutual understanding and simultaneously anchoring the energy of it, I would briefly mention some that stimulate my imagination. 

Etheric tail in my energy field has grown to the extent of reaching outstanding connectivity, representing the transformation of wounded dragon. Real magic lies in capacity of being able to relate to each expression of divinity.

Or sitting in a direct vicinity with Gaia, and feeling both - the pain and frustration, as well as love for it's 'disabled child' called humanity. Ground crew needs to get prepared, as Gaia is 'changing skin'. 

Even serving as a 'cosmic facilitator', while navigating the negotiation of two strings of intervention happening simultaneously in the Earth's field. The One in me, simply never ceases to fascinate me.


And afterall, it's all just a game that I am so blessed to play. Life as a human being. Embracing countless variations of it's expression, while tunning into the mystical portal of my human's heart. I'm in love in my journey towards Love, this is a big one for me. Experiencing the desert, together with my beloved partner on the land of my ancestors made it very real... Facing, probably the biggest fear of it's expression - what if am wrong, what if am not of light?, has assisted me to gain trust into the benevolent nature of The Universe as me on the deepest levels. 


It seems, for the being like mine, that true Love can only be stimulated when the conditions of life has forged the diamond in the Soul to be freely expressed. This for me, is the reason enough, to recognize that the Shift in counsciousness has taken place, within our collective Soul. Humanity has no other choice, but to embark on a journey of merging with it's multidimensional aspect. What is through lenses of awakening portion of humanity percieved as ascension, to me at moments feels like 'descension'. Revitalizing spirit through matter, as the eons of time has passed in 'this reality'.


Dear Openhanders, actual pearls of transformation process, it is my biggest joy to be part of this group.

Dear facilitators (Elizabeth, Open, Tilly,...), it is such a privillege to reflect the essence of your work by my state of being.

The emergence awaits, let all be welcomed with open heart.


Miha/Inverted Tree/Sunbow


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I am so touched by your sharings. When I feel you in the Retreats, to sum up in one word, it would be "Deep" or "Depth" like I can feel a far reaching portal through time-space through you. I feel a humility in you that fills me with humility. 


Deep, deep gratitude Praying Emoji for knowing you, for your presence at Divinicus and for your heartfelt sharings.

With love,

Tilly Heart

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That's a deeply soul engaging sharing indeed Miha. It depicts and defines the DIVINICUS journey so poignantly - you captured the essence of it in words - almost an impossible task!

May you DIVINICUS journey of deepening and alchemising continue - but as you rightly know, when you're surrendered to the soul, how can it not?


Open 💙🙏


19/06/2021 DIVINICUS Journal Update - the Merkabah

We've recently introduced to the Openhand work an understanding of what the "Merkaba" is. Essentially it's healing and then integrating the lower and higher selves leading to a hybrid multidimensional vehicle through which to embody and live - you could call it the "Resurrection". In the DIVINICUS Retreat we're completing today that's something we've been working towards helping people get an active sense of. It's a key philosophy that is essential to the shift and therefore something we'll be working much more on in the months and years ahead.

Essentially you're working to purify the lower self from attachment and investment in the old reality construct. This is done through intensive inner meditative work. At the same time you're opening up the vehicles of the higher self - again through meditation, breathwork and chakra attunement. Progressively you can feel the activation of the higher self which you begin to embody here and now. You start to live successfully in the new 5D Paradigm but still embodied here until the old reality construct eventually falls away.

Here's a tremendous representation painted by Openhander Asya on a recent Openhand retreat. Wow!...

If the subject resonates with you, I'd encourage you to explore the practical activation of your spirit light body leading to the embodiment of the Merkaba...

Activating the Spirit Light Body in Daily Life for 5D Ascension


Open HeartPraying Emoji


11/06/2021 DIVINICUS in the Desert Update: 4 Keys to Actualise the 5D Being

We're into deep and marvellous inquiry here on DIVINICUS. Having spent several days activating and breaking through blocking density, we've now switched into the activation of the 5D Divine Being. Just to be clear, there's no real way you can unleash the Ascension within you and the new evolution without first clearing karmic density. That's paramount.

For all those tuning in to the journal this week, here's the main theme of what we'll be working on today: 4 essential keys to help you actualise your 5D Divine Being...

1) Firstly, you have to realise what the quantum field is actually doing. I put it to you (and encourage you to explore), that the higher flow is working to reveal you as a being. So when you focus, in any moment, on the actualisation of the highest expressions of yourself, even and especially in all the smallest of things, then the flow itself will connect with these expressions and fulfill them - it will animate and give energy to them; it will create around them.
Here's a video on How to Create in 5D Consciousness
2) Secondly, it helps enormously to have a sense of the landscape that you're flowing into, so as not to get constantly diverted into the lower consciousness. Because the soul has qualities of empathy, if you inadvertently over energise these, then you'll likely get pulled into other people's control dramas - those of the Old Paradigm. However, if the ways of the new are becoming more important to you, because you're giving them chance to breathe, you'll attune the more defined and focussed aspects of the soul, which will help you commit to staying more in the higher vibe, no matter what is going on. 
Here's how an empath can learn from a catalyst and vice versa
3) Be prepared to confront where the Old Paradigm hooks you in. It's definitely not about overriding these contractions and tightness, because that just creates the identity of avoidance and a false reality. What's essential is to be so attentive internally that you recognise when these are activating, then to turn right into them. Explore deeply - what is attaching you? What do you think you need in this moment? What can you not accept? By not giving in to the conditioning, but inquiring into the contractive pain, then you normalise in the pain itself. It ceases to hold you. Now you can expand through as the presence of the one, and then unleash soul by paying attention to the emergent energies.
Discover more with this Openhand Breakthrough Approach
4) When you unleash the soul in these contractive moments, and set it free, pay attention to the new consciousness landscape it wants to create around you. This is where signs, synchronicity and metaphor become so important: you look into the 3D world, but you're working to attune to the higher flow, the patterning of consciousness that is reflected. It builds a story, a narrative, of a new way of existence, which you progressively become a part of. It's a reality based on magic and miracles - which create because of the interconnectivity of the higher flow, which is now animating through you. This 'narrative' has to be fluid though, so as not to fix in illusions. Let it adapt, change and recreate, so you're constantly refining your authentic reality. This becomes a part of the new 5D reality construct that we're ascending to. You progressively witness you're focussing in on it, becoming a part of something much greater, that's already taking shape. Most importantly, this will also create new more aligned situations in the 3D - changing circumstances in relationships, careers and general living circumstances here and now.

For further inquiry, here's Openhand's lead article on that...

Actualising your 5D Divine Being: An Essential Roadmap Through the Density



17/06/2021 Journal Update - Express Yourself: We're having a marvellous time on DIVINICUS in the Desert - after 5 days of deep processing and peeling back the karmic layers, we change gear at this point to unleash the profound gifts of the divine being. These "gifts" being about activating and unleashing frequencies of soul - when we do this, we're actively changing the landscape around us. It bends and crystallises around the emergent being.

That's why today I felt to feature this all time popular Openhand article about the 7 rays of expression of the soul. In this approach, we consider that the soul has (at least) 7 frequencies of being, that is each a frequency of light, which is what we witness when white light is refracted to create the rainbow. You're literally seeing the frequencies of Unity Consciousness that forms the soul. And these frequencies form something I call the "Soul Ray Harmonic". It's bascially how the various characteristics of your soul resonate to unleash your authentic beingness in any given moment. Just like playing a musical instrument, there can be nothing more important that finding this attunement.

The challenge of society is that people have been so repressed and conditioned from an early age - society programs people into thinking it's all about what to do - in any given moment. Seldom are we encourage how to be. But if we can find these frequencies of beingness, we'll unlock the doorways of our greatest potential. Our lives will become much more abundant, fulfilling and rewarding.

Here is a summary of the 7 frequencies of soul beingness...

Ray 1: purposeful creative will Ray 1 is the driving sense of purpose to create. It is the manifestation of the divine masculine principle throughout the universe. From the place of separation, it is that undeniable inner will to find and create a higher level of harmony both within ourselves and between all sentient beings. It causes us to challenge and break apart the status quo which may be holding us in a lower level of realisation. The Ray 1 inspires life’s motivational leaders.

Ray 2: surrendering unconditional love Ray 2 initiates the impulse of unconditional love for life. It is the manifestation of the divinely feminine principle of surrendered acceptance throughout the universe. It is the empathising compassion that willingly embraces, does not judge nor need to change the inherent imperfection in all sentient life and situations. Ray 2 strongly inspires the selfless servants of life.

Ray 3: interpreting authentic reality Ray 3 harnesses and processes higher abstract wisdom delivering it in a form to provide a clear interpretation of our current, authentic reality. In other words, it’s how we know what’s really real. People with strong Ray 3 influence notice the natural patterning in life bringing the formless into form in such a way that can be understood and appreciated by many. Ray 3 inspires life’s translators, creative artists and mathematicians.

Ray 4: harmonising through right resolution Ray 4 is the divine rationalising energy which helps us find right resolution with our environment and other sentient life. It is the ray impulse which blends passion with compassion. It provides the discernment to confront unjust situations in a non judgmental way. Its purpose is to break apart the lower harmony to find a more equitable higher one. People with highly active Ray 4 tend to be life’s diplomats, politicians and teachers.

Ray 5: realising abstract higher wisdom The Ray 5 enables us to hold the infinite complexities of the universe as pure knowing within our beingness. This ‘science’ is abstract, all encompassing and rather than realised, is more sensed, as an art form, like poetry in perpetual motion. Ray 5 enables us to attune to the universal flow and harness it for co-creative exploration, deeper understanding and further evolution. The Ray 5 animates life’s scientists and creative business leaders.

Ray 6: yearning self expression Ray 6 inspires us stay continually focussed on our life’s purpose: to realise, unfold and express who we really are. It generates commitment and devotion to our cause, radiating our soul in all its brilliant colour. The Ray 6 provides the unquenchable driving force to express our innate qualities and inspire others to shine their inner light too. Humanity’s philosophers, spiritual leaders and performing artists are all driven by the Ray 6 influence.

Ray 7: shaping synchronistic magic Ray 7 provides the ingredient of pure magic on our life’s journey. If we are able to master our inner distortions and pause just long enough in the drama of life, then we can open up to spontaneous, synchronistic and co-creative magic. Thereby we catalyse and initiate the surrounding field for the maximum benefit and upliftment of all. In this way, Ray 7 inspires life’s ‘magicians’ and entrepreneurs.

If you resonate with our DIVINICUS inquiry, do check out the lead Openhand article on the subject...

The Soul's Purpose and the 7 Rays



15/06/21 DIVINICUS Journal Update: We're going deep here on DIVINICUS in the desert, uncovering the deeply buried triggers that hold in place the identity filters that have embedded from an early age. These are the embedded layers that create the ego which we must break down. They're especially activating in society right now as it's being restructured in the guise of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Here's a recent livestream I gave on the subject and with 3 essential keys to watch for in dealing with them Heart...

The main theme of the LiveStream was how the field is strongly alchemising right now with the light coming in but the shadow state continually working to lock things down. I talked about how the financial system that underpins society is strongly changing and that it would come to impact all our lives. BUT, that doesn't mean we need to become the victims of change - far from it. Change ALWAYS presents profound opportunity; it's inertia and being bogged down in old patterns and behaviours that's the problem.

I especially talked about three areas of life we can work on in order to open up the flow (that of the soul), because these are where the maximum opportunity for growth and change are: relationships, careers/jobs and general living circumstances. What we're talking about here is working with the mirror. What do I mean by that? The crucial thing is NOT to be sleep walking each day through past patterns of behaviour - just allowing the cycles to repeat with no conscious involvement. There are three keys to watch for: Key 1 is to be constantly observing yourself in all that you do. You become the observer of yourself. Key 2 is to watch for the triggers that push deep inner buttons of tightness and resistance - that you might be overriding. Key 3: is to then regress back into these moments, visualising and feeling into the triggers - what were you attached to? What were you afraid of? How did you need it to go a certain way?

Check out our informative Forum Thread on MIrrors (click the image below)...

Now you have a phenomenal opportunity to alchemically change. Because these touch points are where the soul is fragmenting into reality and getting stuck. This is where you then create a reactive identity that tries to distract from the pain of the trigger by covering it over. People then bury the trigger under distraction and denial through unconscious behaviours, consumption and surpression of self. But once you allow the triggers to activate, then you can work into them using the Breakthrough Approach. You reclaim the lost fragment of soul that was buried there and integrate it.

When you've done this for a consistent period of time, you actually transition across to becoming the mainstream of your soul. The process is called "Realignment". This is absolutely fundamental, because now you are actually living in the flow itself. You have the capacity to alchemise life itself, and especially now that's going to be highly influential with everything transforming strongly on the planet. (check out the book 5Gateways for a deeper understanding of how to undertake the Realignment).

So today I'm encouraging all to be actively engaging with the outer mirror in those three key areas of life: relationships, jobs and general living circumstances. Let's work boldly to open up an inner space so the soul can more strongly engage with life. Do check out the lead article above for more insight...
Unwinding Inner Identities as an 'Engine' for Enlightenment

I wish you a productive and alchemical day!
PS - and do feel free to ask questions below if you'd like more clarity on any particular issue. Thinking

Open Praying Emoji


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Check out Openhand's lead article about working with inner identity filters, where I've broken down the approach of working with the inner mirror more deeply. Here are 8 aspects of it....

  1. First recognise and accept the limitation of the inner identities, by watching the daily patterns that disempower you and lower your energy. So become the Observer of yourself and your emotions in all daily activities.
  2. If you witness yourself reacting to an event, contracting down with negative feelings, thoughts and emotions, stop. Go deeply into the feelings, working to understand what need for an outcome you think you have of the situation. The soul has no need of any particular result. Soften your attachment by remembering your completeness inside.
  3. If you really don't have the time, it's not safe or wise to deal with this density in the moment it arises, then contain the energy, make a mental note about it, but then come back to it later that day; invoke the energy once more by recalling the incident and immersing yourself back into it. See the visions and feel the feelings once more.
  4. As you allow yourself to feel the energy of the situation, we must work to become as one with this density; because 'the One' (in you) has the capacity to be awesomely okay with it. So the key is to find a way of fully expressing the pain of the contraction: whether it be a sense of worthlessness, sadness, guilt or anger for example. Find some music that most speaks to you of this energy; move and express to it. In this way, you're honouring your pain, becoming one with it - steadily you lose identification with it.
  5. Ask yourself does this identity - this concealed filter - serve your life? Assuming you feel no (!), then work to let go of the attachment that created it - the need for the situation to be a certain way; or resistance of how it truly is. Stop trying to control. Remember, what you're really looking for, is the completeness within. Sit quietly, meditate on the situation, feel the contractions, but then as you recognise you're ready to let go, get the sense that you're opening a door through the density - through the pain - into the completeness of pure presence. Sense yourself transcending through the density.
  6. Now that you've become 'the One', it's time to unravel and cleanse away the tightened density of the old identity. This can be done in meditation, through breathing, deep consciousness movement, dancing to music, exercise or walking in the countryside connecting through the five senses. In so doing, you release endorphins that block the cells take up of negative neuro peptides.
  7. Once the denser energy has been released, let breath open a wider internal space, then watch for the arising of an authentic soulful pull - the sense of expressive 'rightness'.
  8. Now begin to express this 'Right Action' as a natural affect of your authentic beingness, thus breaking the old patterning and establishing a more highly evolved consciousness.


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When the inner identity filters break down the softening of the inner landscape starts to lead to  kundalini activation which is covered in detail in Openhand's ground breaking 5GATEWAYS book.

In short, inner identity filters that formed early in life from the conditioning and programming of society and how people are brought up. These inner filters form a barrier to the integration of lower and higher self, hence they must be engaged and unravelled.

So I would encourage all to have a good understanding of what these filters are all about and how to work with them. The article above contains 8 key ways of dealing with them. And do check out the Openhand 5GATEWAYS book which is packed full of information about the phenomenon with tools tips and advice.

In loving support

Open Heart


Tina Malia is an old favourite of the Openhand retreats. Music is a great way to touch the soul and animate it - especially when combined in an emotive way with meditation and breakthrough. Here's a track that featured yesterday. Enjoy...


We've been working with the shadowside here on DIVINICUS in the Desert. What does that mean exactly?

It's essential to realise that as the soul comes into the various inner layers of density, it fragments in the places it attaches. So for example: it might attach in the physical density due to fears about existential matters; or in relationships where it attaches to the need for completion from a partner; or on the mental plane where it gets locked into a particular belief system of programming in society - distraction on social media for example.

And so the soul fragments into these behavioursims creating a shadow aspect of the aligned soul. The root cause is ultimately karma. The point being you cannot simply drop the shadowside like dropping the proverbial hot coals as some would want or advocate. Because in doing so, you drop the buried fragment of soul - the soul gold - too. Now this shadow is integrated within your being and it derails authentic choice and decision making. Therefore we must create the conditions  that activate the triggers that reveal the shadow.

Sitting in stillness and fasting is a great method to do this, because there's no distraction or suppression from what arises on the inner. Here's a useful reflection of that from a film clip I showed the group yesterday. It's a clip of Jesus in the desert confronting his own shadowside...

To break down the shadow here at Openhand we're applying the breakthrough approach, where we consciously illuminate the triggers and unravel the attachments that create them -

The Breakthrough Approach

1) Confront the Truth of the Situation: what's going on here? What is truly being invited? What am I resisting? What outcome do I think I really need? What's the worst possible outcome and how do I really feel about that?

2) Honour and express the tightness: in allowing yourself to explore the truth about any given situation, you'll expose some form of tightness within. It could reveal as a busy mind, unsettled emotions, nausea in the solar plexus, tightness somewhere in the body. And even a complete numbness can be classed as 'tightness'. The point is to delve deep, then to honour what comes up. Allow yourself to fully express the tightness, in whatever way your natural guidance invites of you. It's like you blow this inner layer up to fill the world around you for a while. It enables you to see where you were holding on, where you felt you needed some form of outcome, what couldn't you accept? Where have you been in avoidance?

3) Become as-one with your feelings: When you're at the height of the expression, now soften into the feelings, surrender into them, quieten and let go. Become so accepting of the circumstances you don't need them to go away. Hold the feelings within - be witnessing and observant. You're becoming as-one with the experiences. When you've reached this level of surrender, then 'open a doorway' of complete acceptance through the tightness. Remind yourself that you are NOT the experience itself and that all experiences are transient. They come and go. Thus you're becoming The One in the experience - that which you truly are.

4) Unwind soul out of the constriction: once you've become so accepting that you've found The One amidst the tightness, contraction and pain, you're already at the point where you're healing; you're already digging up the roots of the constriction. Let go even more at this point. But then keenly watch the new energies of soul wanting to come through. You're reclaiming nuggets of soul gold that were originally stuck in the drama and creating the tightness itself. Let that now unwind, unleash and freely express new aspects of soul. Now the flow takes off for you, and the newly liberated soul creates in unimaginable ways. Yihah!

Explore the Breakthrough Approach through a Real Life Epic Journey of Discovery

So if you're tuning in to my sharings from the DIVINICUS in the Desert retreat, and triggers are coming up in your life situation right now, then do explore the Breakthrough Approach. We're having major successes with it.


Open 💙🙏



It's been a fabulous start to DIVINICUS in the desert! You can see we've worked to capture the sense of going into the Desert - which we're doing in our meditations - the sense of transcending the form of our refular lives.

The Openhand Oasis! (yes, they're my favourite cactii!)...

And here's Tilly in her Bedouin tent...

And here's to our intrepid group of travelers from all parts of the world: from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Greece, Africa, Malawai, India and Australise...

We've begun by working on Transcendence, in all aspects of life.

What pushes your inner buttons?
Where do you identify with the physicality of life?
By identifying this, we can work to soften through.

Here's a great clip from an old hit TV series sharing great Daoist philosophy...

If you feel inspired, dive in with us and spare some time this week to come into the Desert with us.
Apply the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing to work on your transcendence....
Openhand Breakthrough Breathing

See you in the desert!

Open 🌵🙏


12/06/21 Journal Update: I woke up excited this morning because DIVINICUS online begins today, with 20 intrepid souls from every part of the world: from Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, India and Australia - the energies we'll be connecting up will be simply off the scale! And as much as possible I'll be keeping you all tuned in who are connecting with Openhandweb - so do tune in on a daily basis forn the latest update, reflection and guidance 👌😇🙏

The system has by now lost all credibility and integrity for people with the eyes to see. And so consciousness can rapidly shift and unravel within - you're yearning for something which is more equitable, just and aligned - the New Paradigm. And there's a lot of angst and ancient human karma to work through - I'll write more about this ancient wound that's starting to come up, which is being played out in society all around us. It goes back to the inception of Homo Sapiens and how he was hybridised. But through all of this, where many things are uncertain and changing in the field and in the world around us, it's going to be utterly essential to be centred in your inner Sacred Ground, near the source of presence, where true essence of being flows from, that then illuminates and informs your world. When there's little in the outer to rely upon, that's what you can truly trust in.

There are essentially 3 stages to coming into your 5D divine being, what we call DIVINICUS. And so this is how we'll be configuring the retreat:: Stage 1 - you surrender attachment and engrossment in the ego identity, which starts to connect you with the Sacred Ground of Being. Stage 2 - the soul flows from the Sacred Ground but distorts as it comes into reality. This is where we need to peel off the karmic distortions and forge the soul. Stage 3 - this might be defined as "the resurrection", where you're infusing the integrated soul into all multidimensional aspects of your being - you embody the 5D divine being here and now.

It's so heartwarming these days when you observe the responses to the meditations and guidance. People are going tremendously deep, because you can palpably feel a deep letting go of any kind of faith in the old construct, the old paradigm. This creates a fertile inner space for a new possibility, new consciousness to emerge and shine forth. And the source of this is the deep centre of the Sacred Ground of Being. This is what we continually come back to and work to centre in. It really is the mast in the storm where everything is flowing around you.

The kinds of meditations that can really aid this connection are principally two:
1) Breakthrough Breathing
2) The Openhand Bow

If you're new to this site and the meditations, then I suggest you sample them to get a sense of how they can help you in conjunction with the lead article on the subject here...

The Sacred Ground of Being...The Quintessence of Who We Are

For this DIVINICUS online 2021, we'll be taking people "into the desert", creating the sense and the alchemy of what it feels like to be deep in the vastness, breaking the bonds of the old construct, travelling and journey on the alchemical winds of the desert levanta. Join us, get yourself in the mood - begin with an open eye meditation with the video below - breathe and dream yourself into the vastness of the desert...

See you in the desert!

Open HeartPraying Emoji