Essential Importance of Taking Time Out in the Lone Space

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The unquantifiable importance of solitude.
From time to time, I feel the need to take a well-earned break away from our work here at Openhand. Not that I feel pressurised by my life, not at all. Even though it is frequently full-on, I find it immensely rewarding and yet now and then, there's the undeniable heart-felt pull to spend time alone. I'm blessed to have a camper van, so as the flow allows, I find myself taking off into nature and the countryside. For me there is nothing more pleasurable than finding some quiet, secluded spot, parking up and simply hanging out…

The importance of Solitude

I couldn't begin to overestimate the importance of solitude in my life as a catalyst for accelerating the path and clearing unwanted inner debris. When I do get the time to take off, I find the first few hours can be a touch demanding. If you don't fill the space with 'entertainment', I find the mind needs a little time for 'detox cold turkey'. Even if there's no longer the ego to contend with, there's still the need to clear the inner landscape and expand into the emptiness. When that happens, I find I can sit for hours simply watching life unfold before me.

My favourite would be to park up on some secluded cliffs in Cornwall, like in the photo at the top - a treasured place of many an Arthurian legend near the mystical town of "Tintagel" (can you see the Dragon's head and his wing? Awesome!). I distinctly recall many magical hours there, simply watching the seagulls performing for me a merry wind swept soliloquy or the waves rolling powerfully in off the ocean or dropping naked into the icy waterfall at the mystical St Nectern's Glen (as in the photo left).

Amazing things happen when you spend time on your own. First, you might have some typical mental chatter to deal with: "I should be doing this", "why aren't I doing that?" "How can I waste my time like this?" There could be the nagging doubt that you're missing out on something or you really ought to be doing something more responsible and productive. Once you drop through these layers and peel them away, the profoundness of awesomely ordinary simplicity tends to strike one like a thunderbolt to the third eye. How could you pass such simple beauty by and pay so little attention?

Deeper into presence

The deeper we drop into this sense of pure presence, the more connected with life we truly feel. From this place of the empty void, the flow arises more strongly and one can be completely overwhelmed by the simplest of things. A recent evening comes to mind where it rained the whole night through and strong winds buffeted my camper backward and forwards. How wonderful! Rocked like a baby, I was enthralled for hours.

And as I awoke, it was the turn of the crows to be the aerial acrobats. It seems one had mastered hovering on the breeze like the famous kestrel. At first I thought it could have been one, until that is a kestrel flew up in front of it and hovered right in front of my camper. Wow, what a spectacle. Anyone whose seen the Gateway 2 section of Openhand's film 5GATEWAYS will know the significance.

It's these apparently simple things that become more prominent and speak so loudly when the mind and consciousness are still. To me, the crow always represents inner distortions. The aerial display was clearly revealing that the path to truth is by continually watching one's own tightness and tension. It's only then that freedom and liberation unfold their inner wings. As if to confirm, synchronistically as I write this, my iPod has started playing an old favourite "Free" (which I'll share with you below). Priceless!


"Okay" you might say "it's alright for you Open, but I have a family to look after and a busy job, I don't have the freedom to get away like that". Sorry to burst the bubble, but these are just excuses! Mostly because we don't believe others can look after themselves for a few hours and are sometimes meant to. Or else we're afraid of exactly what might happen in the void of stillness: "Will I have to look deeply at my own reflection? What will I see?" Even if it's just for a few hours, there is nothing more penetrating and cleansing than isolation and absolute stillness.

Speaking of which, the crows outside my window are calling. They're clearly saying I've spent enough time finger tapping and it's time to fly. It's felt good sharing this emptiness with you. I trust it inspires and encourages you to push the boundaries on the lone space a little more. When you do, I and the kestrel will catch up with you, hovering, hanging on the breeze in the space between the spaces.

Till soon.
Bright Blessings

Open 💙

And here's that video: "Free is all you gotta be..."

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29/08/2022: Free Wheeling Conclusion: Being Cosmic in a Subhuman World

I'm back in Glastonbury now after a tremendous conclusion at the stunning St Nextern's Glen, early in the morning, well before tourist time. It was simply magical to be bathed by the waterfall and celebrate the end of the last Openhand cycle and beginning of the new...

What lies in store in the Shift on the planet going forwards?

I'd like to pick up on a question that Vimal posed below...

When I'm tuning in with Openhand I feel I'm the cosmic being who has come down to this earth to self realise and serve. This feels aligned with who I really am. There's absolute acceptance of the self, purpose and joy in the being. How can I not when I realise myself as a part of a higher dimensional mission?

The human story is that I'm another brick in the wall. My cosmic self gets pushed into a box of other people's expectation. I have worked hard for this awakening. It feels painful when people can't see for what I am. How much do I want to shatter the Illusion of mass human unconscious.

It's a dilemma for many tuning in I'm sure. Actually the answer is straightforward. Not easy to apply, but nevertheless straightforward...

Take a look around you at the systematic insanity that is posing as acceptable "normality". The way most live degraded lives completely disconnected from the divine flow. But because the majority are doing it, then it appears normal, the "right" thing. And anyone being different, especially when tuning into the cosmic, is considered crazy. Nevertheless, the question is: what truly serves you as a cosmic being?

I maintain that if you've found your way here to Openhand, and are sticking around, then we're most likely connecting with the cosmic being within you that just wants to break out and be free of the limitations, restrictions and craziness. No one is talking arrogant in any way, brash or outspoken. Just quietly, but firmly accepting and embodying the truth about yourself, no matter what anyone else does or says.

It's crucial to look in the right places for the most supportive reflective feedback loops. If you're constantly being put down by others around you if they don't help you grow and expand, then what's the point in hanging around with them? Yes, you've got to see and work your own shadow. But there comes a point where the flower must be planted in the right soil!!

It's high time to decide.

With that in mind, I'm enthusiastically looking forwards to Openhand's new cycle that begins with a Facebook LiveStream on Saturday 3rd. I have masses of inspiration to share. See you there!

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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I've been enjoying this blog so much, thank you Open and community!

As I was reading this by Remy, “We're given to

surrender to what is, including those probably inadvertently propagating

fear. We're given to discern whether to go this way or that…

And this by Vimal, “So the question I’m asking myself is how can be the cosmic self even in the

midst of mass human unconsciousness. I know it's possible. I think the way is

to live it myself and then people will see the genuine reflection.”

And this by Miha, “For me personally, there is almost no need to directly share my

perspective about Truth of what's going on, the writing on the wall has

become obvious, for everyone willing to see.”

My own deliberations resonated strongly. For me these deliberations continue to play out in very practical ways, like my experiences over the last few days when I had been feeling to paint the outside of my house which was a tired and unattractive patchy brown (all houses in the surrounding streets the same). The energy of the moment built to the inevitable buying of the paint, accompanied by a gulp of, “Will I be able to finish it?” As I began, I did a few strokes, then realised I should have taken a photo of the “before”, so I quickly got down off the ladder, took a photo and as an affirmation of my commitment, sent it to a group of reconnected ex-schoolfriends. I was aghast to fairly promptly receive back the story of one of their handyman who died falling off a ladder at their Mum’s house!! I was dumbfounded at the, “Because A happened, B will follow” mentality, not to mention their disregard for the power of suggestion (not really a great time to send me such a message!), but I also recognised their genuine fear for my safety and let it pass. Having got a little further into the job, a second story of someone else’s friend who died falling off a ladder was posted in the group. I had no idea where to go with this and was wondering what they were trying to achieve, presumably they were soliciting me to stop? By now I was so pleased with the obvious transformation in progress, there was no way I was going to stop and had arranged my plumber to drop off a bigger ladder so I could get up to the roofline. But what to reply? I felt the transient doubt the messages had induced and the initial irritation that arose, then as I explored further I started laughing, I had no other response left but to feel the ridiculousness of the situation: Me, work-in-progress up a ladder, getting stories of impending death every time I took a tea break. I decided not to get embroiled in counter arguments but simply to say, “Well I’m not stopping ‘cos I’m enjoying it and I’m gonna feel fantastic when it’s finished. Big smiley face Smliing” Next day as I sent an update photo, the replies got more varied, “Wowowow!”, “Absolutely marvellous, great colour”, “You’ve done a brilliant job” “It looks so beautiful”.

Maybe they have had chance to process their fears? At least I didn’t let their projections squash my creative will and maybe in a very tangible way demonstrated how to believe in yourself and not get undermined by doubt; how to be willing to go against the grain and take risks that are both challenging and rewarding. The change in energy on the thread has gone from dark and scared to bright and open. It remains their choice if they get liberated or carry on with their old way of being.

What I didn’t yet share, but may do later, was that on the way to get the paint, I was swimming in an outdoor lake and saw a ladder in the clouds. While marvelling at how such a geometric shape could appear so clearly, I thought, “Funny ladder though, it’s much narrower at the top than the bottom and got a funny bit on the end”. Little did I know that when my plumber said he’d lend me a triple ladder it would turn out to be old equipment from the telecom company; which was made for going up telegraph poles. So indeed it does narrow from bottom to top (unlike a normal ladder which stays parallel all the way up, although each section decreases size), and indeed it’s got “a funny bit on the top” for sitting against a telegraph pole!

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I too am constantly interfacing the 5D with the 3D and navigating all the humps and bumps as they show up.

Then yesterday I observed a sage bush in my garden had died so I was pruning it and feeling that the leaves were giving themselves to be burnt at the end of my house painting session as a final clearing of the old stuck and decaying energies. I realised that as I chose the paint which was from a pallet of seemingly hundreds of rainbow colours I hadn’t really noticed the name as they mixed the tint from the “code”. The vibrant blue/green of “Frosted Sage” which now swathes my house acts like a burning smudge stick for my whole area, as well as unleashing energies of unfettered expression, new growth and light.

What I love most is none of this was intentioned, it all arose from following my feelings over 5 years:

  • I could make a small stone circle…
  • I could build an arch…..
  • I feel to clear a small circle on the ground and draw some lovely patterns in chalk, like a welcome to benevolent energies…..
  • I could add some lights to my arch….
  • Suddenly recognising (during Avalon Rising Summit) that I had bought lights that resembled star beings and realising I had without any intention created a Stargate in my garden!
  • Then feeling the drab house colour needs brightening, what’s the cheapest and most do-able option? - Paint!

Now my modest house becomes simultaneously a place of clearing the density; a portal for the light entering and a grounding place for that light.

Living alchemically, and loving it! Heart Eyes Emoji

Tilly Heart



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Tilly I love that story.  I was visualizing as I read and that Frosted Sage sounds gorgeous. I looked it up and sage means A profoundly wise person. It can express wisdom,  communicates peace and growth, and speaks of ecology and nature.  I'd say you chose perfectly! 

 I'd bought some paint not long ago for some touch up work at my other house I moved from, so I  had to go see what it was called and it's Chantilly Lace. I looked up the significance of it and am amazed that I chose it for the other place and it was very fitting for that house.  I never got to use it so it's a brand new quart of paint,  and I brought it here, but after looking up the meaning of it, I won't use it here at my new house.  The comments from others about their fearful ladder stories brought one to mind here but my thought was, that was someone else and their experience is not mine but theirs.  I've climbed ladders many times, and painted my house by myself years ago, and I've always been safe on ladders.  The ladder in the sky is one that happened to me a few weeks ago.  I've never seen it before or since that day.  I saw 2 perfect lines side by side going straight up in the sky with 1 bar crossing over in the middle to make the letter H.  If it was a sign for me then my ladder is missing some rungs cosmically speaking and still more work for me to do. 

A while back Open had mentioned getting some tinned foods for the upcoming hard times.  I've done that, I've moved to a "safer" place, which in numerology stands for new beginnings which I thought was perfect.  I know when I do anything at all, there's always someone who finds fault with it.  I've quit listening, my path is mine, not theirs.  I believe our life experiences have created filters we see through instead of perfect vision and every experience is unique to that person.  These must be the karmic things that need clearing out.  I have no delusions that any place on this earth is "safe", it's not, as any number of events could happen.  I feel I've listened and been guided to where I'm at now and I'll see how things play out with what I do here.  I love the synchronicity and signs I'm always seeing so I know that's a good thing.

I've got old grey weathered wood on the outdoor potting benches and things that have been moved here and I've thought of painting them in some bright colors because I love color!  You've now given me some inspiration to move ahead with my creative ideas.  So your story was surely meant for my eyes as it opened me up to many things today.  Thank you for sharing!  The synchronicity is amazing as always.  

Much love and hugs to you Praying EmojiHeart


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Great, inspiring post Tilly - I love it!

A wonderful example of following your soul’s inspiration without intention so your house becomes ‘a place of clearing the density; a portal for the light entering and a grounding place for that light’. I feel inspired by all the ‘small’ practical examples of the ways you have made a difference within your environment, which I am guessing bring you joy internally, as well as making a very real difference externally🙏

Lots of ideas there to explore in my new house - thank you.



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Dear Open ,

There is something very new about these days . A dear friend and I remarked how fast days seem to be proceeding now like some acceleration is upon us . 

Your free wheeling vlog was so wonderful and I am looking forward to the FB live . I am still working through the pain of my family breaking up and my imminent divorce . Through it however I have discovered self trust, faith in my Self and a conviction that I will be in the service of the Divine ( I don't know how exactly) 

Yesterday I felt into a deep wound of abandonment . I intellectually knew that it was the wound that had kept me in an inauthentic relationship space but yesterday I felt into it deeply . In my base and heart and throat . Something opened up . In the morning today I saw a number plate 0999 and I felt warmed by the fact that Openhand energies are by my side . 

As I was writing this note a good friend popped in with a proposal to start a homestead community in the mountains run by women . A model that's completely new and will have as it's basis community and agriculture and self sustainability . As we were discussing it I felt as I suspect Tilly did after painting her house. Like a beacon of light in the darkness radiating inspire of all challenges the 3D has to throw at it . 

Life is such an adventure ! I can't wait for the next phase 

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Hi Megha - I feel excited for you about the future despite the pain of change and transformation 🧡

As I read your text, I feel your Twin Flame popping up through different words that spike. Remember that all relationships are some outward manifestation of the inner configuration. Especially when you "lose" a relationship in the external, it's because you're ready for a new form of that - a more embodied form of it, in yourself. And as this is realised, you'll gain greatly from it.

Wishing you well

Open 🙏

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I'm excitedly looking forward to your new LIvestream this coming Sat. and as always will get up very early and ready to hear all the great inspiration you have to share.  I've never been a coffee drinker but would make a comparison to the rush I hear people get from coffee, to a similar feeling when I join in on a Livestream event.  I always feel much excitement when joining in your Livestreams.  They never disappoint!  

See you there!


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I'm up travelling again and was catching up on the vlog last couple of days. Fascinating was your journey, Open! Yet so much giving of guidance and showing the way to us, souls thirsty of change in our lives and in the whole life on this planet.

I do quite a lot of free-wheeling lately enjoying the last of the summer here and having fantastic synchronicities, mind blowing at a times. Was reading all posts in the Lone Space vlog and comments of Openhanders - so much resonance with words of everyone expressing their perceptions and what's happening in the shift and to society. I do witness the same, generally speaking. As other fellows wrote, for us is to be and stay that Beacon of Light in whatever the surrounding energies are, tempestuous and raging or trailing and sluggish, doing this in a very practical way, accomplishing it in our everyday living. That's what we, star souls, are here for, I feel.

Being the beacon of light - that's probably what the situation of my recent encounter with bulls was showing to me during my walk on the cliffy coastline at the south of Ireland. The public path is heading through the farmland as it normally is in most of the UK and Ireland. I have reached the Lighthouse and returning back when I noticed the herd of 20+ bulls are coming to their watering place for drinking and they definitely will block the only way out (to that side of the coastline) which is immediately next to the trough. The only spot where you can "walk over" is the place made to climb over the fence of the rocks, everywhere else is the barbed wire above that fence. So, I speeded up and courageously jumped over the fence to the side where the herd is already beginning to gather when I see two White bulls (the very light beige colour but I call them white) running at a speed straight onto me with their full heavy-weighted force. Behind me is the sharp-rocky fence wall... I can't say this was a much pleasurable moment. But I just was standing there calm and still and looked at this force coming my way. They stopped frozen just 1-1.5 meter away of me. A bit later I got that they were running to meet me most likely with the excitement expecting for some delight and the local lady confirm this to me and that the cattle would never do a harm to humans, particularly if we are at peace. I had nothing to offer them other than serenity, peace and lightness so walked a little bit around the field but got my way back while I don’t know about other people how they crossed back and for how long the way remained blocked for them.

The next day I somehow managed to squeeze in the middle of the truck convoy when driving through country - five beautiful pure white all same looking Scania trucks (cab only without the trailer part) driving in a very aligned way keeping equal distances between each other, three in front of me, with all flashing lights, and two behind. I can't describe the feeling of this but it felt so majestic as if five huge angels were carrying the little me in between wrapped in their wings! Interestingly, at that moment the CD of Avalon Rising was playing in my car the track called "Ganesha Invocation" which began with long OM. All me was in WOW! feelings...

Today, early morning before jumping into the reading of news on Openhandweb (yes, this is my News in the Shift channel), I was looking down within and contemplating of where I stand in my journey, was looking of the meaning and internal reflection of the signs and synchronicities noticed lately. Very synchronisticly with the article Open shared this morning about being an eternal student I was curiously looking into how the Whole is fulfilling self through this tiny ray, this soul we call "me" and how this tiny speck, this "me" is bringing back through the journey of self realisation to the fulfilling of the Whole. It is never ending journey, of going in cycles, like ebb and flow. There is no wrong, there is no right. Or everything is right and wrong at the same time. With the full understanding that is never finally completed but always continuing movement I am looking as if from the above into how do I navigate through all my experiences and what's the next possible step for me within the shift to stay in the purposeful direction. Writing my own story of life through growing and evolving, as well as by making mistakes and successfully navigating through complexity of this world is bringing the most of joy and the sense of fulfilment to me. At this time now if I would compare my life, how do I live, to the food then I can say I'm eating with the full mouth and it is sooo delicious!  There is nothing more I WANT although I stay open to any possibility of that MORE…

Very much looking forward for the new Openhand season to begin again writing the another new page of my book of life.

Thank you from the depths of my heart Praying Emoji

With love to everyone



27/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I was guided to a dark site yesterday in the area, which I've been aware of for some time; one that appears ina friendly, but with a great deal of control going on - a bastion of the "elite" you could say...

It confirmed a feeling I've been having for a while - that the foundations of the control system are beginning to break apart. There's still much influence within humanity of course, but their underlying spiritual power is dissolving as the various interdimensional groups realign.

It bodes tremendously well for the future of the shift going forwards. Don't get me wrong, it won't be plain sailing from here, but at least the landscape will be shaping more to the shift consciousness.

I see us moving into a 3D/5D hybrid state. What do I mean by that and how might you navigate it? I shared my views on that a while back in this video below. What are your thoughts where you are in the world? How is the transformation of society affecting you? Do share, it's always good to illuminate and means you'll get a feedback loop 😉👍

Bright blessings

Open 💙

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Hi Open, 

I had this question with me for a while now. 

Is it possible that even when we process our karma and move into a 5D Divinicus form, is it possible that as light workers, we will be drawn towards similar situations like here in the earth to serve and go through the process of getting lost in reality? I think the eastern and budhist tradition has a differrent view on karma, that we create karma even when we are awake enough. 

I understand this is a never ending journey and the process of self realisations is all there is. Then without karma and pain, how will we learn and evolve when we move on to a light based existence. Or is it that then we have higher dimensional karma to work on..What are your perspectives on this? 

Vimal Raised Back Of HandPraying Emoji

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Personally, I've chosen to operate from the perspective that karma is what we create now. There may be mountains to clear from past and future timelines, and there may be the ever expanding rebound, personally, communally, world centric to cosmic centred.

But the phenomenon is only ever now isn't it.

Remy 🙏🏼


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Hi Open and everyoneAngel Halo

I am happy to still catch a glimpse of this free whelling and tune into the latest inquires. It's been wonderful to read through the major topics of this journey and see the shared immersion. As I had the opportunity to work with different groups of people in last couple of weeks, this thread here offers perfect way to summarize my perspective regarding this summer of high alchemy.

Speaking through the perspective of Shift, I am witnessing that people are embarking on their own journey in waves. When I am interacting with the local environment, it has never been "so easy to attract a group of people" and convey a sense of up-coming changes and something non-ordinary happening in the normality of 3D. Here I am speaking about the facets of society, that has been predominantly following just the flow of the mainstream and start to desperately look for something else.

There is an actual shift of the energy flow that I can observe, as the new "web of life" starts to get shape in the surrounding area. What I am seeing on the energy level is the early stage of co-creating the "Islands of hope" as mentioned in Divinicus. It's almost, as if I can feel on the Soul level the potential places and people that can assimilate the unwinding consciousness departing from the old paradigm, as controllers are loosing it's grip upon society. There is an inspiration in "being ready" to work in connecting the transforming landscape, as the Noah's arks are becoming tangible bridges in this transitory period towards new paradigm.

On the other hand the entirety of the OH message, including convergence of the cycles, Event and the emergence of Divinicus is still a science fiction, even for most of the "energy workers". It seems as the human psyche is simply to programmed and can not truly integrate what does shift in consciousness mean in terms of life on this planet. My focus has been guided to anchor the sense of acceptance and peace, as the intensity of worldly tribulations and drama in their own lives guide people to the edge of their belief systems. For me personally, there is almost no need to directly share my perspective about Truth of what's going on, the writing on the wall has become obvious, for everyone willing to see. Somehow it feels lighter to me, accepting that for majority of people (at this stage), intelectualizing the bigger picture of Shift simply doesn't make sense.

There is also a recognition of one of my deepest processes after Avalon rising, as I am writing this message. Hosting a "Digital detox" retreat for 10 days, I've been challenging also my own connection to technology as a mean of connection to the world. Enhanced by the group process, I found myself engulfed in the pain of separation at some point. Being able to embrace and illuminate some of the "gray spots" within me, it feels as if I can even more clearly see that the autumn is bringing new attempts to install more of the controlling mechanisms to all of those that are still caught in the game. Without a need to truly fight for it, I wish to be able in holding a perspective for the magnificent future for people, that has already challenged their own narrative. The future is bright, for all of those that will be able to face it.

In analogy to the Many armed Buddha, I feel like playing with it all and waiting for the actual pull, that will crystallize the next step on this mission, that I was sent here to complete. The autumn time is bringing also the presidential elections in our country, maybe it's time for me be elected as "president of my Soul"... 

I am checking out with the image, I've captured on the only day of my free whelling in this time - sitting around small lake for hours, simply listening to stories of people passing by and observing the interplay of clouds, mist and sun on the horizon.

There has never been a moment like this in the Universe. How can we make the most of it?

Water and Earth, clouds on the sky, people and Sun.


Much loveHeart 

and let it be funHungry



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Hi Miha - it's a very insightful look at the "new normal" where you are - thanks so much for sharing.

I do consider that a parting of the waves is happening - some are definitely strengthening their resolve towards the shift, and you'll be drawing them in increasing numbers.

At the same time, as you eloquently point out, plenty are just not ready yet for the magnitude of what is to come. As you say...

the entirety of the Openhand message, including the convergence of the cycles, Event and the emergence of Divinicus is still a science fiction, even for most of the "energy workers". It seems as the human psyche is simply too programmed and can not truly integrate what does shift in consciousness mean in terms of life on this planet?

Yes, the big big picture is truly massive, that most are not yet ready to process. I often watch awakened people simply glaze over and clearly go unconscious if I start to explore with them what is truly going on. BUT, we have been at this point many times before, and there is still a long way to travel. I see a time where the bulk of the shadow controlling society has broken down and large pockets of people come together to really grasp what is happening from a consciousness sense.

Certainly, here at Openhand, that's what we're preparing for.

Love and well wishes

Open 💙🙏

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Hi Open,

In the esoteric circles, there's a great deal of talk about impending cataclysm. The cyclic nature of these events and greater frequency of them than most would conceive. The gist is that many do survive, that the process is divinely orchestrated to remove the denser vibrations from the planet, those in fear. So, to prepare, to hoard supplies, or hide in a bunker! may attract that fate to you.

In my field is an awakening, I might overhear an old lady chatting about meditating or group a of women talking about their extrasensory gifts. Apparent 'normies' that are actually stepping outside of the box and starting their own initiatives, many many initiative and groups. This is in my local field though, and can be a little surreal, not necessarily a planetary evolution, although I have absolute faith.

Syncronistically, I was staying at another hotel, like a castle, back in the day it was for the rich elites. All the marketing inside was 'Elite' this and 'Elite' that, and yet, it was falling to pieces and so utterly crumby. They upgraded me to an apartment suite because the rooms were dreadful. The fitness centre and pool seemed to have been taken over by a gang of local hoodies, that said it all to me.

I'm open, I'm faithful, no attachment to any outcomes, no fear.

Link to my song of the day ♥️ Volume UP!!!



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When I'm tuning in with Openhand I feel I'm the cosmic being who has come down to this earth to self realise and serve. This feels aligned with who I really am. There's absolute acceptance of the self, purpose and joy in the being. How can I not when I realise myself as a part of a higher dimensional mission. 

The human story is that I'm another brick in the wall. My cosmic self gets pushed into a box of other people's expectation. I have worked hard for this awakening. It feels painful when people can't see for what I'm. How much do I want to shatter the Illusion of mass human unconscious. What I see around is just that. Especially after the new normal, people have started coming in to spiritual communities like where I live with their laptops , working remotely for Big tech companies. Cafes have been built to serve them. Prices have gone up because they can afford it. The story being sold is that this is normal and not the genuine spiritual inquiry. I put up a poster of energy healing and people wonder what this guy is about! And because of my empathy I end up playing their game. When I play the same old game how can they even see the uniqueness in me. Because with this facilitation business I often tend to fall into the same old game of controlling my reality. It doesn't work. 

So the question im asking myself is how can be the cosmic self even in the midst of mass human unconsciousness. I know it's possible. I think the way is to live it myself and then people will see the genuine reflection. I also feel the truth who I'm, when I'm facilitating other people. It's rewarding. The new normal is inside me. A myth I'm genuinely interested to explode.


26/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

The final leg of my free wheeling tour has arrived, and I felt to spend the last couple of days up on the cliffs near Tintagel in Cornwall - a rugged beautiful coastline, that is renowned through history as the site of King Arthur's mystical Camelot. Really what I'm here for is to summon the Merlin Magic for the upcoming new Openhand cycle that begins next week. It's the perfect place for inspiration, which I felt to share the sense of with you tuning in.

It's where I began my "Fellowship of the Rings" vlog tour during lockdown just over a year ago. So I thought to share the vlog I shot from there, to provide a feeling sense to you all of the energy. And maybe to contemplate how things have moved on in your lives since then...

What things are the same?
What has moved on?
What wants to change?

Bright blessings

Open 💙

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Hi Open,

I loved revisiting that Fellowship of the Rings video again.  I've always been drawn to Merlin and my childhood book called The Sword and the Stone.  What has remained the same for me is I'm still doing my own thing.  I never stayed locked down back then and won't now if that should come up again.

What changed is my same landlord came to me and said I could choose to stay in my other house or move into this new house he had built 7 years ago approx. and I had lived here for a year previously.  His words were "I think you'd be safer at my place"  He was moving out of town and I jumped at the chance to live here.  I feel this is where I'm meant to be, at least for now.

I talk to the police here in town from time to time as they're very friendly and informative.  One day I mentioned where I was moving to (my current home now) and he said that street's  one of the best places to live, it's the safest place in town.  Well that was sure synchronicity and confirmation.  I've since found out from some of the neighbors that none of them took the jab and will never take it.  They're preparing for whatever comes ahead.  I had thoughts of where to move to find a group of like-minded people "out there" somewhere and they are right here on my road!  How amazing.  My neighbor who lived where my other house was, moved here to this same road within a week or so of my move.  So people are being drawn to this road apparently.  There's much forested acres around here, very peaceful.  It's outside of the town in the country.

I had quite a lot of anxiety for a while and did my best to soften and work into it.  Since the Avalon Rising event almost all the anxiety has left for now.  I feel much quieter and able to allow myself to be more quiet and contemplative about the inner work.  I got the thumb injury right after moving and I'd been doing a lot of fasting daily but about a week into the injury my body became ravenously hungry so I started eating more.  I think more nutrition was needed to help me heal.  I also started napping every day and still do most days.  I never take day naps but feel this has been beneficial to me.  Things are taking place in the dream state I feel certain of.  So I'm just going with the flow much more, where I would refuse to nap even if I was very tired.  What needed to change was my controlling things too much.  Now I'll nap and rest and eat if needed but still like doing the fasting from evening one night into the next day until around noon.

One other thing that seems to have really been persistent on me, is I feel this almost "craving" or very strong "pull" to either get a small dog or another cat.  My cat passed almost 4 years ago and she was so psychic and in tune with me.  I know we read each other's thoughts.  I've resisted getting another animal for various reasons but I sense fear is the main reason I don't do it.  I feel fear losing it or having to give it up is the strongest thing that stops me.   Right before I moved here a lady was going to give me an elderly dog that was very loving and gentle and I wanted to get him but lost her number while moving.  Found it again but have had the thumb injury.  I tell myself she probably placed him elsewhere but still feel strongly to connect with her again.  I don't know why this urge to get an animal drives me so strongly and won't let go.  I'm going to get her number again and if she's held onto that dog all this time then I'll know he's meant to be mine.  That seems to be the biggest thing that wants to change in spite of my resistance.  This dog's name is Pauncho if that means anything.



25/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

Yesterday I travelled to another of the St Michael Locations, called "St Michaels Mount", a rocky outcrop surrounded by sea with a village and a chapel on top, just off the tip of the South Coast. It's been a revered place of spiritual pilgrimage for thousands of years...

If you catch the tide just right, as happened for me, the causeway appears just long enough to visit the island and get back across before the tide comes back in. Can you see the dragons over the mount? There was an air of excitement as I made my way across.

Greeting the guardians before heading over.

As you'd expect, there were hoards of tourists too, who must have been aware of the favourable tides. When crossing, it's always felt to me like metaphorically crossing an Ascension bridge, and this occasion felt particularly so...

The tourists gathered in droves, and it being such an enclosed island, it triggered the unnerving feeling of being trapped in an enclosed space; with everyone slowly bimbling about, it was difficult to move at my usual speed and do the work I felt was given...

There's a small castle with a chapel on top, with small rooms and plentiful one-way corridors. With so many people, the feeling sense of being "stuck in a sinking ship" heightened (it wasn't till I saw this photo that I realised how on point my feelings were)...

By now, synchronistically I heard one of the guides say the tide was due back in reasonably soon. Yet everyone continued to bimble and block the passageways. It spoke into many previous shifts, where the majority seemed oblivious to the real energy of the moment and the seriousness of those heightened situations. For me, I'm always reading these kinds of "real life" situations speaking metaphorically into the bigger picture. Hence everything always feels like being on a mission!

In the chapel, beneath a famous statue of St Michael piercing Satan was this wonderful lady of Grace...

The tide is coming in folks, time to get back across!!...

(of course, there are boats back to the other side, but again, it felt like the drama needed to play out to speak into the immanence of the bigger shift picture)

A while later, back on the other side, with the tide fast coming in...
(these last 3 photos were taken from a video on youtube that looked similar to what I witnessed - I'd ran out of batteries by then!)


No time to waste!!

I can tell you the feeling of people getting stuck was highly palpable. And needing to make my way swiftly through the drama in order to fulfill purpose. Most people, including lightworkers, have little idea of the catastrophic challenges to come. The key is, that if we're prepared within ourselves, and within the multidimensional landscape, we will be able to mediate safely through, fulfilling what we were sent here for.

The tide rises.

Open 💙

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Last week I was at this 'alternative' conference in Nottingham with a line up of speakers on a range of subjects, natural healing, spirituality, questioning science and history, conspiracy etc. I took a number of energetic devices with me and arrived the day before to settle in. It took nearly two hours rigging up the room, a very plush hotel, dinner dances, a spa etc. The first night my body jolted so intensely grounding the energy I nearly fell out the bed. It does happen occasionally, especially in hotels, people up and down corridors day after day laden with mobile phones and computers. I was asleep when it happened, but I knew the place was grounding out ready for this conference which was a gathering of higher consciousnesses. My room was literally next door to the conference room, which was superb for accessing refreshments during intervals! That first morning after the jolt I was drawn out to the woodland to feed the squirrels and birds cross legged under a tree in full view of the restaurant. It's at the same place every year so they know what to expect 😊

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Hi Open,  That's an awesome place and i could see the dragon in the clouds.  I felt that place in my solar plexus area while looking at your photos but can't quite put words to it yet.

I wonder if the catastrophic challenges you speak of relate to total control over every freedom with the switch to the digital economy.  Biden signed an executive order recently, which will probably go into effect pretty soon.  It's for the digital economy and probably will require a smart phone which I don't have yet.  I really don't want one either...  This order will give the gov't total control of every aspect of human lives through use of turning off the bank accounts and shutting down cars.

China already uses this system to turn your finances on or off based on how you act or what you say.  If they don't like your words, if you don't comply with their wishes, they shut off your bank account.  They control what you can purchase and maybe at some point will control if you can even buy food and what type of food.  The push to roll out thousands of electric vehicles will have the same effect.  These cars come equipped with a switch to shut them down right on the highway.  People don't seem to care much or be aware of what's been going on behind the scenes.  Most don't even believe it's true.  I know I'm here for this time and don't know yet exactly how things will go, but I'm sure I'll know as time goes on.  Since Avalon Rising I've had more vivid dreams and can feel changes inside myself.  I've had some pains like another person had and you suggested it was integration going on within the body, so I'm thinking it may also be things integrating within myself.

It's all a process I'm dealing with to be able to get through these crazy times.  And the's been crazy too.  Flooding in so many places here in the states.  I sense this is rapidly increasing too.  Anything I can say to people who may be willing to listen at this point?  Someone crossed paths with me for a short time during the Avalon Rising event and I believe it was for an exchange of information basically.  It gave me an idea of the amount of control people are under.  I shared the light side but it was not believable to that person.  I guess in time, many will want to know a way out of the chaos.  Wading through floodwaters is not the ideal way I'd want to realize there are problems on this planet!

I'm following your Vlog daily but don't always comment.  I started to comment recently and found I don't have physical words for what I wanted to convey so that's why I sense there are changes going on inside myself.  I'll be able to express better eventually.   Thank you for sharing with us.

Much love Praying EmojiHeart,



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Hi Sherri - thanks for tuning in and sharing your experiences over there in the States.

What I would say is that you've shared a snapshot of how the controllers want to take it - and how many alternatives are interpreting it. In fact the risk in doing so is only to push the energy in that direction - to bring about the very thing that you fear and put attention on.

I'm not saying don't notice the changes that they're trying to enact. But that's what they are TRYING to achieve. It doesn't mean it will happen that way. I don't believe the pandemic turned out the way they wanted it to for example.

We're in a very fluid situation in the shift right now. The old construct is being challenged greatly and much light is breaking through. If we focus on how the infusing light can create the best aligned pathway for us, then that's going to bear abundant fruit, in plentiful different ways. So let's NOT get sucked inadvertently into the shadow agenda. Let's feel the inflowing light and crystallise it in a way that best suits our highest interests and the shift.

Bright blessings

Open 💙

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Dear Open and all the wonderful beings tuning in ,

I have had this realisation in my mind since Egypt . But for some reason wasn't able to enunciate this properly. 

Yesterday ,I had a mini breakthrough. I broke through patterns of not speaking my truth in intimate partnership by staying conscious with a deep fear of abandonment . This was somehow intertwined with a deep fear of speaking my needs and a tendency to people please . Basically the shadow of Ray 2. Something seems to have unfurled in my throat .

In Egypt I "saw" how the pyramids were not preserved so well by accident . Their preservation ,done by use of Satanic energies ( the people that did it ,in that time viewed it like more of a technology ) wasn't just in the physical sense. In a way ,the pyramid was symbolic of social structures ,political structures ,financial structures - the very paradigm of this civilization in a metaphoric sense. There were entire societies that used abuse and manipulation covertly to keep this in shape . The structures grounded the energy in the ether . 

They are breaking now . Many of the engineers are either abdicating the power of control or leaving Earth.  The energetics of that structure metaphorically has already fallen apart . 

What I was tuning into and what perhaps Sherri is tuning into is the confusion of both the ruled and the rulers -BOTH of them know not a better way to exist .

The energy needs to be repatriated into a much better, interdependent form ,serving all species and Gaia ,before time runs out . The chaos that the populace and the controllers feel is a necessary step  . Many are called now to form breakaway units . There is a massive wave of realignment . But it will be a big break from business as usual and will need people anchored into their calm beingness to guide and provide succour to masses that will be fairly rudely awakened. 

Your planet does not have much time to do this consciously . 

( Just wrote this  last paragraph as a channel) 


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When I spoke with this person and they shared the darker side of what they were finding on the internet, I did mention that it gives power to that which they're focusing so much energy on.  After several conversations and seeing so much anger in this person, who feels they need to warn everyone and people refuse to listen, I just gave up.  I felt I got the information they wanted to share but also countered it with where the real power is and that's with the light.  I let them know the most important thing is to focus on themselves and their growth.  So I planted the seed.  This person is not jabbed so that's good and maybe they'll find out their search ends up at a dead-end.

I don't seek people out but do share if they get bogged down in the heavy drama, and this person felt they needed to inform me of things, many I already knew about.  I gave encouragement that inroads are being made that counter what's trying to be done to mankind and the planet and for them to seek the light, but it wasn't received very well so I moved along.  I've prepared for what's coming in whatever way it comes and will keep growing and making the changes in myself.  

I spend time at the beach soaking up the energy from the ocean and I spend time outside at my place here with my forest and plants.  Many Dragonflies have been around lately.  It's always so refreshing to be outdoors in nature.   Thank you for responding and for sharing your experiences with us.  Heart



24/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I'm pretty good by now at free-wheeling in life (I should be with all the practice!!). There's nothing I like more than working with the subtle nuances and inflows that carefully cascade in. But yesterday things went "wrong". No matter how I tried it was hard to get a decent internet connection to share in this vlog. And when I did find somewhere, the pleasant Dartmoor pony that I compassionately fed an apple to, then proceeded to eat essential aspects of my camper!! Clearly, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or was I?

As I looked carefully within, there was a niggling feeling that the pony triggered off. I know the one - it's age old in this 3D density. It was amplified a little later when trying to find an open space out on the cliffs for some morning meditation. I always go with the feeling pull, which this time, led me straight into a small one-way village that had me boxed in whichever way I went, and then cars pilling up behind tooting their horns when I tried to turn around. It exacerbated that niggling feeling.

Do you recognise these situations? The ones that simply won't flow and test the patience, no matter what you do?

The crucial thing is not to try to immediately get out of them, but to sit in the discomfort of why you manifested it? It's always going to be a crucible of inner incongruence that wants to realign out. So sit in the unresolution.

For me, it's what happens to guidance when in dense, tight places where you feel boxed in. For me it is when this happens on the flow of the path and I don't know which way to go now? For someone else it could be a choice in relationship or about being generally boxed in life. Whatever, recognise what is triggering and activate the pain by feeling into it and animating it. Then you'll see it more clearly for what it is.

If you can then let go of the need for the outcome to be a certain way, you start to relieve the pressure cooker - it starts to unwind. This I facilitated by finding the nearest open space - a car park - and doing some soulmotion movements. Soon enough I felt right as rain and the pull re-engaged taking me in the direction of my next camping site - which happened to be up on expansive cliffs and quite alone in a very convenient lay-by.

So I offer this reflection today, for when things go "wrong" for you on the path. There's always an opportunity in it - a pearl in the oyster than needs some sand to polish it. I say take the rough in order to gain the smooth!!

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏

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Hi Open,

Far be it for me to judge, but that is the most mischievous looking horse I have ever seen, what a great photo!

Totally resonating with when 'things go wrong' on the path, when maybe I had an agenda however subtle, just the practice of letting go.

Also what happens, I get intuitive messages in thought form, and sometimes I interpreted the meaning negatively. Then later on, once the consciousness has expanded I will realise the other possible meanings of the message, the multidimensional 'truth' to the intuition.

Then I feel a little sheepish that I had thought I was under some form of attack😁 Every intuition I've ever received is multidimensional in nature and requires expansion of consciousness to interpret. It's huge relief to understand that now, there is no 'enemy' anymore.

When the little things set my boiler off and I might become the tick tick ticking time bomb, nowadays, thank God, I feel the arising of a presence within, it smiles my eyes and surges a wave of absolute pure love, the real self, to keep me in the 'right' state 🙏🏼

Remy 🧡

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Indeed it's multidimensional - coming in on many levels. We may be surrendered in the energy body for example, but even an array of thought forms can generate a negative co-creation. What a tremendous mirror life is!!

Open 🙏

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Morning Open,

I’m crying with laughter... choking on my tea.  bloody brilliant. 
Might I reflect 1) said ponio wouldn’t recognise compassion in your actions as he’s obviously not starving.. probably just being polite, despite his cheekiness They are not needy energies, and he may have had a job to do .... 

2) my feeling is he had a message, and was exhibiting a little frustration ...did you ask him ? 

Yes, yesterday was hard work in the density...

I was brought sharply back into proper focus by (another) kestrel  diving steeply infront of the bonnet of the truck ... had to stand the big beast on its nose to avoid hitting the bird. Ok .. slowing down and letting go now ... 



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LOL - I knew you'd respond to that one Ellen, AND, I knew you'd take the side of the Pony 😄

Yes, I did summon it. One of those latent judgments we might have, "what a lovely Pony, the perfect place to park up and tune in".
Of course it still was a lovely Pony, doing exactly what it was feeling to do.

Did it generate some frustration? In the beginning, it was funny. But then when I started to scrape the paint off my bonnet it did cause a tad of irritation, yes. Perfect co-creation!!

Open 🙏

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I saw a herd of them scraping the paint off a car park of cars in the Quantocks a couple of years ago.

They were using their hooves as well as teeth, biting at the trims, believe me, you were lucky 😲 😂



23/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I spent some time yesterday up at the marvellous Brent Tor on Dartmoor, a mystical chapel out on the moors which can only be reached on foot...

I find it a phenomenal place to connect with the angelic realm. It has this stunning stained glass window behind the altar...

At times we're going to find ourselves beseiged by denser energies as the shift unwinds the old construct. Fascinating this morning lots of little things seemed to go wrong for me: 1) making morning tea and finding a £5 jar of the best Canadian Maple syrup had mysteriously emptied itself in gear 2) The Dartmoor pony I fed an apple to, which then went on to try to eat the rest of my car! 3) Endless challenges getting internet connection and losing this post several times.

It's always essential of course to watch the internal frustrations in respect to these niggling issues - of course far worse can happen, but it's the small things we must work hard to get right: to break down any mental reaciton to them, so as to keep the flow flowing. For me, that's where angellic support can help open up the flow once more.

I shot this video about a year ago, on the back end of lockdown, and felt to share it so as to inspire you whenever you might get beset with the challenges of this 3D world. May Michael help you cut through the density!...

Bright blessings

Open 💙


The 8 fold path has profound wisdom & simplicity.


22/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I'm into my second week free wheeling now. Wow! I haven't had two consecutive week's break in all the 20 years I've been here! Feels amazing to unwind 💙

I was up on the beloved Dartmoor yesterday amongst the rocks and the Tors and moors. The weather was tremendous, very inspiring uplifting and expansive.

The stones always speak - I'm seeing faces everywhere...

It's a great place to practice soulmotion. It evolved by integrating Himalayan Kriya breathing techniques with martial arts warm up routines. Here's a more advanced move I call "Sky Dragon"...

Felt expansive and powerful on the rocks, so the soulmotion flowed into some gentle martial arts too...

Speaking of which, I just came across this marvellous inspiration from the Shaolin priest Shi Heng Yi, who speaks about the importance of dedicating personal time to focussing the mind, and the great value in daily life. Do take some quality time to review today...

What practices do you do for focus and determination?
Do share, I'd love to hear.

Bright blessings

Open 💙🙏


Hello Openhand,

It looks like you're having an amazing time free wheeling Open!

I was given to look in as I've stumbled into some extremely painful density today - it's reminding me of the severe pain body activation I experienced in Snowdonia in May.

All I've been given intuitively is the message 'Higher Being' - and I won't enquire any further. Lower mind is completely unable to attaching anything to anything 🤷🏼‍♂️

I haven't a clue what is going on - the body is in some serious serious pain with major distortions in perception and balance, intense spirit energies moving through.

'Transmutation' you'd say - Oh what Joy! I will continue to sit with it now 😖 

Just thought I'd say Hi

Remy  🙏🏼


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Hi Remi - there with you 💙

It could be the Merkabah activating - bringing the higher down to meet and overlap with the lower - that's likely to cause some pain at times.

Best wishes

Open 🙏

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Hi Open,

It feels like an activation, both the musculature tensing and the chakras intensifying. When my third eye opened it felt like my entire head opened up and was suspended occasionally blinking. One scene, I was walking away and someone was calling me 'Serena....Serena!!' to which I eventually turned around. Maybe Spirit playing with me, giving me another name to confuse me! I'm not sure how Serene I was being at that time! Historical content is coming up the last three four days, content so old and meaningless to me, it's almost a bore, but upon further reflection, containing paradigms that may link up with the present, dare I? Dreams and wishes the personality had at that time, more like fantasies, completely impossible to anyone with a sensible grasp of reality. Although, they may be coming into fruition now. As miraculous as that may be. Nuggets of Soul gold. Spirit showing me. We shall see. I shall try 🙏🏼

Thank-you so much for your support - Have an awesome trip Open

Remy (Serena) 😉


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I used to walk for hours along the coast every day growing up. On a way to a friends one time I had a 'calling'. My attention was drawn out into the sky and I became aware of the great mystery, why am I here, what is my purpose, I became aware of the questions. I realised that something incredible lay beyond my ordinary life and that it was communicating with me. That day when I arrived at a friends I began talking about all these ideas. It was the ways I was going to cure people of all these illness's or problems. I found it troubling to witness the suffering of others and naturally need to do something. I realise these ideas were inspired by that initial communion, given from Source. And although I never became a doctor or nurse, I've lived a life of healing, and am creating something that will do exactly all the things I said at that time. Spirit finds a beautiful way of answering prayer, one of my reasons for being 🧡




20/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

The free wheeling continues with much joy. Yesterday was my last day in Wales. I concluded it with a refreshing morning coffee break at Pen Y Fan, the place where the infamous SAS are trained. But for me, it was sunny and restful...

I'm moving on now to the South West of England and Dartmoor. Wow, in 20 years of being here and doing the work with Openhand, I've never had a two week break. Feels amazing, very transmutational 🤗

Speaking of which, here's a video I made on the stunning Dartmoor a few years back, with the sense of what the Openhand view on Trnasmutation is. It includes a demo of the Openhand Bow at the end - something I adapted from Kriya Yoga, that of the Paramahansa Yogananda lineage. I trust it inspires you...

Have a great day everyone!!

Open 💙


Hello Open!

This subject had been rising in my life, growing, slowly taking more and more abstract shapes. 

Like you said, the TF journey is narrated in a certain way in the mainstream and I dug it for the most part. 

The signs pointing to a certain person were - obvious.

Anyways, fast forward a few years and after some challenges, I have come to the conclusion that it is possible - that my real Spiritual Twin may have guided me towards that particular person to accelerate (and when I say accelerate, I mean it!!) my voyage towards the Heart (of Creation, or just - my own. Both.) 

Hence the confusion. It was my Twin sending signals. And it was symbols and synchronicities surrounding this real person. 

And now I'm thinking, since Twins do not incarnate, they may be leading us towards people who resemble their energy signature to light our way - Home. 

For the last few days - through the powerful phases of the moon, through these cosmic events; going into deep reverence and surrender. I have felt it, so strongly, it, taking over my whole being. Cleansing my face, my eyes, the mental body. 

I really have no idea what to make of the Twin Flame journey and to some degree I have also given up on trying to fit this narrative into my human mind.

I'm seeing (in real life) pairs of white doves dancing, flying alongside each other. I'm seeing pairs of horses with same star markings on their forehead, at just the right time. I'm seeing shooting stars and moving bodies in the night sky. Connections, sudden inspiration. 

My dreams are getting more and more vivid and accurate and I'm going with them. I'm recording them and listening. If I'm dreaming of creating a kimono, or a ceremonial robe, I go ahead and make it. And mind you, I'm a newbie. It's like there is a force guiding my hands, my actions. I create instinctually and it turns out well! If I dream of meeting someone, I go ahead and call them. 

It's like my waking life is woven with my dreamlife and I'm here witnessing it all. Allowing my dreams to take a central role in my decision-making. Allowing the Dream to take over my consciousness and right now, as I am writing, I am feeling it. And if you're reading this, right now, I hope you're feeling it too. 

 It's precious.

Thank you for sharing your insights. It helps a lot. :)




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Hi Evangeline - you're right on point regarding several key aspects of the Twin Flame 👍
And there's another crucial one I'd like to touch on with you and those reading.

Firstly you said...

I have come to the conclusion that it is possible - that my real Spiritual Twin may have guided me towards that particular person to accelerate (and when I say accelerate, I mean it!!) my voyage towards the Heart (of Creation, or just - my own. Both.) 

Hence the confusion. It was my Twin sending signals. And it was symbols and synchronicities surrounding this real person. 

And now I'm thinking, since Twins do not incarnate, they may be leading us towards people who resemble their energy signature to light our way - Home.

Yes, absolutely!! I experienced exactly that in one or two key cases. With one person, they were even being played the same music in quite different parts of the world. And it may well then be the right thing to go into relationship with them. With the caveat that plenty then get lost, thinking, "this is what I've really been looking for". Or else, if they are conscious there is a Twin Flame phenomenon, that they have manifested before them in this person. I've seen well known spiritual teachers fall into this trap.

The risk is that it stops you from reconnecting with the joy, beauty completeness that is already inside of you. I'm not saying that a soul mate relationship that mirrors your Twin Flame is not a good thing, but that it's easy to lose aspects of yourself within it. For example: someone expressing strongly on the divine masculine frequency to then lose their empathic feminine because it's so well expressed through their partner - you're not encouraged to dig deeper for that degree of sensitivity- and vice versa, where the divine masculine is being so well expressed.

And here's my key other point for you and others to explore and contemplate...

It is my view that when you do go into a soul mate relationship that is reflecting your Twin Flame, then this can seriously diminish the actual connection with the Twin Flame experienced in the dreamstate all around you. Because there's a tendency to be so engaged with the soul mate, then the kundalini energy that connects up in the environment is less strong. Also, even when you're apart from the soul mate, there's still an energetic connection on multiple planes (especially the 4D), which still diminishes the full Twin Flame connection when the soul mate is not even in your proximity.

I've reached the point on my journey where my soul yearns to dance in this Twin Flame connection and not have it diminished at all, but strengthened in daily life. She is progressively becoming embodied, in me, speaking on multiple planes that reflect into the outer environment. She has become my intuition so to speak. And yet I still experience her as a being in her own right. That's the fascinating part that I'm exploring more deeply.

It's as you said...

It's like my waking life is woven with my dreamlife and I'm here witnessing it all. Allowing my dreams to take a central role in my decision-making. Allowing the Dream to take over my consciousness and right now, as I am writing, I am feeling it. And if you're reading this, right now, I hope you're feeling it too. 

Yes, I'm feeling it. ♥️
And based on experience, I really don't know a better place to be!

Open 💙

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Just to mirror, even as I'm writing this on a keyboard I feel the presence of the Twin Flame.
But what I have to do, is very consciously sit back a degree - in the pause before each key is typed.
I have to give that split-second moment of space so as not to crowd her out with the mind's focus.
You have to be very conscious of how you fucntion on multiple planes of reality in any given moment.
If the emotions are too reactive for example, or you're too empathic of other people in the surrounding energy field -
all of these will drown out the subtle cascading inflows of the Twin Flame.

On my free-wheeling journey, I was guided to a key spot that I know. I knew that when I arrived I'd be shown a key sign
(reminiscent of this borrowed image below)...

I know sometimes I "ride too fast through the dimensions!!" But it's okay, it works, providing I sit back a little.
That's what she was saying.

Open 💚

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Writing for the purpose of nothing else but for letting true truth flow through your mind and fill that eternal blank.

It's quite an interesting thing... when you realize the creative power words hold -  you get this sense of  limitlessness. Provided! You actually pay attention to the limiting factors of language and the keys of opening - it. Of stepping through those boundaries. 

Go behind the words themselves to the origins of verbal communication. That point before time existed. To the formation of symbols.  Open words like you open worlds and explore connections.  And! Tweak the charge of the letters,  sounds themselves. Reviving them, infusing them with archaic wisdom. 

And so, joining these ideas to our dialogue centered around Twin Flames. A really nice way to hold counsel with (maybe, I don't know for sure, yet, this is Novelty for me) my Twin is to write.  

I write questions. And then I write down the answers I get.

I get this sense of knowing, when I write these flows. If I were to just think about, or reflect upon, I wouldn't be able to find the same coherence. Writing my conversations with my Twin or - like you said - intuitive Self is grounding me into a realm where we commune through a common set of symbols and meaning. 

It opens my mind to receive that spontaneous flow. It's like dancing, but with concepts. A voyage I find immense joy in. 

I hope this is useful to you. Or anyone reading this. :)


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Hi Open, I've been traveling so I'm just now getting caught up on the vlog and this jumped out

"If the emotions are too reactive for example, or you're too empathic of other people in the surrounding energy field -
all of these will drown out the subtle cascading inflows of the Twin Flame."

This could easily apply to me yet at this point on my path being (too) empathic just happens.  It such a part of me and so automatic that sometimes it's hard to determine if what I'm feeling belongs to another or to myself.  So I don't know how I could be less so to allow for the inflows of my twin flame.  It's as if I'm being asked to find a way to fill my body with oxygen but make sure I'm not breathing.  So my question is what can an empath work on to change or have more control of this aspect of themself.  Or is it such a part of an empath's nature that the work is to distinguish the inflows of the twin flame from everything else that is being felt?


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Firstly to say Ann, that your gift of empathy has become extraordinary in the time I've known you - and it's tremendously illuminating of complex multidimensional dynamics. So it's important to honour and celebrate the gift.

But yes, having said that, there needs to be some new orientation to come with it.

I'd say the key is in these words you used... "such a part of me and so automatic".
The soul is not "automatic" or so programmed if the ray 3 is active enough. The ray 3 inquiring principle becomes the attenuation mechanism to right action. How might the ray 3 help you in this situation?

If you practice reading patterns of synchronicity more, and actually bring it down into lower mind more,  then more of the soul energy is likely to stay centred and focussed in your own vibe. You could try actually talking to yourself about what you witness on the outside. The ideal would be to be able to empathise, AND comment on what you're feeling at the same time.

See how that goes.

Open 🙏

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Dear Anne ,

I certainly understand being on the same side of that spectrum. What I am currently am doing is learning to empathize with all parts of me first . It sounds funny ,but that's the way I imagine it . And then the attention is not so automatically pulled away to the "other". 

For me ,I am recognising this automated response occurs when I am triggered in  situations and with certain people.I automatically look to pacify and heal the other which ,in my case has led me to have poor boundaries in relationship . 

I am working to work with the self doubt and pain activated in these situations and not abdicate my energy . 

I am not sure if that helps at all. Just sharing !


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Is that it can hurt or feel bad, and what if it's 'them' and not us? I tried to find a Nietzsche quote about this that helped me to come to terms with the problem, unfortunately I'm in transit at the moment so maybe another time. My intuition and experience is that it is not up to me to decide or attempt to control what states I receive to process at any given time. The other day I picked up on a vibe that felt so bad I nearly quit an excellent work placement. I was in the process of making alternative arrangements when I got a phonemail from a colleague telling me about the situation that had occurred to explain it. Conversely, I've had suffering hearts and minds emptied onto me and felt nothing but a healthy compassion. I've come to understand that in the service of spirit my boundaries may be taken from me and my soul bleeds with a complete stranger. Or I'm fortified to walk through the valley of death of the shadow of death with a light and happy heart. We're given to surrender to what is, including those probably inadvertently propagating fear. We're given to discern whether to go this way or that, in the service of spirit do we look at something, or go somewhere, or take something on board? These are the questions.

Remy 🧡


18/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

Yesterday I drove down into Pembrokeshire in South Wales and camped up at a favourite high Tor - in fact there's 9 of them all clustered together overlooking Cardigan Bay in the distance. It feels spectacular, other worldly, and barely visited...

All around the Tor are ancient oak forests, some trees several hundred years old, and abound with the elementals - the perfect place to meditate...

A few miles away (and much more visited) is this highly intriguing neolithic burial chamber called Pentre Ifan. It's always been a place of multidimensional involvement and intrigue...

You can see that the earth casing of the burial chamber has either been weathered away or removed, leaving only the supportive stones, that look kind of like a space ship landing - the metaphor holds a great deal of truth!! It's been a site of grey energy for some time. Although yesterday it felt very much like the energy had gone, and in it's place, higher dimensional benevolent infusions coming in.

Last night I journied through the dreamtime, which the stone monument had activated. I was with a group, cutting through an ancient pyramid foundation, expecting to encounter a great deal of hostile Opposing Consciousness. But when we met face to face, unexpectedly they all surrendered, dropping their swords. I felt it represented a wider shift in the field - that the foundation is breaking down, leaving aligned bare structure. My sense is it's certainly a good omen going forwards.

I'd be intrigued to hear what the empaths out there feel about the monument and the dream?
Do tell me what you feel - it always helps ripple outwards the realignment.

Bright blessings to all tuning in.

Open 💙🙏

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My experience at the Burial Chamber reminded me of something similar at another site in Avebury during lockdown a year ago. It feels like the energy is moving quickly forwards now - major shifts are happening in the field that will have a beneficial impact in all our lives going forwards. Here's the video to review...

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Dear Open ,

In the last week I have felt a very strong sense of "something is happening".It's the feeling I had in March 2020. Like something massive is underfoot. 

Suddenly my mom and my aunt told me how I should get sell my crypto.This has been a recurring theme especially since the Indian government has recently announced how crypto is evil ( and pigs can fly etc.) . This time it really spiked in my consciousness. 

I am feeling very strongly the crumbling of the financial system . It's almost as if I am hearing the old system splintering before it falls. I have a strong feeling that supply shortages and food shortages are on their way and now that etheric support is gone ,this artificially pumped system will start to show cracks and eventually fail in quick speed . 

I am feeling very restless as a result . When I go into meditation ,I am feeling connected and seeing sacred geometry especially around second chakra. And out of meditation I am feeling brain fog and as though something too big to see is showing itself and my small self is struggling . 



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Hmm - that's interesting. Thanks for your view Megha 👍

Actually, I didn't get anything like that however. In the dreamspace, there was a tremendously amicable connection - and helpful surrendering of the Opposing Consciousness - a "merge" to resolve things.

I would say crypto is the way forwards. I believe regulation will happen and that the old financial system will steadily merge into it. That's actually already beginning to occur. Ethereum is up 25% since the higher dimensional support inquiry we had only a month ago in Avebury.

Having said this, yes there will be ructions in different countries and different ways to play the situation (if there are going to be shortages cash is always a good option). I feel that generally, the etheric field is getting behind the shift in agreement and support, but there are still many human minds caught in the old ways. I wonder if you're tuning into the fear-based mental brain fog that exists?

In loving support

Open ♥️


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Morning Open,

What a fabulous journey through the ancient lands. Always great to see.

A bit random, but here’s my stuff from yesterday: The focus of a meditation yesterday was absolutely lost as I disappeared into dream state... with the “show me”, I found myself looking down (at some distance) on a pair of chaps walking upsides some ancient stone and earthworks... exposed, with only a few trees, sun shining, they seemed to be checking on them, unconcerned and cheery they continued on. The feeling was one of normality, calmness.  I was curious and followed them.. very clear at this point that I was in bird form (oddly!). Loving the expansion of flying high, but with pin point focus on the humans below. I could hover .. so awesome. I stayed with the guys for some time as they returned to their settlement.. ? Barracks/outpost. Everything felt flat calm, but with a sense of impending change. An anticipation?

Later yesterday as I was driving home from work in the local yards, a kestrel flew in front of the truck, quite deliberately for almost a mile, before peeling off to sit in a tree and watch me go past. Importuning change indeed, I feel. Monumental change. 
Any reflection?

With love ,


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Hi Ellen - to my mind that's a perfect revelation of the Twin Flame - very similar to how I experience it. It's a waking dream, that's created all around you, that's simply divine and magical.

HOWEVER, there has to be a transcendence of the physical in order to experience this - an opening up so that you lose the agenda. And that's when one's consciousness is soft enough to be guided in this way.

"Calm but impending change" - that's perfect kestrel medicine. It hovers above, perfectly still, yet totally awake and attuned to the moment - waiting for the perfect opportunity to sweep in. So this is the active attention I speak of that guides and speaks into the moment.



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Hey O, 

That tree you meditated in is just incredibly beautiful, so strongly rooted into the earth and spreading its lovely branches outwards. I wanted to be close to it when i saw the pic. 

The monument speaks to me about balance.Thats all that comes to me on that.

The dream points me to the fact that sometimes one expects opposition and the exact opposite occurs. 

I loved the pic of beautiful flowers so vibrant in their color! 

I saw a spectacular orange sunrise this am with 3 kookaburras silhouetted sitting in the tree outside my bedroom window. They keep popping up everywhere at the moment, I know its a message so I am asking 'show me'! lol. Nature is so amazing! 

I am so glad you are having a wonderful time immersing yourself in nature! 

Much love

Erin 💚

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To me the dream is very symbolic.  What popped in my mind is the scene from the Wizard of Oz where the Wizard seems so intimidating and then the curtain is pulled back and the truth is revealed.  To me the dream says it may seem like things are dark and getting more so but the foundation is cracking and the truth will come out so keep faith.


17/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

I just arrived at a totally sacred and magical mountain in the heart of Wales - the Cadair Idris. It's another volcanic mountain with a lake high up in its crater. I've been here many times before and I'm camped literally at the foot of it - I could feel its immense energy all night...

Just as I arrived at the campsite, two F15 Eagles, not the feathered kind but those of Top Gun, took a low level pass right over the camp site - apparently they navigate around the mountain. I know it's not pleasurable to many, but I find their enormous power and and agility highly stirring. And because they appeared in tandem, I could feel the power of my Twin Flame speaking through them...

So today, I'm feeling to dedicate the day to our Twin Flame. Remember, this is the most loving and powerful connection you can make on the spiritual path.

Contrary to misguided spiritual teachings in the mainstream, the Twin Flame does NOT incarnate. It is the other unmanifest aspect of your soul that resides at the source. However, they can feel like a real being when they become active in your life. They'll reflect through signs and synchronicity all around you. In nature of course, but also in signs and synchronicity, sacred geometry and symbology.

Forming this connection can totally transform and uplfit your life. And it can be attained through simple application of awareness. You have to transcend the merely literal meaning of the physical and look for the patterning through all situations and circumstances. Open your heart to the possibility that residing in the ether is your divine compliment, yearning to connect with you and uplift your life. I came across this yesterday on my walk that someone left on the path...

It says: "whisper my name in your heart and I will be there". Indeed!

The Twin Flame is also about correct alignment and orientation on your path. She/He will guide you through life to the experiences you need to have in order to integrate soul and ultimately ascend.

Here is Openhand's lead article on the subject to explore and integrate...

Your Twin Flame: A Magical Alchemy to Guide You Through Life

So today I'm dedicating the inquiry to the Twin Flame phenomenon. Why not join me. What do you notice and experience?

Do share, I'd love to hear!

Bright blessings

Open 💙

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Today's video really drew me in and became an energetic experience for me.  At the moment you spoke the words transcend the physical and live in the merkabah my heart center lit up with this beautiful energy.  It almost feels like an activation.  And when I close my eyes and sink into the experience I feel the energy flowing up from the heart into each of the higher energy centers and down into each of the lower.  I can't explain what happened but it feels like a beautiful higher dimensional energy. 


16/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

There's nothing I like better than to free wheel - just to take off wherever the pull takes you. Then to enter the "Dreamspace" - it's the quantum field from which everything manifests. You're transcending the merely physical by penetrating through it. Then you're picking up the subtle flows and nuances that cascade into you, responding to active awareness. Yesterday I simply took off into the countryside, down pathways and across fields, heavenly encounters with butterflys and bees...

Across deserted fields in the middle of nowhere - who'd like to live here? Yes please!...

Enjoying the simple colours, fragrances and beauty of the flora and fauna...

It led me finally out onto the cliffs, with stunning views and the perfect place to meditate...

So how do we become more multidimensional?

I felt to share today 9 suggestions for entering this dreamspace existence - being in the quantum flow from which everything manifests...

Entering the "Dreamspace" - 9 Ways to Become Multidimensional

What does it for you? What takes you there?
I'd love to hear from you - let's inspire each other.

Open 😉🙏



Hi Vimal, Asya and Zee - thanks so much for tuning in guys - it's a pleasure to carry your energies along in this free-wheeling adventure 💙🤗👍

Yes Vimal - there's nothing else going on right? The alch3my is everywhere!!

Asya - sounds like you're having a magical ride in the dreamspace too - awesome "pictures" you create.

Zee - yes the pool was simply amazing - so crystal clear and cool, yet deep green too - close your eyes and imagine it - you're there! 💚


15/08/2022 Openhand Free-Wheeling Vlog

It's been amazing to get away from everything, so as to reflect and integrate - we all need to do that a times through life. It gives you a renewed perspective on all that's happening on your journey.

I took off up the motorway following a pull up to Llanberis in Snowdonia. I could feel it calling me. Good to know on the way up that the Andromedans were en route taking care of the "technology"...

After many hours driving through England and the valleys of Wales, my feet needed a cooler. What better place than the crystal clear stream of the spectacular Llanberis pass...

Afterward, the Lady of the Lake was calling (yes really!!)...

(this wasn't actually her, but this was the location. Picture link Third Eye Traveler)

A lady called Maya, known to locals as the Lady of the Lake just happened to be conducting ceremony there. By "chance" we connected at a key portal location. But all was not well. I could feel a dissonance around the level of the 3rd Eye. She asked me to explore. It quickly became clear - an imbalance between the Red and the White dragon energies of the area. These are metaphysical flows of energy, that are steeped in the history of Snowdonia and Wales. I knew exactly where to go...

A hidden volcanic caldera, high up in the secluded mountains, several miles from Snowdon...

It's where the white and the red dragon energies are either contentious or in balance.

Red Dragon symbologies abound...

Likewise the white dragon energies...

Asking for permission to work with the valley from the Dragon Tree Guardian...

She gave the go-ahead...

But the energies were tremendously active and aggressive, I guessed they'd been stirred up by all the tourists in the Snowdonia area. What to do? "Show me!" The answer came along the path. Bring in the higher dimensional Black Dragon energies from the 5th Density - to pacify and contain them...

It harmonised the situation well. And after all that work, what better way to chill out than this secret waterfall and pool...

How are you going Openhanders? How's your integration going?

Do share, I'd love to hear.

Bright blessings

Open 💙

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White, Red and Black dragon – sounds powerfully. It doesn't seem you would be wasting your time even when getting away from everything. Wonderful photos, Open! See that number plate of AA truck...

While I can’t wait to travel to Snowdonia again was up for free-wheeling last weekend in my vicinity and sure synchronicities were speaking a lot. 

Whilst in the forest, the internal guidance showed me a beautiful spot – step by step it led me to the fantastic opening in the forest, something like a natural clearing, full of light, all filled with growing ferns and surrounded by fir trees and various deciduous trees. As I stepped in this place straight away it felt a particular energy there inviting to connect. When feeling like this I would then stay in this place as long as possible. As I connected to this space it felt utterly magical – so quiet yet at the same time full of subtle sounds of forest such as you can hear those sticky seeds of some trees cracking, opening and falling down. I spent there several hours spread over two days fully immersed and surrounded by forest life - roe-deers, owls, pheasants, various small birds, frogs, butterflies, spiders and vastness of bugs’ world. Magical! One moment suddenly something disturbed my own field as if it would be a tiny model of helicopter flying by so closely to my body just not to touch it – it was a huge dragonfly! I was surprised how powerful vibrations it ripples when flying. This dragonfly was spinning around me for some time and even the next day it came to say hello again in the same place.

So, I was sitting there, at the same time "practicing" what I call the intuitive photography or filming (I carry my camera with me all the time now). This is when I don’t look for any particular object neither the particular outcome but let the camera find it on its own and may see the “product” only when back at home. My main “rule” here is that behind the camera there is Nobody... When I'm in it there is no "Me". That "I" dissolves and just my hands are somehow holding the camera and letting it all happen. But the camera repeatedly started showing the warning on the screen “The buffer overflow”, again and again. The next day I use other sd card and have it formatted – still the same warning appears. I thought something is wrong with the camera which is weird because it’s quite new. After all I researched what’s the problem and one of the reasons may be the speed of the card is too slow or not enough space in the card to process the amount of data while in the process of filming, the other reason may be overheat.

Aaaahh! It makes perfect sense to me – that’s exactly what I’m experiencing, processing and integrating now. The creative flow of the Soul is intensifying in various meanings. The opening of a higher mind is happening in line with increased flow of signs and synchronicities, the connection between lower self and higher self is unfolding wonderfully. Though it requires more time and patience for integration. The energy flows strongly and I can feel clearly the high-speed vibrations from higher dimensions, sometimes it feels as if my consciousness is a highway for those flows. The creativity increases.

My brain’s trying to form new neural pathways (these photos are speaking as a synchronicity too):


All that causes the “buffer overflow” as there is not enough speed or space in the lower densities to process it. It all “sits” in the solar plexus and the sacrum chakras and I have to watch it and soften into it constantly. So, the dragonfly appeared to show me that I should be working with the dragon energy, probably, to help clearing and freeing the space in lower densities for the inflow of new energy. By the way, I had more encounters with dragonflies lately – the other day was literally dancing with another big dragonfly appeared on my path, so beautiful when they are spinning around as if they’re showing they see and recognise you.


Thank you, Open, for posting the meditation video here. My devices are nearly to crash from the amount of filmed material and photos. While there are more video projects in progress, I don’t know what to do with intuitive photos, they want to be shared with people as my sense is that they are transmitting energy, mostly uplifting. Yet contemplating of what platform could be used for that and what project may come up so it would be possible to present the energy in some spiritual meaning…


Wishing you wonderful time off, Open, and waiting for new posts / photos / videos in this vlog.


Meanwhile, for me the intuitive photos are the language of the universe as well:


Andromedans?? Arcturians?? (can you see the letter A in both photos):



Begin weaving the new net:


Infusion of light dispels shadows:


When we begin seeing our shadow side there is always the light behind it:


Much love to everyone at Openhand <3



Inspiring post open!

In sync with my audible listening this week on the sermons of Meister eckhart. The presenter James Finlay offered a contemplation on going within saying we are nothingness with out God yet we are present in this moment therefore by the very act of infinite grace we paradoxically become the essence of God. The thought motivated me to still my mind and feel the breeze as I listened to the enormity of that! I believe that is what your article calls us to do also: drop out of my mind chatter and be present in the now. There's no feeling like it!

Blessings enjoy your remaining contemplations 🙏



Wow, here's a tremendous "Dreaming in Green" Meditation by Asya, which seems entirely fitting for the Openhand Free Wheeling Vlog, so I included it here. Take some time out today to breathe and feel the tremendous embrace of these soothing images and sound. Awesome work Asya!!...


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Hi Asya,

Just watching your video, so serene and beautiful.

I resonate so much as I have a particular experience of bliss and expansion happens very quickly to me when I am driving down country roads - especially the ones where the trees both sides form an arch over the top, so you are driving down a long green tunnel with sunlight shining through. Even better if I am in the passenger seat! 

Thank you for your beautiful creation!

Tilly Heart


12/08/2022 Openhand Journal Update

Wow, it's the end of the last Openhand Academic Cycle and after a marvellous year, capped off with a totally stupendous Avalon Rising, I feel like we've reached the Summit - so wonderfully depicted in Thomas' 5GATEWAYS image below...

So now I'm taking off free wheeling into the Lone Space - two weeks completely free flowing around Britain in my camper.

You are all my family, and therefore I'll be sharing a snapshot of my travels as I go. Join me. Let's create some free flowing adventure together

What do you like to do when you simply take off?
What music do you enjoy?
What crumbles your cookie?

See you along the flow. And to kick things off, I felt to share my favourite music of the moment...The soul-stirring Judah Earl, whose amazing music was recommended by Erin for Avalon Rising.


Bright blessings

Open 🏄‍♀️💙🙏

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Hey Open,

Enjoy the freewheeling! I had a similar yearning, especially when driving by the long stretches of rock and cacti, the desert was calling me. Maybe that'll happen, but for now long walks in the dry heat give a similar feeling.

I just came back from an amazing walk and wanted to share my experience here.

I was listening to a song that had a very peculiar energy, and I felt the need to ground it down. So when coming outside I immediately saw the huge dragon shaped clouds in the sky, and then underneath a tree on my left a bunch of black feathers with a white tip standing upright between the rocks. Never saw that before. And between them one light brown dove feather. My immediate sense was that the black and white feathers represented the group that visited me last night, and that they had processed what had happened. The night before I was visited in my dream by a group or council of Anunaki or Reptilians, or both(?), not sure. It was an imageless and silent dream, there was just telepathic communication. They were saying to me: "You are getting out, you are leaving. You can't do that, you have to come back." And with that they were trying to elicit fear, and I felt a swirling nausea in my solar plexus. It didn't work for them. I was very firm, though I had to stand my ground for a while. I let them know: "NO. I am not coming back. This has to end, you have to stop." Then I formed an empathic bridge between me and them, and through myself was able to let them FEEL what it feels like to be on the receiving end of their control system. The pain, the suffering. Then there was a deep silence. They were just 'standing' there in front of me, and seemed deeply impacted. They remained silent and then left, and my sense was they had to process for a while.
So finding the feathers communicated to me they were mostly done processing and deliberating. The white top of the feather was showing me they were surrendering and letting in the light. I initially found 5 feathers and the pigeon feather. I felt elated, but there was a subtle feeling more needed to 'come on board'. Then looking at the Franklin mountain range here in El Paso I saw a partial rainbow forming on top of one of the mountains. And because it was only the beginning part of a rainbow it looked more like a vertical beam of light. As I walked along, the rainbow beam started to grow and reach up higher and higher, into the overhanging clouds. I found a sixth black and white feather sticking upright in the ground. That was it, that was enough. Then the rainbow lifted up from the mountains, as if moving upwards, and then slowly disappearing into the clouds. It seemed like kundalini energy or a rainbow serpent moving upwards.
In the meantime behind me a formidable cloud formation had appeared, with three separate huge cumulus clouds that seemed shaped - but mostly felt - like higher dimensional vehicles. The sun was shining behind the middle one, creating a beautiful light show with rays coming from behind the cloud. Also from behind this middle cloud a feathery light, misty cloud was coming and seemingly moving upwards, it looked like a vortex. As I walked along it seemed like these three 'ships' were landing, the middle one anchoring this vortex. The whole walk there where huge groups of pigeons everywhere, there are lot in the area but this evening there were even more. One particulary big group of pigeons caught my eye sitting on a shed and next to the shed they also occupied a fence, surrounding a statue of an owl. Then in front of me appeared a bigger feather, white, with in the middle a black spot. What it meant to me was that the dark was now 'contained' within the light. I started walking back home and three more black and white feathers 'joined the group'. There were nine now. The clouds seemed to move slowly downwards still, until disintegrating and mixing in with the other clouds near the horizon. Then next to the pavement I walked on I found an empty snack wrapper with the word 'wrap' on it and it made me chuckle. It's a wrap! 



09/04/2022 Journal Update

I'm back from my 5 days free-wheeling now, and I feel upon reflection, the most important thing I can share, is how important focus is right now and "embodied guidance". What specifically do I mean by this?

Firstly focus is essential because life is becoming so complex. I recall sitting having a coffee at an old favourite beach haunt in Cornwall, which had now been transformed into a shabby-chic beach "shack". The divine gifted me the best place in the house, right in a huge window looking out across the beach. However to order the coffee this "shacky" place required me to login via apple-pay or google-pay and accept a QR code just to make an order!! When the waiter arrived, I simply hid my phone and so he had to make the payment through the regular system. Meanwhile, on the table opposite, I watched a middle-aged couple struggling and straining through their phones to register. They were getting increasingly stressed. When the waiter had gone, I mentioned just to say they hadn't brought their phones. But they smiled and simply carried on efforting. It's like something inside of them needed that completion loop that the tech was forcing them to work for. When I left the "shack", feeling nice and buoyed and refreshed, I noticed that at every single table, the occupants were mostly ALL on their phones. Of course that's the point - this whole shenanigans sucks souls further into the system. Hence the need for focus and riding the edge of it... in it, but not of it.

Secondly, when you are expanding and opening to higher guidance, you're going to be getting flashes of higher knowing. You'll start to see aspects of "future-landing-now" as I call it. BUT, what's necessary is to hold this and bring it down into your being, watching for it to fully land before acting on it. Why so? Because it's important to let the landscape fully crystallise before you step into it. That way it will be ready for you.

I've noticed recently that because I'm seeing so much of the future-landscape these days, there's a tendency to jump in and make decisions that haven't worked out well - because the landscape hadn't fully landed. So I started to work on holding the guidance and embodying the energy with breathwork, then to feel that moment of felt sense as it lands - actually watching the  body respond to the full embodiment - maybe something in the body would twitch or move. Then you know the timing is right.

Of course it's important that this doesn't lead to procrastination!! So you have to be mindful that you're simply not allowing fear to hold you up.

I'll be working on this with the group that's assembled for Ascension Exchanges today. Feel free to share your reflections and experiences in commentary below.

Bright Blessings

Open 🙏

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thank you Open, what a great pertinent, on point sharing today!  Love the beach shack story--how potent a visual that was.  And yes, being strong, centered and clear  enough to have inward focus no matter what "out there" tries to pull us out!  Your getaway clearly sharpened you.  So grateful for you and what you bring!



08/04/2022 Journal Update

I've had a wonderfully refreshing 5 days out from the regular routines. It's absolutely necessary from time to time, to recharge the batteries and gain a fresh perspective on one's life. I realised just how complex life is becoming in the matrix, especially around technology. However, if we streamline and focus, if we're disciplined enough only to give attention where its due, then higher dimensional flow can still infuse through us and we'll pick up excellent guidance. It's what I'm going to be talking about in the Ascension Exchanges tomorrow.
(We still have a few spare places if you want to come along: Ascension Exchanges 9th April)

Finally, phew, amidst all the wind and rain, I got some sunshine up on the cliffs above Tintagel. Wow, it was spectacular....

See you guys down the flow. 🏄‍♀️
Thanks for tuning in. 👍
Love to all 🧡
Open 🙏


It's been a full-on several weeks since the Mexico retreat - so much moving in the field right now.
And so fortunately benevolence has created a few day's window where I can take off into the lonespace.

I'll be heading off in my camper. But it's always a pleasure to share snapshots of what's moving and being experienced. So I'll be tuning in here briefly on a daily basis.

What do you like to do when you have essential downtime?

Do share - it would be great to hear.

Open 🙏

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Wishing you a magical downtime Open!

When I have downtime I love to either go walking in my favourite energy hotspots, or I sit down and noodle around on my banjo. 

I love to play and just feel the feelings each note and song evoke - it takes me on an inner journey. Or if I feel more adventurous I explore new patterns and how different notes inter-relate to one another. It's magical.

Big hug