Grand Galactic Convergence: The Growing Impact on our Solar System

I felt it essential to begin this forum on the growing impact in our Solar System, and our lives, of what I've termed, the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing right into. The climates of all other planets in our Solar System are dramatically changing, as is ours. But let's be inspired - to stay connected to the shifts and normalise our consciousness with this bigger picture. Then we'll be prepared for the ultimate Solar Nova Event this is climaxing to. Let it be the liberation and rejuvenation of humanity.

Do share your thoughts and feedback. <<< Open 💙👍

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It's a paradox, we're in the Grand Solar Minimum meaning the background state of the sun is quietening. But that also means the magnetic shield of the sun is lowering, and also, we're now accelerating into a Sunspot cycle maximum. The effect is you get more charged particles and plasma heading out into the solar system and also the earth's way. That's one reason why our weather is so topsy turvy right now, with massive storms, earthquakes and volcanoes triggering.

It's essential to pay attention and be aware so as not to detach from the flow and movement of the energy itself, for this is all an instrumental aspect of the shift to 5D which we must acclimate to. A great cleansing is coming and our emergence happens through it.

Here's a round-up of extreme weather happening around the planet recently...


- Tropical Cyclone “Freddy” stalls on the coast of Mozambique, delivering catastrophic amounts of rainfall
- Dangerous excessive rainfall event underway across much of Central California, widespread severe flooding expected
- Heavy rains produced by Cyclone Yaku cause severe flooding and landslides in western Ecuador
- Atmospheric river to bring heavy precipitation, potential flooding to California (mar 8th)
- Weather system produces more than 880 000 lightning strikes over the Tasman Sea, moving toward South Island, New Zealand (mar 8th)
- Southern Ontario hit by intense winter storm with thundersnow and heavy snowfall, Canada (mar 6th)
- Over 250 cm (100 inches) of snowfall traps California residents inside homes, prompts state of emergency in 13 counties (mar 3rd)



Thus far, the tremendous cosmic researchers, Suspicious Observers, have been focussing on the high energy segment of the galaxy being the main responsible trigger for atmospheric changes on all the planets in our solar system. But they also have spoken about the possibility of the cyclical Galactic Superwave - which for me, in the Openhand Approach, will be the utlimate trigger for the "Event". It's what I believe the Hopi called the "Blue Star Kachina", because it will look blue as it enters our atmosphere. Here then, is the very latest view on the immanence of the Galactic Superwave by Suspicious Observers...


The spiritual and alternative mainstream are still not getting the magnitude and immanence of the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into. Like for example how changes of the sun during the Grand Solar Minimum and Sunspot maximum effect the earth - triggering massive earthquakes for example. Here's some important insight from Suspicious Observers...


"There's no manmade global warming"
"So there's no climate crisis"
So sayeth prominent speakers in the alternative community 1+1=0.

It's blinkered and its derailing to the shift community. There are MASSIVE impacts to the weather system going on daily around the planet due to the Grand Galactic Convergence - the Sun is lowering its magnetic shield during the Grand Solar Minimum and so more charged particles shoot into the Earth's atmosphere. AND at a time when Gaia's pole shift is lowering her own magnetic shield. Add to that we're already travelling through a high energy segment of the galaxy. Hence highly charged cosmic radiation cascades into our atmosphere and MASSIVELY effects the jetstreams. You get storms, earthquakes and volcanoes.

We simply have to confront this inconvenient truth so that we can equalise with it.
Burying heads in shifting sands will simply not work.
Let's turn into the truth now and work with it in meditation.

Here below is just a snapshot of the extreme weather that's happened across our planet in the last few weeks. Browse, and then explore how to mediate through at Openhand's Ascension Portal

National disaster declared in South Africa as extreme rains cause widespread damage
Thousands of buildings in Auckland unsafe for living after worst rains in 170 years, New Zealand
Powerful M7.5 aftershock hits Turkey – Syria border region just 9 hours after extremely damaging M7.8
Uruguay’s agricultural emergency persists as drought conditions intensify in 2023
Europe experienced record number of hailstorms in 2022 for the second year in row
Thousands of homes flooded in Java and Borneo, Indonesia
Widespread ice storm leaves at least 10 people dead, more than 550 000 without power, U.S.
Catastrophic flooding devastates Zambia, displaces thousands
Worst winter in a decade claims lives of more than 150 people and 70 000 livestock, Afghanistan
Earthquake swarm under Asosan volcano, Alert Level raised, Japan
Sequence of strong explosions at Stromboli volcano, Italy
Series of eruptions at Anak Krakatau volcano, Indonesia
Extrusive eruption at Sheveluch volcano continues, Russia
Extreme cold hits China’s Heilongjiang province: -53.0 °C lowest temperature in Chinese history
Rare snowfall blankets the Taklimakan Desert of northwest China’s Xinjiang
Eruption at Popocatepetl ejects dense ash up to 8.5 km (28 000 feet) a.s.l., Mexico
Intense lava fountaining at Villarrica volcano, Chile
Massive flooding continues in the Philippines —1.4 million affected



To what lengths will the fakestream media go to spin the yarn of their fake planetary agendas?

A couple of days ago it was emblazoned on many "news" sites and "news"papers that a "chunk of the sun had ripped away". On the front page of one UK "news"paper it even said not to worry, 'because we'll be heading to Mars' soon anyway. Can you see where this is all going? That's not to mention the fake alien invasion they're (probably) setting up right now by shooting down "objects" over Canada.

Solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are happening all the time, and especially now as we move towards the sunspot cycle maximum (within the Grand Solar Minimum - yes it's a degree complicated!). Fortunately Suspicious Observers always have their finger on the pulse...


09/02/2023 Shift Update

Okay, I agree, there is minimal global heating effect due to manmade fossil fuel emissions. In fact the likelihood is that a cooling effect is happening on the planet due to the passage through the Grand Solar Minimum. But for alternative commentators to then say there's no dramatic climate change going on is not only blinkered, but is highly derailing for the Shift community: "it's okay, we can just get rid of the shadow and everything will be hunky dory in the 3D". It won't be!!

Grand Galactic Convergence

The Openhand Team has provided the term: Grand Galactic Convergence.
What does that mean exactly?

The Sun is lowering its magnetic shield during its 400-year cycle of the Grand Solar Minimum. But it is far from quiet - this process causes MORE charged particles to be released from the sun's surface. It also allows in escalating infusions of galactic energy - photons, gamma and x-rays for example. AND this is happening as the solar system moves into a more highly energetic segment of the galactic current sheet. Several other star systems in line between us and the galactic centre have ALREADY triggered in Solar Novae as a result. But there's also the Galactic Superwave that is immanent - we're probably ALREADY experiencing the early quantum effects of that. This is the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into.

With absolute certainty, we have entered a window of escalating transformation on planet earth. And it's essential to normalise that so we can equalise with it and thereby transcend it. There will be no 3D solution! I should say that what's unfolding IS the solution to this karmic intervention that's happened throughout the solar system. As the Hopi expressed, it's the "Great Purification". It's much needed to alleviate the humungous suffering that sentient life is experiencing due to the intervention.

Take a look at this video from the marvellous researchers at Suspicious Observers. As expected, the climates on all other planets in our solar system are changing. And the process is escalating:

There's a much bigger story at play in our solar system that we need to hoist on board and work with.

That's exactly why the Openhand work has been crafted - to help people transcend through - to ascend out.

Let's not cower in fear, but see this as tremendous invigoration and motivation to liberate our souls!

Open 🙏

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I feel to describe this new forum thread as "truthful" and so to share a bit of what this truthful topic brings up for me.

On one hand, if I dare to say this what I observe with "my eyes of truth", here is the place to do so - that yet it is too litle handful of people on this planet facing the recognition of the shadow playing with & in us and finding the courage to work on it for the sake of liberating themselves as souls. (Because that's bloody uncomfortable process). In other words, yet too litle handful of people on a global scale are moving towards and with Ascension not yet realising that the Ascension is not waiting, it is happening at a high speed.

On the other hand, sure it even doesn't have an impact on what you call the Grand Galactic Convergence.

I am having what one can call "prophetic" dreams since my early twenties, when my son was born with all his illnesses and this situation was a guiding force for me to find all truth I know today. Deep within me I carry the feeling that something major must / will happen, many times that "major" felt much bigger that my personal journey. So, today I have that clear sense, that mysterious inner knowing how the universal life is moving and shaping around us as a planet - a tiny speck in the vastness of the cosmos.

To me it feels as an unavoidable progress in the universal evolution. It feels as a breath of the universe - inhaling and exhaling. The creation and destruction... What I am seeing with my inner eye is that the time is coming for changing the Form of Life on this planet and it also happened before if we look into the billions of years of existence and cycles. And so one day it shall happen. Okay, not in one day. Our perception of the time seems to be extremely slow in the universal context (where there is no time as such at all, only a continuing being and happening). And so it is already happening... We are too small, our consciousness is still too small to feel that tremendous exhale. But I personally believe we are already living it. And so there is nowhere to retract, only to meet this GG Convergence and make self as souls to equalise with this inescapable evolution of the Galaxy and our Gaia.

Thank you, Open, for creating this forum - this truthful space to support an encourage each other.

Wishing well for everyone on their journey and sharing love and compassion deeply from my heart.