Grand Galactic Convergence: The Growing Impact on our Solar System

I felt it essential to begin this forum on the growing impact in our Solar System, and our lives, of what I've termed, the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing right into. The climates of all other planets in our Solar System are dramatically changing, as is ours. But let's be inspired - to stay connected to the shifts and normalise our consciousness with this bigger picture. Then we'll be prepared for the ultimate Solar Nova Event this is climaxing to. Let it be the liberation and rejuvenation of humanity.

Do share your thoughts and feedback. <<< Open 💙👍

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And still the eyes of the alternatives and spiritual mainstream are focussed in the wrong direction.

This is exactly the kind of thing we need to be paying attention to and equalising with. This is the 11:11 timeline speaking load and clear - that all spurious timeline bubbles will collapse into one powerful alignmnent, in this humungous convergence of cosmic cycles we're heading into.

There's nothing to fear but our fear itself. When you know the enormity of what's begun to unfold, all hope for an alternative possibility, some last minute escape by the ego, vapourises - thank God! Then we can get on with the process of deepening into truth. It inspires the truth about who we are. It's time to explode all illusions. The sceeince agrees...


Here's some poignant insight into how solar forcing of charged particles into our atmosphere is causing the increased rainfall around the planet, like the recent biblical floods in New York. It's all to do with the Grand Galactic Convergence as the sun lowers its magnetic shield henece releasing more charged particles and CMEs and thus creating geomagnetic turbulence through our planetary jetstreams. It's essential we hoist on board the real news of climate change and why it's happening so we can equalise with the growing Shift energies...


06/10/2023 Shift Update: Biblical Flooding

Whose been paying attention to the recent biblical flooding in NYC, the Big Apple? And for that matter, flooding in many countries around the world. It's all down to the Grand Galactic Convergence which still no one is talking about - that of increased inbound cosmic radiation impacting our jetstreams causing solar charged particle forcing at a time of the culminating Earth Pole Shift. It's all happening now. The Shift is upon us now. Let's not wait till the deluge hits us - let's be inspired to transform our lives through profound spiritual transformation. That's the great motivation to dive deeper within. If not now, when?


Although we can sense and change with strong solar outputs... it is NOT what changes us. We are one unified field so we change and so does all else. When we adopt an idea that we are subordinate to our expansive universe.. we are just unaware of who we are. To play ignorant and pretend we only upgrade do to outside reasons, we loose the mystery of it all. Just as a seed in the soil moves at a perfect speed of changes.. so fo we. What we do not see or hear talk of is how a tiny seed actually vibrates all the dirt around it so that the young tendral move to the sun. We ..along with all are taking the proper steps together in this time of grand change... and yes we already created the big party to come. Thank you Open! 


There's been a reasonably large CME release directed at Earth in the last 24 hrs. It's blowing a gale outside my window as I write this, perhaps that's the cause! I went out on my veranda at 4am this morning to embrace it. I can't tell you how invigorating that was. I could feel a tremendous amount of power and energy coming through me. That's exactly why it's good to be informed of these momentous events that the fakestream is avoiding. The more we are in ignorance, actually the more we're thrown off kilter by it - ignorance is NOT bliss!

Here's the info on what's been unfolding...

And the Openhand video on Catalysis & Change...

It's all about riding the storm!

Bright blessings

Open 💎

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A new aspect to riding the shift, integrating space weather. Wow, I've explored the channel, what a fascinating aspect to the bigger picture, thanks for the pointer. As to integrating, I expect that means accepting the incoming without judgement. Will those solar forms mean accelerated DNA change? It sort of makes sense, to greet these changes with excitement. After all, they are expressions of expanding consciousness. If there was some way of etherically surfing those flares.....


Just take a look at just a selection of some of the freakish storms that have triggered of late and the monumental flooding. It's crystal clear to me it's because of the Grand Galactic Convergence, where more solar and cosmic energies are infusing our atmosphere and impacting the jetstreams. I wrote about about this here today, how they are signalling a new phase in Gaia's Shift...

The End Times Are Upon Us. And they Will Be Our Salvation!

Here are just a few clips of the kinds of flooding we've been seeing in many locations through the last couple of weeks...


15/09/2023 Shift Update: Equalising with the Great Shift

This week a devastating hurricane has obliterated Libya through a biblical flood that has seen around 20,000 people pass on. Let our hearts and prayers go to the location, especially to support those still suffering in the devastation. No, this wasn't the effect of global warming! Neither was it the effect of manmade weather manipulation. To me, it's crystal clear: it's the effect of solar magnetic forcing (which too few are talking about) within the Grand Galactic Convergence...

Specifically: the Sun is lowering its magnetic shield at a time of high energy release, and also as the solar system sails into a high cosmic energy segment of the galaxy. It means ALL of the atmospheres on ALL the planets in the solar system are being greatly effected. So you're getting a strong electromagnetic effect that is cascading highly charged particles down through our atmosphere and into the jetstreams. It amplifies storms like Daniel.

Discover more about the Grand Galactic Convergence: 5D Shift Podcast

How do we come to terms with such devastation?

Put simply, we must become as-one with these humungous transformational effects as the Grand Galactic Convergence builds to sweep the toxic reality we're living in away. To be clear, there will be no fixing of life on the planet in the 3D. It's an old construct, an old way of living, which caused by the intervention, is now cancerous and long past its shelf-life.

To some that will sound harsh, nevertheless, surely you can also perceive the truth in it?

But who among us would wish the global systemic suffering of the matrix to continue a day longer than it need to? A system that is getting increasingly crazy, controlling, manipulative, unjust, unfair and decrepit day by day? One whose very fabric, down to the strands of homo sapiens DNA, has been so twisted and botched, so as to be ensnared within a humungous knot of Gordian proportions, orchestrated on a global scale by a alien intervention. That knot must now be unwound. And the liberational unwinding has just begun.

What we have in this matrix though, while it continues a while longer, is the perfect reflection: it shows us a mirror of the small homo sapiens we are not, and instead offers the invitation to break out of that shell and become all that we can be.

What the caterpillar perceives as the end of the world, the master perceives as a butterfly.

What each of us needs to do now is to embrace the enormity of what's transpiring, realise we can't control any of it, and then surrender inwardly. And we need to do this at each twist and turn of the path, through ALL the events and circumstances of our lives. We need to work into these contracting moments, let go, and expand out into our immaculate God Selves. For this will be the only way to transcend this grand convergence of cosmic cycles that is upon us.

That's the way we can honour ourselves as beings of the universe, and all those who will progressively pass on through the transformation. This is not devastation. This is LIBERATION!!

Let's send all our loving prayers to the people of the location and help the souls liberated there make their way safely to the angelic realm for soul restoration, healing and rejuvenation...

I encourage all who resonate with the Openhand approach to the Shift, to dive into the work and prepare yourselves for the grand shift to 5D:

Activating Your 5D Human: The Next Evolution of Humanity

Love and bright blessings to all.

Open 💎


13/09/2023: Shift Update: Gaia's Tectonic Plates

A devastating earthquake has just struck Marakesh in Morroco, high in the Atlas mountains. Let our prayers and meditations go out to those affected. In an Openhand facilitator meditation last night, we could feel Gaia's tectonic plates beginning to unlock as the Grand Galactic Convergence gears up and more cosmic energy infuses the planet as we head toward the completion of the Pole Shift.

I have long said that the conclusion of this grand shift will leave no stone unturned. This is the kind of event that we must now equalise with, and become as-one with, because they're only going to increase. Love will win the day. The infinite love of the creator source that takes all back home so that as a soul, the journey can be renewed and begin again. We are spiritual beings, not physical. Ultimately, there is nothing to fear, and everything to gain from this confrontation with reality, the way it really is.

Our hearts and prayers go to the area to support the passing on...


02/09/2023 Shift Update: Inbound Solar Flare

We have an inbound solar flare headed our way this weekend, which could likely precipitate freaky weather patterns, and a sense of powerful infusing energy. Let's be clear, it's the impact of the Sun in the Grand Galactic Convergence which is having probably the most impact on our weather patterns right now.

It's essential we be informed and meditate with these tremendous infusions of energy, and thereby we actually equalise with the Shift, rather than become the victims of it.


15/08/2023 Shift Update: Galactic Current Sheet

Right now plenty of alternatives are speculating that weather modification and manipulation are happening, which explains some of the freakish weather and fire damage we're seeing. There is clear evidence that this is happening, probably to control humanity as in the bogus pandemic. However, there's precious, if any, reference to the overriding driving force of our climate - the fact that our solar system is now sailing into the a high energy segment of the Galactic Current Sheet, which also causes solar forcing of charged particles into our atmosphere. It's why we're seeing the Aurora Borealis in many latitudes that you wouldn't expect. It means this influx of charged particles is having a massive impact on our jetstreams.

Yet again I feel the shadow is hijacking the truth and feeding derailment to the spiritual mainstream. How so? While people are still pointing the finger "out there", where there's nothing they can do about it, then it becomes disempowering and depressing. But also it means there's a kind of latent hope: that if we can just get rid of the shadow, everything will be okay. The point is, the planet is shifting into a higher vibration, through a total cleansing of the Earth's surface. It's a massive convergence of galactic energies. And YOU are that! That's what the 11:11 code means. You're an integral part of that realigning shift.

So the key is to recognise these massive energies afoot, to surrender into them and become a part of that realigning movement. Let's stop handing our power to the shadow. Let's celebrate in this tremendous elevation of consciousness.

Here is a concise sharing of what the Galactic Current Sheet is...

Bright blessings

Open 💎


Those who are saying there is no dramatic climate change on the planet because manmade warming is a hoax, are going to find themselves spectacularly on the wrong side of history. I agree, manmade global warming is largely a hoax to control people. But to say there's no radical climate change is to bury one's head in shifting sands. And to also say it's all to do with geoengineering is again, very blinkered. That's to ignore the largest impact on our weather patterns which is the changing dynamics of the sun and the earth's dwindling magnetic shield. It's creating havoc in the jetstreams - something we should expect more of and work to equalise with.

I had the sense that Avalon Rising, the World Ascension Summit, might converge this year with increased solar activity. And here we have it - a raft of geomagnetic solar storms arriving on the planet during the conference. They're saying, "are you paying attention to the real news?!"...


01/08/2023 Shift Update: Real Climate Science

Take a look at the global weather patterns around the world and the real story is definitely NOT about manmade global warming. Of course that's just another political football to kick around so as to try to control people just as in the bogus pandemic. Will people be fooled this time? Let's hope not as much.

Gaia's kundalini is reactivating. Her Torus spin strengthening, which is likely due to the decline in her magnetic field due to the ongoing pole shift. It's at least 25% reduced in the last couple of decades and heading for 50% reduced in the next one. At the same time, we're climbing to a sunspot maximum which together is precipitating charged particles from the sun to stream through our atmosphere much more strongly. That's impacting the jetstreams and so we're witnessing storms and flooding in many parts of the world...

Storm Roundup from the last 2 weeks:

Record-breaking rainfall leads to destructive flooding in Beijing, China
Extreme rainfall shatters all records in Telangana, India
Severe flash floods hit Lhuentse, Bhutan
Severe flash floods hit Afghanistan
Extreme rainfall triggers severe flash floods in Nova Scotia, Canada
Record rainfall, massive flooding in Kentucky prompts evacuation and state of emergency
Over 35 lives lost to severe flooding and landslides in South Korea, major SAR operation underway
Rapid rainfall overwhelms Pennsylvania storm sewers, causing fatal floods, U.S.
Over 100 lives claimed by record monsoon rains in northern India

What we need to be aware of aswell though, is that just because manmade climate change is probably mainly a hoax, that certainly doesn't mean the climate isn't changing and changing rapidly. Because widespread evidence says that it most definitely is... check the Watchers Website for the latest

As I've said all along, we must embrace the truth of what's actually going on so as to equalise with it. Then our consciousness isn't shocked by what transpires. It empowers us to go deeper within by letting go more - letting go of the need to control life. That way, we connect up more strongly with the realigning shift energies.

Here's an insightful video from Suspicious Observers on the current dynamic at play...

Lies of the Fakestream

Finally, I felt to attach this - it's the statement Youtube's Algorithm is programmed to place below the video above.
Sorry Youtube, we're just not fooled!...


Here's the very latest view from Suspicious Observers on the progress of the ongoing Earth Pole Shift. Looks like, at the current rate of decline of the magnetic field, we have until the mid-2040's until it completes...


Gaia's Kundalini is definitely rising, as we're witnessing with increasing volcanic activity on the planet. Here's some stunning drone footage of the Mexican Popocatepetl Volcano which is interrupting flights into Mexico City. It's not that far from the Pleiades retreat centre in Tepoztlán where Openhand has run several retreats. Let's send our heartfelt well wishes there ♥️

I got this from Openhand Facilitator Cedar in Mexico just this morning...

Yesterday a 20k foot ash cloud shot upwards from the collapsing lave dome. Somehow Tepoztlán remains completely unaffected with no signs of ash here yet. The Mexico City airport was closed for a time just last week due to ash fallout.

There's no magma yet, but the plumes of smoke are billowing strongly...


This is what the fakestream doesn't want you to know about - how this Grand Galactic Convergence of the influx of high energy is impacting our climate, as opposed to the minuscule effect of manmade global warming. Here's a glimpse of what's been happening on the sun right now, which is in a Grand Solar Minimum (so it's magnetic shield is lowering) whilst in a sunspot maximum (so huge amounts of energy released and directed our way). It's essential we equalise with this story, because it's impacting all our energy fields. By working with the influx in meditation, we'll be able to integrate the energies and align better with the Shift...


I've been getting a lot of synchronicities around fire at the moment and several other Openhanders have mentioned the same. Here's possibly what it's point to - how the recent Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) generated geomagnetic storms that caused power outages, electrical explosions and fire around the world - something we of course are not hearing about in the fakestream media - they don't want you to know exactly what is going on.

We need to normalise this in our landscape. At some point toward the culmination of the shift, we need to preprare awareness that there will come a time where we won't be able to communicate across the web - it won't exist anymore! Instead, we'll need to be connecting through the ether at a consciousness level. And after that point, see you in 5D!


If you're anything like me you might be feeling a big activation in the third eye. It coincides with an inbound Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, due to strike the earth sometime tonight. So if you're feeling some headaches, that might be why. Work on breathing down through the chakras so as to open a downward channel. That might ease things. Here's what's happening...

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Hi Agnes - yes indeed, when we know these Coronal Mass Ejections are inbound, a great way to help the energy infusions integrate, is to go out into nature and connect with the earth. I was doing exactly that yesterday as I could feel this latest infusion coming in.

For anyone else feeling headaches, especially around the 3rd eye, this might well be what you're experiencing.

Open 🙏


Right now on April 16, 2023 I feel like every cell in my body is being transmuted into something else. This has gone on for hours and then tapered off.

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That sounds like a DNA transformation - an upgrade.
Let it settle and see how the new landscape lands around you.

Very best wishes

Open 💎


Here's a great video that offers insight and important truths into the ongoing Earth's Pole Shift. It's essential to equalise with these grand cycles that are upon us. Then we can be inspired to transcend them and progressively raise our vibration...


27/03/2023 Shift Update - Geomagnetism

In considering geomagnetism in the Great Shift and also what will be the breakdown of the old 3D construct, there's a stunning natural phenomenon to remind us all that "the Event" will present two sides of the coin: on the one hand, plenty will contract in fear about the enormitude of what's unfolding; But for those who begin right now to embrace and transcend it, then the experience will become utterly stunning, ecstatic even.

For me, where I find great difficulty with this old construct in society, is the fakeness of it all - the systemic delusion that passes as "normality". I can feel the truth of the quantum field in every waking moment. My soul positively years for the actualisation of that in the outer. If I look "between the lines", then I see it in the stunning signs and synchronicity, for example in nature, and that uplifts my heart. But actually what I really yearn for, and know is coming, is for the veils of falsehood to fall, and nature to express herself in her majesty.

Like the northern lights, for example, that happen BECAUSE of geomagnetism caused by the incoming cosmic energy when the magnetic shield of the earth is lowering in the culminating pole shift. On the one hand, you get the devastation of the tornado. But then on the other, spectacular light shows like this one below.

So when you watch the video, consider how its inviting a deeper sense of letting go - to look for the truth of reality in every given moment as the Shift unfolds. Then you will not be shocked or living in fear of it. Instead, your soul will be liberated by it...

For anyone wanting to understand the nature of the shift we're sailing into, check this Openhand lead article...

"The Event", 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎



As we sail into this grand galactic convergence of high energy segment of the galaxy at the time of the Grand Solar Minimum (lowered solar sun shield), then we're bound to witness an increasing impact of geomagnetic storms leading to massive Tornadoes - like the one that just struck Missippi. It's essential to stay informed and attuned to the real underlying reasons for what's going on across our planet, the solar system and the galaxy - because we're all an integral part of this shift. Let's no live in fear of it, rather embrace it and let the realigning shift energies transform our consciousness...


It's a paradox, we're in the Grand Solar Minimum meaning the background state of the sun is quietening. But that also means the magnetic shield of the sun is lowering, and also, we're now accelerating into a Sunspot cycle maximum. The effect is you get more charged particles and plasma heading out into the solar system and also the earth's way. That's one reason why our weather is so topsy turvy right now, with massive storms, earthquakes and volcanoes triggering.

It's essential to pay attention and be aware so as not to detach from the flow and movement of the energy itself, for this is all an instrumental aspect of the shift to 5D which we must acclimate to. A great cleansing is coming and our emergence happens through it.

Here's a round-up of extreme weather happening around the planet recently...


- Tropical Cyclone “Freddy” stalls on the coast of Mozambique, delivering catastrophic amounts of rainfall
- Dangerous excessive rainfall event underway across much of Central California, widespread severe flooding expected
- Heavy rains produced by Cyclone Yaku cause severe flooding and landslides in western Ecuador
- Atmospheric river to bring heavy precipitation, potential flooding to California (mar 8th)
- Weather system produces more than 880 000 lightning strikes over the Tasman Sea, moving toward South Island, New Zealand (mar 8th)
- Southern Ontario hit by intense winter storm with thundersnow and heavy snowfall, Canada (mar 6th)
- Over 250 cm (100 inches) of snowfall traps California residents inside homes, prompts state of emergency in 13 counties (mar 3rd)



Thus far, the tremendous cosmic researchers, Suspicious Observers, have been focussing on the high energy segment of the galaxy being the main responsible trigger for atmospheric changes on all the planets in our solar system. But they also have spoken about the possibility of the cyclical Galactic Superwave - which for me, in the Openhand Approach, will be the utlimate trigger for the "Event". It's what I believe the Hopi called the "Blue Star Kachina", because it will look blue as it enters our atmosphere. Here then, is the very latest view on the immanence of the Galactic Superwave by Suspicious Observers...


The spiritual and alternative mainstream are still not getting the magnitude and immanence of the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into. Like for example how changes of the sun during the Grand Solar Minimum and Sunspot maximum effect the earth - triggering massive earthquakes for example. Here's some important insight from Suspicious Observers...


"There's no manmade global warming"
"So there's no climate crisis"
So sayeth prominent speakers in the alternative community 1+1=0.

It's blinkered and its derailing to the shift community. There are MASSIVE impacts to the weather system going on daily around the planet due to the Grand Galactic Convergence - the Sun is lowering its magnetic shield during the Grand Solar Minimum and so more charged particles shoot into the Earth's atmosphere. AND at a time when Gaia's pole shift is lowering her own magnetic shield. Add to that we're already travelling through a high energy segment of the galaxy. Hence highly charged cosmic radiation cascades into our atmosphere and MASSIVELY effects the jetstreams. You get storms, earthquakes and volcanoes.

We simply have to confront this inconvenient truth so that we can equalise with it.
Burying heads in shifting sands will simply not work.
Let's turn into the truth now and work with it in meditation.

Here below is just a snapshot of the extreme weather that's happened across our planet in the last few weeks. Browse, and then explore how to mediate through at Openhand's Ascension Portal

National disaster declared in South Africa as extreme rains cause widespread damage
Thousands of buildings in Auckland unsafe for living after worst rains in 170 years, New Zealand
Powerful M7.5 aftershock hits Turkey – Syria border region just 9 hours after extremely damaging M7.8
Uruguay’s agricultural emergency persists as drought conditions intensify in 2023
Europe experienced record number of hailstorms in 2022 for the second year in row
Thousands of homes flooded in Java and Borneo, Indonesia
Widespread ice storm leaves at least 10 people dead, more than 550 000 without power, U.S.
Catastrophic flooding devastates Zambia, displaces thousands
Worst winter in a decade claims lives of more than 150 people and 70 000 livestock, Afghanistan
Earthquake swarm under Asosan volcano, Alert Level raised, Japan
Sequence of strong explosions at Stromboli volcano, Italy
Series of eruptions at Anak Krakatau volcano, Indonesia
Extrusive eruption at Sheveluch volcano continues, Russia
Extreme cold hits China’s Heilongjiang province: -53.0 °C lowest temperature in Chinese history
Rare snowfall blankets the Taklimakan Desert of northwest China’s Xinjiang
Eruption at Popocatepetl ejects dense ash up to 8.5 km (28 000 feet) a.s.l., Mexico
Intense lava fountaining at Villarrica volcano, Chile
Massive flooding continues in the Philippines —1.4 million affected



To what lengths will the fakestream media go to spin the yarn of their fake planetary agendas?

A couple of days ago it was emblazoned on many "news" sites and "news"papers that a "chunk of the sun had ripped away". On the front page of one UK "news"paper it even said not to worry, 'because we'll be heading to Mars' soon anyway. Can you see where this is all going? That's not to mention the fake alien invasion they're (probably) setting up right now by shooting down "objects" over Canada.

Solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are happening all the time, and especially now as we move towards the sunspot cycle maximum (within the Grand Solar Minimum - yes it's a degree complicated!). Fortunately Suspicious Observers always have their finger on the pulse...


09/02/2023 Shift Update

Okay, I agree, there is minimal global heating effect due to manmade fossil fuel emissions. In fact the likelihood is that a cooling effect is happening on the planet due to the passage through the Grand Solar Minimum. But for alternative commentators to then say there's no dramatic climate change going on is not only blinkered, but is highly derailing for the Shift community: "it's okay, we can just get rid of the shadow and everything will be hunky dory in the 3D". It won't be!!

Grand Galactic Convergence

The Openhand Team has provided the term: Grand Galactic Convergence.
What does that mean exactly?

The Sun is lowering its magnetic shield during its 400-year cycle of the Grand Solar Minimum. But it is far from quiet - this process causes MORE charged particles to be released from the sun's surface. It also allows in escalating infusions of galactic energy - photons, gamma and x-rays for example. AND this is happening as the solar system moves into a more highly energetic segment of the galactic current sheet. Several other star systems in line between us and the galactic centre have ALREADY triggered in Solar Novae as a result. But there's also the Galactic Superwave that is immanent - we're probably ALREADY experiencing the early quantum effects of that. This is the Grand Galactic Convergence we're sailing into.

With absolute certainty, we have entered a window of escalating transformation on planet earth. And it's essential to normalise that so we can equalise with it and thereby transcend it. There will be no 3D solution! I should say that what's unfolding IS the solution to this karmic intervention that's happened throughout the solar system. As the Hopi expressed, it's the "Great Purification". It's much needed to alleviate the humungous suffering that sentient life is experiencing due to the intervention.

Take a look at this video from the marvellous researchers at Suspicious Observers. As expected, the climates on all other planets in our solar system are changing. And the process is escalating:

There's a much bigger story at play in our solar system that we need to hoist on board and work with.

That's exactly why the Openhand work has been crafted - to help people transcend through - to ascend out.

Let's not cower in fear, but see this as tremendous invigoration and motivation to liberate our souls!

Open 🙏

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I feel to describe this new forum thread as "truthful" and so to share a bit of what this truthful topic brings up for me.

On one hand, if I dare to say this what I observe with "my eyes of truth", here is the place to do so - that yet it is too litle handful of people on this planet facing the recognition of the shadow playing with & in us and finding the courage to work on it for the sake of liberating themselves as souls. (Because that's bloody uncomfortable process). In other words, yet too litle handful of people on a global scale are moving towards and with Ascension not yet realising that the Ascension is not waiting, it is happening at a high speed.

On the other hand, sure it even doesn't have an impact on what you call the Grand Galactic Convergence.

I am having what one can call "prophetic" dreams since my early twenties, when my son was born with all his illnesses and this situation was a guiding force for me to find all truth I know today. Deep within me I carry the feeling that something major must / will happen, many times that "major" felt much bigger that my personal journey. So, today I have that clear sense, that mysterious inner knowing how the universal life is moving and shaping around us as a planet - a tiny speck in the vastness of the cosmos.

To me it feels as an unavoidable progress in the universal evolution. It feels as a breath of the universe - inhaling and exhaling. The creation and destruction... What I am seeing with my inner eye is that the time is coming for changing the Form of Life on this planet and it also happened before if we look into the billions of years of existence and cycles. And so one day it shall happen. Okay, not in one day. Our perception of the time seems to be extremely slow in the universal context (where there is no time as such at all, only a continuing being and happening). And so it is already happening... We are too small, our consciousness is still too small to feel that tremendous exhale. But I personally believe we are already living it. And so there is nowhere to retract, only to meet this GG Convergence and make self as souls to equalise with this inescapable evolution of the Galaxy and our Gaia.

Thank you, Open, for creating this forum - this truthful space to support an encourage each other.

Wishing well for everyone on their journey and sharing love and compassion deeply from my heart.