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Those following Openhand will know that over the festive period Trinity and myself finally decided it was right to part company. It had been 'on the cards' for a couple of years, however it was still a fair wrench when the finality of it hit home. But you cannot avoid the path when it is clearly calling. And it also became abundantly clear that it should be me to leave what's been the Openhand Home these last 11 years, to allow Trinity maximum use of the sacred space to develop her Conscious Kitchen Venture...

So when I headed out to run the Facilitators Course in La Palma this week, with just my backpack and suitcase, not only did it feel I was leaving my marriage, but my beloved Glastonbury also. I can tell you a fair few tears ran down my cheeks as the bus departed.

Glastonbury has been the most sacred and special home to me these last 11 years. It was as though Lady Avalon personally created the space to build the Openhand work - in a small town where useful accommodation is scarce, she provided a wonderful house with a purpose built meditation studio in the attic, and cosy walled garden with a huge Shiva statue enshrined in the wall - Shiva has always held a foundational place within the Openhand energy.

On my very first trip, Lady Avalon guided me up the Tor, stopping purposefully at all of her 7 levels, her 7 chakras showering light, to welcome me to her blessed land.


Since those early days, we've run loads of courses in the stunning locality of Avalon, hosting hundreds of people from around the world in the very sacred sites of the Tor, Chalice Well and Wearyall Hill - to name but a few. And, with dedicated help especially from Lesley and Fiona, not to mention plenty of other willing open hands, we created the centre Avalon Rising, which many of you have visited. In the end, leaving came suddenly, like an unexpected ship, appearing through the Avalon mists, bound for some distant shore. And so it was with pounding heart that I left a couple of days ago, headed for the Facilitator Course in La Palma.

So where next for the continued journey of Openhand? Where will will create the next Openhand base?


I had wondered if it might be Devon, a place I also feel a strong resonance to, with it's mystical Merlin energy. Trinity had brought my attention to La Palma, an island in the Canaries off North Africa. So when, during the sweat lodge on last summer's Transfiguration I called "destiny" as the final round, you might imagine how my heart jumped when the first hot rock delivered into the lodge was in the exact shape of the Island - volcanic contours and all. It felt like the island was calling me! So as I set out from Glastonbury a couple of days ago, and met up with Rich and Fiona (the new Openhand inner team), out here to support the upcoming facilitator course, I did wonder if that's where I'm supposed to stay. On our first day we'd been out shopping for food at the local organic market, when we drove past this statue, which seemed to be extending an open hand to us. And then incredibly, magically, we all realised together: "La Palma", it doesn't refer to the ubiquitous palm trees, but the "palm of your open hand". I seriously had to pinch myself - but it feels most definitely like the divine is speaking. Who am I to ignore it! So the facilitator course begins today. We've hired a stunning rustic villa to host people, high up on the mountain side overlooking the capital Santa Cruz. It's peaceful, secluded and perfect for the work we're going to do. We're so looking forwards to it. But what then for Openhand? Does our future rest in The Palm? I honestly don't know. But I do feel to stay on here after the course and look for a viable new base.

And how do I feel about it? In a word, "vulnerable", very vulnerable! I have literally no idea what is coming from one day to the next. But as I'm always saying on the Openhand work, it's not enforced confidence that is the true empowerment; it's having the courage to be absolutely vulnerable to the moment. Well that's the cauldron of creativity I currently find myself in. Bring it on!

Finally, I trust you realise by now, that the shifts that happen in the Openhand energy as this Great 5D shift unfolds, are not just about us. They're about YOU! It's a journey revealing what is possible, what is necessary, what YOU are capable of. With that in mind, I leave you for now, with what seems entirely appropriate, the remastered 5GATEWAYS trailer here below. Be inspired, and do tune in during our stay here in "The Palm". Who knows where it might lead?

Namaste Open

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Thanks for the moving reflection Sandra - the letting go is now feeling just so refreshing!

Open *OK*


Oh my dear friend. How I empathise with you in this your new journey. Leaving a ''marriage'', and a place I had called home for a country I had never even visited and where I knew no one...Botswana..was for exactly the same reasons you are experiencing.
And now I am in Kansas City and wondering 'what's up with this?" My ''marriage'' is over but not over, Botswana didn't last as long as I anticipated, although I know now I was taken there to experience Ascension in December 2012, and even though I am doing a work homeschooling and playing my music as I have NEVER EVER played the piano/organ (and now the keyboard) before, it still feels like there is something more that should be in my life. So it seems my task is really to relax and let be BE, and not look around for something to be doing or being....just let is all unfold every new day and accept what is as WHAT IS, and be very ok with that. There is nothing else, really. It's all as it is...and sometimes it is quite sad and all I want to do is cry, and sometimes it is quite tiring and all I want to do is sleep, and sometimes I want to be very quiet and just breathe and listen to music or listen to the snow falling, and sometime it is quite blissful and feels like warm honey in my soul...and its all very ok. It is as is should be because it is, and I am as I am because I am. And you have been right with me in all and the community you have created....and now I humbly return to you something of what you have given to me. It is not an easy road to walk, but please know you are not walking it alone. We weep when you weep and dance when you dance and we do martial arts when you do and sit in silence with you and joy-breathe in the breakthroughs. We have learned so much from you, but tonight this one thing stands out to me. Perhaps you need to be reminded as you read it. I know I need to be reminded as I write it. And I know the world needs to be reminded desperately... this I have absorbed from Openhand and know..KNOW.. for certain: that when we embrace one, we embrace all, including ourselves. Divinicus!

Namaste, dear friend.


Thanks for sharing your truth in all it's vulnerability and 'open'-ness Open! I was sad to hear of this change...but I know that's just a projection of my own inner resistance to change!! I know the unknown path will lead both you and Trinity to exciting new adventures and states of profound soul satisfaction!

You of all people know how to ride the wave of uncertainty like a pro soul-surfer - and that is hugely inspiring to me and many others. I've thoroughly enjoyed attending Openhand retreats / courses over the years in Glastonbury and look forward to joining you again in future at other locations.

With love and deep gratitude,
love Emma. xx


Open, your posting touched me deeply, and as I pack up the last boxes in my house and prepare to move to pastures new, and unknown, I contemplated the places I visited with Openhand.
Glastonbury, Dundon, Cae Mabon in North Wales, and although they were all wonderful spaces to be in for the Openhand courses, providing a safe environment, the energy of Openhand is the people. This is you and the Openhand 'team', bringing together the energy, support and guidance, that allowed me to challenge myself, be vulnerable in a way I had never been able to be before, and change my life. Wherever Openhand moves in this world I hope to be part of it, whether in person, or through the ether. With love, Mark


Hi Open and all,

Wow, what powerful and exciting times!

Thanks Open for your inspiration, this line particularly resonated from what you shared "it's not enforced confidence that is the true empowerment; it's having the courage to be absolutely vulnerable to the moment!". Vulnerable to the moment, wherever that takes us... there's nothing quite as profound or magical as that!

I feel very blessed to be here in La Palma this week with a fantastic group of souls, we're already having a wonderful experience among the palm trees and the Open palm! The Openhand work keeps going from strength to strength.

Now I'm off to prepare some breakfast smoothies using local La Palma bananas and avacodos. I'm sure the guys will need some sustenance for what will no doubt be a powerful day ahead :)

From the depths of my heart I wish Openhand (and Trinity's Conscious Kitchen) the very best in moving forwards and express my deepest gratitude for all the experiences in Glastonbury and elsewhere down through the years.

With love and heartfelt gratitude,



What a beautifully written post Open. I loved the synchronicity about the Statue and the island itself. As well as vulnerability, I feel a sense of excitement and adventure! Also what a lovely time to get away from England and have some sun and healing food grown in the sun on the island. I wish you well in your adventures. I do think Devon would be an excellent that because I live there? ! :) x


Such an inspiring post! It brought stirring in my heart and a sensation of soaring with a flock of birds. The feeling is of not needing to rely on the sturdiness of the ground and instead, moving freely in all directions… sensing the right air current …and finding out there are others flying within it :-)

My heart goes out to you and Trinity in this fleeting moment of transition. Look closely, there is a whole flock of us flying with you! You have always inspired us to take off and fly high. And here we are. Thank you for that.

The sculpture synchronicity is striking. It made me think that understanding of the symbolic language brings us in touch with the deepest layers of our high wisdom. It has a different logic and doesn’t rely on the laws of time and space. This language has been forgotten, almost eradicated in the western society. And yet, when we speak it, the magic is in the air.

The one and only question is: how much are we willing to trust ourselves?




I was at awe with apparent synchronistic vulnerability when took a "wrong" turn on our return to the airport after the last New Year retreat in Glastonbury. While driving on some country side road, a beautiful bird suddenly stepped in front of the car (long legs and neck) and it looks utterly vulnerable as I managed to break just in time not to hit it. Reminded that vulnerability is such a powerful thing that it literally can stop or move a mountain.


My experience of the openhand energy has been that it is light and fluid and dynamic!!!! So why wouldn't you be compelled to change locations? The location is not exactly critical. It just has to feel right. Our feet walk the same Earth and Our Spirits share the same Sky. So Exciting the opportunities in change!!! Namaste Eddie


Thank you for your honest sharing; leading the way in surrendering to the unknown. Leaving the familiarity behind to begin anew but where is confronting, and reading that you are experiencing such a human and vulnerable experience is inspiring.

Your post was, as said by those before me, very moving.

I love the messages the Universe sends, of course the Palm, not surprised you pinched yourself, one would almost expect to hear a "duh!"

Blessings and much love.


Hi Aspasia,

I'm so sorry to be the cause of sadness! You might just have to wend you way out to La Palma sometime - it's pretty special here too. And we will most definitely be running work in Glastonbury in the future - and plenty of other locations around the world - aswell.

Remember, as I said at the retreat, Openhand is an energy, it's everywhere. Ours is a doorway into it. Carry it in your heart my friend.

Open *OK*


That's a beautiful and moving post, Open.

It sure is exciting to be here, and at the cusp of a new Openhand era.
Glad and grateful to be involved.

Its a beautiful island, and the retreat venue is a gorgeous centre point for the course.

I'm very excited to see, and be part of, what's happening.

Sending warm love out to all,


I think I was over an hour in meditation when I felt a pull to switch to an openhand guided meditation practice, so I got on the website to find one. The title of this article was the first thing my eyes fell upon and immediately my heart sank. "Leave? Go where? Now that I've found you?!" A sense of loss engulfed me. And sadness. The new year retreat was my first time with the openhand approach and it felt like I had found the community and support I was searching for. Also being in Glastonbury for the first time felt powerful, magical and homely. Openhand was one of the happenings propelling me to move from Devon to Glastonbury. Sadness and loss being felt and let pass. Trust in the Divine is present underneath it all and light and blessings heart-fully felt and send your way. :)


Wow guys I'm deeply touched. Deeply moved. Humbly thankyou *give_rose*

And yes I remember that event well Michelle - the website had been hacked and I'd been up all night trying to get it back up. And I feel your support now. It's immensely uplifting.

Open *OK*


Dear Open,

Your open sharing and vulnerability touch my heart and inspire my being - so beautiful, thank you.

I have a strong reminder of being in Glastonbury the day you were having technical issues with the website and were also doing a talk / book launch that evening. In working with the technical issues you had not had chance to prepare for the evening's talk, I could feel your initial reaction to the situation. And behind that I could feel a waiting purity of energy and power, as well as an invitation to surrender in vulnerability and trust. In that moment I felt an energy wanting to come through for you, I felt a pull to hold your hands, with one of my thumbs gently pressing the energy centre within each of you palms. The moment passed too quickly but I feel this same sensation and energy now.
On the back of the amazing talk / group meditation you did that evening I tapped into a new place of being and was able to offer some of the most connected and powerful energy work I had experienced with the land and the field.
So I offer this story and the energy forward now, with a humble heart full of love for your next steps, the inspiration that you bring and the facilitators connection.

With deep gratitude, love and connection

Michelle x