Ten vital areas of Inner Purification in the 5D Shift

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Right now plenty of people around the world are working to reclaim their sovereignty and spiritual power in order to shift consciousness into a new 5D Paradigm of Being. The old reality is full of convolution and limiting density that sucks people in. Therefore it's essential we empower ourselves by applying tried and trusted techniques for breaking the anchoring hooks of this dense energy and cleansing it from our system.

Here are 10 vital areas of inner purification with lots of effective recommendations and referral...

What ways can purify our inner world?

1) Food: For me, food must come top of the list. Food is energy and what you take into your system, energetically becomes a part of you. There is probably nothing more divisive and destructive to sentient life right now on our planet than our industrial food chain, not least now because of the surreptitious insertion of GMOs. Recently we listed 10 reasons why not to eat processed food. Essentially processed food is dead food which your body will fruitlessly struggle to process and digest. It's very hard to cleanse the energetic contaminants from your system. Much is full of excito-toxins that are purposefully addictive to make you want more. But since the 'food' has little nutritional value, the body craves more of the 'food' in order to be satiated. It becomes a vicious cycle. Basically, be very wary if it comes in a packet or a can. Take also the meat and diary industry. Non-organic meat is packed full of hormones and antibiotics, a concoction you don't really want circulating your body. Dairy cattle are separated from their young in order that they continue to produce milk. This generates an inordinate amount of fear and stress, again which feeds its way into your system. Everything is energy. Also if you have eaten a reasonable amount of meat and dairy in your life, it's highly likely the colon will be contaminated with mucoid plaque - compacted festering and rubbery waste. Consider therefore a mucoid plaque detox if you've eaten plenty of meat and dairy...Fasting for Detox and Evolution. Consider also your fruit and veg. Much has been accurately revealed about the impact of non organic food not just on our bodily systems, but also the Earth's top soils and resultant acidification of the oceans. Go for organic food wherever possible, even if it is costlier at this stage. From a supermarket it's likely that most of the time, the produce has been flown in from thousands of miles away, using cryogenic gases to keep fresh and store. Mostly the food is picked before it is ripe, which again, your body will struggle to energetically digest. It's much better therefore to pick local foods if you can, that are in season. Aligning with the natural biology of your location, aligns you with the natural energetic eco-systems of the Earth. You will feel increasingly harmonious and aligned internally. And your 'foot-print' becomes increasingly gentle and compassionate.
Check out our Conscious Cafe forum for further insight

2) Water: It goes without saying of course the immense impact of water within our system, our bodies being comprised 70% of water. In the so called developed nations, our water is being progressively polluted through the recycling of drugs that our populations increasingly use and the excretion thereof into the water supply. Not to mention that many counties still flouridise water, which in actual fact, is a poison. It would be a great energetic benefit to collect spring water, rain water or if you do have to buy it, then buy a source of natural spring water that you've first checked out. I seldom, if ever, use tap water and if I do so, I make sure I boil it first. Water is a carrier of electromagnetism within our system. Every single cell functions through the exchange of ions. If you wish to increase the inner alignment affect, you can store your water in a natural clay vessel, leaving it outside to realign with the Earth's magnetic field and to invigorate once more with prana from the sun. All of which ensures you ingest a vibrational frequency that brings you increasingly into harmony with the Earth's natural vibration.

3) Electrosmog: Our surrounding field is becoming increasingly awash with electrosmog from the appliances and gadgets that are infusing society. From mobile phones to Wifi, the frequencies help create an energetic barrier between lower and higher self. If you can't feel your higher self because its being internally drowned out by disruptive frequencies, then you can't integrate your higher self down into your being. Thus reducing the impact of this by minimising the gadgets that you own and rely upon will greatly benefit. We got on perfectly well without Wifi and mobile phones before! It's also vitally important to consider the residual electric fields that likely pervade your house. Alternating Current (AC) generates these persistent fields within the walls of the house which remain even when you switch the appliance off. Now you have an oscillating magnetic field that constantly impacts your own. I was guided by benevolence not only to turn off appliances, but also to unplug them from their sockets when not in use. When sleeping, instead of sleeping with your head nearest the wall, sleep instead pointing towards the centre of the room. This will minimise the impact around your head - a key consciousness centre of course. Consider other ways to reduce the impact of electrosmog in your house. For example using crystals to help stabilise the natural field. Or using Iron Pyrite (fool's gold) next to plug sockets.

4) Natural and aligned clothing: It's all about vibrational harmony and alignment within your own system. There is a surreptitious campaign by an Opposing Consciousness going on within the very field itself to create a dissonance between your soul and bodily vehicles of expression. The dissonance drowns out the 'sound' of your soul so you can't 'hear' it so strongly. Thus our inherent powers of intuition are denigrated. Anything that you can do to realign your field and bring back into natural harmony is going to be of benefit. Oil based clothing such as nylon, actually blocks this energetic realignment, so wearing natural clothing like cotton, wool, bamboo and especially hemp is going to help greatly. Wearing hemp for example, in itself can make you feel more centred, calm and aligned.

5) Decluttered environment: Your immediate outer environment is often a reflection of your inner one. The busier your inner state of consciousness is, the harder it is to align with the reordering cosmic energies of benevolence that are yearning to bubble up through the field right now. If you're constantly distracted, it becomes like background 'white noise' in your system. You become desensitised and thus you can't align with the inflows of reorganising energy. It becomes a vicious cycle. If you're inner world becomes overwhelmed by the distraction of the outer, then you become disconnected. Decluttering your immediate living environment is going to help greatly. But what to get rid of? It's a question to hold in your consciousness and let the very question itself help you let go of unwanted stuff. Thus you begin to break the threads of unnecessary external interference - and correspondingly - you unravel unwanted inner convolution too.

6) External media, vocabulary and sound: Everything carries vibrational frequency. Everything can shift or alter internal states of consciousness. So if you're allowing judgmental imagery and ideas into your field without consciously processing them, then it can have a highly downgrading affect. Soft porn or the bias of tabloid newspapers is an example. Or television soap operas projecting distorted behaviour patterns accepted as usual and normal are another example. Sexual swear words and others such as 'hate' carry a vibration which we need to be careful and aware of. Sound of particular resonances and even spoken words can alter significantly your DNA (it being a receiver transmitter of vibrational frequency). If you internally scan the affect of such vibration, then you will begin to get a sense if what you're exposing yourself to is having a detrimental affect.

7) Heavy Metals: Increasingly our surrounding environment is being contaminated with heavy metals. Mercury is often used in immunisation, thus finding its way into the water table and oceans. Those who eat fish will often have high levels of mercury in their system. The chemtrails we're all being irradiated with contain high levels of Aluminium, Strontium and Barium. Water that comes into our supply through fracking will also contain heavy metals and the breakdown of plastic water containers. Such heavy metals will be transmitters of DNA downgrading frequency and will also calcify the pineal gland, thus making people less able to embody higher spiritual awareness in a physical sense. Detoxifying with organic green juices and eating healthy salads with coriander will help greatly. For a more intensive detox, explore the use of the mineral Zeolite which is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in rock deposits around the world. It is very effective at washing heavy metals from bodily cells and decalcifying the pineal gland. There's plenty of information on the web about it, but be careful which supplier you might go with. There are varying degrees of effectiveness.

8) Negative thought and emotion: The whole concept of thought is a challenging one. If we hold negative thinking, that will clearly affect our inner state of consciousness and therefore the outer reality we create. Yet what is often misunderstood, is that thought and emotion are mostly the effects of our inner configuration of consciousness. So they often hold important clues of distorted behaviours and alignment that we need to process and let go of. If we experience negative thinking and emotion, it's important to explore them deeply and then soften into the internal contractions they generate so that we may process the behaviour out at a deep consciousness level. Once our consciousness in that particular area is realigned, then yes, it's going to be incredibly beneficial to attune thought positively with aligned internal consciousness. So attuning to the sense of rightness and harmony, observing those things in your environment that are uplifting and nurture a sense of joy and at-one-ment with all life (see especially Gateway 2 in our movie 5GATEWAYS).

9) Opposing Consciousness and psychic attack: As hard as it may be to imagine for the unaware, the surrounding energy field is awash with inter-dimensional entities that are surreptitiously shaping and controlling the matrix of mass human subconsciousness in which we live. This intervention has established and plays on much of the distortion outlined above. It slips into negative consciousness, accentuating and further distorting it. This locks people into disconnected and downward spirals. That's why so many people are lost within society and for some, the sense of disconnection seems to be intensifying. This Opposing Consciousness works by inserting energy implants in ones field and by playing various energetic frequencies which drown out the natural soul ray harmonic. The counter to this intervention, is to attune as deeply to the soul as we can, in all that we do, and then to embody it every daily activity. Thus the distortions of ego which make us susceptible unravel and unwind. It makes us less prone to the intervention. First we must observe acutely all our internal reactions and contractions to external affects. If we're being psychically attacked in this way, then to accept it first, becoming awesomely okay with it to the point we become as nothing in it - like a 'ghost'. Thus ultimately you cannot be 'seen' from the higher dimension. When you reach this point, it becomes possible to reject or project out from your vicinity any of these malevolent entities. Here's Openhand's popular donwload meditation for...Removing Entities and Implants

10) Inner Identities and Karma: In this article Integrating Inner Identities, we spoke of the challenge of internal filtering identities formed through our upbringing and development that generate a false self ego. These identities are ultimately shaped by our karma, which we manifest in our lives through the Law of Attraction by drawing the appropriate circumstances we need to process, evolve and grow. By understanding how these identities affect our lives and by unraveling them through the confrontation of limiting behaviours, we can unwind our karma that recreates the identities. It's a constant process of internal observation, processing the negative effects and making higher self choices (openway is an affective moment-by-moment process for facilitating this). Ultimately we become pure and aligned internally, ascending through the 5GATEWAYS into multi-dimensional being.

Non compliance: an inner revolution

Clearly this inner purification is not something to be taken lightly! It's highly involving, but until you truly embark upon it, it's impossible to imagine the uplifting and invigorating impact of such realignment in ones life. Initially it may seem like we're having to sacrifice (as we give up eating particular foods for example), but then as the untold benefits kick in and as your consciousness lightens, it becomes increasingly easy to let go of any sense of loss. The higher path becomes increasingly effortless. Not only this, but of course such purification is of vital benefit to the planet and we inspire others to make the higher consciousness shift. You don't have to fight the system to change it.

Our non compliance with the distorting ways of the old will ensure an unstoppable spiritual revolution sweeps through our world, something that's greatly needed right now on both a personal and planetary level.
Further detail and essential research can be found in the Openhand Book 5GATEWAYS)

In loving support

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I felt to repost this article again today at the beginning of 2020. Inner purification is utterly essential to expanding consciousness. It helps get really still inside, removing noise and clutter, that then releases consciousness from these redundant processes. You can feel your soul more easily and infuse it through your meditations and into your daily life...


Ten vital areas of Inner Purification in the 5D Shift
(scroll to the top)

Do also share what ways do you find effective?



Thank you so much, Open, for taking the time to thoroughly explain some things that I had learned from the mouths of Medical Doctors, whom are only "practicing" medicine after all ;)  I had been told, by more than one, that my stomach surgery caused the breakdown of the plant proteins to give me painful and significant gas.  I took that as a reason that I could not continue my vegetarian diet.  The way that you have explained it, however, shows me that it could have been my body rejecting the plan because of what it was used to getting.  I think I will try again and work through that long enough to see if I can gain better perspective.  

I am also in great appreciate of your mentioning that none of us will ever be "pure".  A healer friend of mine keeps telling me that the only way to truly "ascend" will be to have a pure body, mind and soul.  I try to be conscientious at all times (even to the point of not driving in the HOV or two or more person lane when it is my kiddos in the car with me, because the purpose of the lane is to get drivers off of the road) and I love well with heart and soul and give all that I can in love and respect to myself and others.  It has been the constant nagging of my not being able to overcome my food challenges that have put up some serious barriers to my joy.  In brining the awareness to it, as you mentioned, in my meditation this morning, I was able to see that the fear truly was blocking me from actually "feeling" what I need rather than listening to others state what they think I need.  Another thing that is so simple that I am baffled that I missed it, lol!  Another example of Occam's razor rearing it's head in my life.  

I am thinking of doing a fast for a couple of days and then taking on the journey of moving to vegetables only.  I will take the baby steps that synchronize with my inner most feelings about food.  Already, I eat mindfully (often annoying others at the table because I take so long to eat, lol!), so I enjoy food immensely, lol!  Growing up cauliflower was always my favorite food and I have never wavered on that...maybe an all cauliflower diet (can be made so many ways) will be a good way to start the first day...I am off to discover!  Thank you so much, again, for your responses and for your guidance.  



"This light of mine is not so little"




Hi Aphroheidi, thanks for posting your thoughts despite the vulnerability. Greatly appreciated Heart

You talked about your fear...

“What if I never have a pure temple?”

Let's tackle that right away - I don't believe you ever will, nor anyone! In this sense, 'pure' would mean perfectly aligned, the perfect vibration. Yet of course all phenomenal experiences are relative and therefore there is no absolute purity. But if there is fear coming up around that, then it's a great opportunity to work into. I'd also suggest exploring concepts/conditioning like.... "I will never be good enough!" How many people have had parents who often challenged or always expected more? It's often seen as good parenting to instruct - but so often, to a small child, what that really does is say.... "what I'm doing is not acceptable or good enough". "I'm a failure". So the first thing would be to regress into situations like this, and feel the tightness around it.

When you're in the midst of such tightness, then to ask.... "good enough for whom?" You are a unique being. There is no one exactly like you in the Universe. And therefore, how can you not be good enough? It's like saying to a flower, or a bee, or a bird - you're not good enough. When you contemplate it deeply, it just doesn't hold water, it doesn't make sense. What you do, around something in particular, in the eyes of someone else, might not be good enough - for them. But 'what's good enough for them' is always going to be based on their own conditioning, their own karma, and crucially, their own relativistic perspective of reality. Contemplate this deeply, you can never not be good enough to be you. 

That said, you'll know, within your own being, that there are certain alignments and conditions that support greater divine connectivity, greater expansion, greater peace and at-one-ment. And you'll likely know which behaviours support that and which don't. Like the food we eat for example, and what we infuse into our consciousness. But there will be many challenges to that, it's not always straightforwards.

Take for example the concept of "not getting enough protein" on a plant-based diet. I do understand why people would say this - because so many have been conditioned from very young that we need animal based protein. Yet look around you at countless creatures in nature, some of the most powerful and strong, that clearly get ample protein from plants. Check out youtube for the countless vegan bodybuilders and athletes around these days who'll testify to the beneficial aspects of plant-based - they're clearly getting enough protein. Personally I've been vegan for about 16 years and reduced to just one meal a day (mainly) several months back - which has actually given me more energy and strength. So i do believe the 'lack of protein' issue is a grand illusion.

However, when switching to plant-based, it is going to bring up a lot of stuff to be worked through. On the physical side, if you're system is used to animal protein over plenty of years, there'll be major detoxing that takes place (which can take years), which at times will contract your consciousness and lower vibration - because of the tightness that can come up. And there's also the transition from animal protein gut biotics to plant-based, which I found was a major transition too, which causes lots of physical discomfort. Then there'll be the challenges to DNA programming which took place during the intervention - but which can be realigned through plenty of meditation. Then there will also likely be karma to work through and a fair amount of self doubts. So don't expect a smooth ride, but if you feel the will at a soul level, then that's a reason to persist and continue. Always watch for the objective synchronicity to guide the way, even if at first the path seems to contract you.

Another big part of following the path of raising vibration will be commitment. Commitment and willpower often seem to go against surrender and acceptance. So how do you find the natural commitment to a path, which seems to be counter to surrender? AWARENESS is always the key. If you believe a path is right for you, and the synchronicity supports it, yet you can't find the will, then the essential thing is to keep bringing awareness into your feelings about that particular step. Say for example working to give up binge eating - instead of simply giving in to the compulsion each time, instead bring awareness into the feelings when you resist the compulsion. You don't have to stop it in one big step - just work into the feelings a little more and a little longer each time. Explore self-judgment, which tends to form blind spots which then block out increased awareness. Be honest with yourself about the downside of following the conditioning. But then commit to progressive small step changes and keep paying attention to the expansion benefits. That way consciousness shifts progressively over time and you feel a direction which is supporting your evolution. Be gentle with yourself yes, but also work to find the commitment through increased confrontation of the issue and increased awareness.

Aphroheidi you said...

I will continue to do the best I can with the constant intention for the highest good and openly admit when I get it wrong, without laying excuses on top of my admission. 

That's the key - work to do the best you can, accept what you are and what you're able to do at this point. But work toward what you know is the highest good (the soul always knows!) and keep bringing increased awareness to the challenges but working through any self-judgment about "not being good enough". We are all good enough!

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When I read the steps one must take to “purify our inner world” many fears begin to pop up for me.  I have fasted on a mountain, done sweat lodges, done detox diets, even walked on hot coals…all experiences that lead me to believe that this cleansing you have outlined is very necessary.  I also, however, have some rather large stumbling blocks towards making some of the changes you have mentioned and that puts the fear statement in my mind of “What if I never have a pure temple?”…I know that this is not the intended result of your guidance and I know that it is purely the human construct of fear that even allows this statement to be in print before my eyes.  I wanted to post vulnerably, however, just in case others have fears surrounding this as well and desire to obtain guidance on how to overcome some of them and attempt to do our best work toward the purification of our temple. 

I have already eliminated processed foods (I was sort of called to do that when they began making me feel sick at the thought of consuming them) and I was fortunate for the ease with which this happened.  I drink plenty of clean water and I exercise, do yoga, meditate and the like.  I would love to eat an entirely organic diet, but due to finances, I am unable to afford feeding myself and my family with fresh, local foods.  This is probably one of the reasons I constantly tell my beloved that I want to have a reciprocal living situation (much to their shock and dismay and producing statements like “you are so weird!” and (typically from my mom)  “I don’t know where you came from”).  I also would love to be able to go completely vegetarian, but due to an emergency stomach surgery resulting from scar tissue pulling and twisting it in half, I am unable to process enough protein and become quite ill if I go too long merely on vegetables.  A lot of my fear is concerning the animals, so that is one place where I do spend what little extra I can afford so as not to consume protein from mistreated animals as that would break my heart. 

With regards to my living space it is uncluttered, clear and I try to do everything from an Ayurvedic intention.  I have minerals, crystals and many other natural elements that keep it peaceful and tranquil when I choose to turn everything that is not natural off and experience the clarity that comes with the silence.  I do love my music, my ipad, etc. but I have learned how to use them purposefully and in moderation.  I have not been on social media for over three and ½ years and I feel quite satisfied with that (once difficult) decision.  I am intrigued by, and excited to implement, some of your ideas concerning “electrosmog”, I especially thank you for that (as well as the section on Heavy Metals) as those are something I can work on without too much difficulty or fear 😉

Regarding clothing I attempt to wear more natural fabrics, but also create clothing from various pieces I find at the goodwill or second hand shop that I feel hold good energy.  Due to the nature of my obtaining those fabrics I often do not know the exact makeup.  I am going to go with intent here and hope for the best 😉.

I rarely watch television nor was I ever allowed much growing up, so that one is easy (my parents also did not buy into the soda pop scene, so I never had to deal with that horrible addiction that many of my friends have struggled with).  I do, however, sometimes find myself wanting to watch tv and then have, admittedly done some Netflix binge watching…I don’t feel it change my space, but I will definitely look out for it next time I feel the urge.  Thank you for pointing out the possible effects of that. 

When thinking of thoughts, emotions, psychic attack and karma I feel I do the work consistently and my practice is in constant evolution.  I do not allow those around me, especially my children, to use words that are hurtful, judgmental or labeling…I cringe when I hear someone passing judgement and try to always make it clear that people have “bad actions” that does not make them “bad people”.  Recently, because of this web site, I have adopted the statement “that is their journey”, which helps me disconnect from bad behaviors around me.  I have been under many psychic attacks and I have used my karmic debt to sabotage myself even…all of this, though, has recently been unhinging from my soul, so I am ok with my progress and satisfied with my conscientious contribution to others, the world, the planet, the universe.  I will continue to do the best I can with the constant intention for the highest good and openly admit when I get it wrong, without laying excuses on top of my admission.  These are all things that I can do for free and I appreciate your outlining these topics so succinctly to remind me where to focus my intent.

Regarding the fears, however, I have some questions.  If I am unable to completely purify, will that prohibit me from something?  Will I have a constant blockage that won’t allow me to be complete and whole?  Will there be an element of the 5d shift that will make some of these things possible, since they are not always possible in the current societal structure?  Do you have any suggestions on how I can trend towards any of these things with baby steps?  Any information that you can provide would be highly valued.  I really appreciate your post and guidance and hope to do my best at achieving as much purification as I am able to.   Stay blessed and thanks again for this post!




“This light of mine is not so little”




I felt to repost this again today. Inner purification greatly helps the spiritual journey and to initiate the Shift. So I would encourage these 10 approaches listed above. Do inquire further if you have any questions or suggestions about them.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Lisa and Hi Graeme,

It's great to have so much positive enthusiasm from people for joining me here in Glastonbury for a deep detox week.

Just watch this space, full details will be posted when Chris returns from Africa, and if you can't make it this time round, don't worry! I expect to run several retreats throughout the year, next year. I can't wait to get started, yet I have to be patient as my energies are currently very involved in the setting up of our retreat centre here at No5. We are still having various alteration works in progress, and having numerous inspirations for future tweaks and touches to enhance the energy here.

All the better to receive you lovely Openhanders!



Hi Lesley,

If the detox lands after the facilitators course in September you'll have a couple of Aussies on board. I'm drawn to detox but would appreciate some experienced guidance.

I resonate with food and water at the top of the list - it's amazing that such seemingly simple changes to our lives can have the most profound impacts. I say seemingly because in my experience it takes more than just a passing intention to shift the way we nourish our bodies. It takes time, planning and energy - especially in the beginning. Thankfully it builds its own momentum after some effort - "meeting god half way.." comes to mind. Effort and sustained right intention leads to release and serendipitous being.

Love the article, Namaste all


Great to hear that you are still planning to run a detox retreat. Is it only open to openhanders?

Tasha, Which oils do you feel are most beneficial? The ones I take are all organic and are flax, coconut and olive.

Richard 2 , thank you for the link. I am very interested in electro smog and how we can protect ourselves against it.


An interesting bit I learned recently about ridding the body of heavy metals, is the body needs to have "good" oils in which the metals can bind to, in order for the metals to leave the body. In many places in the world there are still "low fat" fads, and this bit about heavy metals reminded me again that it is vital to have quality oils in our systems daily to help keep them balanced.


Hi Guys,

Yes, a detox retreat is on its way, just feeling out the dates and how some other of my plans flow between the ever expanding Openhand diary dates!

Looking forward to a special group cleansing,

With love,
Lesley x


Yes, Lisa, I hope Lesley will be doing a detox in September too! Out out mucoid plaque!!
Love Myra x


Chris, thank you so much for sharing so much useful information. I feel a detox would be a good starting point and hope Lesley is still planning on running a detox retreat in September.I now feel motivated to clear the clutter from my house and life! :-) x