Your Experiences of the 11:11 portal?

I don't necessarily relate specific earth changes to specific dates, but I must admit, I did have my inner eye turned towards the 11:11 portal possibility that's just ocurred. It took place for me, quite conveniently, on a day off between facilitator retreats here in Byron Bay. So what did I experience? What did you experience?

I spent the early part of the day in a secluded palm tree lined spa, in and out of a sweat lodge style sauna, mixing with cold plunge pool dips. And I must say, I've not found the energetic impact so strong for many a time. It pretty much took me out of body for several hours. During that time, I felt a strong connection to the sun. It was as if my soul was journeying there. And I felt others joining me through the ether too.

I experienced a release of solar plasma energy, which I sensed was timed with this particular shift, and would likely be felt by those expanded and open enough to sense it. I'd say it would impact the physical quite strongly - hitting internal choke points and amplifying them. I'd say it would take you out of body a degree too, and activate higher dimensional consciousness.

Also I would be surprised if this didn't impact at an Earth level in the days and weeks ahead. I found this from Suspicious Obervers that I would say confirms a degree of physical observation of solar activation around this portal. So what was your experience during that time? And maybe its still unfolding.

Do feel free to share...

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I've heard lots of speculations as to what 11:11 means - why do people see it all the time?

My interpretation is that it relates to the importance of 4 key connections: 1) Your Twin Flame Soul connection; sometimes also you might consider it the Monad or "God-head", and prior to Kundalini activation, it would be your unembodied "Higher Self". 2) Our divine Earth Mother Gaia. 3) Our solar paternal figure the Solar Logos. 4) the Galatic Core.

All beings within a particular constellation in a particular galaxy will have these four centres that connect up - everything is spinning around a particular galactic core. And so each centre will be having an essential impact on your being. Ultimately all 4 need to come into alignment. Hence the synchronicity pointing to that inquiry.

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Hi Megha and Paul - great exchanges - intriguing inquiries. Thumbs Up Sign

INterestingly there often seems to come this connection between Openhand and Tom Kenyon (who channels the Hathors). I can feel I'll have to connect personally with him soon.

The one key thing that stands out for me Megha is the crystalline blue energy - my sense is you might well be exploring the Pleiadian connection. I do believe Homo Sapiens has 223 Pleiadian genes from the original seeding. So maybe you're feeling deeply into that and bringing it alive in you? The Sun Emoji

Interestingly here in Byron, we'll be opening a multidimensional bridge into the various starsoul groups today. So tune into the sense of what we'll be doing and maybe it will help make more sense and integrate.

Much love

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I feel you through the ether Paul . What you just said makes so much sense to me. Oodles of heartfelt warmth to you ! 

Namaste ,Megha 


It is apparent my feeling faculty is totally overwhelming my intellectual one.

Megha - this is exactly where I’m at, in one sentence. Happy to hear something I shared hit your heart!

My intellect - lower mind in Openhand terms - will pretty much no longer function unless it is being utilized for authentic aligned expression or introspection. It’s really good at pattern recognition, which is helpful in translating meaning while in Flow. And also  quite helpful in translating information into coherent expression like I’m doing now (hopefully). :)

I have been experiencing similar stuff with awareness of my own internal skeletal structure, although not at the same depth as you.  Have very recently been able to truly “see” my sacrum - it looks and feels like a “keystone” in the midst of two butterfly wings. Nothing on the femur heads as of yet. :)

Fascinated by Tom Kenyon/whacking the bones so I’ll have to check that out.

I love reading all of your posts and “How to save a Life” by The Fray just came on and reminds me of you.   


I would like to add here that even though you may not necessarily have felt anything on 11:11, it doesn't mean that the infusion of energy didn't have an effect. Firstly, there's a strong compulsion within society to live a great deal from intention: "I'm going to do 'this' and 'that' today, or else there are desires to do certain things. So it's important to keep the space as open as possible in order to appreciate these wider cosmic shifts.

It would also be worthwhile reflecting on an strange physical pains you might have picked up since then. I get the sun energy as being quite strongly realigning of DNA. Which will be felt in the physical if its impacting you.

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Brilliant that you shared Paul - it's great that others had some awareness of that opening too :-)

And yes, I also feel (similarly) that the energy cannot be compressed out by the density of the physical. For me, the sun energy is a very powerful, paternalistic ray 1 energy, and it's helping to open out through the density.

Right on!



Today on the Facilitation Gathering here in Byron Bay, I took people into their astral bodies and journied them through the solar system and to the sun. It was a powerful connection all round - some deep experiences were had. There were numerous connections for example with "Blue Sphere Beings". These are higher dimensional benevolent beings from around the 9th density, they are spherical, able to contract down very small, and expand out to embrace something like the solar logos or even more expansive. In so doing, they facilitate the free movement of the Torus in key locations. They open up portals too.

As I returned the group, personally I could feel a stronger alignment to the Sun than the Earth - it was difficult to fully return. As I settled in the 4D around the earth, I could feel the earth energies wanting to rise through the 4D and into the Middle Realm - it felt like a very powerful draw. I can only imagine this will have some kind of impact in the physical layers some time soon.

It's beautiful working in an expanded group of rainbow souls like this. We're having the most wonderful journeying and reflective experiences. Do tune into the sense of what we're doing this week when you have the time. I can imagine you'd gain from it.

I'll keep you updated as we progress.

Much love to all

Open <3

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Whoa. I didn’t know there even was an 11:11 portal. But wow - good call Open. Your shared experience really helped add to that growing reservoir of trust of mine. :) So here’s a quick story of how it grew:

I recently innovated some shifts within my daily life, one of which is to get up early and meditate first thing to embody my higher self along with the sun rising to help set the tone for the rest of the day.

I know I know - it's Spirituality 101 to meditate in the morning. For me though it's been a little tough since I haven't exactly been a morning person in the past.

But man - on 11/11 at 5am I was pulled unmistakeably like a shot out of bed to meditate. I woke up feeling the energy and went deep almost immediately after breathing/chakra attunement.

My awareness suddenly expanded and I found myself directly facing a huge Central Sun with flares of light pulsing and whisping around it. I was on a white horse with wings, filled with light, wearing a shepherd's robe with a crook/staff in my right hand. I had the sense the Shepherd energy was providing a bridge connection between Father/Spirit and Mother/Form. I asked to be made aware of what needs to be addressed next, and was guided to a feeling of tension in my third eye/head. I then felt a giant dark Void at the edge of my awareness behind and below me that wanted to surround and engulf the Sun itself. So I allowed it to - and the central Sun shrank down and was condensed into a tiny spark, which then entered me and descended down to my base chakra where it remained. The direct realization hit that the Light can NEVER be completely snuffed out and is the integral part of even the most dense physicality. And that through the process of self-realization/Creation, the spark ignites into a flame that becomes a fire which returns to its source - like a prodigal Sun.

I felt and am left with a deep sense of awe and reverence and Trust in life. The more I align with the energy of Trust the more grateful I am to realize that I am supported, even in the densest places.


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I just read your experience Paul and I am struck by the heart opening I feel just reading it ! Like it set off something within me . Thank you ! 

I have shared in the past that much of my ' work' is in the base chakra specifically in my pelvis where I can 'feel ' the rhombus shape my pelvis makes and also the density of the head of the femur within the hip joint. I am consistently 'seeing' the heads of the femur as dense planets ? The right side is reddish and the left side is blue - not blue green like Earth ,but a brighter bluer blue. 

I really have no idea what that means but it's coming up quite insistently. Recently I did a sound meditation with Tom Kenyon music called whacking the bones which I assume gets us in touch with the bony structure. I felt into my pelvic bones and seemed to travel through crystalline structures and undid energy that was unable to move . I got distracted and wasn't able to complete the piece because it felt like I had unravelled something too big . 

Any reflections are welcome. It is apparent my feeling faculty is totally overwhelming my intellectual one .