My 5Gateways adventure...

Hi Open,

In reading the 5Gateways book that arrived recently, I'm realizing in Gateway 5 that I have had so many of those gifts in operation long before I started to awaken.  How can that be when I'm just certain I'm only at the beginning of Gateway 2?  It's very obvious I still need to remove more of the karmic and shadow parts, which the book says can take years.  That's really a downer that it could take so long, but I know the surrendering is very important.  I don't even know yet how to find those karmic events or what they are.

The 9 steps methods are very similar to what I've also been doing the last few years to remove foreign energies, blockages, implants etc...  And bringing the golden light down into my body and chakras.

So it's good to know I experience almost every gift you mentioned, yet I don't feel I'm very far at all into the Gateways.  I'll most likely finish the book tonight and then plan to buy the Divinicus book next.

Is it possible I could be further into the Gateways than I think since these multi-dimensional gifts are operating?  I've even (stood nearby?) watching great numbers of souls moving into a portal that I now recognize from your videos has the torus flowing down into that portal.  I thought it was just a dream but not so sure now.  SO many things in your book resonate very strongly with me.

Many things I have seen, I think were just dreams, but almost all the multi-dimensional gifts have been in operation during my waking hours, many confirmed, many prophetic that took place later, psychic becoming almost second nature. So much happening, yet I don't feel advanced into the Gateways very far.  It's so odd.....has anyone else had these experiences?

I'm grateful for your articles, videos and now the book.  It was obviously time that I found all of this.



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Hi Sherri,

very nice to read about your adventure through the gateways. While reading, i get a sense of calm and softness, like an angelic feather. You might want to read the angelic space here on Openhandweb:

I remember reading the 5 Gateways book some years ago and started instantly judging myself by as how far advanced i would be on my spiritual journey. Back then I was very confident to say that i already crossed the second gateway and was very much approaching kundalini and enligthenment. My ego felt very proud about that.

Later i realized more and more that i somewhat came in 'sideways' into the gateways, so working on all five gateways at the same time before even really finalizing the first gateway. I guess that now, after some more years of processing, i am somewhere in the vicinity of gateway three even though i have processed massive amounts of karma in the fourth gateway. But hey - who cares? 

Like Open says, the 5 Gateways concept is ment to be a framework for inquiry. That means each of the five gateways can give you a hint on how to deal with your current consciousness. It's not an objective of life to pass the fifth gateway as fast as possible and to become a super enlightenend holy being. It's about life itself.

A notion - why don't you purchase the Divinicus e-book?

Much love from Mali,

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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your kind words.  There is so much I feel I need to learn.  It would seem I came into the process in reverse.  That would be sort of typical for me.  I've always started reading books, magazines, cookbooks, etc... in reverse most of my life.  I always seem to start things in reverse, except for the 5 Gateways and for once I started at the beginning.  So the universe must have a sense of humor as big as mine for me to find out this process of mine would appear to be in reverse also.  

About the Divinicus book...I ordered the actual book just a few days ago and it has shipped today!  My energy has tended to blow electrical things sometimes so with the actual books, I'll always have them to read over and over.  I use a laptop computer and don't own a smart phone.  I'm very excited it's on the way here in about a week or so and can't wait to read it.  I'm sure it'll be hugely helpful.

I will read the link you suggested.  I appreciate your suggestions as I'm always willing to learn and grow.   Thank you!

Much Love from the Oregon coast, U.S.A.

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Hi Sherri,

I'm glad you're enjoying the book. Slightly Smiling Do you recall the introduction where I said that the pathway can appear as if in reverse when you're a star soul? That's because often, a starsoul comes in awake, still interconnected with the multidimensionality (what constitutes Gateway 5). And often their challenge is to embody into the lower densities.

So I would say that's probably when you need to focus - more in the physcial, emotional and mental expressions in life and work to unravel any attachment in those experiences.

Also the Gateways should not be viewed necessarily as linear. More a multidimensional stair case, where you might be working in several of the Gateways at a time. See then more as a framework for inquiry, and work that way, from the influences you resonate with.

Your experiences of souls moving into a portal sounds very interesting. What more can you recall of it?

Much love

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Hi Open,

I recall your book said it can be in reverse.  But, I don't have any knowing or recall that I AM a starsoul or not.  I never thought that could apply to me.  I feel like my memory is so blocked or hidden.  I died when I was 2, an angel told my mom that night and I was in the hospital at the time, had to be resuscitated.  (But I'm not a walk-in like you, or so a channel told me when I asked.)  I was always sickly as a child, in the hospital 38 times, and yet have this powerful healing energy coming out of me for others.  Never could heal myself with it though.   

I definitely have had a powerful healing gift since I was about 6 or 7 years old even though I was always sick.  Others who don't know me somehow "know" I have the healing gift because they've had me do healings.  I've worked in free healing groups and seen the powerful energy that flows through me that boggles my mind and others.  I feel I'm just a conduit for it to flow.  That energy has even blown people next to me out of the way when I reached to touch someone for healing, like a powerful wind.  I've never questioned the gift, I just know it's not like people who take Reiki or other modalities.  Mine is something that just flows, I don't control it, it does what it wants.  Sometimes it will drop a person to the ground, they'll get up after a bit and say they're healed.  It's like a 240 current coming out of my hand.  Powerful but doesn't harm. 

 If I'm a starsoul, that's a surprise to me but it brought up the urge to sob when I read your comment.  My memory needs to come awake.  I feel I'm so close.  It will be about a week before my Divinicus book arrives.  I can't wait to read it!   I don't remember who or what I am.  I know I have the gifts, that's all.

My dream of the souls going into a portal (?) was bright daylight and I just suddenly popped in and was watching.  There was flowing water about knee deep in all directions around this hole, like a waterfall all around the hole, and flowing into it.   I was standing in the same flowing water watching people of all ages, fully clothed, walking, running and/or jumping into this hole.  They seemed eager to go into it, laughing, excited.   I remember watching for a bit and then it was over. 

I think I travel in my sleep as I've healed people at night too and so has my 1st cousin.  We've had identical healing dreams when we were younger and shared them with each other.  I have a name I call her that I don't know where it came from but it sounds like Wee Soppa.  I've always called her that since we were little.  Her real name is Lisa.  The women of my maternal family line have all had some kind of healing gifts, my mom, grandma.  Some healings have been documented.  I was told I've been a shaman, and healers in many lifetimes.

So...after starting to read 5Gateways, I dreamed that first night I was in a house that had a spiral design in the floor.  There was a man, a woman and some children.  I was going to be a part of that family in the dream.  Her name was Trinity and I felt such love for her.  I think it was your Trinity (?) who has a cookbook that I was drawn to and bought it.  I felt such an affinity for her.  I don't know if my dream was prophetic or past life or what, don't even know if it was your Trinity.  But she said that was her name in that dream.  I hadn't even read in the book what you'd written about her yet, so I don't know why I had that dream.  I just want to remember.  It drives me nuts sometimes.  Hopefully Divinicus will blow my memory wide open.  I've never felt I belonged on this planet.

Thank you for writing the books.  Time for me to start remembering if I am a starsoul or not.  Maybe I'm a part of your soul group....

Namaste  :)





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Hi Sherri - wow what a powerful story you share. I've seen and heard plenty of things yet was quite bowled over by it. Praying Emoji

Many people who are here, and especially those who find their way to this work, are clearly, to me, starsouls. I can frequently see in their vibrations the constellations they've likely traveled through. Like the Pleaidies for example. Although I refrain from simply calling it or saying so - I don't wish to create realities for people. I'd much rather offer supportive facilitation - particularly at the workshops. It's also essential to say, that the location itself is much less important than embodying the vibration. That way you build a bridge right here, right now - you bring home here so to speak. So another part of the Openhand meditation work is helping people build those bridges. These then can become portals - which it sounds like you're already experiencing.

The DIVINICUS book should indeed help. Because it will paint the karmic picture of why the situation here is so convoluted and where many starsouls came from to support the realignment here.

Just a question - have you ever experienced angellic presence? Do you ever notice white feathers around you?

Many people come here and lose their memory of where they're from. No worries. All will come back in time.

Much love

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Hi Open,

Yes, I see white feathers sometimes and have seen one angel in my room one night in another state I was living in.  Something caused me to wake up in the very early hours, around 3 a.m.,  as I sensed the presence.  It was a huge angel, far bigger than my bedroom doorway, which he was guarding.  He sent me the thought that I need not be afraid, that he was Gabriel and he was protecting me.  I never was afraid and after watching for a couple of minutes I went back to sleep knowing I was in good hands.  I thought maybe there was an intruder in the area or something, I never knew.  That was the only visible angel I've seen.  I've heard the audible voice saying someone needed food.  I seem to be guided in many forms.  I've dreamed I was on a planet that had 2 suns and the water/ocean was still, no waves.  Not sure they had oxygen there.  I do travel in my sleep for sure! 

That made me think last night that the portal thing I shared with you maybe was souls moving into the portal to go to incarnations somewhere?  They were all joyful and happy to be going into it.

I don't see auras or some things, my gifts are different but I've had other spiritual and healers tell me I have a large number of guides and angels around me for this incarnation.  So maybe I am a starsoul, I won't dwell on it if I am.  I've been guided and had these gifts most of my life so I just trust the process now that I've seen it work so much.  But I did really fear I was way behind in the Gateways.  I started re-reading 5Gateways last night and that helped.  

I hope my Divinicus book arrives in a week or so, they've not shipped it yet and so many places on lockdown now, even my state got locked down yesterday.  I thought about seeing if I could find the book locally, will check with a healer friend.  Would be nice to get it soon.

On a joyful note:  I was out planting onions and saw a tiny green frog in my raised bed.  He was so tiny and I love them so much, always put out water for the critters.  I talked to him a bit, offered him a little cap of rainwater.  He just sat looking at me as I was only about a hand length from him.  I dripped a couple  of water drops on him since I used to spray a fine mist on them in my other garden and they'd sing and sit in the mist.  So he wiped across his eye with his cute little hand.  I reached out and very gently touched him with my index finger.  He never moved, just watched me.  Dragonflies will also light on me many times.  But I was enchanted by this adorable little frog.  :)

I will let you know once I get my Divinicus book and see what happens.  I hope to join one of your groups in the U.S. at some point.  I heard they locked down the UK today.  I'd need someone to bring me to WA. state for a retreat there, but it would have an easy flow if it was supposed to be.  That much I know.  I really want to attend one of your retreats and make sure I know how to get free of the blocks.

Much Love to you,


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Hi Open,

I'm so excited to say my Divinicus book shipped today so should arrive in about a week or so.

Dear old Donald is not very popular in the states.  You'd think the people would be thrilled to have something positive to look forward to even if that changes when the time comes...but they are griping about it.  I've developed so much immunity from being sick all the time as a child that I don't even think a thing about going out.  I've been well for over 25 years once I got through the early years.

All will definitely be well, even if it's not.  lol  Now hoping Divinicus will awaken my memory.

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Hi Open,

I slept before the 2 a.m. LIve feed last night and was able to make it there live where we all did the meditation.  Before that meditation I had been very short of breath for the last year or more even though doctor visits showed my lungs to sound clear.   I've always had lung issues in early half of my life that caused shortness of breath.

So when we did the meditation I realized I could breathe in much more deeply!  And much of the pain in that area was gone or greatly diminished.  Did I receive a healing?  There was discussion in the comments about Sirian karma.  I wonder if that's where I came from.  I remember you said a planet had collapsed, causing people to have shortness of breath?  Almost all my childhood illnesses caused shortness of breath, lung problems.  I've also had dreams throughout life at times, of being suffocated or not being able to breathe. 

If I processed out karma, is more going to come up in that area?  I've been so used to taking very shallow breaths, that last night and all day today, I've been consciously taking in deeper breaths to keep everything open.  I was even able to walk through rough woods at my friends to look at some trees he'll give me for my yard and I wasn't gasping for air.  It was amazing!

I'm certainly glad I set my alarm and woke up for the 2 a.m. Live feed.  Well worth it!  Today 2 different people seemed really drawn to me for a change,  probably the energy opening up more.   Thank you so much for the meditation.  Now I'm still waiting on my Divinicus book to arrive so I can read it.

Much love,

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