5D Shift: Essential Evidence of a Widespread Awakening Underway

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Society is currently terraforming through the 4th Industrial Revolution, driven by two juxtaposed energies in the field: the progressive Ascension of Human Consciousness, and the shadowstate efforting - hook and nail - to lock it down. The Plandemonium is all about taking greater control of people's lives and particularly financially, which is the next wave of control to come. Meanwhile the blockchainers are opening doorways of expansion and freedom not seen since the early days of the internet. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is here, which is a powerful tool to weaken the long arm of the shadowstate. To me, overall, the dynamic signals a widespread awakening is underway...

Rebellion Against Dominion

It may look like the shadowstate is winning this war on human consciousness. But that's only if you read the mainstream media, which by now, to anyone whose even partially awake, must have lost all credibility. The final nail in the coffin must be the Presidential Election. Which ever political party you may have supported, it's clear, there are literally thousands of reported cases of alleged voting fraud applied in a widespread systematic way, using irregular postal ballots and questionable computer software.

The main point here is the staggering afront to democracy - how the mainstream media have called the election result BEFORE it's decided and trying to steamroller any objection. It's shocking. Anyone who truly values freedom of thought, speech, movement and governance must seriously question the next time they pick up a mainstream newspaper or visit a mainstream media website. It's time we make them irrelevant by using them less - much less!

Meanwhile, the 4th Industrial Revolution rolls on (for which the election has been a key linch pin). The shadowstate in the guise of the Plandemonium is reshaping lives in the most fundamental of ways - how the masses live, work and travel. And essentially, where we might get our resources from. It's all being done without our consultation and consent. However, it will NOT all go their way. Far from it. Plenty of people ARE turning away from the duplicitous state media. They are NOT believing the plandemonium propaganda. They are NOT taking the coolade. Waves of rebellion are growing around the world, especially in Europe. Plenty are taking back personal sovereignty and under the Common Law, challenging the authority of bogus state legislation.

Check out this Openhand Lead Article on Reclaiming Your Sovereign Rights Under Common Law

Birth of the Blockchainers

The next battle has already begun and on a different front - this time financial. Shortly after the credit crunch of 2008, a mysterious "White Hat" called Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin, sitting on a distributed ledger system called the Blockchain. Bitcoin was originally used by society's misfits and mavericks as a digital means of payment - with freedom across borders outside of the central banking system. As the banksters continually inflate their "helicopter" fiat money, thus progressively devaluing it, Bitcoin's code limits to a total of 21 million coins, and thus has become a true store of value - what many are calling the new digital gold.

Meanwhile a raft of other cryptocurrencies sitting on the blockchain have sprung up, and indeed plenty of new ones with each passing day. To be clear, this is NOT just about digital money. They are more sophisticated and DECENTRALISED ways of connecting with people on an immediately updating system of proof. Imagine for example, in light of what has just happened, a truly honest vote leading to government that is genuinely of the people - I see a revolution on the horizon where the billionaires manipulating the main stream media to get elected are relegated to the back seats. The veils will fall when people realise that together, they have enormous power. Especially with decentralised systems like the Blockchain.

Right now, we are on the cusp of a wave of mass adoption of cryptocurrency. I wonder how many out there are seeing the enormous significance of this? Certainly the shadowstate and the central bankers who are scrabbling to catch up. They're literally falling over themselves to create new Central Bank Digital Currencies (CDBCs), which to be clear, will be very different indeed from true cryptocurrency. How so? The 4th Industrial Revolution is the shadowstates answer to the mass awakening of human consciousness - lock down people into a synthetic high tech reality, dumbed down by mass induced DNA subjugation, through continual rounds of vaccine. Block out the light of the soul and people become readily programmable. I believe the next part of the plan is to allow the old banking system to wither and perish under the humungous debt mountain, and then bail people out with a CDBC issued directly to your phone app, but crucially, with all manner of prying eyes and strings attached. Like the digital health passport for example. Big brother meets Big nanny!

The Role of Cryptocurrency in the Unravelling 5D Ascension Shift

Rise of the Misfits and Mavericks

For every person that dares to venture into the world of crypto on the blockchain, there is an escape from this control, an expression of freedom and increased financial independence - a shaft of light through the darkness. I fore warn you though, it's quite a minefield out there to navigate in these early days. First if you're to venture into true cryptocurrency you'll need to understand how your wallet keys to the blockchain work, and how to carefully send via encrypted addresses. New services are emerging daily that make it more easy without the need to fully understand the technology. Paypal for example has just started selling 4 types of crypto to its millions of American customers (and set to be rolled out around the world), which has rocketed hugely in just the first two weeks. To be clear, this is NOT the true essence of crypto - you don't own the private keys and you can't take it from their system. Nevertheless, in buying and storing it, there is a means by which to benefit from its escalating value.

Please Note: there is a strong upward trend for crypto heading into and through 2021. However, anyone whose been in the development since the early days will tell you, that although the progressive trend is upwards, crypto is very volatile. Plus since the technology is new, some coins will succeed and others fail. Bitcoin itself, for example, will become very exposed and vulnerable to quantum computing some way down the line, whereas later generation cryptos such as ethereum can possibly thrive much better.

What's abundantly clear is that the early stages of widespread adoption of cryptocurrency is here, is now. And crucially, it's AHEAD of widespread adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies. This is highly significant. For those looking out into the world and seeing the darkness of the lockdowns, it's clear to me at least, that this mass crypto adoption is signalling a widespread dawning of consciousness: I believe it demonstrates a willingness towards personal sovereignty in the form of a higher degree of financial freedom.

Moving into a New 3D/5D Hybrid State

I do understand plenty will not have reserve funds to invest in crypto at this current time. No worries. Each will have their pathway forwards through this terraforming shift. Some will go off grid entirely, others will blend with the system as ghosts in the machine. CDBCs can still be used. But just as mobile phones and internet browsers allow in the prying big brother eye, we'll need to be careful how we use them, and ideally not owned by the system in how we live and work.

We're going to need to be increasingly light of foot in this terraforming society. We'll need to be flexible, innovative and readily open to change, which in itself, is the very nature of the soul. These will be the very wings to keep us aloft as we move into a new 3D/5D hybrid state.

Discover how to become an Independent Spiritual Facilitator in the Shift

5D Shift of Consciousness - Shafts of Light Breaking Through

Let's beware the doomers and gloomers out there - including those in the spiritual mainstream who've gotten too attached to the surface drama. It's not all dark! The light is breaking through in the energy field underneath and churning up the swamp - which to me, the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency indicates. This is happening at the same time as growing waves of people around the world are challenging the pandemic narrative.

I do believe the controllers are beginning to lose control.

Of course the mainstream media will sureptitiously try to program you otherwise. Don't let it. Feel into the energy field and trust in its movement. We are far from out of the woods yet, but shafts of light are shining through. One of them is shining your own path forwards for you. Realise the truth of your soul. Let it illuminate and inform each step forwards.

These are vibrant and exciting times to be alive. As I expected right at the beginning of all this, the plandemonium by the shadowstate would backfire and instead catalyse a widespread awakening. I can feel the early signs of this like the sparks of a fire, growing and taking ahold. The next great shift of consciousness for humanity is towards sovereignty of soul. It's expressed in every single step and choice we make. Right now, a growing wave is voting for that freedom and independence of expression. To me, widespread adoption of Blockchain technology, and uprisings against lockdown, indicate a revolution in consciousness is upon us.

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19/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: I'm pinching myself a little bit. Didn't believe I'd have reason to say it at this stage, but I can most positively feel a widespread awakening going on. I'm seeing it especially in the determination by plenty of people to change the plandemonium narrative and starting to express sovereignty of being - of the soul. To give an indication of that, during phase 1 of the lockdown in the UK, there was pretty much blanket acceptance and acquiesence. But now, despite draconian measures and mountainous fines, it's calculated in some media that as much as 30% of the population are disobeying the phase 2 lockdowns. That's together with widespread protests in cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol and London. I also see it expressed in the widespread adoption of cyrptocurrency, and also a growing non-acceptance of the mainstream media propaganda.

Above all though, I believe I can actually feel evidence of this widespread awakening in the field - so much energy revving through it!

But also let me qualify what I mean exactly by "awakening", so as not to get ahead of ourselves. Plenty who visit this site will know of the 5GATEWAYS work, which postulates based on copious evidence, and sharings from previous philsophical/spiritual approaches through history, that awakening takes place through several stages; basically depending on being awake to the soul and then the degree of integration of it.

In my view, what we're starting to feel now, is firstly an awakening to the deception of the mainstream narrative. Which is a degree of awakening on the plane of the intellect. But what I also feel, due to the sense of increase in sovereignty of being, is an initial awakening to the presence of the soul. Which is a powerful development indeed, meaning a widespread channeling and infusion of divine energy.

With this in mind, it felt poignant to give another Facebook LiveStream about my feelings on it, which will take place this Saturday, 21st November. I look forwards to connecting with plenty of you there Slightly Smiling

Here's where you can find it: Openhand Facebook Page
(It will also be posted here on Openhandweb afterwards)

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20/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: the world is transforming strongly and quickly - at warp speed. As I said in my lead article above about the widespread awakening (Widespread Awakening Underway) it's precipitating strong reactionary shifts of consciousness from the shadowstate. That's the way I see it. Finance is what underpins society, more so than elections, which as we've seen, can so easily be rigged. Indeed they are CONSTANTLY rigged, it's just that this last one has been in public view. The latest eye opening financial announcement is that Google and Facebook are to offer phone payment apps. Wow. The next thing they're obviously trying to become are the new banks - and no doubt, holding cryptocurrencies (as Paypal aready are). Just step back for a moment and see where this might be heading...

There's a strong global movement onto the Blockchain, which progressively drains the energy from the shadowstate banking swamp. So what the controllers are doing is presenting "user friendly" smoke and mirrors to bring people back into the mainstream, with prying eyes, controls and strings attached. It's like a net to catch the free swimming dolphins.

I know it's a little complex right now, but stay with the inquiry over the coming months.  Openhand will always do it's best to illuminate the unerlying flows of energy and how they are crytallising on the surface. That way you may be informed of what the best choices are likely to be for you. Make sure your transformation in life is grounded in meditation - let your daily practice be your mast in the storm and the bellweather on energetic change.

Sure, we can use these new mainstream products and services by the tech giants, yet NOT be fooled by what's going on. Again, this announcement is likely to have a MASSIVE effect on regular banks. It's hard to see some of them not toppling. In the UK recently, one of the largest high street banks, Nat West, started suddenly freezing people's business accounts for no apparent reason (mainstream article here) - the reason will be lack of funds and the growing bad debt mountain as small businesses continue to collapse. This is one of the key drivers out there in this fourth industrial revolution - fully intended by the shadowstate. I do believe struggles in the regular banking sector will be the intentional trigger the system uses to get wide spread adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies - and as I said in my lead article above, that's where they're really trying to take this. They want to reel in the maverick blockchainers (no chance!) whilst offering mainstream digital currencies.

I know this is a degree complex if you're not used to all the machinations, but what it clearly reveals, is my main point here: that there are two juxtaposed energies working through the field which is churning up the surface of society. It's reflected in the widespread awakening that's going on. And although the shadowstate will keep trying, it will be extremely hard to lock it all down. It's clear to me, ultimately, it IS going to fail!

Meanwhile real cryptocurrencies, sitting directly on the Blockchain (where you own your private keys) such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are literally rocketing in value. Many expect Bitcoin to reach a new all time high by the end of the year (perhaps around £18k). Be forewarned, things are very volatile out there. If there's a strong credible challenge to the election vote (which is likely), then the stockmarkets will likely wobble and there'll be a pull back in crypto too. But the underlying sentiment for crypto is very strong, with many new people entering the space.

And all of this is happening as there are massive and growing waves of people protesting lockdown in countries around the world, despite the water cannons!...

Openhand is here is steer pathways through the shift. As always we will do our best to keep you informed and aware of the terraforming landscape around us, that you may make illuminated choices on your soul's path. With that in mind, do tune into the latest facebook livestream this Saturday. I always enjoy connecting with you all (do share with likeminded people Thumbs Up Sign)...

Much love and support to all

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Dear Open ,

Slowly but surely ,I am starting to 'see' how shining out one's light is affecting the field. I think ,crucially,my lesson was trusting in myself. In the earlier months of the lock down ,I was trying to get people to take off their blinkers and stop acquiescing to fear .Lately though ,I feel just Being myself is all that is needed for me to 'do' in the present circumstances . 

Grounded Radiance is the phrase that comes to mind . Just radiate through the field ,being mindful to continually process out my own density . And quietly ,almost surreptitiously ,we are starting a revolution :)