The Ascended Masters...and the Benevolent Mission around the Earth

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The Shift of consciousness taking place on the earth right now is a complex one, presenting plenty of knots of intervention energies with humanity working to emerge into the light. At times like these it is for sure a tortuous journey. However, there is a vertiable 'army' of supporters and guides in the ether positively willing the emergence of a New Paradigm and a new evolution of humanity to go with it. Central to that support are already ascended beings, those who've come through plenty of incarnations and now reside in higher dimensions supporting the shift. How do they most effectively work, and how can you connect with them to best illuminate your path?

To be tuned into this higher guidance at these times is utterly priceless as the challenges of the shift get more complex. The ET Opposing Consciousness is applying Artificial Intelligence to try to lock people into a synthetic agenda, which for a raft of people appears to be working. We're witnessing a parting of the waves in the Shift and it's essential to be clear where your own consciousness is headed. That's where Ascended Master energies can greatly help.

Ascended Masters - their Essence as Energies

The first thing to say is to be wary of creating identity around them. The risk is to create icons that are consciously (and subconsciously) placed on a pedestal that then becomes disempowering - for their purpose is the empowerment of sovereign souls. I recall one of my early connections with these beings. I was out on a camping trip, meditating in high energy places, opening into higher dimensional connections. When the group came through, I was intrigued as to their individual identities, but it was clear from the outset, the previous identities they'd incarnated as no longer existed. It was the energy that held essential importance right now. And for me, at the time, I got the sense of there being a group of 9 that were working together. How should I best know you then? I inwardly asked. 'Simply as numbers' came the answer...

At the very next campsite I arrived at that evening, I needed to tune into the wifi, for which the access code was: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9! With the group I felt a tremendously warm and compassionate connection, a guiding hand of illumination through the darkness.  Hence I came to know them as "Openhand".

I came to realise the numbers actually carry a deeper significance, because they relate to the rays of Unity Consciousness of which sentient souls are formed, and how the Ascended Master Energies then work with emergent souls. So each number relates to a ray of consciousness, there being 7 in total, 7 qualities of soul that blend to form what's termed the 'soul-ray-harmonic' (there are possibly more rays, however I was given to simplify around 7 within the Openhand work). Each ray resonates a key aspect of authentic beingness for your soul. The rays then point to essential keys of possibility, of expression and evolution, the actualisation of which, helps you emerge from the karmic density of the Old Paradigm...

In any given situation, in any of life's challenges you're facing, where you're unsure of what to do next and where your beingness is seeking to evolve, I put it to you that what you're really looking for, are keys to activate new aspects of previously dormant beingness. When these frequencies come alive in you, then a new evolution takes shape and the world manifests in a new way around you. New, more aligned choices form themselves. Hence finding these keys can be utterly priceless.

Discover more about the 7 Rays of Consciousness and your Soul-ray-harmonic

Ascended Masters as 'Tillers' of the Rays of Soul Consciousness

Working with the Openhand group is not particularly easy in this density - it requires patience and persistance. The ego mind wants quick and ready answers to difficult problems. However, a truly evolved consciousness will not spoon feed you the answer, for this can be disempowering - you learn to rely on a sovereignty external to yourself, which can be limiting to the soul's growth - the development of soul sovereignty is the underlying driving process for humanity in these times.

It's also important to say that working with a guide or bridge into your full multidimensionality can be invaluable, assuming they work to resonate and bring alive dormant frequencies in you, or help process out resistant karma.

Whenver I needed clarity, I came to realise the real 'answer' I was looking for, was a new aspect of beingness. The conflict of choice was only happening because I wasn't able in that moment to follow the soul, which is simply wanting to flow. So in any difficult moment, the key is to find that new aspect of beingness that now wants to shine through.

And this is where the Ascended Master Energies come into their own. In any given moment of difficulty, if you call on them, they'll resonate frequencies of beingness that you now need to experience and embody. They won't give you the 'answer', but rather offer insightful reflections and resonances that you may feel emerging within. Most essentially though, these are YOUR frequencies, emerging as aspects of YOUR soul that are now coming awake. The Ascended Master Energies work in support of this. It's a very sophisticated form of guidance.

The Ascended Masters are also often called "Chohans", meaning a Lord of each ray. However the Openhand group made it clear to me that the idea of 'Lord' is not commensurate with where their consciousness is at, since they're not seeking rank nor title. The best way that came to me to describe their function was as 'Tillers' of the rays. They amplify and give resonant 'torque' to a particular ray of beingness, in a particular location of convolution, that you may feel the aligned resonance of truth and embody as your own. You'll then most likely find that the path opens up for you in the most magical of ways that you couldn't previously have predicted.

Being Wary of Ascended Master Deception

I've encountered plenty of entites in the ether that masquerade as Ascended Masters, that are really only trying to acquire energy from those that follow them. In which case, when you open up to the possibility of working with the authentic Ascended Master Energies, you'll need to apply careful discernment. An authentic group is always going to work to empower you as a sovereign being. Although the energy is there to help, it doesn't seek your allegiance nor worship. It is always giving the energy and empowerment that you realise back to you.

If you encounter such a group in the dimensions around you, I would certainly encourage an exploration because the connection can be highly illuminating and beneficial. But I would suggest beginning from a clear statement of internal alignment - something like: "I invite you to work with me, providing you only  have my highest interests at heart". This usually helps clarify the way forwards with an authentic connection. But always maintain discernment as the relationship unfolds - are you growing and evolving as a soveriegn being from the connection?

5 Key Apporaches in Working with Ascended Master Energies

Ascended Master Energies can be of profound help in the journey, illuminatng the path in the most challenging and complex situations. However, to work effectively with them is to know how they function. They simply will NOT give you the immediate answer of 'what to do now'. Because that is a contradiction to their underlying purpose - which is the empowerment of sovereign beings. What they'll do however, most effectively, is offer you a reflection and ask, 'how do you feel about that?' So they'll help construct frameworks of inquiry so that you may better see new aspects of emergent authentic self.

I would advocate these 5 guidelines to harness and work with the energy most effectively...

1) You must begin by asking for their support. No truly benevolent being will come into your space or seek in any way to influence unless the soul is calling for it. So if you wish to work with these energies, simply go into the heart and invite a benevolent connection. Be clear that whatever energy comes to you, it must ONLY have your highest interests at heart.

2) Move beyond a need to 'intention' the moment. Instead come from a place of active attention, where your consciousness is open, and simply witnessing reflections in your outer environment that you're guided to. What will be reflected is one of two things (or both): (1) a shadow aspect that is now needing to be processed out (2) a new aspect of beingness that is now ready to come through.

3) Let go of the need for a specific outcome from any given situation, other than your own evolution. Get to know what signs and synchronicity are really pointing to - not strictly what to do now, but instead how to be now.
Here's a perspective on what signs and synchronicities are truly pointing to

4) Take ownership of everything you manifest around you, and find profound self honesty with what you manifest. Ask, why did I create that? What was the situation revealing to me? How can I be more of me, the real me, in that situation? Ask the question and watch for the reflections - remember, you're looking for a new way to be.

5) Practice solitude and deep stillness. You'll need to soften through the chakras and into the higher dimensions to truly feel them. But then the relationship becomes a dynamic flow with the outer. So watch for the new dance that now wants to unfold from your deeper stillness and resonance of authentic beingness.
Sample this Chakra Opening and Attunement Meditation

Ascended Masters in the 5D Earth Ascension Shift

Right now the Earth, and all sentient life on it, are positively yearning for a new harmony and alignment, a New Paradigm of equity and justice where ALL life is cherished and respected. We have to be patient though. The light needs to progressively break through as the ascending consciousness unravels itself from the karmic construct of the past. It's a karma that has drawn a controlling Interdimensional Intervention, which has preyed upon the distorting density and lack of soul sovereignty. It's inserted many veils of obscuration, the latest of which being 'Smart' AI and 5G technology, which can be deeply distorting and disconnecting from higher dimensional awareness.

The Ascended Master Energies are working with a vast array of angellic beings that have gathered from far and wide across the cosmos to support humanity and the planet in the realignment from this intervention. But it is not about polarising, judging and demonising these intervention groups. Rather it is about determindly communicating that control and manipulation do NOT ultimately work, that being aligned with the Universal Flow leads to true harmony and peace. In communicating these resonances of beingness, progressively each soul will find its way to a more commensurate reality for their frequency - often back to the constellations they orignated from.

So you have groups here from the Pleiadies, from Arcturus and Andromeda, from Sirius, Orion and Draco, to name but a few. The Ascended Master Energies are working with these groups to encourage the Great Realignment that is unfolding. Hence it's progressive and steady, requiring many knots to be unravelled as the Earth ushers everyone forwards as she raises her vibration into the new 5D/6D/7D paradigm.

The key is to be patient, but diligent. It's not about trying to impose a new reality here by process of the intellect. Rather it is working to unveil the new human consciousness and stepping forwards with authentic expression from that. We can be firm and determined, yes, but also allowing an open space for the higher consciousness to flow in and through. The new reality will then progressively take shape.

Humanity coming of Age in a New 5D Paradigm of Being

I have found Ascended Master Energies truly heartwarming, magical and majestic to work with. Without fail they have illuminated my pathway in times of turbulence and challenge. But crucially, I had to master how best to work with them first - not needing that quick fix or answer. Rather instead remembering what this is really all about: every single situation of itself is configuring to encourage the emergence of greater self realisation and authentic expression, and there is nothing else going on!

It's about having the patience, but also commitment, to one's own journey and sovereignty. It's about taking responsibility for the life you create. We can call on support and reflective help, yes, for we are also communal beings learning and evolving together - reflecting authentic beingness to oneanother. And to me, the Ascended Masters work this way too, for there is always something to be mastered. It's become clear to me then, that a true "Ascended Master", is at a point in their journey where they know themselves as an Eternal Student.

And this is what I would encourage to all from my experience in working with them. When you remember that the underlying purpose of EVERY situation is to realise and express a deeper aspect of yourself, then the problems you were tyring to figure out begin to melt away. The misty clouds of obscuration clear and the pathway forwards reveals itself step by step in front of you. So if you feel a resonance from what I've shared, I encourage you to explore a connection with the Ascended Master Energies. It's a wonderfully benevolent consciousness to work with, when we realise how best to do it.

The Openhand work here is all about harnessing and amplifying these Ascended Master Energies and reflecting how you might work with them to activate new aspects of Authentic Soul Beingness. With this in mind, explore Openhand's 5D Ascension Program which works with the energies through an integrated framework of inquiry within the Earth's unfolding 5D Shift. 

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth's Higher Dimensional Shift.
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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This sent a huge warm wave of softness to my heart. We are not alone; never have been and never will be. What joy there is in that knowledge and release of light to us all from the Universe. Namaste'


Hi Open,

I was just re-reading the ascended master energies article.  I know the U.S.A. has had some really crazy weather the last few months and this evening I learned Alaska has had the largest earthquake in over half a century!  They had an 8.2 quake that generated a Tsunami warning, but then no tsunami happened!  To me that seems a miracle.  I'd think I would have noticed some movement here as close as that huge quake was but felt nothing I was aware of.  The quake was in such a place that I believe if a tsunami did happen it could destroy a lot of the west coast here in the U.S. yet there was none. 

Was this something that angels or benevolent beings stopped from happening at this time?  A divine intervention?  This country seems to be ramping up all the virus scams again with masks and maybe lockdowns again to push their vaxx agenda hard and fast.  I thought maybe the earth was going to shake things up over that.   Lately I've felt like there are some implants or something blocking me internally.  Trying to work that out.  I'm hoping to learn more at the Avalon Rising event coming up very soon.

See you Sat. at the Livestream  Praying EmojiHeart





29/07/2021 Journal Update: the Benevolent Mission Supporting us

I felt to share this article again today about the Ascended Master Energies and the Benevolent Mission supporting our 5D shift - just in case you might sometimes think you're all alone in this - you are not! As we discovered at the recent Facilitator Conference in Avebury, our supporters in the ether are drawing extra close at this time. Do explore the article because it can help illuminate how to call on this support...

The Ascended Masters...and the Benevolent Mission around the Earth

This army of Benevolent support is something I talked about in the upcoming Ickonic "Divine Intervention" documentary. And they're sure to be there supporting us at Avalon Rising World Ascension Summit too...

Book a ticket while we still have them!...

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Dear Open ,

I am in the middle of probably the messiest time of my life right now. My marital relationship is crumbling and I have met someone new  . Many,many constructs are breaking down and I am shown almost every hour how I was attached to some or the other aspect of the 3 D construct. I'm on a emotional roller coaster the likes of which I have never been before ( and I work in newborn intensive care ) .All those in my immediate vicinity are being affected - my daughter was going through an ayurvedic cleanse and has been purging as a result physically . All others are very quickly having all sorts of emotional processes kicked off . 

As I sat in meditation today however ,I was conscious of pulses of light being channelled through my being stronger than I have felt before . And my higher heart ( thymus gland) seems to have become activated. In meditation I sensed I was some sort of anchor for light in the grid . My heart when activated through the day seems to expand and connect to light beings . I feel drunk with love . My brain completely stops working and I seem to be channelling a high frequency light . 

This experience ,in juxtaposition with the emotional drama that is occurring around me is is slightly confusing to say the least :) 

Any reflections are very welcome ! 


In reply to by iamdurga


Dear Megha,

Ah I feel for you. I was in that position too a few years ago - it's actually uncanny how similar it sounds. I remember how destabalizing and roller coaster like it was for me too. 

For me, the key realization was that all the ups and downs, back and forth were simply showing me how I was transitioning between the old and new. I had a bit of my energy in both. So, it was really important to allow the swings in energy - giving me the mirror I needed (but sometimes didn't want) to see. The patterns and emotions need to play out to be processed. 

I've also found that it's that space between the old and new, when you're feeling both deep grief and excited anticipation and love, that allows for these amazing expansions like you describe. Grief brings us closer to death, which in turn brings us closer to life. The more we let go of the 3D old patterns - ones which we recieved some nice feedback loops in but weren't healthy - the more we open ourselves to the higher feedback loops, which are, as you've so coherently written, so much more powerful. WHy would we ever go back? 

Much love to you


In reply to by iamdurga


Hi Megha,

Whenever the Thymus is felt, it's frequently the case that one is probably feeling the Twin Flame activating more strongly. Which probably also causes a destabilisation in the mind and it struggles to grasp the flowing energy. Keep flowing!

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open


As we discussed privately, I also feel there's some higher dimensional 'team' connecting and offering support too - I've experienced the Arcturians drawing close at this time and connecting with people. Potentially this can be a great help in our lives right now in the shift and definitely one to encourage where it is felt.

Alchemical times!

Open 💙🙏


Dear Open ,

I have been hit by density and how, post the Quantum Retreat. There is a lot of fear as the government is starting lockdowns again and I think I am feeling that in the field. I feel as if I am working better and better in the field, though it is definitely challenging -I have to focus and connect again and again . I am writing this sitting in hospital and I can feel masses of stuff ,in the belly ,third eye and heart . 

I feel like I am able to better distinguish “mine from thine”. I am also having interesting experiences -yesterday my long departed Grandma reached out to me and I helped her and a few more relatives “ move on “ .This was after a long bout of staying in bed and feeling masses of density.  After which I felt like some frequencies reached out . After checking they were benevolent ,I allowed them in and suddenly seems like my connection is reestablished .

I am wondering if these are the same ?   Interesting times to be alive no doubt. And also very character building :) . Big Namaste to all those tuning in . Deep Bow to you Open . “ See you in tomorrow FB Live :)


In reply to by iamdurga


Hi Megha - firstly, I'm there with you! Praying Emoji

What pops out of your sharing is that the energy with you is more a conduit - a resonant connection back to the source, as you traverse the darkness. So it feels more angelic rather than Ascended Master.

The Ascended Master energies are as "tillers" on a particular frequency - bringing it alive. But the angelic realm are more connective, helping your authentic vibe find its way through the darkness.

That's my sense of it. Watch for the angels!

Open HeartPraying Emoji


With all of the beings and energies interacting with our field and trying to control or sway our opinions, how can really believe what "truth" is and operate from a place of integrity?  I long ago learned the survival skills needed to survive in a western society and being in the military... which meant following orders, not speaking or acting on my truth... instead of doing what's right... now it seems that the "benevolent" energies around me keep trying to realign me to be in a higher state of integrity.   While the guidance seems valid, it is not realistic and does not feel right to me so I ignore it.  I have had too many paranormal experiences from OC and other beings for me to trust in anything I hear or feel reflected from the field... so how important is integrity and what exactly is that in the benevolent mission?  It seems too far out there to expect humans to be perfect in their integrity when there is so much interference.  If benevolent beings are really reflecting or helping us, is it really them asking me to worry about integrity?  

In reply to by Infinity_Kyle


Greetings Kyle - good to see you, despite challenging times Praying Emoji

Many things jump right out from what you're saying, but the key one that's screaming loud and clear is "integrity". There's your guidance.

True benevolence does not spoon feed. I've said this many times and it's stated in the article.

Instead true benevolence resonates energies which then spark off inner inquiry so as you can integrate a more aligned truth within your being - greater sovereignty, greater personal integrity.

It feels to me like you're connecting into Ascended Master energies that are resonating a frequency of your own within. And clearly this illumination/inquiry is around personal integrity.

So I ask the question, "what does integrity mean for you?" And what density does the question trigger off - where have you lost personal integrity? In the military for example? This might be a place to inquire, explore and unravel. As always, go deep into the pain that's firing off (feels like the heart is at the source of it), become as-one with the pain, open up through it, and then recover the lost aspect of soul - what integrity feels like. Embody that and things will get clearer.

Wishing you well in the endeavour.

Open Praying Emoji

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Thank you Open for your comments about Integrity.  Closely related to integrity is truth in diet.  While I am currently still vegan, I have noticed how even the most subtle of food choices, even though they are vegan, bring in OC or black snake energy.  Is this just me being too sensitive or is the field really that infected such that simple food choices are exploited, even if they are vegan?  


In reply to by Infinity_Kyle


That's an interesting one Kyle I haven't encountered that for some while - how subtle plant-based choices might allow in Black Snake energy.

The BS energy comes in wherever there is some kind of internal disharmony. That could happen through self-judgment - of the choices we make - or it could be through imbalances in the diet. So it's finding correct harmonies that work well with the body - and that's a continual exploration.

For example, if the switch from animal based protein to plant based is relatively recent, or not consistent, then there's likely to be disharmony in the internal microbiotics - acid might get created in the gut for example. The transition can take several years to smooth - it took a couple of years for me to transform the micobiotics from acidic animal based protein to alkaline plant based - even though I'd stopped eating animal protein.

Then even within plant based, there are combinations that don't work too well - such as the nightshade vegetables like tomatoes. I'm careful about how much I eat of those. Care with the amount of musherooms or yeasts too, and how you blend fruits together. So it would be worthwhile exploring the best food combining - from a feeling exploration sense.

Bear in mind that although it may sound rigorous, nevertheless, the inquiry greatly increases empathic sensitivity and self awareness.

Best wishes

Open Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open


Thank you, Open.  You have validated what I have been experiencing for some time now- voices cautioning me or warning about eating some of my favorite foods, like pizza (tomatoes and yeast).  I still don't understand why I am so sensitive to so many things that never bothered me before (or at least I didn't know they were bothering me)... but I understand now how OC and the controllers would continue to push these foods in advertising and craving induced purchases as they do agitate the body and allow BS in.  I really feel like I am insane now because I sense these subtle things in almost everything I eat but have limited options (besides fasting) for food because of how tightly controlled, and unhealthy, most of the food systems are in the US.  While it is refreshing to know that I am not alone in these realizations, it is also adding more depression from these self realizations and empathic experiences... everything seems to be intent on deharmonizing the human body and soul, even food!


Today I was thinking about with a sense of regret of leaving some things behind that I may need in the future. My attention was brought to this piece of plastic flowing of a truck. It felt like I was invited to let go and it felt quite relieving at the same time it was heart warming to feel that I'm being supported in the simplest of things. I have never worked with any particular Angels but often some kind of resonances seems to flow out especially when I ask show me. Where do you think these assistance come from - ones particular soul family ? Or the Universe in general is working to reflect back your experiences because the inner and outer is interconnected. 

In reply to by Vimal


Hi Vimal,

In short there's a wide array of different beings and energies supporting the shift. Some will be soul family others the angelic realm and yet others here from different constellations to support the activation. That's not to mention higher dimensionals who are working to orchestrate the overall movement. I would say the best thing is simply to take reflections so as to align and embody more of your higher self. Then it doesn't matter too much the format of who is actually helping. But if you want to know exactly who it is, simply inquire and keep exploring - all will be revealed.

Open Praying Emoji


13/04/2021 How To Work With Ascended Master Support:

I felt to feature this article again today, about the Ascended Master Energies and various multidimensional angellic support that humanity and the shift is receiving. Do ponder the article and some of the key illuminations - particularly about how to effectively call on this energy and work with it, because it can greatly benefit the emergence of your soul, bringing alive previously dormant frequencies. And that's really what the great shift is all about.

To be clear, at the Openhand Events (whether online or terrestrial), we're working with the Benevolent Mission, building an energetic bridge and peeling away the veils so people can feel their own frequencies more strongly and accurately.

If the subject engages you, do check out my article above or refresh it if you've gone through it before. These energies are strengthening in the ether around us right now. However to gain maximum benefit is to be sure your orientation in life is aligned with the Shift. Then these energies will greatly support you in your endeavours.

It feels like being surrounded by an army of angels!...

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


It's getting challenging and complex out there in the shift right now. The system agenda is trying all manner of tactics and strategies to subdue consciousness and lock it down. For those who truly want to ascend into the New 5D Paradigm, rest assured, there will be wonderful ways your soul can break through. And calling on support and help is utterly crucial right now - to get that higher dimensional illumination.

In recent days I've been noticing the new tactics by the shadow state to complicate and subdue people - making masks more mandatory and even talking about introducing goggles (yes, really!). I'm leading a Facilitator Devevlopment course right now and at the end of the day I was walking up to a high energy site here in Glastonbury called Wearyall Hill. As I was walking I was inquiring of the Openhand higher dimensional team, "how will we unwind this new amplification by the shadow state?" My attention was directed to my feet and a crack in the black tarmac that I was synchronistically walking along. The guidance said, "pick the crack in the agenda and keep walking along it." A little further along, the crack opened up into two, then three and more, until reaching the top, the tarmac broke open with many cracks like the delta of a river. Upon which the tarmac disappeared completely as I came out onto the hill. It was a magical and heartwarming experience!

So my advice is to pick the crack, and keep opening out through it - keep finding the light emerging through the density and work to embody your emergent soul.

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji