Asya: the Art of Being


...And all of a sudden I understood what path do I walk.. What that life, that I "knit" for myself, looks like..

I understood that my direction is heading where all the control-seeking forces and systems simply will have nothing for me to offer. They simply don’t have that "thing" I live for! THAT is impossible to invent, to produce, to sell, to frame it as an ownership. There is impossible to have or own it. THAT is so simple that they are unable to understand it. And that is the only thing worth of all lifetime on this Earth.

Being. To just be.

To seek nothing. To desire nothing. To become Nothing and Everything.

Not to seek and not wait for love. Even giving love is impossible. But to become Love.

Not to seek or share the wisdom. But to become that Wisdom.

Not to go with the flow nor against the flow. But to be that Flow.

Why not just be..?

This is long and difficult journey, I know..

And yet it is expressed as an Art of Being.

"Asya: the Art of Being" is the way of living in the exploration of who am I, embodying the frequencies of the soul and expressing this beingness out into the world.

Why to share it? - Even if that can uplift and somehow inspire at least one other soul this would be realising self as being in divine service...

With love from all my heart

Asya ❤️


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Words don’t come easy to me...

As Open just posted these questions in his article Gateway to the Golden Age Amidst "War on Materiality":

Who can I be now?

    What can I create now?

    What's the highest version of myself I can unleash?

These are the most important questions I am asking myself now. Every one of us is different and we may see our pathways in very different ways. I see all life in a very simple, yet fascinating way – through the creativity and expression of the soul. I don't feel like waiting for tomorrow to live. My choice is to live today and create and express into the world from that best version of me that I can be TODAY. This is my gateway to the Golden Age. And from that, I would like to share my joyful experience with the new creation.


A couple of months ago the idea landed to me out of nowhere that I need to create my book. But how can I do that if am not good at writing even articles, not even the posts? Spoken or written human word doesn’t feel to be my absolute way of communication and so I sometimes struggle to express myself this way. And then there came that sudden feeling… use your own language, the language that your soul speaks. I know that language, that way of expression, and that subtle perception through colour, through shape and form, through textures and patterns and geometry, through visionary arts and creations. I know that feeling that is coming through the light. So many ways!


Now I hold in my hands my beautifully printed book and I'll be honest - I greatly enjoy it. It's not that I would be proud of myself, but because this is the creation for the sake of just creation. This is my very first book and I have put in it only a tiny fraction of my artworks and crafts: crochet, knitting, beaded jewelry, organza flowers, drawings & paintings, some poems, and many photos taken by me. It doesn't matter if my works are not as advanced and great as many real artists do. I do not label myself as an artist, I am being myself - the Soul. The divine is supporting creative ideas and I just want to put this message out into the world - we don't need to be someone or something to enjoy the process of creativity. Every one of us has the power to create and when we liberate that feeling inside, nothing else matters. This is a transmission of energy, of divinity. This is the living with joy and gratitude. That is all that is.


I wish to invite those who are reading to view the digital version of my full book at the link below (click on the book picture), hoping you'll enjoy it: 



With love from all my heart 💜🌹


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Simply stunning Asya! The photography, the crochet-work, the drawings, all of it; a visual feast! I couldn't read the text because of this limited tablet but I would buy your book, it's breathtaking. Very inspiring too as I've just began my own journey with art. Thank you for sharing, it must feel wonderful to create something so uplifting, so beautiful and meaningful. Congratulations! barb🙏🤍

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Thank you, Barb, for your lovely supporting words! I like how you call it "a visual feast" ❤️

I'm sure you will enjoy your own journey with art, how one wouldn't. It would be interesting to see if that's visible or hear if that's audible or whatever that is.

Sending much love Praying Emoji


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Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning. An incomparable book with gorgeous designs and truly stunning colours. I think you've really found an authentic route for expression in this work. Thank you so much for sharing. ( where can I get one of those little bears?)

Andy x

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Asya, you completely bowled me over with this - quietly beavering away here at Openhand HQ. I had no inkling what you were up to. And then you produced this. It's a colourful feast for the eyes and heart. It demonstrates perfectly the point of "creating for creativity's sake". It's when we dare to put our energies out there, that the Universe comes to meet our step.

Totally awesome!

Open 🙏


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My heart is filled with gratitude for the sweet feedback, thank you Andy and Open. 

I understand, this is how we create the feedback loops with the universe, by puting any creation or expression out there. Then we can find a guidance within reflections of what the next step might be.

I see the life in many fabulous colours. And it feels that the soul is shining all those vibrant colours back into this world, through such expression. This way we amplify and channel the energy of our soul, don't we?

I feel the gratefulness for being able to receive and to give back. And so, "tsingy, tsingy" as Miha is writing in sharings from his journey 😉.

With gratitude and love 🙏




Thank you Asya. Your post reminds me of a murmuration of starlings. The individuals seemingly fuse to form a great swarm that moves gracefully and fluidly about the sky, coordinated by an invisible force. The phrase that further comes to mind is, 'the return to unity consciousness is surrender'. In clinging to my illusions, I keep myself in separation, so why not just totally let go? I ask myself that question. Yes, the barrier is fear. Am I willing to fully lose my Identity and reunite fully with source? I can certainly see the wood for the trees. I wonder sometimes if I am just enjoying the ride, sitting on the cusp of approaching the full kundalini flip to ascension. After all, the experience is the point is it not? But there is nothing more delicious than just being. All tension and inner conflict dissolves into an elemental passion of the moment. That eternal golden lake is so beautifully still. When I cast my stone, I watch the ripples with wonder. But now I crave the stillness again.



In the heat of a midsummer dream

To honour coming day of Solstice

Lady Night was praying to Skies

For quenching the thirst

Of the ground

Cracked from the drought.

The natural innate desire of the soul

To break free from the grip

Of a fake reality

Woven of many non-owned thoughts

Was inviting to step away

From the concrete walls.

Few more steps up and

The unquestionable knowing

Leads along the narrow path

Through the hill field

After the rainy night

Covered with myriad

Of silver-shining droplets

Hanging from the bentgrass.


My steps are slowing down,

The breathing intensifies...

Here, in the field lit by the modest sunshine

Of the solstice morning

I enter different world.

In timelessness

With a sigh coming from depths of the heart

The soul expresses contentment.

Mother Gaia opens her heart

Of unconditionally loving Beingness and

Exposes her secrets of fragile,

Enchantingly shining crystal beads,

As well as the secret of our

Innate essence.

By leaning closer to the ground

I immerse in the realm of shining tiny crystals


And the soul intimately connects

To the Sacred Ground of Being –

The place where she came from

Into this complex world.

“How to be?” –

The question arises again and again

On a never-ending journey of the soul

Which is trying to break free

Through the layers of density.

“Remain still”.

Like the wisdom remains still

In those reflecting morning sunlight

Countless tiny crystals

Sprinkled over this enchanting field

By the breaking Dawn.


From my loving heart ❤️



While we are talking here on the web about The Human Merkabah: How Reality Creates in Spiral Dynamics I felt to say that to me in the process of this creation the expression plays an important role. I could find a myriad ways to express self but why it is so important to me? I believe that the expression helps me greatly not only to release the densities but also to infuse the higher dimensional energies through the lower vehicles, it helps to embody and integrate the next version of the beingness - only few examples.

To accompany that here is my expression in one of my favourite ways – through the photography (or video). I could say so much only through the photos which I love taking wherever I go with my camera…


This pigeon in a metaphorical expression might represent me currently sitting high on a big tree and watching from the above (if you see the eyes of the bird Slightly Smiling) the old financial systems coming close to the unravelling end and me waiting till I need to spread the wings and fly onto another tree – financial systems based on the crypto currencies, probably. 

Talking about the crypto – it is landing for me now that I wouldn’t be much interested in putting the funds there just for the sake of becoming “richer” (to earn from it), but rather for the sake of expression… I see it as a way of expression – at least the sovereignty of the soul and the freedom.

As I currently put my enquiry on some crypto decisions it looks that a while ago I was showing signs of synchronicity to myself… funnily, in another way of expression – body movement.


I am not able to explain how this photo from my (not so old) archives just came to my vision and my consciousness all of a sudden linked it with the certain coin… I feel receiving an answer (at least for now) to my recent contemplation on how to be in these convolutions of the global financial systems.

The best experience that my soul can find is when living the adventure. I remind it to myself again and again.

So lovely Openhanders, how any expression is helping you on your path of Ascension?

With love ❤️🙏



Hey Openhanders,

I know that most of us in this community are doing a great consciousness work within selves and in the shift which is never ending journey and at times might become very tiring and even exhausting. While we are progressing on our unique paths my feeling is that we also have to remember to lift our heads sometimes to inhale some fresh air so we are able to move further on our path by taking some inspiration and looking for upliftment for the soul.

The internal and very metaphorical question that came to me "how often we rise above the clouds?" turned into the very short uplifting video which I feel to share with you all. My beingness is inviting to live an inspired life and sending warmest wishes from my heart to everyone's heart.

With all my love



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A small story how this footage was born... It became obvious now that every travel, particularly by flights, is creating a great challenges to my body. I didn't have them before plandemic, so it's clear that things have changed and for those who are living in a clearer environment which we create for ourselves by, for example, eating healthy clean food, consciously choosing good quality self care and home care products, the outer environment, particularly in the public places such as airports and closed space in planes, became to some level hazardous. And so, as I was travelling to my home country to see the family first time since the lockdowns the next day upon arrival my throat "expressed the protest" against travels in the same way as it happened by travelling to La Palma just few weeks before that. I am talking about the similar things that Open was sharing in his articles too...

But very synchronistically on the same flight I was blessed to have that breath taking view of the fluffy clouds and, even more, have manifested the clean window (which is very rare Slightly Smiling ) to be able to film this beauty. And that was my sense of the meaning - no matter what and how any thing in this world is trying to damp you down always keep your consciousness above the clouds...

Well wishes to everyone



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Hi Asya,  I stopped flying a long time ago, before the plandemonium.  TSA agents were rude and hateful and rough with body searches.  A friend flies to OR. twice a year, and the last few times he's become very ill and it lasted a week or more.  He's never got any jabs so it made me question if something is being deliberatally circulated in the recycled air on the airplanes, or just a lot of jabbed people bringing germs onboard that their immune systems can no longer fight off due to the jabs.  Another reason for my choice to not go anywhere unless by car.

Your cloud video is a nice timely reminder to keep reaching for higher levels of consciousness.  Thank you for sharing  HeartPraying Emoji

Sherri The Sun Emoji

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Thank you, Sherri, for your insightful reflections. As you say: made me question if something is being deliberatally circulated in the recycled air on the airplanes, or just a lot of jabbed people bringing germs onboard that their immune systems can no longer fight off due to the jabs.

My own sense is that both factors you mentioned are involved in this dynamic and (I can talk only about my case) causing the immune system to fight hardly against it. I witnessed with my own eyes them spraying the lockers right above the passengers' heads and some weird steam coming out from the "pockets" of lights at the above panels inside the airplane.

With all my compassion and understanding that everyone is making their own way to live I just want to express mine... Initially my reaction was similar to yours - well, "bye bye" travels or significantly reduce only to necessary flights. But then I raise my personal inquiry - whether should I shrink back into my shell and sit on the sofa being afraid of getting out of my home / town / country and stop myself from living in the 3D world while my soul is still using this physical vehicle OR dedicate myself to more consciousness work of infusing the lower vehicles with the higher dimensional light and so improve the resilience and adaptability to this harsh 3D environment while keeping my consciousness high above the density? It's all about that. And my soul feels to continue progressing on the latter... Hence the recent article by Open: 5D Shift: Embodying the Higher Self to Form the Merkabah

I know it is easy to talk about it when one has stepped over the fear of the physical body getting sick or ill, I don't feel the fear of that. From my personal point of view - all this life in this physical body is about the moment of, what people call, death. Yes, I am saying that the purpose of living is passing on after all and breaking the patterns of constant re-incarnation. Certainly, there is much more to that, not so simple, but to me it is a great importance of how the soul will leave - again involuted with fear or finally liberated. 

With all my love Praying Emoji❤️



Dear Asya ,

After spending an entire night in (snotty  and very karmic ) processing ,this message is exactly what my beleagured soul needed to hear and see. Thank you so much ! 


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Dear Megha,

Souls like you who are doing this massive energy work and courageously "rowing" through entangled layers of karmic densities deserve much more than mere respect and honour.

I believe it is quite practical for everyone to have a "tool" that serves us as a reminder of who and how we really are in those moments when it seems that the processing cannot be more difficult and complicated. I guess this might be one of the purposes calling my soul to create such films...

Thankyou for expressing that!

With love ❤️



The last day on the La Palma retreat I received a clear vision of my new film - it wanted to be dedicated to Star Souls who are doing the tremendous energy work that actually nobody sees in this world and nobody even knows. I say nobody keeping in mind masses. But we know...

This film had to go comparably long way from the first intuitive spark to making it available publicly. When this acknowledgment of the path first landed through me in a form of words I didn't have an idea that it will turn into the film. But the universe was orchestrating things in the way that the message should be delivered through the visuals and expressed vocally, it didn't want to have this only written in a plain text and hidden somewhere in a drawer. It sent me wonderful kindred souls - real Star Souls - to colourise the film. Warm big thankyou 🙏

Now it is here for you to receive.

With all my love ❤✨️



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It's a stunning film Asya - a great piece of work - very well done and thanks so much for inspiring all by sharing it here.

Along my journey I've found at key times where someone can meet you where you are, in your pain and challenge, that's all the resolution that's necessary. The journey is felt, honoured, and now we can move on. That's how the film speaks to me.

Profound thanks

Open 💎

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Thankyou Pam and Open for your deeply felt feedback. That's what these films supposed to do - reach people's hearts and speak into souls. 

Knowing all the way how it came to this point of creating these small and very simple videos I can tell to everyone - when the next time by doing something from the calling of soul you will hit the feeling of pointlessness or willingness to give up acknowledge these feelings, accept them but keep doing what you was doing, keep going forwards even if there is no point. That's how I felt many times and still feeling. That's my journey of self realisation, slowly and with lots of patience, but these films are what my soul feels wanting to do (at least at this time now). All wonderful souls in this community are my inspiration.

With love ❤️


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Dear Sherri,

Your lovely words, as always, feel like a song to my soul. I love reading on this website your expression of experiences - they contain some lightness and sense of fun even though the living for you not always seem to be easy, Sunny girl.

Thankyou for your feedback, very encouraging to continue doing what my soul is passionate about.

Much love ❤️


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I truly do get something from those videos you make.  My soul gets fed when you post them and I see them.  I'm glad you enjoy the posts I share on here.  I've been thinking of sharing some more, just not come up with how I want to say it all yet, but it will come when the time's right,

I got so much from the last Thrive in 5D zoom event and have been settling into a lot of that.  Yes, life's not been easy and I'm finally making some headway with things.  

Much love to you, Praying EmojiHeart

Sherri The Sun Emoji


I woke up this morning with the inner calling to write the letter to the Soul, to my own soul. It was clearly some part of me wanting to say something to the soul... But the question arouse in the middle of the process - who is then writing if the letter is addressed to my soul? Is this an ego? I was reading again and again that letter till I understood that it's time for me as a soul to acknowledge herself... It may sound weird, but I appreciate this letter as a creative expression and felt to share it with the community.


Dear Star Soul,

You were created of the star dust in dreams of the One. You've had travelled the long way through the eons of cosmic lives and battles, through the experiences of winning and losing. Many times you have been beaten, wounded and almost destroyed. You were rising times again and again from the dust of battles and sharpening your sword with Faith, Truth, Unconditional Love and Compassion. Through tiredness and hardship you've gained your inner strength, you've got to know your inner light - your source of power - so well.

Over the time of your existence you’ve been very well trained and prepared for the particular mission that you've volunteered to take on. Now you are here on this planet, conditioned on arrival to forget all you knew before. You have already seen many lives in this place to understand twists and turns of the ongoing machinations. You've gone a good deal through this school of survival in a densest environment.

You see... there is no way for the soul to forget her own frequencies. Deep at the core of you you carry that knowing of who you really are. You carry the naturally imprinted memory of how to use your sword of light - your radiating soul frequencies. So, today I honour you, the Shining One.

With deep love from Asya ❤🙏

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Asya, reading that letter to your soul felt as if it was speaking to my soul.   It's so beautiful and uplifting and reminds me we're all One in this.  Thank you for sharing, it really touched me deeply to remember things I've forgotten during this tough journey on Earth.  Your inspiration inspired me.

Much love, Heart



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This is another deeply moving sharing Asya 👌

I'm sure many can resonate with it.

And whose writing? If not the separated ego, then it would most likely be the Ray 3 of the soul itself - that which commentates on experience.

Tremendous - thanks for the share.

Open 🙏


As I said elsewhere Asya, I found this video compelling and hypnotic in a soft, soothing way. I think you have combined the elements of music, narrative and sweeping film very sensitivity to produce a dreamy, artistic effect. I felt expanded and inspired by watching it and you movement, as always, is a joy to see. If you carry on like this, who knows what amazing heights you will achieve. I've been drawn to reengage with the forest lately and this has inspired me to do so.

Thank you.

Andy Praying Emoji


I had a strong feeling lately that the Universe is wanting me to finally finish my biggest so far filmed project - the inspirational video which I was working on since the Summer, at least. I got the inspiration from the nature to create the short film (one of many :) ) about how do I feel to nurture the soul but it took a long while to figure it out how could I show to others what I feel when walking in the forest, for example. Not sure though if succeeded in that but here it is - happy to share with community my "newborn" Slightly Smiling

What happens if we take to the forest only ourselves? Alone...

What if we fully immerse in the surrounding greenness?

Imagine the forest like a huge bath and dive into it for a different exploration.

Taking time to reconnect with the nature, with our body, our senses, feelings and emotions.

Not simply walking through the woods or hiking, but engaging our five senses at each moment of experience.

Sight: Fully engaging in what we see, to the very finest detail

Smell: Focusing on breathing, slowly inhaling fresh air. Can you smell not only the flower but the moss, for example, or the bark of a tree?

Touch: walking bare feet, slowly stepping on the green bed of moss or the thick layer of pine needles, touching with hands as much as possible

Taste: taking some natural herbal tea with us and enjoying the taste of it in the environment where it, possibly, came from

Hear: the forest is never quiet, always full of sounds. Staying silent, not being engaged in talking to someone, but focused on what the forest is speaking to us. Can you hear the whisper of the wind, the crackle of trees?

How it may feel to be a bird or an animal?

To inspire more activities and how to spend time with selves in the nature I included in the film some body movement expressions to animate the impression of the possible emotional release.

To my personal view (and experience) the "forest bathing" is one of the most efficient ways to get the upliftment in this dense world full of conditioning, reasoning, distortions, control and so on. To me the forest (all the nature, but the forest particularly) is the place where I can relax the mind, release the emotions and connect to the higher dimensions at easiest.

I wish you enjoy watching Praying Emoji

With all my love


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This is absolutely inspirational Asya. Beautiful and breaktaking. What a thing to watch in the early morning! The video paused at exactly 1:11 when you said come! I think the forest must be calling for me! I will watch for that sychronicity. 

I liked the slow pace of the video, the quiet music in the background, your soothing voice, the picturesque forest. It came together to create a beautiful feeling. 

Vimal 🙏

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That's wonderful synchronicity,  Vimal. I checked the video to realise that really on the 1:11 minute it says "come". Even more interesting that your comment came to my email box at exactly 1:11am UK time! And I see the time of your comment posted here at 1:11 too. The universe is trying to say something to me too.

I love watching your videos too, most of all where you play or incorporate your music. I like words of your songs, they are powerfull. Also how you present self in the surroundings of the nature. Your expression is very clear and brings important messages to us. 

Thank for sharing this 🙏

🌺 Asya

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That's beautiful Asya. That synchronicity and the video inspired me to go out which resulted in a wonderful experience. That's the power of soul expressions! 

Thank you for your kind words. That's beautiful reflections for my soul. 

Vimal 🙏

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This is an extraordinary composition Asya - what a marvellous piece of work.
The visuals are stunning, you've captured tremendous footage with inspirational light infusions.
But then the way you wove it together with the music and soft vocals was a tonic for the soul - a full immersion experience.

All I can say is, keep creating!

Open 🦋🙏

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Hi Asya, t's almost like hearing the trees speaking through you, very inviting...

I realy enjoy the narrative and the softness of your vocal expression. For me, the most inspiring is the feeling sense of your connection to the forest and how the video is flowing through it all, with ease. To me it feels like a gentle movement of your centred expression. OK Hand Sign

I wish to take some of this sensitivity with me as I am bathing in "the woods".  Thank you so much for sharing, it touched something deeper within mePraying Emoji


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Thank you for sharing this beautiful, inspirational video Asya. It took me back to the ancient wood I used to walk in most days before I moved and which I miss very much - I could almost smell it! With the beautiful photography and simple but profoundly inspirational words it really did feel like I was walking in the woods myself and left me feeling peaceful and uplifted. I think you captured it beautifully. You have such a wonderful gift be be able to  share your joy and upliftment in nature in this wayPraying Emoji


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We have most beautiful souls here in the Openhand community - what we gathered here for is to support and inspire each other.

Vimal, Open, Miha and Pam many thankyous for your lovely feedback - it only encourages and gives more inspiration to move forward on the path of creation and expression of the soul frequencies. My greatest joy is when people find some resonance or something new to add to their living routines from what's been shared in my videos. It doesn't cost money but it brings a great value in return, in a form of energy. This is priceless!

Wishing to all Openhanders have powerful breakthroughs and find a source of upliftment within selves and in reflections from others.

With loving heart ❤️ 



I feel to share with the community my new intuitively created video for 10 min meditation which came out without any intention, on its own, if I may say so....

I went to the forest for calming relaxation and meditation, have no idea how the main part of this video was filmed as I was in quite a meditative state, just intuitively holding the camera and letting it travel through greenness.

To me it feels very calming the mind and healing, this is what effect the short-wave green colour really has. I myself am using this meditation for purification of the mind and preparation to enter deeper layers, to me it works very well as a "starter" before having the "main course" - more advanced meditations from Openhand. Or I can simply watch it when going to bed before sleep.

I hope you enjoy it watching with the relaxed eyesight and letting go of judgment from the mind of what seeing.

With all my love 



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Thank you  for the reminder to allow the green to calm and clear the mind and the visual pathways.  Here in Sedona we are red rocks, bright sunshine and blue sky, with the evergreens.  It is so refreshing, literally, to see the delicate, moist, tender greens.  We are having a wonderfully powerful wet monsoon season, with crashing thunderstorms moving through each afternoon.  I live below Thunder Mountain, which is accurately named, as it echos the crashing thunder bursts.  As a result of so much moisture, little green sprouts are popping up everywhere from the seeds that lie dormant during the dry seasons.  

Sometimes I crave the lower light of the dappled forest and the moist green shadows.  In your video I could almost smell the freshness!  

Thank you for the beauty and refreshment!

Much love, 


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Oh Asya, that was so beautiful. It really blessed me, Thankyou for sharing.

At 9.22 it was like I saw a formless light being amongst the greenery.

The music was well woven together too.

Just magic! 

Much Love 

Erin 💚⚘


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Thank you, Meredith and Erin, for the lovely feedback! 

When creating this I was holding in my heart those who may not have easy access to the fresh moist green nature's environment. That's wonderful Meredith that you picked up.

Well spotted Erin the light being... It was the place where the inner guidance brought me to meditate and it felt exactly as you say. There is another footage from there reflecting the amazing energy coming through and it felt as a particular connection guiding to create this meditation video. Your ability to tune in is impressive.

Sending love from the depths of my heart