Gaia's Soul Contract with the Matrix Now Complete

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I've always maintained that when the full history of the intervention on Earth comes to light, it will reveal that Gaia too drew the matrix to her as a part of a soul contract to fulfill, just as all of us manifest in order to process karma. For her, it's been about not being able to contain dissonant density without exploding - she's gone through five mass extinctions here. But now, with a key intervention unravelling, I believe that soul contract is complete. What might we now expect in the Shift?

Making Sophisticated Civilisation Possible

As I explained in the Book DIVINICUS, there was a point where the intervention here was at its height, that Gaia revealed empathically to me that she had in fact drawn the intervention to manifest a key protagonist in the karmic healing dynamic she needed to undergo. She made it clear what karma she was referring to...

She'd previously tried to incarnate in a protoplanet at the formation of our solar system, but as a young planetary soul, could not hold the intense gravitational forces that converge together. Just as many star souls struggle with the 3D and go out of body, so did she. But in this case, she exploded the protoplanet, thus creating the asteroid belt we now see between Mars and Jupiter. It is this karma she brought to Earth.

Gaia made it aware to me that she needed something to slow her energy down, to contain it, to suppress her exuberant kundalini, so that she could hold the reality construct of Earth together. As unpalatable as it may sound, it was she who drew the Ancient Alien Architects of the Matrix - the Annunaki. She needed an intervention that would constrain her energetic morphic fields and so make more sophisticated civilisation here sustainable. The Annunaki, with aeons of sophisticated engineering prowess throughout the cosmos, were the perfect protagonists.

If I am accurate in saying that the karmic contract Gaia took on is now complete, then we can expect the sense of a tremendous emergence of consciousness coming through us that we can each ride in our lives most positively. I do believe unravelling time will reveal this.


Clearly, the Intervention she drew as that balancing force has gone into overdrive and gotten completely out of hand with the massive exploitation of life here and gross manipulation of consciousness. I'm not just talking about humanity, but also the industrial food chain, where 65 billion grazing creatures are contained, often in inhumane circumstances, and then butchered every year. It clearly represents systemic cruelty on a global scale (for well researched evidence, watch the impactful Earthlings Documentary).

It's been the Annunaki from Sirius that have presided over the matrix here, functioning from the 4th Density, and their control has been almost total. We have, for example, recently exposed how the moon has been artificially misappropriated so as to control humanity through the 4D morphic fields (explore: the impact of the Moon on all planetary life). But now a fundamental key has been applied in unravelling the matrix here: two dissonant factions of the Annunaki have been brought together and harmonised - reunited.

I believe in due course, this will become regarded as the fundamental key that unlocks the door of the unravelling of the matrix - of its reverse engineering. One group of the Annunaki, the Anu under their leader Enki, had been healed, leading up to galactic alignment in 2012. It left the other wayward leader, Enlil, whose merciless manipulation of the matrix has since gone into overdrive with high-tech and AI. But now these two groups have been reunited, healed as a species, and have committed to realignment.

Explore: Why Healing the Annunaki Rift is so Pivotal for the Planetary Shift

This is a massive development, because it was their consciousness that has held the fabric of the matrix together. Now we already witness its coherency diminishing. It's unleashed an important unravelling dynamic: in short, it has set Gaia free from the soul contract she had with them. I do believe in time, history will reflect this pivotal moment in the Shift.

What will happen from here?

An Acceleration in Gaia's Kundalini

I believe we'll witness an acceleration in Gaia's Kundalini and the restoration of her Toroidal Flower of Life - the Torus. But if anyone should imagine that's going to be a cosy restoring ride in the 3D, think again. The matrix has applied systemic suffering on a global scale, it won't be pretty as that unwinds. This is where the awakening movement is so essential - that we hold a steady centred and anchored consciousness so as to bring many more people awake and aligned (explore Facilitation in the Great Planetary Shift).

The impact on the weather systems is likely to be enormous too, especially as Gaia's magnetic shield is rapidly lowering now in her ongoing Pole Shift. This will allow in much more solar and cosmic energy that will impact the jetstreams. That's not to mention the triggering of the volcanoes.

Yes, it will be exhuberant energetically and immensely liberating. You'll feel a massive expansion of consciousness if you go with the realigning shift energies. It won't be easy though, you'll have to keep doing the inner work of soul integration and multidimensional expression to ride the changes. That's absolutely doable - we were each seeded here for this. But we do have to be aware of the real news of what's going on - particularly through the 4D energy field. That has to inform us now so we can equalise with this unravelling karmic shift - so we can normalise in it.

Take a look around you in society, with people grasping at straws to maintain some degree of "normal" 3D existence. Have pity yes, but also see the inverse mirror of what you are not. The time of our liberation is upon us. What sense is there by aligning or informing yourself by the Old Paradigm? A new possibility exists, where each day we can unravel the next thread, the next layer, of limitation. What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world, the master sees as a butterfly!

Gaia's Contract with the Intervention Now Complete

Right now, I'm making this bold statement: Gaia's contract with the intervention is complete.

That's what I believe to be true and feel given to share. It's likely to have a strong unravelling impact on all planetary life, which will feel liberating to the degree we each allow our lives to be informed by the real underlying movement of energy.

Where society is awash with disinformation and derailment, which must turn our attention more fully to the inner work so we may harness the infusing cosmic energies of the Shift and create our reality from there. That's sure to be the most viable way to bridge this tumultuous transformation to life into 5D. An enormous opportunity now exists: to unfurl into the beings of light we were always meant to become.

If you're intrigued by that enlightening possibility, then explore the evolutionary work of Openhand through our multi-level Ascension Portal:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright Blessings

Open 💎

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This reads as if my own soul had written it. I have explosions of consciousness. I am truly in the company of The Masters and I am on the drivers seat of my life energy from moment to infintisml moment... what a rush


Always good to hear about your updates on unfolding consciousness because it seems to parallel my own journey with the Guardians of the 7 Sacred Directions. Thanks for your indirect support.

Many Blessings!


This morning I opened YTB to watch the new Openhand video Catalysis & Change in 5D Shift when this stunning song came which to me is the synchronistic confirmation that Gaia's contract with the intervention is really complete. This song dropped me into deep feelings while listening to it and the visuals are only strengthening the feelings. While traveling very recently I felt reconnected with Gaia once again and the natures forces never felt to me so real. But at the same time I also felt connected to the higher dimensional benevolent beings so closely, so deeply that I couldn't hold back my tears...

"I see the forces for what they truly are..." 

From my truly loving heart ❤️


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Wow, you're right, what a powerful song and video - I was captivated by it.

To me it speaks of the annihilation of identity - in this case, Gaia's. Stripping off the layers of inertia due to fear and attachment to the surface reality. But it can also speak into the necessary breakdown of identity for all.

The freedom and deep peace comes when we dare to let go and unravel into the Void.


Open 💎


.As unpalatable as it may sound, it was she who drew the Ancient Alien Architects of the Matrix - the Annunaki. She needed an intervention that would constrain her energetic morphic fields and so make more sophisticated civilisation here sustainable

Dear Open,

I had an interesting vision during the last day of the meditation  of Avalon rising- In my vision I saw this beautiful benevolent feminine energy come to Gaia, it appeared like that this compassionate, loving energy was responding to a cry for help, a distress call from Gaia. In my vision, I see this energy coming through dimensions but as soon as this energy's  feet touched the earth, there was deception. I could see walls of rocks and  boulders rise from the earth and surround her feet and legs. I literally see boulders rising from Gaia, first covering her feet, then her legs like a wall that rose around her, turning her into stone. Later on I see that this energy was trapped in several idols and statues (Murti's) all over what is now India.  Three weeks ago working with one of the openhand facilitators, I had unearthed ( the pun in the word-unearthed is not lost to me )  an energy within me that was trapped in a Goddess Murti, so much so that she could not even move her hands, her biggest challenge was that she could not even speak. She was worshipped by people with floral garlands, given food and prasad, and her job was to fulfil their desires, which is still very prevalent in India and elsewhere, where people go to worship and ask their wishes to be fulfilled. She was bound by some mantras or occult practices in a way that she could connect to the higher realms to bring energy for the fulfilment of the wishes of the worshippers, but never for her own self or for her own liberation. What came forward during the meditation in the retreat was that was Gaia somehow involved in this duplicity, was in cahoots, was an active participant?? That could explain why in this lifetime, I have never felt comfortable grounding ( I have tried on numerous occasions) or even opening to Gaia's love. Now a big question is arising- Can this be true for a lot of star seeds who came to this reality answering Gaia's call for help ?  were they beguiled and trapped? This was a betrayal on a very large scale or am I reading this vision incorrectly ?

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I've come across this dynamic before Ruchi - also where the Goddess energy is used to "deceive", such as Isis for example, where the Goddes is applied to suck followers into a control system. I think though, the problem where we perceive deception, is that it risks building identity - "so and so is doing this to me". Mostly I don't think this is the case. What you're seeing is both the shadow and the aligned aspects, with different pulls. Yet we need the animation of the shadow so as to manifest our own karma. So each is drawn both by the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance.

Open 💎


Hi Open,

when you say

She'd previously tried to incarnate in a protoplanet at the formation of our solar system, but as a young planetary soul, could not hold the intense gravitational forces that converge together. Just as many star souls struggle with the 3D and go out of body, so did she. But in this case, she exploded the protoplanet, thus creating the asteroid belt we now see between Mars and Jupiter. It is this karma she brought to Earth.

It's not the first time I can feel this so much in my heart, much sadness and grief are expressed - about not being able to get it right, not being good enough, some slight attachment to the outcome.

I feel to remind myself that everything is alright and nothing is wrong. She provided the perfect stage for so many souls to have their very own karmic experience, what a gift for the Universe! 🌸 And now it feels right to let go ... 💛 and step ahead courageously into the new.

Much love,

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I have an 'Old Nick' character in my field, manifesting as a blind old man. Issues in agriculture management, hunting, shooting, and the relevance of ecology as a subject are coming up in the 3D. I thought this Old Nick had left this morning. Especially when I gazed out over the rose beds and saw the Green Man in the trees. But alas, he is still here. This afternoon I will go out and give offerings and make ceremony for pristine Green. My feeling is that it is playing out as an opportunity to develop some remote healing techniques, maybe the industrial farming and country sports operating in this area, or beyond. Holding the pain of Gaia inside, so intense my heart is thumping in my chest, eyes burning holding back tears. Beautiful day.


31/07/2023 Shift Update

I do believe we've reached another seminal moment in the Shift - where Gaia's soul contract with the matrix is complete. Why do I say this? Do explore my new article above to gain essential insight. It's so important that we take our information these days from the energy field itself - rather than the confused and confusing disinformation of society.

Gaia's Soul Contract with the Matrix Now Complete

I do believe you're seeing it already in the escalating weather patterns around the world and also the triggering volcanoes. We can espect a restoration of her Toroidal Flower of Life, which I do believe we see reflected by the Star Beings through this magnificent crop circle that appeared in the UK yesterday. For me, it has such sophistication to it...

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You might well have been wondering where all the authentic crop circles have gone to in this season?!

I do believe it was crucial timing for the Annunaki to heal, as I shared in Openhand's recent Facilitator Documentary from Avebury. And so in the Avebury area space was given for that, and the Tall Whites needed to be removed from that location too.

And I did think that once this had been sealed, you'd see messages from the Star Beings appearing in the crop circles once again. I haven't visited this one, but judging by the detail of the design, especially around the edges, it looks very much like it could have been created by ETs. To me it looks like an eye - "we're watching you". What do you see in it?

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Crop circles are open to interpretation and can have multiple meanings.  So some may disagree with what I see, but I got an immediate message about this one.

I see an eye and immediately related it to the masonic symbol, the all seeing eye and the recent documentary, Sound of Freedom.  The Freemasons use the eye to symbolize God is always watching, seeing all of their actions and thoughts.  To me the Star Beings are saying they are aware of what is going on and are working to support the re-alignment of Satanic energies.  


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Hi Open,

As I see this amazing crop circle(one above) my attention was dragged into another one which was created 11 months ago in 2022, my guess is during Ascension summit.When I first saw this (old one) I cried ,a lot of emotions came up and also a connection with the creator groups like I have seen it before. Both of them has almost similar designs depicting the flower of life itself. I'm intrigued to see the language between this two. A connection..I'm sharing the link below.

Right now, I'm processing a lot of emotional blockages. I've been observing myself spinning while meditate which is known to me as working with moon energies and processing out. Unleashing the womb energies. 

Thank you


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Hi Soumya,

It's wonderful that you feel the expressed emotions by looking into the crop circles - the authentic ones are meant to convey a message even if you've not sat in them.

I sat in this one last year and found it very moving - yes, it speaks to me too of the Flower of Life - the reactivation of the Torus. And also I see the Ascension to 5D depicted in it.

Much love and well wishes

Open 💎