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Opposing Consciousness and Psychological Illnesses

So I have a question...

I am wondering what portion of many psychological illnesses are due to psychic attack by opposing consciousness entities?

My husband is medically diagnosed as schizoaffective. This is a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

To me, it "feels" like he may have been "under attack" since he was a small child, even though the symptoms are becoming more severe with time.

Has anyone had experiences that could help shed any light on this?


Hi! I am curious about Openhand's approach with regard to boundaries. I have been operating under a belief that boundaries just enhance the idea of separation. However, this is being shown to me over and over again to be only partially true. It seems to me that though in an absolute sense there is no boundary, in a relative sense perhaps one needs to develop and discern a level of healthy boundaries - on a physical, emotional, mental, energetic level.

Authentic Expresssion

Over the last five years, I have learned how to create space between the thoughts and emotions and the responding words/actions so that I may maintain an inner peace and not be driven by my knee jerk reactions or by those knee jerk reactions of others - to be able to see the patterns and tune into what's going on beneath the surface. However, I find myself growing in the awareness that I have become all too good at choosing words and actions carefully so as to keep me out of conflict.

Technology as a mirror of human consciousness

I am just writing an article for my german magazine that turned out to be relevat for openhand too - so here is a short version:

If we see the outer life as a mirror of consciousness, this holds true for the humanity as a whole as much as it does for each individual.

time, memory and dimensions

It's said there is no time and space on higher dimensions. I often have a hard time conceptualizing how that is like. it seems to me, without time everything would be still, nothing should be happening at all. So, how do things happen without being in time and space?? Also where do our memories come from? it seems it is our ability to remember things that gives us the illusion of living in time. but if time is an illusion, has anything happened at all? and what is history??