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Dreams - what do they mean?

Hi Open - I am wondering about dreams (night-time) I have read so many different theories on dreams and what they mean. Last night I dreamed I was in a holiday place in France with lots of other people. I was with my ex partners family well some of them. His mother was there and so I was saying to someone that I was really happy because I didn't have any family responsibilities as I wasn't the older female in the group. I felt companionship. What I woke wondering is can a dream be a viewing of another life we are living in another place?

Need help Kundalini Syndrome


First of all english is not my native language, I hope I can explain what's happening to me.

I started meditating 5 years ago.It was casually.2 weeks meditaiting then 1 month nothing, then
3 weeks meditating 2 months nothing..etc..etc.Actually it was like; first 4 years passed with learning how to really meditate.

about "softening"

Hello I would like to ask about the method of "softening" . In a recent event with my wee grandson I lost it. He punched his friend, stuck his finger up at me and shut the door in my face. I reacted pretty harshly grabbed him made him sit on a chair and shouted at him. As soon as my reaction died away I felt ashamed and guilty. What I wonder is when trying to understand/soften which emotion do I focus on? the anger at his defiance, my guilt/shame? I don't seem able to connect with any of these emotions/feelings now.

Mirrors? (understanding mirrors to the soul)

Hello - am not sure I really understand about mirrors. For example I am unsure about my relationship with my partner wether to continue or not. I was advised by Jane to ask "what is this relationship mirroring to me" and to soften etc. to ask how is this feeling in my body (all the noise) Howeverr I don't really understand how I relate the mirroring to me :) The morning I asked about this and said "show me" within minutes workmen were in next door hammering, drilling generally creating a lot of noise.

Telepathic help

I need help, Im sorry guys I don't know where to go to ask for help regarding telepathy but here. I have researched it nearly to the brink of exhaustion and welp.. My question is how does one politely, gently and calmly ask another soul that's trying to connect with you to just.. go take 5 or something, because I cannot be available to help or converse 24/7!
Do you have a shielding technique, such as empaths learn or do you breath or ?! I pray nobody out there is or has freaked the F out like I have LOL!

Trusting or..?

I have a question regarding seeking medical attention. I have for example a mole on my back that according to medical criteria looks 'suspicious', so I'm thinking of contacting a dermatologist. But, as I'm feeling healthy and it seems like there's no need to panic, this decision is fear-based. So when do you just trust the flow of things or listen to this restlessness? I know it stems from the need to be in control, but as our emotions are not totally useless, when do you just let go or take action in these kind of situations? Hope my question makes sense! Love, Hannah

Do dreams have meanings or messages?

I recently had strange dreams in one morning. It was startling. I had many before but never knew what they meant.
In the first dream I dreamed that I was walking on a farm. The atmosphere was dark during the day. I don't know what the farm really looked like but it felt like everything was just wrong. As I walked along this farm I collapsed in tears and asked why is the world doing this it's all so uneccesary.

Seeming Contradiction Between Embracing Discipline vs Being Fearlessly Open

I have a question regarding a confusion I have when it comes to using discipline to work towards a higher vibrational level, versus being fearless and wanting to act without fear. Let me cite an example of what I mean.

The Sticky Morass of an Overthinking Mind (help!)

I would like to ask for help (clarification?) when it comes to dealing with internal tightness. Open, you do a beautiful job of explaining exactly how to work with tightness in quite a few different venues (e.g., here, here and here, to name some of the more recent spots):

Mediation sensations.

Just wondering of something,...

When I meditate if it does deeper, sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled upwards. My spine gets physically stretched out, maybe even a few cms.

It used to happen a year ago, but has only started again now.
If I allowed it, it would sometime adjust my body. A couple of times when I allowed it moved my hands from a prayer position to another one.

The other night when meditating at the beach I felt a heavy energy descending and then this same feeling of being pulled upwards started. It's happened again last night.

How to let go of perfectionism and self-blame?

I have been struggling with this and would love to learn to break free from this way of thinking:

"If only I hadn´t done that" or "I should have chosen diffrently and this situation would have developed much more favorably" or "It is my fault that people involved feel distressed - they are reflecting something to me."...