How Does Money Work in 5D?

I haven't seen much talk about money in the 5D. If many are feeling like me, working hard and hustling for money does not work anymore yet sitting in nature an being hasn't exactly filled my bank account. So what does one do when one still needs a form of income?

I've learned to live simple and minimally over the years but wealth and abundance would be a tool to do more good in the world.

I'm looking at passive income because that's the only thing that makes sense. Me doing efforting is just a turn off.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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I have thought about money quite a bit in a 5D reality and the best answer I have been able to come up with is that it does not exist.  In a life of abundance where everything is plentiful and we can manifest  our needs and wants why would we need money?  Money is used to achieve our needs and wants in the moment and the balance is hoarded for future needs and wants.  We will be living in a reality of One and all the money in circulation will belong to the One, therefore, money will not be needed.  It will become obsolete.

Money will be critical to get to 5D but it should be shared among everyone so everyone can survive the journey.  Love your neighbor and God speed.

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Hi Gary - yes, totally with you on that one - we won't be needing money in 5D.

The concept that you chase to acquire a resource is putting the cart before the horse.

In 5D - there is unbounded expression of being - and as you step into the expression, the field ("money") weaves around you. It's like falling off a log - totally effortless and natural.

Humanity has been ensnared in a trap - the mind is confitioned into believing we need to acquire money in order to thrive - and so this is what humanity keeps recreating - until he let's go and simply jumps off the money go round!

Bring it on.

Open 🙏


Hi Artonawt,

Welcome to Openhand Slightly Smiling

There's quite a pattern that leaps out from what you're sharing. It would seem there's a fair personal investment in your identity and sense of worth based on the responses of others or connections to others, or else how the extrernal shapes and moves - an investment and identification with that.

Hence the Universe is reflecting sense of lack (and possibly worthlessness) due to the shadow ego.

In this approach, the essential thing is to get to know yourself beyond these external factors. To find the core of you that is interconnected with source.

Have you done much spiritual work?

I would suggest watching our 5GATEWAYS documentary which you can watch here for free...

I would then advise taking up some of the breathing meditations we practice here. Check out the audio section.

The Ascension meditation would be a good start, again which you can listen to for free...

The next one would be the Breakthrough Breathing meditation which can be downloaded for a small charge...

See how you get on with those first.

I would also advise reading through some of the articles here on the website on general spirituality...

Feel free to inquire further

Best wishes

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Hello all, 

I'm new to this forum, trying to find answers to my completely halted life. 

I do feel like I have a poverty consciousness but it is much better than what my parents have. They're so well off still they cannot spend a penny on something that is useful. I mean they were spending their days in 45° hot weather without a cooler or an AC. And scolded me when I asked to buy one. 

I have been feeling like a guest in my house since my childhood. I always felt like my parents are doing a big favor to me by taking care of me and I have to pay it all back. They are rich but even then I used to wear old clothes and spend minimum. My friends didn't know I'm rich until I told them. I got married against their wishes (husband is not rich)and they broke all ties to me. I feel so bad about it because I always thought about them my whole life and now I got nothing in return. Not even respect. They moulded me according to them now I cannot even function in the society.

I'm unemployed since 2 years. I am a post graduate dentist and a highly talented person still cannot land a job. I have struggled so much but got zero response so I stopped doing it. I learned other therapies in order to earn a living but even then nothing is working out. My husband also lost his job because of the drama my parents did. Now both of us live in a cocoon. We cannot face anyone. We have applied for immigrating to another country but we've been waiting for 8 months now without any news. Other people get theirs in 6 months. Don't know why they chose our file to ignore. 

Whenever someone offers help I feel so indebted to them. Like everybody is doing me favors but I'm not able to return them. Life seems like an endless debt. 

When I go to someone for any kind of help, be it spiritual, astrological, psychic etc, they rip me off. People are sitting to scavenge money off your problems. This is so horrible. 

I don't know what to do anymore. All those energy therapies are also not helping. 

Tired of sitting in a cocoon. 


Wow, thanks you guys!

 I feel so much support from you, I’m really softening inside. It just can’t go ‘wrong’ when so many synchronicities like this happen, and when there is so much benevolence finding multiple ways to push its way through to us.

Paul, thanks for sharing your synchronicities and making me laugh. 


Aphroheidi, thank you for sharing your story and especially your writing. A metamorphosis of reality indeed. I will use my tools and remember how to fly. 


Open, thank you for helping me understand what’s happening. As I go into performance tomorrow, I feel quite confident everything will be just fine. In fact, I feel excited at the opportunity of a deeper exploration. If the ‘Me’ we talked about is not really me, but just a shadow identity, I have no problems releasing it and settling into my new experience of ‘observing’ consciousness. It simplifies things a lot. It also dawned on me, that if the ‘Observer’ doesn’t care at all about the outcome of the performance, then the Observer also has absolutely no interest in ‘ruining’ the show or causing  any other kind of ‘trouble’, for me or anybody else involved. So, I rest assured there is no conflict between my soul’s emergence and me doing my job. As you said, there is clearly a karmic issue here, and I will of course have to deal with that as it comes up, but again it doesn’t have to interfere with me doing my job, unless there is a deeper reason for it. 

Change in perception 

A great big hug to all of you ❤️.

I’ll let you know how it goes.






All of your postings have provided me with a deeply mind blowing epiphany regarding one of my life experiences that has had me baffled for some time now.  When a recent return of cancer took over my life, again, I meditated upon what I could do to fill my soul just in case this was my last chance.  I wanted to do something that I loved that I had not done in a long time and decided to audition for a play.  I used to be very good at acting and even found myself the subject of my State's front page of the newspaper.  I used to have confidence in my skills and I LOVED doing it so much!  In the audition, however, I completely froze up and became a robot, merely "reading" the script...even then, I usually enjoyed reading, the words became a whisper and I am not even sure if they were coming out.  A tightness filled my complete being and I felt like the blood had drained from my body. I could not understand what was happening and I sat down, after it was (thankfully) over, and just stared into space.  For some reason, either taking pity on me or recognizing my soul's need...or even they desperately needed the help, lol!, they hired me as their Stage Manager.  I put my whole heart and being into the job.  During the course of being the stage manager, I had the opportunity to play the parts of those whom could not make it to the rehearsals and, in some cases, I brought them to tears with my powerful contributions.  I thought that I had gotten over this paralyzing fear that overtook me during the first audition, I was in remission from the cancer, so I decided to do another audition.  I had the EXACT same response.  This time those in the room were my friends and I STILL could not move or even breathe as the blood left my body again.  When I sat down this time, however, I was now omniscient of the scene and "observing" the experience.  Again, I was asked to be a stage manager.  My ego tried to decide for my higher self that I must just be better at stage managing and that I am not meant to act anymore, even though it fills my soul and, as you said Anastasia, I love "trying on identities".  The act of acting allows me to become something new and exciting while remaining honest and authentic within my self, my being, me.  

Your experiences and synchronicities, especially "I died here today", sparked some DEEEEEP feelings within me and while reading these posts I cried like a baby, wailing even.  Prior to reading this, I had set that all aside.  In experiencing the blossoming awakening phase that I have been going through I thought that my desire to act did not matter any more and could not figure out why I needed to continually set it aside rather than just be at peace with the fact and move on, like I was able to do with almost everything else recently.  I read the advice that Open gave you and decided to sit with it and move through this "death" that had gotten me all bound up.  The word "surrender" would not stop repeating in my mind's eye and it even showed up in letters behind my eyes.  I let myself sob for what seemed like forever.  I am still not sure what it all means, why I needed this, but so far as I can tell it has something to do with the "death" of my old way of being.  With my newly accepted light, perhaps I am meant to pursue acting from a different angle/angel?  I will not know until it is my time to "know" or until it naturally "happens", but I am filled with gratitude for your inspiring the processes to begin.  I sit in loving meditation for your journey as well in hopes that your answers are free flowing and all encompassing and that your light shines brightly through your performances!

I usually free write after meditations, in my journal, and I wrote this last night  (11 hours ago, and prior to my reading your posts)...perhaps it was meant for this journey of surrender?????  I offer it to you in hopes that it shines some light upon you in any way that is of benefit to your journey...



Stepping Through The Shadows

A metamorphosis of reality,

burning a brighter flame than

darkness can ever penetrate

calling loudly in a silent whisper,





Hot coals beneath the feet, a hubris burning.

Not to suffer, but to float.

When the flood was coming,

You said “learn to swim”,

I used my tools and learned to fly.





"This light of mine is not so little."


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Hi Aphroheidi,

Just wanted to let you know, that if you decide to go for another audition, I may be able to offer you some advice on how to find a way to make it through the ’lock down’ you’re describing. Most actors have been there at some point. I know I have. I never considered it from a spiritual point of view before, but when I think about it it’s all about tapping into presence in one way or another.

Sending you waves of light through the ether as you go for your first intensive this weekend. Wish I could be there as well. But I have my “first” to look forward to next month in Germany. 🌟😊





Thank you Anastasia. :) Thank you Open. 

You both really opened up my inquiry and I’m super grateful to you both. Anastasia - the way you framed the three identies within your acting performance is EXACTLY how I experience it.

And Open - when I read your highlighted karmic issue “I know how much this job means to everyone else, and how much they trust me and depend on me doing what I'm being paid to do” the recognition ripped at my heart and helped confirm my own pathway forward.

The synchronicity I received immediately after blew my mind - I was getting ready for work in the bathroom, and my son was watching Thomas the Tank Engine as I got ready. My attention suddenly spiked at last sentence: “We’re not in Sodor anymore.” and the episode ended. Right after that my attention was drawn to an end table with a partially covered children’s book - the phrase that peeked out at me??? “Actor’s Script.” If that wasn’t enough, right after that a Dora the Explorer came on and the entire episode was about a puppet show performance where the live talking puppets were tied up in their strings and the puppeteers above didn’t know what to do, and it was OUR role (as the interactive viewer of the TV screen) to shake shake shake our hands and “untangle the puppets.” 



Just to add Anastasia, I would say to prepare for the next performance, take some time out and regress yourself back into the situation where it happened - especially feel into the fear and the contraction around that. use the Breakthrough Approach or the 9 step one to soften through the tightness. Become present in it and let the soul emerge through.

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Hi Anastasia, I'm with you and understand the entirely natural process you're going through - yet it can be extremely challenging, yes. Let's explore...

You said this, which is very illuminating about being on stage...

This time, however, there were three sets of consciousness present on stage. The character, Me running the character, and yet another 'observing' consciousness, just sitting behind the scenes, watching the whole thing.

The 'Observer' however, didn't really care about those things, and could (if it wanted to) just walk off stage at any point and not care less if the whole show just fell apart. Fortunately for Me though, the Observer was respectful of the 'job'

Okay, this might be a bit of a head spin to begin with, but the "me" you think you are is not "you" at all. It sounds very much to me as if the "me" running the character is your soul. Now when you step beyond the identity of ego, then a shadow of the ego will still likely be there and attach identity to the soul itself - you think the soul is a being, your being, but it is not. It is merely a stream of consciousness.

The real you, in this experience, is that 'observing consciousness'. Now when you first start consciously touching this place it can be pretty freaky and scary, because it feels as if 'no one is here'. You've gone beyond separated identity into the Pure Presence - which is really 'who' you are, except it doesn't feel like a 'who'. It just is.

The ego doesn't like this lack of certainty, this lack of fixed place identity and will likely resist in the beginning, and even fight against it, which is why it can feel like a death. And no, the Observer - the presence  - in you, does not care at all about the outcome: on stage in front of 500 people? It doesn't matter a jot!

And yes, it will become increasingly hard to 'act' a part which is not natural. Because as presence emerges through you, authenticity (through the soul) begins to increase dramtically. You find you can't do anything that isn't you.

So how to proceed in these circumstances?

Surrender is the key. Your life will become infinittely better and more aligned than imagineable - even if that means crossing some uncomfortable boundaries.

Will you be able to function in this degree of openness? It's a question the ego often struggles with until you break that aspect down through continual surrender.

What I can say is this: the strong likelihood is (in feeling your resonance and where you're at consciously), that you've been expressing from soul all along within your acting. And so this will likely continue. But to harmonise the experience will likely need some change of perception in how you function.

The 'characters' that you've played (successfully and comfortably), will likely each resonate a different ray aspect of your soul. Some may not. So you may find that some roles become increasingly successful, whilst others become increasingly difficult and less effective (see the soul's purpose and the 7 rays)

Finally you said...

I'm filled with so much emotional anxiety as I write this, because tomorrow I'm going back to the exact same place to do the exact same performance that I described above. And there is this great fear, that what if a 'glitch' happens, or what if I can't 'control' this other consciousness and it decides to do something weird.

Work not to worry. If you allow it, rightness will happen and ultimately, it will become a better experience than you could have imagined. I'd say you're going to have to confront and breakthrough some karma in the process, that which is limiting right now - but you can do it, because you're on the verge of doing it. Just let the circumstances push you a degree.

I'd say here's the karma...

The fear centers primarily around the other people involved in this project. I think I would actually be ok if something weird happened for myself, but I know how much this job means to everyone else, and how much they trust me and depend on me doing what I'm being paid to do.

There's a great quote from Shakepeare... "Be true to yourself, thou canst not then be false to any man". You're in a drama right now, a great one, and all the other actors are a part of that. It is called.... "can you be who you really are?" In their higher selves, they are all willing you on to be you, no matter what the physical outcome.

And everyone was also drawn to this experience for greater illumination. Even if they don't realise that as the lower self level. Yet you choosing to be more of you, encourages them to be more of them, and that's the greatest gift you can give to anyone.

You can do this. Have courage. You can perform, but there will need to be an internal shift - work into the fear of the outcome it will mean for others - they chose exactly this situation too. As you open out through that karmic fear, the presence of the Observer will come increasingly through you. And that's when the real magic happens.

I would say some of the very best actors and performers touch this place of presence without even knowing they are. That's when a 'performance' becomes electric.

Wishing you well in the experience

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Hi Paul. Hi Open.

Paul, thank you for sharing your experience. It is very synchronistic for me, as I've been thinking about that same "issue" a lot lately. I've worked in the performing arts all my life, and every once in a while, throughout my career, I've experienced that sort of 'glitch' in my consciousness where everything just goes blank. One thing that happened to me quite often was that I'd suddenly forget the lyrics to the song I was singing. My mind would just go blank. Usually, the lyrics to a well rehearsed song just flow by themselves, you don't even have to think about it, but suddenly it would all be gone. It was an intense feeling to have all eyes and ears upon you when that happened. Fortunately, I've always been a good improvisor, so I would always manage to make something out of it, like make up new lyrics about how I couldn't remember the old ones and turn the performance into a comedy. It always made a good show, and everyone laughed, but internally I was always a bit disappointed that the performance I had intended and practiced wasn't fully realised and experienced.

In later years, (prior to my awakening, 3 years ago) I've mostly focused on acting because that has worked very well for me. In acting, there's a character to lean on, and even though you have to follow a script, there is still room to move and improvise if you forget where you're at. You can make a dramatic pause or make something up to say, as long as you stay true to your character. Strangely enough though, during my 10 years in acting, I don't think I ever forgot a line on stage. I had an immense confidence in that, maybe because I knew I could act my way out of it if it happened.

Around the time of my awakening though, and for a long time thereafter, dramatic life events would keep me away from the acting 'scene' all together. In the meantime, an intense transformation has been taking place for me, so when I recently was asked to do one of my old performances again, I had a very interesting, but also quite unsettling experience while being on stage. Normally, when acting on stage, I will be aware of two forms of consciousness. One is the experience, thoughts, and emotions of the character herself, and the other is 'Me', the consciousness that runs or controls the life of the character. This time, however, there were three sets of consciousness present on stage. The character, Me running the character, and yet another 'observing' consciousness, just sitting behind the scenes, watching the whole thing. This became very complex for me, as I found myself swithcing back and forth between the Me-consciousness and the Observer-consciousness, and the two had slightly different agendas. The 'Me' felt a big responsibility towards the character, the other actors, and for the whole performance/job itself. The 'Observer' however, didn't really care about those things, and could (if it wanted to) just walk off stage at any point and not care less if the whole show just fell apart. Fortunately for Me though, the Observer was respectful of the 'job' Me was trying to do and stayed put, but it was completely free to do whatever it wanted if it felt like it, and it was very distracting for Me to be aware of these different agendas simultaneously. I found myself having to work very hard to focus on the play itself.

I'm filled with so much emotional anxiety as I write this, because tomorrow I'm going back to the exact same place to do the exact same performance that I described above. And there is this great fear, that what if a 'glitch' happens, or what if I can't 'control' this other consciousness and it decides to do something weird. The fear centers primarily around the other people involved in this project. I think I would actually be ok if something weird happened for myself, but I know how much this job means to everyone else, and how much they trust me and depend on me doing what I'm being paid to do. (And I also need the income these jobs generate).

So, I'm breaking this down into two issues:

A) The need to respect other people's realities, even if I recognise the absurdity of the whole thing. I don't want to do anything that may upset the 'world' they depend upon. I care so deeply about these people who have been my friends and colleagues for so many years. (Why is there so much painful emotion in this?)

B) There is growing conflict in me when it comes to acting. Acting used to be my passion in life. I loved trying on different identities, going deep into feeling what it was like to be someone else. After my awakening though, my passion has changed to being as authentic as I can possibly be and the discovery of that. Which consequently means, acting is becoming more and more challenging, as the soul does not seem interested in exploring that any more. However, acting is my profession and there is nothing else at the moment that emerges as an alternative. (And again, I need the money)

Open, you said:

When the pressure gets too intense, it can be that there come moments of deep surrender inside, a 'giving up', which tend to happen in what are perceived extreme experiences or on the verge of a kind of death (or even death itself). That's when there can be a strong cognitive dissonance between where you come to (internally) and where you were. The stream of soul withdraws from the experiential stream and framework of reality it was previously engaged in - in this case layers within the mind (probably).

Frankly, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, but I really want to understand, because I want to make sense of the experiences I shared above. Could you elaborate on this a bit more, especially the part about death?

Synchronistically, yesterday I was on the platform on the subway station waiting for my train, as a train moved in going in the opposite direction. As it stopped, in front of me, I found myself face to face with an info advertisement saying "I died today. Right here!". I felt directly hit by this message, and I knew it meant something significant for me. Especially since a few minutes later, another train came in and as it stopped, the exact same words faced me once again. When I read these posts today, the part about death struck me and I immediately felt it had something to do with this incident from yesterday. I'm now also making the connection to the performance I'm going to do tomorrow, and the immense fear I feel in the face of it. Am I facing a 'death' here?

Immensly grateful for your support,




Hi Paul - a powerful experience indeed, and I can recall being in a similar situation some years back when standing up to give a presentation in front of a hundred people and no words wanted to come. It's a vulnerable place to be!

This jumped out in your words.... But the “busy-ness” of business itself is killing me.

When the pressure gets too intense, it can be that there come moments of deep surrender inside, a 'giving up', which tend to happen in what are perceived extreme experiences or on the verge of a kind of death (or even death itself). That's when there can be a strong cognitive dissonance between where you come to (internally) and where you were. The stream of soul withdraws from the experiential stream and framework of reality it was previously engaged in - in this case layers within the mind (probably).

If you're truly meant to engage in that environment though, there will be a way. But it would likely require quite a transformation in the Lower Self. My sense are a few things: (1) exploring being less definitive, to allow more openness  and flexibility of expression (2) surrendering into the intensity to open broader channels (3) deep relaxation practice and regressing frequently through the situations that arise.

Indeed it's not just about learning from deep peace - there is always plenty to learn from such intensity too.

Wishing you well

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A little late on this thread as well. :) I am one of those who currently has a deep matrix type of job in the business world.  It is challenging and dense but I do know it is my Path right now based on how my personality operates.  Open, the 4d Karma article you highlighted today spiked multiple times on my drive home, with my attention drawn to signs like “4D Intertravel” and “4 Booooo” among several others that popped up.

It’s been very dense for me lately in my career and in life having accepted a new role that I manifested with increased responsibility for myself and for my coworkers who are now reporting to me. But the “busy-ness” of business itself is killing me.

 The issue yearning to be seen through today definitely feels karmic and I can trace it to my early childhood but not yet deeper than that. It spiked when I was leading a team meeting today and completely lost my train of thought. It felt like grasping for a ladder and knowing it was there, but just flailing around in dark smoke empty handed. I sat in the discomfort and let the awkward silence reign for a few moments (felt like an eternity to me) and STILL could not find the thread. Felt everyone around me contracting as well. Acknowledged “annnnd... I’ve totally lost my train of thought” and grinned and attempted to move on, but my trust in myself was shaken and I fumbled through the next items on the agenda, relieved when it was another coworker’s turn to speak. The thought I wanted to share itself was totally gone and I couldn’t remember it for the life of me for the next several minutes. Finally i suddenly remembered what I meant to share and blurted out, “hey guys I just remembered what I meant to share 10 minutes ago if anyone’s still interested” - felt good humorous supporting energy from the group —— and when I opened my mouth to speak, the thought completely vanished AGAIN and I’m left openmouthed in embarrassed confusion.

5 seconds later it came through and I shared with my peers,  and I laughed it off, while feeling myself reeling internally.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve gone completely blank and lost the capacity to communicate.  In fact it has lurked in the background for most of my incarnation. 

I regressed into the experience at the end of the day and the primary tension was in my third eye. Also sacrum. I felt into my senses in as much detail as possible and watched myself from multiple vantage points including from other people’s and saw a dark spiral in my minds eye coming out of my forehead.  Externally the scene did not appear as bad as I was making it out to be.  Interestingly my throat was pretty clear of tension.

But I am feeling immense anger at my blindness and when I express that energy, it vibrates and shakes through my third eye like a hydraulic pump.

I am so fed up with operating in the dark. 

Will definitely be tuning in with everyone in NY this weekend!


Hi Vimal - often we're going to see multiple inner distortions in various situations and circumstances - especially around resources and money in the world at this time. So it's very usual to see a distortion in one direction 'balanced' by another in the opposite - and we'll have to work through all the various layers.

If I might say though, the best approach would not be to set a strategy - to approach any given situation in 'this' or 'that' way. Because the risk is this just creates more filters of rigidity. I would suggest what is better, would be simply to follow the heartfelt pull in any given moment and confront what comes up.

If you find the idea of inner identity filters complex, well then to simply embrace and work into what comes up might be much more straightforward. The Openhand process Openway is designed to offer a straightforward way of attuning the soul in any given situation. I believe you're aware of it - just felt to draw attention to it.

Best wishes



A little late on this thread. But I believe I'm on the same boat here. Not sure if I have poverty conciousness. In regards to money when I spend too much I later feel guilty about it that I couldn't stand up to my authentic feeling. Or else I wouldn't spend at all. Either way it helps me to harbour under the illusion of having enough. I think I a way I'm running from the real fear. But the pain of not being able to spend atl all is greater than the pain of not having enough. I think the way forwards is to shatter the illusion by spending freely and feel the guilt or whatever feeling emerges and explore into it. Where did that come from. I know my mother despite having enough feel a sense of lack. There is also a fear that if I run out of money then it wouldn't naturally force me to work in the matrix which I don't really enjoy. The real question I like to ask myself is that how can I live in abundance in this situation despite having the fear? 


I take my hat off to you Megha - the matrix needs people like you to bring in the light The Sun Emoji

You may be surprised, but Openhand attracts a lot of people who have those kinds of jobs.

And that fact that you feel so deeply with the patients, to the extent of helping them pass on etherically - that's incredibly moving - my heart goes out to you Heart

Do be mindful that you're fully letting go in such circumstances - so as not to be hanging onto things. I'm sure you're working on that, but I just felt to offer a friendly reminder.

In loving support

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Hi Tracy, 

I know what you mean by feeling a resistance to efforting. At a certain point you can not walk that path anymore. You can not fix your life anymore. I'm in that place already for quite some time now. And to be honest with you it can be quite brutal for the separate self sometimes but maybe you also found that out. I did a futile attempt to do some work which did not resonate with me a couple of months ago and the technology i had to use broke down a couple of times. It was a clear sign this was not for me anymore. I had made the decision out of lack. It was 3D reasoning. Once i decided I was not going to do those jobs that didn't resonate, and stated out loud 'there's no f*ckin' reality!' (meaning anything is possible), the flow of resources got going again in the most miraculous of ways. Two months went by and the internal energy flow hit a brick wall again in my system and all the resources came to a screeching halt. And that's where I am now. I can't pay the bills and the separate self is scared shitless he's losing his home and all the rest. But i know that's where i'm supposed to be. Everyday i'm envisioning losing all and checking how that feels. And overall I'm getting more and more comfortable with the idea. In fact i can slowly feel a sense of freedom rising up because it would be so great not to have to worry about anything anymore. There is so much conditioning that we are not allowed to lose anything that we keep complying to the system. I'm at a point now that my ego is losing its control because the unknowns that lie before me are so big that I cannot figure it out anymore. My ego sees no way out of the situation so it feels like it starts to realise more and more it is defeated; it can't find a back-door. I can't find a way out. So the fear is at times overwhelming but the control is also slowly slipping away which i know is necessary to be more of the real Me in this situation. And i totally agree with Open that's what this 5D living seems to be all about. My soul doesn't really care about me paying the rent it just has a passion to be hear in this physicality and look through these eyes. And the rest will work out fine I know....those are the details. But I believe the way through one's fears is necessary. But that's my perspective. Maybe some people are more prone to surrender than others to the intelligence of life. But this is how it seems to work with me: some pretty extreme circumstances are needed to get me to surrender. But if that brings me true freedom so be it. There's no turning back anyhow!


Thank you for your input. It's quite a lot to digest. I understand it however to embody it will take some work. I do often ask myself what's the worst thing that could happen? I'm homeless living in my car. Then I laugh because one of my dreams is to travel around the country in an RV or Van so is that so bad? I'm not doing it because of the 3D fear. However, reflecting back on past experiences where I have taken big leaps, like leaving my 6 figure job with no plan, things always work out! Thank you again for such incredible wisdom!


Hi Tracy - good questions indeed - there are several inquiries there Slightly Smiling

Firstly, just to clarify, when we're fully ascended into the Middle Realm (5th/6th/7th Densities) there is no need of money - that's a lower paradigm concept. Having said that, whilst we're still here, we will indeed need to interact with this lower realm, and therefore whilst society exists in the form it does, then we're going to need money to pay for the various resources we need - a place to live for example.

As you shift into 5D consciousness (but are still embodied here), the way you create needs to change.

Essentially its an important internal change of perspective: you work to cease efforting and struggling to manifest in the 3D, to stop chasing goals and resources and worrying that there isn't enough. What does 'not enough' in a 3D context mean? That usually arises because people are chasing the resources themselves. It's like chasing your tail - you'll not catch it, because in effect, you're already telling the Universe you don't have what you want, and so that's what the Universe creates, because the quantum field follows your belief about it (which is often why wealthy people, in a material sense, still find themselves feeling there's never enough). And by 'belief', I don't just mean ones thoughts which can be manipulated by overriding (as in consciously trying to manifest), beliefs can also be much deeper embedded in one's consciousness and can result from karma - having 'poverty consciousness' for example, due to a past life experience where you might have experienced trauma through lack of resources - being a refugee for example. 

If there might be this kind of 'poverty consciousness' in your being, then it's essential to work into it, using something like the Openhand Breakthrough Approach. Essentially you accept the reality you're creating, honour it, then feel into the tightness. 'Tightness' could also mean where you can't handle the situation - like having to extract off to nature. It's important to sit in the contraction you create, accept within the worst possible outcome (like becoming homeless for example), and still work to realise your Higher Spiritual Self in it - that you can't die at a soul level, and that the soul is fed from the experience of life itself - from the field itself. So identify the fears and the contractions that arise from them - then work into them to open and release them. As more acceptance comes through, now you're radiating a different message to the Universe - you don't have to keep recreating the fearful experiences of lack.

It's then also about opening up higher mind and the higher bodily vehicles (see today's article... The Seven Bodily Vehicles of Expression). As these open, your centre of consciousness, and the way you function, shifts. It's not like you're moving through time and space so much, but time and space is moving through you. 

Here's where the emphasis must shift from trying to create resources in the lower paradigm, to allowing the soul simply to express itself, and trusting that the resources will follow the creative expression. But there has to be a clear realisation - a landing "aha" feeling - much deeper than just the level of thought. It's a deep embodied experience that life needs to become centrally about the realisation and actualisation of your being. Now things shift. Life is more about the experience itself, and resources create around the circumstances you manifest.

Crucially though, it's not just about 'sitting in nature' (for example) either. If that becomes an avoidance strategy, then you might be inadvertently overriding what the soul is wanting to express and do. Maybe it's right to be in the thick of the matrix, doing a matrixy job, so as to master not being affected by it? It's all about allowing the soul to create experience, and working to fully ground and embody through that.

So what then tends to happen, is that you get higher dimensional knowings (5D) and a heartfelt pull (4D) to "go this way now", "do this or that now", to take a particular course of action. So yes, you still move through the 3D to fulfill the creative expression (getting a new job or a new abode for example), but crucially, the creation has begun from the higher dimensions (the 5D especially) and you've manifested those situations by weaving them (with your consciousness) in the quantum field. But then in a 3D sense, you still have to step into them.

I trust this makes sense. It's a pretty major inquiry of the soul indeed, that's likely to challenge your being quite deeply - but therein lies a major learning opportunity.

Wishing you well

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"Maybe it's right to do a matrixy job and be in the thick of the matrix"

This statement jumped out at me. I am one of those people . I work in a hospital - can't get more matrixy than that 😀,and I am reading this just as I am processing losing a patient . I took him off the ventilator yesterday. I am allowing the deep grief I feel to move through me as also deep anxiety ( am I a good enough doctor,did I do everything right ?). I tried to connect with the departing soul and with his family . Cried heaps with them as well. I was also noticing how I am able to be much better present with my emotions as they are arising in a very 'tight' situation. 

It's also interesting that this enquiry was posted- the parents of the baby were quite poor and that was a major concern .

I often feel as though maybe I musnt be on the right path ,being as matrixy as I am. And yet ,working with these babies makes my heart sing . Happens to pay me well too and give me enough time and money resources for deep enquiry ( that's a rare combination ) .

I agree with working through tightness around money on a deeper level than any conceptual change . In my case my family of origin has some pretty screwed up poverty consciousness ,some of which I have inherited so that's an ongoing challenge for me to be present with it even in the middle of being wealthy. 

For me ,living my life accessing deep reflection as I live it ,is breaking many of my concepts about what it means to have a spiritual life . As I seek out pockets of light within myself ,as I shadow,even my very dense living circumstances seem to flow and 'talk' to me much more. Just felt to write this as I am obviously very mainstream and yet amable to connect with a lot written here . It is a paradox that I am still feeling into .

Thank you for your honest reflections Tracy