Creative flow of the Soul

The Soul catches a creative flow and expresses self in different ways. Where this creative flow is taking me now with lots of passion is to creating short videos / films. I would love to share some with the Openhand community...

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I feel to share with the community my new intuitively created video for 10 min meditation which came out without any intention, on its own, if I may say so....

I went to the forest for calming relaxation and meditation, have no idea how the main part of this video was filmed as I was in quite a meditative state, just intuitively holding the camera and letting it travel through greenness.

To me it feels very calming the mind and healing, this is what effect the short-wave green colour really has. I myself am using this meditation for purification of the mind and preparation to enter deeper layers, to me it works very well as a "starter" before having the "main course" - more advanced meditations from Openhand. Or I can simply watch it when going to bed before sleep.

I hope you enjoy it watching with the relaxed eyesight and letting go of judgment from the mind of what seeing.

With all my love 



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Thank you  for the reminder to allow the green to calm and clear the mind and the visual pathways.  Here in Sedona we are red rocks, bright sunshine and blue sky, with the evergreens.  It is so refreshing, literally, to see the delicate, moist, tender greens.  We are having a wonderfully powerful wet monsoon season, with crashing thunderstorms moving through each afternoon.  I live below Thunder Mountain, which is accurately named, as it echos the crashing thunder bursts.  As a result of so much moisture, little green sprouts are popping up everywhere from the seeds that lie dormant during the dry seasons.  

Sometimes I crave the lower light of the dappled forest and the moist green shadows.  In your video I could almost smell the freshness!  

Thank you for the beauty and refreshment!

Much love, 


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Oh Asya, that was so beautiful. It really blessed me, Thankyou for sharing.

At 9.22 it was like I saw a formless light being amongst the greenery.

The music was well woven together too.

Just magic! 

Much Love 

Erin 💚⚘


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Thank you, Meredith and Erin, for the lovely feedback! 

When creating this I was holding in my heart those who may not have easy access to the fresh moist green nature's environment. That's wonderful Meredith that you picked up.

Well spotted Erin the light being... It was the place where the inner guidance brought me to meditate and it felt exactly as you say. There is another footage from there reflecting the amazing energy coming through and it felt as a particular connection guiding to create this meditation video. Your ability to tune in is impressive.

Sending love from the depths of my heart